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01:56:47 * warpzero is away: Can you feel it? Can you feel the rythm?
01:59:08 <lament> no, not really
02:17:54 <fizzie> I can feel it's 0400am local time and there's a maths lecture awaiting that starts at 0800.
02:19:12 <lament> ouch.
02:19:39 <fizzie> not sure if sleeping now would do any good.
02:21:49 <lament> skip it!
02:23:29 <fizzie> the lecture or the sleep?
02:24:14 <lament> the lecture.
02:24:31 <fizzie> meh, but I've skipped most of the previous ones.
02:29:16 <Taaus> What's the lecture about?
02:29:50 <fizzie> I'm not quite sure, since I've skipped most of the previous ones.
02:30:04 <fizzie> I think it might have something to do with integrals.
02:30:20 <Taaus> That's a pretty wide-ranging subject ;)
02:30:40 <fizzie> differential equations generally is another possibility.
02:31:02 <lament> what year?
02:31:05 <Taaus> Sounds like what I'll be subjected to this semester...
02:31:46 <fizzie> first, just started this university stuff autumn-2003.
02:32:09 <fizzie> so with two semesters I think it's the "mandatory math course number 2".
02:32:14 <lament> oh
02:32:19 <lament> that's what i'm taking too!
02:32:30 <lament> math 102 in my case
02:32:37 <fizzie> "Mat-1.402" here.
02:32:40 <Taaus> Heh... Me too, actually... Due to two wasted years of studying Music at the university :)
02:32:46 <Taaus> Mat1GB here.
02:32:48 <lament> i think you can skip it ;)
02:33:16 <fizzie> I think I recall someone saying they talked about the Riemann integral last lecture.
02:33:28 <lament> i probably failed a quiz today, mostly because i didn't know about it
02:33:33 <lament> and i didn't even skip any lectures :|
02:33:45 <lament> Riemann sums, maybe?
02:33:47 <Taaus> You have lectures already? In Denmark, this month is all exams... My last exam was earlier today.
02:34:14 <lament> oh, riemann integral
02:34:44 <fizzie> lectures started.. hm, monday this week? something like that. exams before that.
02:35:03 <Taaus> Ah. Not so different after all, then.
02:35:04 <lament> they started on monday
02:35:10 <lament> yet you say you skipped "most of them"?
02:35:25 <fizzie> math started earlier than the other lectures, for some reason I don't know.
02:35:30 <fizzie> last wednesday, that is.
02:35:47 <fizzie> so there have been wed, thu, fri, mon, tue and wed lectures already.
02:35:53 <fizzie> uh no 'mon'.
02:35:58 <lament> god
02:36:04 <lament> that's a lot of math.
02:36:05 <fizzie> 5, so I can say 'most'.
02:36:15 <Taaus> You can never have too much math :)
02:36:32 <lament> i can, easily
02:36:44 <lament> when it interferes with sleep it's definitely too much
02:36:44 <Taaus> Math is like... Glenn Gould playing Bach ;P
02:37:11 <Taaus> Except people give you odd looks if you hum along to various proofs...
02:37:46 <fizzie> yeah, two hours of lectures, four days of week. they made me attend this "more maths+physics than normally" group for some reason.
02:38:18 <fizzie> actually they just sent an invite which said "only 10% of new students get invited to this" so I foolishly accepted.
02:38:21 <lament> fizzie: evil!
02:38:47 <lament> Taaus: wait, i'm trying to come up with a witty reply
02:38:56 <Taaus> lament: Take your time ;)
02:39:07 <fizzie> "normal people" only have maths lectures tue, wed and thu.
02:39:26 <fizzie> (well, at least people studying cs here. wouldn't know about other people.)
02:40:27 <lament> damn, i can't do it.
02:40:32 <lament> i'm shaken and disgusted.
02:40:40 <lament> you managed to insult both bach and math so horribly :)
02:40:53 <Taaus> Haha!
02:42:01 <lament> are music courses really boring?
02:42:32 <Taaus> Well... Some of them are nice... But the stuff about music history is very painful.
02:43:26 <lament> what are the nice ones?
02:43:38 <lament> i just can't think of too many things about music to study full-time at university
02:43:58 <Taaus> The analysis and composition stuff is nice. And the practical courses are very cool too.
02:46:36 <lament> analysis... composition...
02:46:38 * lament shudders
02:47:02 <fizzie> sounds more like functions than music.
02:47:05 <lament> yes.
02:47:22 <lament> learning "composition" (of anything) in university is admitting defeat :)
02:47:47 <fizzie> eeh, the schedule thing implies I have 'stuff' tomorrow 0800-1800. that's 10 hours of staying awake "tomorrow".
02:48:16 <Taaus> Sounds like fun.
02:49:03 <lament> and "analysis" of music... I wonder if they also have integration.
02:49:43 <lament> Integrate the area between the alto and soprano in this chorale.
02:49:55 <fizzie> including a two-hour lecture of "t-121.100 introduction to user centred design", which consists of powerpoint slide shows with no "real text", only some really incomprehensible pictures and buzzwords randomly dropped on top of them.
02:49:55 <deltab> that's what synthesisers are for
02:50:28 <lament> fizzie: are the notes available on the net? don't go there!
02:50:59 <lament> deltab: integrating between voices? 8)
02:51:03 <fizzie> I think I'll try to take a two-hour break and try find something to eat during the lecture. the slides should be/appear in the net.
02:53:23 <fizzie> it's funny, they have auto-graded 'lecture questions' one needs to answer after the lecture in the interweb. so basically you just open the slides in one window, questions in another and find the answers there. I'm.. not sure I'm learning much about "basics in user interfaces, usability and user-centred product development", more like "vgrepping for facts in powerpoint slides".
02:55:32 <lament> uh
02:55:38 <lament> that's what university education is all about.
02:57:44 <fizzie> at least the powerpoint slides don't use funky animated transitions here. in the 'signal processing systems' lectures they had applied an animated "slides in from the side of the screen" effect in each separate arrow of a rather large graph.
02:57:55 <fizzie> 'whee see the arrow fly.'
02:59:06 <fizzie> nifty. when I grow up to lecture in a university, I'll use the sound effects powerpoint installation contains. I think there was a typewriter sound and a scifi-laser-gun-zzzap sound at least.
03:00:04 <lament> i've heard a 'whoosh' effect used on a lecture.
03:00:20 <lament> (to accompany a flying arrow, no less)
03:00:26 <fizzie> whoa!
03:00:29 <fizzie> sounds neat.
03:00:54 <lament> that wasn't even a CS lecture.
03:03:52 <fizzie> seems I spend thrice as much time in typesetting the answers to these math exercise things in latex2e than I do in solving them. (that doesn't mean I'd solve them really fast, just that I spend hours in latexifying the solutions.)
03:07:23 <Taaus> Mmmm.... TeX... Gotta love it.
03:09:00 <fizzie> I typeset'd the solutions to our "data structures and algorithms" course using the pseudocode-typesetting package used and published by clrs (cormen, leiserson, rivest, stein: introduction to algorithms) authors.
03:09:35 <fizzie> it's a latex2e package and available for download on the book's mitpress webpage. that was an unexpected (but happy) surprise.
03:16:33 <fizzie> hm. that's weird. I've been running aafire (aalib's ascii-fire-effect) on the console of my router box (because syslog looks boring and it's on the floor in the corner, so can't use the monitor for anything sensible), but lately it has started to freeze.
03:17:02 <fizzie> the output ceases. ^c still stops the program, and when I re-run it it works fine, but only for few hours.
03:17:04 <Taaus> Freezing fire... Interesting concept.
03:17:21 <fizzie> maybe it's out of fuel or something.
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03:25:50 <fizzie> aalib output is relatively nice to look at when it's moving, but the frozen flame doesn't really look very impressive.
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21:40:04 <lament> The difference between gould and richter, for dummies:
21:40:22 <Taaus> Direct it at yourself, then.
21:40:31 <lament> Gould: "oh look, a melody line! oh, and here's another one! How _cuuuute_!"
21:40:57 <lament> Richter: "two melody lines! Passion is overflowing me! Must play LOUDER!"
21:41:09 <Taaus> lol
22:09:10 <warpzero> i have no idea who those people are but lol
22:09:29 <Taaus> Two famous interpreters of Bach's works.
22:09:30 <lament> well, one of them is a pianist
22:09:44 <lament> the other one sure hums a lot
22:09:59 <Taaus> That's lament's way of saying he doesn't like Gould :)
22:10:03 <warpzero> ah
22:10:07 <lament> actually i do! :)
22:10:41 <Taaus> Heh.
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