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21:56:59 <tonsofpcs> hey
21:57:48 <fizzie> oy.
21:58:03 <tonsofpcs> vey
21:58:30 <fizzie> the black knight moves for no man.
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22:07:19 <fizzie> the black knight always triumphs, you know.
22:09:06 <tonsofpcs> ya
22:09:11 <tonsofpcs> right then
22:09:30 <Lord_AnthraX> yes
22:09:40 <Lord_AnthraX> tons you know me?
22:10:08 <tonsofpcs> no, why would i?
22:10:43 <Lord_AnthraX> hahah
22:10:44 <Lord_AnthraX> you do
22:10:47 <Lord_AnthraX> and i know you
22:11:04 <tonsofpcs> lets see what the dice say
22:11:13 <Lord_AnthraX> bastard
22:11:54 <tonsofpcs> the dice say i might
22:12:03 <Lord_AnthraX> what was it
22:12:10 <fizzie> what does the magic 8-ball say?
22:12:10 <Lord_AnthraX> a twenty sided?
22:13:06 <fizzie> REPLY HAZY: TRY AGAIN
22:13:07 <tonsofpcs> ya, d20
22:13:12 <fizzie> says the magic 8-ball.
22:13:20 <Lord_AnthraX> bah
22:13:29 <Lord_AnthraX> fuck the 8-ball
22:13:32 <Lord_AnthraX> the d20 is god
22:13:43 <tonsofpcs> no
22:13:44 <fizzie> the d20 is quite spherical too.
22:13:46 <tonsofpcs> the d1000 is god
22:13:49 <Lord_AnthraX> lol
22:14:10 <Lord_AnthraX> now now, no die is sphereical
22:14:27 <fizzie> well, a d100 is pretty much spherical. a d1000 I haven't yet seen.
22:14:32 <Lord_AnthraX> ooo
22:14:38 <tonsofpcs> d100 is no where nere spherical
22:14:38 <Lord_AnthraX> there's a project
22:14:41 <tonsofpcs> its a golf ball
22:14:43 <Lord_AnthraX> gotta start work on it onw
22:14:44 <Lord_AnthraX> no
22:14:46 <Lord_AnthraX> w
22:14:51 <tonsofpcs> actually, a d300 is a golf bar
22:14:53 <tonsofpcs> *ball
22:15:01 <Lord_AnthraX> you've counted the dimples?
22:15:06 <tonsofpcs> no
22:15:08 <tonsofpcs> someone told me
22:15:17 <Lord_AnthraX> don't count
22:15:19 <Lord_AnthraX> start counting
22:15:30 <fizzie> and when you think of geometric shapes that spring to mind when you say "golf ball", I'm quite sure many would say "uh.. sphere?"
22:15:37 <Lord_AnthraX> indeed
22:15:41 <Lord_AnthraX> but a golf ball is a die
22:15:50 <Lord_AnthraX> a golf ball is an object with dimples
22:16:06 <tonsofpcs> a d100 has a sphere inside usually
22:16:23 <fizzie> a ball is a ball is a ball. and besides, what good is a die if it doesn't have sharp corners you can step on, like a d4.
22:16:35 <tonsofpcs> dn is spherical if n is the result of the limit of x to infinity of x
22:16:47 <tonsofpcs> what about a d5 or a d7?
22:16:50 <tonsofpcs> those are sharp too
22:16:59 <Lord_AnthraX> lol
22:17:08 <Lord_AnthraX> i like the way fizzie thinks
22:17:09 <tonsofpcs> what, they are
22:17:39 <tonsofpcs> roll a d%
22:17:45 <Lord_AnthraX> lol
22:18:52 <fizzie> I'd like a small, dice-size klein bottle I could throw. at least with a d1 you can be relatively certain what the outcome will be.
22:19:01 <Lord_AnthraX> lol
22:19:52 <Taaus> Just throw a perfect sphere. That's a d1 too. Or get a coin with two heads (or tails).
22:20:24 <tonsofpcs> no
22:20:34 <tonsofpcs> a perfect coin is a weighted d3
22:20:40 <Lord_AnthraX> heh
22:20:44 <tonsofpcs> its true
22:20:50 <Lord_AnthraX> anyone know any good laser disc's?
22:20:54 <tonsofpcs> ya
22:21:00 <tonsofpcs> fraggle rock on laser disc
22:21:02 <tonsofpcs> hehe
22:21:22 <fizzie> throwing a sphere sounds relatively boring when you could be throwing stranger topological things like a klein bottle around.
22:22:18 <fizzie> and I don't have a shpere.
22:22:59 <tonsofpcs> fizzie - think bouncy ball
22:23:27 <fizzie> there is no bouncy ball.
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22:23:50 <fizzie> only sphere here is my mirror ball thingie, and it gets.. er, deconstructed, if I mishandle it.
22:23:51 <Lord_AnthraX_Awa> bah
22:24:53 <fizzie> and I don't have glue to fix it with.
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22:30:58 <fizzie> hm, pretty strange, actually, that I completely lack a sphere. I only found a torus.
22:33:46 <Taaus> I have... A magic 8-ball. But it isn't entirely spherical.
22:34:27 <Taaus> I wonder what a super-egg counts as... A weighted d3, probably.
22:37:20 <fizzie> I have a.. thing. it could be considered spherical, but it's not exactly solid, it's.. eh, hard to describe. it has a core and then ~5cm long (coloured) pieces of rubber band sticking outside away from the core, so the rest shape of it is a sphere, sorta.
22:38:02 <fizzie> I'm probably not explaining this very well, but I lack my digital photography device so I can't elaborate easily.
22:38:36 <Taaus> Rubber band? Is it some sort of tensegrity sculpture?
22:42:32 <fizzie> nno, more like a stress relief toy.
22:42:47 <Taaus> How does it relieve stress? :)
22:42:52 <fizzie> the rubber band "hair" is quite dense/thick.
22:43:07 <fizzie> well, you can throw and catch it.
22:43:23 <Taaus> Oh! I know what it is then.
22:43:24 <fizzie> it used to have few loops in there too, but those are now broken.
22:43:50 <Taaus> Uh, that is, I've seen it before... I can't begin to describe its function, though.
22:44:13 <fizzie> I'm not sure about the stress relief thing, but "stressipallo" (literal translation: "stress ball" (er, probably guessable)) is what I've always called it.
22:45:01 <fizzie> it had a brand name too, but I've forgotten it.
22:45:26 <fizzie> once again google helped me! http://www.geriatric-resources.com/assets/images/Koosh.JPG
22:45:57 <fizzie> mine is differently coloured, and perhaps a bit bigger. (or maybe not. hard to estimate scale in that pic.)
22:46:17 <lament> supposedly those make great toys for people tripping on LSD
22:46:20 <fizzie> "The famous rubbery porcupine ball. Soft, safe and fun!"
22:46:39 <Taaus> Safe!? SAFE!??
22:46:51 <Taaus> You could put someone's eye out with that...
22:47:02 <lament> i don't think you could
22:47:06 <lament> unless you tried really, really hard
22:47:06 <fizzie> I wouldn't know. despite repeated queries, our student union people have only installed the soft-drink and candy vending machines, not drugs.
22:47:23 <fizzie> if you're so inclined, you can probably put someone's eye out with most things.
22:47:38 <lament> yes, but koosh balls would be near the bottom of the list
22:48:07 <fizzie> "you'll shoot your eye out, kid"
22:48:13 <lament> right next to cotton candy and porridge
22:51:47 <tonsofpcs> koosh balls are fun :)
22:52:20 <fizzie> but it's a sphere only in a vague sort of way.
22:52:24 <tonsofpcs> so are over-sized bb guns/rifles from movies :-p
22:52:32 <tonsofpcs> no, its not a sphere, its a koosh ball
22:52:48 <tonsofpcs> i got a pile of em somewhere
22:53:33 <fizzie> I have only this one.
22:53:33 <tonsofpcs> but i guess if you count the number of triangles made by 3 adjacent 'pins' or bands, you would be able to tell how many 'sides' it has
22:53:55 <fizzie> it's hard to determine how it landed since the spikes aren't rigid.
22:54:14 <tonsofpcs> the top should always have a flat-most triangle
22:54:25 <fizzie> mhm.
22:55:30 <fizzie> then I used to have a frisbee-like thing, only it was just a ring, not a disc, with a somewhat elastic outer edge, and then ~6cm of fabric inside the outer edge, but that broke. I believe it was called "whoosh" or "woosh" or something like that.
22:55:38 <tonsofpcs> i got one of those
22:55:48 <tonsofpcs> ya, the same company made them i think
22:55:55 <tonsofpcs> then i have one that doesn't have the fabric, it flys better
22:56:05 <tonsofpcs> but its hard, and will break windows easily
23:00:55 <fizzie> I think I'm going to see if I can find my koosh ball.
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23:02:58 <fizzie> it was under a pile of stuff, therefore it's a bit clumpy now.
23:04:42 <fizzie> maybe I should apologise to it.
23:12:43 <tonsofpcs> heh
23:12:58 <fizzie> it's a bit messy-looking now.
23:13:02 <fizzie> much like I.
23:21:48 <fizzie> hm.
23:22:26 <fizzie> there are some rather ambiguous choices when determining which is the "top" side of a thrown koosh ball.
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23:50:50 <lament> booo
23:54:41 <fizzie> I is tired and may fall asleep at any moment.
23:59:30 <lament> i can wake you up
23:59:40 <lament> if you give me an account on your box, with access to /dev/dsp
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