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00:06:12 <Aardwolf> Is it possible the wiki is down?
00:07:09 <jix> yes
00:07:17 <Aardwolf> how comes?
00:07:22 <jix> no idea
00:11:25 <Aardwolf> too bad, oh well here's mycelium: http://www.student.kuleuven.ac.be/~m0216922/mycelium/
00:13:02 <grim_> nice sources
00:13:52 <Aardwolf> the spec is at the bottom of main.cpp
00:14:16 <grim_> I like decimal.png in particular, but I can't read what it says on my monitor
00:14:23 <grim_> dec to ???
00:14:26 <Aardwolf> dec to int
00:14:36 <grim_> aha
00:14:37 <Aardwolf> it lets you type anything with getchar, and it'll convert it to an integer
00:14:55 <Aardwolf> subtracting ascii value 48, ignoring non-number chars, doing the multiplications with 10 and so on
00:15:02 <grim_> sure
00:15:43 <Aardwolf> it's a subroutine that can be used in other mycelium programs
00:15:56 <Aardwolf> because you can go to it with gosub, and the goto's and gosubs in the subroutine itself are all relative
00:22:50 * {^Raven^} get's a sniper rifle ready for the next person who advocates spaghetti coding
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00:26:53 <jix> in asm you have to use gotos/jumps/brnaches
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00:29:27 <calamari> bbl phone call
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00:31:30 <jix> i'm using 18 gotos in 99bob
00:34:48 <Aardwolf> gotos are great
00:35:22 <Aardwolf> though not as great as gosub return
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00:37:23 * wildhalcyon advocates spaghetti coding
00:37:46 * wildhalcyon advocates non-deterministic spaghetti coding
00:37:56 * Aardwolf misses the wiki
00:49:12 <jix> me too
00:50:21 <jix> gn8
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01:07:48 * {^Raven^} hasn't needed a goto or gosub for over a decade
01:10:06 <Aardwolf> programming in mycelium is hard without using them
01:12:34 <Aardwolf> and the alternative (2D loops) is real spaghetti :D
01:15:54 <Aardwolf> gn8
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01:58:05 <calamari> wiki seems to be back
01:58:54 <calamari> I've gotten closer to being able to mirror the wiki.. had to strip some stuff out of the sql dump, but it imported.. didn't work to change my wiki tho.
01:59:13 <calamari> seems to be a very tricky thing to mirror a dump
04:18:58 <wildhalcyon> Anyone know where the java BF interpreter is?
04:38:10 <wildhalcyon> nm, found it
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05:01:21 <calamari> re's
05:01:30 <calamari> wildhalcyon: still looking for a java bf interp?
05:15:24 <wildhalcyon> nope, found the lil' bugger
05:15:30 <wildhalcyon> hard to find, and Im not sure that Im crazy about it
05:15:48 <wildhalcyon> Im tired, so my brain isn't working properly
05:16:07 <wildhalcyon> I want to write an exponentiation function that works appropriately (meaning that 0 still outputs 1)
05:16:25 <lament> in brainfuck?
05:16:28 <wildhalcyon> yeah
05:17:16 <wildhalcyon> I suppose I could do it with BFBasic, but that's no fun
05:17:29 <lament> seems fairly easy to do
05:17:36 <lament> start with 1 and keep multiplying
05:17:41 <wildhalcyon> It should be, but again... tired, brain not working right
05:26:15 <wildhalcyon> going to bed now
05:26:16 <wildhalcyon> g'night
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06:17:50 <calamari> !!!
06:17:59 <calamari> got the wiki dump imported and working
06:23:18 <GregorR> Ye haw?
06:26:17 <calamari> http://lilly.csoft.net/~jeffryj/mediawiki/
06:26:47 <calamari> I'm setting up http://esowiki.kidsquid.com/
06:39:16 <calamari> actually esolang.kidsquid.com is better
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08:02:01 <calamari> well, it should be ready.. we'll see if it stays up to date :)
08:02:28 <calamari> I diabled editing and changed the logo so it shouldn't be confused for the main site
08:43:27 <calamari> blah, mistyped the forwarding url, so it'll take a little longer for http://esolang.kidsquid.com/ to work
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09:48:12 <jix> moin
09:52:38 <jix> the license on the esolang wiki mirror is wrong
10:31:02 <jix> muahahaha a subskin quine
10:32:27 <Aardwolf> no kidding, well, if there's only 1 command, the output of such quine would look pretty simple, am i rite?
10:35:10 <Aardwolf> Is it allowed to make a joke language that I put on the wiki, without any external resources?
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11:02:38 <Aardwolf> How do you like this joke language: http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/wiki/Unary
11:04:17 <jix> hehe
11:05:46 <jix> i submitted my 99bob to 99-bottles-of-beer.net
11:06:16 <Aardwolf> cool :)
11:06:37 <jix> not reviewed yet
11:07:04 <jix> i couldn't decide if i choose the category Esoteric Language or Assembler language
11:14:47 <Aardwolf> is there hardware that runs your language?
12:00:31 <{^Raven^}> (a minor update of the win version of my game is on the comp page)
12:01:09 <Aardwolf> what's updated? something to make it run better in wine?
12:01:12 <{^Raven^}> (if anyone fancies sending in a review and voting that would be cool)
12:01:14 <Aardwolf> or the gameplay?
12:01:33 <Aardwolf> {^Raven^}: I'm sorry I'd like to but I'm leaving on a vacation tomorrow so I won't have the time
12:01:37 <{^Raven^}> no, just disables escape key and closes window on normal game termination
12:01:52 <{^Raven^}> Aardwolf: have a nice holiday
12:01:55 <Aardwolf> thanks
12:02:00 <Aardwolf> (going to Spain)
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12:11:24 <Keymaker> 'ello
12:11:44 <Keymaker> jix: can't wait to see subskin entry at 99bob.net
12:11:51 <Keymaker> seems they've made some differences there as well
12:11:59 <Keymaker> trigger is categorized in 'real language' x)
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12:16:44 <Keymaker> hi
12:23:38 <tokigun> hello
12:23:41 <kipple> hello
12:24:14 <Keymaker> kipple: i'm sorry i've been very busy, so haven't had time to plan the language
12:24:14 <tokigun> Keymaker: do you know hunt the wumpus in brainfuck?
12:24:18 <Keymaker> nope
12:24:25 <Keymaker> i don't know the game
12:24:26 <tokigun> s/know/see/
12:24:27 <kipple> keymaker: me too
12:24:28 <tokigun> hmm
12:24:42 <Keymaker> kipple: but when having more spare time, let's continue :)
12:24:50 <kipple> can't right now.
12:25:00 <kipple> bbl
12:25:03 <tokigun> :)
12:25:04 <Keymaker> yes. but i mean later
12:25:11 <Keymaker> like about a month later etc
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12:57:16 <Keymaker> i did a small update on my website
12:57:27 <Keymaker> added gammaplex and esowiki category
12:57:38 <Keymaker> did some small updated and removed firefox button
12:57:43 <Keymaker> i don't like that browser anymore
12:57:49 <Keymaker> i use only opera for now on
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13:25:25 <Keymaker> hmm bye.
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17:48:30 <Keymaker> ah
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17:48:42 <Keymaker> hmm..
17:49:15 <grim_> poor speccing
17:49:35 <Keymaker> yes, a bit
17:49:38 <grim_> should it be (IP+1) + 1
17:50:25 <Keymaker> i'm confused about this.. i thought program and memory use the same array
17:51:06 <grim_> apparently so
17:51:27 <Keymaker> but sometimes the spec tells about ip and sometimes about pp
17:51:33 <Keymaker> i mean ip and mp
17:51:41 <Keymaker> instruction pointer and memory pointer
17:51:44 <grim_> yup
17:51:58 <Keymaker> well, whatever.. :) FWD and BAK are useless
17:58:40 <grim_> you will not like Mneme then
17:59:24 <Keymaker> well, depends
17:59:46 <Keymaker> i don't mind that kind of jumps but since one don't need to use them in this language i won't
18:04:37 <Keymaker> is there any way one could make the python program write the output to some file?
18:04:43 <Keymaker> (i mean without changing the program source)
18:07:17 <Keymaker> well, must go..
18:07:31 <Keymaker> btw, i invented nice l33t tweak; run this program:
18:07:32 <Keymaker> 0u7pU7s 5tR1nG "j00 4r3 teh 5ux0r".
18:07:46 <Keymaker> hehe
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18:07:49 <grim_> heh
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19:24:19 <GregorR> clog has left freenode (Success) = Haha, I'm free from your tyrrany!
20:25:23 <jix> i'm done with my quine.. have to do some optimizations now
20:50:54 <jix> ok i'm really done now (it works)
20:51:19 <jix> 531bytes
20:51:24 <jix> 180lines
20:52:47 <pgimeno> I read "1801 lines" and wondered how was it possible that there are less bytes than lines
20:54:09 <jix> 179 lines
20:54:28 <jix> 530 chars
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21:14:00 <jix> http://www.harderweb.de/jix/quine2.subskin (tmp url)
21:14:16 <jix> all \n's are significant (the last too)
21:16:07 <jix> tomorrow i'm going to shorten it
21:16:14 <jix> but i have to sleep now
21:16:16 <jix> gn8
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