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13:30:28 <lindi-> ZeroOne: you mentioned some programming language that allowed changing the code without having to restart the program, what was it?
13:37:10 <ZeroOne> did I? when? are you sure I didn't refer to Befunge or some other language with self-modifying code?
13:37:25 <lindi-> hmm, maybe it was tazzle then?
13:39:29 <ZeroOne> could be, because I can't think of any such language from the top of my head, except interpreted languages which can be paused.
13:39:55 <ZeroOne> and even those don't allow much changing, like adding whole new lines
13:40:39 <fizzie> it's not like you _couldn't_ change the code of arbitrary program regardless of the language it's written in, just attach a debugger and re-write it's memory.
13:40:40 <lindi-> tazle even
13:41:05 <lindi-> fizzie: sure sure, but tazle iirc mentioned some language where this functionality was extensively supported
13:41:23 <fizzie> I am not familiar with this "tazle" you speak of.
13:44:11 <lindi-> that's understandable, he's only on #tik04
13:45:27 <fizzie> I should probably go write some code now that I don't have any deadlines for tomorrow.
13:45:48 <fizzie> and the physics exercises for monday/tuesday look very un-fun.
13:49:03 <fizzie> "exercise 5: there's a car (mass m=1000kg) approaching a cliff at speed v=1.0cm/s. calculate the probability of said car reflecting off the cliff border. (hint: treat the cliff as a (gravity) potential wall, and write the schroedinger equation before and after the cliff. the probability of reflection is proportional to the square of the amplitude of the wave component moving backwards."
13:49:43 <fizzie> ok, so the question is funny, but solving the necessary differential equations wouldn't be.
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23:58:57 <ZeroOne> MCBC: http://web.archive.org/web/20040221222300/http://www.mines.edu/students/b/bolmstea/mtfi/
23:59:18 <ZeroOne> this thingie claims to be a befunge compiler
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