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06:14:59 <calamari_> hi
06:15:09 <lament> hti
06:15:10 <lament> eorcug
06:15:13 <lament> crgx
06:15:14 <lament> oops.
06:16:35 <calamari_> how's it going? :)
06:17:04 <calamari_> just looking up how to find the # of sectors, etc on a floppy to make this silly bootable bf thing
06:17:04 <lament> up and down, up and down.
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12:41:14 <Keymaker> mornin'/evenin'
12:41:24 <Keymaker> i made that quine today :)
12:46:26 <Keymaker> hmmm, seems that i can't get the ftp program working
12:47:28 <Keymaker> i'll post it later; bye.
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16:03:52 <puzzlet> http://puzzlet.org/puzzlet/~Funge/PuzzletChung/SquareRoot
16:04:06 <puzzlet> One of my experiments..
16:04:56 <mtve> automatically optimized?
16:05:31 <puzzlet> no, i did it by hand.
16:06:05 <puzzlet> in fact, i'm just learning funge
16:06:25 <mtve> very nice
16:11:02 <mtve> bf interpreter is nice
16:12:00 <puzzlet> Thanks, but there is some bug in the interpreter.
16:12:29 <puzzlet> When there are more than one pair of [] in the code, it doesn't work.
16:15:31 <puzzlet> My friend tokigun was working on md5, but have went for sleep.
16:15:32 <puzzlet> http://sapzil.info/tmp/fungemd5.bf
16:16:05 <puzzlet> had*
16:16:12 <mtve> great project.
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16:26:15 <nooga_> ha
16:26:22 <nooga_> my eso lang is almst done
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18:40:42 <Keymaker> hello
18:40:50 <ZeroOne> hey
18:40:54 <Keymaker> hi
18:41:06 <Keymaker> do you know any good free host?
18:41:10 <Keymaker> ad-free
18:41:16 <Keymaker> just temporary..
18:41:30 <ZeroOne> umm... nope. what would you put online?
18:41:38 <mtve>
18:41:38 <Keymaker> that brainfuck quine
18:41:42 <Keymaker> :)
18:44:12 <ZeroOne> Keymaker: try this: http://www.webspawner.com/scripts/entry.pl?e=google&k=%22free+homepage%22
18:44:34 <ZeroOne> that looks like totally "homepage in a minute" :D
18:45:27 <Keymaker> :) not my cup of tea
18:45:44 <Keymaker> (though, i'm not much of a web designer)
18:46:06 <ZeroOne> what was wrong with it?
18:46:20 <ZeroOne> you said you need just a temporary host
18:46:28 <Keymaker> well
18:46:35 <ZeroOne> that one looks like you could create a page and then just forget about it :)
18:46:36 <Keymaker> i don't like that kind of things
18:46:46 <Keymaker> maybe i just wait
18:47:14 <ZeroOne> ok ;) just google for "free homepage" or something.
18:47:22 <Keymaker> :)
18:47:40 <Keymaker> maybe i should buy some webspace for bf
18:48:15 <Keymaker> i'd get this: http://www.int2000.net/?act=webhotelli&palvelu=simple&lang=fi
18:48:23 <Keymaker> i wouldn't need php support or much space,
18:48:30 <Keymaker> just place to store some codes
18:49:58 <ZeroOne> don't you get any webspace from your ISP?
18:50:07 <Keymaker> at least haven't seen any
18:50:10 <Keymaker> this isp is crap
18:50:18 <Keymaker> (literally)
18:50:48 <lindi-> Keymaker: netsonic? works here nicely
18:51:39 <Keymaker> hmmm
18:51:40 <lindi-> Keymaker: just ftp ftp.netsonic.fi
18:51:53 <Keymaker> is there really?!
18:52:01 <Keymaker> i haven't got any info about that
18:52:25 <lindi-> can't verify now, iptables seems to be killing ftp
18:52:53 <Keymaker> ah yes.
18:52:59 <ZeroOne> hah, pwned :)
18:53:02 <Keymaker> seems to be true, accordin' to their site
18:53:05 <Keymaker> :)
18:53:27 <Keymaker> hmmm, i'll check what the user name is -- in case its some stupid then i won't
18:54:05 <lindi-> Keymaker: er, sane people use things like iki.fi as forwarders
18:54:06 <ZeroOne> that shouldn't matter either. you can always create a redirect address that hides the actual address.
18:54:27 <ZeroOne> like www.keymakersbrainfuck.tk or keymakerbf.cjb.net or something like that
18:54:36 <Keymaker> :)
18:54:41 <ZeroOne> iki.fi is not free
18:54:47 <lindi-> yep, that's a feature
18:54:58 <ZeroOne> and the registeration is not instant
18:55:00 <lindi-> it will be around in 2010 too
18:55:04 <lindi-> true
18:55:16 <Keymaker> :)
18:55:30 <ZeroOne> I believe mbnet is around in 2010 too.
18:55:40 <lindi-> mbnet is not free either
18:55:51 <ZeroOne> nope
18:56:00 <Keymaker> i think i'll just spend that 20e sometime to get that domain -- i've planned to buy some bf place anyways
18:56:31 <Keymaker> or not necessarily entirely for brainfuck, but for some esoteric programming language projects
18:56:44 <lindi-> ZeroOne: also iki.fi costs are O(1) while mbnet is O(n)
18:58:42 <ZeroOne> lindi-: you mean you get an eternal iki account for paying only once? how much?
18:58:43 <lindi-> Keymaker: i have things like homepna here too, it's a miracle everything seems to more or less work
18:58:53 <lindi-> ZeroOne: currently it's "pay once"
18:59:15 <lindi-> it will change if they can't afford the system without
18:59:32 <lindi-> but currently they have enough money to run it till 2015 or something even if nobody pays
18:59:46 <Keymaker> lindi-: i see
18:59:50 <lindi-> ZeroOne: it's 30 EUR
19:00:33 <lindi-> and it's non-profit organisation so they don't just start to ask for more money ;)
19:00:35 <ZeroOne> lindi-: that's quite a lot if actually the only thing you get is a redirect address for your email and homepage :P
19:00:42 <lindi-> depends
19:01:02 <lindi-> it's a headache to change email addresses
19:01:13 <ZeroOne> I bet
19:02:16 <ZeroOne> just for the fun of it, I just reserved the address http://brainfuck.tk/ :)
19:02:25 <lindi-> but i must admit that i avoided iki.fi for a long time because i thought it'd cost too much
19:03:53 <Keymaker> nice 01
19:04:44 <ZeroOne> I'm hooked to mbnet because of the homepage space and the email address
19:05:03 <lindi-> my little sister had that problem too
19:05:15 <lindi-> it took two years for her to migrate to iki.fi address
19:05:20 <ZeroOne> the homepage space is namely 50 MB but in fact there are no limits ;o
19:05:31 <Keymaker> :)
19:05:39 <lindi-> i have my 'homepage' on a friends box with gigabytes of space ;)
19:05:41 <ZeroOne> lindi-: darn. I just thought it would take me one year.
19:05:54 <ZeroOne> lindi-: lucky one ;P
19:06:09 <Keymaker> congrats, btw; your bf interpreter executed the bf quine perfectly (7122 instructions)
19:06:14 <ZeroOne> how many forwarding addresses do you get with iki anyway?
19:06:24 <ZeroOne> Keymaker: haha, thanks. :)
19:06:37 <lindi-> ZeroOne: it was just something along the lines of "whoops, i forgot to inform person X and service Y about my new address, can't cancel mikrobitti yet"
19:06:50 <lindi-> ZeroOne: two
19:07:06 <lindi-> firstname.lastname and then nickname
19:07:33 <ZeroOne> lindi-: I know... another email address I had timed out and now there are a couple of services I can't access anymore because I don't remember their passwords and cannot regain the address where they could send it ;G
19:07:43 <lindi-> exactly
19:07:55 <ZeroOne> that pretty much sucks.
19:08:13 <lindi-> that almost happened to me with verkkokauppa.com
19:09:57 <lindi-> ZeroOne: http://www.iki.fi/iki/statistics.html is rather interesting btw, it's not exponential
19:11:28 <ZeroOne> hmm. true.
19:45:47 <Keymaker> goodbye.
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20:33:13 <nooga> ha
20:33:20 <nooga> my interpreter is almost ready
20:33:32 <nooga> some little bugfixes needed
20:39:00 <mtve> typical excuses of a programmer.
20:40:13 <ZeroOne> :D
20:40:28 <nooga> muehe
20:40:47 <nooga> writing code - 10 minutes
20:40:47 <ZeroOne> "some little bugfixes needed" == "I have done almost half of the work"
20:40:54 <nooga> fixing bugz - 3h :P
20:40:59 <ZeroOne> indeed ;)
20:41:34 <nooga> once i said "i've almost done" to my client
20:41:45 <nooga> he waited 3 months xD
20:48:08 <ZeroOne> argh
20:48:13 <ZeroOne> I won't order anything from you ;)
20:48:23 <nooga> ;]
20:48:31 <nooga> i did that work for free -.-
20:48:52 <nooga> but it was worth 200$ :P
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