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03:04:09 <sanxiyn> Hello, my friend implemented rule 30 random number generator in Befunge.
03:04:10 <sanxiyn> http://dev.tokigun.net/funge/rule30.bf
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09:14:40 <Keymaker> hi
09:15:18 <Keymaker> long time no see(?)
09:17:58 <fizzie> morn.
09:18:58 <Keymaker> morning
09:23:14 <fizzie> egh, still sleepy.
09:28:39 <Keymaker> i see
09:28:59 <Keymaker> darn, there's breakfast >:(
09:41:10 <fizzie> ho-hum. I was trying to download windows drivers for this bluetooth adapter and now it requires me to confirm that "Neither I or the intended user of this product is involved, directly or indirectly, in any of the following, nor will this product be used directly or indirectly in any of these applications:
09:41:15 <fizzie> (1) Research, design, development, construction, fabrication, testing or operation of nuclear facilities or nuclear weapons.
09:41:18 <fizzie> (2) Research, design, development, production or use of rocket systems, space launch vehicles, sounding rockets, missles, drones, or unmanned air vehicle systems.
09:41:21 <fizzie> (3) Research, design, development, production, use or stockpiling of chemical or biological weapons or precursor chemicals or agents."
09:41:32 <fizzie> "yes, I will construct nuclear weapons with your bluetooth adapter MWAH MWAH MWAH HAA!"
09:44:11 <Keymaker> LOL :D
09:44:30 <Keymaker> is that true?
09:44:48 <fizzie> that I will construct nuclear weapons with it? not really.
09:44:56 <Keymaker> i meant that text
09:45:05 <Keymaker> you really had to confirm that? :)
09:46:30 <fizzie> copy-pasted straight from the device download page. go see for yourself, select 'support / download drivers' or somesuch from the web page, then write "3CREB96B" to the quick search box there and try to download bub1_2_10en.exe, the first thing it will ask is that confirmation.
09:50:22 <Keymaker> lol, very strange :)
09:56:38 <fizzie> quite a lot of stuff here at hut would fall under those categories. we probably do rocket system research, and there's that small research nuclear reactor here.
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10:26:06 <fizzie> meh, perl 'map' and single-line-foreach both use '$_' so I can't combine them well.
10:26:17 <fizzie> I wanted a more unreadable version of this.
10:28:58 <fizzie> ($n = $_, print "entry: " . join(", ", map { "$_ -> " . $n->{$_} } keys %{$n}) . "\n") foreach @entries;
10:29:02 <fizzie> pretty perl.
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12:22:00 <Keymaker> hmmm, time to read some logs..
12:23:16 <fizzie> not much has happened though.
12:25:02 <Keymaker> hmm i see
12:26:29 <Keymaker> why on this log http://meme.b9.com/clog/esoteric/04.06.11
12:26:47 <Keymaker> around ~14 everyone leaves and joins?
12:27:40 <fizzie> freenode had a split?
12:27:56 <Keymaker> hmm no idea
12:28:16 <fizzie> [2004-06-11 16:13:27] -!- Netsplit orwell.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: clog, Toreun, lament, @ChanServ, kosmikus, mtve, grumpy_old_one, edwinb
12:28:19 <fizzie> [2004-06-11 16:13:49] -!- Netsplit over, joins: edwinb
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12:28:24 <fizzie> [2004-06-11 16:14:25] -!- Netsplit over, joins: grumpy_old_one, lament, Toreun, clog
12:28:55 <Keymaker> ok
12:33:50 <Keymaker> been doing anything useful today fizzie?
12:36:26 <fizzie> eh-ehehe.
12:36:32 <fizzie> "sure, lots."
12:37:36 <Keymaker> :)
12:37:52 <Keymaker> i should soon try doing something..
12:38:01 <Keymaker> "or die trying"
13:14:20 <Keymaker> i'll visit some local market, bye for a while
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13:18:20 <Keymaker> oh now
13:18:37 <Keymaker> it's pouring rain! i'll have to wait..
13:38:06 <Keymaker> hmm, i'll check one other channel..
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14:04:47 <Keymaker> now there's my change, to store!bye
14:42:43 <Keymaker> hmmm back
15:44:02 <Keymaker> i need to go :(
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16:27:57 <fizzie> rainy.
19:41:21 <lament> hi
19:42:11 <fizzie> hi. optimized any brainf*ck lately?
19:42:17 <lament> no.
19:42:41 <lament> there's gotta be some content-inference scheme for brainfuck.
19:43:01 <lament> i.e. being able to prove that at a certain point during execution, the value in this cell will be X.
19:43:09 <lament> or, perhaps, not X.
19:43:33 <lament> Also being able to prove that a loop like [...>] will stop after reaching at most cell Y.
19:43:54 <lament> doing that will certainly allow nice optimizations.
19:44:06 <lament> (not brainfuck->brainfuck optimizations, but brainfuck->C)
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