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01:13:44 <calamari_> hi
01:16:09 <iamcal> hi
01:17:07 <calamari_> hello iamcal
01:17:30 <iamcal> just 'cal' is fine ;)
01:18:01 <calamari_> that would be very confusing, almost like I'm talking to myself.. I guess here that would be perfect :)
01:18:26 <iamcal> :)
01:24:35 <lament> 12 people!
01:24:38 <lament> amazing.
01:25:01 <lament> s/people/agent
01:25:04 <lament> s
01:28:27 <calamari_> hi lament
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09:03:12 <andreou> what happened to cmeme?
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16:56:09 <calamari_> hi
17:00:43 * calamari_ suggests: Welcome to the esoteric programming channel! Logs of previous discussions are available at http://tunes.org/~coreyr/date.php?chan=esoteric
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19:21:13 <calamari_> I was thinking about bf optimizations...
19:22:22 <calamari_> if a program takes no input, and produces no output then it can be replaced by either a program that immediately exits or freezes (depending on if the original exits)
19:23:11 <calamari_> if it takes no input, and exits, any output produced could be captured and reproduced
19:23:44 <calamari_> also, given a particular set of inputs, it is the same as having no inputs
19:25:02 <calamari_> if input is not predetermined and there is no output, it still can't be optimized, because the act of exiting the program provides information (could return a binary answer that way, say 1=exit, 0=didn't exit)
19:25:49 <calamari_> anyhow.. that was my random thought on optimizations :)
19:26:09 <mtve> heh, the only you should know will it exits or not :)
19:28:14 <calamari_> mtve: it could be assumed that all programs will eventually exit, by loss of power, malfunction, etc
19:30:00 <calamari_> so then, I guess we should say with no i/o commands, an empty program is the best optimization?
19:31:57 <calamari_> or should the malfunction be considered an input that is not predetermined? that would mess up the whole idea
19:31:59 <mtve> +++++++++++++ (ord 'n' times) .++++++++ (ord 'o' times). []
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20:07:57 <fizzie> there is no such thing as a malfunction. current probabilistic primality testing algorithms are less likely to err than a "correct" primality tester is to give a wrong answer thanks to a flipped bit due to some random electromagnetic radiation (at least so 'they' tell me), but we still think the second algorithm is always correct.
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