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01:00:07 -!- lament has set topic: Celebrate Chaoflux!.
01:00:09 <lament> :)
01:06:07 <fizzie> where do all those holidays come from?
01:07:38 <lament> ddate
01:08:21 <fizzie> and why is it my imap server works perfectly, except that the "Sent" folder is broken now?
01:08:57 <lament> Chaoflux
01:13:22 <Taaus> Eee! How come I have ddate installed? Where did it come from? And why did I only find out about it now? To think of all the times I've looked up the current discordian date by hand... :(
01:13:41 <lament> heh!
01:13:54 <lament> afaik it's installed on the majority of linux systems
01:14:02 <Taaus> Oooh. The %. format option is neat :)
01:14:28 <fizzie> not on my slackware it isn't.
01:14:31 <lament> Umlaut Zebra ber alles!
01:14:33 <fizzie> well, wasn't.
01:14:39 <Taaus> Pzat!
01:14:44 <fizzie> wait.
01:14:44 <lament> Grudnuk demand sustenance!
01:14:48 <fizzie> actually it was!
01:15:16 <fizzie> straaange. installed only the few necessary packages, rest are hand-compiled. apparently it's deemed to be pretty important.
01:15:18 <Taaus> "Hail Eris, Hack Linux!" Haha!
01:15:39 <lament> heh heh
01:15:44 <lament> mine doesn't have that
01:16:50 <lament> it just has "Hail Eris!"
01:17:00 <lament> it hasn't been polluted by evil GREYFACE LINUX HACKERS
01:17:09 <Taaus> Fnord.
01:25:34 <fizzie> mine has both 'Hail Eris, Hack Linux!' and 'Hail Eris!', but now I'm trying to figure out how tcsh aliases play with quotation, to get a sensible default format.
01:28:06 <fizzie> ah, so that's how it works.
01:31:19 <lament> simply running tcsh is a lot more esoteric than running ddate on it
01:33:08 <fizzie> apparently (well, now-obviously) I need to double-escape everything, because tcsh will, when reading the command, strip off a layer of escapation, and there needs to be one left for the invocation.
01:33:19 <fizzie> besides, tcsh is the default shell at our university.
01:36:12 <fizzie> actually, unless I misremember, tcsh is the default shell both on the computing centre's servers and all the boxen of cs lab.
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22:13:47 * Daeken waves
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22:14:02 <lament> Welcome to the slowest channel on freenode :)
22:14:09 <Daeken> haha
22:14:38 <lament> We have logs to prove it's not dead
22:14:41 <Daeken> :P
22:23:15 <fizzie> but the link to logs isn't on the topic any more, thanks to you people being obsessed in remembering all the 'necessary' discordian holidays.
22:23:58 <lament> well, they are necessary
22:24:56 <Daeken> lol
22:27:33 <fizzie> well, I did add an invocation of 'ddate' to my .tcshrc. 'just in case.'
22:29:27 <fizzie> ooh. I can download the posix standards as .pdfs from ieee using our university's "ieee/iee electronic library (iel) online" subscription, since the student apartment network is included in their access list. must be downloading these now.
22:32:41 <fizzie> I.. think this document has multiple pages.
22:34:19 <fizzie> by 'multiple' I mean 3678.
22:41:53 <mooz-> ...how big is the pdf?
22:42:33 <fizzie> 1976123+1704241+6803084+5104705 bytes. (it has 4 parts.)
23:24:51 <fizzie> of course the index doesn't include links to the content, even though it's a pdf, and the page numbering of the pdf doesn't match the numbering used in the contents, thanks to introductionary pages marked with roman numerals.
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23:39:05 <hcf> the logs url is given in the notice from chanserv when entering and is given by /whois clog
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23:49:09 <fizzie> what, _again_ that guy?
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