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06:00:08 <lament> shapr!!
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11:07:04 <shapr> what?
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18:16:25 <ZeroOne> duh... some idiot placed all esoteric programming languages under Votes for Deletion in Wikipedia. :P
18:16:29 <ZeroOne> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion#Esoteric_programming_language_related
18:16:51 <ZeroOne> "There seems to be a whole bunch of so called eEsoteric programming language that found its way into wikipedia over time. Personally I think most of them are rubbish and nothing more than a (lame) joke"
18:26:25 <ZeroOne> and then they're doing Google searches by their names and finding out that some language gets only 100 hits and make the conclusion that it is "not notable". :G
18:30:02 <lindi-> :(
18:33:20 <ZeroOne> but they're getting lots of KEEP-votes
18:33:48 <lindi-> ZeroOne: do i need to register to vote?
18:34:09 <lindi-> ZeroOne: also, was is so that you weren't coming to this lakinlaskijaiset thing?
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18:36:38 <ZeroOne> lindi-: no you don't
18:36:45 <ZeroOne> lindi-: no I'm not
18:54:39 <fizzie> whu?
19:05:00 <ZeroOne> "who?"?
19:06:07 <ZeroOne> someone called Chris 73 started the vote, if that's what you meant
19:06:30 <ZeroOne> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Esoteric_programming_language_related#Esoteric_programming_language_related I posted a great comment to the end of the page. yay!
19:09:52 <ZeroOne> fizzie: I'm talking to you!
19:10:56 <fizzie> eh, sorry.
19:11:38 <fizzie> was away.
19:16:24 <ZeroOne> oknevermind
22:54:52 <ZeroOne> is no one going to say/do anything about this?
22:55:10 <ZeroOne> that guy wants to destroy all that's good and pure
22:55:52 <ZeroOne> ->
22:55:56 <shapr> I don't mind if he gets it off of wikipedia
22:56:05 <shapr> won't stop me writing or reading bizarre languages
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