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12:04:32 <ZeroOne> lindi-: nice job
12:05:19 <ZeroOne> but we did count that factorial based numbering system would become shorter than decimal notation after approx 10^15, didn't we?
12:05:30 <ZeroOne> but that of course assumed new characters
12:05:35 <lindi-> ZeroOne: yep
12:05:45 <ZeroOne> hey, where are you?-O
12:06:25 <ZeroOne> I'm at Panic
12:08:08 <ZeroOne> ok, I'm moving there ->
12:08:32 <lindi-> not quite sure, this is some class in the main building
12:08:34 <ZeroOne> btw, I assigned alias "ipne" for "pine"
12:08:39 <ZeroOne> Tellus?
12:08:55 <ZeroOne> p and i are difficult characters
12:09:29 <ZeroOne> wonder why some of these OS's don't recognize "ping" command
12:09:47 <lindi-> they do, but you have to tell the exact path i think
12:10:07 <ZeroOne> I'm at a box named tempest. If I type "ping vipunen" it says "vipunen is alive". if I ping anything from vipunen, the command is not recognized
12:10:16 <ZeroOne> that's lame ;P
12:10:24 <lindi-> yeah
12:10:46 <ZeroOne> p and i are difficult characters to type in the right order if they're right one after another
12:11:11 <ZeroOne> nice, I've got two minutes for moving this 200 meters to the main building
12:11:13 <ZeroOne> or less
12:11:16 <ZeroOne> I'll go ->
12:11:17 <lindi-> i'm trying to figure out how to print the notes at http://www.hut.fi/~jnyman/
12:11:46 <lindi-> actually, why print, i could copy them to my communicator :P
15:47:41 <fizzie> back when I used pine I always typoed it "oubi".
15:48:16 <fizzie> which is strange, "pine" << 1 = "oubw", not oubi.
16:51:56 <ZeroOne> haha :)
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19:53:31 <Keymaker> hii
19:55:07 <Keymaker> i don't get this ypsilax. i don't get it at all.. :\
20:10:38 <Keymaker> hmm, me goes
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