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04:38:33 -!- LinkMasterSab has joined.
04:38:35 <LinkMasterSab> Wow.
04:38:42 <LinkMasterSab> This channel actually exists. Kickass.
04:39:27 <LinkMasterSab> The real question is, is anyone here?
04:40:47 -!- JoeyP has joined.
04:40:51 <JoeyP> hellot
04:40:55 <LinkMasterSab> hellot
04:41:52 <LinkMasterSab> Woah.
04:41:57 <LinkMasterSab> :P
04:44:28 <lament> er
04:44:33 <lament> you people are sick
04:44:36 <LinkMasterSab> Hey, someone's alive.
04:44:47 <lament> yes? says who?
04:44:55 <LinkMasterSab> :o Okay, dead?
04:45:00 * LinkMasterSab scratches his head.
04:45:14 <JoeyP> we are not sick.
04:45:35 <LinkMasterSab> XD
04:45:37 <lament> That's interesting. Tell me more.
04:45:39 <JoeyP> Also behold the saucage of power.
04:45:51 <JoeyP> We come from a far nation from esper.net.
04:46:00 <JoeyP> Our race calls it's self the spherical.
04:46:05 <lament> What the fuck is esper.net?
04:46:13 <LinkMasterSab> And IRC server.
04:46:15 <JoeyP> A distant galaxy beyong your comprehension.
04:46:20 <LinkMasterSab> An*
04:46:24 <LinkMasterSab> Anyways.
04:46:25 <lament> it says something about ragnarok online.
04:46:35 <JoeyP> Yes, ragnarok online is a plague to our people.
04:46:37 <LinkMasterSab> It used to allow RO channels
04:46:45 <LinkMasterSab> It doesn't anymore
04:46:47 <LinkMasterSab> Anyways
04:47:01 <LinkMasterSab> I came here 'cause esoteric languages are my new hobby. And I think this is related.
04:47:03 <lament> it's always a good idea to disallow RO channels.
04:47:17 <lament> no, this is actually a channel about esoteric cheese.
04:47:21 <LinkMasterSab> Oh.
04:47:22 <LinkMasterSab> Damn.
04:47:30 <LinkMasterSab> ;_;
04:47:33 <JoeyP> Wait, from some theory of mind, cheese it the same as a programming language.
04:47:33 <lament> Today we're discussing Cheddar.
04:47:43 <JoeyP> You just have to be open minded about it ok.
04:47:44 <LinkMasterSab> [\
04:47:57 <LinkMasterSab> [o\
04:47:58 <JoeyP> Look, the analogy is perfect.
04:48:05 <JoeyP> Programming languages often smell.
04:48:09 <JoeyP> They have holes in them.
04:48:13 <LinkMasterSab> i.e. perl
04:48:15 <JoeyP> And tend to be yellow.
04:48:16 <lament> no, it's programmers that smell
04:48:23 <LinkMasterSab> That too
04:48:36 <JoeyP> No the user just consumes it like if it were bratwurst.
04:48:39 <lament> some languages overcome yellowness
04:48:56 <JoeyP> green cheese is an instrument of SATAN.
04:49:25 <LinkMasterSab> You sure that's not STAN?
04:49:27 <lament> anyway, don't choose esoteric languages as a hobby. it will ruin your life.
04:49:36 <JoeyP> green and yellow are also the two only colours in the universe.
04:49:41 <lament> this guy, he learned brainfuck, then his wife left him.
04:49:48 <JoeyP> I don't see how it can be a hobby.
04:49:53 <JoeyP> It's actually a way of life.
04:49:57 <LinkMasterSab> That's funny
04:49:58 <lament> this other guy, he wrote a brainfuck interpreter, and then got raped by a bunch of thugs.
04:50:04 <LinkMasterSab> Oh shti!
04:50:05 <LinkMasterSab> Shit*
04:50:10 <LinkMasterSab> I just wrote a brainfuck interpreter
04:50:18 <LinkMasterSab> Help ;_;
04:50:19 <JoeyP> Did he wear protection whole programming the interpreter?
04:50:23 <JoeyP> while
04:50:27 <lament> another guy, he wrote a brainfuck compiler, and terrorists tortured him for a week before killing him
04:50:42 <lament> and i'd really rather not say what happened to the guy who invented brainfuck.
04:50:50 <LinkMasterSab> Hmm.
04:50:53 <LinkMasterSab> Brainfucked?
04:50:56 <lament> :(
04:50:59 <JoeyP> he make america independant?
04:51:17 <lament> :'(
04:51:18 <JoeyP> Hmm, I should really get some sleep.
04:51:42 <LinkMasterSab> No JoeyP
04:51:44 <LinkMasterSab> No sleep
04:51:45 <LinkMasterSab> ;_;
04:52:07 * JoeyP is thinking about an esotoric language, which you type like: zzZzZzzZ....
04:52:22 <LinkMasterSab> That'd suck.
04:52:30 <JoeyP> It all sucks.
04:52:33 <LinkMasterSab> Oh! That gives me an idea.
04:53:00 <JoeyP> Actually, an esotoric programming language called 'female' would be way more complex and interesting.
04:53:05 <JoeyP> However, not functional.
04:53:09 <JoeyP> Very imperative.
04:53:14 <LinkMasterSab> Booleans would reverse.
04:53:28 <JoeyP> Bits turn into bytes!
04:53:42 <LinkMasterSab> The program jumps randomly
04:53:49 <Taaus> Uh... Why are you people talking about programming languages and not cheese?
04:54:00 <JoeyP> Because they're practicly the same.
04:54:04 <LinkMasterSab> Because cheese IS a programming language.
04:54:10 <JoeyP> Turning bits into bites, etc.
04:54:11 <LinkMasterSab> Cheddar + colby jack = yum
04:54:33 <LinkMasterSab> On that note
04:54:38 <LinkMasterSab> Anyone want my Brainfuck interpreter?
04:54:41 <LinkMasterSab> It's in Python.
04:54:49 <lament> put it on that shelf over there
04:54:51 <JoeyP> No, even I don't want it.
04:54:56 <lament> labeled "brainfuck interpreters in Python"
04:55:01 <JoeyP> Haha, your life is a failure :(
04:55:05 <LinkMasterSab> ;_;
04:55:15 <LinkMasterSab> Just so you know, JoeyP, ur13
04:55:18 <Taaus> lament: I'm not sure there's room for one more...
04:55:23 <JoeyP> i know.
04:55:33 <LinkMasterSab> I didn't see any on the net, is why I'm asking :o
04:55:33 <lament> Taaus: we'll just throw out some old ones
04:55:47 <lament> i think two or three of mine are in there
04:55:54 <Taaus> At least.
04:56:02 * LinkMasterSab shrugs.
04:56:05 <JoeyP> Why make more brainfuck interpreters than needed?
04:56:11 <JoeyP> WAIT!
04:56:11 <LinkMasterSab> Practice.
04:56:12 <lament> JoeyP: yes, why?
04:56:23 <JoeyP> This somehow makes me think of politiceans. Or whatever you spell them.
04:56:25 <LinkMasterSab> Doublefuck is useless.
04:56:39 <LinkMasterSab> The two stacks don't interact.
04:56:49 <JoeyP> It's for convenience.
04:56:53 <LinkMasterSab> Its gay.
04:56:58 <JoeyP> What did you expect?
04:57:05 <LinkMasterSab> :P
04:57:10 <JoeyP> A heterosexual brainfuck interpreter?
04:57:13 <LinkMasterSab> Yes!'
04:57:15 <LinkMasterSab> ;_;
04:57:17 <JoeyP> Totally emo man.
04:57:29 <Taaus> That would be... Straightfuck.
04:57:41 <JoeyP> Tittiefuck
04:57:53 <lament> Cheesefuck (stay on topic dammit!)
04:58:02 <LinkMasterSab> Cheddarfuck :o
04:58:14 <JoeyP> Microwave pizza.
04:58:47 <JoeyP> It's superiour, since it already had the cheesefuck.
04:58:55 <JoeyP> Plus, a chef made it.
04:59:22 <JoeyP> Oh, they make cheese in Sweden btw.
05:00:03 <JoeyP> wit++
05:00:22 <lament> what's "++"?
05:00:32 <JoeyP> It's incremental wit.
05:01:12 <LinkMasterSab> :o
05:01:15 <LinkMasterSab> witty++
05:01:25 <JoeyP> shitty++
05:02:40 -!- JoeyP has quit ("catching sleep").
05:04:17 <lament> one down, one more to go
05:05:01 <Taaus> Woohoo.
05:05:06 <LinkMasterSab> I don't sleep :D
05:05:16 <lament> hm
05:28:22 -!- johncoltrane has joined.
05:30:40 -!- johncoltrane has left (?).
07:13:39 -!- LinkMasterSab has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)).
07:59:59 -!- clog has quit (ended).
08:00:00 -!- clog has joined.
14:49:47 -!- JoeyP has joined.
14:53:44 <fizzie> "huh?"
14:54:32 <JoeyP> Go play beachball.
14:55:56 <JoeyP> Isn't there a portal with all esoteric languages?
15:00:38 <JoeyP> I'll take that as a "NO BITCH, NOW FUCK OFF YOU FUCKING CUNT"
15:01:02 -!- JoeyP has changed nick to Joey[code].
15:01:14 <Joey[code]> anyway, time for my own esoteric language~
15:03:57 <fizzie> actually when you said 'portal' I thought you meant some real-world, dimensional-portal like thing.
15:04:37 <Joey[code]> The world isn't real my child.
15:04:56 <fizzie> well, intterweb portals seem even less so.
15:07:39 <Joey[code]> Hmm, I wonder what if...
15:07:44 <Joey[code]> What if every war was false.
15:07:57 <Joey[code]> And they put us up with it just to experiment 'what people would think about it'.
15:08:02 <Joey[code]> I think the answer is clear.
15:08:05 <Joey[code]> "Cheese".
15:10:05 <Joey[code]> I'm a great supporter of "You are as dumb as the world is"
15:11:18 <Joey[code]> Note that I didn't at a dot.
15:11:22 <Joey[code]> add.
17:59:08 <lament> whatever.
17:59:19 -!- calamari_ has joined.
17:59:24 <calamari_> hi
17:59:55 <lament> hi
18:00:35 <calamari_> looks like you've been having a nice chat.. hehe :)
18:03:16 <lament> not really.
18:05:08 <calamari_> afk to convert this quickbasic mess into c code
18:33:45 <Joey[code]> You still program quickbasic?
18:33:48 <Joey[code]> Poor bastard.
18:42:00 <calamari_> not a quickbasic fan? I've been using it for years, and can get a lot don in a short amount of time (proof of concept, etc)
18:42:38 <calamari_> other languages seem to get in the way.. java doesn't as much
18:43:47 <fizzie> I write proof-of-concept-like things in C too, but I'm perhaps a masochists. (well, been using scheme and perl a bit more lately.)
19:05:14 <Joey[code]> python
19:06:12 -!- Joey[code] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)).
19:06:12 <fizzie> python has a silly indentation-sensitive syntax.
19:36:02 <lament> how is it silly?
19:36:04 -!- calamari_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
19:42:03 <fizzie> well, maybe not silly. but it feels.. uncomfortable. maybe it just needs some getting used to.
19:42:18 <fizzie> 'silly' is such a funny word, wanted to use it I.
19:42:32 <lament> yes, it needs some getting used to. Like a day
20:41:15 -!- JoeyP has joined.
20:47:52 <fizzie> wait a minute.. are you an evil pythonista?
20:49:23 <lament> yes.
20:49:57 <JoeyP> not is me.
20:50:18 <fizzie> but #scheme said never to trust a pythonista.
20:51:29 <JoeyP> Ok.
20:51:44 <JoeyP> There's too many people there to... terrorise with success :(
20:53:03 <lament> fizzie: Never trust a schemer.
20:53:30 <fizzie> arr! now I don't know who to trust.
21:30:18 <lament> me!
21:39:29 <fizzie> I don't think I trust that.
21:40:28 <Taaus> Trust me, you can trust that.
21:40:45 <lament> trust me, you can trust that.
22:43:41 <JoeyP> Trust logitech.
22:43:53 <JoeyP> For trust is the devil.
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