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00:44:38 <Tritonio_GR> hello everyone
00:44:52 <oerjan> hello
00:45:49 <oerjan> silent day today.
00:47:58 <Tritonio_GR> hmmm
00:49:23 * Sgeo never saw Tritonio_GR before
00:50:02 <Tritonio_GR> you've seen me. but you don't remember me.
00:50:17 <Tritonio_GR> i was usually on this room before one year or so...
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00:50:22 <Tritonio_GR> when i was more into brainfuck
00:50:44 <Sgeo> Ah
00:50:47 <Tritonio_GR> after that i didn't use an IRC client often. but now i decided that pidgin is nice for IRC too. :-)
00:50:55 <Tritonio_GR> so i'll be online every day again.
00:51:06 <Sgeo> Cool
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00:51:37 <Tritonio_GR> do you remember i way to make arrays in brainfuck?
00:52:46 <fax> brainfuck IS an arrow
00:52:49 <fax> brainfuck IS an array*
00:52:52 <Tritonio_GR> i know.
00:52:58 <Tritonio_GR> but a way to implement arrays ovcer brainfuck
00:53:11 <Tritonio_GR> that is ask the user about the index and the value and store it
00:53:23 <Tritonio_GR> and then ask him for the index and get tha value back
00:53:29 <Tritonio_GR> something like that
00:54:09 * Sgeo remembers seeing several ways to do that, some of which some.. thing used internally
00:55:02 <Tritonio_GR> there are several ways. the only usefull thing that i did about this is that i found one that needs n+4 cells to store n values instead of 2*n+a
00:57:25 <Sgeo> http://esolangs.org/wiki/Brainfuck_algorithms#x.28y.29_.3D_z_.281-d_array.29_.281_cell.2Farray_element.29 ?
00:58:31 <Tritonio_GR> that one.
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01:32:57 <Quadrescence> augur: ping
01:33:07 <augur> Quadrescence: rape
01:33:10 <augur> i mean, pong
01:33:37 <Quadrescence> augur: PM me PLEASE
01:33:45 <augur> no u
01:36:01 <Sgeo> Why would someone want HC insurance with a lifetime cap?
01:43:17 <pikhq> Sgeo: Being uninformed.
02:02:22 <Gregor> What is with this channel and people begging to PM each other.
02:04:58 <pikhq> Gregor: COULD YOU PM ME
02:05:11 <Gregor> pikhq: NOT IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT
02:05:12 <pikhq> AND BY PM, I MEAN POST MERIDIAN
02:05:43 <oerjan> *MERIDIEM
02:06:06 <pikhq> oerjan: KTHX
02:06:15 <oerjan> YWCM
02:06:34 <Gregor> WWOD
02:07:31 <oerjan> Gregor: i don't know, i suggest you pray and ask him
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02:08:06 <pikhq> WHAT WOULD OERJAN DO
02:08:11 <oerjan> wait i thought you were referring to Odin here
02:08:22 <Gregor> WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
02:08:38 <Gregor> (I find that screaming helps praying, gods are totally deaf)
02:09:35 <oerjan> Gregor: i think it's a chicken and egg problem
02:09:59 <oerjan> does screaming help because gods are deaf, or are gods deaf because people scream all the time
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02:10:42 <pikhq> I find that deafening gods aids finding their believers.
02:11:24 <oerjan> that - may make sense.
02:12:04 <oerjan> i mean the believers cannot use miracles to hide if their gods cannot hear them
02:12:41 <pikhq> It also means that I get to find them by their yelled prayers.
02:13:18 <oerjan> ah.
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06:23:01 <pikhq> I IS NOW 10
06:23:03 <pikhq> 20
06:23:08 <pikhq> NOT 10, 20.
06:27:35 <Sgeo_> pikhq, we're the same age!
06:27:43 <pikhq> Whoo.
06:27:46 <Sgeo_> [If you round down]
06:27:49 <pikhq> Wait, you're 10? :P
06:27:58 <Sgeo_> lol
06:28:11 * Sgeo_ should be getting ready to go to sleep or somesuch
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06:59:10 <Quadrescence> pikhq: hey i turned 20 on the 12th
06:59:15 <Quadrescence> we are now brothers
07:00:05 <Sgeo> Why are all these younger people smarter than I am?
07:00:08 <pikhq> Really?
07:00:28 <pikhq> Sgeo: It's not "smarter" necessarily.
07:00:42 <pikhq> It's just that I've been programming since I was freaking 8 years old.
07:02:15 * Sgeo 's um.. well, not programmed, but read about programming since he was young :/
07:02:36 <Sgeo> Didn't get much practise back then, but loved reading about it
07:04:14 <Sgeo> Crud, I NEED to wake up by a certain time
07:04:21 <Sgeo> And see no way of guaranteeing it's happening
07:04:51 <Quadrescence> Sgeo: this is the book I'm reading http://i.imgur.com/9Gr7E.jpg
07:04:55 <Quadrescence> and yes that is my hand
07:05:08 * Sgeo stopped reading physical books a while ago
07:05:41 <Sgeo> o.O at COBOL
07:05:48 * Sgeo read a COBOL book some time ago
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07:06:11 <Sgeo> Remembered some book or other talking about CORBA. When I saw "COBOL for Dummies", got confused, so bought it
07:07:05 <Quadrescence> Sgeo: Why did you stop reading physical books?
07:07:29 <Sgeo> Too much effort to actually take my eyes off the computer, or to go to the library
07:08:04 <Quadrescence> :(
07:08:16 <Quadrescence> I am printing and binding books now for people
07:09:18 <Sgeo> Also, not a fan of paying money for stuff
07:12:05 * Sgeo should really be preparing for sleep
07:13:29 <Quadrescence> Sgeo: Yeah that is why I am printing these books for people
07:13:41 <Quadrescence> since I sell them at a flat rate of $8 as opposed to $80
07:13:55 <Sgeo> $8 > $0
07:14:05 <Sgeo> >.>
07:16:12 <Quadrescence> Yes but reading a book on paper > reading a book on screen
07:16:33 <Quadrescence> and the knowledge gained from the book is usually priceless, if not more valuable than $8 in the future
07:27:22 <lament> the only thing that's priceless is eternal youth
07:28:18 <lament> everything else is $3.50
07:28:34 <Quadrescence> lament: tru
07:29:24 <lament> oh and true love
07:29:28 <lament> it's like $4.75
07:29:55 <lament> so your books are overpriced imo
07:35:00 <Quadrescence> lament: math booz
07:35:04 <Quadrescence> booz LOL
07:35:05 <Quadrescence> i mean boox
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13:25:01 <ais523> "MAIN-MODULE.\nmov y x giving z using AbstractFactory(get property1() while getting property2())."
13:25:10 <ais523> such a pity that was a parody... maybe we should invent it
13:30:03 <Quadrescence> ais523: COBOL invented that 50-some years ago
13:30:11 <Quadrescence> (or was that invention)
13:30:17 <ais523> Quadrescence: it's meant to be a mix of cobol, asm and java
13:30:38 <Quadrescence> ADD ONE TO COBOL GIVING COBOL
13:30:43 <Deewiant> "mov y x giving z" doesn't seem very sensible
13:30:50 <ais523> no
13:31:08 <ais523> nor does the whole AbstractFactory thing, which while rather Java-reminicent, doesn't make sense in that context
13:31:09 <Quadrescence> Deewiant: In no way is anything cobol sensible
13:31:32 <Deewiant> ais523: Well, if xyz are meant to be placeholders for more complex expressions it could
13:31:41 <Deewiant> Quadrescence: Sure it is
13:31:45 <ais523> (in that an AbstractFactory would be a class that would make it easier to create your own factories by providing some of the methods for them, but couldn't themselves be instantiated)
13:31:49 <Quadrescence> Deewiant: No.
13:32:06 <ais523> Quadrescence: you can just write "ADD ONE TO COBOL" apparently, no need for the "GIVING COBOL"
13:32:19 <Quadrescence> ais523: Except that is way less cool
13:32:48 <ais523> over-verbose COBOL is cool nowadays?
13:33:17 <Quadrescence> It's cool only because it's ridiculous and funny.
13:33:29 <Quadrescence> ADD ONE TO COBOL GIVING COBOL (AOTCGC) could be the next best thing ais523. If you start making it, I'd support you all the way.
13:33:55 <ais523> Quadrescence: I'm pretty sure that that name's been applied to esolangs in the past, maybe as a nickname
13:33:59 <ais523> hmm... ORK?
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13:37:59 <Quadrescence> COmmon Verbosity-Oriented Language: COVOL
13:38:00 <Quadrescence> ;)
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13:39:23 <ais523> hmm, you could just take Java and change the syntax from C-like to COBOL-like
13:39:34 <ais523> that would accomplish the task in question quite well
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17:16:56 <fax> oklopol
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17:40:56 * AnMaster installs ti link cable software for linux and hopes it will work
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18:15:38 <oklopol> fax
18:19:41 <augur> oklopol! :o
18:19:44 * augur rapes oklopol
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18:32:37 <fax> augur naughty augur
18:32:48 * augur bites fax
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18:41:33 <fax> bad!!!
18:41:47 <augur> :x
18:41:59 <oklopol> wait i've been virturaped
18:45:45 <fax> Ι
18:45:48 <fax> that's Iota :(
18:45:56 <fax> it's the same danm thing
18:46:00 <fax> oh nvm ι works
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18:53:00 <fax> fuck
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19:03:53 <AnMaster> ?
19:04:05 <AnMaster> fax, what has gone wrong?
19:04:15 <fax> just spilled my tea
19:05:52 <oklopol> i heard coffee is the new tea
19:07:32 <pikhq> I heard coffee is delish.
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19:20:04 <lament> i heard coffee is makes you pee.
19:22:07 <oklopol> no that can't be true i peed today and i haven't drunked any coffee
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19:26:39 <lament> have you ever had any coffee?
19:29:42 <AnMaster> <fax> just spilled my tea <-- as long as it wasn't on the computer or anything like that it shouldn't be too bad
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19:30:14 <AnMaster> also I assume it was in the kitchen? As you (or I at least) never take any fluids near a computer for safety reason
19:31:54 <oklopol> lol
19:31:59 <oklopol> you're such a geek
19:32:01 <oklopol> ;D
19:32:17 <oklopol> i sometimes even take baths with my laptop
19:34:24 * Sgeo has fluids near someone else's computer
19:50:17 <FireFly> <AnMaster> also I assume it was in the kitchen? As you (or I at least) never take any fluids near a computer for safety reason
19:50:27 <FireFly> I drink tea in front of my computer like... at least twice a day
19:53:04 <FireFly> And I've had tea spilled out on my keyboard lots of times
19:53:06 <FireFly> Works just as well
19:58:20 <AnMaster> <oklopol> i sometimes even take baths with my laptop <-- really?
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23:20:21 <coppro> Any Haskell enthusiasts present?
23:22:32 <Sgeo> coppro, not an enthusiast per se, but I know a bit
23:22:45 <coppro> looking for someone with experience
23:22:54 <coppro> and I'm too lazy to go to #haskell
23:23:36 <Sgeo> o.O at supreme laziness
23:25:23 <coppro> actually, I want style advice
23:25:29 <coppro> and IRC is not usually a great place for that
23:25:42 <fax> coppro what is ti??
23:25:48 <fax> it
23:25:55 <coppro> fax: like I said, just style advice
23:25:59 <fax> YES AND??
23:26:03 <coppro> do you program Haskell a lot?
23:26:09 <fax> never heard of it
23:26:14 <coppro> then you can't help!
23:26:17 <fax> I can probably work it though
23:27:09 <coppro> no, you can't
23:27:33 * adu <3 Haskell
23:27:33 <fax> hey look at me in a haskell programmer!! "monads monasd lol category theory"
23:27:43 <adu> hi coppro
23:27:49 <coppro> hi
23:28:01 <coppro> can you help?
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23:28:06 <adu> fax: that's not how haskell programmers talk
23:28:30 <fax> adu: "huhu I just invented a new semantic monad combinator liberry!"
23:28:32 <adu> coppro: with...
23:28:37 <coppro> adu: Haskell style
23:28:42 <adu> style?
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23:29:05 <coppro> yeah, like "you should do X instead of Y"
23:29:27 <adu> I've written 2 libraries on Hackage, so I would not consider myself an expert
23:29:41 <adu> iirc dons has written thousands of libraries, perhaps you should ask him
23:29:57 <adu> what's your question?
23:30:27 <coppro> well, I'm trying to implement a vital piece of software - a BF interpreter
23:30:40 <fax> coppro, that's not possible in haskell
23:30:43 <adu> BF = brainf**k?
23:30:49 <fax> it's a pure functional language so it can't do input/output
23:30:51 <adu> fax, coppro sure its possible
23:30:52 <coppro> yes
23:31:01 <fax> no way I just checked the wiki page right now
23:31:02 <coppro> fax: yes, it can. There's a particularly elegant solution to this problem
23:31:07 <fax> it says 'purely functional'
23:31:16 <coppro> yes. You work on IO objects
23:31:24 <fax> oh it's object oriented?
23:31:25 <fax> I can do that
23:31:30 <adu> fax: you obviously know nothing about Haskell, so stop making these kinds of assertions
23:31:30 * Sgeo slaps fax
23:31:36 <fax> lol
23:31:48 * Sgeo wanted to make a BF interpreter in Haskell at some point
23:31:56 <adu> Haskell _is_ purely functional, except two datatypes: IO and ST
23:32:02 <coppro> anyways, I have a few questions... first off, is there anything at http://pastie.org/883776 which seems wrong?
23:32:30 <fax> coppro, there's a brainfuck interpreter that using LLVM to JIT It in the examples for the llvm binding
23:32:41 <coppro> fax: I'm aware
23:32:49 <fax> coppro so why are you doing this :S
23:32:57 <Sgeo> Why two [Instruction]s?
23:33:40 <fax> coppro you should turn the lex ([Instructions]) into a parse tree, so that implementing loops doesn't involving searching for a balanced paren
23:33:55 <fax> instead of this weird stacky thing you seem to be doing
23:34:21 <coppro> It's so that when it's running, the program will use two lists; instructions are shoved from one to the other as the program advances; I could use a parse tree but that sounds complex :P
23:34:24 * Sgeo would think that instead of StartLoop/EndLoop, just a Loop [Instruction] makes sense
23:34:26 <fax> also if you used list instead of maybe the lex function would be omre natural
23:34:39 <fax> coppro -- um you implement parsing either way
23:34:49 <fax> Sgeo is right
23:34:53 <coppro> wait
23:34:59 <coppro> you're the one who knows nothing about haskell
23:35:02 <Sgeo> Wait, why is fax commenting on Haskell?
23:35:06 <fax> I just read the wiki page
23:35:09 <fax> it's obvious
23:35:14 <Oranjer> hahaha
23:35:25 <fax> and I alreayd know brainfuck
23:35:39 * coppro considers /ignore
23:35:40 <Sgeo> What does catMaybes do?
23:35:45 * Sgeo hoogles
23:35:49 <coppro> Sgeo: takes a list of Maybes and removes the Nothings
23:35:58 <Sgeo> Ah
23:36:14 <adu> coppro: you should change the "$" to a "."
23:36:26 <adu> coppro: that would make parseBF :: [Char] -> BFProgram
23:36:43 <coppro> oops, yeah, that's a holdover from an earlier version
23:37:00 <coppro> it won't compile with $ anyways
23:37:13 <fax> USE MONADS LOL
23:37:21 <Sgeo> Maybe
23:37:26 <Sgeo> Maybe's a monad, lists are monads
23:37:28 <adu> fax: that's not funny
23:37:34 <Sgeo> Although I don't think e's using them monadically
23:37:34 <fax> it makes me laugh
23:37:36 <Sgeo> I'm not sure
23:37:51 <coppro> Nope
23:38:26 * Sgeo still dislikes StartLoop/EndLoop
23:38:29 <coppro> hmm... what does List's >>= do?
23:38:36 <coppro> Sgeo: in what sense? the names?
23:38:50 <Sgeo> coppro, the fact that it's not a Loop [Instruction]
23:38:59 <coppro> ah
23:39:00 <Sgeo> But then, instruction would be more complex
23:39:07 <coppro> exactly why I didn't do that
23:39:12 <adu> coppro: it takes 2 parameters: a list an a function of type (a -> [b]) and outputs a list of results
23:39:26 <fax> coppro [] is nondeterministic search
23:39:43 <coppro> hey, thanks, fax, you helped me make up my mind! /ignore it is!
23:39:49 <fax> you fucking idiot
23:39:50 <adu> coppro: its actually the same as ',' in list-comprehension syntax
23:39:58 <coppro> adu: ah, ok!
23:39:58 <fax> why am I surrounded by such mrons
23:39:59 <adu> fax: stop that please
23:40:07 <fax> adu, seriously he's just a stupid cunt
23:40:19 <Sgeo> fax is actually kind of right, if I remember my random keywords correctly. Lists, monadically, represent nondeterministic values. [1,2,3] is a value that could be 1, 2, or 3
23:40:22 <adu> fax: i'm ignoring you
23:40:35 <Sgeo> Not sure what "search" was about. Just fax being an idiot, probably
23:40:37 <fax> adu, first off he spent about 20 mins trying to find someone elite enough to help him instead of just asking the damn question, now he's being a tit about /ignore (twice)
23:41:00 <fax> Sgeo: fuck you too, never heard of a tree search algorithm?
23:41:15 <fax> Sgeo, I'm not 'kind of right' I'm 100% accurate
23:41:19 * coppro is thinking he'll just drop the type constructor and alias BFProgram to the list, then use a record for the VM (which contains two lists of integers and two of instructions)
23:42:12 <fax> I'm the worlds best haskell programmer so don't underestimate me
23:42:17 <adu> coppro: so that looks find to me, stylistically at least
23:42:28 <coppro> Ok
23:42:30 <coppro> thanks
23:42:59 <adu> although, i would probably just keep the characters, as you can pattern match on the characters just as well as the data constructors
23:43:18 <fax> Sgeo -- seriously... you never heard of depth first search?
23:43:31 <fax> Sgeo -- it's kind of uh, an important thing in computing
23:43:34 <adu> the only advantage i can see of transforming the characters into a new datatype is eliminating the "else" case
23:44:23 <adu> but if that's why you did that, then keep it
23:44:34 <fax> I thought you guys were cool and could take a joke but (coppro and adu) guess not
23:45:17 <coppro> adu: yeah, I thought about that
23:45:32 <coppro> but I need an AST! :P
23:46:44 <adu> well, the only "tree" involved in BF that I can think of is the compression of +++++ into (Increment 5)
23:46:48 <Quadrescence> fax: are you hot
23:46:57 <adu> lol
23:47:10 <adu> i wonder what fax is saying now
23:47:10 <fax> adu: think about [] perhap
23:47:18 <adu> too bad I'll never know
23:47:18 <fax> adu: what I'm saying is you're a dork
23:47:33 <fax> adu: I just said that because I thought you'd be looking in the logs :/
23:47:51 * fax wonders why you lot are being such elitist twerps
23:48:08 <coppro> yes. It is too bad.
23:48:10 <fax> (especially since you're talking about total beginner stuff..)
23:48:25 <coppro> whatever shall I do
23:48:59 <fax> coppro: You could spent all your time being an annoying twat and rubbing in the fact that you /ignored me (after going on and on about 'ill do it!! I swear')
23:49:04 <Quadrescence> fax: How are you anyway?
23:49:53 <fax> The only thing I don't get is why Sgeo called me an idiot
23:50:54 <fax> I mean I get the idea that he was just pattern matching what I said against keywords he half remembered, but he knows he's doing that too -- so why does he feel sure enough with that to conclude that I'm an idiot?
23:51:09 <fax> I'm not denying it, of course .. but his reasoning wasn't sound
23:52:05 <Quadrescence> Do you have me on ignore? :(
23:53:59 <Quadrescence> hey can someone ask fax if I'm on ignore
23:54:35 <oklopol> lol @ fax dissing above :D
23:54:59 <oklopol> "hey why don't you do it this better way" "nah, because you don't know any haskell"
23:55:10 <coppro> Quadrescence: I could ask him, but I wouldn't get to see the reply
23:55:35 <Quadrescence> oklopol: can you ask?
23:55:36 <fax> coppro should learn about the IRC logs
23:55:56 <oklopol> fax: is Quadrescence on ignore?
23:56:07 <fax> yeah why
23:56:11 <oklopol> he wanted me to ask
23:56:17 <fax> he was being a cunt in #~math
23:56:27 <oklopol> oh i thought it was just "Quadrescence: fax: are you hot"
23:56:31 <fax> no
23:56:41 <Quadrescence> oklopol: [17:48.39] <Quadrescence> fax: How are you anyway?
23:56:43 <Quadrescence> say that too :(
23:56:49 <fax> he schooled me for about a hour (huge waste of time) in this really arrogant way, and what he was saying wasn't even correct
23:57:27 <fax> I just thought, fuck this and left his channel... apparently he followed me in here
23:57:47 <Quadrescence> I did not follow, I came here because of someone else's recommendation
23:57:54 <fax> which is kind of nasty but I dont' really have any right to tell people to fuck off, and even if I did (which I would do) it wouldn't work
23:58:43 <oklopol> Quadrescence: i'm not going to ask her how she's doing
23:58:54 <oklopol> you will not be able to ask that question through me
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