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06:44:41 <calamari> hi
06:45:33 <GregorR> Mmmmmmm, squid.
06:45:58 <GregorR> Hey calamari, what should I scan with my scanner that I don't really have any use for :P
06:46:19 <GregorR> I have a digital camera, and take all my notes on my tablet PC.
06:46:30 <GregorR> I'm simply too digital to need a scanner.
06:46:34 <GregorR> And yet, there it is.
06:46:36 <GregorR> Beckoning me.
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07:26:36 * calamari returns
07:26:59 <calamari> I don't use my scanner very much either
07:27:33 <calamari> I sometimes scan photos in.. or with my laser printer I use it as a sort of copy machine
07:28:19 <GregorR> Digital camera *shrugs*
07:28:35 <GregorR> All I need is a good /excuse/ XD
07:28:38 <calamari> exactly
07:29:42 <calamari> speaking of scans.. forgot to put up the baby pics.. done now tho :)
07:29:52 <calamari> http://kidsquid.com/images/baby/
07:30:44 <GregorR> I s'pose that's my cue to go "AWWWWWWW"?
07:30:52 <calamari> only if you want to
07:31:11 <GregorR> Guess I'm just not much of an awwer :P
07:31:14 <calamari> you just reminded me to upload them by talking about your scanner
07:31:59 <GregorR> http://lilly.csoft.net/~jeffryj/images/misc/bfcomp.jpg < This is the greatest thing I've ever seen :P
07:32:00 <calamari> I've been making diagrams of the encryption system
07:32:11 <calamari> haha
07:32:30 <calamari> I should send it to you
07:32:57 <GregorR> You should manufacture them and charge $50 a pop ;)
07:33:04 <GregorR> Of course, the memory's pretty limited ...
07:33:09 <GregorR> But you could sell expansion memory.
07:33:11 <GregorR> Just tack it on the end.
07:33:16 <calamari> or a slide rule
07:33:25 <calamari> or somethin
07:33:29 <calamari> yeah
07:33:39 <calamari> I used that thing exactly once
07:33:57 <GregorR> Heheh
07:33:58 <calamari> it was a lot of fun making it tho
07:34:13 <GregorR> I still have a vague ambition to make a C-like language that compiles to BF.
07:34:28 <GregorR> I have no idea how it would support recursion though.
07:34:50 <calamari> you can cheat and do it like I did with "line numbers"
07:34:57 <GregorR> I need to look into that ...
07:35:30 <GregorR> Or alternatively, make your BFASM be a backend.
07:35:32 <calamari> I still would like to someday write a program that unraveled control code into while loops
07:35:54 <calamari> bfasm isn't a good candidate, honestly .. its quite implementation dependent
07:36:08 <calamari> I was a little too generous giving myself 16 bit cells
07:36:15 <GregorR> Hah
07:36:57 <calamari> I think I've heard of a conversion interpreter for 8-bit bf tho
07:37:15 <GregorR> Yeah, but as if interpreting BF in BF isn't slow enough ...
07:37:19 <calamari> hehe
07:37:50 <calamari> I wrote compilers for spaghetti.. I need to do that for linguine
07:38:04 <calamari> instead of relying on python
07:38:57 <calamari> all I'm really lacking are the unlimited size integer routines
07:39:40 <calamari> and maybe some kind of fast hashing for the array
07:40:03 <calamari> ahh well
07:41:54 <calamari> I think I'm dropping my game theory class and doing research for the credit instead
07:42:26 <calamari> it's incredibly uninteresting
07:43:19 <GregorR> In my Algorithms and Complexity class, I did one of the assigned problems waaaaaaaaaay more difficultly than I had to.
07:43:26 <GregorR> Difficultly ...
07:43:39 <GregorR> As it turns out, 2^x would have been an acceptable answer, and easy to prove.
07:44:43 <GregorR> But because I'm insane, I found fibonacci(x) was an acceptable answer, and went through a disgustingly long mathematical interlude to prove that (in the strange structure of this algo), using fibonacci(x) in this place would lead to an O(x) algorithm with a line, the slope of which approaches phi^3.
07:44:54 <calamari> well, the problem with game theory is that its 99% theory and 1% game
07:44:59 <GregorR> Hah
07:45:13 <calamari> so it's one proof I couldn't care less about right after another
07:46:49 <GregorR> I'm still in no-electives universe :P
07:49:20 <calamari> I am in all-electives universe
07:49:50 <calamari> well, except the networking class, but I wanted to take that anyways
07:50:21 <calamari> and actually if I graduate this year it wasn't required so I guess it still is elective
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08:08:41 <calamari> bbl
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13:52:23 <{^Raven^}> hi everyone
13:53:01 <{^Raven^}> there's a really simple brainfuck programming competion running at the moment
13:53:23 <{^Raven^}> all you have to do is print a string :P
13:53:42 <{^Raven^}> http://programming.webhop.net/
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14:10:40 * {^Raven^} 's telly just went boom :((
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15:21:29 <J|x> i have an idea for a new esolang!
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15:31:48 <kipple> well, tell us about it then :)
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15:41:22 <jix> i can't... i have to write an interpreter and some examples
15:50:20 <jix> here is cat:
15:50:21 <jix> a/a
15:50:53 <jix> replace a with any variable
15:50:56 <jix> you want
15:52:04 <jix> or use the empty programm
15:52:48 <kipple> huh? is the empty program cat?
15:52:55 <jix> yes
15:53:10 <kipple> :)
15:54:08 <jix> <s,a/s.s,a><s,a,b/a,a,s<s,b>> is cat2 (hello => hheelllloo)
15:56:19 <jix> a ruby interpreter would be very slow
15:57:43 <jix> i think i'll add a short hand notation for numbers and maybe for strings
15:58:50 <jix> %"test\n"/%"true\n"\%"false\n" will output true or false depending wether the input is test\n or not
16:01:01 <jix> hmm wait the cat2 example is wrong
16:01:11 <jix> x/<s,a/s.s,a><s,a,b/a,a,s<s,b>>x is a working cat2
16:02:09 <jix> hmm i just noted a problem
16:03:49 <SimonRC> What kind of lang is it?
16:03:56 <jix> lazy
16:04:11 <jix> lambda calculus style but not lambda calculus
16:04:25 <jix> functional
16:07:45 <jix> but functions arn't the only first calss type
16:08:04 <jix> there are cons functions and nulls
16:08:09 <jix> +,
16:08:46 <jix> <s,a,b/s.s,a,b><s,<a,b>,c/a,s<b,c>\<s,x,y/y>@>,%10,%13 should evaluate to 10+13 => 23
16:08:56 <puzzlet> ..
16:09:26 <jix> %10 is just shorthand for a cons list with 10 nulls (counting the cdr(?) of the last cons)
16:09:35 <jix> no not counting it
16:09:57 <jix> but that is just my way of representing numbers using my language
16:15:27 <jix> i think it's a lot easier to use it for real life problems than the lambda calculus
16:15:44 <jix> (without my weird notation)
16:16:18 <jix> it's based on the rho calculus but i stopped reading that paper about it after 2 pages...
16:20:38 <jix> <> is false <,> is true (again using my representation but the language doesn't force you to use one)
16:21:10 <jix> <,<,>> is 2 <,<,<,>>> is 3 ...
16:23:22 <jix> <,> is "\x00" and 1 too
16:26:10 <jix> ok changed the spec (in my head) again
16:28:27 <jix> this scanns the input for the word test and outputs true if it found it and false if it didn't
16:28:28 <jix> <s,a/s.s,a><s,%"test",a/%"true\n"\s,a,b/s,b\_/%"false\n">
16:28:53 <jix> do that in any other esolang witht this size
16:29:41 <jix> argh again add x/ at the begining and x at the end
16:39:37 <jix> you can convert any lambda code to my language just replace \ a . b with <a/b> and every pair of () witha pair of <>
16:41:17 <jix> hmm no replace \a.b with <:a/b>
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16:54:06 <SimonRC> jix: Iiiiiinteresting
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18:12:00 <jix> <:c/c\%"Comment here">
18:12:03 <jix> that's a comment
18:12:32 <jix> not everywhere but most of the time it is
18:14:10 <jix> it's the identity function
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18:27:31 * SimonRC goes
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18:28:30 <jix> GregorR: whats up with your connection?
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18:39:09 <jix> i'd like to implement my esolang in obj-c
18:39:36 <jix> has anyone tried to compile obj-c code on linux or windows?
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18:50:00 <jix> has anyone tried to compile obj-c code on linux or windows?
18:50:01 <jix> whoops
18:50:24 <nooga> ji
18:50:25 <nooga> :>
18:50:27 <nooga> hi
18:50:34 <jix> moin nooga
18:50:48 <jix> i invented a new esolang and i want to write a (fast) interpreter
18:51:15 <nooga> what is it
18:51:19 <nooga> giv some samples ! :D
18:51:43 <jix> this is cat:
18:52:00 <jix> and this is cat2 (abc => aabbcc): x/<s,a/s.s,a><s,a,b/a,a,s<s,b>>x
18:52:39 <jix> and this searches for test in the input and prints true if found and false if not: x/<s,a/s.s,a><s,%"test",a/%"true\n"\s,a,b/s,b\_/%"false\n">x
18:52:59 <jix> and it is really functional
18:53:24 <jix> and lambda calculus compatible (but different) => turing complete
18:54:44 <jix> the string search is really short isn't it?
18:57:07 <jix> wait there is an error in the first and third program
18:57:47 <jix> i made some changes again
18:59:12 <nooga> who
18:59:16 <jix> but this should really replace every python with ruby x/<s,a/s.s,a><s,%"python",a/%"ruby",<s,s,a>\s,a,b/b,<s,s,a>>x
18:59:21 <nooga> you understand lambda calculus?
18:59:25 <jix> yes of course
18:59:37 <nooga> and you're 14 years old?
18:59:47 <jix> yep
19:01:38 <nooga> where did u learnt abt it?
19:01:55 <jix> wikipedia esolangs.org
19:02:08 <jix> #esoteric
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19:03:24 <nooga> oh well
19:03:27 <nooga> teach me
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19:05:03 <jix> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lambda_calculus
19:10:18 <nooga> OMG
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19:12:02 <nooga> jix: u r geek^3
19:12:11 <nooga> my brother is 14
19:12:55 <nooga> he doesn't know how to implement tree walking
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21:13:47 <Keymaker> raven: yeah, i heard about that!
21:13:47 <Keymaker> not my bag very much..
21:13:48 <Keymaker> because i don't like the task
21:13:48 <Keymaker> and not wanting to write some stuff in other languages
21:13:49 <Keymaker> i'll run an old fashioned one-task 8-bit non-wrapping implementation competition once that one is over
21:13:58 <Keymaker> i have the idea ready ;)
21:14:09 <jix> Keymaker: ??
21:14:14 <Keymaker> hm?
21:14:17 <Keymaker> i don't tell the idea yet
21:14:21 <jix> what are you talking ybout
21:14:24 <Keymaker> ah
21:14:28 <Keymaker> wait a second!
21:14:33 * jix is too lazy to read logs
21:14:45 <Keymaker> it hasn't been mentioned in logs
21:14:51 <Keymaker> i'm trying to find the link..
21:15:15 <Keymaker> dbc told me it via e-mail, i hadn't noticed it since couldn't have accessed the mailing list
21:15:40 <Keymaker> or well, in an e-mail about different thing, as a sidenote
21:16:02 <Keymaker> http://programming.webhop.net
21:16:19 <Keymaker> the competition isn't very interesting
21:16:30 <Keymaker> and it hasn't even the implementation defined
21:16:56 <Keymaker> the task is to write "This is an example of a BrainFuck program!\n" in brainfuck
21:17:35 <Keymaker> and other two are writing something in other languages, but the programs must have something to do with bf
21:17:47 <Keymaker> *other two categories
21:17:50 <jix> böring
21:17:59 <Keymaker> yse
21:18:08 <jix> i'm inventing a new esolang atm
21:18:18 <Keymaker> ah, i'm just reading the log
21:20:27 <Keymaker> well, can't understand much of it :9
21:22:03 <jix> i need a simple example of a lambda evaluator
21:22:09 <jix> written in a language like c
21:22:32 <Keymaker> ..and what is tree walking?
21:23:04 <jix> you have a tree (data structure) and you visit all nodes in some order
21:23:13 <Keymaker> ah
21:37:17 <fizzie> Class 2 ("Write a compiler/intepreter for BrainFuck programs on a unconventional platform") is a bit too vaguely defined. What's an unconventional platform?
21:38:41 <fizzie> Is my MIPS R4k an unconventional platform? What about the FORTH interpreter in the boot rom of the sparc station? (Well, it's not really forth, just a very very very much forth-like language. Can't remember what Sun calls it.)
21:38:50 <fizzie> s/sparc /sparc/
21:46:30 <fizzie> (Is that thing even a R4k? Can't remember.)
21:47:41 <fizzie> (R5k. Well, anyway.)
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22:46:22 <Bart133> Please say "Hello, World!"
22:46:23 <Bart133> Please say "Hello, World!"
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22:46:50 <Keymaker> Hello, World!
22:54:59 <fizzie> LEHHO ,DRLWO!
22:55:04 <fizzie> Oops, I did it wrong!
22:58:22 <Keymaker> :)
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