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17:55:05 <Keymaker> how many days it is since someone said a word? :p
17:59:09 <fizzie> not many.
17:59:16 <Keymaker> :)
17:59:33 <fizzie> [2004-10-29 17:17:34] < fizzie> if you have a simple test case where it behaves differently than mooz's bef, I can try to get it fixed at some point. pretty busy right now, though.
17:59:37 <fizzie> that's only two days ago.
17:59:55 <Keymaker> i see
17:59:57 <fizzie> now off to the grocery store to get some food before they close. ->
18:00:03 <Keymaker> :)
18:00:05 <Keymaker> good luck
18:54:14 <Keymaker> YES!
18:54:24 <Keymaker> i realized something
18:57:37 <fizzie> hmm?
18:57:53 <Keymaker> one thing in a brainfuck program i was writing..
18:57:57 <Keymaker> one important thing
18:59:27 <fizzie> is this brainf*ck program about anything interesting? -g
18:59:37 <Keymaker> dunno
18:59:51 <Keymaker> it shall tell if isbn number is correct or not
19:02:19 <fizzie> a-hum. sounds very useful, if you happen to have some brainf*ck-scriptable system you need to do isbn-checking in.
19:02:33 <Keymaker> lol
19:02:35 <Keymaker> :)
19:02:45 <Keymaker> i need to contact the local library
19:03:36 <Keymaker> [/joke]
19:03:49 <Keymaker> i meant that library thing
19:03:52 <Keymaker> the program's real
19:04:33 <lindi-> fizzie: not really esoteric, but do you know a portable way to do assert() in java? assert(foo) works in 1.2 and 1.5 but out homework checker uses 1.4 and complains loudly
19:06:20 <lindi-> it's temporarily fixed with private static void xassert(boolean b){if(!b) throw new AssertionError();}
19:09:02 <fizzie> hummn. just using the 'assert' keyword should, as far as I know, work in 1.4 too.
19:09:25 <fizzie> or does it.
19:09:27 <fizzie> perhaps not.
19:09:40 <lindi-> well, they mention it in the documentation but it still gives me errors
19:10:13 <lindi-> (just a sec, i'll give the details)
19:10:28 <fizzie> it's supposed to be a keyword nowadays, but using it should still work.
19:10:37 <fizzie> riight.
19:11:04 <fizzie> you might need to invoke javac with "-source 1.4" if you want to use assertions.
19:11:22 <lindi-> well, i can't do that. the homework checker is automated
19:11:29 <fizzie> I know that
19:11:45 <fizzie> strange that it works in 1.2, though.
19:11:55 <fizzie> see http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/guide/lang/assert.html#compatibility
19:11:58 <lindi-> and in 1.5
19:12:13 <fizzie> well, in 1.5 probably the default is to use the new semantics.
19:12:25 <fizzie> where 'assert' is a keyword, and thusly not a legal identifier.
19:15:07 <fizzie> "Unless you specifically request source mode 1.4 with the -source 1.4 flag, the compiler operates in source mode 1.3. If you forget to use this this flag, programs that use the new assert statement will not compile. Having the compiler use the old semantics as its default behavior (that is, allowing assert to be used as an identifier) was done for maximal source compatibility. Source mode 1.3 is likely to be phased out over time."
19:15:27 <lindi-> "phased out", right
19:15:39 <fizzie> why do you need assertions in java-homework?
19:17:58 <fizzie> you're not supposed to use good style and sophisticated design yet. :p
19:18:44 <fizzie> (says the one who started to write yet another scheme object system and a gui toolkit for his t-93.211 work.)
19:19:46 <lindi-> well, i wish we had scheme :/
19:20:36 <fizzie> I've looked at some of this year's homework assignments. they seem sort-of silly, at least the ones I happened to look at.
19:22:43 <lindi-> i think the only problem is that it's targeted to everyone and not just CS people. also, it's more about java than programming in general
19:23:31 <fizzie> this latter part of the scheme course we're having now manages to be somewhat interesting, actually.
19:24:17 <fizzie> it's about implementing interpreters. they even mention continuations, which is funky.
19:24:28 <lindi-> hmm
19:24:56 <fizzie> although it makes no sense that there's no homework-style stuff, only 3 hours of lectures/week. I'm not quite sure the majority will learn these things too well.
19:25:09 <lindi-> oh
19:25:45 <fizzie> the interpreter code we look at during the lecture is available to play with, in the interweb, but your regular student probably won't bother unless there are some graded homework assignments about it.
19:26:08 <fizzie> at least in brown university, where we've stolen the material from, they have homework assignment rounds.
19:27:15 <lindi-> hmm
19:30:37 <fizzie> probably didn't bother since this'll be the only time they're arranging the course.
19:33:22 <lindi-> :(
19:34:58 <fizzie> arr, I'll be having mat-2.090 (Applied Probability A) and tfy-0.201 (physics III) exams tomorrow, and the latter doesn't sound good at all.
19:54:01 <Keymaker> hmm
19:54:04 <Keymaker> good night
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