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00:34:43 <GregorR> I need a good quit message ...
00:34:47 <GregorR> However, I never quit IRC.
00:34:51 <GregorR> So it would never be visible.
00:35:08 <GregorR> So instead, I will say: "My quit message is so profound, to read it would enlighten you on the very nature of the gods"
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01:01:07 <ihope> Something along the lines of "gods can do anything"?
01:02:14 <int-e> how about "No! It can't be! I cannot die!"
01:05:57 <fungebob> can you make a recursive quit message?
01:06:16 <ihope> "This is a quit message"?
01:06:22 <fungebob> has left irc.freenode.net ("has left irc.freenode.net ("Leaving")")
01:06:28 <int-e> "This is not a quit message."
01:06:36 <fungebob> a self ref quit message
01:06:57 <fungebob> has left irc.freenode.net ("has joined irc.freenode.net ("
01:07:06 <ihope> "This quit message is \"This quit message is \\\"This quit message is...
01:07:21 <GregorR> OK, quit messages are not a programming language, you cannot make a quine -_-
01:07:28 <ihope> Heh.
01:07:38 <ihope> They're the cat programming language!
01:08:09 <GregorR> That's not TC ;)
01:08:26 <fungebob> how about a palindrome then?
01:08:29 -!- EgoBot has joined.
01:08:44 <GregorR> Stupid connection of mine >_<
01:12:36 <fungebob> ")ten.edoneerf.cri tfel sah bobegnuf("
01:12:50 <fungebob> hey how do you change your quit message in chatzilla?
01:21:36 <ihope> Does ChatZilla even HAVE default quit messages?
01:21:59 <GregorR> It's the silly "Using Chatzilla version blahblah on Firefox version blahblah" message
01:22:08 <ihope> Oh.
01:22:21 <GregorR> You could edit the JS *heheh*
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01:23:30 <ihope_> Bah, no Fancy Quit Message?
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01:28:09 <ihope> Now, I don't like websites that don't allow symbols in passwords. It makes it impossible to use, say, &|_4$$80++|_3 as a password.
01:28:39 <GregorR> I hate when sites don't even allow numbers or underscores.
01:28:49 <ihope> Whoa...
01:28:54 <GregorR> I'd like to see: "Warning! Your password does not contain any dictionary words!"
01:29:02 <GregorR> "It may be difficult to remember!"
01:29:08 * int-e waits for a site to provide a list of suggested passwords along with the list of suggested 'security questions'
01:29:21 <ihope> "Warning! Your password contains more than one character!"
01:29:33 <GregorR> "Warning! Your password is not abcdefg"
01:29:47 <ihope> Well, I can't beat that easily.
01:29:55 <ihope> "Warning! You have a password!"
01:31:00 <int-e> If you've forgotten your password, the first letter was 'a', then 's', then 'b'. If that doesn't help you, try again later to find the second half.
01:31:11 <ihope> :-)
01:31:35 <ihope> How about the reverse?
01:32:00 <ihope> "Error: Passwords must be at least 64 characters long, and must contain all 95 printable characters."
01:32:06 <int-e> nah, that's longer than 6 letters ;)
01:32:07 <ihope> ...Wait a minute...
01:32:20 <ihope> 128 characters long.
01:32:33 <GregorR> ihope: Nah, it has to contain all printable Unicode characters.
01:33:21 <ihope> "Error: Passwords, when compressed, must occupy at least 64 megabytes of memory."
01:36:38 <ihope> "Error: Passwords must be valid Malbolge quines."
01:37:05 <int-e> ihope: the empty string?
01:38:28 <ihope> The empty string isn't a valid Malbolge program.
01:38:55 <ihope> They must be at least 2 characters, in order to give the crazy operation enough information to randomize the memory.
01:57:38 <ihope> !help
01:57:42 <EgoBot> help ps kill i eof flush show ls bf_txtgen usertrig daemon undaemon
01:57:45 <EgoBot> 1l 2l adjust axo befunge bch bf{8,[16],32,64} glass glypho kipple lambda lazyk linguine malbolge pbrain rail sadol sceql trigger udage01 unlambda
02:02:23 <GregorR> Hmm.
02:02:30 <GregorR> We just had the worlds most pansy earthquake.
02:02:36 <GregorR> OR, the precursor to a huge earthquake.
02:02:42 <GregorR> But probably the former.
02:03:45 <ihope> They're just a bunch of pansies...
02:03:50 <ihope> Let's go meet the pansies!
02:05:12 <int-e> !unlambda
02:05:17 <EgoBot> ./unlambda/unlambda: file ./tmp/egobot.r0IRH8: parse error
02:05:29 <int-e> !unlambda ```sii``sii
02:05:38 * int-e whistles innocently
02:06:59 <ihope> !ps
02:07:03 <EgoBot> 1 int-e: unlambda
02:07:06 <EgoBot> 2 ihope: ps
02:07:19 <ihope> !nuke 1
02:07:24 <EgoBot> Huh?
02:07:27 <ihope> Bleh.
02:07:29 <ihope> !kill 1
02:07:32 <EgoBot> Process 1 killed.
02:09:14 <ihope> Lemme think. It's a verb, an adjective, an interjection...
02:16:22 <ihope> "Thou art as rotten as the difference between nothing and the sum of a
02:16:31 <ihope> Oops.
02:19:41 <int-e> !unlambda ```.l`.l``.H.e. ``.o.,.!```.w.r`.o.d`.li
02:19:47 <EgoBot> Hello, world!
02:20:27 <ihope> Whoa...
02:20:41 <ihope> !unlambda `
02:20:46 <EgoBot> ./unlambda/unlambda: file ./tmp/egobot.voR4qe: parse error
02:21:04 <int-e> !unlambda `.ai
02:21:11 <EgoBot> a
02:21:28 <ihope> !unlambda ``cc`cc
02:21:39 <ihope> !pd
02:21:41 <ihope> !ps
02:21:44 <EgoBot> Huh?
02:21:44 <EgoBot> 1 ihope: unlambda
02:21:47 <EgoBot> 2 ihope: ps
02:21:48 <ihope> !kill 1
02:21:50 <EgoBot> Process 1 killed.
02:21:51 <int-e> !unlambda ``````.Q.w.e.r.t.yi
02:21:56 <EgoBot> Qwerty
02:23:40 <ihope> !unlambda ```s.a.b.c
02:23:44 <EgoBot> abc
02:23:49 <ihope> How odd...
02:24:01 <int-e> not really
02:24:05 <int-e> the result is .c :)
02:24:15 <int-e> so
02:24:22 <int-e> !unlambda ````s.a.b.ci
02:24:27 <ihope> !unlambda ````ss.a.b.c
02:24:29 <EgoBot> abcc
02:24:30 <EgoBot> abbc
02:25:11 <int-e> before I try - what does egobot do if the output is very long?
02:25:47 <int-e> ``ci`c`````.H.e.l.l.or is a simple infinite 'loop'
02:26:36 <ihope> If the output is infinite, I think it /msg's it to you.
02:26:57 <ihope> Getting an infinite /msg is bad.
02:27:09 <ihope> !help flush
02:27:09 <int-e> the server won't do that.
02:27:12 <EgoBot> Use: flush Function: flush the output buffer, discarding any current output
02:27:26 <ihope> Well, if there's line breaks in it...
02:27:56 <ihope> !bf .+[.+]
02:28:15 <ihope> !ps
02:28:30 -!- EgoBot has quit (Excess Flood).
02:28:38 <int-e> heh
02:28:45 <ihope> :-P
02:29:09 <ihope> I'M SORRY!
02:30:35 -!- GregorR has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
02:30:50 <int-e> aww, you broke our toy
02:30:52 <ihope> Urmp?
02:31:11 -!- GregorR has joined.
02:33:49 <ihope> You're back!
02:33:55 <ihope> How was your, uh...
02:38:16 <ihope> Heh. My "big" function on the numbers 3 and 3 is equal to 402653184 * (2^402653184).
02:40:16 <ihope> Well, big is similar to the Ackermann function. That is all.
02:40:18 -!- ihope has quit ("What the heck is a Beerdigungnachricht?").
02:43:32 <lament> well, MY function is even bigger! It's 402653184 * (2^402653184) + 1
02:45:16 <int-e> I know where this is leading
02:45:27 <int-e> next you'll discover that there is no biggest natural number ;)
02:46:19 <lament> Yes there is!
02:46:26 <lament> 9999999999 is the biggest.
02:51:27 <int-e> ```sii`r`.!`.d`.l`.r`.o`.w`. `.,`.o`.l`.l`.e`.H`c``sc``sc``sc`kk prints Hello, world 8 times ... I wish I folly understood why.
02:51:31 <int-e> fully
02:58:01 <int-e> even more confusingly, ``ci`r`.!`.d`.l`.r`.o`.w`. `.,`.o`.l`.l`.e`.H`c``sc``sc``sc`ki prints Hello, world! 107 times - which is prime.
03:33:33 <Sgeo> Bye all
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04:05:38 <GregorR> Ye gads my connection is awful.
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10:57:05 <nooga> well
10:57:07 <nooga> hi
10:57:27 <jix> moin
10:58:59 <nooga> hehe
10:59:25 <nooga> my lisp interpreter in ruby is working partially
10:59:56 <nooga> it can (setq x 7)(+ 2 x)
11:10:25 <jix> my rhotor interpreter is working too... but the parser still isn't complete
11:13:40 <GregorR> Gregor tries to draw simple objects in 3D and gets progressively worse:
11:13:45 <GregorR> 1) http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a379/GregorRichards/Books.jpg
11:13:50 <GregorR> 2) http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a379/GregorRichards/Monitor.jpg
11:13:55 <GregorR> 3) http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a379/GregorRichards/Arch.jpg
11:13:59 <GregorR> Ah yes, I am terrible.
11:15:19 <nooga> yes tou are :D
11:15:22 <nooga> you*
11:15:43 <GregorR> Thanks for the positive reinforcement :-P
11:19:20 <nooga> what program did u use?
11:19:55 <GregorR> The GIMP
11:20:12 <nooga> oh
11:20:32 <nooga> The SHRIMP
11:20:45 <GregorR> Umm.
11:21:37 <nooga> i prefer photoshop
11:21:49 <nooga> maybe beacuse i'm using it from version 3.0
11:23:53 -!- lirtzy has joined.
11:25:24 <GregorR> I don't use proprietary software, so to me, that isn't an option.
11:25:37 <GregorR> Plus, the GIMP's UI gets a bad rap.
11:25:43 <GregorR> It's actually quite nice once you get used to it.
11:26:04 <GregorR> (The same can be said about photoshop - /once you get used to it/)
11:27:25 <nooga> yep
11:27:28 <nooga> exactly
11:27:43 <nooga> windows in gimp should be smaller and stay on top
11:27:53 <jix> nooga: ack
11:27:59 <jix> thats one reason i use photoshop
11:28:06 <nooga> mhm
11:28:40 <jix> and photoshop uses mac os x gui gimp uses gtk... mac os x gui is ultra fast ... gtk is slow....
11:29:18 <nooga> gtk is rough
11:29:29 <jix> ok i can parse < and > and / and \
11:29:48 <jix> writing a parser without a parser lib or parser generator is fun
11:30:02 <nooga> easy
11:30:25 <jix> well you won't say that if you know my language
11:30:40 <nooga> i wrote several parsers :>
11:30:48 <jix> ok
11:30:57 <jix> but did you wrote them in.. HASKELL!
11:31:13 <nooga> what? u r writing it in evul haskell?
11:31:23 <jix> yes i have to
11:31:28 <nooga> why?
11:31:31 <jix> because i wrote the interpreter in haskell
11:31:41 <jix> i started writing it in c.. but after 500loc it stopped working
11:31:47 <jix> i did that in about 50loc haskell
11:31:53 <nooga> right
11:31:57 <nooga> but why haskell
11:32:00 <nooga> don't u have ruby?
11:32:04 <jix> because it has lazy evaluation build in
11:32:18 <nooga> oh ;p
11:32:20 <jix> and i'd have to simulate it in any other language
11:32:31 <jix> and haskell isn't that bad
11:32:51 <jix> you just have to think in a different way
11:32:57 <jix> it's like re learning everything you know
11:33:26 <nooga> isn't ruby partially inspired by haskell?
11:37:24 <jix> uhm no
11:37:32 <nooga> okay ;p
11:37:37 <jix> ruby is partially inspired by smalltalk
11:37:45 <jix> that has an LL in it too
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16:46:04 <ihope> Ello
16:54:27 <ihope> Programming time. Let's see here... start with Z, then do a +. That's `Z+, of course.
16:55:01 <ihope> Oops. `Z@.
16:57:32 <ihope> The whole program: `pZcP2.2.Z@
16:57:44 <ihope> ...Whoops.
16:57:51 <ihope> `pZcP2.2.`Z@
16:58:05 <ihope> ...
16:58:11 <ihope> `pZcP2.2.`@Z
17:00:58 <jix> whats that?
17:01:04 <ihope> It's a BF-PR program.
17:01:23 <jix> i made a mistake in my parser
17:01:45 <jix> implemented a different operator precedence :(
17:01:54 <jix> swapped application and cons
17:02:21 <ihope> Oop.
17:03:39 <jix> and as i'm not using a parser generator where i'd have to swap two lines i have to change a lot
17:40:29 -!- Keymaker has joined.
17:40:54 * Keymaker debugs again
18:23:12 <Keymaker> ah
18:23:22 <Keymaker> missed a few instructions
18:32:42 <Keymaker> works like a charm
18:33:00 <Keymaker> or however you british say (is anyone here from UK?)
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19:16:05 <SimonRC> jix: Is that lang documented anywhere?
19:23:19 -!- jix has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
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20:38:24 -!- Keymaker has joined.
20:40:00 <Keymaker> simonrc: nope, the jix's language isn't described anywhere yet
21:21:27 * SimonRC goes
21:39:04 -!- Robdgreat has quit.
21:41:58 <Keymaker> sigh.. debug time.. x]
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23:24:53 <Keymaker> yes!
23:25:01 <Keymaker> works now
23:25:49 <Keymaker> i would've debugged faster if i hadn't watched various videos at http://pleix.net/ and browsed other sites
23:31:10 <lindi-> Keymaker: interesting, but why on earth they use javascript and expect some plugins.. and don't give link to the actual video
23:31:26 <Keymaker> no idea
23:31:47 <Keymaker> the videos must be played with quicktime :/
23:31:59 <lindi-> mplayer plays them fine
23:32:06 <Keymaker> ok
23:32:16 <lindi-> without any proprietary stuff
23:52:11 <fizzie> Selected video codec: [ffsvq3] vfm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg Sorenson Video v3 (SVQ3))
23:52:42 <fizzie> SVQ3 is quite a recent addition to lavc.
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