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00:48:51 <calamari> re's
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05:45:38 <lament> cpressey: i still didn't see you!
05:46:36 <GregorR> Maybe, after all that, you're just in insanely similar classes :)
05:46:49 <lament> no, he's just hiding
05:47:36 <lament> no way another class would have Spotty Dotty.
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06:56:22 <puzzlet_> http://tokigun.dnip.net/test/mediawiki/index.php?title=Template:AddTable&action=edit
06:56:30 <puzzlet_> Yay for MediaWiki programming
07:04:22 <GregorR> Hmm, is that TC?
07:13:55 <puzzlet_> dunno
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20:30:31 <calamari> hi
21:14:39 <calamari> there.. all the easy year adds are done.. the rest will need additional research (specs, file dates, etc)
21:15:42 <kipple> good work calamari!
21:18:15 <calamari> thanks.. it's kinda fun researching the history of these :)
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21:31:41 <graue> hello esolangers
21:32:26 <graue> at one time, I was thinking about making a language in which programs would look like software licenses, like, EULAs and the GPL and such
21:33:02 <graue> I eventually abandoned the idea, but here are a few "programs" I wrote while imagining how the language might work: http://infestationgardens.net/files/hello.license http://infestationgardens.net/files/beer.license
21:35:45 <calamari> http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/wiki/User_talk:Calamari
21:36:24 <calamari> now I can work on the history project without carrying scraps of paper around :)
21:37:28 <graue> I'm pretty sure Aheui was invented in 2005
21:37:44 <graue> try grepping the #esoteric logs for the first mention of it
21:38:02 <calamari> graue: good idea.. I hadn't thought of using the logs.. thanks
21:38:25 <graue> the Fm family of languages aren't really esoteric programming languages, but they were written up in 2005 by that r.e.s. guy, I think
21:38:43 <graue> LNUSP was almost certainly invented in 2003 around the same time as PATH and SNUSP
21:39:14 <calamari> graue: I wasn't sure what to do with Fm as the category was only for languages
21:39:25 <graue> Sceql is definitely from 2005; I discussed it on the wiki when I first invented it
21:39:32 <graue> Qdeql is also from 2005
21:39:46 <graue> as is Sortle
21:39:56 <graue> and Subskin
21:41:10 <graue> Cvlemar and Network Headache are probably 2005; I doubt the author had invented them long before adding them to the wiki
21:41:52 <graue> GraNoLa/M was a submission to the second Essies, so it dates to 2002
21:41:57 <calamari> graue: your license language reminds me of another esolang, but I can't quite put a finger on it :) I like it
21:42:46 <graue> :)
21:42:53 <graue> Shakespeare, possibly?
21:43:03 <calamari> not sure.. the other lang used similar english-style declarations
21:44:24 <calamari> nope, not shakespeake..
21:45:10 <calamari> aha
21:45:13 <calamari> http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/wiki/Chef
21:46:47 <graue> ah, chef
21:47:54 <jix> i invented subskin in 2005
21:48:40 <jix> g'night
21:48:58 <calamari> cya jix, tyhanks
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21:51:12 <graue> I guess you didn't notice me saying I invented Sortle, Qdeql, and Sceql in 2005?
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21:52:38 <calamari> graue: yes I did.. thanks.. still workin on em
21:54:10 <kipple> graue: I like your license lang :)
21:58:10 <kipple> wow. 2005 has a LOT of languages compared to the others...
21:58:25 <kipple> I suspect the creation of the wiki has a big part in that
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22:01:28 <calamari> hi keymaker
22:01:32 <Keymaker> hi
22:01:52 <calamari> did you create any of these langs? http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/wiki/User_talk:Calamari
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22:02:31 <kipple> I remember Homespring was announced on the mailing list a while back. I think I can dig it up
22:02:36 <Keymaker> not as far as i know :)
22:02:58 <calamari> kipple: cool, thanks
22:03:14 <kipple> it was posted 15.04.2003
22:05:06 <calamari> tada! :)
22:06:08 <calamari> I know there are some langs form the mailing list that aren't on the wiki.. I remembered Spaz and added it yesterday
22:15:29 <Keymaker> graue: the license langauge idea looks nice
22:21:13 <kipple> hmm. the Sorted! home page says it won the eso awards in 2000, but the wiki says it was in 2001, and that that was the FIRST eso awards...
22:21:49 <Keymaker> i guess the page maker has made a mistake, then
22:22:14 <kipple> the files in the distribution are dated december 2000
22:22:23 <calamari> kipple: yeah.. the wiki page seems to conflict.. I messed with it but probably not for the best
22:22:31 <kipple> so, it is correct that the eso awards started in 2001?
22:22:35 <calamari> nope
22:22:39 <calamari> they started in 2000
22:22:54 <calamari> the deadline just kept getting pushed back until they became the 2001
22:23:03 <kipple> aha
22:23:15 <kipple> though I think sorted! should be dated to 2000
22:23:20 <calamari> can you give a url for the file date?
22:23:34 <kipple> http://p-nand-q.com/humor/programming_languages/sorted_/sorted.tar.bz2
22:23:36 <calamari> thanks'
22:23:57 <kipple> anyway, that dates Shakespeare to 2001
22:24:18 <calamari> it does?
22:24:45 <kipple> the shakespeare spec mentions sorted as a reference, and that it was created in february
22:24:56 <kipple> the spec was last updated in 2001
22:25:37 <calamari> kipple: feel free to edit the wiki.. I don't want to take credit for your research and it takes longer to add quotes from you, etc :)
22:25:46 <kipple> I've done it already
22:25:48 <calamari> thanks
22:26:42 <calamari> editing Sorted!...
22:35:52 <kipple> added 2000 to TMMLPTEALFJwhatever
22:39:03 <calamari> thanks.. also thanks for adding a reason.. I've been trying to do that also
22:39:18 <kipple> yeah, I learned that from you :)
22:41:19 <calamari> enema: 2002 (interp date)
22:42:17 <kipple> java2k: 2000 (who would've guessed?) - original impl. date
22:42:30 <calamari> heheh
22:43:18 <Keymaker> :)
22:43:46 <Keymaker> ah, the 2k boom
22:43:56 <Keymaker> everything was 2k that year
22:44:09 <calamari> flip 2001 (java impl)
22:45:22 <kipple> smith#: 2000 (windows impl)
22:52:13 <calamari> redgreen 1999 chris's old page
22:54:29 <calamari> shelta 1999 chris's old page
23:05:35 <calamari> I love the descriptions made for these old languages: "ILLGOL in short: Take three parts Perl, two parts Basic, two parts Fortran. Marinate for six hours in Budweiser and canola oil. Boil until pulped and serve with a side of Intercal."
23:08:13 <Keymaker> heh
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23:32:03 <kipple> damn, Chris has made a lot of languages :D
23:32:24 <kipple> it's almost like we should have a separate Chris Pressey category for languages ......
23:32:47 <calamari> yeah :)
23:33:04 <calamari> I've been adding stubs for some that were missing
23:33:16 <kipple> yeah, I saw that.
23:33:26 <calamari> does this seem like a joke or a real language: http://web.archive.org/web/20030223112205/www.catseye.mb.ca/esoteric/turkeyb/index.html
23:34:16 <calamari> some of the descriptions are so elaborate it makes it seem like a joke (because of the Intercal-style humor).. but it could still be a real lang
23:34:16 <kipple> well it's definately a joke (but that doesn't necessarily prevent it from being a real language)
23:34:23 <calamari> yeah
23:35:04 <calamari> I'll call it lang until Chris or someone involved in it steps forward
23:40:20 <calamari> well, I think that's it for http://web.archive.org/web/20030211031900/http://www.catseye.mb.ca/lala/index.html
23:42:06 <Keymaker> nite.. i'm asleep already
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