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16:54:49 <pablo_b2> >>> Music Game iniciado! Pergunta em 10 Segundos.
16:54:59 <pablo_b2> >>> Msica: Jogue Suas mos para o cu, agradea se acaso tiver algue que voce ? , que...
16:55:00 <pablo_b2> >>> Diga a palavra que est faltando no lugar do ?.
16:55:00 <pablo_b2> >>> Durao: 40 secs.
16:55:14 <pablo_b2> jd
16:55:39 <pablo_b2> >>>> Ningum acertou!
16:55:41 <pablo_b2> >>> Resposta era: gostaria
16:55:41 <pablo_b2> >>> Prximo em 5 segs.
16:55:44 <pablo_b2> >>> Msica: cedo, Ou Tarde De Mais, Pra Dizer adeus, Pra Dizer ? !
16:55:46 <pablo_b2> >>> Diga a palavra que est faltando no lugar do ?.
16:55:46 <pablo_b2> >>> Durao: 40 secs.
16:55:46 <pablo_b2> >>> Music Game finalizado!
16:56:00 <pablo_b2> >>> Inicializando o Gama game!
16:56:02 <pablo_b2> >>> Voc ter que responder aos temas dados. So 5 respostas.
16:56:11 <pablo_b2> >>> Tema do Gama Game: Redes brasileiras de TV
16:56:12 <pablo_b2> >>> Durao: 60 Segs.
16:56:24 <pablo_b2> rede globo
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17:17:08 <fizzie> "umm."
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23:29:13 <Taaus-dvorak> Hello lament.
23:33:07 <fizzie> does your nick reflect your keyboard layout?
23:33:28 <Taaus-dvorak> Yes. I'm learning.
23:34:09 <fizzie> how is it going?
23:34:32 <Taaus-dvorak> Slowly.
23:36:11 <Taaus-dvorak> But I can feel the qwerty draining from my fingers. ;)
23:37:00 <fizzie> yeah, but the next time you go <some-other-place> you need to write querty again and your fingers will be re-tainted.
23:37:46 <fizzie> whoa, I managed to make a typo in qwerty.
23:38:26 <Taaus-dvorak> Hmm... I guess I'll have to stay at home, then.
23:40:22 <fizzie> that doesn't sound so bad.
23:41:16 <Taaus-dvorak> No... Not much change, really :P
23:42:37 <fizzie> but then I couldn't irc during the hours there are no lectures to attend but being too tired to walk home. well, without getting a nice and shiny laptop I could dvorakize.
23:42:45 <fizzie> hm, sounds even better.
23:45:44 <fizzie> I could stay home more, and for the times I absolutely need to go somewhere, I'd have a nice new laptop. sounds like this dvorak thing could have some idea after all.
23:47:10 <Taaus-dvorak> Yes! Join me!
23:47:31 <lament> hi.
23:47:44 <fizzie> and we'll rule the galaxy as a father and a son?
23:48:02 <lament> well
23:48:22 <lament> learning dvorak and having to use qwerty on public terminals is indeed annoying
23:48:28 <lament> so is learning linux and having to use windows
23:48:49 <lament> and many other things like that.
23:48:58 <Taaus-dvorak> Yes.
23:49:14 <lament> (learning python and having to use any other programming language)
23:49:53 <fizzie> I keep accidentally stepping into one of the windows-based computer classes and then recoiling in horror.
23:50:03 <lament> right
23:50:11 <mooz-> it was aggravating to study the cyrillic layout, and notice the bastards put letters in the right places unlike most here
23:50:23 * Taaus-dvorak has moved on to Haskell these days.
23:50:25 <lament> mooz-: not really
23:50:38 <lament> mooz-: i think the cyrillic one is almost as dumb as qwerty
23:50:49 <fizzie> plus I was forced to use a windows box when our signal processing course had some matlab sightseeing.
23:50:49 <lament> well, it's on a transitional stage i guess
23:51:02 <mooz-> well there was definitely too much stuff near the index finger
23:51:19 <fizzie> (plus I had forgotten my kerberos-password so I couldn't even log on.)
23:51:26 <lament> dvorak kind of suffers from that as well
23:51:41 <lament> but i'm talking about plainly dumb things like "bI" on the home row
23:53:01 <mooz-> imo it's annoying when commonly used stuff is on the home row. moving fingers around rapidly is much more fun that just tapping keys :)
23:53:30 <lament> sounds like qwerty would be ideal for you.
23:53:59 <lament> Taaus-dvorak: too bad they don't have dvorak pianos!
23:54:46 <Taaus-dvorak> Well... There're Janko pianos.. :)
23:55:10 <lament> yes
23:55:24 <lament> but you can't reconfigure your piano to use the janko layout :(
23:55:47 <Taaus-dvorak> Hehe. True.
23:56:07 <lament> they do sell janko electronic keyboards in japan
23:56:11 <lament> i want one :)
23:56:21 <Taaus-dvorak> Oooh!
23:56:31 <lament> supposedly they're very popular there, too
23:57:08 <Taaus-dvorak> Really? Interesting.
23:58:04 <lament> http://www.thecipher.com/WholetoneRevKb-66p.gif
23:58:12 <lament> http://www.chromatic-keyboard.com/
23:58:51 <lament> "It?s manufacturer claims that it?s the number one selling midi controler keyboard in Japan (already).
23:59:26 <Taaus-dvorak> "EMGLISH" Nice...
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