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13:52:39 <lament> hi.
13:52:51 <Speuler> 'mrng
13:56:35 <Speuler> what's the current project going on here ?
13:57:12 <lament> idling.
13:58:54 <Speuler> this may be the space for my future project :)
13:59:28 <Speuler> need sombody to sponsor it though
13:59:46 <lament> heh.
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18:27:25 <exarkun> Anyone familiar w/ Concurrent Funge 98?
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18:56:12 <exarkun> hey lament
18:56:48 <lament> hi.
18:57:15 <exarkun> d'you know if the stack stack is shared between threads in concurrent funge?
18:57:19 <exarkun> or if each has its own?
18:57:54 <fizzie> each has its own stack.
18:57:55 <fizzie> iirc.
18:58:07 <exarkun> yea, each has its own stack
18:58:15 <lament> I have never heard of concurrent funge :(
18:58:16 <exarkun> but the docs don't say anything about the stack stack
18:58:50 <exarkun> oh well, I'll assume they each have their own for now, and maybe email the guy and ask him to clarify :)
18:58:52 <fizzie> wellll.. stack is just what's on top of the stack stack.
18:59:01 <fizzie> so I'd say it's not shared.
18:59:23 <fizzie> in befunge97 or 96 they had shared stacks, which sounds really, really sick.
18:59:40 <fizzie> doesn't matter much, haven't seen any concurrent-funge programs yet really.
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20:45:25 <lament> yay
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20:50:14 <Aardappel> let the worshipping begin
20:50:31 <lament> heh
20:50:44 * fredrik worships Aardappel
20:50:57 -!- lament has set topic: The official Aardappel worship channel, logs at http://www.tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric/.
20:50:59 * Aardappel blesses fredrik
20:51:07 <fredrik> yay
20:57:28 <lament> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.>+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.<.
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21:14:50 <andreou> hello world
21:19:28 <lament> hi.
21:19:38 * lament points at Aardappel
21:19:42 <lament> worship him.
21:20:02 <andreou> lament: you were exiled?
21:20:18 <lament> I don't think so
21:20:43 <andreou> I thought this was the ``lament worshiping channel''.
21:21:26 <lament> not anymore. Now we all worship aardappel.
21:22:16 <andreou> Is this transferrable? If I get aard to worship me, will your aard worships be transferred to me too?
21:23:14 <lament> You could try.
21:23:56 -!- andreou has set topic: The official World worships Aardappel worships andreou channel, logs at http://www.tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric/.
21:25:34 * Taaus worships andreou directly, giving Aardappel a 1 worship disadvantage
21:26:13 <lament> andreou: we haven't yet established that aard worhips you.
21:27:06 -!- andreou has set topic: Worship-related discordia, logs at http://www.tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric/ . He who worshipeth me geteth chicks and money..
21:27:21 <lament> cheap!
21:28:45 <Taaus> Wow... You made lament talk like a baby chicken... Your powers are indeed divine.
21:30:11 <andreou> You mean, there were questions?
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21:30:52 <lament> I am god.
21:30:59 -!- lament has set channel mode: -o lament.
21:30:59 <andreou> I am good.
21:31:07 <Taaus> I thought lilo was god ;)
21:31:17 <lament> lilo is the ain-sof
21:31:22 <lament> meaning, there's no end to his wallops.
21:31:33 <Taaus> Don't use +w, then.
21:31:36 <lament> I'm only one of the sephiroth.
21:38:03 <andreou> as in ``with the wind'',...
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21:40:16 <lament> Taaus: see what happens when you worship the wrong deity.
21:41:10 <Taaus> :/
21:41:21 <Taaus> I'll just worship lilo instead... :x
21:41:40 <lament> lilo is not very esoteric.
21:42:01 <Taaus> True.
21:42:08 <Taaus> I'll worship myself, then.
21:43:11 <lament> I don't think you can do that -- Russell's paradox rears its beautiful head.
21:43:27 <lament> If you worship yourself, your head might turn into a Bottom.
21:44:18 <Taaus> Who's to say that hasn't already happened? ;)
21:56:08 <lament> There should be a Discordian Public License.
21:58:25 <fredrik> pip pip
21:59:40 <lament> Can a self-denying document have legal meaning?
22:00:17 <fredrik> yes
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22:29:35 <lament> I'm not listening!
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