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00:21:23 <pgimeno> GregorR: "Registration is not handled by this wiki, you must attain an account elsewhere." -> "Este wiki no maneja registro de usuarios; debes obtener una cuenta por otros medios." (translation adapted; it literally means: "this wiki does not handle user registration; you must obtain an account by other means" which sounds more adapted to Spanish speech)
00:22:29 <pgimeno> (sorry for the delay, I've just arrived back home)
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00:51:18 <ihope> http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/images/647.jpg
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01:41:49 <GregorR> pgimeno: Whoot, you rawk.
01:57:32 <ihope> In Firefox, this link doesn't go anywhere: http://:-(/
01:57:59 <ihope> This does, however: http://X-D/
02:01:42 <ihope> So does this: http://^_^/
02:15:26 <GregorR> Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kay.
02:25:00 <GregorR> pgimeno: Mind giving me "Username", "Password" and "Preview" as well (I don't trust babelfish :) )
02:25:19 <GregorR> Oh, hehehe, it's 3AM there :P
03:09:41 * ihope is awed
03:09:55 <GregorR> ?
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03:20:02 <GregorR> ...
03:27:18 <i|> What?
03:27:54 <GregorR> 18:24:57 <GregorR> Oh, hehehe, it's 3AM there :P
03:27:54 <GregorR> 19:09:19 * ihope is awed
03:27:54 <GregorR> 19:09:33 <GregorR> ?
03:28:12 <i|> Oh.
03:28:46 * i| laughs
03:29:24 <i|> That would be me being amazed at the concept of the limp.
03:29:48 <GregorR> ...
03:29:49 <GregorR> ?
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03:30:01 <i|> Yes, the limp.
03:30:34 <i|> Ow ow ow my ankle hurts oh if i walk this way it wont hurt as much.
03:30:50 <GregorR> So you're speaking literally of limping ...
03:30:58 <i|> Yes.
03:31:04 <GregorR> I'm not sure what's so awe inspiring about that.
03:31:42 <i|> Well, you have to agree that it's more awe-inspriring than the fact that it's 3 AM somewhere.
03:32:03 <GregorR> But that was my response to asking him to do something, when he's clearly asleep.
03:34:40 <i|> It's just another human anthropomorphization, GregorR.
03:34:56 <GregorR> I'm going to go eat dinner now.
03:35:01 <GregorR> It's Friday, so I'm eating out.
03:35:04 <GregorR> What should I eat?
03:35:14 <i|> Pizza?
03:35:18 <GregorR> Don't like cheese.
03:36:04 <GregorR> Well, I'll go find something :P
03:36:07 * GregorR disapperates.
03:36:15 <i|> Well then, do as Hutch in that one movie did...
04:21:30 <Sgeo> x
04:21:30 <Sgeo> [
04:21:47 <Sgeo> my taskbar and ability to type died
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04:31:24 <i|> Apparently Bush coined the word "misunderstanding".
04:35:25 <GregorR> Who is it here that's the python addict?
04:36:22 <heatsink> There's a parseltongue here?
04:36:37 <i|> Would that be ChanServ?
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04:36:48 <i|> tokigun!
04:36:58 <GregorR> Whas it lament?
04:37:30 * heatsink points fingers
04:37:37 <GregorR> Whas? How about "Was", Gregor -_-
04:37:47 <heatsink> I dunno. anyway, goodnight.
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06:09:58 <lament> i like python
06:12:53 <GregorR> lament: DAMN YOU AND YOUR GOOD PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06:13:58 <GregorR> That being said, I now have a non-web scripting language of preference, which is good because perl is amazingly bad.
06:14:22 <lament> heh
06:15:04 <GregorR> I still don't enjoy the whole no-block-ending-keyword thing, but I'm learning to grok that, and it's a small price to pay.
06:15:59 <lament> don't worry, you'll enjoy it soon enough.
06:16:08 <lament> it's really way better than any other way.
06:17:28 <GregorR> I just don't like that you can end multiple blocks in one swift move, especially since it can sometimes be unclear exactly what block you just dropped to >_>
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12:22:35 <SimonRC> hm
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12:33:07 <Keymaker> hello world
12:33:16 <Keymaker> sp3tt: great idea :)
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12:37:47 <SimonRC> hi
12:37:54 <Keymaker> hu
12:37:57 <Keymaker> *i
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14:36:24 <rocket000> Greetings!
14:37:15 <Keymaker> greetings
14:37:18 <rocket000> Please say "Hello, World!"
14:37:23 <Keymaker> Hello, World!
14:37:37 <Keymaker> how come everyone is trying irp lately? :)
14:38:10 <rocket000> Okay, this is as esoteric a you can get.
14:38:29 <rocket000> As.
14:39:02 <rocket000> Keymaker? You there?
14:40:50 <rocket000> Okay, i gotta say it. IRP is st00pid. It's pointless. It's brilliant.
14:42:09 <rocket000> So, what now?
14:42:48 <rocket000> Maybe a 99 bottles of beer deal?
14:43:21 <rocket000> !help
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14:47:32 <Keymaker> aargh, i was away for a while, sorry
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14:54:36 <rocket000> I'm back!
14:55:02 <jix> rocket000: you can join multiple channels at once
14:55:25 <rocket000> Oh.
14:56:37 <rocket000> Okay. How would you go about making a 99 bottles of beer program in IRP?
14:57:32 <jix> just ask someone to print the lyrics of 99 bob...
14:58:08 <rocket000> Okay. Do it.
14:59:13 <jix> no way
14:59:23 <rocket000> Why not?
14:59:55 <jix> well that would generate a "IRP interpreter kicked from channel/server" error ;) to much lines/secs
15:00:16 <rocket000> Oh.
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16:55:50 <ihope> I HATE TOUCHPADS.
16:55:52 <ihope> That is all.
16:56:08 <Keymaker> yeah, i guess i hate them too
16:56:11 <ihope> Well, I hate trackballs even more.
16:56:28 <Keymaker> ah
17:13:02 <ihope> Okay. I wouldn't want to be this guy: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/getavatar?memberid=367743
17:13:35 <Keymaker> poor kitty.
17:14:22 <SimonRC> Isn't there a website full of such stuff?
17:14:45 <Keymaker> yeah
17:15:57 <Keymaker> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonsai_Kitten
17:17:30 <SimonRC> that'd be it
17:56:04 <ihope> su: user root does not exist
18:00:26 <jix> ihope: use sudo
18:00:42 <ihope> bash: sudo: command not found
18:00:47 <jix> OS?
18:00:51 <ihope> Windows.
18:00:57 <jix> ah
18:01:30 <jix> on osx there is no root by default but there is sudo.... same on some linux distributions
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20:11:46 <i|_> Wugh.
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20:19:07 <SimonRC> oh, man Wikipedia is amazing
20:19:56 <SimonRC> What "real" encyclopedia would have an article on the most famous internet shock site of all time: goatse.cx ?
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20:41:20 <sp3tt> I love their article on the word fuck.
20:53:26 <GregorR> I need to learn AJAX >_>
20:53:30 <GregorR> I feel behind-the-times.
20:57:36 <jix> GregorR: you don't have to learn AJAX
20:57:43 <jix> you just have to use it
20:57:55 <jix> (if you use ruby on rails)
20:58:37 <jix> and learning AJAX is learning javascript learning prototype.js...
21:15:15 <GregorR> I don't like ruby :P
21:15:26 <GregorR> It has all the worst stuff from perl.
21:15:31 <GregorR> They didn't learn from perl's mistakes.
21:16:02 <GregorR> And besides that, I don't like magic solutions.
21:28:41 <GregorR> OK, so AJAX is simple :P
21:29:25 <GregorR> Already knowing Javascript and <insert name of favorite server-side web programming language here> is practically already knowing AJAX.
21:48:37 <Keymaker> yeah, there is pretty much everything in wikipedia
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21:57:52 <jix> GregorR: no ruby has taken the good stuff from perl!
22:00:42 <Keymaker> hey, guess what? wiki has spam again!
22:03:22 <Keymaker> fixed
22:09:03 <GregorR> From my experience with ruby, it has all the syntactic cyanide^H^H^H^H^H^H^H"sugar" of perl.
22:26:58 <jix> i like that
22:27:11 <jix> but what is wrong with /regexp/ ?
22:27:32 <jix> thats just a shortcut for Regexp.new("regexp")
22:28:20 <jix> and "test" =~ /test/ is just "test".=~(Regexp.new("test"))
22:30:00 <jix> and puts "test" is puts("test")
22:32:44 <pgimeno> GregorR: "Username", "Password", "Preview" -> "Usuario", "Clave", "Vista previa"
22:33:46 <jix> no! "Username", "Password", "Preview" -> "Benutzername", "Passwort", "Vorschau"
22:34:27 <GregorR> Oh hey jix, you can update my German translation, thanks for volunteering!
22:35:10 <jix> is it for giki?
22:35:15 <GregorR> jix: Yeah.
22:35:47 <GregorR> pgimeno: Sorry to keep imposing, but I have two last ones I added, then no more, do you mind?
22:36:15 <pgimeno> which ones?
22:37:11 <pgimeno> no imposing at all
22:37:15 <GregorR> pgimeno: "Repeat password", "Passwords don't match!"
22:37:55 <pgimeno> hm... "Repeat password" as in "Please type in the password again"?
22:38:11 <GregorR> Yeah - like on a registration page, it has Password: and then Repeat password: for verification.
22:39:15 <pgimeno> then "Repita la clave" will do
22:39:51 <pgimeno> "Passwords don't match" -> "Las claves no coinciden"
22:40:01 <GregorR> Thanks, you're awesome ^^
22:40:07 <pgimeno> n/m
22:40:52 <GregorR> jix: Since you graciously volunteered to translate these strings into German: "Repeat password", "Preview", "Registration is not handled by this wiki, you must attain an account elsewhere.", "Passwords don't match!"
22:41:21 <GregorR> Oh wait, you already gave me "Preview" :P
22:41:28 <pgimeno> btw, the worst point of Python IMO is non-modifiable strings
22:41:39 <GregorR> pgimeno: Yeah, that's pretty obnoxious.
22:41:45 <GregorR> I don't like their decisions for immutability.
22:42:18 <pgimeno> something that PHP gracefully rejected
22:42:30 <GregorR> I really love PHP's syntax, it's awesome in every way.
22:42:35 <GregorR> PHP's syntax is the holy grail of syntax.
22:42:40 <jix> i HATE php's syntax
22:42:43 <GregorR> Hahahah
22:42:53 <pgimeno> well, then there's Pike
22:43:03 <GregorR> Hmmn, haven't had any experience with Pike.
22:43:24 <pgimeno> it's mostly C, just it's not C
22:43:54 <jix> "Repeat password" => "Passwort wiederholen" "Registration is not handled by this wiki, you must attain an account elsewhere." => just sounds stupid in german.. i have to think about this "Passwords don't match!" => "Passwörter stimmen nicht überein"
22:44:29 <GregorR> jix: Yeah, pgimeno adjusted that phrase to be more suitable for the Spanish langauge too, it'll probably need some funkifying.
22:45:32 <GregorR> His was literally "this wiki does not handle user registration; you must obtain an account by other means"
22:45:58 <jix> thats a bit better for german but still not perfect
22:46:08 <GregorR> Well, you're the one who speaks it ;)
22:46:48 <jix> if i knew the context i could rephrase it in a good way... where do you display this?
22:47:15 <GregorR> If the wiki uses a login plugin. A situation like that would be if the wiki used UNIX logins, or logged you on to an NT domain.
22:47:27 <GregorR> If that situation holds true, and you try to go to the registration page, it says that.
22:47:37 <jix> would "User registration isn't allowed" be ok?
22:47:49 <GregorR> Well, it's not necessarily true >_>
22:47:55 <jix> yeah...
22:47:59 <jix> i know but it sounds better
22:48:00 <jix> hmm
22:48:02 <GregorR> The wiki doesn't handle the user registration, but it could be handled elsewhere.
22:48:22 <GregorR> I had no idea this phrase was so problematic O_O
22:48:32 <jix> to handle is the problematic word
22:48:38 <GregorR> Support?
22:48:58 <jix> yeah i allready tried that but...
22:50:45 <jix> how is account called in the other translations? (german)
22:50:51 <pgimeno> GregorR: now that you say that, you'd better change "Este wiki no maneja..." to "Este wiki no soporta..."
22:51:03 <GregorR> pgimeno: Heheh, OK
22:51:25 <GregorR> jix: The word "account" isn't used anywhere else :P
22:51:33 <jix> ah and the word registration?
22:52:10 <GregorR> I actually used the phrase "add user" to title the page.
22:52:32 <GregorR> Stop pointing out my inconsistencies :P
22:54:56 <jix> ah i have an idea "Die Benutzer-Registration wird nicht über diesen Wiki abgewickelt, [Ss]ie müssen ihren Benutzer-Account an anderer Stelle Registrieren" thats "user reigstration isn't handled by this wiki (i found a transltaion for handled that sounds good), you have to register your account at a different place"
22:55:11 <GregorR> That's perfect.
22:55:27 <GregorR> Why is it that the word "Sie/sie" could be capped or decapped there?
22:55:51 <jix> i think that changed with the new orthography
22:55:53 <jix> but i'm not sure
22:56:30 <pgimeno> grr, orthography changes are hateful/obnoxious
22:56:51 <jix> google is 50:50 on Sie vs sie ....
22:56:59 <GregorR> Hahahah
22:57:08 <GregorR> Does it even support cap changes?
22:57:08 <jix> i'd use Sie
22:57:15 <GregorR> I'll trust you on that.
22:58:25 <jix> normally words like Sie are in lower case.. but Sie is the polite form of du (both you in english) and i think it's capitalized because of it is the polite form
22:59:40 <jix> but in german you can't substitute du and Sie without changing EVERYTHING else in the sentence
23:00:05 <GregorR> Whoot, two to go 8-D
23:00:08 <GregorR> (Translations that is)
23:01:28 * pgimeno thinks that human communication languages shouldn't be esoteric
23:01:45 <GregorR> Esoteric isn't the right word there, but I agree :p
23:01:53 <jix> oh and "they" is "Sie" too!
23:02:01 <jix> no wait it's always lowercase then...
23:02:02 <GregorR> jix: That's handy X-P
23:02:07 <jix> but the rest of the sentence is different
23:02:28 <jix> not in all cases but in some
23:05:44 <GregorR> *brain implodes*
23:07:39 * pgimeno insists
23:07:51 <GregorR> insists on what?
23:07:58 <pgimeno> on the above
23:08:34 <pgimeno> that human communication languages shouldn't be esoteric
23:09:04 <GregorR> Esoteric isn't the right word there, but I agree :p
23:10:11 * pgimeno founds the Esoteric Insistence Society (EIS)
23:10:35 <pgimeno> nm
23:11:40 <GregorR> So, Giki 1.5.0 will rock to ridiculous degrees.
23:12:55 <GregorR> I know how much you all care about that :P
23:13:26 <Keymaker> :)
23:15:18 <GregorR> *sobbles*
23:15:30 <GregorR> I don't have a #giki , so I have to redirect giki news here :P
23:40:09 <lament> pgimeno: natural languages are all quite esoteric by programming language standards
23:40:22 <lament> pgimeno: perhaps not in the sense of brainfuck, but certainly in the sense of perl
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