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11:20:56 <lindi-> mui.
11:24:07 <fizzie> ehlo.
11:25:15 <ZeroOne> :)
11:25:54 <ZeroOne> do we use english or finnish in this channel?
11:27:45 <lindi-> looks like english to me
11:28:38 <ZeroOne> fine by me. :P so where's that befunge-interpreter of yours?
11:30:45 <lindi-> well, it's been forgotten for a year or so, i was supposed to releaese it when i could make it less ugly but that never happened
11:30:45 <fizzie> huh, what befunge interpreter, where?
11:30:57 <fizzie> the "jit-compiling" one?
11:31:01 <lindi-> yeah
11:31:55 <ZeroOne> oh. ok. :/ here's my brainfuck-interpreter anyway: http://koti.mbnet.fi/~villes/php/bf.php (nested loops still not implemented).
11:37:05 <lindi-> pwd
11:37:07 <lindi-> whoops
11:37:22 <ZeroOne> 1337
11:37:55 <lindi-> anyway, it's really ugly, crappy and all but due to popular demand i'll put a version online soon, just a sec
11:43:45 <lindi-> fizzie: iki.fi/lindi/binterp
11:51:20 <lindi-> ZeroOne: fizzie: and especially iki.fi/lindi/binterp/binterp-0.001/BENCHMARKS :)
11:58:26 <fizzie> eh, benchmarked with ff?
11:58:53 <fizzie> hey, ff is relatively fast as far as 'real interpreters' go.
12:00:32 <lindi-> true
12:01:36 <lindi-> fizzie: iirc ff was the (second) fastest i could find to run fibonacci.2.bf
12:02:14 <fizzie> last time I benchmarked speedwise it was pretty close to mooz's 'bef'.
12:02:27 <fizzie> code-quality-wise and buglessness-wise perhaps not so.
12:02:28 <mtve> would you please put out fibonacci source code too?
12:02:38 <lindi-> mtve: it's there now
12:02:45 <lindi-> mtve: i silently updated the .tar.gz
12:03:08 <mtve> oh :)
12:03:13 <fizzie> is that a recursive implementation? (judging from the speed.)
12:04:40 <mtve> well, optimizators without 'p' operator could go very far.
12:04:43 <fizzie> heh, it's seems to be mooz's newest optimized version of my old fibre.bef.
12:05:35 <lindi-> yeah, i could put some credits there actually
12:06:04 <lindi-> but the file has been lying in my home directory for a year so that i really can't remember where those originally came from
12:06:19 <lindi-> fibonacci.2.bf fibonacci.3.bf fibonacci.4.bf fibonacci.5.bf fibonacci.6.bf fibonacci.bf
12:06:23 <fizzie> hheh.
12:07:42 <lindi-> fizzie: http://iki.fi/lindi/binterp/binterp-0.001/BENCHMARKS now includes mooz's bef too
12:11:23 <lindi-> mtve: 'p' could be possible to implement by calling construct_linked_list() and generate_code() again
12:11:46 <mtve> yep
12:12:28 <lindi-> and foo bar p could mark (foo, bar) as dirty so that recompilation would occur only if the program flow hits (foo, bar)
12:12:55 <lindi-> i mean s/foo/x/g;s/bar/y/g
13:11:20 <ZeroOne> btw, I've created quite a few esoteric programming language articles in Wikipedia during the past month. you guys can see, too, if you can create or improve any of these articles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_esoteric_programming_languages :)
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