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07:13:38 <GregorR> nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooga
07:14:27 <nooga> GregorR
07:15:40 <nooga> GregorR: what's with your c2bf?
07:16:39 <GregorR> My wheel o' attention hasn't turned back to it yet.
07:17:01 <GregorR> DirectNet, OBLISK, C2BF, IDIA, random projects, too many things to work on X-P
07:18:03 <nooga> oh
07:24:35 <GregorR> That list seems awfully sparse 8-X
07:24:38 <GregorR> What am I missing ...
07:25:32 <calamari> GregorR: I started a text file to keep track of my projects
07:25:45 <GregorR> I use nagging to keep track.
07:25:51 <GregorR> If nobody nags me about it, it's probably not very important.
07:26:11 <calamari> what about personal interest projects
07:26:16 <calamari> do you nag yourself?
07:26:25 <GregorR> Yup.
07:26:33 <GregorR> That's how OBLISK stays alive XD
07:26:37 <GregorR> But I prefer external nagging.
07:27:30 <calamari> hmm.. maybe a NagBot
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07:30:10 <nooga> "haha cherade you are..."
07:30:38 <nooga> charade* ;p
07:32:21 <nooga> hm hm
07:36:34 <nooga> are u coding right now? ;p
07:37:00 <GregorR> Am I ever not?
07:37:05 <GregorR> I code in my sleep.
07:39:41 <nooga> LOOK
07:39:42 <nooga> https://www.osmosian.com/
07:40:14 <nooga> english language compiler hahaha, looks awfullllll
07:42:08 <nooga> and it's propetiary
07:42:43 <GregorR> Naturally.
07:44:41 <nooga> oh great
07:45:13 <nooga> this is some kind of a joke
07:50:43 <nooga> or maybe not
07:50:49 <nooga> ghhh
07:51:53 <GregorR> The title suggests that it is.
07:51:59 <GregorR> "The Osmosian Order of Plain English Programmers"
07:52:02 <GregorR> Yeah, right.
07:52:39 <nooga> :>
07:53:10 <GregorR> Reminds me of ORK ...
07:55:12 <nooga> c2bf will be cool when finished
07:56:37 <nooga> someone should kick your "wheel o' attention"
07:56:54 <nooga> or try to develop c2bf by himself
07:59:11 <calamari> btw, did you ever move c2bf off to its own project page?
07:59:25 <GregorR> They rejected the project :(
07:59:31 <calamari> lol
07:59:39 <nooga> what?
07:59:40 <nooga> who?
07:59:41 <nooga> where?
07:59:49 <GregorR> C2BF
07:59:53 <GregorR> Sourceforge
07:59:54 <GregorR> Sourceforge
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08:02:00 <nooga> but it's on sourceforge
08:03:38 <nooga> well, g2g, bye
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17:11:46 <nooga> mh
17:11:49 <nooga> hi?
17:17:28 <jix> moin
17:18:10 <nooga> hi jiz
17:18:13 <nooga> jix*
17:18:40 <jix> moin noogc
17:18:42 <jix> nooga*
17:18:43 <jix> ;)
17:21:49 <nooga> hehehe
17:22:00 <nooga> u r cruel
17:22:24 <nooga> have you finished rhotor interpreter in C?
17:22:47 <jix> no
17:22:51 <jix> i never started one
17:23:09 <nooga> i see
17:23:25 <nooga> i have problem with implementing lambda lifter
17:29:13 <jix> solve them ;)
17:29:23 <nooga> yeah
17:30:04 <nooga> well... what are you coding atm jix?
17:30:31 <jix> i'm writing a ...
17:30:33 <jix> (word missing)
17:31:01 <jix> a report of something that isn't in my dictionary for school
17:32:10 <jix> using latex
17:32:17 <nooga> ?
17:32:36 <jix> LaTeX the typesetting system
17:34:13 <nooga> yes i know
17:34:16 <nooga> [18:30] <jix> a report of something that isn't in my dictionary for school
17:34:25 <jix> i don't know the word
17:34:30 <jix> and it isn't in my dictionary
17:35:06 <jix> i work in a company for 2 weeks
17:35:17 <jix> thats cool.. the bad thing is i have to write an report about it
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17:39:15 <nooga> well
17:39:20 <ihope> We have a positive integer A such that A = (B^2 - C^2) for positive integers B and C. Given A, find possible B and C.
17:39:24 <nooga> you work for a company?
17:39:46 <nooga> ihope so?
17:39:47 <sp3tt> I doubt that is always possible.
17:39:53 <nooga> i hope so :>
17:40:38 <jix> nooga: no
17:40:42 <jix> i'm going to school
17:41:05 <jix> but in grade 9 or 10 we work in a company for 2 weeks
17:41:36 <ihope> sp3tt: if A = (B^2 - C^2), it is possible to find B and C...
17:41:44 <sp3tt> For all A?
17:41:59 <sp3tt> It is possible for all odd A, but for all even?
17:42:02 <ihope> I didn't say for all A.
17:42:13 <ihope> It is not possible for even A as far as I know.
17:42:20 <nooga> jix: omfg, i wish i had the same here
17:42:30 <sp3tt> Not for all even A, but possibly for some.
17:42:43 <sp3tt> Sum(0..n,2n+1)=n^2.
17:43:11 <sp3tt> 1+3=4, 1+3+5=9,1+3+5+7=16 and so on....
17:43:41 <sp3tt> So it always possible to find two perfect squares with difference 2k+1, k \in N.
17:44:15 <ihope> Okay. I'm looking for an efficient algorithm to find B and C.
17:44:44 <sp3tt> Well, for odd A that would be trivial.
17:44:58 <ihope> How is it done, then?
17:45:25 <sp3tt> A-1, A-2. For example, 3 = 2^2 - 1^2.
17:45:41 <ihope> Wait a minute...
17:45:49 * ihope thinks
17:46:29 <ihope> Okay. B - C cannot be 1.
17:47:12 <sp3tt> (a-1)^2-(a-2)^2=a^2-2a+1-(a^2-4a+1)=2a... o.O
17:47:35 <sp3tt> 4 = 3^2 - 2^2...
17:47:47 <ihope> 5 = 3^2 - 2^2.
17:47:52 <sp3tt> I must be ignoring something.
17:47:52 <jix> ihope: and C - B?
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17:47:57 <sp3tt> Aye, correct. Typo.
17:48:02 <ihope> jix: must not be -1 :-)
17:48:28 <jix> ihope: well if C - B is 1 it's trivial
17:48:59 <ihope> If C - B were positive, then B - C would be negative...
17:49:23 <ihope> Okay. C - B must be negative, just as B + C must be positive.
17:49:28 <ihope> s/+/-/
17:49:55 <sp3tt> aka B > C.
17:50:11 <ihope> Yes.
17:50:23 <ihope> B > C+1, also.
17:50:43 <sp3tt> >=*
17:50:57 <ihope> B >= C+2
17:53:09 <ihope> Assume that A, B and C are positive integers, that A = (B^2 - C^2), and that B - C > 1. Given A, find B and C.
17:59:28 <ihope> If you find an efficient solution to that, let me know so I can tell you how to collect the $605,000.
18:00:18 <ihope> "Efficient" meaning "feasibly applicable to A with hundreds of decimal digits".
18:09:17 <jix> i can assume that A is representable using B^2-C^2 ? or do i have to test it
18:33:17 <ihope> Yes, A will always be representable by (B^2 - C^2).
18:33:49 <ihope> Now, it turns out that the whole reason for inventing this problem is futile...
18:35:23 <ihope> A = (B^2 - C^2) = (B - C)(B + C) = A. I was trying to devise an efficient way to factor A.
18:35:49 <ihope> However, finding B and C seems to itself involve factoring A.
18:36:52 <jix> rsa challenge?
18:37:23 <ihope> Bingo,
18:38:02 <jix> yeah and the sum of the open challenges is 605.000
18:38:39 <jix> but if you're able to fake rsa signatures you'd be able to get a lot more money...
18:39:16 <ihope> What do you mean?
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18:59:23 <ihope> You know, I think an Unlambda interpreter would be MUCH easier to write in continuation passing style.
18:59:34 <ihope> Eh, that is, easier.
19:16:55 <ihope> So... data Unlambda = Unlambda (Unlambda -> Cont String Unlambda)
19:18:24 <ihope> Okay, defining .x with that is giving me a headache already.
19:19:17 <ihope> Let's try again.
19:19:36 <ihope> data Unlambda = Unlambda (Unlambda -> (Unlambda -> String) -> String)
19:20:21 <ihope> output x = Unlambda \y z -> x : z y
19:22:15 <ihope> Great...
19:22:29 <ihope> output x = Unlambda (\y -> Const (\z -> x : z y))
19:22:34 <ihope> s/Const/Cont/
19:28:23 <ihope> Okay, now the other ones...
19:28:57 <ihope> Let's try id using the second definition.
19:29:24 <ihope> id = Unlambda (\x y -> y x) -- easy
19:29:44 <ihope> With the first: id = Unlambda (\x -> Cont (\y -> y x))
19:33:28 <ihope> Note to self: do not terminate Acrobat while Firefox has a PDF tab open.
19:36:47 <calamari> lol... been mailing my shell provider for weeks to cancel the old account, no response. Create a 1 GB file in my account (my limit), immediate response.. cancelled today
19:38:02 <ihope> :-D
19:38:42 <ihope> Now, it seems I did that one definition wrong...
19:38:58 <ihope> output x = Unlambda (\y -> Cont (\z -> z y ++ [x]))
19:40:27 <SimonRC> *sigh*
19:43:20 <SimonRC> You can find a number as the difference of two positive squares for all positive integers except powers of two
19:43:30 <SimonRC> oh, waitamo
19:43:39 <SimonRC> I wa thinking of triangular numbers
19:44:43 <calamari> hmm, 4 is somewhat triangular depnding on how it's written ;)
19:47:48 <ihope> 4 is a tetrahedral number.
19:48:11 <ihope> And, indeed, it's a right triangular number...
19:49:25 <calamari> of course some 4's have the open top, so those aren't triangular 4's :)
19:50:39 <ihope> True.
19:51:15 <ihope> Now, let's see here...
19:51:19 <ihope> Ooh.
19:52:24 <calamari> I think you meant "Ook."
19:52:43 <SimonRC> Actually, I think that damn stupid Osmosian thing would fail even if it wasn't a pile of bullshit, as it is not very open.
19:52:55 <SimonRC> No on-line specs, for example.
19:53:08 <ihope> Ook! Ook? Ook! Ook! Ook? Ook! Ook. Ook. Ook! Ook? Ook? Ook! Ook? Ook?
19:53:25 <SimonRC> !help
19:53:38 <SimonRC> feh
19:53:47 <ihope> EgoBot commands don't work without EgoBot.
19:54:00 * SimonRC attempts to remember his Ook commands.
19:54:12 <SimonRC> ihope: I knew that, but I though egobot might be here
19:54:24 <calamari> [-]+[]error
19:55:00 <ihope> Oh, right!
19:55:27 <ihope> Since NOTICE got corrupted, what can we do so that bots won't talk to each other?
19:56:15 <SimonRC> have them check on anothers' names?
19:56:28 <SimonRC> anyway, what's wrong with NOTICE?
19:56:45 <ihope> Yes.
19:56:59 <ihope> But some clients freak out when they recieve notices.
19:57:35 <SimonRC> ihope: in that case, people should Get A Real Client.
19:57:47 <ihope> It troo.
19:58:03 * SimonRC begins to suspect that calamari in fact *can't* see notices.
19:58:20 <calamari> Received a CTCP VERSION from ihope
19:58:28 <calamari> that's it so far
19:58:33 <ihope> You can see CTCP, it seems...
19:58:36 <SimonRC> calamari: okay: repeat after me:
19:58:41 <calamari> I haven't seen any notices
19:58:58 <calamari> ahh
19:59:04 <calamari> wasn't paying attention, hahaha
19:59:07 <ihope> :-)
19:59:14 <calamari> a b c
19:59:32 <SimonRC> calamari: okay, yours works
19:59:56 <SimonRC> personal notices appear in my status window, but channel notices in my channel window :-S
20:00:00 <calamari> running xchat 2.6.1 in case that helps with your remote exploit attempts
20:00:10 <SimonRC> :-D
20:00:33 <calamari> yeah, I see the notices here in the channel window
20:00:57 <calamari> wh ydo we care, again?
20:01:02 <ihope> Hmm...
20:01:08 * ihope NOTICES himself
20:01:31 <calamari> channel windows
20:01:32 <calamari> -s
20:01:33 <ihope> Yeah, it seems to pop up in whatever tab I'm in at the time.
20:01:56 * SimonRC uses irssi.
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20:03:23 <calamari> re GregorR
20:04:39 <ihope> Um...
20:05:20 <ihope> You're not talking about the tunes.org logs, are you?
20:05:45 <calamari> yeah, why? and besides I'm kidding around
20:07:03 <ihope> tunes.org logs notices...
20:07:08 <calamari> cmeme seems to notice, tunes does
20:07:09 <calamari> n't
20:08:17 <ihope> Anyway, SimonRC: you're saying that bots that talk should always have "bot" in their names, and should never reply to things said by those bots?
20:10:00 <ihope> That is, of course, bot, Bot, bOt, BOt, boT, BoT, bOT or BOT...
20:10:50 -!- calamari has changed nick to calaBot.
20:11:28 -!- ihope has changed nick to ihopeBot.
20:11:42 <ihopeBot> There, now I can't reply to anything calaBot says.
20:12:33 -!- ihopeBot has changed nick to ihope.
20:12:45 <ihope> Okay, that was scary.
20:12:48 -!- calaBot has changed nick to calamari.
20:13:17 <calamari> did you just get the feeling you were taken over by a machine intelligence?
20:13:35 <ihope> No.
20:13:57 <ihope> Having a longer nick than normal, though... it was just scary.
20:15:00 <calamari> and if you go shorter, than you turn into a pancake chain
20:15:26 <calamari> than -> then
20:16:25 <ihope> Pancake chain?
20:16:29 <ihope> You mean |||||?
20:19:01 -!- ihope has changed nick to i|.
20:19:11 <i|> Now I have a shorter nick.
20:19:33 <i|> Oh, I get it. IHOP.
20:19:57 <i|> I was thinking pancakes chained together... into a chain...
20:21:30 <calamari> ;)
20:21:52 -!- calamari has changed nick to ^.
20:22:05 -!- ^ has changed nick to _.
20:22:26 -!- _ has changed nick to calamari.
20:23:57 <i|> Hmm...
20:26:09 <i|> Those nicks are taken already...
20:26:13 <calamari> yep
20:26:20 <calamari> that's why I changed so quickly
20:28:38 <i|> Okay. It seems nicks can only start with [, ], { and }.
20:29:33 <i|> It seems that in proportional fonts, < and > are each about as wide as this new nick...
20:29:37 * i| registers it
20:30:49 <lament> who uses IRC with a proportional font?
20:30:59 <calamari> not I
20:31:32 <calamari> but I still use the old console fonts, so I'm a freak :(
20:38:59 * SimonRC uses 8pt MS mincho
20:39:02 <SimonRC> not too baf
20:39:03 <SimonRC> not too bad
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21:25:42 <jix> you can find A = B^2-C^2 for all A that has two odd prime factors
21:26:12 <jix> or two even prime factors
21:28:02 <pgimeno> otherwise...?
21:28:11 <jix> wait
21:28:27 <jix> A B and C are positive integers and some other condition
21:28:42 <jix> B > C + 1
21:29:13 <jix> wait no ... ignore me..
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22:33:48 <SimonRC> hi
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22:38:36 * SimonRC goes to bed
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