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00:06:47 <GregorR> Hmm, can you use ruby as a library from C?
00:07:07 <jix> yes
00:07:23 <jix> the ruby c api for embedding extensions and everything is nice
00:07:25 <GregorR> I wonder if making a ruby scripting interface would be possible / a good idea ...
00:07:33 <jix> but the documentation is bad/japanese
00:07:36 <jix> (of the c api)
00:07:40 <GregorR> What about C++?
00:07:48 <GregorR> What with the Object Oriented-tude :P
00:08:06 <jix> c++ objects aren't ruby objects
00:08:20 <jix> there is SWIG for using c++ from ruby
00:08:28 <jix> it's kind of a wrapper lib
00:09:10 <GregorR> Other way round, using ruby from C++ :P
00:09:23 <jix> don't know
00:09:29 <GregorR> Humm.
00:09:56 <jix> i'd suggest writing the whole thing in ruby
00:10:14 <GregorR> To be frank, I don't like ruby very much.
00:10:21 <jix> hrhr
00:10:36 <jix> then don't try to use it as scripting engine
00:11:00 <jix> there are languages that are better for embedding into applications
00:11:38 <jix> lua is good for embedding in c afaik don't know about c++
00:12:06 <GregorR> Well, I thought ruby might be nice because of the object-orientation aspect (what could be more object oriented than a mud?)
00:13:39 <jix> but if you have 2 total different kind of objects (implementation of them is different) than it makes no sense...
00:14:11 <GregorR> Right :)
00:14:37 <jix> maybe you search something like: taoscript.sourceforge.net
00:14:46 <jix> it's somewhat c++ compatible
00:14:50 <jix> don't know more about it
00:15:42 <jix> wait that's the old url
00:15:50 <jix> renamed the language
00:15:51 <jix> http://daoscript.sourceforge.net/english/
00:16:25 <jix> but the new site has broken links
00:16:27 <jix> hm..
00:18:07 <jix> seems to be a nice language
00:18:58 <GregorR> Yeah.
00:19:19 <GregorR> I'm sort of afraid of embedding any language though, because that could add possible security issues >_>
00:19:27 <GregorR> (Whereas all code that I write is always perfect)
00:19:37 <jix> write your own perfect langauge
00:20:06 <GregorR> :P
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00:20:22 <GregorR> Right now scripts are an extension of the basic MUD syntax, so they come out sort of like shell scripts.
00:21:06 <GregorR> if [ $a = 1 ] \n say hi \n endif
00:21:39 <jix> ask wouter to write a language for you
00:21:47 <GregorR> lol
00:21:49 <jix> he did the scripting language for FarCry
00:22:08 <GregorR> I'm sure he would be glad to write one off hand for some random person he doesn't know :P
00:22:18 <jix> he is genius
00:22:41 <jix> GregorR: why not
00:22:59 <jix> if some random person on irc asks for a program i often start writing it
00:23:21 <GregorR> jix: Write an MMORPG engine and assign the copyright to me ... please 8-D
00:23:23 <GregorR> :P
00:23:43 <jix> GregorR: you are not some random person
00:23:49 <GregorR> Damn :P
00:25:12 <int-e> GregorR, your code may be perfect, but do your trust your compiler?
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00:25:36 <GregorR> I wrote my compiler! And I built my processor, mother board, RAM, hard disk etc from sand.
00:25:57 <int-e> okay ...
00:26:07 <GregorR> Sand that I /invented/!
00:26:09 <jix> GregorR: do you trust the sand...
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00:26:24 <jix> GregorR: do you trust the process of inventing?
00:26:33 <int-e> I'd trust sand further than most people.
00:26:36 <GregorR> ... DAMN! Recursion!
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00:27:04 <jix> GregorR: pwnd (i wait for getting killed)
00:27:11 <jix> oh this isn't one of your muds...
00:27:15 <int-e> I don't expect much from sand and it doesn't do much.
00:27:25 <jix> int-e: sandstorms?
00:27:27 <jix> not-much?
00:27:31 <int-e> While with people, I don't expect much but sometimes they do an awful lot of stuff
00:27:55 <int-e> I'd blame the sandstorms on the air, and on the sun.
00:28:00 <int-e> can't blame the sand really.
00:28:04 <jix> int-e: teachers expect an awful lot of stuff BUT...
00:28:21 <jix> int-e: without the sand there would be just a storm.. not as harmful as a sandstorm
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03:27:33 <WildHalcyon> Gregor, when I finish whatever CRAWL ends up being, want to write a scripting engine for me?
03:27:45 <GregorR> XD
03:28:33 <WildHalcyon> I'll give you absurd and difficult implementation specs
03:29:16 <WildHalcyon> or maybe not. Im not sure yet
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04:00:23 <GregorR> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04:00:31 <GregorR> Oh, just an engine, not a language?
04:00:38 <GregorR> And also, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04:00:48 <GregorR> I just connected to my MUD engine via a MUD client for the first time :)
04:01:13 <WildHalcyon> well, it can be a language, but it has to be within the confines of my already created language, OR something my language can read
04:01:31 <GregorR> I would by far prefer to write an engine and not the language btw ;)
04:02:12 <WildHalcyon> of
04:02:15 <WildHalcyon> oh*
04:02:37 <WildHalcyon> well, in that case, the scripting engine. It's not going to be a MUD, its going to be an RL (roguelike - aka Nethack, ADoM, Angband, etc)
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04:18:41 <WildHalcyon> welcome... back?
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06:50:20 <GregorR> Netsplits are wonderful, no?
06:52:15 <calamari-> I didn't see a split
06:52:20 <calamari-> weird.. :)
06:54:25 <WildHalcyon> what is netsplits?
06:54:41 <WildHalcyon> err.. what ARE netsplits? My brain is under-functional today
07:12:46 <calamari-> that's where a server splits off from the rest of the network, for whatever reason
07:13:31 <calamari-> sometimes this means a group of servers too, depending on the way the network is
07:13:47 <WildHalcyon> Hmm.. that sounds weird
07:14:00 <calamari-> what used to be fun on efnet is when the channel became desynched
07:14:04 <WildHalcyon> Im glad my arm doesnt randomly decide to become its own entity
07:14:50 <calamari-> when it's desynched, various servers see various parts of the conversation.
07:15:02 <calamari-> haven't seen that in a long time though
07:15:18 <WildHalcyon> so the whole conversation isnt seen by everyone? That could get interesting
07:17:37 <calamari-> yeah.. its not a straight split, because server 1 could be ppl a,b,d, 2: b, c, e, 3: a, c.. depending on which server you are on.. this would usually happen before a rejoin . I guess the servers would try to combine the conversations again and it took a while, or it'd get confused
07:24:45 <calamari-> maybe if people left and came back during the split.. dunno :)
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15:36:47 <jix> moin
16:12:08 <int-e> Hi jix
16:42:29 * GregorR 's arm splits from his body and starts attacking the villagers.
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18:52:05 <GregorR> > set a to b
18:52:07 <GregorR> > set b to blah
18:52:09 <GregorR> > set c to [ $($a) ]
18:52:10 <GregorR> > set c
18:52:12 <GregorR> blah
18:52:24 <GregorR> Double-indirection ahoy!
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20:47:40 <jix> moin
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21:13:05 <Gs30ng> i hate ActiveX
21:13:19 * jix too
21:13:46 <jix> i can't use it
21:14:00 <jix> the only good thing about it
21:14:17 <Gs30ng> this internet lecture site also uses ActiveX control, even though it is run by Korea Government
21:15:29 <Gs30ng> i hate this. the government should consider FireFox users, or nonWindows OS users
21:16:40 <Gs30ng> maybe i can sue the government but i have no time for that. entrance exam is 95 days left
21:18:26 <Gs30ng> jix, what is the only thing good about it?
21:19:51 <Gs30ng> i can't find any good thing from it
21:20:16 <jix> Gs30ng:
21:20:16 <jix> 22:14:50<jix>i can't use it
21:20:16 <jix> 22:15:04<jix>the only good thing about it
21:21:12 <Gs30ng> ...oops
21:21:22 <Gs30ng> well, is it good?
21:21:56 <jix> yes
21:22:04 <jix> because all browser that can use it are insecure
21:22:35 <Gs30ng> oh, that is good.
21:23:46 <Gs30ng> can i ask you what kind of OS or browser you use?
21:24:06 <jix> mac os x/safari
21:26:30 <Gs30ng> mac is sweet, but well, i expected more... uhm... esoteric machine (although mac is esoteric enough at here)
21:28:31 <jix> yes i'd like to build my own cpu with my own os
21:28:43 <jix> and use it for basic tasks like.. programming.. chatting etc...
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