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17:03:01 <calamari_> hello
17:08:23 <fizzie> hello. how goes the brainf*ck-c?
18:10:55 <calamari_> haven't worked on it much.. been job hunting :(
18:11:12 <calamari_> had a chance to mess around this morning
18:11:51 <calamari_> I'm pondering whether I should really do c, or just a c-type language so that I don't have to worry about ansi
18:21:15 <calamari_> gotta clear the phone line..bbl
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22:44:21 <lament> Why is brainfuck so damn cool.
22:45:09 <deltab> it's beautifully symmetrical
22:45:44 <deltab> like a regular crystal structure
22:45:46 <lament> Yes.
22:46:13 <deltab> none of this "subtract and jump if negative"
22:46:53 <lament> you could have a language with two instructions.
22:47:02 <lament> "subtract and jump if negative" and "add and jump if positive"
22:47:34 <deltab> I was trying to remember a one-instruction one
22:47:44 <deltab> not sure if I succeeded
22:47:50 <lament> You have.
22:48:07 <deltab> ah, I see what you meant
22:48:15 <lament> What brainfuck needs is a better macro system.
22:48:32 <lament> there're several, but everybody insists on writing their own.
22:48:38 <deltab> no, that's what programmers need
22:49:37 <lament> Ok.
22:49:56 <lament> Are you subscribed to friends-of-brainfuck?
22:50:23 <deltab> I think so
22:50:32 <deltab> I mainly get spam, though
22:50:57 <lament> do they ever discuss anything worthwile?
22:53:06 <deltab> ah, it's become more relevant recently
22:53:30 <lament> I'm especially interested in optimizing compilation.
22:54:25 <deltab> > (Personally I've made a
22:54:25 <deltab> > practice of not using negative numbers at all. They're never
22:54:25 <deltab> > necessary.)
22:54:25 <deltab> Oh, well, I'd wish you to write the next version of the accounting
22:54:25 <deltab> software my bank uses for my giro account :-)
22:55:38 <lament> I don't even know what the current state of the art is wrt optimizing bf compilers :(
22:58:59 <deltab> 215723Z #esp <sbp> http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~sdh300/stuffage/bf.net/
22:58:59 <deltab> 215725Z #esp <supybot> Title: BrainFuck.Net (at www.ecs.soton.ac.uk)
22:58:59 <deltab> 215733Z #esp <sbp> best bit: [[[
22:58:59 <deltab> 215733Z #esp <sbp> # Does BrainFuck.Net use the controversial Microsoft Passport system for authentication?
22:58:59 <deltab> 215733Z #esp <sbp> No. The Brainfuck language has only 8 commands, and none of them are related to authentica
22:59:00 <deltab> ting remote network users.
22:59:02 <deltab> 215734Z #esp <sbp> ]]]
23:00:43 <deltab> 220014Z #esp <sbp> hello #esoteric
23:03:14 <lament> I know the guy who wrote that.
23:03:38 <lament> Not IRL but in another, totally unrelated online community.
23:04:20 <lament> what's #esp?
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