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00:39:04 <graue> Aardwolf: what?
00:39:20 <graue> Aardwolf: on the wiki?
00:39:34 <Aardwolf> yes, I mean the comment about the timeline article
00:39:41 <graue> oh
00:40:26 <graue> you might be interested in this: http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/forum/kareha.pl/1131382031/
00:42:11 <Aardwolf> 1L code looks nice in an image
00:42:28 <graue> I was going to write a text-based Braincopter/Brainloller interpreter to prove the point further, but I lost interest when I realized they were essentially 1D and I'd just be converting them into Brainfuck then running them
00:42:35 <graue> you think? I guess it does
00:43:04 <calamari> Aardwolf: do you have an example 1L image?
00:43:12 <Aardwolf> yes, in the link graue gave :)
00:43:27 <calamari> hehehe
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00:44:46 <Aardwolf> well, an image based language can't do more than a text based language, except that in an image you can store up to 3 bytes in 1 pixel, which would look messy in a text file (where you have to count with special ascii characters you can't easily use and such), so it gives an advantage but it is a point that being image based can't add anything extra to the language itself
00:45:49 <Aardwolf> mycelium isn't 1D btw :)
00:48:21 <Aardwolf> I don't think it makes sense to convert mycelum to text based, because it's completely defined with modulo divisions of color channel values, and piet would be even harder, because of the different shapes that color zones can have
00:52:08 * calamari was able to fit a bf interpreter into a bmp image.. runs in ms-dos :) wonder when I did that... should check the test image date
00:52:52 <calamari> Apr 30, 2001 :)
00:53:39 <Aardwolf> how big is the image? :)
00:54:28 <calamari> very small.. http://kidsquid.com/programs/msdos/msdos.html
00:55:09 <Aardwolf> so the image is actually executable in dos?
00:55:13 <calamari> yep
00:55:26 <Aardwolf> I'll try it in dosbox
00:55:37 <calamari> the company I was working for at the time blocked download of "executables".. so I couldn't resist :)
00:55:56 <Aardwolf> hehe :D
00:56:18 <calamari> it works with com programs.. they're encoded into the image.. so it didn't really need to be a bf interpreter, but I thought that'd be fun
00:57:03 <calamari> it's the factor program, so you'll need to push alt-(keypad)1 (keypad)0 for "enter"
00:58:17 <Aardwolf> hmm, it said <heart> kjqsdfoui
00:58:40 <graue> I was considering making a textual Piet interpreter using the letters A thru F for the hue cycle
00:58:42 <calamari> I'll try it in qemu
00:58:59 <graue> dark would be all-caps like AA, normal would be mixed (Aa), light would be lowercase (aa)
00:59:11 <graue> white would be two spaces, and black would be ##
00:59:29 <Aardwolf> that would work
01:00:05 <graue> but really, I'd rather do something more interesting, like my 2D string-rewriting language idea
01:01:04 <Aardwolf> remember deltaplex? I think I'll consider writing a simpeler version of it (my original idea would have been a bit too much work to make an interpreter for)
01:01:16 <graue> calamari: what do you mean "it's the factor program"? the interpreter can't load programs from files?
01:02:10 <graue> oh geez... (just read Deltaplex article)
01:02:10 <Aardwolf> I think factor.com is going extremely slow in dosbox
01:02:20 <calamari> graue: I embedded the program into the interpreter so it would be self contained...
01:02:31 <graue> graphics and audio are cool, but they're not really anything to do with languages
01:02:36 <calamari> graue: but of course a normal interpreter could read from files
01:02:52 <graue> calamari: was this interpreter also a normal interpreter?
01:03:17 <calamari> I don't remember
01:03:48 <Aardwolf> maybe they don't have to do with languages, but I want to break the barrier of stdin and stdout
01:03:58 <calamari> I used my tiny asm interpreter
01:04:17 <calamari> and I haven't looked at it in years
01:04:17 <graue> I wonder if 1L_a is Turing-complete if the program height is limited to 16 rows, maximum
01:04:35 <graue> if so I could load programs from MIDI files
01:05:47 <calamari> I chose a bmp because it would be automatically downloaded by the brwoser into the cache... so I didn't "download" anything ;)
01:06:27 <calamari> of course I never made use of the thing.. floppies were easier
01:07:58 <Aardwolf> with those super tiny bf interpreters around, I wonder if someone would ever get the crazy idea to write a computer virus that uses bf code hidden in all sorts of things as executable
01:08:46 <graue> no
01:09:51 <calamari> the virus would be too big
01:10:12 <calamari> you want it to be small, just writie it in asm yourself
01:11:41 <graue> this is somewhat offtopic, but you know that Panu Kalliokoski guy who invented iag, B5, and Lisp2K and ran the esolang mailing list?
01:11:49 <graue> his "stx" structured text program is really nice
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01:25:36 <graue> also, I don't think B5 is intended to be an esolang
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01:33:35 <Aardwolf> http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/forum/kareha.pl/1131382031/ <--- what do you think about the 5th reply there?
01:36:37 <graue> yeah, that might be neat
01:39:04 <Aardwolf> it could be called something like, standard textual to image converter
01:39:55 <Aardwolf> or ascii to image converter, because the korean language would be left out
01:46:19 <graue> yeah, those poor korean language speakers :(
01:46:29 <graue> people are always stepping all over them, making programs that only support us-ascii
01:46:33 <graue> it's sad, sad
01:48:20 <Aardwolf> something like: R = (ascii*53)%256, G = (ascii*27)%256, B = ascii, rotate left = (0,0,255), rotate right = (0,255,0) could work (just an example)
01:48:45 <Aardwolf> I meant to say *17 instead of *27 for G :)
01:49:34 <Aardwolf> gotta go tho, got an important class tomorrow
01:50:37 <graue> no, no
01:50:40 <graue> I'm working on a better plan for colors
01:51:03 <graue> well, check the forum topic later then...
01:51:23 <Aardwolf> ok :)
01:51:23 <Aardwolf> cya
01:56:49 <graue> I think I like Pbrain
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06:32:01 <duerig> If all the world is a stage, then who is the audience?
06:32:09 <duerig> Martians, probably.
06:32:28 <GregorR> Damn cooky martians!
06:33:13 <duerig> Yeah. Their so uppity, they don't even deign to send us a message. :)
06:33:20 <duerig> Er They're
06:34:01 <GregorR> They send messages all the time!
06:34:06 <GregorR> You just have to listen to the yokels!
06:35:09 <duerig> No wonder they are uppity, if the only earthlings they talk to are yokels. Maybe they don't realize we have cities and skyscrapers and stuff.
06:35:15 <duerig> :)
06:35:24 <GregorR> Heh
06:35:28 <GregorR> Speaking of (loosely)
06:35:38 <GregorR> http://www.codu.org/pics/Portland2.jpg < Can you get the effect?
06:36:59 <duerig> No.
06:37:03 <duerig> I keep getting a finger.
06:37:20 <GregorR> Try without the finger thing, just cross your eyes and try to make the images matchl.
06:37:25 <GregorR> -l
06:38:11 <Robdgreat> yeah I've seen pics like that before
06:38:22 <Robdgreat> I have a bitch of a time getting the images to merge though
06:38:34 <GregorR> For some reason it comes totally naturally to me.
06:38:39 <duerig> I can kind of merge them. But it looks like a wide, repetitive landscape if I do that.
06:38:46 <Robdgreat> cuz you're demented.
06:38:50 <GregorR> And it seems like it does for a few other people too.
06:38:54 <GregorR> (Two that I know of)
06:38:54 <lament> GregorR: pretty, but cross-eye pics never look too great
06:39:07 <GregorR> lament: They're quite crisp and great 3D to me.
06:39:17 <lament> GregorR: i mean, compared to the other kind.
06:39:29 <GregorR> I hope you're not comparing to red-green :p
06:39:40 <GregorR> Polarized = better, with stereographic equipment = better.
06:39:50 <lament> no, not red-green
06:39:50 <GregorR> But with no equipment, cross-eyed is quite good.
06:40:05 <duerig> Grr. I hate it when I crave ice cream at midnight. All of the ice cream places are closed. :(
06:40:06 <lament> i mean, when you look further than the image
06:40:12 <lament> instead of in front of the image
06:40:31 <GregorR> OH
06:40:35 <GregorR> Those are tougher to do.
06:40:52 <lament> yes
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07:18:50 <GregorR> Hello lirthy
07:19:01 <lirthy> Hello GregorR
07:19:03 <lirthy> and world
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08:19:40 <calamari> GregorR: did you ever have one of those 3-d cameras? It was a disposable w/ 3 lenses. The prints use serrated plastic, like on those cheapie tilt 3-d things
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16:47:08 <Keymaker> hi
17:33:23 <GregorR> 'lo
17:33:39 <Keymaker> 'ello
17:33:46 <Keymaker> how's going?
17:35:07 <GregorR> Good, fine, etc.
17:35:18 <Keymaker> that is good
17:35:38 <Keymaker> i'm quite happy too, my long wait is over, tomorrow i can finally get one album..
17:35:43 <Keymaker> *almost over
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17:36:13 <GregorR> L
17:36:14 <GregorR> Err
17:36:16 <GregorR> ?
17:36:23 <Keymaker> hm?
17:39:11 <Keymaker> ???
17:39:47 <kipple> count on #esoteric for interesting discussions
17:39:55 <Keymaker> :D
17:40:10 <Keymaker> too bad i have no other channel..
17:40:15 <Keymaker> *sigh*
17:42:00 <Keymaker> seriously, i can't understand how some people can spend hours _discussing_ in irc! where do they find the channels?
17:42:49 <GregorR> lol
17:42:58 <GregorR> You have to get a rotation going.
17:44:14 <Keymaker> :)
17:44:36 <Keymaker> by the way, you guys going to enter the calamari's brainfuck competition?
17:44:58 <GregorR> Nah, I am teh sukk.
17:45:10 * jix is
17:45:17 <jix> going to enter...
17:45:59 * kipple is not entering because he's not good at bf programming
17:46:11 <Keymaker> ok
17:46:31 <Keymaker> (i'm entering too, although i have no chance of winning the abacus)
17:46:43 <jix> i hope i get the abacus
17:47:12 <Keymaker> good luck
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18:26:31 <Keymaker> grhhh. there's nothing in the net. the net should be closed and we should start writing letters instead
18:26:38 <Keymaker> and start a esolang magazine
18:26:42 <Keymaker> *an
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18:33:23 <GregorR> Or an Esolang television show!
18:34:05 <Keymaker> yeah! :)
18:37:32 <kipple> haha
18:38:00 <kipple> it could be like a cooking show, except you don't make food but esolangs :)
18:39:16 <GregorR> LOL
18:39:34 <Keymaker> :)
18:40:31 <kipple> hmm. a Chef/cake recipe polyglot would be fun.
18:40:33 <Keymaker> what about an esolang based on television? you have infinite amount of channels as memory, looping is channel-browsing, the program ends when the television is turned off..
18:40:43 <Keymaker> hehe, yeah
18:41:12 <jix> and the program is a program guide
18:41:32 <Keymaker> hehe
18:43:54 <Keymaker> well, gotta go
18:44:01 <Keymaker> bye
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22:09:42 <GregorR> Hmm, I could get http://brai.nf/uck/ for only $1022
22:14:31 <Robdgreat> hah
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