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02:55:37 <Wildhalcyon> howdy
02:58:50 <Sgep> hi
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03:16:41 <Sgep> hiarrigant
03:17:51 <Arrogant> hisgep
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03:24:09 <Wildhalcyon> hello
03:24:53 <Arrogant> Hey Wildhalcyon
03:25:05 <Arrogant> I've failed in writing Brainfuck in Synesthesia
03:25:11 <Arrogant> I don't know how to implement the loops
03:25:13 <Wildhalcyon> How you doin' today Arrogant?
03:25:17 <Wildhalcyon> really?
03:25:25 <Wildhalcyon> post the link to the spec again
03:25:28 <Arrogant> K.
03:25:55 <Arrogant> http://paragon.pastebin.com/368728
03:26:12 <Wildhalcyon> Kipple posed me an interesting problem about writing a Glypho program that resembled natural english. I think for duplicate symbols (such as aaab and abbb) I'll use multiple spaces to cheat
03:26:46 <Wildhalcyon> What's wrong with using []?
03:27:50 <Arrogant> Because it has to read the instructions from a stream.
03:28:03 <Arrogant> I've got an idea on how to do it. It's complicated though.
03:28:32 <Wildhalcyon> Oh, you mean writing a bf interpreter in synesthesia?
03:29:22 <Arrogant> Right
03:30:01 <Wildhalcyon> That's much more complicated
03:30:02 <Wildhalcyon> http://www.esolangs.org/wiki/Awib
03:32:49 <Arrogant> Awib is insanity
03:33:49 <Wildhalcyon> Which should tell you that yours probably won't be beautiful either.
03:35:07 <Wildhalcyon> Do you know of any english words that begin with a double letter?
03:35:21 <kipple> ooze
03:35:28 <Wildhalcyon> oohh, good one kipple!
03:35:46 <kipple> eel
03:35:57 <kipple> oops
03:36:45 <Wildhalcyon> hmmmnow I need a word that looks like: abcbc
03:36:50 <kipple> awib is awesome by the way :)
03:37:01 <Wildhalcyon> awib does get mad props
03:37:28 <kipple> queue
03:37:34 <Wildhalcyon> ohh.. that might work
03:39:21 <kipple> you need a dictionary and a pattern search program
03:39:28 <Wildhalcyon> I really do
03:39:40 <Wildhalcyon> lol, unfortunately, I dont have linux here at home
03:40:27 <Wildhalcyon> so far, my program looks like: "oops I queued a good "
03:40:53 <Wildhalcyon> notice the large number of x3 spaces? That's unfortunate
03:41:40 <Wildhalcyon> If I encode ouroboros in Glypho, I could eliminate the abbb and aaab symbol combinations as NOPs and never use them (which is why I made aaaa a NOP)
03:42:41 <Arrogant> Reminds me of a rhyme scheme.
03:43:31 <Wildhalcyon> They are rhyme schemes, too.
03:43:42 <Wildhalcyon> You could easily encode glypho in rhyming quatrains
03:44:21 <Arrogant> Except
03:44:28 <Arrogant> It'd be extremely difficult
03:44:39 <Arrogant> To programatically identify English rhymes :D
03:45:08 <Wildhalcyon> Not too hard... I could probably write a script to do it with a fixed set of rhyming word endings
03:45:20 <Arrogant> queue and you rhyme
03:45:31 <Wildhalcyon> yes?
03:45:38 <Arrogant> however
03:45:41 <Arrogant> thou and you don't
03:45:54 <Arrogant> Endings don't do it.
03:46:12 <Wildhalcyon> Oh, I know. That's not what I meant
03:46:17 <Wildhalcyon> I meant ending words for stanzas
03:46:41 <Arrogant> Ah.
03:46:43 <Wildhalcyon> so it will randomly pick a rhyming set of words for each a, b, c
03:46:53 <Wildhalcyon> It's not REAL creative to do it automatically, but it could do it
03:47:31 <Arrogant> I see what you mean now. You meant generate it.
03:48:09 <Wildhalcyon> right. Each word predefined with the set of words that it rhymed to
03:48:51 <kipple> Arrogant: about Synesthesia... Can you have only one array within a scope?
03:48:54 <Wildhalcyon> so thou would be in the set {thou, how, cow, bow, frau...} and we'll put you in with {do, loo, rue, moo...}
03:49:41 <Arrogant> kipple: Yes.
03:51:15 <Wildhalcyon> kipple, I give up, this bites
03:51:18 <kipple> does subroutines have a permanent scope, or is it reinitialized on every call
03:53:11 <Arrogant> There are no static scopes
03:53:28 <Arrogant> Subroutines don't have a scope unless you create one
03:53:31 <kipple> ok
03:53:33 <Arrogant> In which case it is created on each call
03:53:47 <kipple> I've been thinking about what you said about the bf-interpreter
03:53:51 <Arrogant> Or you could create a scope and call the subroutine from within
03:55:05 <Wildhalcyon> I have "oops I queued a" still, "oops I queued a deed..." maybe
03:56:08 <Wildhalcyon> Im trying to encode the fibonacci generator: aabc abab abab abbb abbb abba aabc abab abaa abab aaba abab aabb abab abbb abcd
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03:56:46 <calamari> hi
03:57:04 <Wildhalcyon> hey calamari
03:57:25 <calamari> hi halcyon
03:57:27 <kipple> hi
03:57:34 <Arrogant> Wildhalcyon: They can be any word that matches the schemes?
03:57:38 <Arrogant> Err
03:57:40 <Arrogant> Any symbols
03:57:43 <Arrogant> Does it ignore whitespace?
03:57:59 <kipple> arrogant: the solution to the looping problem is to first store the entire source code, so you don't have to read it from a stream
03:58:13 <Arrogant> Right.
03:58:16 <Arrogant> I'm doing that this time.
03:58:37 <Wildhalcyon> arrogant: actually, they can breech word boundaries if you like - spaces count as symbols
03:58:43 <kipple> ok. sounded like you had given up
03:59:16 <Arrogant> Ah.
03:59:24 <Arrogant> That makes it slightly more complicated
03:59:25 <Wildhalcyon> If spaces don't count as symbols then the problem is tricker, because i/o use abbb and aaab
04:00:00 <kipple> but if spaces are ignored then you can use stuff like abb b
04:00:59 <Wildhalcyon> ohh, good point kipple
04:01:05 <kipple> I'd say ignoring spaces makes it a lot easier
04:01:09 <Wildhalcyon> hadn't thought of tha I guess
04:01:31 <Arrogant> Yeah. Ignore whitespace.
04:01:36 <Wildhalcyon> I'll try it out
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04:06:49 <GregorR> I have returned, as foretold by prophecy!
04:07:06 <Wildhalcyon> Nostradamus?
04:08:57 <GregorR> Gregordamus.
04:09:45 <Wildhalcyon> Weren't you the one foretold to bring chips & dip to the next festive gathering?
04:09:49 <calamari> hmm, gregordamus.. does that mean you'll only be taken seriously, by crackpots, after you're dead?
04:09:58 <GregorR> Basically.
04:10:04 <kipple> so, what's new
04:10:07 <kipple> ?
04:10:11 <GregorR> The irony being that that too was foretold by prophecy.
04:10:27 <GregorR> Umm ... new release of OBLISK! Nothing on the esoteric front however :-P
04:10:42 <kipple> I meant that as a response to calamari
04:10:45 <Wildhalcyon> if I discount whitespace, but count "punctuation" (such as ellipsis), it helps a bit.
04:10:48 <Wildhalcyon> Oblisk?
04:11:04 <GregorR> http://oblisk.codu.org/ (/me gives himself one shameless plug point)
04:11:06 <calamari> kipple: no kidding, huh
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04:12:01 <GregorR> WTF?
04:12:03 <kipple> GregorR: bad news. looks like ORK wasn't the first OO esolang after all... http://web.archive.org/web/20041015023918/http://www.inz.info/pingpong/Tutorial.html#oop
04:12:08 <GregorR> Why was I just not in the channel ...
04:12:24 <GregorR> kipple: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs*
04:12:26 <Wildhalcyon> I dont know how OO pingpong was
04:12:32 <Wildhalcyon> I think you're still safe Gregor
04:12:53 <GregorR> lol
04:13:04 <GregorR> Also, "turing complete" is a necessary part of that definition.
04:13:26 <GregorR> Because I'm sure there are all sorts of worthless OO joke languages :-P
04:13:32 <kipple> true
04:13:37 <kipple> like HQ9++
04:13:41 <GregorR> Yup
04:14:05 <calamari> GregorR: interesting.. I'm working on a package manager for school research
04:15:45 <lament> what is the meaning of life?
04:16:24 <kipple> 42
04:16:27 <Arrogant> Wrong
04:16:39 <Arrogant> 42 is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.
04:16:42 <Arrogant> Not the meaning of life.
04:16:53 <kipple> I stand corrected
04:16:57 <GregorR> :)
04:17:03 <Wildhalcyon> it could be both
04:17:14 <GregorR> Life (n): The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter, manifested in functions such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, and response to stimuli or adaptation to the environment originating from within the organism.
04:17:23 <Arrogant> GregorR: That's the definition.
04:17:29 <Arrogant> Meaning and definition are wholly different.
04:17:30 <GregorR> Which is the meaning :-P
04:17:33 <GregorR> Pff
04:17:46 <Arrogant> No, the meaning of life is expressed in eight instructions: +-><[].,
04:17:53 <calamari> gregor: so what is the definition of meaning?
04:18:15 <GregorR> calamari: I was just looking that up ;)
04:20:30 <Wildhalcyon> I think Im typing myself into a corner here...
04:23:59 <Arrogant> I think I'll drop writing a Brainfuck interpreter in Synesthesia
04:24:18 <Arrogant> I'll write a new language instead.
04:24:44 <calamari> do you have some fresh ideas?
04:25:51 <Arrogant> I'll come up with something.
04:26:32 <kipple> you could browse the categories on the wiki, and see which categories have few languages
04:26:54 <kipple> then it's easier to make something different
04:31:44 <Arrogant> My favorite joke language is TMMLPTEALPAITAFNFAL
04:32:22 <kipple> hehe. that one is cool
04:32:38 <Arrogant> I just like the name.
04:32:38 <Arrogant> The Multi-Million Language Project To End All Language Projects And Isn't That A Fine Name For A Language
04:33:09 <Wildhalcyon> A more useable version of java2K wouldnt be bad
04:33:41 <Wildhalcyon> or something like that - where the instruction has a probability of executing the instruction properly < 1
04:34:13 <kipple> how about a non-deterministic language with full access to the file system?
04:35:36 <Wildhalcyon> Shoot.. how come my instruction reference doesn't coincide with the freakin' program Im trying to write?!!!
04:35:40 * Wildhalcyon hits head repeatedly
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04:38:36 <Arrogant> Ouch.
04:38:53 <Wildhalcyon> Im acting like a moron
04:43:31 <Wildhalcyon> Okay, after correcting the mistake, here's what I have so far: "Oops an anti time eel...
04:43:34 <Arrogant> I want to make a language that's not based on a programming concept.
04:43:56 <kipple> what do you consider a programming concept?
04:44:08 <Arrogant> Scopes, stacks, arrays.
04:44:08 <kipple> variables? loops?
04:44:11 <Arrogant> Etc.
04:44:19 <Arrogant> I mean, these elements have to exist.
04:44:27 <Arrogant> At least...
04:44:28 <Arrogant> SOME of them.
04:49:47 <kipple> you mean you want to camophlage them as something else?
04:53:01 <Arrogant> Something like that.
04:53:04 <Arrogant> The real point is
04:53:33 <Arrogant> I want the language to have a concept that is beyond a technical aspect
04:54:28 <kipple> you mean like Chef or Shakespeare?
04:54:40 <Arrogant> Right.
04:56:26 <kipple> I often start to think about such themed languages, but I've never finished one
04:59:45 <Arrogant> Hehe.
04:59:52 <Arrogant> They're my favorite type.
05:07:23 <Wildhalcyon> I like themed languages too
05:07:26 <Wildhalcyon> Piet is awesome
05:07:34 <Arrogant> Yes
05:07:35 <Arrogant> Yes it is
05:07:36 <kipple> hmm. the wiki lacks a category for this kind of languages
05:07:55 <kipple> I'll make one. is Themed an appropriate name?
05:08:09 <Wildhalcyon> Hmmm.. well, maybe
05:08:45 <Arrogant> Thematic
05:09:42 <kipple> hmm. that might be better
05:09:51 <Wildhalcyon> Emoticon is pretty cool
05:11:14 <Wildhalcyon> the problem with the category is the ambiguity of the word "themed"
05:11:31 <kipple> but that will be explained on the category page
05:11:42 <Wildhalcyon> ok
05:11:46 <kipple> something like " languages are based on a theme that is not computer related"
05:11:52 <kipple> is that ambigous?
05:12:05 <Wildhalcyon> I still don't entirely understand it.
05:12:39 <Wildhalcyon> Arrogant, make an ASCII art language
05:12:49 <Wildhalcyon> that'd be fun
05:13:11 <Arrogant> Err
05:13:17 <Arrogant> I don't see how that'd even work
05:13:28 <Wildhalcyon> kipple: that seems pretty clear
05:14:03 <Arrogant> Well
05:14:10 <Arrogant> Computer related isn't really a good way to say it
05:14:29 <kipple> how so?
05:14:48 <Arrogant> You could make a thematic language based on computers
05:15:03 <kipple> true
05:15:11 <Arrogant> Like, computers as objects or things like that.
05:16:22 <kipple> I'm open to suggestions...
05:16:27 <Wildhalcyon> I thought about implementing a network-headache website that folks could upload their programs onto in order to run them. Ticks would be once every hour.
05:16:28 <Arrogant> Languages that are conceptually defined by a theme as opposed to a programming paradigm.
05:17:09 <kipple> I'll use that one
05:17:27 <Wildhalcyon> Ooh, Arrogant comes out with a winner. Nice job
05:17:43 <Wildhalcyon> bbl
05:18:19 <kipple> http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/wiki/Category:Thematic
05:18:32 <kipple> current members are Chef, Shakespeare, Taxi and var'aq
05:20:37 <Arrogant> Excellent.
05:21:15 <kipple> added some more
05:21:23 <kipple> probably missed a bunch
05:22:07 <Arrogant> ZOMBIE is so cool.
05:22:31 <Arrogant> Someone should write an implementation of it.
05:23:07 <kipple> DMM makes fun languages
05:23:17 <Arrogant> Yeah
05:23:26 <kipple> and fun comics
05:27:18 <kipple> TRANSCRIPT is also pretty cool: http://www.corknut.org/code/transcript/samples/fibonacci.txt
05:28:26 <Arrogant> Crazy
05:31:03 <kipple> good night
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05:46:38 <Arrogant> GregorR: ORK looks a lot like a spec I was writing
05:47:01 <GregorR> OK?
05:47:15 <GregorR> Does that mean I beat you in the race? :P
05:47:33 <Arrogant> Yes :(
05:48:39 <GregorR> There is such a thing as an esoteric programming language.
05:48:49 <GregorR> An esoteric programming language has an author which is a person.
05:48:54 <GregorR> There is such a thing as a person.
05:49:02 <GregorR> A person has a name which is a phrase.
05:49:04 <GregorR> :-P
05:49:12 <GregorR> It would take too long to gloat in ORK.
05:50:43 <Arrogant> Hehe.
05:51:18 <GregorR> Tomorrow I buy Moxie soda.
05:51:22 <GregorR> And so, I am in a jovial mood.
05:51:27 <GregorR> For I finally found Moxie.
05:51:32 <Arrogant> ORK is jus so awesome.
05:51:34 <Arrogant> just*
05:51:36 <Arrogant> I love it.
05:51:43 <GregorR> Why thank you :)
05:51:44 <Arrogant> There'd better be an interpreter ;)
05:51:50 <GregorR> Sorry, only a compiler.
05:51:53 <GregorR> It compiles to C++
05:51:56 <Arrogant> Ah.
05:52:14 <GregorR> Feel free to write an interpreter 8-D
05:52:23 <Arrogant> I think I could write an interpreter in Python
05:52:56 <GregorR> Python is not in my repretoire, but from what I know about it it seems like a logical choice.
05:53:21 <Arrogant> Well, I could certainly write the interpreter quickly
06:03:44 <Wildhalcyon> Y'know.. I've seen transcript before, but I never really thought "Hmm, what should I program in it?" and now... hmmm
06:04:16 <Wildhalcyon> Also, Glypho polyglots with almost any other language are terribly terribly easy if you restrict the symbol set. :-D
06:09:16 <Arrogant> Hmm
06:12:46 <Arrogant> GregorR: I think that I'll make it similar to how I made Synesthesia's interpreter.
06:12:56 <Arrogant> Except I'll add Objects to it. Obviously.
06:13:22 <Arrogant> The parser'll produce a list of instructions which are Python objects with a perform method that tells me what they do.
06:13:27 <GregorR> Having no idea what/who Synesthesia is, I'll just nod my head.
06:13:36 <GregorR> And go "ahh, I see"
06:13:44 <Arrogant> http://paragon.pastebin.com/368728
06:14:12 <GregorR> Humm
06:14:28 <Wildhalcyon> its like bf on programming steroids
06:15:11 <Arrogant> Right.
06:16:21 <Wildhalcyon> Anyhow, more ideas are swimming through my head than I can clearly keep track of; that generally means its night time for me. I'll have some more glypho fluff tomorrow though, to be sure!
06:16:24 <Wildhalcyon> g'night!
06:21:07 <Arrogant> Night Wildhalcyon
06:31:15 <Arrogant> GregorR: FYB also seems pretty awesome.
06:31:32 <GregorR> I can agree with that ;)
06:32:55 <Arrogant> It also seems really hard to do :D
06:33:20 <GregorR> jix did pretty well for himself.
06:33:27 <GregorR> Until I DEFEATED HIM UTTERLY!
06:34:50 <lament> anyone knows any 3-player paper-and-pencil games?
06:36:42 <Arrogant> Also, your index page is a 2L program isn't it
06:39:03 <GregorR> Arrogant: Yup :-P
06:39:18 <GregorR> lament: If you draw cards on a piece of paper then cut it out, I've got a great one for you!
06:54:01 <Arrogant> Alright, good night.
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14:15:36 <Keymaker> j0000000!
14:15:51 <kipple> hello
14:15:54 <Keymaker> hello
14:16:10 <Keymaker> got home from the big exams..
14:16:38 <Keymaker> ..and think they went well..
14:16:44 <kipple> congrats
14:16:54 <Keymaker> cheers
14:19:07 <Keymaker> rghhh.. my favourite band's website has been down already a week or something!
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15:05:42 <Keymaker> 'ello
15:06:18 -!- Freya has joined.
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15:06:29 -!- nooga has joined.
15:06:32 <nooga> hi
15:07:04 <Wildhalcyon> hi hi
15:07:30 <Keymaker> btw, my language plan isn't ready yet :)
15:07:38 <nooga> hm
15:07:46 <nooga> whatr language?
15:07:55 <Keymaker> no name
15:08:04 <Wildhalcyon> the mysterious one
15:08:26 <Keymaker> but there are some things i'll need to think more
15:08:37 <Wildhalcyon> like a name
15:08:45 <Keymaker> :P not necessary
15:08:48 <Keymaker> Necessary
15:08:49 <Keymaker> lol
15:09:04 <nooga> !NEcessary
15:09:31 <Keymaker> as i've done unnecessary, perhaps that should be called nonnecessary
15:09:32 <Wildhalcyon> sounds strangely like your other language..
15:09:45 <Keymaker> that was joke
15:09:55 <Keymaker> i mean the name ;)
15:10:18 <Keymaker> i've thought about "planb"
15:10:32 <Keymaker> comes from words plan B, but doesn't kinda look like it
15:10:33 <nooga> any examples can you introdouce?
15:10:39 <Keymaker> not yet
15:10:42 <Keymaker> sorry
15:10:59 <nooga> cool, it makes it more mysterious >
15:11:01 <nooga> :>
15:11:09 <Keymaker> (although it should be probably called plan f already..)
15:11:14 <Wildhalcyon> pretty much
15:11:20 <nooga> plan z ;p
15:11:41 <Wildhalcyon> I saw some "sneak peak" syntax about four days ago that involved brackets like ( )... he coulda just been pullin' my leg
15:11:49 <Keymaker> yes
15:12:02 <Keymaker> it will look like that
15:12:37 <Keymaker> you're clearly suspicious W, but i'll show you someday *evil laugh*
15:13:13 <Wildhalcyon> on my deathbed perhaps...
15:13:52 <Keymaker> you're too [some word i forgot], you can't wait for a month!
15:13:59 <Keymaker> :p
15:14:11 <Keymaker> when i was young planning an esolang took weeks
15:14:57 <Keymaker> but what i was about to say.. oh; if i'm to keep my current plan, which i think is cool, i will need a nop instruction, that's necessary for the language actually ;)
15:15:18 <Wildhalcyon> the word you're looking for is "impatient", and yes, I am.
15:15:23 <Keymaker> lol, yeah
15:15:29 <Keymaker> i had no time to look it up ;)
15:16:34 <Keymaker> but when the language is ready i think you will like it..
15:16:43 <Keymaker> (or hate)
15:18:39 <Wildhalcyon> somtimes it turns out to be the same
15:18:49 <Keymaker> what same?
15:18:59 <kipple> haha. very good point, W
15:19:06 <Keymaker> ah, now i got it..
15:19:09 <Keymaker> i guess
15:19:31 <kipple> that is often true for esolangs
15:19:35 <Wildhalcyon> love == hate == 0 == 1
15:19:45 <Keymaker> yes, the relationship to esolangs: i love this language *smashes keyboard* AAAARRGHG! success! this program works!
15:20:24 <Wildhalcyon> yeah, that's how I feel too
15:20:43 <Wildhalcyon> Kipple, I havent got a sentence out of glypho yet
15:21:00 <Keymaker> you mean specs?
15:21:34 <kipple> no, he means wrtiting code that looks like a proper sentence
15:21:47 <kipple> it's hard
15:22:09 <Keymaker> ah
15:22:48 <Keymaker> that would make nice wiki entry but i've never seen good examples
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15:24:47 <Keymaker> hmm. i'll go.. bbl
15:24:48 -!- Keymaker has quit ("This quote is unrelated to this context.").
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16:14:44 <Wildhalcyon> stupid computer
16:15:55 <Wildhalcyon> kipple, whats this shoopuf thing?
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16:31:52 <Keymaker> the thematic section in esowiki is nice
16:33:13 <Wildhalcyon> I like it
16:33:29 <Wildhalcyon> It makes me want to write a themed language
16:33:45 <Wildhalcyon> ... would you call Glypho a tarpit?
16:33:46 <Keymaker> yeah
16:34:02 <Keymaker> hmmm.. dunno :)
16:34:14 <Keymaker> it has quite many commands iirc..?
16:34:28 <Wildhalcyon> 14
16:34:34 <Keymaker> hmm
16:34:35 <Wildhalcyon> 15 if you count NOP
16:34:52 <Wildhalcyon> Glypho isnt the 2D one I was working on
16:34:58 <Keymaker> yes
16:35:03 <Wildhalcyon> That's another project
16:35:04 <Keymaker> i remember :)
16:35:26 <Keymaker> but 15 is quite many compared to many other tar-pits
16:35:30 <Keymaker> but feel free :)
16:35:42 <Wildhalcyon> I suppose that's true
16:36:37 <Wildhalcyon> A stack tarpit naturally needs more commands than a tape-based tarpit
16:36:47 <Keymaker> yes
16:37:16 <Keymaker> i've made a stack tarpit that uses 7 instructions
16:37:34 <Wildhalcyon> wow, was it TC?
16:37:36 <Keymaker> or not sure if it can be called stack
16:37:38 <Keymaker> not sure
16:37:43 <Keymaker> i called it stacklet
16:37:54 <Wildhalcyon> well, Ive had a couple complaints about my stack too
16:38:02 <Keymaker> hehe
16:38:07 <Keymaker> lemme search the "specs"
16:40:13 <Keymaker> the memory model is kind of ring, where you can push zero to end to create new value
16:40:21 <Keymaker> values can be 0 or 1
16:40:22 <Keymaker> bits
16:40:32 <Keymaker> loops work the brainfuck way ( )
16:40:43 <Keymaker> and browsing memory works by spinning the ring memory right
16:40:44 <Wildhalcyon> Hmm... darn, Ouroboros wasn't that new after all
16:40:57 <Keymaker> :\
16:41:12 <Keymaker> and input and output instructions..
16:41:28 <Keymaker> dunno is it tc or not
16:41:48 <Keymaker> but i think yes
16:41:53 <Keymaker> but can be all wrong..
16:42:24 <Wildhalcyon> Im not sure if yours is. My almost exactly-the-same 12-instruction language is (I think). The difference is values are not just 0/1, you can spin either direction, and there's a dup and a swap command
16:42:40 <Keymaker> yah
16:42:48 <Wildhalcyon> I guess there's no reason yours couldn't be either
16:43:24 <Keymaker> yeah.. but this perhaps would need eight instruction, something to remove value from stack.. not sure
16:43:35 <Wildhalcyon> Anyhow, Im off to class now Mr. Maker of Keys
16:43:41 <Keymaker> and with wrapping memory cells i could use bytes.
16:43:42 <Keymaker> ok
16:43:58 <Wildhalcyon> later!
16:44:05 <Keymaker> :)
16:44:07 <Keymaker> bye
16:52:26 -!- Wildhalcyon has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
17:39:42 <Keymaker> bbl.
17:39:44 -!- Keymaker has left (?).
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18:37:33 <wildhalcyon> hello, my esoteric friends
19:24:54 -!- Keymaker has joined.
19:30:55 <Keymaker> hmm
19:31:20 <wildhalcyon> hmm?
19:32:06 <Keymaker> just thinking..
19:33:00 <wildhalcyon> no one has explained to me what shoopuf is
19:33:25 <Keymaker> don't ask me..
19:33:55 <wildhalcyon> I won't
19:37:11 -!- nooga has joined.
19:49:45 <kipple> "Whats a Shoopuf? Play Final Fantasy X or X-2 on the Playstation 2. Seriously,
19:49:45 <kipple> I couldn't come up with a cool name. First thing that came to mind was the
19:49:45 <kipple> shoopuf from FFX (just rode one in the game =). "
19:49:56 <kipple> quoted from the spec....
19:50:02 <kipple> (and no, it's not my language)
19:50:46 <Keymaker> heh
19:51:14 <kipple> I don't think it has ever been published on the web
19:51:41 <nooga> hm ehehe
19:51:59 <nooga> heeel! im stupid~!
19:52:07 <kipple> if you say so :)
19:52:09 <nooga> heeelp
19:52:20 <nooga> but i am!
19:53:48 <Keymaker> ok
19:53:51 <Keymaker> :)
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20:03:45 <wildhalcyon> Hmm, looks complicated
20:03:58 <nooga> what looks complicated?
20:03:58 -!- wildhalcyon has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
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20:32:03 <Keymaker> bye
20:32:05 -!- Keymaker has quit ("This quote is unrelated to this context.").
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21:46:49 <Arrogant> Hey GregorR
21:48:04 <GregorR> Can't talk now, I'm going to get MOXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
21:49:25 <Arrogant> What the hell?
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21:58:36 <{^Raven^}> hi peeps
22:00:02 <Arrogant> Hey Raven.
22:01:55 <{^Raven^}> Arrogant: hi
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