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02:28:12 -!- ihope has joined.
02:30:46 <ihope> !help
02:31:35 <ihope> Hmm.
02:32:51 <ihope> Aha. Apparently it's just very laggy and all that...
02:33:35 <GregorR> !help
02:33:43 <GregorR> !ps
02:33:52 <GregorR> Dot dot dot
02:34:02 <EgoBot> Test...
02:34:05 <GregorR> It's alive.
02:34:14 <ihope> Hmm.
02:34:22 <GregorR> !ps
02:34:31 <EgoBot> 1 ihope: help
02:34:33 <EgoBot> 2 GregorR: help
02:34:35 <EgoBot> 3 GregorR: ps
02:34:41 <GregorR> Well that's odd :P
02:34:43 <EgoBot> help ps kill i eof flush show ls
02:34:45 <EgoBot> 1l 2l adjust axo befunge bch bf{8,[16],32,64} glass glypho kipple lazyk malbolge pbrain rail sadol sceql udage01
02:35:02 <ihope> Lag indeed.
02:35:03 <GregorR> Oh, I know why, I'm running too much stuff :P
02:35:08 <ihope> :-)
02:35:10 <GregorR> It can't get any cycles.
02:35:39 <EgoBot> 1 ihope: help
02:35:41 <EgoBot> 2 GregorR: help
02:35:43 <EgoBot> 3 GregorR: ps
02:35:45 <EgoBot> 4 ihope: help
02:35:47 <EgoBot> 5 GregorR: ps
02:35:53 <ihope> !
02:36:07 <EgoBot> help ps kill i eof flush show ls
02:36:09 <EgoBot> 1l 2l adjust axo befunge bch bf{8,[16],32,64} glass glypho kipple lazyk malbolge pbrain rail sadol sceql udage01
02:37:18 <ihope> Now I'm getting a help thing via msg's...
02:39:28 <GregorR> It's gone MAAAAAAAAAAAAAD
02:47:15 * ihope will resist the urge to spam it with !help and !ps
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02:53:48 <DeathJoker> hello
02:53:57 <GregorR> 'lo
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03:29:02 <ihope> I suddenly want to write a Haskell-to-Lazy K compiler.
03:29:31 <GregorR> XD
03:30:52 <ihope> It'd probably be done in an imperative language until I get Haskell down.
03:32:04 <ihope> Now, according to Hugs, the last element of toinfinity (defined to be 1 : [ a+1 | a <- toinfinity ]) is 246625.
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03:38:56 * ihope suddenly realizes the ChanServ was spying on us
03:41:24 <GregorR> And the aluminum foil helmets don't work!
03:43:27 * ihope dons a +7 Helm of Referential Transparency
03:43:40 <ihope> Oops, wait a minute
03:43:53 * ihope dons a +7 Helm of Referential Opacity
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03:45:25 * ihope hides
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05:50:09 <Sgeper> Bye all
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08:39:09 <duerig> Hello,
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15:53:05 <Keymaker> hmmm, the language list is quite impressive already
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16:20:29 <jix> Keymaker: are you working on a golf entry?
16:21:04 <Keymaker> yeah
16:21:13 <Keymaker> at the very moment, actually :)
16:21:21 * jix too
16:21:35 <jix> i'm able to detect aba as wrong an abbcca too and abbccb too
16:21:35 <Keymaker> yesterday night i thought i got it done, but there seems to be some stupid bug
16:21:54 <Keymaker> i have some small memory bug
16:22:00 <jix> but i have some problem if it passes the first test and i need the first test to do my 2nd test
16:22:10 <Keymaker> ok
16:22:38 <Keymaker> i wonder if the other have worked on their entries..
16:22:44 <Keymaker> laurent, calamari...
16:23:34 <jix> i'm not done (no output and some code is still missing) and i'm at 258bytes
16:23:34 <Keymaker> *others
16:24:27 <Keymaker> i'll try to hunt the bug now
16:25:34 <jix> do you use some debugging tools?
16:25:39 <Keymaker> nope
16:25:57 <jix> nope?!
16:26:09 <Keymaker> or well, the interpreter i use prints the final memory state
16:26:53 <jix> it would be cool if bfdebug would support non wrapping
16:27:04 <Keymaker> what that program does?
16:27:43 <jix> it displays the memory allows step by step running breakpoints and labeled memory positions (i don't use the last one)
16:28:03 <Keymaker> uh
16:28:07 <Keymaker> sounds too complex for me :)
16:28:33 <jix> its very easy to use... it's written by calamari
16:28:52 <Keymaker> ok.. but i still won't use it :)
16:28:57 <jix> how many bytes do you have atm?
16:29:02 <Keymaker> 178
16:29:11 <Keymaker> oops, 169
16:29:14 <jix> including output?!
16:29:17 <Keymaker> nope
16:29:35 <jix> how can you do those tests with only 169 bytes?
16:29:46 <Keymaker> i won't tell, this is a competition :p
16:29:54 <jix> it wasn't a real question
16:30:00 <Keymaker> i know
16:30:03 <Keymaker> :)
16:30:26 <Keymaker> but just wait, knowing laurent he manages to stuff the whole thing in 250 bytes..
16:30:54 <Keymaker> or dbc..
16:31:13 <Keymaker> hopefully he has time to enter
16:31:30 <jix> 246 bytes and far from complete :(
16:34:24 <jix> i think i have to rewrite it
16:34:59 <Keymaker> i'll rewrite mine too, i'm too lazy to search the bug any other way :)
16:35:37 <jix> the problem sounds easy but it's quite difficult to implement
16:35:43 <Keymaker> yeah
16:39:17 <jix> i'm at 18 bytes ;)
16:39:35 <Keymaker> :)
16:52:56 <jix> and i'm again at 95 bytes.. (growing too fast)
17:06:18 <jix> NARGH
17:06:20 <jix> stupid me
17:06:38 <jix> again at 0 bytes
17:08:42 <Keymaker> same here :)
17:13:27 <Keymaker> ahhh
17:13:35 <Keymaker> now i realize why..
17:15:21 -!- Sgep has joined.
17:17:35 <jix> i forgot about order in my 2nd try you too?
17:18:13 <Keymaker> nope
17:18:25 <Keymaker> but i realized one simple error
17:26:06 <Robdgreat> between the keyboard and the chair, eh
17:26:18 <Keymaker> yeah :)
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18:44:25 <Keymaker> i may not win, but at least i have one working solution!!!!!!
18:44:29 <Keymaker> yeaaaaah
19:11:19 <Keymaker> found small bug that happened only if the input was only the new-line char and nothing more, but now it's fixed
19:11:30 <Keymaker> i did a lot testing and the solution should work perfectly
19:19:47 -!- calamari has joined.
19:20:10 <calamari> hi
19:22:58 <Keymaker> hi calamari!
19:23:05 <calamari> hi keymaker
19:23:10 <Keymaker> i just got my first competition entry done
19:23:19 <Keymaker> i'm about to post the md5 soon
19:23:26 <calamari> cool!
19:23:41 <calamari> I hadn't checked it in a couple days
19:31:03 <calamari> hmm nothing new yet.. guess you'll be the first :)
19:33:12 <lindi-> Keymaker: md5? what for?
19:33:29 <Keymaker> my solution for calamari's competition
19:33:42 <Keymaker> md5 of the program
19:34:10 <Keymaker> http://lilly.csoft.net/~jeffryj/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=134
19:34:13 <calamari> dont forget to post the size too :)
19:34:36 <Keymaker> did i have to post that too?
19:34:36 * calamari checks it out
19:35:26 <calamari> you don't have to, I suppose.. but I thought golf entries usually did? maybe I'm remembering wrong
19:35:45 <Sgep> brbish
19:35:47 <Keymaker> yeah, they did, but your rules didn't require it ;)
19:36:01 <calamari> haha
19:36:48 <calamari> well, I'll amend the rules, but since you submitted before that, you are exempt if you prefer :)
19:37:02 <Keymaker> :)
19:38:18 <Keymaker> the actual code is probably as optimized as i can optimize, but the message printings aren't very optimized.. i'll need to try to squeeze them down..
19:38:34 <Keymaker> ..later.. :)
19:38:37 <calamari> hehe
19:38:59 <Keymaker> it was a nice task, i gotta say
19:39:04 <calamari> there, rules changed :)
19:39:12 <calamari> thanks, glad you enjoyed it
19:39:25 <calamari> did the interpreter and stripper work properly?
19:39:47 <Keymaker> stripper worked as supposed to, but i have used another interpreter
19:40:07 <calamari> why?
19:40:44 <Keymaker> because i always use that interpreter for my brainfuck programming
19:40:50 <Keymaker> and i like it
19:40:57 <Keymaker> it's some simple interpreter written by dbc
19:41:31 <calamari> oic :) no problem.. just paranoid I guess. Some of the changes were done late at night and without much testing
19:41:38 <Keymaker> :D
19:42:52 <Keymaker> calamari: you've done any work on your entry yet?
19:43:33 <calamari> yeah
19:43:54 <jix> Keymaker: can you edit your post to include size?
19:43:58 <calamari> so far it can print accepted or rejected depending on the value of a cell :)
19:44:08 <Keymaker> :)
19:44:33 <Keymaker> jix: no, i'm too embarrassed! the size grew a lot from the 169..
19:44:40 <calamari> 169?
19:44:44 * calamari cries
19:44:46 <Keymaker> i had to add three error routine codes..
19:44:50 <jix> it was without output
19:44:56 <Keymaker> yeah, and wasn't functional
19:45:15 <Keymaker> i was just going to say it was without output, but jix got first :)
19:45:27 * calamari better post before Keymaker posts the size.. otherwise I'll be too embarrassed :)
19:46:40 * calamari checks his current wip .. 698 bytes.. but that's with comments and a lot of commented out code
19:47:17 <jix> calamari: do you use bfdebug for debugging bf code? if yes, is there a non wrapping version?
19:47:39 <calamari> yeah I'm using bfdebug.. no there isn't a non-wrapping version.. I should add that, it would be easy
19:47:59 <Keymaker> to say once again; when i rewrote the code i added three error routine codes.. and the output code is 200+ bytes! x(
19:48:31 <calamari> well, I haven't actually done any of the meat of the program yet..
19:49:57 <Keymaker> ok
19:50:24 * calamari suspects that if his program is larger than Keymaker's, he will then edit his entry to include the size.. :D
19:50:33 <Keymaker> i know i will have no chances of winning, but at least got one working solution made for my own enjoyment
19:50:43 <Keymaker> :)
19:50:57 <calamari> never know.. could win by default
19:51:31 <Keymaker> i have a bad feeling laurent comes up with something extra elegant, like in my second contest..
19:51:40 <calamari> or dbc
19:51:44 <Keymaker> yeah
19:51:47 <calamari> if he is participating
19:51:52 <Keymaker> was just about to add that :)
19:51:56 <calamari> he is a bf god
19:52:00 <Keymaker> yeah
19:57:32 <Keymaker> just to add, dbc once explained me in very great detail how his random generator program works.. and gotta say it is a H-A-C-K!!
20:06:49 <Keymaker> it's only ~22:00?!
21:07:14 <calamari> jix: http://kidsquid.com/programs/bf/bfdebug-1.70.jar
21:09:09 <calamari> oops I just realized a bug.. don't d/l that yet :)
21:16:42 <calamari> okay, uploaded a new 1.70
21:39:42 -!- cpressey_ has joined.
21:40:10 -!- cpressey has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
22:36:42 <lament> Keymaker: the cellular automaton one?
22:36:56 <Keymaker> hm?
22:37:02 <lament> RNG
22:37:09 <Keymaker> ah
22:37:10 <Keymaker> yeah
23:03:58 <jix> calamari: thanks!
23:04:20 <calamari> jix: yw.. let me know if you have problems
23:05:04 * jix launches Jar Bundler
23:05:10 <Keymaker> hm?
23:05:15 <jix> .jar => .app
23:05:15 <Keymaker> what's that?
23:05:20 <Keymaker> oh
23:06:46 * calamari wonders what it looks like on a mac
23:07:09 <calamari> I guess it should be the same for everyone since I'm using metal
23:07:46 <jix> no
23:07:51 <jix> it's native osx theme here
23:09:15 <calamari> interesting
23:09:30 <calamari> maybe java for osx overrides the default
23:09:33 <Keymaker> it's graphical program?
23:09:36 <calamari> yeah
23:09:40 <Keymaker> ok
23:09:50 <calamari> jix: care to make a screenshot? :)
23:10:17 <calamari> sometimes seeing a program run in a different environment exposes layout flaws
23:13:27 <jix> the default window size is a bit too small
23:15:34 <jix> http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/5349/bild24go.png (the menu title was entered by me in jar bundler)
23:17:30 <calamari> wow
23:17:51 * calamari now wants a mac
23:18:05 <jix> hrhr
23:18:34 <Keymaker> agree, looks pretty good
23:18:45 <calamari> I'm not too crazy about the tabs, but everything else is great
23:19:02 <jix> hmm anther idea...
23:19:18 <jix> 15 memory fields are to few to fill a 19" screen
23:19:46 <jix> and the memory view jumps a bit fast in run mode
23:21:00 <calamari> its supposed to go fast in run mode
23:21:16 <calamari> you can go slow in step mode
23:21:34 <jix> while running code like [->+<] you can't watch the memory view
23:21:35 <calamari> thinking about the options for the 15 fields
23:22:22 <calamari> jix: why not? it seems fine here.. so maybe its a bug?
23:23:55 <jix> it doesn't seem to be a bug.. run >>>>>>>>>>+>>>>+>>+>>>>-[->+<] and try to find the 1 values
23:26:46 <calamari> oh.. are you saying you'd like a speed control?
23:27:06 <jix> no but only move the memory view if the data pointer moves out of it.. don't always center it
23:27:12 <jix> but yes speed control would be cool too
23:27:16 <jix> brb
23:38:50 <jix> back
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