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02:56:30 <twobitsprite> what is a good embedable BF interpreter? :)
03:10:09 <cpressey> twobitsprite: the one you write yourself
03:14:24 <GregorR> Embeddable?
03:14:39 <GregorR> How so?
03:22:15 <wildhalcyon> Im not familiar with any standards in place for BF microprocessors
03:22:37 <wildhalcyon> I have heard of a BF cgi script.. but that could have been all in my head.
03:24:43 <twobitsprite> cpressey: hehe, funny you should say that, as I am in the process of doing so :)
03:52:33 <{^Raven^}> wildhalcyon: there are a few CGI scripts written in BF on my website
03:55:05 <wildhalcyon> see! It wasn't all in my head!
03:55:16 <wildhalcyon> Good old head, I knew you didn't fail me
04:27:23 <{^Raven^}> i'll get around to finishing the how-to artickes one day
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04:45:12 <calamari> hi
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05:23:58 <calamari> hi
05:26:39 <GregorR> Hullo
05:27:19 <calamari> how's it going?
06:15:50 <calamari> brb
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13:56:00 <jix> it's online! http://99-bottles-of-beer.net/language-subskin-868.html
13:56:32 <kipple> :)
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20:31:09 <P_Lenz> Hi
20:37:26 <P_Lenz> Guess no one's home
20:37:39 * P_Lenz settles in for a while
20:38:34 * puzzlet coughs
20:39:41 <P_Lenz> aloha
20:39:48 <puzzlet> hi
20:40:02 <puzzlet> it's past midnight in Korea
20:40:12 <P_Lenz> It's 3:30 in NYC
20:41:06 <P_Lenz> Just figured I'd say hi since I'm working on an Esolang right now
20:41:14 <P_Lenz> Hope to release soon
20:46:57 <jix> P_Lenz: cool, tell us more about it
20:47:04 <P_Lenz> Well
20:47:10 <P_Lenz> I have three goal
20:47:26 <P_Lenz> 1 That it use Counting principle mathmatics
20:47:45 <P_Lenz> 2 That there should be difference between code and data
20:48:07 <P_Lenz> 3 That there should be no possible way to cause an error
20:49:00 <P_Lenz> So rather then entering 3 you'd have to enter ... (where . is an arbitrary character)
20:49:01 <jix> 3. is easy.. just call it "undefined behavior" instead of error ;)
20:49:10 <P_Lenz> heh
20:49:56 <P_Lenz> No I mean, you can enter any random ASCII text string it would be valid code and will be executed
20:51:00 <P_Lenz> A simple program, this one will copy a piece of data
20:51:07 <P_Lenz> :"."
20:51:13 <jix> cat
20:51:22 <P_Lenz> which will result in "."."."
20:51:28 <jix> ah not cat
20:51:29 <P_Lenz> opps
20:51:33 <P_Lenz> ".""."
20:52:01 <P_Lenz> program "cat" will print the string "cat" to the screen
20:52:25 <jix> cat will print its input to the screen
20:52:39 <P_Lenz> yes
20:52:55 <P_Lenz> auto-quine I guess
20:53:16 <P_Lenz> : copys the next data that follows it
20:53:22 <P_Lenz> ~ erases the next data
20:55:46 <jix> cat is not a quine..
20:55:46 <jix> hmm if cat is a language then all cat programs are quines...
20:55:46 <P_Lenz> no
20:55:46 <jix> echo "Blaaa" > quine.cat;cat quine.cat
20:55:46 <P_Lenz> Once a program has no remaing character that are executable
20:55:46 <P_Lenz> that line is released as output
20:58:23 <P_Lenz> It's hard to explain as it as a langauge is fundimentaly different from everything else outther
20:58:23 <P_Lenz> (that I know of atleast)
20:58:23 <P_Lenz> Ok
20:58:23 <jix> hmm maybe it's a bit like thue but i don't know enough about your lang to compare it
20:59:18 <P_Lenz> Hmm
20:59:32 <P_Lenz> I really whould right a readme to expalin this
20:59:36 <P_Lenz> Ok let try this
20:59:47 <P_Lenz> Every command is one letter long
21:00:36 <P_Lenz> Commands all call data, which are defined as any individual character that is not a command or any set of characters between quites
21:00:41 <P_Lenz> er quotes
21:01:12 <P_Lenz> so kk is two datum while "kk" is only one
21:01:53 <P_Lenz> so if you run the program :kk the result is kkk
21:02:09 <P_Lenz> but if you run the program :"kk" the result is "kk""kk"
21:03:20 <P_Lenz> all commands rewrite the source program they are in
21:03:58 <P_Lenz> So in the program :kk the command : get the next datum k and replaces itself with a copy of that datum
21:04:33 <P_Lenz> if the program ~kk is run the result is just k
21:05:17 <P_Lenz> because the command ~ found the next datum and erased it then erased itself from the program
21:05:36 <P_Lenz> After every command execution starts again at the first character
21:06:02 <P_Lenz> so in the program ~:kk the result is kk
21:06:42 <P_Lenz> when it was executing ~looked to get the next character which was a command so it did not execute
21:07:21 <P_Lenz> : then executed (as it was the next char) and resulted in the program being rewritten as ~kkk
21:07:53 <P_Lenz> execution then return the the first character ~ which erased the datum
21:07:56 <P_Lenz> resulting in kk
21:08:22 <P_Lenz> where k is an arbitrary character
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22:15:33 <jix> The 1st esoteric prime number:
22:15:35 <jix> $>.sync=m=\"\000\";j=0;eval$<.read.tr(x='^[]+><,.-',\"\").gsub(/./){%w{while m[j]>0 end m[j]+=1 (j+=1)>=m.size&&m<<0 j-=1 m[j]=STDIN.getc||0 putc m[j]\nm[j]-=1}[x.index($&)-1]+\";\"}# [
22:16:01 <jix> (big-endian number (base 256 (ascii encoded))
22:17:11 <grim_> ouch... ruby?
22:17:14 <jix> yes
22:17:25 <grim_> not installed *shrug*
22:17:35 <jix> it's a ruby brainfuck interpreter wrapped in a prime number
22:17:51 <jix> i'm generating a Prime certificate atm
22:18:57 <jix> i made a paste error
22:19:09 <jix> $>.sync=m="";j=0;eval$<.read.tr(x='^[]+><,.-',"").gsub(/./){%w{while m[j]>0 end m[j]+=1 (j+=1)>=m.size&&m<<0 j-=1 m[j]=STDIN.getc||0 putc m[j]
22:19:10 <jix> m[j]-=1}[x.index($&)-1]+";"}# [
22:19:12 <jix> arg
22:20:12 <jix> hmm maybe i did some more mistakes
22:20:17 <jix> brb
22:20:28 <pgimeno> be sure before obtaining the certificate :)
22:34:36 <jix> why?
22:35:22 <jix> a prime certificate are some computable numbers that prove that some number is prime
22:35:37 <jix> there are programs that calculate them
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