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02:32:46 <calamari_> re's
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02:37:48 <sanxiyn> http://pandora.sapzil.info/dev/obfuscation/md5calc.php
02:37:57 <sanxiyn> md5sum written in Befunge.
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03:24:49 <lament> Taaus: do you have recordings of mozart's sonatas?
03:45:52 <Taaus> Nope. Sorry.
05:22:02 * calamari_ notes that using 15 bytes to save 8 doesn't really help much :P
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18:49:33 <calamari_> hi
18:50:31 * calamari_ needs to implement some kind of caching on this thing.. reading a sector at a time really slows things down
19:24:49 <cpressey> calamari_: hi
19:25:02 <calamari_> hi Chris.. been a long time :)
19:27:06 <cpressey> :)
19:27:22 <cpressey> i haven't done anything with esolangs in a looong while.
19:27:38 <cpressey> well, nothing of note anyway.
19:27:40 <calamari_> I'm just messing around right now
19:28:02 <cpressey> yeah, i saw... bf OS, huh? very cool :)
19:29:04 <calamari_> I thought I had an idea on how to make it work, but I'm not so sure anymore, so it's just a bootable bf interpreter at this point
19:32:49 <cpressey> i've been pondering ideas for how to get esolangs to talk to the outside world, which is something an eso OS would need.
19:33:52 <cpressey> the only thing most esolangs have in common is the standard input/output, so i was thinking, some kind of escape sequence through it would be the best way.
19:34:04 <calamari_> yeah
19:34:06 <cpressey> for example, output control-E, then a couple of bytes
19:34:09 <calamari_> I considered that
19:34:34 <calamari_> it's very similar in concept to adding addtional instructions
19:35:42 <cpressey> yeah. one problem is that there is really no good way for a program to 'detect' whether it's runing under this system or not. but otherwise, i can't think of a better way. adding instructions to the language is ugly IMHO, and it doesn't really apply cross-linguistically, so there'd be no consistency for an e.g. befunge or malbolge OS
19:36:52 <calamari_> good point
19:38:06 <calamari_> a lot of old dos tsr's had an "installation check"
19:38:36 <calamari_> you called an interrupt and if there was sopmething installed you got back a certain pattern in the registers
19:39:46 <calamari_> it's not nice to midify memory tho.. so I see what you mean
19:40:10 <cpressey> right. but if the only way to communicate back to the program is through standard input, the "installation check" in this case has to read from standard input. and if it's not running under the eso system, well, it waits for a key :) which isn't pretty, but i suppose it works alright
19:41:05 <cpressey> the other problem is that output of arbitrary binary data might trigger the 'escape codes' accidentally
19:41:31 <cpressey> but otoh, these are esolangs, so we don't have to look at these as problems per se, they can be 'fun features'!
19:41:37 <cpressey> :)
19:41:37 <calamari_> right
19:41:46 <calamari_> that's why it might be a good idea to make the escape code 00h
19:42:31 <calamari_> of course 00h 00h would output 00h
19:42:54 <calamari_> but it nseems easier (at least from a BF perspective)
19:43:40 <calamari_> I think we got this far with ESO.. but nobody came up with a decent API :)
19:43:52 <calamari_> I worked on a few, but none were any good
19:44:16 <cpressey> i was meaning to, but it's a big project and i never found the time.
19:44:47 <cpressey> i did do some work on a program that would intercept and translate another program's I/O, but it's only partly done and only works on unix
19:44:55 <calamari_> if it were designed well, the same api could be used for all sorts of stuff like GUI applications, etc
19:46:14 <calamari_> hmm.. just had a thought
19:46:43 <calamari_> if there isn't a master plan and things are just tacked on, it will add to the esoteric factor
19:47:47 <calamari_> I have about 140 bytes left in my boot sector to play with, so my API will be small.. but that's okay
19:48:34 <cpressey> heh
19:49:12 <cpressey> right, i didn't consider that what you meant by "bootable bf interpreter" must have been bf-in-the-bootblock :)
19:49:44 <calamari_> I've made "real" boot sectors that load kernels, etc.. but it seemed cooler if I could fit everything in one sector
19:50:05 <cpressey> the nice thing about escape sequences is that as long as there's an unassigned code somewhere they can be extended
19:50:33 <cpressey> so, yeah. this could be fun, i might turn my attention to it again if i can find the time...
19:50:34 <calamari_> I have a fat and root directory with a PROGRAM.B that can be overwritten
19:51:38 <calamari_> afk.. need to get some chores done
19:51:58 <cpressey> yep, me too. ttyl.
20:31:30 <calamari_> hmm.. I think my original idea can work
20:31:54 <calamari_> just have an installation check where it returns a value
20:32:25 <calamari_> for example 00h 008h (because then you get the printed backspace as a bonus)
20:32:31 <calamari_> err 08h
20:32:50 <calamari_> if it changes to 00h, then the api is installed
20:34:46 <calamari_> here is a proof-of-concept code block:
20:34:49 <calamari_> +>.++++++++.[++++++[>++>+++++>++++++++>+++++++>+<<<<<-]>>-.>+++.----.<
20:34:49 <calamari_> ----.+++++++++++++++.-------.<++++.>>+++.>+++.<-.++++.>++++.<---.>----
20:34:49 <calamari_> .-.>-.---.>>]<[ program goes here ]
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