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18:43:35 <mtve> hmm, why i havn's seen this before? http://pathlang.sourceforge.net/
18:50:13 <fizzie> there's that one related language that uses the angles in the points where the path changes direction as the commands. iirc.
18:51:02 <fizzie> wonder what that one was called.
18:51:53 <mtve> yes, there are very few of new concepts there. still interesting to write a shortest hello-world and a quine :)
18:53:01 <fizzie> if you do, please provide proof that yours are indeed the shortest.
18:56:18 <Taaus> fizzie: It was called "wierd", if memory serves.
18:56:39 <Taaus> A pun on "weird" and "wired" :)
18:57:58 <Taaus> Uh, I think... Catseye seems to be long gone. I think it was one of Chris Pressey's languages.
18:59:20 <mtve> http://catseye.mine.nu:8080/projects/wierd/
18:59:42 <Taaus> I stand corrected.
19:04:01 <fizzie> gaah. my wacom pen stopped working when I restarted X and now it feels like my hand went numb.
19:05:47 <fizzie> a very unpleasant feeling.
19:32:22 <lament> catseye isn't dead?!?
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