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00:01:11 <GregorR> graue: Did you use garbage for artistic effect in a.1l?
00:02:01 <jix> using tab as garbage... :]
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00:05:40 <graue> GregorR: yes
00:05:58 <graue> GregorR: the junk could all just be * or + or something, but it wouldn't look as nice in my opinion
00:11:24 <calamari_> argh.. Swing threads problem somewhere.. if the program completes it cant be edited
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00:17:49 <calamari_> I think I'll abort on this editable thing.. can't get it to work right
00:20:06 <jix> #define UP 31337
00:20:07 <jix> #define DOWN 666
00:20:07 <jix> #define LEFT 420
00:20:07 <jix> #define RIGHT 69
00:20:07 <jix> ?
00:21:02 <jix> lol
00:37:32 <calamari_> raven: just checked 1.22.. it's not scrolling correctly either
00:40:23 <graue> jix, the actual values don't matter, and those are all meaningful, so it seemed like a good idea
00:42:11 <{^Raven^}> calamari_: execution speed seems to be inversely proportional to the program size
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00:57:25 <jix> there is a channel without #
00:57:59 <GregorR> There's one other valid prefix.
00:58:04 <GregorR> @ or something ...
00:58:09 <GregorR> It's for channels that aren't shared across servers.
00:58:15 <GregorR> Or something like that.
00:58:24 <jix> but there is a channel without prefix
00:58:30 <GregorR> Oh.
00:58:46 <jix> it's a very special channel ;)
00:58:53 <GregorR> Qua?
00:58:58 <jix> Qua??
00:59:55 <pgimeno> server-local channels starts with &
01:00:00 * pgimeno joins &esoteric
01:00:24 <jix> the channel is called 0
01:00:38 <pgimeno> seems not to be enabled in freenode
01:00:48 <jix> but you'll never see someone who is in channel 0 in any other channels
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01:01:23 <jix> because /join 0 == leave all channels
01:01:36 <GregorR> So it's /not/ a channel.
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01:01:50 <jix> GregorR: well it works like a channel
01:01:54 <pgimeno> ?!
01:01:59 <jix> /join #bla,0 wroks too
01:02:07 <GregorR> One sec ...
01:02:24 <GregorR> Hmm, I just went in to 30
01:02:27 <GregorR> #0
01:02:33 <jix> without #
01:02:39 <GregorR> No, I didn't type the #.
01:02:42 <GregorR> ChatZilla did.
01:02:48 <jix> ah
01:02:50 <jix> well
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01:03:06 <jix> but some people run autojoin scripts
01:03:10 <jix> (a stupid thing)
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01:03:34 <GregorR> I refuse to believe you ;P
01:03:47 <graue> jix: can you invite people to 0?
01:03:55 <jix> they have some validation that checks for #... the trigger is for example !aj .... just type !aj #bla,0 in the channel ;)
01:04:02 <jix> no
01:04:05 <graue> oh, that would work, sure
01:05:45 <GregorR> ...........
01:05:46 <graue> back in, like, 1999, when I and everyone I knew used mIRC, I used to write things like "hey everyone, double-click on the red for a good time ---> #temp,0,#channelwithanoffensivename" and make the channel list red text on a red background
01:05:49 <GregorR> I still refuse to believe you :P
01:05:54 <graue> it actually worked until an update to the client made it not work
01:06:03 <graue> those were the days
01:06:49 <jix> hmm does it work with xchat...
01:07:24 <jix> jix: click here --> #esoteric,0,#esoteric
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01:07:29 <jix> it does
01:08:01 <graue> great
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01:08:47 <graue> so who's up for writing the first 1L quine?
01:08:52 <jix> x-chat aqua decided to crash
01:09:07 <jix> empty-file *g*
01:09:10 <jix> but that's cheating
01:09:29 <graue> that's not necessarily valid
01:09:51 <graue> the spec (well, the 2L spec; 1L_a doesn't change that part) says the program ends when it goes off the top or left of the program
01:10:02 <graue> if it goes off the bottom or right it invokes undefined behavior
01:10:12 <jix> oh
01:10:39 <graue> with my interpreter that might work though
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01:12:19 <GregorR2> GregorR2: #esoteric,0,#esoteric
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01:13:50 <GregorR2> I still refuse to believe you :P
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01:14:11 <jix> ok i lied....
01:14:15 <jix> it's not true
01:14:22 <jix> you join all channels if you join 0
01:14:31 <GregorR> AWESOME
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01:14:41 <GregorR> :P
01:15:01 <jix> well all channels except some..not so important channels
01:19:24 <graue> http://www.oceanbase.org/graue/junk/a.txt <-- here's what I used to plan out my 1L program
01:23:37 <graue> my 1L interpreter freezes for a little while then crashes, if given an empty file
01:27:28 <graue> gcc should have an -O4 meaning -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-loops, to save me some typing
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01:40:53 <calamari_> couldn't resist :)
01:41:03 <calamari_> got scrolling working
01:41:32 <graue> hey calamari_, how about a 1L debugger?
01:41:36 <calamari_> java's scrollbars are very weird, but I changed numbers until I got it right :)
01:42:05 <calamari_> isn't that a 2d language?
01:43:06 <graue> yes
01:43:13 <calamari_> I was thinking of a simple variant where it counted the number of nul's between * 's and used that %8, to get an instruction
01:43:35 <lament> what's 1L?
01:43:43 <calamari_> could translate bf to that very easily :)
01:43:51 <lament> wiki article describes two languages
01:44:02 <graue> lament: I'm referring to 1L_a, which is implemented
01:44:05 <graue> specified at http://www.esolangs.org/wiki/Talk:1L
01:44:13 <graue> implemented at http://www.oceanbase.org/graue/junk/1l_a.c
01:44:20 <graue> example that prints "A" at http://www.oceanbase.org/graue/junk/a.1l
01:45:50 <graue> calamari_: how would you do loops?
01:46:04 <lament> what the fuck is that.
01:46:20 * calamari_ thinks there needs to be -1l-a, the inverse :)
01:47:20 <calamari_> graue: well, in the most generic version, you'd just code [ and ] as well
01:47:35 <graue> calamari_: oh
01:47:52 <calamari_> graue: but I came up with a few more interesting loop ideas hehe
01:49:34 <calamari_> one thing that seemed doable was to investigate a 3x3 square of "pixels" and use that to determine the next move
01:49:56 <calamari_> then you could turn, branch, etc based on that
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01:58:50 <graue> but each instruction would just be one character?
01:59:56 <calamari_> raven: found the reason it's slow... I'm checking for '\n' and skipping it.. not sure why that's so slow, but invesitgating it
02:01:12 <calamari_> graue: in that scheme the only instructions would be @ and nop, depending on number of spaces, < > depending on turn direction, loops based on 3x3 block
02:01:40 <calamari_> i/o I was tinkering with.. had several schemes but didn't decide
02:02:07 <graue> I see
02:03:36 <calamari_> aha.. getting the text in a textArea is very slow
02:03:51 <calamari_> (because it has to build that huge string)
02:07:16 <calamari_> fixed
02:08:15 <jix> i'm feeling like "OMG i'M A SUPER 31337 H4x0r" ^^ ;)
02:08:27 <graue> really? why?
02:08:50 <jix> because i found a way to execute any command on a server of someone i know
02:09:27 <jix> he had a webpage with some cgi apps and i asked him if i may try to find security flaws...
02:09:30 <jix> and i found one
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02:47:27 <calamari> 1.60 is up
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11:06:44 <jix> moin
11:08:25 <{^Raven^}> mornin
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16:08:21 <Keymaker> grrh.. space invaders
16:08:26 <Keymaker> can't beat them
16:08:36 <Keymaker> perhaps i'll need to join them, then
16:41:43 <Keymaker> where is everyone?
16:41:49 <Keymaker> work?
16:43:25 <pgimeno> I'm working, yes
16:44:27 <jix> i'm working on my website
16:44:44 <jix> at the menu controller and view
16:44:50 <Keymaker> o-k
16:45:22 <jix> wow the whole website folder is 1.9 MB
16:46:33 <jix> oh my test designs are 1 MB.... subtract them
16:46:41 <Keymaker> mh
16:46:51 <jix> ahh the development log is 500kb
16:47:02 <jix> images are 100kb
16:49:51 <jix> rails is a very nice web framework.. it's so easy
17:57:23 <Keymaker> bbl
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19:11:36 <jix> the reason i love mac os x: http://img312.imageshack.us/img312/2729/bild35nk.png
19:12:56 <GregorR> Somehow, I find that to be counterproductive at best.
19:15:34 <jix> hrhr
19:16:12 <jix> it is...
19:16:45 <jix> but hey 71fps visualizer with a semi-transparent window on top of it
19:17:21 <GregorR> "cool" != useful
19:17:34 <jix> i didn't said it's useful
19:18:00 <jix> but witha non-transparent background it's the most usefull text-editor i know
19:18:07 <GregorR> Heheh
19:19:19 <jix> it has cool macro,indention,syntax-coloring... features that are easy to configure (it's easy to make a new syntax colorer for another lang)
19:19:26 <jix> oh it has folding
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19:37:17 <Keymaker> 'ello
19:37:27 <Keymaker> i got an idea for a new page to esowiki;
19:37:32 <jix> moin Keymaker
19:37:35 <Keymaker> i think i could make a page about all the brainfuck contests
19:37:36 <Keymaker> hi
19:37:44 <Keymaker> and their winning results
19:37:48 <jix> http://img312.imageshack.us/img312/2729/bild35nk.png (no i'm not working with that setup but it looks cool)
19:42:28 <jix> i'm still working on my website
19:44:17 <Keymaker> ok
19:44:38 <Keymaker> rggh.. guess what's annoying.. this : "... is left as a challenge to the reader."
19:45:49 <jix> i thought of a language where everything "... is [trivial and] left as a challenge to the reader."
19:46:55 <Keymaker> :)
20:15:52 <GregorR> 1) The construction of a nuclear quantum influx generator is trivial and left as a challenge to the reader.
20:18:11 <Keymaker> ah, now i see how to do it
20:40:14 <Keymaker> nooo.. my rubber band broke into line form
20:40:21 <Keymaker> :(
21:14:27 <Keymaker> rgh.
21:14:38 <Keymaker> i'm tired
21:14:45 <Keymaker> and it isn't even midnight
21:15:00 <Keymaker> and i thought i was going to stay till four am today
21:15:25 <Keymaker> x|
21:15:45 <Keymaker> *stay awake
21:15:57 * Keymaker falls asleep
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21:42:05 <calamari> hello
21:52:31 <{^Raven^}> hi calamari
21:53:01 <calamari> hello raven
21:53:20 <calamari> just sat down to think about my game a little bit :)
21:53:53 <{^Raven^}> same here, got my adventure game folders out looking for inspiration
21:53:53 <calamari> currently at 431 bytes
21:54:17 <calamari> figuring out what I'll need for item structure
21:54:18 <{^Raven^}> 1232 bytes here + 2246 bytes data
21:54:53 <{^Raven^}> i have a few strings, a couple of numbers and some flags
21:55:18 <calamari> I have the verbs oing, need nouns :)
21:55:26 <calamari> going
21:55:53 <{^Raven^}> i wrote a scripting language that compiles human readable room descriptions to the right data format
21:55:59 <calamari> probably will do the inventory system next, so that's why I'm figuring out items
21:56:05 <calamari> cool
21:56:13 <calamari> will probably do something similar
21:56:28 <calamari> it's most like a database
21:56:35 <{^Raven^}> beats editing long hex strings by hand, just refer to rooms by name now
21:56:58 <calamari> hehe.. I have something special for that, but you've probably already done similar
21:58:20 <{^Raven^}> probably ;)
21:58:53 <{^Raven^}> i've thrown out the old game plan and am working on a more interesting game
21:59:05 <calamari> I hash the verbs and nouns to 16 bit numbers... makes everything fixed width and easy to work with
21:59:35 <calamari> then inside the item I have pointers to the actual data such as name, description, etc
22:00:07 <{^Raven^}> nice, it's a bit simpler in basic, i just read everything into arrays
22:00:18 <calamari> yeah.. that would be :)
22:00:50 <calamari> it wasn't as hard to find a decent english hash as I thought it'd be
22:01:36 <{^Raven^}> That's the method I'm thinking about using for a future BFBASIC text adventure
22:01:45 <{^Raven^}> to get a full word parser
22:01:53 <calamari> yeah, I'm doing full words
22:02:10 <calamari> but also accepting just the first letter for verbs, since it seems to be a standard
22:24:11 <jix> i have regexps in ruby ;p
22:29:57 <{^Raven^}> No regexps in BBC BASIC so am using other methods ;)
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