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03:22:20 <calamari> hi
03:22:31 <lament> hi.
03:24:14 <calamari> C001 5017E014E 15 A13CBDE
03:24:55 <calamari> 175 A17A23C1N6
03:24:58 <calamari> hehe
03:25:07 <lament> yes.
03:25:09 <calamari> doesn't really work without a calculator font
03:26:18 <calamari> someday i'll use it when i build a portable bf computer :)
03:27:09 <calamari> would be cool to make one without using ic's
03:27:21 <calamari> but that would be a lot harder
03:27:53 <calamari> did you try eso out? :)
03:27:58 <lament> no.
03:30:26 <calamari> i think it needs major work in the esofunk dept
03:31:10 <calamari> came up with a compiler design that looks a lot like c.. but thats the problem.. useful languages tend to look like basic or c.. they got it right early on I guess
03:31:33 <calamari> got a fortran book and was surprised to see the similarity to basic
03:31:39 <lament> i suggest you base it on forth
03:32:04 <calamari> is forth a complicated language? never used it before
03:32:17 <lament> look at it, then
03:32:29 <lament> i don't see how it's possible to write an esoteric os without knowing about forth
03:33:56 <calamari> wow its old
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03:47:04 <calamari> it doesnt seem like forth programs would be very portable
03:48:12 <lament> depends on the forth :)
03:48:27 <SamB> calamari: not heard of ANS forth?
03:48:42 <SamB> fishhead: there is actually a standard ;-)
03:49:34 <lament> well
03:49:46 <lament> ANS forth in itself is not a very good language to base an esoteric OS on
03:50:25 <calamari> i'm just seeing things like pointers.. no datatypes.. etc :)
03:51:09 <SamB> well, you could use something like MAF as a base to build forths for different hardware on top of ;-)
03:52:15 <SamB> calamari: it has datatypes. single cell and double cell at least
03:52:59 <calamari> the 6502 can address 64k of ram ... if i used an 8088 style pointer it would not work o
03:53:50 <calamari> so i figure it would need to work with the 6502.. but then the speed of the 8088 code would suffer
03:54:13 <calamari> getting too low level seems to trap you like that
03:54:48 <calamari> a basic program could be optimized for either processor since it is so far away
03:55:04 <calamari> im not suggesting basic tho :)
03:55:29 <calamari> so the challenge is to be low level for speed but portable too
03:55:55 <calamari> anyways
03:56:46 <lament> if i were to write an os
03:56:59 <lament> i would use either one of: lisp, forth, smalltalk
03:57:01 <lament> as the base
03:57:36 <lament> in other words, the os should incorporate a language
04:00:26 <calamari> i should just give up and finish my bf basic compiler :)
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