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14:20:13 <Keymaker> rghh
14:21:37 <mtve> rghh to you too.
14:25:14 <Keymaker> :)
14:27:28 <Keymaker> i'm boring
14:27:33 <Keymaker> *bored
14:27:40 <Keymaker> well, boring's good too
14:29:07 <Keymaker> kipple: are you the maker of the kipple language?
14:31:37 <mtve> wow. and no quine yet.
14:31:59 <Keymaker> :)
14:32:19 <Keymaker> should i try.. hehe :)
14:55:03 <Keymaker> we need kipple interpreter, preferably written in c
14:55:40 <Keymaker> (the applet crashes firefox when entering endless loop)
15:27:25 <Keymaker> hmm. i go now.
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15:40:04 <lindi-> why does it need to be written in C btw? GCC seems to be able to compile the java version, here's static binary: http://iki.fi/lindi/Kipple.gz
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16:35:27 <Keymaker> lindi-: it doesn't need to be written in c.. :) that was just because i had no idea gcc can do that!
16:36:02 <Keymaker> i said c just because i don't like java and have no idea how to compile it
16:36:24 <Keymaker> by the way, as i'm not good with compilers, what command gcc needs to compile that?
16:36:39 <Keymaker> can you give the whole command?
16:36:49 <fizzie> 'gcj' is gcc's java compiler.
16:37:23 <Keymaker> ok
16:41:08 <lindi-> Keymaker: gcj --main=Kipple Kipple.jar -o Kipple -static
16:41:14 <Keymaker> cheers!
16:42:38 <fizzie> Meh, away to do some sailing somewhere in the caribbean; back 2005-03-02 wed. ->
16:42:48 <lindi-> oh
16:44:58 <Keymaker> wow
16:52:00 <Keymaker> hmm. but must go, once again. i try to do something that i probably can't do since i'm a loser.. bye.
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20:35:51 <kipple> Thanks, lindi for helping Keymaker out. I don't think I'll ever port Kipple to C
20:36:11 <lindi-> :P
20:37:08 <lindi-> kipple: better develop it with GCC too or you'll suddenly notice that it doesn't work with GCC anymore
20:37:18 <kipple> what do you mean?
20:37:39 <lindi-> kipple: especially swing support is still only partial
20:37:46 <kipple> ah.
20:37:58 <kipple> well, GUIs are not relevant anyway
20:38:04 <lindi-> kipple: so, if you want to use java for portability you really should test different systems
20:38:35 <lindi-> kipple: good, then you should be able to use GCC for all your java needs :)
20:39:04 <kipple> ok. But I don't do much work on kipple, and when I do I'll focus on the fun stuff (that is NOT testing for different compilers)
20:39:36 <lindi-> kipple: well, if you don't do it then the users have to do it :(
20:40:04 <kipple> users? I'm not sure they even exist ;)
20:40:16 <lindi-> heh
20:41:21 <lindi-> kipple: keymaker probably wanted a C version exactly because many java programs run only with SUN's tools
20:43:04 <kipple> well, you demonstrated that it at least works with gcc as well :)
20:43:39 <kipple> Anyway, I'm just happy there are people who knows about it at all.......
20:43:39 <lindi-> at the moment yes
20:44:18 <kipple> I'll try to remember to test it with gcc next time I do something with it (if ever)
20:44:59 <lindi-> thanks
20:47:58 <lindi-> kipple: the applet seems to run with gcjwebplugin too
20:50:31 <lindi-> kipple: one minor bug though, if i resize the window the "sample programs" list will be placed behind the text: http://iki.fi/lindi/kipple-applet-bug.png
20:56:47 <kipple> hmm. That does not happen to me in a web browser.
20:57:40 <kipple> what is the gcjwebplugin? is it like Sun's appletviewer?
20:58:48 <kipple> also, the final character of the program (o) seems to be missing in your screen shot. Is it a bug, or did you delete it?
21:12:17 <lindi-> kipple: yep
21:12:48 <lindi-> kipple: and yes, i probably deleted it by accident
21:13:06 <lindi-> kipple: in a web browser you can't resize the window obviously ;)
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22:26:47 <Keymaker> arghhh
22:31:44 <lindi-> ?
22:32:23 <Keymaker> i'm about to send a message
22:32:57 <Keymaker> to a female i only know by name
22:33:26 <Keymaker> something tells me it's insane, and something else "send it already"
22:34:21 <Keymaker> either the way, i guess i'll send it
22:34:22 <lindi-> heh
22:34:27 <Keymaker> :)
22:38:50 <Keymaker> of f.. now i did it.. embarrassing situations, here i come..
22:39:26 <Keymaker> aargh, too late to regret
22:39:31 <Keymaker> i'm idiot!!
22:46:39 <Keymaker> hmmm, maybe a small brainfuck program would ease the situation..
22:48:58 <Keymaker> nope, it doesn't.. perhaps i've seen too many hollly
22:49:03 <Keymaker> darn return
22:49:12 <Keymaker> hollywood movies with happy ending..
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23:12:38 <Keymaker> hi
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23:48:45 <Keymaker> hmm.
23:48:59 <Keymaker> i think i'll go to read some book
23:49:03 <Keymaker> nite
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