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01:22:15 -!- JoeyP has joined.
01:22:16 <JoeyP> I did it!
01:22:22 <JoeyP> I made my own esoteric language :P
01:22:23 -!- LinkMasterSab has joined.
01:22:39 <JoeyP> www.nidhogg.com/romance/Romance.exe www.nidhogg.com/romance/Readme.txt
01:22:50 <LinkMasterSab> Yo peoples.
01:23:50 <JoeyP> i wonder how to make [ ] though
01:24:08 <LinkMasterSab> Char-by-char parsing it's easy :o
01:24:22 <JoeyP> no, if you're at ], you need to go back to the [
01:24:27 <JoeyP> this requires you to buffer all of the code.
01:24:41 <JoeyP> but i don't know how
01:24:45 <JoeyP> i should do that...
01:24:56 <LinkMasterSab> Buffering is okay for esoteric languages though :/
01:25:04 <JoeyP> heh
01:25:12 <LinkMasterSab> It's not like you're taking 1000 line code.
01:26:05 <JoeyP> oh shit
01:26:06 <LinkMasterSab> You can set up arrays with callbacks, add a new one for each [, and on ], return to the top on.
01:26:08 <LinkMasterSab> oen*
01:26:14 <JoeyP> some debugging messages are still in it
01:26:17 <LinkMasterSab> one*
01:26:22 <JoeyP> i know, just a stack
01:26:25 <JoeyP> that's not the problem
01:26:36 <LinkMasterSab> Stacks are coo <23
01:26:38 <LinkMasterSab> <3*
01:26:49 <JoeyP> anyway, if anyone knows a cool thing to add
01:26:50 <JoeyP> like 'sex'
01:26:57 <JoeyP> it needs to be more romantic
01:27:01 <LinkMasterSab> You can cause it to buffer only when it reaches a "["
01:27:06 <LinkMasterSab> :o
01:27:19 <LinkMasterSab> I should do that to my BF compiler.
01:27:41 <LinkMasterSab> pop(0) unless the callback stack isn't empty.
01:29:58 <LinkMasterSab> I tried to write a Brainfuck optimizer, didn't work too well.
01:29:58 <JoeyP> I think I found a way with istream
01:30:01 <JoeyP> it will be shitty though
01:30:27 <LinkMasterSab> Optimizing with large numbers causes it to use stacks you might not want it to :/
01:30:51 <LinkMasterSab> Plus I couldn't figure out how the fuck to make it work with the stacks to being with.
01:30:58 <LinkMasterSab> What're you going to do with the istream?
01:31:40 <JoeyP> Make another class out of an istream, and add functions to set the seeker
01:31:43 <JoeyP> so like
01:31:49 <JoeyP> if you have a file which has "abcde"
01:31:55 <JoeyP> it reads abcd
01:32:00 <JoeyP> and i could tell that if it reaches e
01:32:03 <JoeyP> that it would go back to a
01:32:11 <LinkMasterSab> Ah
01:32:11 <JoeyP> making abcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabc. etc
01:32:24 <JoeyP> but first i'll make file input
01:32:34 <LinkMasterSab> file input isn't hard
01:32:35 <LinkMasterSab> :D
01:32:39 <LinkMasterSab> So get to it.
01:33:30 <JoeyP> already programming
01:33:35 <LinkMasterSab> K.
01:34:23 <LinkMasterSab> Your language is all about gay sex.
01:34:29 <LinkMasterSab> Jack, John, and Joey.
01:35:06 <deltab> Joey from Dawson's Creek?
01:35:19 <LinkMasterSab> I'd imagine Joey from JoeyP
01:35:43 <JoeyP> Heh, yeah, Gay Romance.
01:35:47 <JoeyP> that will be version 2.
01:36:34 <LinkMasterSab> I should make my Pacman language
01:36:43 <LinkMasterSab> I wonder if I could do that with Yapps
01:37:50 <JoeyP> YACC
01:37:53 <JoeyP> heh
01:37:58 <LinkMasterSab> Yapps >_>
01:38:02 <JoeyP> oh
01:38:09 <JoeyP> hmm, i need to ignore new lines
01:38:10 <LinkMasterSab> Yet Another Python Parser
01:38:12 <LinkMasterSab> System
01:39:26 <JoeyP> this is shitty
01:39:31 <JoeyP> it's outputing newlines too much
01:40:37 <JoeyP> yay
01:41:48 <LinkMasterSab> Yay
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03:26:25 <Dn7> anyone wants to check it out? ;_;!
03:26:32 <Dn7> i worked long on this
03:26:36 <Dn7> a whole... 3 hours!
03:28:47 <LinkMasterSab> I checked it out :(
03:30:07 <LinkMasterSab> HacPac is gonna be cool. I hope.
03:32:46 <Dn7> ;o
03:33:02 <Dn7> i'll make a new one when we get another contest though
03:33:58 <LinkMasterSab> We'll HAVE that contest.
03:33:59 <LinkMasterSab> :D
03:34:55 <Dn7> RIGHT NOW?
03:37:02 <LinkMasterSab> No.
03:37:08 <LinkMasterSab> I've got school tommorrow.
03:37:13 <LinkMasterSab> And homework to do.
03:37:16 <LinkMasterSab> I should go grab that.
03:38:05 <Dn7> Heh
03:38:40 <LinkMasterSab> Just Alg2 review.
03:38:41 <Dn7> they should make a language that makes sense
03:38:57 <LinkMasterSab> I want to make one and call it "Plain english"
03:39:28 <Dn7> or 'german'
03:44:06 <LinkMasterSab> Nah, English.
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04:04:15 -!- Toreu1 has changed nick to Toreun.
04:04:43 <Toreun> hi everyone
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04:25:47 <lament> yes. hi
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22:19:31 <lament> Taaus: do you know any recordings of the WTC arranged for multiple instruments?
22:26:17 <JoeyP> Like a violin?
22:28:26 <lament> a violin isn't multiple instruments.
22:28:33 <lament> I mean an individual instrument for each voice.
22:29:40 <JoeyP> Does wtc stand for world trade center?
22:30:04 <lament> only among the unwashed masses.
22:30:28 <JoeyP> I actually just took a shower.
22:30:43 <lament> then wtc doesn't stand for world trade center among you.
22:32:37 <JoeyP> But for... Wielder of The Coconut.
22:44:44 <Taaus> lament: Hmm... Not off-hand, no. I know Jaques Loussier has made some arrangements for piano, acoustic bass, and drums, but somehow I don't think that's what you're looking for ;)
22:45:05 <Taaus> Jacques, rather.
22:45:50 <lament> yeah, that's not quite what i meant :)
22:46:58 <Taaus> Somehow, the notion of each instrument playing a single voice doesn't strike me as very... Interesting.
22:48:11 <lament> no? :(
22:49:21 <Taaus> Nope. Sorry. :) I also think it would be pretty damn boring for the musicians involved.
22:49:37 <Taaus> Now, vocal arrangements, on the other hand...
22:49:45 <lament> :(
22:49:54 <lament> vocal arrangements DO exist
22:50:00 <lament> the swingle singers
22:50:04 <Taaus> I know.
22:50:10 <lament> although they often had to use two people for one voice
22:50:56 <lament> anyway, i think such a recording would be way cool.
22:51:17 <Taaus> Well... Make one! :)
22:51:26 <Taaus> You can do... Piano and guitar. Hehe :)
22:51:28 <lament> that's hwat they all say
22:51:39 <lament> i can do many things (by virtue of having an electronic keyboard)
22:51:51 <lament> i'd need a good recording machine though
22:52:07 <Taaus> Oh, bah. There's no fun in doing it electronically.
23:01:12 -!- Toreun has joined.
23:01:24 <Toreun> Hi there
23:04:36 <lament> Taaus: i agree
23:10:54 <lament> which is why i'd rather get a recording than record one myself.
23:33:14 <lament> still, why do you think it woudln't be interesting?
23:33:17 <lament> counterpoint is important.
23:33:28 <lament> and pianists inevitably muddle it.
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