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04:23:52 <bsmntbombdood> one egg isn't good enough
04:23:57 <bsmntbombdood> oops
04:24:21 <oerjan> unless it's faberge
04:26:04 <bsmntbombdood> meh, those are pretty ugly
04:31:43 <oerjan> but, you could sell it and have ordinary eggs for the rest of your life :)
04:31:53 <bsmntbombdood> that's true
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10:51:52 <GreaseMonkey> gonna sleep now, gnight
10:52:28 <GreaseMonkey> p.s. got any diet cherry vanilla orange grape lemon lime mint roast chicken mayonnaise and cola dr. pepper?
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18:14:37 <SimonRC> hehe: http://www.hankstruckpictures.com/df_god.htm
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19:02:23 <ihope> "GOD" should be a trademark.
19:02:45 <RodgerTheGreat> I like it
19:14:12 <oklopol> this is probably from this channel, but what is it? http://forum.lolcode.com/viewtopic.php?id=30
19:14:14 <oklopol> i mean
19:14:27 <oklopol> is this an interpreter for lc at work?
19:14:39 <oklopol> and why's it say visual studio
19:14:42 <oklopol> :\
19:17:34 <ihope> Why is LOLCODE so popular all of a sudden?
19:18:29 <ihope> I guess people who have seen esolangs before don't tend to spread it like wildfire.
19:18:35 <oklopol> yeah
19:19:01 <oklopol> my friend has never heard of _brainfuck or intercal_, and he knows lolcode
19:20:13 <RodgerTheGreat> it seems like everyone I've ever talked to in CS has heard of whitespace, but very few know of BF and the other big esolangs
19:20:40 <ihope> We should try to get all these other esolangs spreading like that.
19:21:55 <RodgerTheGreat> the problem with BF is that it isn't as "pop-art-crazy-cool" as whitespace, and the real name is offensive enough to turn off other people
19:22:17 <ihope> Pop-art-crazy-cool?
19:23:18 <RodgerTheGreat> like, with immediate novelty and strangeness, but not in a very deep or meaningful way
19:23:29 <RodgerTheGreat> "Pop-art-crazy-cool" seemed to summarize that
19:24:31 <RodgerTheGreat> let's face it- whitespace is a far less innovative or important esolang than INTERCAL, malbolge, BF, Befunge, etc
19:37:32 <ihope> Gimmick language.
19:38:25 <lament> BF and Whitespace are pop-culture.
19:38:52 <lament> brainfuck gets mentioned very often in other Freenode channels.
19:39:36 <lament> this happens with everything: Everybody knows Beethoven wrote Ninth Symphony and the Moonlight Sonata, but few know any other works.
19:40:03 <ihope> And some of his others are greater?
19:40:04 <lament> (hint: if he wrote the ninth symphony, he probably also wrote at least 8 others!)
19:40:32 <lament> i'm not really qualified to judge
19:40:34 <ihope> Heinz's 57th!
19:40:39 <lament> he certainly has greater stuff than "Fur Elise"
19:40:43 <lament> which is also very famous
19:41:29 <bsmntbombdood> spread P'' instead of brainfuck then
19:41:51 <lament> there're many characteristics that aid popularity
19:42:11 <lament> and quality and innovation are not the important ones
19:42:28 <lament> (another example: real-world celebrities)
19:48:53 <RodgerTheGreat> I think BF spreads pretty easily because it's a combination of trendiness, simplicity (you can learn it in 5 minutes, even with no esolang exposure) and the profusion of cool things made with it
19:49:21 <RodgerTheGreat> pi calculators, DeCSS, LostKingdom, endless spinoffs, etc, etc
19:52:11 <bsmntbombdood> too bad something cooler isn't the most popular esolang
19:53:12 <RodgerTheGreat> BF is better than whitespace, by a lot
19:55:21 <lament> i think BF spreads because of the name and the syntax.
19:55:29 <lament> (syntax - as in "how programs look like")
19:55:53 <lament> but mostly the name.
19:56:50 <RodgerTheGreat> "hee hee we're saying a bad word hee hee"
19:57:32 <RodgerTheGreat> I found myself liking it because it's a very clean, clear-cut, elegant language. Some of the more interesting languages get really hairy and overly complex
19:57:49 <RodgerTheGreat> I'm also a big fan of dupdog and /// for essentially that reason
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19:59:23 <RodgerTheGreat> neither of which, however, are at all likely to be TC. <:/
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20:46:24 <oerjan> what, you mean Beethoven's Fifth isn't just as well-known?
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21:22:15 <SimonRC> "<ihope> Why is LOLCODE so popular all of a sudden?" -- LOLCODE is popular because it hit Digg and Reddit on the same day. Whitespace (I know the creator of that) did hit the front page of Slashdot, but that was back in 2003, which is the early 19th centuary in Internet Years, and it didn't hook onto an existing craze.
21:23:02 <lament> i think whitespace might have been on /. more than once
21:24:11 <SimonRC> it was first on AFD 2003
21:25:39 <SimonRC> amazingly, LOLcode doesn;t seem to have been mentionned on slashdot!
21:28:40 <c|p> o:
21:29:53 <oklopol> my eyes are singing
21:30:37 <oklopol> hmph, our bot was banned on #tietovisa (finnish trivia channel), apparently it owned too mcuh
21:33:54 <SimonRC> "singing"?
21:34:56 <oklopol> okay, if you don't understand something i say, it's a joke, or it means absolutely nothing
21:35:09 <oklopol> this was the latter
21:35:12 <oklopol> i think
21:35:32 <oklopol> you know how you sometimes just feel like saying stuff
21:35:38 <oklopol> and wonder what the fuck you meant
21:35:39 <SimonRC> hmph
21:35:48 <SimonRC> are you smoking something?
21:35:58 <oklopol> no no, but i _am_ coding java
21:36:02 <oklopol> i guess that counts
21:36:04 <SimonRC> ouch
21:36:33 <oklopol> i have to convert a file containing a hashmap to a file where the contents are in ascii form
21:37:00 <oklopol> pretty tough!
21:39:56 <oklopol> i think it's very clever this task requires about 4 object wraps, layers make me feel safe
21:40:33 <oklopol> "about 4"==3, but that didn't sound that much so i filibustered it up
21:41:45 <oklopol> well okay, 2, but its still needless!
21:43:20 <oerjan> interesting discussion at the haskell-cafe, apparently "Haskell" is from the hebrew for intellect.
21:44:26 <oerjan> i can just believe that :)
21:45:11 <SimonRC> I thought "Haskell" was named after Haskell B. Curry/
21:45:12 <SimonRC> ?
21:45:21 <oerjan> sure it is
21:45:46 <oerjan> and the name seems to come from hebrew
21:46:13 <SimonRC> ok
21:46:14 <oerjan> but it is an appropriate coincidence
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22:05:49 <oklopol> okay, i can't do this, unchecked conversion in code i've pasted from sun's pages.
22:06:02 <oklopol> because of generics
22:06:22 <oklopol> apparently i cannot convert an Object into a HashMap
22:06:31 <oklopol> very feasible
22:06:43 <oklopol> java is pretty great
22:06:56 <oerjan> hm...
22:07:19 <oklopol> http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=707244&tstart=30
22:07:22 <oerjan> what about (HashMap<...>)(HashMap)(whatever)
22:07:24 <oklopol> this is my problem
22:07:31 <oklopol> except i can't get either to work
22:07:38 <oklopol> not the abstract, not the typed.
22:07:55 <oklopol> i mean, conversion
22:08:13 <oklopol> hmm
22:08:24 <oklopol> i'm pretty sure i hear coffee calling me
22:08:25 <oklopol> ->
22:11:18 <oklopol> oh my god i'm pro, it compiled all along, it was just a warning.
22:11:31 <oklopol> why check when you can debug for hours?
22:12:13 <SimonRC> heh
22:12:15 <oerjan> that page you linked has something about @SuppressWarnings("unchecked")
22:12:19 <SimonRC> why does that make you a "pro"?
22:12:43 <oklopol> it makes me pro in a sarcastic way
22:13:01 <SimonRC> ah, ok
22:13:08 <SimonRC> that totally didn;t come across
22:13:18 <oklopol> maybe :)
22:13:23 <oklopol> i'm feeling a bit goofy
22:14:21 <oerjan> vacation?
22:14:31 <oklopol> perhaps
22:16:49 <oklopol> it's funny, i always thought i was the weirder of me and my gf, and she's going to be an out-patient after summer :P
22:16:53 <oklopol> life's funny like that
22:17:04 <oklopol> whoops, two funnies
22:17:09 <oklopol> i guess that's a bit too funny
22:17:56 <oerjan> funny you should say that
22:19:11 <lament> i think she's weirder, for choosing a weird boyfriend like that
22:21:38 <oerjan> yeah, oklopol, you should be wary of people who are _that_ weird. might be dangerous :)
22:23:05 <oerjan> with insincere apologies to Groucho Marx
22:24:55 <oklopol> i wish i had time to learn these 7995 random questions and their answers
22:27:30 <SimonRC> oklopol: an out-patient of where?
22:28:20 <oklopol> i guess it's kinda like a mad house
22:28:27 <oklopol> just sounds pretty harsh
22:28:29 * oerjan tried to google that and came up with "The Frequency of Use of the Interrogative Formula est-ce que"
22:31:09 <oklopol> not really out-patient... in-patient \o/
22:31:31 <oklopol> if that's the right term
22:32:23 <oklopol> perhaps completely isolated
22:32:25 <oklopol> dunno yet
22:33:01 <oklopol> hmm, i wonder why i have to tell everything on the channel that happens to be open when it pops to mind
22:33:27 <oklopol> gotta write my artixxels ->
22:37:08 <RodgerTheGreat> hey, if anybody wants to try a little IRC-based mud prototype I'm working on, just type "/msg PocketUniverse @join"
22:37:36 <lament> is that a universe in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
22:38:23 <RodgerTheGreat> lol
22:39:35 <oklopol> can you do anything elsez?
22:39:57 <RodgerTheGreat> not much yet, but it'll eventually become a Hunt-The-Wumpus game
22:40:10 <lament> that's not a mud!
22:40:42 <RodgerTheGreat> ok, it's a massively multiplayer online wumpus hunt. MMOWH.
22:41:38 <lament> hunting the wumpus is very closed-ended.
22:41:49 <RodgerTheGreat> not necessarily
22:42:09 <RodgerTheGreat> and it's far from straightforward if other people can "accidentally" kill you with magic arrows
22:43:20 <SimonRC> oh that will be fun
22:43:32 <RodgerTheGreat> indeed
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23:05:18 <SimonRC> BTW people, room 13 is broken
23:05:24 <SimonRC> in a bizarre way
23:05:29 <RodgerTheGreat> heheh
23:09:19 <oklopol> how?
23:09:36 <RodgerTheGreat> a typo when I entered the map data
23:09:57 <RodgerTheGreat> it ends up being several one-way tunnels
23:10:00 <oklopol> i can't decipher the map, 20 and 13 can't ba put next to each other imo :\
23:10:06 <oklopol> *be
23:10:51 <oklopol> okay, actually trivial to prove that impossible
23:11:59 <SimonRC> oklopol: it;s mangled
23:12:10 <SimonRC> RodgerTheGreat mixed up 13 and 15
23:12:21 <SimonRC> notice the missing backward passages in some places
23:12:56 <SimonRC> 15 should be next to 16, 6, and 14
23:13:05 <SimonRC> 13 should be next to 14, 12, and 20
23:13:12 <SimonRC> then the numbering is simple
23:13:32 <oklopol> okay... i wish i could've seen that from listing the passages.
23:13:39 <oklopol> ah
23:13:50 <oklopol> indeed, missing backwards passages
23:14:02 <oklopol> then it's izzzzzi
23:15:24 <RodgerTheGreat> yep. *just* complicated that most people want a map to keep their bearings, not so complicated you constantly get lost
23:15:34 <RodgerTheGreat> *just complicated enough
23:17:07 <SimonRC> oklopol: I figured it out
23:17:18 <oklopol> the map?
23:17:22 <SimonRC> yeah
23:17:33 <oklopol> in your head?
23:17:37 <oklopol> or paper?
23:17:37 <SimonRC> on paper
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23:17:50 <SimonRC> HTW is traditionally on a dodecahedron
23:17:51 <oklopol> okay, i'm pretty sure i could do that if i had paper
23:18:17 <SimonRC> I suspected that it was labeld siprally, and following you around for a bit showed that it was, except for the glitch
23:18:19 <oklopol> with a text editor it kinda sux
23:18:33 <SimonRC> ah, ok
23:19:06 <oerjan> er, with 20 rooms shouldn't it be an icosahedron?
23:19:08 <oklopol> supral?
23:19:40 <oklopol> hmm, has someone done a 3 (or more) D minesweeper?
23:19:46 <oklopol> that might be kinda awesome
23:19:52 <SimonRC> the dodecahedron and the icosahedron are duals
23:19:59 <oerjan> i know
23:20:10 <oklopol> and you could have like a character to bounce around with
23:20:28 <oerjan> i just thought it made more sense if rooms were surfaces
23:20:31 <oklopol> it could break a block and walk on any wall
23:20:54 <oklopol> and sing any song
23:21:05 <oklopol> and dial any phone
23:21:12 <oerjan> oklopol: STOP SMOKING THAT
23:21:15 <oklopol> and not just their own phone
23:21:20 <oklopol> other peoples phones
23:21:30 <oklopol> phones that everybody else gave up on
23:21:37 <SimonRC> rooms are vertices in my view
23:21:39 <oklopol> but we knew better becvause we were a team
23:21:43 <oklopol> *because
23:22:02 <oklopol> that last bit was from family guy
23:22:10 <oklopol> i'm a bit ashamed about that :<
23:23:19 <oklopol> i wish i had something to smoke
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23:26:56 <oerjan> "How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice. "You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."
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23:27:39 <oklopol> hihi oerjan is watching cartoons
23:28:10 <oklopol> okay, i'm officially doing nothing now
23:28:21 <oklopol> wish i had any self-control
23:28:40 <oklopol> okay, so there was this guy that had this hat
23:28:55 <oklopol> not gregor
23:29:03 <oklopol> his name started with an f
23:29:13 <oklopol> and he was a fun guy
23:29:27 <oklopol> once i totally sang a song to him
23:29:29 <oerjan> i am _not_ watching cartoons.
23:29:30 <oklopol> he liked it
23:29:34 <oklopol> oh :|
23:30:20 <oklopol> maybe you are, on some level
23:30:24 <oklopol> like, second
23:30:31 <oerjan> oklopol: you remind me of Delirium in Sandman
23:30:39 <oklopol> who?
23:31:41 <oklopol> actually
23:31:46 <RodgerTheGreat> hrm
23:31:47 <oklopol> that name kinda explains it
23:31:51 <RodgerTheGreat> well, trap laying works
23:31:59 <oklopol> kinda like a cookie explains the cat
23:32:04 <oerjan> she speaks like that
23:32:24 <oklopol> well, my hair is long and my scent is sweet
23:32:35 <oerjan> (Sandman's youngest sister and the personification of madness)
23:33:20 <oerjan> but are your eyes different colors?
23:33:24 <oklopol> hmm, no :\
23:33:33 <oklopol> but no one really knows the colot
23:33:34 <oklopol> Är
23:33:35 <oklopol> *r
23:34:39 <oklopol> hmm... perhaps i _could_ do some programming
23:34:58 <oklopol> i need more screens, irc and fg take both
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