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00:00:09 <AnMaster> ah got it to work
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00:18:17 <AnMaster> night
00:19:24 <AnMaster> fizzie, "de-UTF8"?
00:19:25 <AnMaster> huh?
00:19:43 <AnMaster> German?
00:20:07 <AnMaster> does UTF-8 come in different flavours for different languages really!?
00:22:06 <oerjan> "de-" ~= "un-"
00:30:47 <fizzie> "de" as in "decode", in this case.
00:31:47 <fizzie> Although in "decode" the "de-" has the usual ~= "un-" prefix meaning.
00:33:28 <ehird> http://drivey.com/DONKEYQB.BAS.html i wish i could code like this, its a whole game with graphics packed into such small space
00:33:36 <fizzie> "Latin prefix, “from”. 1. Meaning reversal, undoing or removing: decouple, de-ice. 2. Intensifying: denumerate. 3. Meaning from, off: detrain."
00:33:46 <ehird> i used to say, blah blah bill gates can't program blah blah sucks blah
00:33:54 <ehird> but then donkey.bas, just, wow
00:34:00 <ehird> i couldn't write donkey.bas in that little code
00:34:02 <ehird> no way
00:35:51 <ehird> also even if i could write that code i couldn't write it on an 80x24 console with no fancy cross-referencing
00:48:58 <Mony> 'night dudes
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03:56:30 <ihope> So, mathematical proofs have been turned into music.
03:57:21 <ihope> Each step is one note, the pitch being its depts.
03:57:24 <ihope> Depth.
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04:36:46 * bsmntbombdood goes to live with oklocod in norway
04:37:38 <GregorR> *bow chicka bow wow*
04:40:29 <bsmntbombdood> no kidding
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05:19:38 <psygnisfive> you know that oklocod isnt in norway right?
05:19:40 <psygnisfive> hes in finland?
05:19:58 <psygnisfive> also, hands off bitch, he's mine! >O
05:27:59 <GregorR> To my knowledge, oklocod is not a scrawny woman with a penis.
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06:15:00 <psygnisfive> this is correct, gregor.
06:15:13 <psygnisfive> he's a beautiful finnish boy.
07:16:36 <bsmntbombdood> uh wut
07:16:43 <bsmntbombdood> oklpol is not in finland
07:16:55 <bsmntbombdood> he lives in oslo
07:17:12 <bsmntbombdood> oerjan is in finland
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08:39:32 <oklocod> sometimes i just say something to know whether i'm oerjan or oklopol. we're just that similar
08:39:39 <oklocod> also i guess i'm not either atm
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08:54:03 <psygnisfive> oklopol i love you :)
08:54:05 <psygnisfive> you're so beautiful
08:54:07 <psygnisfive> you crazy finn
08:54:23 <psygnisfive> so you didnt answer my question!
08:56:38 <oklopol> what question?
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12:19:21 <AnMaster> hm
12:19:48 <AnMaster> awesome topic
12:20:04 <AnMaster> btw, anyone know a regex to validate an email? I needs to support all the obscure features, such as embedded and nested comments
12:20:22 <AnMaster> perl or PCRE style regex needed
12:20:59 <AnMaster> I don't need to extract the email in some normalised format, just find if it is valid or not :)
12:29:16 <Ilari> AnMaster: Dunno, but that validation is possible to do with DFA+counter...
12:37:49 <fizzie> http://www.regular-expressions.info/email.html claims to have a RFC 2822 -compliant one, but I'm not sure I'd (a) trust them or (b) use it.
12:40:56 <fizzie> I'm not sure it does comments correctly, judging from the description.
12:43:14 <Ilari> To do comments right, you need something more powerful than standard Regex (which is equivalent to DFA).
12:43:37 <fizzie> Well, Perl regex is quite far from "standard", what with the "embed code in it" features.
12:43:51 <fizzie> But the one quoted there is suspiciously short and simple for that.
12:46:02 <fizzie> Still, depending on circumstances it might make more sense to ask your local mail system whether it thinks the given address is valid, especially if you intend to actually send some mail there. Not that that's always possible.
12:48:16 <AnMaster> hm
12:48:50 <AnMaster> fizzie, I don't know if there will be any mail system where the code runs
12:49:15 <AnMaster> and even if there was, I got no idea how to ask it
12:49:27 <AnMaster> qmail? ssmtp? sendmail? postfix?
12:49:31 <AnMaster> and various other
12:54:46 <fizzie> Yes, for potentially-portable code it's not really possible.
12:56:20 <fizzie> And of course that kind of testing would usually accept "foo" as a valid address since it often auto-expands to "foo@the.local.domain".
12:58:17 <AnMaster> fizzie, hm yeah I only care if it is well formed, not if it is valid
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13:08:51 <fizzie> If you really want exact compliance, you might have more look just writing a parser from the RFC2822 ABNF notation, instead of trying to match that with a regex.
13:08:59 <fizzie> s/look/luck/, gah.
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13:51:54 <ehird> lol@psygnisfive correcting oklopol's whereabouts to bsmntbombdood
13:52:06 <ehird> bsmntbombdood was having orgies with oklopol before psygnisfive even came here the first time/
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14:24:19 <oklopol> yes i guess i'm somewhat... orgylicious?
14:45:08 <Asztal> I've seen a proper RFC 822 email regex, and it was definitely longer than the one of regular-expressions.info
14:45:20 <Asztal> it was about 20 lines or so at 80 characters wide
14:45:34 <ehird> Asztal: its not valid.
14:45:38 <ehird> its about 40 lines
14:45:41 <ehird> and
14:45:45 <ehird> it only handles nested comments
14:45:47 <ehird> to i think 6 deep
14:46:11 <Asztal> :(
14:46:59 <Asztal> it's a shame, really, I like my double-quoted email addresses, but I can't use them anywhere
14:47:34 <oerjan> double-quoted?
14:47:56 <Asztal> e.g. "Real Name"@domain.com
14:48:39 <oerjan> hm
14:50:53 <fizzie> Should be possible to do a real one with Perl regexps, though; this slide has one "match balanced parentheses" example: http://perl.plover.com/yak/regex/samples/slide083.html
14:52:04 <fizzie> And PCRE also seems to have some support for doing recursion within a regex with syntax like "(?P>name)", which apparently will recursively match a group named (?P<name>...).
14:52:52 <fizzie> The Perl one embeds Perl code in it so obviously only works with Perl, and correspondingly the (?P>name) syntax seems to be a PCRE-only extension.
14:53:42 <oerjan> this stuff reminds me of that "gluing things to a skateboard to make a racecar" phrase with brainfuck derivatives
14:55:15 <oerjan> now where did that go...
14:56:45 <oerjan> my attempts to google seem to only throw up people doing so physically, or something
14:57:12 <oerjan> ah it was "luxury car"
15:00:04 <fizzie> [2006-08-05 03:50:52] < RodgerTheGreat> brings to mind the old "gluing parts onto a skateboard to make a luxury car" adage.
15:00:26 <oerjan> it's in the Brainfuck article on the wiki
15:00:57 <oklopol> o
15:01:11 <fizzie> ko
15:01:32 <oerjan> oko
15:01:55 <oerjan> okok
15:02:04 <oerjan> okoko
15:02:07 <oerjan> kokoko
15:02:11 <fizzie> Whoops, the fungot ^oko command got lost when it crasheded.
15:02:11 <fungot> fizzie: try it! it's so clever i wanna cry
15:02:18 <fizzie> Uh...
15:02:19 <fizzie> ^oko
15:02:24 <fizzie> fungot: See, it doesn't work.
15:02:24 <fungot> fizzie: but i want to apply map to each list in the end
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15:59:37 <AnMaster> fizzie, hm
16:00:33 <AnMaster> Asztal, are you sure quoted emails like that are valid?
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16:02:08 <ehird> AnMaster: Yes.
16:02:27 <ehird> So is "Hello (world"(test\)ab"c)")@foobar.com
16:10:02 <AnMaster> nice
16:10:13 <AnMaster> ehird, how many MTAs handle that?
16:10:21 <oerjan> that's not the precise word i would have used
16:10:30 <ehird> AnMaster: Beats me.
16:10:44 <ehird> But the "canonical" version is "Hello (world"@foobar.com
16:10:51 <AnMaster> hopefully all, but that is so strange, one never knows
16:10:55 <AnMaster> hm
16:13:11 <Asztal> hmm, thunderbird doesn't show it properly, but it does get to me when I use it
16:13:42 <Asztal> TB just shows "test)"
16:18:15 <oerjan> Parsing is a solved problem, it's just everyone keeps forgetting the solution...
16:18:30 <oerjan> and it is _not_ regexes
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16:30:28 <AnMaster> oerjan, right, a recursive parser would work best I think
16:30:37 <AnMaster> at least it seems like the most logical way to do it
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17:06:11 <Mony> plop :)
17:06:52 <slereah> hai
17:07:29 <ihope> Ello ello.
17:08:07 <psygnisfive> hey hey
17:08:22 * ihope convolutes psygnisfive with a sinc function
17:08:39 <oerjan> sinc?
17:08:44 <ihope> You were broadcasting on too many frequencies, I'm afraid.
17:09:02 <ihope> oerjan: sin x / x, modulo constants.
17:09:18 <ihope> In the slang sense of "modulo", that is.
17:09:37 * oerjan googles
17:10:04 <ihope> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/sinc, en.wiktionary.org/wiki/modulo?
17:10:17 <oerjan> sinc
17:10:27 <ehird> I sinc so.
17:11:00 <ehird> oerjan: i beat you to it
17:11:02 <ehird> i beat you to it
17:11:03 <oerjan> ic, it really _is_ modulo constants
17:11:04 <ehird> I BEAT YOU TO IT
17:11:07 * psygnisfive convolutes ihope with a sinh function
17:11:47 * oerjan convolutes ehird with absinthe
17:11:56 <ehird> that's illegal :O
17:12:05 <ihope> Gasp!
17:12:11 * ihope looks in his Book of Fourier Transforms
17:12:39 <psygnisfive> its not illegal
17:12:55 <psygnisfive> you just have to use special absinthe.
17:12:58 <psygnisfive> atleast in the US
17:13:17 <oerjan> "A revival of absinthe began in the 1990s, when countries in the European Union began to reauthorize its manufacture and sale."
17:13:19 * slereah convolutes ihope with Dirac Delta
17:13:52 <ihope> Let's see, sinh is e^x - e^-x modulo a constant, so its Fourier transform is...
17:14:01 <ehird> psygnisfive: yes but i am 13
17:14:06 <ihope> slereah: that tickles!
17:14:06 <ehird> most certainly illegal :-P
17:15:03 <psygnisfive> well, he convoluted you with absinthe
17:15:08 <psygnisfive> not .. served you absinthe
17:15:10 <psygnisfive> difference!
17:15:42 <psygnisfive> banning absinthe was silly in the first place
17:15:47 <psygnisfive> but they probably didnt know that
17:15:50 <oerjan> and now ehird seems to be stuck in my convolution apparatus
17:16:10 <ihope> Well, the Fourier transform of e^iax is delta(omega - a) modulo a constant, so... I think the delta means psygnisfive has permanently modified me.
17:16:18 <psygnisfive> btw
17:16:26 <psygnisfive> did this inspire you earlier, oerjan: http://xkcd.com/26/?
17:18:20 <psygnisfive> thats a golden oldie XKCD right there. back when randall was a wee boy trying to be cool AND nerdy at the same time
17:20:02 <oerjan> i think ihope started this subject, not i
17:20:15 <psygnisfive> btw
17:20:22 <psygnisfive> did this inspire your earlier, ihope: http://xkcd.com/26/?
17:20:37 <psygnisfive> Damnit!
17:20:42 <psygnisfive> stray r! damn the luck!
17:20:56 <oerjan> where?
17:21:06 <ihope> psygnisfive: nope.
17:21:24 <oerjan> hm, IWC had something similar
17:21:35 <oerjan> (of course i read both)
17:21:48 <psygnisfive> IWC?
17:21:57 <oerjan> Irregular Webcomic
17:22:05 <oerjan> or maybe xkcd did it twice
17:22:23 <psygnisfive> ph right
17:22:45 <ihope> Irregular Webcomic is the one with the legos, isn't it?
17:22:51 <oerjan> http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/1640.html
17:22:58 <oerjan> in general, yes
17:23:03 <oerjan> not this one comic though
17:23:26 <oerjan> oh wait it was an xkcd parody
17:23:40 <psygnisfive> i dont like IRW
17:23:41 <psygnisfive> :(
17:23:42 <psygnisfive> http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/2078.html
17:24:10 <psygnisfive> "Hah! haha! That's so funny! Because like, see, Indy said they don't stop for anything, and then the nazi says that they sneer at stopping! :D"
17:24:12 <psygnisfive> No.
17:24:54 <oerjan> that's an in-joke, sort of
17:25:08 <psygnisfive> inside jokes shouldn't be publicized
17:25:11 <psygnisfive> you know why?
17:25:14 <psygnisfive> because they're inside jokes
17:25:22 <oerjan> the nazi science sneers bit
17:25:25 <psygnisfive> meaning they're only fun... inside a small group of people
17:25:43 <oerjan> um it's an inside joke for _that comic_
17:26:06 <psygnisfive> right
17:27:04 <oerjan> oh and there is sinc too
17:32:27 <SimonRC> so, a comic is doing a joke that is only funny if you have read the comic?
17:32:36 * SimonRC reads IW too
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17:44:43 <ehird> SimonRC: so, a comic is doing a joke that is only funny if you have read the comic?
17:44:44 <ehird> UNHEARD OF
17:47:18 <SimonRC> ;-)
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17:49:16 <oerjan> yeah that must be it
17:51:16 <ehird> i guess psygnisfive thinks garfield is hilarious
17:51:18 <ehird> no context needed there
17:51:50 <oerjan> hey hey don't let it get out of hand here
17:52:10 * ehird opens hand, it gets out
17:52:36 * oerjan swats it ---##
17:52:47 <ehird> stop swatting things
17:52:52 <ehird> I nominate ihope for Grand Swatter.
17:53:01 * oerjan swats ehird ---##
17:53:07 <oerjan> you're not a thing are you?
17:53:22 <ehird> yes
17:53:23 <ehird> i am
17:53:26 <SimonRC> ehird: I prefer garfield minus garfield
17:53:30 * oerjan hides the swatter before ehird can swallow it again
17:53:41 <ehird> SimonRC: hmm, what about garfield minus jon
17:53:41 <SimonRC> "again"
17:53:44 <SimonRC> ?
17:53:45 <ehird> what about garfield minus garfield and jon
17:53:48 <ehird> SimonRC: I ate it before
17:53:51 <ehird> when I was a snake
17:53:53 <ehird> then I ate oerjan
17:53:55 <ehird> then I ate myself
17:53:57 <ehird> causing a singularity
17:54:01 <SimonRC> ehird: when was this?>
17:54:05 <ehird> SimonRC: a few days ago
17:54:06 <oerjan> it was AWESOME
17:54:13 * psygnisfive knuffelt ehird
17:54:34 <ehird> knuffelt sounds like a death metal term
17:54:36 <SimonRC> psygnisfive: ??
17:54:39 <oerjan> hey, keine Verknuffeling!
17:54:43 <ehird> like... knuffelt=RIP BRAINS OUT
17:54:59 <oerjan> *ung
17:54:59 <psygnisfive> it actually means 'hugs' XD
17:55:17 <ehird> hmm
17:55:19 <ehird> it has a u
17:55:21 <ehird> that should be a v
17:55:40 <psygnisfive> if .. you're roman...
17:55:41 <psygnisfive> o.o;
17:55:50 <oerjan> no obviously it should be ü
17:55:57 <psygnisfive> indeed
17:56:00 <oerjan> The Knüffel Deäth
17:56:04 <ehird> psygnisfive: no, U->V is very common among METÄLHEADS
17:56:15 <psygnisfive> i've never done such romanesque stuff.
17:56:26 <ehird> hmm
17:56:27 <ehird> ¨V
17:56:28 <ehird> aww
17:56:30 <ehird> doesn't display
17:56:39 <ehird> ¨V is the most metal of all letters, though
17:56:46 <SimonRC> ehird: what is it?>
17:56:56 <ehird> SimonRC: V with an umlaut
17:57:07 <ehird> you get the REALLY METAL u-with-umlaut
17:57:08 <ehird> plus
17:57:11 <ehird> the REALLY METAL u->v
17:57:16 <ehird> ¨V = the metalest of all characters
17:57:24 <SimonRC> um, combining characters go after don't they?
17:57:32 <psygnisfive> u->v is not really metal. i refuse to believe this proclamation.
17:57:38 <psygnisfive>
17:57:41 <psygnisfive> nope.
17:57:46 <psygnisfive> i mean, i think they should
17:57:52 <psygnisfive> but it dinnae work
17:57:56 <ehird> SimonRC: os x lets me do ¨-then-a to get ä
17:58:02 <ehird> so I was following with that
17:58:13 <ehird> psygnisfive: here, one citation: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kvlt
17:58:24 <ehird> [[Deriving from the word "cult", kvlt is spelled like it is in order to create a medieval vibe.
17:58:24 <ehird> This is because it is used to speak positively of a metal band (particularly of the death/black metal variety) for their cult underground status. Is also applied the same way as tr00]]
17:58:24 <oerjan> well if metal uses umlaut to be quasi-nazi, they could clearly use V to be quasi-fascist
17:58:24 <ehird> see
17:58:25 <ehird> very metal.
17:58:26 -!- Mony has quit ("Ne regrettons pas le passé, ne nous préoccupons pas de l'avenir : le sage vit dans le présent.").
17:58:34 <psygnisfive>
17:58:38 <psygnisfive> there you go
17:58:47 <ehird> psygnisfive: now make it uppercase
17:59:09 <SimonRC> ehird: that's when typing. In unicode, the combining codepoint comes after
17:59:10 <ehird>
17:59:12 <ehird> fuck that's metal.
17:59:15 <ehird> SimonRC: yah
17:59:23 <ehird> SimonRC: but I was typing it ¨-then-V
17:59:24 <ehird> :-P
17:59:26 <ehird> KV̈LT
18:00:27 <SimonRC> "The Berlin Interpretation" sounds much more significant than it actually is.
18:01:00 <oerjan> also, no:kvalt = strangled, suffocated
18:01:22 <psygnisfive> the berlin interpretation?
18:01:23 <SimonRC> sounds like a good band name actually
18:01:28 <SimonRC> psygnisfive: yeah
18:01:34 <psygnisfive> whatsit?
18:01:37 <ehird> also The Berlin Interpretation sounds like an awesome band name
18:01:41 <psygnisfive> it does
18:01:43 <SimonRC> an attempt to define what a Roguelike game is
18:01:56 <psygnisfive> oh
18:02:07 <psygnisfive> "boring"
18:02:17 <SimonRC> decided at the International Roguelike Development Conference 2008
18:02:27 <ehird> The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretation The Berlin Interpretat
18:02:28 <psygnisfive> you should start a band
18:02:29 <psygnisfive> call it
18:02:33 <psygnisfive> The Berlin Interpretation
18:02:41 <ehird> psygnisfive: no, i called it first. after he did
18:02:41 <ehird> qed
18:02:41 <psygnisfive> and then
18:02:46 <psygnisfive> as you're playing
18:02:56 <psygnisfive> you have to approve new styles and stuff
18:03:04 <ehird> no... i have an idea
18:03:09 <psygnisfive> and the song evolves by consensus
18:03:22 <psygnisfive> sort of like jazz improvisation, but by committee
18:03:26 <ehird> The Berlin Interpretation should make their songs by writing a program to process a randomly generated rougelike's map
18:03:32 <ehird> and turning it into a musical blueprint
18:06:42 * SimonRC goes away, but irssi is still listening.
18:07:14 <ihope> Hmm, we need a SimCity-like roguelike.
18:07:29 <ehird> i wanna code a simple rougelike sometime
18:07:41 <SimonRC> ihope: Dwarf Fortress?
18:07:56 <SimonRC> ehird: there is already a "The Rougelike" (sic)
18:08:03 <ihope> I will now look up Dwarf Fortress, read about it, and say "Not at all."
18:08:03 <SimonRC> It's about wikipedia
18:08:14 <ehird> [[A roguelike game written mostly in Common Lisp, and the first version was written in 7 days.
18:08:15 <ehird> The game takes a satirical approach at Wikipedia. Your character is a "rouge" admin, and you must commit as many outrageous actions as possible before you'll get forced out of Wikipedia. For each such action you'll get Rouge points. You also have Karma points, which are given for good actions and subtracted for bad actions.]]
18:08:15 <ehird> ha
18:08:35 * SimonRC goes away, but irssi is still listening.
18:09:28 <ihope> Probably very much like Dwarf Fortress.
18:10:06 <ehird> ihope: You're meant to say "Not at all"
18:11:04 <ihope> ehird: sorry, but my opinion of the game changed when I learned what it is.
18:12:21 <ihope> Being able to change your mind is a sign of maturity. Not understanding others' maturity is a sign of immaturity. Therefore, I am more mature than you. :-P
18:14:00 <ehird> <ihope> I will now look up Dwarf Fortress, read about it, and say "Not at all."
18:14:08 <ehird> ihope: Not keeping promises is a sign of immaturity. :-P{
18:14:45 <ihope> Pointing out others' immaturity is a sign of immaturity. Therefore, I'm still more mature than you.
18:14:58 <ehird> ihope: But you pointed out my immaturity first, thus making you immature.
18:15:28 * oerjan proves his maturity by swatting both ihope and ehird ---##
18:15:35 * ehird feels swatted
18:15:45 <oerjan> STOP QUARRELING YOU KIDS
18:15:46 <ehird> I nominate ihope for Grand Swatter
18:15:58 * oerjan hides the swatter again
18:16:02 <ihope> How long's the nomination period?
18:16:10 <ehird> ihope: 60 seconds
18:16:14 <psygnisfive> seconded
18:16:14 <ehird> I vote ihope
18:16:21 <ihope> I also vote ihope.
18:16:30 <ehird> Tick tock tick tock
18:16:32 <ihope> Wait, there are no other contenders, so you can just install me.
18:16:38 <oerjan> I declare an emergency and cancel the vote, due to terrorist threats
18:16:46 <ihope> I swat oerjan.
18:16:47 <ehird> ihope: Oh. I install ihope as Grand Swatter.
18:16:58 <oerjan> you don't have a swatter
18:16:59 <ehird> oerjan: emergency sessions don't stop the iadop
18:17:06 <ehird> oerjan: and you'll notice yours has disappeared
18:17:10 <ihope> Now I swat oerjan.
18:17:10 <ehird> as you are no longer Grand Swatter
18:17:11 <oerjan> what's an iadop
18:17:19 <ehird> oerjan: agora office
18:17:22 <ehird> International... something
18:17:24 <ihope> An International Associate Director of Personnel, isn't it?
18:17:26 <ehird> Handles the elections of other offices.
18:17:28 <ehird> ihope: Yes.
18:17:31 <psygnisfive> http://www.flickr.com/explore/panda
18:17:35 <ehird> Grand Swatter is by analogy to Grand Poobah.
18:17:40 <ehird> Who controls the caste system.
18:17:51 <ihope> You can get personnel pizzas at my school.
18:18:58 <psygnisfive> haha
18:19:05 <psygnisfive> "I hope you can get personal pizzas at my school"
18:19:26 * ihope swats psygnisfive
18:19:30 <psygnisfive> *moans*
18:19:35 <psygnisfive> you can get them at stony brook
18:19:45 <ihope> I don't think the personnel pizzas contain any personnel.
18:20:01 <psygnisfive> infact, you can get them every day at the cafe outside my building
18:20:03 <psygnisfive> unfortunately, they suck
18:20:10 <oerjan> only _ex-personnel_
18:20:26 -!- Hiato has joined.
18:21:10 <psygnisfive> my school cooks live personnel into their pizzas
18:21:33 <psygnisfive> you can feel them wiggling and squirming as you swallow them
18:21:51 <Asztal> I totally failed to parsed that first sentence
18:22:00 <oerjan> very tiny personnel or very big pizzas?
18:22:00 <ihope> Are they animal or vegetable people?
18:22:01 <Asztal> (and failed to grammared)
18:22:05 <ehird> oh, fucking wonderful. one of those rickroll sites that resize your browser and bat it around the screen.
18:22:09 <ehird> how hilarious.
18:22:17 <ehird> ha.
18:22:18 <ehird> ha.
18:22:19 <ehird> ha.
18:22:20 <ihope> I hear that you can slice up vegetables and they'll still be alive.
18:22:26 <psygnisfive> this is true
18:22:27 <ihope> Also, lol.
18:22:39 <psygnisfive> ive been tempted to swallow a fish live. :o
18:22:44 <psygnisfive> a small one
18:22:45 <ehird> totally the most hilarious thing ever guys right
18:22:47 <psygnisfive> like.. a goldfish or something
18:22:51 <ehird> right
18:22:56 <psygnisfive> i agree ehird
18:22:59 <psygnisfive> highlarious
18:23:02 <ihope> Roflolmgz.
18:23:03 <ehird> yea
18:23:04 <ehird> its like
18:23:07 <ehird> on the scale of hilarious
18:23:10 <ehird> it's 2006/10
18:23:18 <ehird> fuckin' a
18:23:23 <oerjan> ah before the last decadence
18:23:32 <psygnisfive> "fuckin' a" is a very long island thing to say
18:23:44 <ihope> It has a z-score of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,etc,000,000.
18:23:49 <oerjan> ehird is british afaik
18:23:53 <ehird> i am
18:23:55 <psygnisfive> he is
18:24:01 * ihope walks away, chanting BBBBBBBBBBBBBB
18:26:10 <oerjan> shouldn't that be BRBRBRBRBRB
18:28:02 <ihope> No.
18:28:44 * ihope does a Google search for 'esoteric bbbbbbbbbbbbbb'
18:29:15 <ihope> Now taking bets on how many results I got.
18:29:19 <ehird> 0
18:29:24 <ehird> hmm
18:29:25 <ehird> actually
18:29:26 <oerjan> 14
18:29:27 <ehird> about 23
18:30:42 <oerjan> not one relevant
18:30:48 -!- Hiato has quit ("Leaving.").
18:30:53 <ehird> ihope: who was right
18:31:02 <oerjan> ok _maybe_ the first
18:31:26 <oerjan> ehird is disqualified as he clearly googled himself before betting
18:31:34 <ehird> i didn't
18:32:23 <oerjan> *by himself
18:53:10 -!- KingOfKarlsruhe has joined.
19:01:03 -!- LinuS has joined.
19:59:53 -!- kt3k has quit ("CHOCOA").
20:12:02 -!- ENKI-][ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
20:13:43 -!- oerjan has quit ("leaving").
20:14:08 -!- hakware has joined.
20:15:04 -!- hakware has changed nick to ENKI-][.
21:17:43 -!- Slereah_ has joined.
21:17:43 -!- slereah has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
21:31:17 -!- lilja has quit ("KVIrc 3.2.0 'Realia'").
21:42:47 -!- moozilla has quit (Connection timed out).
21:49:52 -!- kar8nga has left (?).
22:06:48 <AnMaster> Huh is there really no way to translate "lagom" to a single English word
22:06:57 <AnMaster> weird
22:07:21 -!- LinuS has quit ("Puzzi. S, parlo proprio con te. Puzzi.").
22:08:19 <olsner> that's like the most well-known untranslatable swedish word though
22:08:39 <AnMaster> olsner, well Norwegian apparently has it...
22:08:52 <AnMaster> and I guess maybe Danish
22:09:02 <AnMaster> but apart from that seems no one else does
22:09:04 <AnMaster> weird
22:09:19 <AnMaster> olsner, after all it is such a useful word
22:09:23 <ehird> um
22:09:25 <ehird> what does it mean
22:09:34 <AnMaster> ehird, well... That is hard to describe
22:09:52 <ehird> :D
22:09:53 <AnMaster> like "average, sufficient" but with a positive meaning. Like "the golden mean" or such
22:10:00 <ehird> ah
22:10:10 <AnMaster> ehird, but that is inexact too
22:10:19 <psygnisfive> guys
22:10:20 <ehird> AnMaster: how about 'just right'?
22:10:21 <AnMaster> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagom (!)
22:10:22 <ehird> as two words
22:10:28 <AnMaster> ehird, hm not exactly no
22:10:35 <AnMaster> but kind of close
22:10:59 <psygnisfive> post correspondence problem
22:10:59 <AnMaster> I think the "Other languages" there is incorrect
22:11:02 <psygnisfive> why is it undecidable?
22:11:09 <AnMaster> "passeli" sounds like Finish to me
22:11:11 <AnMaster> not Norwegian
22:11:19 <psygnisfive> it seems decidable in at most N! time
22:11:20 <AnMaster> not 100% sure thougj
22:11:22 <AnMaster> though*
22:11:33 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, doesn't wikipedia have some page about it?
22:11:41 <olsner> I guess 'passeli' ~= 'passlig' or something in swedish
22:11:42 <AnMaster> I'm pretty sure I read that before
22:11:49 <ehird> AnMaster: [[Often used as answer to the question "how are you?".]]
22:11:51 <AnMaster> olsner, well hm
22:11:54 <ehird> "How are you?" "Just right"
22:11:54 <psygnisfive> yeah but it doesnt make any sense that its undecidable
22:11:57 <ehird> would seem to make sense
22:12:02 <AnMaster> ehird, lagom can't be used like that
22:12:12 <ehird> AnMaster: well in norweigan it can
22:12:14 <ehird> says wp
22:12:19 <psygnisfive> i mean, you have a finite number of pairs and you can only use one pair once, right?
22:12:37 <AnMaster> err
22:12:58 <psygnisfive> oh no you cant
22:13:02 <psygnisfive> you can use them more than once
22:13:09 <psygnisfive> ok nevermind i misread the description of the problem
22:14:24 <AnMaster> ehird, It would sound bloody strange to use it for "How are you?". The standard answer is like in English
22:14:31 <ehird> AnMaster: "Lagom" ("lagum, lugum") also exists in Norwegian and is accepted in both Bokmål and Nynorsk. The connotations in Norwegian, however, are somewhat different from Swedish. In Norwegian the word has synonyms as "fitting, suitable, comfortable, nice, decent, well built/proportioned". While some synonyms are somewhat similar in meaning (e.g. "suitable" and "reasonable", "fitting" and "in balance"), many present in Swedish don't seem to exist in Norwegia
22:14:37 <AnMaster> ("well, how are you")
22:14:37 <ehird> when did that get cut off
22:14:58 <AnMaster> "to exist in Norwegi"
22:15:11 <ehird> an and vice versa. A closer equivalent in terms of denotation/connotation is the Norwegian word "passe" ("passende, passelig", see Jante Law), which translates more or less as "fitting, adequate, suitable" in English. The concept of 'lagom' is similar to Russian expression 'normal'no' (нормально, literally normally, note that 'normality' doesn't mean being too good or too rich), which indicates sufficient and sustainable state of, e.g., one's liveliho
22:15:15 <ehird> did that get through
22:15:15 <AnMaster> " one's livelih"
22:15:18 <psygnisfive> ehird, if you're gonna talk about languages, you might want to come over to #isharia on sorcery.net
22:15:22 <ehird> ood. Often used as answer to the question "how are you?".
22:15:32 <ehird> psygnisfive: i'm just copypasting from wikipedia
22:15:33 <psygnisfive> lots of people i think would enjoy talking about these things with you guys
22:15:36 <AnMaster> ehird, get a client that splits :P
22:15:42 <ehird> AnMaster: laaaazy
22:16:08 <ehird> but fine, random channels are cool to me
22:16:20 <ehird> speaking of which why did I leave #vjn?
22:16:30 <ehird> swedish people talking in broken english like 'pretty an cool'
22:16:33 <ehird> and going okokokokoko all the time
22:16:37 <ehird> whats not to like
22:16:37 <ehird> er
22:16:38 <ehird> finnish
22:16:41 <AnMaster> ehird, it wouldn't work to answer "How are you" in Swedish, that was all I was saying
22:16:42 <ehird> please don't smite me for that typo oklopol
22:16:51 <AnMaster> <ehird> swedish people talking in broken english like 'pretty an cool' <-- err no?
22:16:57 <ehird> AnMaster: i said finnish
22:17:01 <ehird> and that's what people do in #vjn
22:17:05 <ehird> 'kinda an cool thing :)'
22:17:06 <AnMaster> ah
22:17:10 <AnMaster> ah
22:17:11 <AnMaster> right
22:17:13 <ehird> i have a suspicion it is on purpose.
22:17:48 <ehird> psygnisfive: oh this is gold, irc.sorcery.net forward me to NOMAD.SORCERY.NET
22:17:50 <ehird> too perfect
22:17:52 <AnMaster> ehird, you mean to make others believe they aren't as good at English thus tricking their opponent?
22:17:54 <AnMaster> or what?
22:17:59 <ehird> AnMaster: i just think they're batshit insane
22:18:01 <psygnisfive> hahahahaha
22:18:02 <psygnisfive> ehird :)
22:18:06 <AnMaster> ehird, haha
22:18:36 <AnMaster> ehird, what was the operations of a nomad now again?
22:18:38 <ehird> i mean that seals the deal doesnt it?
22:18:40 <ehird> i can never leave now
22:18:47 <ehird> AnMaster: i'd have to look it up in the logs
22:18:58 <AnMaster> ehird, right then how do they differ from monads?
22:19:07 <AnMaster> apart from spelling
22:19:09 <ehird> AnMaster: I turned 'a' into 'm a' and 'm a' into 'a'
22:19:14 <ehird> making them entirely useless :P
22:19:29 <AnMaster> ehird, eh?
22:19:31 <AnMaster> m a?
22:19:37 <ehird> AnMaster: in the type signatures
22:19:48 <AnMaster> ehird, I don't yet know haskell :P
22:19:58 <ehird> AnMaster: you asked
22:20:02 <ehird> <AnMaster> ehird, right then how do they differ from monads?
22:20:10 <AnMaster> ehird, right. I expected something understandable
22:20:16 <ehird> pfffffffffffffffffffft
22:20:17 <ehird> me
22:20:19 <ehird> understandable
22:20:20 <ehird> as IF
22:20:25 <AnMaster> ehird, btw is there any good online resource for learning haskell?
22:20:25 <AnMaster> :)
22:20:30 <ehird> AnMaster: yah. yaht
22:20:35 * AnMaster googles
22:20:42 <ehird> AnMaster:
22:20:43 <ehird> http://www.cs.utah.edu/~hal/docs/daume02yaht.pdf
22:20:47 <ehird> or
22:20:47 <ehird> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Haskell/YAHT
22:20:49 <ehird> pick your poison
22:21:02 <AnMaster> why did you say poison?
22:21:05 <ehird> once you've read that and turned into a phd-holding, banana eating computer scientist
22:21:08 <ehird> read http://www.realworldhaskell.org/
22:21:13 <ehird> to learn how to actually write real programs
22:21:15 <ehird> AnMaster: its an idiom
22:21:18 <Slereah_> Don't do it AnMaster!
22:21:22 <Slereah_> Come to Scheme!
22:21:27 <Slereah_> Love the parenthesis!
22:21:31 <psygnisfive> scheeeeeeeeeeeeme
22:21:38 <AnMaster> Slereah_, I do like many of the ideas with scheme
22:21:38 <ehird> Slereah_: Purely functional BITCH
22:21:39 <AnMaster> but
22:21:52 <AnMaster> until I can write *portable* *non trivial* scheme programs
22:21:55 <AnMaster> ...
22:22:05 <AnMaster> and everyone seem to dislike r6rs
22:22:10 <Slereah_> ehird : Haskell isn't purely functional
22:22:14 <ehird> Slereah_: Yes it is.
22:22:28 <Asztal> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomad_(disambiguation)
22:22:29 <ehird> AnMaster: Well... Haskell programs aren't too portable either
22:22:32 <Asztal> see the last entry
22:22:33 <ehird> GHC extensions are really useful, mostly.
22:22:38 <psygnisfive> nomads!
22:22:46 <ehird> Asztal: hahah
22:22:47 <AnMaster> ehird, hm But I assume it is possible to write portable ones?
22:22:48 <Slereah_> no nads
22:22:49 <ehird> someone with my sense of humour!
22:22:53 <ehird> AnMaster: Yeah... but... not very desirable
22:22:57 <AnMaster> ehird, also what about REPL? does Haskell have that
22:23:00 <AnMaster> it is very very useful
22:23:02 <AnMaster> when programming
22:23:03 <ehird> yes...
22:23:03 <psygnisfive> "For Haskell Nomads, see Monad (functional programming)."
22:23:04 <ehird> ghci
22:23:05 <psygnisfive> ehird
22:23:06 <ehird> or hugs
22:23:06 <ehird> but
22:23:07 <psygnisfive> did you do that?
22:23:07 <ehird> use ghc
22:23:08 <ehird> not hugs
22:23:09 <ehird> psygnisfive: no
22:23:21 <psygnisfive> uh huh
22:23:25 <AnMaster> ouch
22:23:34 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, check page history
22:23:39 <ehird> i didnt add it
22:23:44 <AnMaster> to find who
22:23:49 <psygnisfive> i am
22:23:53 <AnMaster> ehird, indeed, I was just wondering who it could have been
22:23:55 <Asztal> also, http://sovietrussia.org/code/src/11983479293370831.jpg
22:24:10 <ehird> Asztal: Lmao.
22:24:16 <Asztal> it was /prog/ from 4chan :(
22:24:19 <Slereah_> Today is Soviet Sunday
22:24:37 <Slereah_> Does /prog/ exist?
22:24:37 <AnMaster> um
22:24:41 <ehird> Slereah_: yes
22:24:42 <Slereah_> I can't remember such a thing
22:24:52 <Slereah_> There's /g/
22:25:05 <psygnisfive>!
22:26:47 <AnMaster> blergh out of paper
22:26:58 <AnMaster> so can't print that tutorial now
22:27:03 <AnMaster> anyway 192 pages
22:27:04 <AnMaster> way too much
22:27:11 <AnMaster> will read on screen sigh
22:29:31 <AnMaster> ehird, anyway don't me expect it to read it right now, but thanks a lot for that link
22:29:44 <AnMaster> will be hugely useful
22:29:55 -!- KingOfKarlsruhe has quit (Remote closed the connection).
22:33:41 <AnMaster> High on my list to learn of languages: Scheme (started, I understand the basics, but call/cc and macros cause headache still), Haskell, Ocaml
22:33:44 -!- psygnisfive has quit ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client").
22:33:51 <AnMaster> ehird, anything you object to in that? :)
22:34:04 <AnMaster> (also I need to code more scheme to really learn it)
22:34:15 <ehird> AnMaster: call/cc is fun
22:34:28 <AnMaster> ehird, sure, but it is hard to think about
22:34:40 <AnMaster> at least to begin with
22:35:53 -!- psygnisfive has joined.
22:36:03 <psygnisfive> *sigh*
22:36:06 <psygnisfive> continually, this happens
22:36:38 <psygnisfive> i inevitably forget im using mibbit and try to close a tab and end up closing the whole app
22:36:40 <psygnisfive> >.<
22:36:56 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, why use that thing then?
22:37:02 <AnMaster> what is wrong with a real client
22:37:13 <psygnisfive> my school blocks all message-related stuff from a proper IRC app
22:37:18 <AnMaster> ah
22:37:19 <psygnisfive> so i can log onto a server
22:37:20 <psygnisfive> join rooms
22:37:21 <psygnisfive> and so on
22:37:24 <psygnisfive> but i cant send messages
22:37:25 <AnMaster> huh
22:37:32 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, that is bloody strange
22:37:34 <psygnisfive> and i have no clue how to get around it
22:37:38 <AnMaster> very strange blocking
22:37:42 <AnMaster> why not just block the port
22:37:43 <psygnisfive> very strange indeed
22:37:49 <psygnisfive> i figure they do
22:38:05 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, tunneling? ssl?
22:38:05 <psygnisfive> i just am guessing that server connection stuff is not the same as messaging stuff
22:38:10 <AnMaster> freenode doesn't have ssl
22:38:14 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, err it is
22:38:15 <psygnisfive> if i knew how to do those things i'd try them.
22:38:20 <AnMaster> JOIN #channel
22:38:25 <AnMaster> PRIVMSG #channel :message
22:38:28 <psygnisfive> what?
22:38:31 <AnMaster> examples
22:38:35 <AnMaster> of irc protocol
22:38:41 <psygnisfive> right but i mean tunnelling
22:38:45 <psygnisfive> i dont know how to do tunneling
22:38:50 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, to computer at home
22:38:55 <AnMaster> ssh to your computer at home
22:39:07 <AnMaster> then use some console client there
22:39:25 <psygnisfive> ooh yes i can do that im sure
22:39:31 <psygnisfive> i have my mac mini running right now in fact
22:39:53 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, if you remembered to open the port
22:39:54 <AnMaster> and such
22:39:57 <psygnisfive> well
22:40:06 <psygnisfive> i can connect to it any time i need so long as its on
22:40:13 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, what about firewalls
22:40:18 <AnMaster> and is ssh really running
22:40:18 <psygnisfive> i have ichat set up to autoaccept screensharing from me :p
22:40:19 <AnMaster> and so on
22:40:27 <AnMaster> err
22:40:29 <AnMaster> whatever
22:40:30 <psygnisfive> i just need to figure out the tunneling thing
22:40:39 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, ssh command line option
22:40:41 <AnMaster> for tunneling
22:40:48 <AnMaster> read man page :)
22:40:51 <psygnisfive> :P
22:40:53 <AnMaster> it lets you forward some ports
22:42:19 <AnMaster> ehird, a question about ghci
22:42:30 <ehird> what.
22:42:36 <AnMaster> can it do everything that haskell code written in a file can?
22:42:38 <AnMaster> like in LISP
22:42:42 <AnMaster> or schem
22:42:42 <ehird> no
22:42:44 <ehird> well
22:42:45 <ehird> yes
22:42:48 <ehird> but not the same syntax
22:42:53 <ehird> AnMaster: everything in a REPL is in a do block
22:42:56 <ehird> do { ... }
22:43:01 <ehird> thats why 'let x = y' instead of 'x = y'
22:43:04 <Asztal> can you define data types too?
22:43:06 <ehird> also things like import is ':module'
22:43:09 <ehird> Asztal: no
22:43:10 <AnMaster> ah so it is more like erlang's REPL then, some stuff have special syntax
22:43:50 <AnMaster> while the scheme REPL seems to be completely equivalent to a scheme file
22:43:55 <AnMaster> in syntax and capability
22:44:01 <AnMaster> and that is a feature I really really like
22:44:34 -!- oerjan has joined.
22:45:56 <ehird> AnMaster: haskell doesnt work like that.
22:46:16 <ehird> if it was file-based, you couldn't do anything but import, and define
22:46:27 <ehird> do { ... } is what lets you use IO stuff and such
22:46:32 <AnMaster> hm
22:46:35 <psygnisfive> ok ssh is on :D
22:46:40 <psygnisfive> now to just figure out port forwarding
22:46:46 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, man page or google
22:47:12 <psygnisfive> will do
22:48:19 <psygnisfive> what port is SSH?
22:49:11 <psygnisfive> ah
22:49:11 <psygnisfive> 22
22:51:06 <psygnisfive> alright
22:51:08 <psygnisfive> SSHed in
22:51:09 <psygnisfive> :D
22:51:27 <psygnisfive> thank you, anmaster. if this works, i'll .. uh .. give you free blowjobs for life. or something.
22:51:45 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, I'm not homosexual
22:52:02 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, anyway you need to *give a command line option when you ssh*
22:52:04 <AnMaster> as I said
22:52:06 <ehird> AnMaster: the first step is admitting you have a problem!
22:52:23 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, I don't remember the exact syntax. I rarely use it
22:52:32 <AnMaster> but I have used it a few times
22:52:37 <AnMaster> ehird, ?
22:52:55 <psygnisfive> ok. so i have to SSH in USING port forwarding in the ssh command?
22:53:07 <psygnisfive> also, ehird: how do you start applications in terminal?
22:53:15 <ehird> open -a Appname
22:53:21 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, iirc you did something like: ssh user@host -A 7777 -B foo:12387
22:53:22 <ehird> open file
22:53:25 <ehird> open -a Appname file
22:53:27 <AnMaster> don't remember names for A and B
22:53:39 <AnMaster> L was one maybe
22:53:51 <AnMaster> -L [bind_address:]port:host:hostport
22:53:54 <psygnisfive> ahh ok. open.
22:53:55 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, from man page :)
22:54:04 <psygnisfive> i was trying run
22:54:06 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, how hard was that!
22:54:08 <psygnisfive> i should learn bash
22:54:19 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, open isn't bash, it is Mac OS X specific program
22:54:26 <AnMaster> it is not universal in any way
22:54:26 <psygnisfive> thank you anmaster, i wasnt asking for the precise command :P
22:54:42 <psygnisfive> i was asking ehird about running a program for separate reasons
22:54:56 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, if you think "open" is bash then you are wrong :P
22:54:57 <AnMaster> also
22:55:00 <AnMaster> it is easy to run
22:55:02 <AnMaster> you just type
22:55:05 <ehird> HE DIDN'T THINK THT
22:55:05 <AnMaster> /bin/programname
22:55:06 <ehird> fsdfl;ksdf;sdfl
22:55:06 <ehird> dfg
22:55:08 <ehird> '
22:55:13 <ehird> er
22:55:14 <ehird> or just
22:55:15 <AnMaster> or whatever
22:55:16 <ehird> 'programname'
22:55:16 <ehird> yknow.
22:55:21 <AnMaster> ehird, if it is in PATH yes
22:55:25 <AnMaster> or ./foo
22:55:28 <psygnisfive> christ you do just stop
22:55:29 <psygnisfive> jesus
22:55:33 <AnMaster> ehird, why does OS X need an "open"?
22:55:39 <AnMaster> seems... odd?
22:55:46 <psygnisfive> OS X programs are not bin files
22:56:01 <ehird> AnMaster: because /Applications/Foo.app/ is a directory
22:56:07 <ehird> "bundles" are directories appearing as files in os x
22:56:11 <ehird> so instead of unreadable tars or whatever
22:56:13 <ehird> they're just dirs
22:56:18 <ehird> that you can double click
22:56:19 <ehird> essentially
22:56:19 <AnMaster> unreadable tars?
22:56:22 <ehird> same for tons of other things
22:56:24 <AnMaster> ehird, no they are *.dmg
22:56:28 <ehird> ...
22:56:29 <ehird> AnMaster: shut up
22:56:31 <AnMaster> that seems to be a closed format
22:56:32 <psygnisfive> ehird ehird ehird
22:56:33 <psygnisfive> stop it
22:56:37 <psygnisfive> he wont get it
22:56:38 <AnMaster> what? why?
22:56:39 <ehird> AnMaster: stupidest thing said all day
22:56:40 <psygnisfive> ::hug:: i understand you dont worry
22:56:44 <ehird> *.dmg is a disk image
22:56:56 <ehird> and i'm not going to continue because no matter what i say you'll find a way to blab about how terrible os x is
22:56:59 <AnMaster> ehird, 1) tar is for installation archive, 2) dmg is for installation archive
22:56:59 <ehird> so its completely unproductive
22:57:03 <ehird> so you can just stay in the dark
22:57:08 <AnMaster> ehird, there are no tars for installed apps
22:57:11 <AnMaster> on linux
22:57:12 <ehird> kay, thanks, bye
22:57:12 <AnMaster> or so
22:57:14 <AnMaster> so why
22:57:16 <AnMaster> "unreadable tars"
22:57:18 <AnMaster> tell me why
22:57:38 <AnMaster> just because you are wrong heh
22:57:40 <AnMaster> :)
22:57:49 <AnMaster> I love that you are such a bad looser
22:58:24 <ehird> wrong?
22:58:25 <ehird> no
22:58:26 <AnMaster> and yes I know about bundles. But what has tar got to do with that?
22:58:27 <AnMaster> nothing
22:58:29 <ehird> just that talking to you is the most annoying fucking thing ever
22:58:37 <ehird> because you're the most irritating person on the planet
22:58:40 <AnMaster> tar.gz or such is more like .dmg
22:58:46 <ehird> because you hate OS X in any possible way you can
22:58:49 <AnMaster> ehird, the issue is you mentioning .tar.gz
22:58:55 <ehird> AnMaster: the issue is shut the fuck up
22:59:05 <AnMaster> ehird, what the heck has tar files got to do with anything?
22:59:13 <ehird> /ignore AnMaster
22:59:17 <ehird> ah, that's better
22:59:24 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, can you explain then?
22:59:47 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, there got to be some logic behind it
22:59:53 <AnMaster> also following ehird's tradition
22:59:56 <oerjan> <AnMaster> "passeli" sounds like Finish to me
23:00:05 <psygnisfive> ehird is there any way to send commands as another user through SSH if i havent previously set up that user as an SSH user?
23:00:07 <oerjan> i corrected it
23:00:08 <AnMaster> ^echo ehird, what the heck has tar files got to do with anything?
23:00:08 <fungot> ehird, what the heck has tar files got to do with anything? ehird, what the heck has tar files got to do with anything?
23:00:14 <ehird> /ignore fungot
23:00:15 <fungot> ehird: a former friend lives, their door had my surname written on it
23:00:17 <psygnisfive> like.. can i change the SSH prefs if im logged in as an administrator?
23:00:24 <AnMaster> ehird, you are an hypocrite
23:00:26 <AnMaster> ^echo ehird, you are an hypocrite
23:00:27 <fungot> ehird, you are an hypocrite ehird, you are an hypocrite
23:00:30 <ehird> psygnisfive: uh
23:00:30 <ehird> yes
23:00:31 <ehird> sudo
23:00:33 <ehird> :-P
23:00:37 <ehird> sudo -u user ...command...
23:00:40 <psygnisfive> oh ok
23:00:45 <psygnisfive> i did sudo user
23:00:46 -!- AnMaster has set topic: the entire backlog of #esoteric: http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric | ehird, you are an hypocrite. You did the exact same thing a few days ago.
23:00:49 <psygnisfive> i really need to learn bash :D
23:00:49 <AnMaster> there
23:00:56 <ehird> AnMaster: I know I did - and it irritated you, but its just amusing me
23:01:02 <ehird> I can trivially ignore the topic.
23:01:08 <AnMaster> optbot!
23:01:10 -!- optbot has set topic: the entire backlog of #esoteric: http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric | ignore that rant.
23:01:17 <AnMaster> optbot!
23:01:19 -!- optbot has set topic: the entire backlog of #esoteric: http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric | yes.
23:01:24 <oerjan> optbot is wise beyond measure
23:01:26 <optbot> oerjan: ???
23:01:41 <AnMaster> oerjan, the issue is ehird refuse to explain himself when he said something wrong
23:01:44 <AnMaster> oerjan, don't you agree?
23:01:51 <AnMaster> tars have nothing to do with the issue mentioned
23:01:56 <AnMaster> in fact bundles are a good idea
23:02:01 <AnMaster> they are not not related to tars
23:02:02 <oerjan> ^echo AUM
23:02:03 <fungot> AUM AUM
23:02:13 <AnMaster> and ehird will never know I like the idea of bundles
23:02:21 <AnMaster> since he ignore me
23:02:27 <AnMaster> oh well
23:02:50 -!- AnMaster has set topic: the entire backlog of #esoteric: http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric | I actually think bundles are a good idea. I just don't see what they have to do with *.tar.
23:03:48 <AnMaster> oerjan, would you please tell ehird to read topic :) I think he may change his point of view if he does
23:04:12 <oerjan> dobbeltmoral er dobbelt så bra som vanlig moral...
23:04:24 <AnMaster> oerjan, I'm not sure I would agree :P
23:04:33 <ehird> psygnisfive: is AnMaster whining about how immature i am
23:04:42 <AnMaster> no I'm not
23:04:54 <oerjan> AnMaster: you agree with your actions :/
23:05:08 <AnMaster> oerjan, hm? How do you mean?
23:05:32 <oerjan> oh no, i just dragged myself into this mess
23:05:35 <psygnisfive> i dont know ehird
23:05:38 <psygnisfive> im not paying attention
23:05:43 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, I'm not btw
23:05:44 * oerjan goes hiding under a rock
23:06:03 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, I was even agreeing bundles are a good idea.
23:06:05 <fizzie> Oh, and "passeli" is in fact Finnish.
23:06:06 <AnMaster> read the topic
23:06:07 <oerjan> AYEEH! SNAKES!
23:06:16 <AnMaster> fizzie, you should update the wikipedia pag then :)
23:06:19 <oerjan> fizzie: i noticed when i googled
23:06:25 <AnMaster> page*
23:06:28 <AnMaster> fizzie, the one for "lagom"
23:06:29 <oerjan> AnMaster: i already did
23:06:32 <AnMaster> ah right
23:06:59 <psygnisfive> haha! brilliant
23:07:00 <oerjan> although the g _is_ silent
23:07:02 <psygnisfive> i love you ehird
23:07:08 <ehird> that's nice
23:07:21 <AnMaster> oerjan, which g?
23:07:23 <AnMaster> gooled?
23:07:24 <AnMaster> wtf
23:07:39 <oerjan> in "passelig"
23:07:44 <AnMaster> ah
23:07:52 <fizzie> "Passeli" is also a "TV-shop" advertised program for handling something accounting-related, never been quite sure what.
23:08:09 <AnMaster> fizzie, hm
23:09:15 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, are you too ignoring me for no reason whatsoever?
23:09:21 <psygnisfive> no
23:09:24 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, and did you get ssh thing to work?
23:09:24 <psygnisfive> im busy trying to get this shit working
23:09:25 <psygnisfive> :P
23:09:40 <fizzie> In Finnish 'passeli' is a bit colloquial, though.
23:09:44 <psygnisfive> i accidentally killed my ichat connection so i had no way to control anything visually
23:09:50 <psygnisfive> so i couldn't configure my router and stuff
23:09:51 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, well thanks, just to inform you: I like the idea of bundles. I just don't see how they are related to *.tar
23:10:11 <psygnisfive> so i had to figure out how to ssh and get it working so that i could start ichat again
23:10:13 <psygnisfive> and so on
23:10:13 <oerjan> fizzie: it still has more google hits than "passelig". granted, that would also include misspellings of the latter.
23:10:17 <psygnisfive> and i figured out how. :)
23:10:23 <psygnisfive> ok now to just figure out the port forwarding for IRC
23:10:27 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, so could you enlighten me on what ehird meant with that?
23:10:56 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, because he refuse to answer
23:11:00 <psygnisfive> i want paying attentiont to that dude
23:11:03 <psygnisfive> brb
23:11:08 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, well.
23:11:37 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, you owe me a favour if this works. You said that yourself :P
23:12:16 <psygnisfive> no
23:12:16 <fizzie> oerjan: The two first hits in Google-search "passeli" with language=Finnish are related to that program; the next two are names of shops; the fifth one is using "passeli" in the sv:lagom sense.
23:12:20 <psygnisfive> i said i'd give you blowjobs
23:12:20 <psygnisfive> :P
23:12:32 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, something like: -L 1234:irc.freenode.net:6667
23:12:40 <AnMaster> then connect to 1234 on localhost
23:12:44 <AnMaster> I think that should work
23:12:46 <AnMaster> not 100% sure
23:13:30 <oerjan> heh
23:14:03 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, well do me one favour then, Ask ehird to read the topic
23:14:23 <psygnisfive> ehird anmaster wants you to read the topic.
23:14:29 <ehird> i refuse
23:14:30 <AnMaster> thanks
23:14:34 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, it is very important
23:14:36 <AnMaster> and
23:14:39 <AnMaster> he will unignore me
23:14:41 <AnMaster> if he does
23:14:42 <AnMaster> I bet
23:14:50 <oerjan> <ehird> ood. Often used as answer to the question "how are you?".
23:14:52 -!- psygnisf_ has joined.
23:14:57 -!- psygnisf_ has left (?).
23:15:21 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, looks like it worked ^
23:15:24 <oerjan> "sånn passe" can be use for that too, although it's more negative, essentially "so so"
23:15:54 <psygnisfive> no
23:15:55 <oerjan> *used
23:15:58 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, or maybe not, looks like you connected from *.edu
23:16:07 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, so you actually didn't use the forwarded port
23:16:11 <psygnisfive> yeah, the client autoconnected
23:16:14 <psygnisfive> when i started it
23:16:43 <psygnisfive> ok so on my local machine
23:16:53 <psygnisfive> SSH into my remote machine with -L ~ ... yes?
23:16:54 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, http://rafb.net/p/MF57LR46.html
23:16:58 <AnMaster> from the man page
23:17:58 <psygnisfive> right
23:19:32 -!- psygnisf_ has joined.
23:19:43 <psygnisfive> damn.
23:19:52 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, what?
23:19:54 <ehird> hi psygnisf_
23:19:59 <psygnisfive> it didnt forward
23:20:04 <AnMaster> psygnisf_, that one is connected using direct connection
23:20:11 <AnMaster> you are connecting wrong
23:20:15 <AnMaster> psygnisf_, try using netcat
23:20:21 <AnMaster> to the forwarded port
23:20:29 <psygnisfive> i need to figure out how to specify the outport on this damn client
23:20:55 <AnMaster> psygnisf_, you need to connect to *localhost* using the first argument of -L
23:21:01 <AnMaster> so 1234 in my example
23:21:11 <psygnisfive> oh, wait
23:21:11 <AnMaster> you don't want "irc.freenode.net" anywhere
23:21:13 <AnMaster> in that
23:21:21 <psygnisfive> on in the server connect in the irc app?
23:21:21 <psygnisfive> ok
23:21:29 <AnMaster> psygnisf_, in the irc app
23:21:40 <AnMaster> you want to connect to localhost:1234 in my example
23:21:47 <AnMaster> and for ssh something like -L 1234:irc.freenode.net:6667
23:21:57 -!- psygnis__ has joined.
23:21:59 <psygnis__> bitches
23:22:01 <psygnisfive> HAH
23:22:03 <AnMaster> there
23:22:09 -!- psygnisfive has quit ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client").
23:22:11 <ehird> psygnis__: Bitches don't know 'bout mah IRC forwarding
23:22:16 <psygnis__> hahaha
23:22:19 -!- psygnis__ has changed nick to psygnisfive.
23:22:19 <AnMaster> psygnis__, now tell ehird to really really read the topic
23:22:21 <AnMaster> please
23:22:25 <AnMaster> it is very important
23:23:02 <AnMaster> psygnisf_, or just post this line: "AnMaster says he thinks bundles are a _good_ idea. He just don't see what they have to do with *.tar"
23:23:03 <psygnisfive> uh
23:23:07 <AnMaster> psygnisf_, please
23:23:12 <psygnisfive> ehird, read topic?
23:23:14 <psygnisfive> anyway
23:23:30 <psygnisfive> now how can i get my remote machine to port forward to multiple places XD
23:23:33 <ehird> i am not going to read the topic.
23:23:47 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, just post what I said then
23:23:47 <oerjan> "AnMaster says he thinks bundles are a _good_ idea. He just don't see what they have to do with *.tar"
23:23:59 <AnMaster> oerjan, thanks
23:24:11 <AnMaster> so saying I hate everything about OS X is plain wrong
23:24:16 <AnMaster> it does have some good ideas
23:25:01 <ehird> oerjan: tell him he's pathetic for hiring slave labor to try and talk to me, please
23:25:07 <ehird> and don't point out the irony in that
23:25:11 <AnMaster> so he didn't even read it?
23:25:12 <AnMaster> sigh
23:25:17 <AnMaster> how silly he is now
23:25:34 <psygnisfive> i love you guys
23:25:41 <psygnisfive> you got my my IRC back
23:25:43 <psygnisfive> :)
23:25:48 * oerjan swats both ehird and AnMaster ----###
23:26:08 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, you see that ehird is silly now?
23:26:15 <AnMaster> oerjan, oh tell ehird he is a hypocrite then
23:26:16 * oerjan also swats psygnisfive on the suspicion he'll like it ----###
23:26:20 <AnMaster> since he did the same just a few days ago
23:26:22 <psygnisfive> ehird's always been silly
23:26:26 * psygnisfive likes it
23:26:44 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, you got one client too many
23:26:46 <AnMaster> psygnisf_,
23:27:05 <psygnisfive> it'll die eventually dont worry
23:27:11 <psygnisfive> its not connected.
23:27:14 <psygnisfive> its just the server being wonky.
23:29:43 <psygnisfive> lalala
23:29:50 <oerjan> mimimimi
23:30:17 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, conjecture: channel activity will go down when ehird ignores and I go to sleep
23:30:19 <AnMaster> night all
23:30:24 <psygnisfive> night
23:30:28 <psygnisfive> ehird
23:30:31 <psygnisfive> anmaster is going to sleep
23:30:39 <ehird> cool.
23:30:50 <AnMaster> maybe
23:30:57 <AnMaster> your highlight made me turn backl
23:31:00 <AnMaster> back*
23:33:22 <oerjan> so if we keep mentioning AnMaster all night he won't get any sleep?
23:33:36 <psygnisfive> awesome
23:33:37 <AnMaster> oerjan, wrong, I got a threshold
23:33:49 <oerjan> aww
23:33:58 <psygnisfive> ok so youll be up all night
23:34:00 <AnMaster> oerjan, + a good book to read
23:34:01 <psygnisfive> until you fall asleep
23:34:03 <psygnisfive> at your computer
23:34:07 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, no
23:34:24 <AnMaster> I will fall asleep reading this last fantasy book on over 760 pages
23:34:25 <oerjan> "1001 ways of annoying teenagers"
23:34:49 <AnMaster> oerjan, that is what ehird read obviously yeah
23:35:02 <oerjan> oh you're a teenager too? figures.
23:35:05 <psygnisfive> Way 1: Mention their age. Works especially well if they're 13, and live in the UK.
23:35:19 <AnMaster> oerjan, hm ehird is yes
23:35:26 <psygnisfive> anmaster
23:35:30 <psygnisfive> what were you asking about the other day
23:35:32 <AnMaster> oerjan, and "almost 19" doesn't really count
23:35:36 <psygnisfive> about the language thing i was talking about?
23:35:43 <psygnisfive> what were you asking for?
23:35:47 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, the "or" one?
23:35:51 <psygnisfive> yeah
23:36:01 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, "make a language based on it"
23:36:05 <psygnisfive> oh
23:36:05 <AnMaster> programming language
23:36:06 <oerjan> eigh_teen_, nine_teen_, what's not to count about that
23:36:08 <psygnisfive> i'd like to
23:36:12 <psygnisfive> it'd be interesting
23:36:34 <AnMaster> psygnisf_, it should also have first class functions
23:36:36 <AnMaster> I think
23:36:43 <oerjan> no.
23:36:45 <AnMaster> if possible make it functional
23:36:47 <AnMaster> no?
23:36:52 <oerjan> it should have first function classes
23:36:55 <psygnisfive> im not psygnisf_!
23:36:57 <psygnisfive> im psygnisfive!
23:37:11 <AnMaster> psygnisf_, hits firsts on psy<tab>
23:37:17 <psygnisfive> but yes, it'd have first class functions
23:37:19 <AnMaster> so disconnect that client
23:37:25 <psygnisfive> that client IS disconnected dude
23:37:28 -!- psygnisf_ has quit (Connection timed out).
23:37:32 <psygnisfive> see?
23:37:32 <AnMaster> now it is
23:37:36 <psygnisfive> i didnt do anything just then
23:37:43 <AnMaster> right
23:37:52 <psygnisfive> the freenode server just realized it wasn't getting a connection
23:37:57 <AnMaster> psygnisfive, so now tab will work
23:38:00 <AnMaster> then it is fine
23:38:03 <psygnisfive> :P
23:38:29 <psygnisfive> i wonder how a scope indicator would work tho..
23:38:30 <psygnisfive> i mean
23:38:31 <psygnisfive> man
23:38:34 <psygnisfive> it'd be crazy
23:38:37 <oerjan> "first function classes" is not entirely devoid of google hits
23:38:43 <AnMaster> oerjan, btw the book I'm reading is called "Brisinger", a name that already sounds like fantasy doesn't it
23:38:46 <psygnisfive> try singular, oerjan
23:39:00 <oerjan> psygnisfive: i said there were hits
23:39:12 <psygnisfive> yeah but i mean try singular
23:39:16 <psygnisfive> you'd probably get lots more
23:39:34 <AnMaster> magic, dragon, swords, improbable geologic and climate, (who would put a forest right next to a desert like that... on the map on the inside of the cover)
23:39:39 <psygnisfive> ooh no you get less
23:39:42 <psygnisfive> which makes no sense
23:39:44 <AnMaster> and really the areodynamics for dragons make no sense
23:39:50 <oerjan> well that got 10
23:39:58 <psygnisfive> since "first function class" is a subset of "first function classes"
23:40:04 <oerjan> as opposed to 4
23:40:13 <psygnisfive> oh oh you were doing in quotations i see
23:40:14 <psygnisfive> yeah
23:41:15 <oerjan> Brisinger und brisinger
23:41:25 <AnMaster> oerjan, hm? just google
23:41:27 <psygnisfive> so
23:41:27 <psygnisfive> hm
23:41:32 <psygnisfive> lets talk about something esoteric
23:41:36 <AnMaster> the first two books were actually quite good
23:41:41 <AnMaster> and now I'm really heading to bed
23:41:41 <oerjan> i did
23:41:42 <AnMaster> night
23:41:46 <psygnisfive> i nominate quantifier scope indicators
23:42:14 <oerjan> i quantify indicator scope nominations
23:42:22 <ehird> jews
23:42:28 <oerjan> jaws
23:42:44 <Slereah_> juice
23:42:53 <oerjan> joyce
23:43:00 <psygnisfive> joyce
23:43:01 <psygnisfive> omg
23:43:02 <psygnisfive> ugh
23:43:04 <psygnisfive> hate him
23:43:32 <psygnisfive> riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs.
23:43:53 <oerjan> Three quarks for Muster Mark!
23:45:09 <oerjan> and that's just about what i know of Finnegan'?s Wake
23:46:28 <oerjan> also, jays
23:46:32 <ehird> jews
23:46:47 <oerjan> oh noes a cycle
23:46:52 <oerjan> we are trapped
23:47:25 <oerjan> what the heck were quantifier scope indicators anyway?
23:48:03 <oerjan> my mague vemory tries to trigger
23:48:37 <oerjan> and is there a connection to delimited continuations?
23:49:04 -!- optbot has set topic: the entire backlog of #esoteric: http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric | but you flew around and tried to hit the other guy.
23:49:17 <oerjan> i did NOT
23:49:26 <oerjan> he just blew into my path
23:49:57 <oerjan> Brains..
23:50:48 <oerjan> Livers..
23:51:33 <oerjan> That little thing at the back of the mouth which no one remembers the name of..
23:52:05 <ihope> Uvula.
23:52:09 <Asztal> what exactly does optbot use to generate topics?
23:52:10 <optbot> Asztal: X-D
23:52:27 <oerjan> the famous X-D program
23:52:33 <ihope> It uses a guy who's laughing because his eyes are doing something that's topologically impossible.
23:52:40 <Asztal> I assumed it was getting the longest common substring of recent messages, or something :)
23:52:41 <oerjan> ihope: how did she get in there?
23:52:42 <ihope> Eyes do not intersect.
23:52:52 <ehird> Asztal: nah
23:52:55 <ehird> Asztal: random sentence from the entire backlog
23:52:58 <ihope> oerjan: how did Uvula get into the back of the mouth?
23:53:02 <ehird> from late 2002 - before optbot was put online
23:53:02 <optbot> ehird: /\
23:53:04 <oerjan> yeah
23:53:06 <ihope> You ate her. :-(
23:53:11 <oerjan> oh.
23:53:11 <ehird> late 2002 - early 2003 thx to fizzie
23:53:13 <oerjan> Brains..
23:53:15 <ehird> bye for today
23:53:21 <oerjan> i remember, she had none
23:53:35 * ihope Brains.es oerjan
23:54:05 <oerjan> yummy!
23:55:16 <oerjan> ah that explains why it's called uvular consonants
23:55:35 <ihope> I didn't know there were such things as uvular consonants.
23:55:37 <oerjan> oh dear, and palate...
23:56:33 <oerjan> all this time i've been thinking those were just weird linguistic terms
23:56:42 <oerjan> but they're anatomical
23:56:53 <oerjan> i guess dental should have given me a clue
23:57:15 * oerjan checks what alveola means
23:57:15 <Slereah_> DENTAL PLAN
23:58:01 <oerjan> um that doesn't fit, it's in the lungs?
23:59:03 <ihope> So an alveolar trill is when the tongue vibrates against the lungs?
23:59:07 <oerjan> ah it's alveolar ridge
23:59:16 <oerjan> that's in the mouth
23:59:33 <oerjan> ihope: apparently not
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