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04:22:33 <Sgep> Night all
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05:47:25 <AKILLI_KIZ_VARMI> selamlar
05:47:31 <AKILLI_KIZ_VARMI> birileri varm0131?
05:48:04 <AKILLI_KIZ_VARMI> turk varm0131
05:48:05 <AKILLI_KIZ_VARMI> turk
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07:21:53 <lament> haha
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14:23:21 <nooga> HI!
14:25:19 <Gs30ng> hi!
14:25:40 <nooga> BDSM2 is done!
14:31:06 <nooga> it compiles under linux and wndows
14:31:21 <nooga> and executable has got only 72 kb!!
14:31:29 <nooga> kB i mean
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16:03:45 <Keymaker> evening
16:03:50 <Keymaker> nooga: that sounds nice
16:50:19 <Keymaker> is there any short assembler code for checking if value is odd or not?
16:55:08 <fizzie> Just and with 1?
16:55:18 <fizzie> One would hope AND would set the zero flag.
16:55:36 <Keymaker> thanks
16:59:14 <fizzie> Or "andi $t0, 1 ; beq $t0, $0, oh_it_was_even" if you happen to be on a MIPSish system.
16:59:37 <fizzie> Hmm, seems I managed to insert some undesired characters there.
17:03:18 <Keymaker> i'm really lucky it's so simple task :)
17:05:13 <fizzie> Menghfeh. Went to sleep at 0700, woke up at 1000, and now been in an exam first 1300-1600 and then 1615-1900. Sleeeepy.
17:05:59 <Keymaker> :\
17:06:04 <Keymaker> and won't go to bed yet? :D
17:07:23 <fizzie> Well, the exam ends at 1925, have to wait for that. Then there's the food issue - perhaps even more hungry than sleepy.
17:08:01 <fizzie> BGEZAL really isn't a pleasant mnemonic for an opcode.
17:08:43 <Keymaker> ok
17:08:44 <Keymaker> bgezal?
17:08:51 <Keymaker> what's that?
17:09:37 <jix> branch if greater or equal or zero or allways or less?
17:10:33 <Keymaker> crazy :)
17:10:46 <jix> that was a question
17:10:51 <jix> that opcode would be really useless
17:11:00 <Keymaker> yeah
17:13:29 <fizzie> Branch on Greater than or Equal to Zero And Link.
17:14:01 <fizzie> Like the normal branch, but saves the return address in register $31.
17:23:15 <jix> is there a BLEZAL ?
17:23:36 <fizzie> I think so. Closed the reference sheet window already.
17:23:54 <fizzie> I think ~all the branch instructions had an -AL version.
17:24:06 <fizzie> Perhaps even BEQAL.
17:24:11 <jix> in arm asm you can prefix ANY instruction with condition codes
17:24:17 <jix> or postfix...
17:24:42 <fizzie> MMX instructions are still uglier.
17:24:54 <fizzie> PUNPCKLDQ
17:25:03 <fizzie> PUNPCKHBW
17:25:32 <Keymaker> adn that should be easier to remember than the byte-code :D
17:25:34 <fizzie> Away now.
17:25:47 <Keymaker> bye
17:25:57 <fizzie> Considering that x86 instructions can be up to 17 bytes long, the bytecode probably isn't that easy to remember either. :p
17:26:26 <Keymaker> :)
19:20:11 <Keymaker> can one modify zero flag in assembler directly, without doing any cmp or stuff?
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19:30:23 <fizzie> lahf, sahf, popf and pushf can be used to load/store the flag register, but that's not very convenient.
19:34:33 <fizzie> I guess "test al, 0" would clear the zero flag without causing anything else. (Except messing the other flags too.)
19:44:53 <Keymaker> ok
19:45:02 <Keymaker> well, i'll use cmp
19:45:13 <lament> hi all
19:45:17 <Keymaker> hi
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20:16:47 <Keymaker> exit time. bye
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23:00:21 <SimonRC> Hey, cool!
23:01:54 <SimonRC> >0".enoyrevE olleH">:#._@
23:19:27 <fizzie> 025*"?enilwen oN">:#._@
23:35:41 <Sgep> what?
23:46:54 <SimonRC> Sgep: befunge
23:47:20 <fizzie> The language of choice for oneliners.
23:47:24 <SimonRC> heh
23:47:32 <SimonRC> you mean Unefunge, surely?
23:47:43 * SimonRC likes Bef98
23:48:17 <SimonRC> I considered trying to write a C-to-befunge compiler once
23:50:41 <fizzie> I wrote a befunge-to-C compiler once, or a simple "output C" test backend for my never-finished befunge-to-Java-bytecode compiler. Never finished it, and it doesn't support self-modification. (The compiler was written in Java, so in the Java-bytecode version I could've invoked the compiler to handle put. Obviously can't do that with the C backend.)
23:50:58 <fizzie> And I did write a brainf*ck-to-befunge translator, but the translation is rather trivial there.
23:51:12 <SimonRC> yes
23:54:38 <SimonRC> IIRC there is a text editor for trefunge written in trefunge, I wonder where it is...
23:55:54 <fizzie> I think Bfef translates '.' to ":,", ',' to "$~", strings of '+' to "<n>+", '-' to "<n>-" (where <n> is a base-15 representation with suitable "f*"s added), and '<'/'>' to "\0p<n>+::0g" (or "<n>-").
23:56:06 <fizzie> (And loops to suitable geometry.)
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