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00:04:19 <Taaus> Very.
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05:30:07 <lament> Taaus: piano sucks so horribly! How can you stand iT?
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08:44:29 <Taaus> lament: Probably the same way I can (apparently) stand coding in C... Did I mention that I plan on learning the guitar this year?
08:50:29 <lament> how sad and foolish
08:51:35 <Taaus> I know... I'm beginning to question my own sanity.
09:06:48 <lament> don't.
09:07:02 <lament> (don't learn, not don't question)
09:09:07 <Taaus> Why shouldn't I learn to play the guitar?
09:12:00 <lament> because it sucks.
09:12:18 <Taaus> Do tell :)
09:12:43 <lament> guitar is to piano what kazoo is to organ
09:12:58 <lament> or maybe i got it the wrong way around :)
09:13:26 <Taaus> Hehe... Actually, I kinda like the kazoo... I think it's an underestimated instrument :)
09:13:35 <lament> oh, certainly.
09:13:51 <lament> although i like whistling more.
09:14:05 <lament> but anyway
09:14:13 <lament> guitars are evil
09:14:18 <Taaus> Perfect!
09:14:52 <lament> playing simple stuff is easy.
09:14:59 <lament> although harder than on piano.
09:15:05 <lament> playing complex stuff is impossible.
09:15:48 <Taaus> Hmm... I found a tab for the d-minor toccata... It was... difficult.
09:15:59 <lament> heh heh
09:16:24 <lament> that's intermediate-level stuff
09:16:40 <lament> i.e. already much harder than piano, but not quite impossible yet
09:17:07 <lament> i've tried playing the chaconne.
09:18:15 <Taaus> Sounds... Brave.
09:18:44 <lament> yeah. foolishly so!
09:19:47 <lament> basically any kind of counterpoint is extremely hard, which is to be expected
09:20:06 <Taaus> Yes... Maybe I should switch to the lute...
09:20:17 <lament> now with something like saxophone that's understandable
09:20:43 <lament> because it gives you enormous flexibility of tone instead
09:20:50 <lament> but guitar, well, doesn't
09:22:39 <lament> of course, there's the Chick Factor
09:22:54 <Taaus> Indeed.
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