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11:11:52 <Taaus> I think there should be a BF team for the next ICFP contest.
11:12:09 <lament> haha
11:13:26 <lament> wouldn't that be insulting
11:13:27 <Taaus> I wonder if it's legal to submit a program that only theoretically works (As in the runtime is too great to actually find out)
11:13:31 <Taaus> How so?
11:13:40 <lament> bf is not exactly functional.
11:13:58 <Taaus> It doesn't have to be.
11:16:20 <Taaus> This programming contest is being conducted by ICFP, which implies a desire to promote functional languages. However, rather than debate the definition of a "functional programming language," we will allow submitted programs to be written in any language whatsoever. Mixing languages is entirely acceptable; perhaps you will write in O'Caml and Haskell, with a Tcl script to do the gluing.
11:16:32 <lament> heh.
11:16:42 <Taaus> That's from this year's contest, anyway... It may have been different earlier.
11:16:51 <lament> it also says
11:17:05 <lament> "This year you will run your entry on your own computer"
11:17:09 <Taaus> Yep.
11:17:12 <lament> which probably means they want results :(
11:17:21 <Taaus> Yep again.
11:17:38 <Taaus> But it's a moot point, anyway... We're a couple of days too late ;)
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