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05:03:22 <thematrixeatsyou> hi
05:04:49 <thematrixeatsyou> hey calamari
05:04:56 <calamari> hi matrix
05:05:06 <thematrixeatsyou> i've got another one of those newfangled esoteric thingies
05:05:11 <calamari> yay
05:06:30 <thematrixeatsyou> it's called TheSquare
05:07:39 <thematrixeatsyou> kinda like befunge but more game-oriented
05:17:00 <thematrixeatsyou> http://users.cjb.net/tmey/index.html
05:17:03 <thematrixeatsyou> oops
05:17:16 <thematrixeatsyou> http://tmey.cjb.net/highfive.html
05:17:30 <thematrixeatsyou> oops
05:17:37 <thematrixeatsyou> http://tmey.cjb.net/thesquare.html
05:35:25 <thematrixeatsyou> that's better
05:36:19 <thematrixeatsyou> http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/wiki/TheSquare
05:42:06 <thematrixeatsyou> hello?
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07:07:22 <thematrixeatsyou> (sung in four-part harmony:) netspliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
07:33:40 <thematrixeatsyou> What do you think? http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/wiki/TheSquare
07:37:42 <calamari> back
07:38:21 <thematrixeatsyou> k
07:38:40 <thematrixeatsyou> what do you think of it? use the interpreter
07:38:56 <thematrixeatsyou> interpreter is full of fancy colours
07:39:00 <calamari> why the licensing restrictions ?
07:39:42 <thematrixeatsyou> just so I can keep a record
07:39:49 <thematrixeatsyou> and so that no-one abuses it
07:40:22 <thematrixeatsyou> i mean, the spec basically requres you to have my name on it, but that's all
07:40:45 <calamari> abuses it?
07:40:50 <calamari> what do you mean?
07:41:07 <thematrixeatsyou> the interpreter requires permission, my name, and source code, you can modify it but you need to ask first and I should say yes
07:41:13 <thematrixeatsyou> claiming its theirs
07:41:41 <thematrixeatsyou> but yeah, i've granted esolang permission to redistribute it
07:41:48 <calamari> i see
07:42:22 <calamari> the gpl works pretty well for me.. nobody commercial is going to want to use it
07:42:38 <calamari> and hobbists will know I wrote the first version
07:42:50 <calamari> hobbyists rather
07:43:03 <calamari> so I guess I never worried about that :)
07:43:22 <calamari> I like the look of the hello world program
07:46:37 <calamari> bbl
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07:47:54 <lindi-> thematrixeatsyou: sounds quite fishy as a legal clause
07:48:41 <lindi-> thematrixeatsyou: who needs proprietary interpreters anyway?
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08:00:38 <thematrixeatsyou> gtg, ciao
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10:20:48 <Keymaker> pgimeno: hey, that sounds good. i'm interested about it too
10:21:02 <Keymaker> so, link it up whatever you manage to translate ;)
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11:03:31 <Keymaker> hey jix
11:27:28 <jix> moin Keymaker
11:27:33 <Keymaker> :)
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15:25:54 <pgimeno> Keymaker: http://www.formauri.es/personal/pgimeno/temp/malbolge-jap-eng.html (just slightly formatted)
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21:59:15 <ihope> "To run, take a character from the user. What was taken? Output that character, then run." <- programming in English
22:01:46 <ihope> "To run, take a character from the user. What was taken? If that is EOF, do nothing; otherwise output that character, then run." <- cat program in English, version 2. Comes with free ambiguity.
22:02:20 <ihope> "To run, take a character from the user. What was taken? If that is EOF, do nothing; otherwise output that character, then if that isn't EOF, run." <- version 3, with no ambiguity.
22:03:14 <ihope> "To run, take a character from the user. What was taken? If that is EOF, do nothing; otherwise do this: output that character, then run." <- version 4: no ambiguity, and it looks nicer.
22:04:33 <fizzie> I would think ";" unambiguously delimits "if foo, do a, do b; otherwise do c, do d" as "if(foo) { a; b; } else { c; d; }", but maybe that's just me.
22:08:04 <ihope> Yes, it could.
22:09:58 <ihope> "A list is the empty list or both a head and a tail." <- a type declaration in English.
22:12:34 <ihope> "The length of the empty list is 0. The length of a list is 1 + the length of the tail of the list." <- a function declaration in English.
22:34:20 <calamari> perhaps plus instead of +
22:35:21 <calamari> and small numbers could be written out.. so "one plus"
22:35:33 <ihope> Yeah, we could do that.
22:36:16 <calamari> probably 0 through maybe 12
22:36:37 <calamari> of course they could choose
22:37:04 <ihope> Just have "Twelve is 12." and such.
22:37:06 <calamari> btw, I have no idea what you're doing, but that looks cool
22:37:38 <ihope> Thinking about an esolang that's English.
22:37:47 <ihope> Or maybe just a lang, as it's not that esoteric.
22:38:05 <calamari> yeah, it'd be cooler if not esoteric
22:38:17 <calamari> then you could describe DeCSS with your lang :)
22:38:43 <ihope> Somebody's already done that, except with a more esoteric (and imperative) rendering.
22:39:13 <calamari> right, but yours would probably look better
22:39:50 <ihope> Any declarative rendering of a program in English is better than any imperative rendering of a program in English :-)
22:39:56 <ihope> Oh, and I just realized that version 2 of the cat program can easily be made inarguably unambiguous: "To run, take a character from the user. What was taken? If that is EOF, do nothing. Otherwise output that character, then run."
22:40:08 <ihope> If we can use semicolons, then we can use periods.
22:40:31 <calamari> what does "then run" mean?
22:41:25 <ihope> After outputting that character, run.
22:41:33 <calamari> probably want a comma after otherwise
22:41:43 <calamari> what does run mean?
22:41:50 <calamari> run what?
22:42:04 <calamari> or you do mean loop?
22:42:11 <ihope> That'd be the English version of the "main" function.
22:42:18 <ihope> The "
22:42:25 <ihope> The "to run" verb, that is.
22:43:30 <calamari> do you mean re-run?
22:43:34 <calamari> or restart, or something like that?
22:43:52 <calamari> I'm assuming it is the end of a loop and you are executing the loop again?
22:44:31 <calamari> anyhow :)
22:44:45 <ihope> It's a recursive verb. 'void main() {char x = input; output(x); main()}
22:44:50 <ihope> Something like that.
22:45:14 <calamari> I see
22:45:23 <ihope> Maybe "run again" could also be used.
22:45:27 <calamari> so maybe run again
22:45:30 <calamari> yeah
22:45:38 <calamari> :)
22:45:50 <calamari> gotta go.. have fun!
22:45:56 <ihope> Bye.
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