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09:47:13 -!- Keymaker has set topic: Logical Brainfuck Competition; http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1249789&forum_id=201037.
09:47:32 <Keymaker> i changed the topic to point to the topic with the confirmed rules
09:47:52 <Keymaker> must go :\
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15:25:06 <Keymaker> hi
15:25:31 <Keymaker> kipple: is comment '#' in kipple interpreter feature or language feature?
15:28:18 <kipple> umm. I guess it's a language feature... is that important?
15:28:27 <Keymaker> well yes :)
15:28:48 <Keymaker> you should say it clearer somewhere, that people are allowed to add comments to their codes ;)
15:29:38 <kipple> good point. It isn't in the spec at all.... :(
15:30:08 <kipple> guess I forgot
15:30:16 <Keymaker> ok
15:31:21 <kipple> no I didn't :)
15:31:37 <kipple> " the proper way to add comments is by using the # character. Anything between a # and an End-of-line character is removed before execution"
15:31:51 <Keymaker> yes
15:31:59 <kipple> could have been clearer I guess
15:32:04 <Keymaker> yes
15:32:08 <Keymaker> i was just about to say that
15:32:20 <Keymaker> that i wasn't sure if it meant it was interpreter-feature or language
15:32:41 <kipple> yes, I can see that
15:33:33 <kipple> I'll fix it some time....
15:33:39 <Keymaker> ok
15:34:01 <kipple> nice that someone actually cares :)
15:34:07 <Keymaker> :)
15:34:56 <Keymaker> i try to get ready for it when graue releases the interpreter :)
15:35:40 <kipple> maybe it's time to sit down and finish the next version of kipple........
15:35:49 <Keymaker> hm?
15:35:52 <Keymaker> next version?
15:36:21 <Keymaker> it's turing complete and minimal already!
15:36:27 <kipple> I have a half-finished update which adds support for loading code modules
15:37:09 <kipple> but of course, that makes it less minimal
15:37:13 <kipple> :(
15:37:18 <Keymaker> noooooooo!
15:37:29 <Keymaker> what does that do?
15:37:34 <Keymaker> that loading code modules
15:37:51 <kipple> you can define custom stacks
15:37:55 <Keymaker> noo!
15:38:00 <Keymaker> i don't suggest adding
15:38:01 <Keymaker> it
15:38:11 <kipple> like this: r:"customstack"
15:38:13 <Keymaker> or at least make it kipple2 then
15:38:17 <Keymaker> yeah
15:38:17 <kipple> yeah
15:38:28 <Keymaker> but not add it to original kipple, please!!
15:38:53 <Keymaker> for once there is minimal and strange language (kipple) with not too many instructions.. don't stuff it
15:38:58 <Keymaker> :)
15:38:59 <kipple> on the positive side, it will remove the need for the @ stack (which is an abomination) as a language feature
15:39:39 <Keymaker> how that works, by the way..
15:39:50 <Keymaker> will the output be read from @ stack before o stack?
15:39:57 <Keymaker> that isn't very clear..
15:40:08 <Keymaker> aarg
15:40:10 <Keymaker> nevermind
15:40:15 <Keymaker> i didn't read it properly
15:40:36 <kipple> it's handy, but doesn't really fit in
15:40:46 <Keymaker> yeah
15:41:28 <kipple> so the next version will add one operator and remove the special stack @
15:41:30 <kipple> not too bad
15:41:37 <Keymaker> ok
15:41:43 <kipple> but I'll probably call it bloated kipple or something :)
15:41:49 <Keymaker> and the one operator is that custom stack?
15:41:57 <kipple> the : operator
15:42:06 <Keymaker> ok
15:42:25 <Keymaker> it's kinda like naming variables, then..
15:42:37 <kipple> which lets you load custom stacks from a dll/so, a java class or a kipple file
15:42:54 <Keymaker> :)
15:43:08 <kipple> and then you can do ANYTHING with kipple :)
15:43:14 <Keymaker> :)
15:44:53 <Keymaker> by the way, question about the + operator; so, if there are values [8 4 3] in stack b, will the code b+2 cause it to have values [8 4 5] or [8 4 3 5]?
15:45:50 <kipple> the last one
15:45:57 <Keymaker> ok
15:47:04 <Keymaker> and this would be a way to clear that stack: 0>b? , right?
15:47:09 <kipple> this might make things clearer (the operator handling code):
15:47:17 <kipple> switch(operator) {
15:47:17 <kipple> case '<': operand1.push(operand2.pop());
15:47:17 <kipple> break;
15:47:17 <kipple> case '>': operand2.push(operand1.pop());
15:47:17 <kipple> break;
15:47:17 <kipple> case '-': operand1.push(operand1.peek() - operand2.pop());
15:47:19 <kipple> break;
15:47:21 <kipple> case '+': operand1.push(operand1.peek() + operand2.pop());
15:47:23 <kipple> break;
15:47:25 <kipple> case '?': if (operand1.peek()==0) operand1.clear();
15:47:27 <kipple> break;
15:47:29 <kipple> case '(': jump = operand2.empty();
15:47:31 <kipple> break;
15:47:33 <kipple> case ')': jump = !loopOperator.operand2.empty();
15:47:35 <kipple> break;
15:47:37 <kipple> }
15:47:41 <kipple> yes, that is correct
15:47:46 <Keymaker> ok
15:48:49 <Keymaker> so the only way to basically delete one value from stack is to move it to some other stack (and clear that stack where moved if one likes to)
15:48:59 <Keymaker> smart!
15:49:06 <kipple> yes.
15:49:54 <kipple> I usually use one of the stacks for this purpose only
15:50:00 <Keymaker> yeah
15:50:14 <Keymaker> how big are the stacks?
15:50:30 <kipple> not sure
15:50:33 <Keymaker> ok
15:50:36 <kipple> they are standard java stacks
15:50:40 <Keymaker> ok
15:50:41 <kipple> which means BIG
15:50:44 <Keymaker> ok
15:50:46 <Keymaker> :)
15:51:41 <Keymaker> and in empty stack this code a+a would cause the stack have value [ 0 ] ?
15:52:50 <kipple> yes
15:52:50 <Keymaker> and a+b have the same [ 0 ] in a stack and nothing in b
15:53:28 <kipple> if both are empty at first you mean? if so, yes
15:53:36 <Keymaker> yes
15:53:42 <Keymaker> ok cheers
15:53:47 <Keymaker> there were questions i had in mind
15:54:04 <Keymaker> i'll annoy you later if i think of some others :)
15:54:22 <kipple> please do :)
15:55:18 <Keymaker> by the way, could the web applet perhaps have some counter for every loop, that if something loop is executed, let's say more than 2000000 times it would quit and assume the program got stuck in infinite loop?
15:55:37 <Keymaker> that could be one way to solve the problem,
15:55:47 <Keymaker> and probably wouldn't slow too much
15:55:49 <kipple> the best way to handle it is to run it in a separate thread.
15:56:00 <kipple> I'll do that next time I update it
15:56:06 <Keymaker> ok :)
15:56:10 <Keymaker> do that soon!
15:57:17 <kipple> kipple is something I work on when I get inspiration. and inspiration is closely related to feedback :)
15:57:33 <Keymaker> i see
15:57:40 <Keymaker> have you got much feedback?
15:57:45 <kipple> so something will probably happen soon :)
15:57:50 <Keymaker> ok :)
15:58:03 <kipple> not much until lately. I guess it helped join this irc-channel.....
15:58:16 <Keymaker> yeah
16:18:08 <Keymaker> ah, i just realized that way to dublicate a value in stack is to add zero to it
16:18:09 <Keymaker> o<65 o+0
16:24:46 <kipple> yes. adding zero is (unlike in most other languages) quite useful :)
16:24:53 <Keymaker> :)
17:01:50 <Keymaker> ahhh
17:01:56 <Keymaker> i made a quine in kipple
17:02:02 <Keymaker> i sent it for you kipple
17:02:09 <Keymaker> you can put it on your site if you want to
17:02:20 <Keymaker> (credit 'Keymaker' if you want to ;))
17:02:48 <Keymaker> i know it's ugly, and i could make a better but i'm too lazy to think so i just programmed
17:02:59 <Keymaker> i'll make some shorter later, but not today
17:03:18 <Keymaker> i sent it to that address you have on kipple page..
17:03:54 <kipple> nice :)
17:04:00 <Keymaker> cheers
17:04:18 <Keymaker> it was actually my first kipple program
17:04:31 <Keymaker> hehe
17:08:50 <Keymaker> did you try it?
17:09:14 <kipple> yeah. It's great. I'll just have to update the web site now :)
17:09:20 <Keymaker> :) ok
17:26:27 <Keymaker> when you update the page you could also strip hello world program by one instruction by using "108>o<108" instead. :) anyways, i must go now, good luck
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17:34:43 <graue> is the misspelling in the name of the language wierd, intentional?
17:35:05 <graue> i thought it was supposed to be a fusing of 'weird' and 'wired,' but someone at http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?TheWierdLanguage disagrees
17:38:15 <graue> oh, i'm right (according to http://web.archive.org/web/20030121083523/www.catseye.mb.ca/esoteric/wierd/doc/wierdspec.txt)
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19:34:23 <Keymaker> hi
19:40:38 <graue> hello
19:40:43 <Keymaker> hi
19:40:50 <graue> you said that already
19:40:56 <Keymaker> yes
19:41:02 <Keymaker> i'm sorry :p
19:41:10 <graue> it's awkward for me to respond to 'hi,' only for you to say it again
19:41:15 <graue> apology accepted, though
19:41:19 <Keymaker> :)
19:41:36 <Keymaker> how's going?
19:41:45 <graue> all right
19:41:50 <Keymaker> that's good
19:41:55 <graue> i haven't worked on the kipple interpreter since yesterday
19:42:01 <Keymaker> ok
19:42:16 <Keymaker> what language you're using, by the way?
19:42:21 <graue> C++
19:42:26 <Keymaker> ok
19:42:32 <graue> i've never done anything in C++ before
19:42:40 <Keymaker> ah
19:42:44 <graue> the main idea was to learn C++ by making an interpreter for some stack-based language
19:42:57 <Keymaker> this sounds like a good project then
19:43:02 <Keymaker> hope it's not too hard
19:43:07 <Keymaker> (would be for me!)
19:43:33 <Keymaker> have you programmed other than C++ before?
19:44:10 <DoutorJivago> eww C++
19:44:14 <graue> yeah, C
19:44:18 <Keymaker> ok
19:44:33 <graue> that's what i think of it too, DoutorJivago
19:44:56 <graue> but it's necessary to use a certain GUI library i want to use
19:45:00 <DoutorJivago> it's the evil language of doom
19:45:15 <graue> i thought that language was Malbolge
19:45:17 <Keymaker> mh. i thought that was malbolge's definition :)
19:45:19 <Keymaker> lol
19:45:22 <Keymaker> too slow fingers
19:46:29 <graue> i sort of got distracted and now i'm trying to figure out iag, a small undocumented language at http://sange.fi/~atehwa/small-esoteric/
19:47:13 <Keymaker> hmm
19:49:04 <graue> so far i have this: http://illegal.coffeestops.net:3703/iag.txt
19:49:18 <graue> from scanning the interpreter's source
19:50:20 <Keymaker> hmmm
19:51:04 <Keymaker> seems quite non-easy
19:51:10 <graue> yeah
20:02:57 <Keymaker> i'll go out from irc now. bye. good luck with the interpreter and iag
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20:25:16 <graue> input.i reads eight characters from stdin and stores them in the first 8 memory cells in reverse order
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