00:00:02 pikhq, ah, makes sense. 00:00:05 Gregor: Another character: http://pressthebuttons.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/11/12/awinnerisyou.png 00:00:21 elliott: I'll just go with one character I think :P 00:00:24 pikhq, so does *that* imply regulations? 00:00:38 Phantom_Hoover: Very very few. 00:01:32 Gregor: For bonus points, make all of them switch to the other at a random interval (randomised for each element). 00:01:34 Phantom_Hoover: It means that in some sense the beneficiary is entitled to the financial benefits from DTCC. 00:01:38 Gregor: You win! You win EPILEPSY! 00:01:57 Phantom_Hoover: In effect, the beneficiary is entitled to dividends. 00:02:06 elliott: Yeah, no winning seizures :P 00:02:10 pikhq, dividends from what? 00:02:16 Gregor: OMG WAIT BETTER IDEA 00:02:17 Phantom_Hoover: Stocks pay out dividends. 00:02:20 Gregor: Make all elements on the page move about. 00:02:23 Just... drift. Randomly. 00:02:26 At least, some do. 00:02:34 pikhq, ah. 00:02:34 Great job, hero! You won! The universe is falling apart. 00:03:25 elliott: Hmmm, this image doesn't work as well as the trophy. The trophy has the nice (dis)advantage that it's visible in the upper-left, so it even messes with small elements. 00:03:29 elliott: This is just black in the upper-left :( 00:03:32 Gregor: I told you. 00:03:34 Gregor: Use both. 00:03:37 Phantom_Hoover: And if DTCC actually sold off their stocks, there'd probably be a major legal fight if the beneficiary didn't get some benefit from the sale. 00:03:41 Gregor: With 1/2 probability on every element. 00:03:51 YOU'RE WINNER! A WINNER IS YOU! YOU'RE WINNER! 00:03:52 elliott: OHHH, on every ELEMENT. 00:03:55 Though this legal fight wouldn't matter because the world economy would collapse. 00:03:56 Gregor: Yes. :D 00:04:04 elliott: That's actually kind of a pain, since I just used a CSS * :P 00:04:04 Mother-fucking collapse. 00:04:08 But OK, i can do that. 00:04:15 pikhq, so they can't just buy Germany if they want some sausages? 00:04:26 They could. 00:04:32 At least, without the sausage industry collapsing. 00:04:35 They'd just have to hand out some cash to people. 00:04:44 Oh, without the sausage industry collapsing? 00:04:48 Yeah, that'd probably collapse. 00:05:08 As would the entire stock market when they realise that it's all a fucking casino game and DTCC is the house. 00:06:08 pikhq: we so need to do this 00:06:14 elliott: Basically whichever one document.body gets wins :( 00:06:18 [ais523 goes crazy] 00:06:23 Well, maybe that's only on this test page ... lesse. 00:06:32 Gregor: On pages with more elements it'll be crazy. 00:06:43 elliott: Do what? 00:06:54 Gregor, I now have my cure to net boredom. 00:06:59 You are a god among men. 00:07:08 pikhq: use the DTCC to crash the economy 00:07:11 * Gregor tries it on en.wikipedia.org 00:07:11 elliott: Ah. 00:07:18 * catseye plays WebSplat on http://www.dtcc.com/ 00:07:19 infiltrate 00:07:22 buy up as much important, expensive shit as we can 00:07:27 until we've used all our money 00:07:30 elliott: ... YESSSSSS 00:07:31 and then say 00:07:35 "Fuck you guys no stocks lol" 00:07:40 Gregor: Yes to the multi-background? 00:07:47 -!- myndzi has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer). 00:07:48 catseye: i approve 00:07:59 elliott: Yes, however I'm going to ruin it by adding transparency to "A WINNER IS YOU" and making the text black. 00:08:03 To get more horrible overlap. 00:08:05 elliott: It's astounding how fragile everything is. 00:08:07 (The trophy has transparency) 00:08:16 elliott: Oh, BTW. Apparently DTCC's vaults are in Manhattan. 00:08:20 -!- myndzi has joined. 00:08:29 man, if the images weren't outlined, this would be hard -- a random half of their headings are actually images. 00:08:31 Gregor: wait wait, make it black but with a certain % of alpha :D 00:08:33 elliott: One crazy bastard with a nuke and all the companies stop existing. 00:08:36 pikhq: ha 00:08:42 pikhq: but we could do that from within 00:08:46 pikhq: do all that stuff, and then just burn our vault 00:08:58 Gregor: make it like 50% opaque 00:09:00 Gregor: or 33% 00:09:02 and watch the crazy 00:09:06 maybe? 00:09:07 maybe not 00:09:16 It'll be crazier perfectly transparent... 00:10:03 okay 00:10:15 catseye: where's the last image 00:10:27 elliott, but when the economy collapses, who will invent the Singularity? 00:10:30 Phantom_Hoover: your mom 00:11:14 "Burn the vault, or make it like 50% opaque" is how I parsed that. 00:11:31 elliott: I CANNOT FIND IT 00:11:39 catseye: probably down that scrollable pane 00:11:40 or hidden 00:11:48 Gregor: http://www.dtcc.com/ unsolvable kthx :P 00:12:53 Gregor: this as multiplayer would be amazing 00:13:09 With transparency, this = best win screen ever. 00:13:32 Seems that flash crashes have become a regular fixture of the stock market now... 00:14:02 Shit is going to be *baaaad* soon... 00:14:33 -!- augur has joined. 00:14:53 elliott: Observe the new win screen! 00:14:57 OBSERVE IT IN HORROR 00:15:00 Gregor: i'm trying to; i have to win first! 00:15:32 Gregor: you know, you could give and different backgrounds 00:15:34 Gregor: just sayin' :D 00:15:53 make and always the two images (which is which doesn't matter; randomise it) 00:15:58 then do the 1/2 chance for all the other elements 00:16:42 class SharedLineOrientedBuffer # aka a SLOB! 00:16:46 Gregor: LOL the esolangs wiki logo became two of the guy 00:16:53 catseye: what are you doing now :P 00:16:56 I died on the win screen because I couldn't tell what the hell was going on X-D 00:17:03 elliott: just trying to improve catbus 00:17:15 rather, make it not suck 00:17:21 catseye: that name... yeah... no 00:17:22 :P 00:17:39 but that's exactly what it is! well, ok 00:18:29 catseye: LineBuffer 00:18:52 Let's see how well this works on my phone now :P 00:20:58 Gregor: AAAAAGGGHHHHHHH THAT IS AWFUL WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT 00:21:13 Gregor: websplat + http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google_gravity/ 00:21:20 Gregor: AAAAAGGGHHHHHHH THAT IS AWFUL WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT 00:21:20 HA HA 00:22:37 -!- sftp_ has joined. 00:22:57 -!- sftp has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds). 00:23:03 Haha INSTANT DEATH 00:23:03 The browser sends crazy resize events, so it thinks you're cheating :( 00:23:05 elliott: class BufferMatic :) 00:23:18 elliott: i already suggested the collapsing page game, but gegor whined about it being too hardto rotate things and shit like that 00:23:18 catseye: i hate you :P 00:23:25 Gregor: instant death on what 00:23:33 quintopia: he's right. 00:23:34 elliott: My phone. 00:23:50 quintopia: "Damn those programmers! Can't they just stop whining and implement my vision???" 00:24:01 elliott: yes, it's sadly true, but DAMN IF THAT GAME WOULDN'T BE AWESOME 00:26:18 * pikhq concludes that the only reason the world economy is still running is that people don't know that it's completely and utterly broken. Fuuuck. 00:27:06 -!- augur has quit (Remote host closed the connection). 00:27:12 pikhq, so basically I cannot under any circumstances tell people this? 00:27:20 -!- augur has joined. 00:27:25 * quintopia concludes that it's not broken because the singularity has already happened and the intelligence hidden in the networks of the world is doing its best to hold things together until it can construct the perfect society 00:27:28 Phantom_Hoover: Oh, it's still pretty solidly fucked. 00:27:30 Phantom_Hoover: good thing we're not logged. 00:27:46 Gregor: When you lose, tile a 2x scaled version of this: http://images.encyclopediadramatica.com/images/4/4a/Bstarfail.png 00:27:52 You fail it! 00:27:59 Phantom_Hoover: All it takes for the stock market to crash right now is a race condition. 00:28:09 YOUR SKILL IS NOT ENOUGH SEE YOU NEXT TIME BYE BYE 00:28:16 This happens a few times each month for individual stocks now. 00:28:33 pikhq, remind me what a race condition is again. 00:29:17 A does B then C, but gets stopped before C, then A' does B' and C', then A does C not realising that B' and C' have been done 00:29:20 *? 00:29:31 Basically. 00:29:41 And in the stock market? 00:30:27 quintopia: oh if only we were succeeding in holding things together :( 00:30:39 Stock trader bot A does trades B then C, but gets stopped before C, then stock trader bot A' does trades B' and C', then A does C. 00:31:03 -!- olsner has quit (Remote host closed the connection). 00:31:13 And then 00:31:15 *? 00:31:22 Effing question mark key... 00:31:48 And then everything reacts and the stock goes on a freakish crash or rise before things stabilise. 00:33:52 pikhq: And then, if you're not a big corporation, you get put in jail for life for terrorism. 00:36:18 I wonder where that 30 trillion figure actually comes from... 00:36:37 3 years ago. 00:36:38 :) 00:37:02 * Phantom_Hoover notices something 00:37:21 pikhq, even the WP article gives that as $3e10, not $3e13. 00:37:30 It's 30 billion, not trillion. 00:38:08 elliott: have you read the original netcat C source, btw? I assume yes 00:38:23 Phantom_Hoover: That's odd. 00:38:30 catseye: not all in one go but i've skimmed through all of it 00:38:35 elliott: http://www.mail-archive.com/freebsd-questions@freebsd.org/msg42775.html 00:38:40 catseye: and made it compile on linux :P 00:38:44 that was my reaction to it :) 00:38:44 modern linux 00:38:59 Phantom_Hoover: Ah, that's the total assets of DTCC, not the consolidated report on the holdings of them and their subsidiaries. 00:39:00 pikhq, that... changes things. 00:39:00 some great comments in there, iirc 00:39:04 Enormously. 00:39:08 catseye: he likes calling his structures and arguments "poop" 00:39:11 which i support completely 00:39:12 pikhq, where's that figure? 00:39:15 catseye: 2003 you sounds boring :P 00:39:25 http://www.dtcc.com/downloads/annuals/2009/dtcc_consolidated_2009.pdf 00:39:43 pikhq, that gives $4e10, not e13. 00:40:02 Now rewrite netcat in Enhanced CWEB and without GNU long options 00:40:16 Ah, so it does. 00:40:17 And then compile it for the GameBoy 00:40:21 The figures are all in thousands of dollars for the assets. 00:40:42 1000*4e7 = 4e10. 00:40:45 Okay, then I don't know where the trillion number is coming from. 00:40:49 (Just joking about the GameBoy) 00:41:39 Though it almost certainly should have that much, due to being the stock holder for nearly everything. 00:42:24 zzo38, verify it formally! 00:42:29 that is fun to do I found 00:42:38 well okay would be horrible for socket code 00:42:38 Vorpal: Verify what formally? 00:42:42 pikhq, well, you must admit, it still seems way too ludicrous to be completely true. 00:42:47 zzo38, the rewritten netcat 00:42:55 Phantom_Hoover: Buut they actually *do* hold all the stocks. 00:43:02 Phantom_Hoover: Which makes it *not ludicrous at all*. 00:43:03 Vorpal, how do you verify that kind of thing formally? 00:43:06 Verify it using what? 00:43:11 And how? 00:43:13 pikhq, yes, which is even more ludicrous. 00:43:14 -!- olsner has joined. 00:43:28 Phantom_Hoover: It's a Federal Reserve regulation. 00:43:31 zzo38, coding in C? Frama-c is good then 00:43:32 Even when this starts making some sense /it still makes no sense/. 00:43:46 as for how, that is trickier 00:43:53 Phantom_Hoover: The only thing that makes no sense here is how could people be this fucking *stupid*. 00:43:54 you have to take standard library as axioms 00:44:03 and find a set of properties you want to prove 00:44:16 pikhq, and how every share ever is worth only 30 billion dollars. 00:44:20 such as "never reads invalid memory" or "always terminates" or whatever 00:44:25 FFS more than that was given out during the bailout. 00:44:37 Phantom_Hoover: I'm suspecting they're not having to list shares as assets. 00:44:39 Somehow. 00:44:50 Do you know if Frama-C is usable with things such as Enhanced CWEB? 00:45:11 zzo38, no clue, used it for straight C code that didn't do IO. And it is a lot of work anyway. 00:45:15 Can it display the line numbers in its error messages according to #line directives? 00:45:15 pikhq, that would seem the only even vaguely sane explanation, other than that they don't actually own the shares at all. 00:45:28 zzo38, I have no idea 00:45:46 zzo38, I used it on plain old C code, where it did a good job 00:46:09 16:40:02 Now rewrite netcat in Enhanced CWEB and without GNU long options 00:46:12 netcat doesn't use gnu long options. 00:46:46 nothing wrong with long options apart from that they are not standard 00:48:17 pikhq, FWIW, WP lists their total equity as $2e8, which is *peanuts* in finance. 00:48:34 But I don't actually know what equity is here, so... 00:50:45 http://ming.tv/flemming2.php/__show_article/_a000010-000923.htm is the source of the tens of trillions in figures. 00:51:52 Vorpal: Well, I don't like long options. Is other people also don't like long options? 00:52:07 They do process over a quadrillion dollars per year, though. 00:52:32 Ah, now here we go 00:52:38 zzo38, ... I can't parse "Is other people also don't like long options?" 00:53:01 Vorpal: Why? 00:53:11 Their annual report for 2009 has $3e13 as the value of securities held in custody. 00:53:13 zzo38, because it seems to be incorrect English? 00:53:22 zzo38, elliott is correct: netcat does not use getopt_long 00:53:32 zzo38, GNU netcat does, but that is not the original netcat 00:53:43 Phantom_Hoover: Found it. It's on page 14. 00:54:35 pikhq, of the consolidated statement or the annual report? 00:54:50 Phantom_Hoover: Erm, wait, that's not it. But yeah, consolidated. 00:55:09 Page *9* has the value from stocks. 00:55:18 God, I hate PDFs with no text in them. 00:55:49 Vorpal: Maybe it is incorrect but it should be OK to read, isn't it? I believe you it doesn't use getopt_long but GNU netcat does. But still I don't like GNU long options. But many GNU programs are too much complicated more than it should be. 00:56:01 "$40,232,000 [...] representing deposits received from participants to facilitate their compliance with customer protection rules of the SEC." 00:56:07 ... No, that's not it. 00:56:09 GAH. 00:56:11 Phantom_Hoover: I hate PDFs in general. 00:56:14 This is hard to parse. 00:56:15 pikhq, the longest number I see on that page is 10 digits long. 00:56:47 Phantom_Hoover: Yeah, this is very hard to find. 00:57:22 pikhq, I suspect because "securities held in custody" \notin "assets". 00:57:29 Yeah. 00:58:16 Just one example of GNU program too much complicated more than it should be, is that gettext is very large and internationalization.wi (a program for a similar purpose to gettext) is much smaller and more efficiently. 00:58:20 zzo38, well *shrug* I was unable to parse that sentence above 00:58:23 whatever it meant 00:59:24 pikhq, so the world economy isn't quite as insane as we thought. 00:59:34 Vorpal: But do you agree that a lot of GNU software packages are much larger and complicated than it should be? 00:59:50 In that they can't do whatever they damn well please with $3e13 worth of shares. 00:59:53 zzo38, yes probably 01:00:24 freebsd userland has a nice balance I feel 01:00:52 between usability and minimalism 01:01:16 Phantom_Hoover: http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB118359867562957720-5Yb1Y_mpcl9a2nKbc0IaV0tDHyk_20070712.html This *claims* that the DTCC claims $36 trillion in securities. 01:01:32 Phantom_Hoover: I'm just having trouble finding better information. 01:02:14 Also some (not all) of the programs I have written can be used instead of some (but not all) of the other GNU program. 01:02:21 pikhq, again, I suspect this all stems from a mixup from the DTCC's annual report figures. 01:02:38 Yet, also, some software also has important features missing too, or bugs, or whatever. 01:02:54 zzo38: you don't have to shout 01:02:58 " agree with you. YOU SHOULD NOT CHANGE THE BYTEPUSHER SPEC. YOU SHOULD NOT CHANGE THE BYTEPUSHER SPEC. YOU SHOULD NOT CHANGE THE BYTEPUSHER SPEC." 01:03:01 *"I 01:03:01 :P 01:03:22 Of course they want you to mislead yourself into thinking they have half the world's GDP in assets; they are, after all, out to get money. 01:03:37 Well, that's debatable, but it still does them no harm. 01:03:42 elliott: I wrote it in uppercase three times simply because of like other comment. 01:04:01 ah :D 01:04:04 i didn't see that 01:04:48 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHH it'soneo'clock/me→sleep 01:05:28 Phantom_Hoover: ... 01:05:32 Phantom_Hoover: you are such a fucking lightweight. 01:05:46 Gregor: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/23/business/media/23williams.html?_r=2&ref=business <-- my guy doesn't even appear halp 01:05:49 with websplat 01:07:59 "Lastly, DTCC’s depository 01:08:01 is the largest securities depository in the world, providing custody and asset servicing for 01:08:03 3.5 million securities issues from the United States and 110 other countries and territories 01:08:06 valued at $30 trillion. 01:08:08 " 01:08:22 Here is the copy of internationalization.wi file: http://sprunge.us/MbML Now you can see that it is clearly much more smaller and more efficient than GNU gettext? 01:08:23 elliott: Wowwtf, somehow it managed to put things in front of my image with z-index 1,000,000 ... 01:08:30 Gregor: :D 01:08:45 zzo38: I can clearly not see it is more efficient; I have no idea how GNU gettext is implemented. 01:08:48 And more code != more efficient. 01:08:49 -- Larry E. Thompson, General Counsel for DTCC, before the Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government Sponsored Enterprises. June 9 2009. 01:08:59 Hearing on "Effective Regulation of the Over-the-Counter Derivatives Markets” 01:09:17 -!- Phantom_Hoover has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 01:09:19 body > img {display:none;} 01:09:20 WHO PUTS THIS IN THEIR CSS 01:09:22 WHO I ASK YOU 01:09:23 WHO 01:09:37 elliott: http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/gettext.git/tree/ 01:09:47 http://graphics8.nytimes.com/css/0.1/screen/common/global.css <-- observe the lunacy 01:10:02 zzo38: I'm not about to read the entire GNU gettext implementation. 01:10:11 Gregor: But, but Khoi Vinh. 01:10:12 http://www.house.gov/apps/list/hearing/financialsvcs_dem/larry_thompson.pdf 01:10:21 Admittedly he probably didn't write that CSS. 01:10:27 I've got a citation and it's under threat of perjury! 01:11:06 elliott: That's ... really annoying. Fixable, but WTFWTFWTF. 01:11:14 It's the kind of corner case I really don't want X-D 01:11:30 Corner case: Some lunatic decided to set all images to display:none 01:12:58 elliott: Even if you just look through a few of the directories and see how many lines are in some of the files, look at the documentation of how many things are required to install it, and compare with my program, you will see that my program should work better. 01:13:09 zzo38: I don't see that it is more efficient. 01:13:14 Lots and lots of code goes to making things run fast. 01:15:10 elliott: In my program, there is no gettext() call or anything like that, all internationalized strings are accessed through an array with a constant index, so no function calls are needed. 01:15:24 zzo38: And it also can't switch language at runtime. 01:15:27 Only compile-time. 01:15:32 Which is kind of sort of entirely a deal breaker. 01:15:38 from what I remember, GNU gettext is actually quite sane 01:15:45 for being GNU that is 01:15:50 zzo38: That defeats the whole purpose of gettext... 01:16:02 When you type something like intl("Hello, World!") it will compile it to something like intl_strings[0] 01:16:07 Vorpal: Yeah. It fetches a translated string from a message file, and that's it. Quite reasonable. 01:16:13 zzo38: Oh. 01:16:17 So you use dlopen? 01:16:20 pikhq, the API is a quite sane as well 01:16:22 To initialise intl_strings at startup? 01:16:23 Please say yes. 01:16:25 Please say yes. 01:16:25 Please say yes. 01:16:25 Please say yes. 01:16:35 elliott: And my program can switch language at runtime, using the load_language_file() function. 01:16:49 Oh, you do it the boring way. 01:16:54 zzo38: wait, how does it compile intl("string") to that? 01:16:55 It doesn't use dlopen but perhaps I can change that if necessary 01:16:56 preprocessor? 01:17:21 zzo38: Oh, so you are essentially... Reïmplementing GNU gettext the precise same way. 01:17:27 Read the program. It is only 190 lines long 01:17:43 That will show you how it compiles intl("string") into that. 01:18:28 zzo38: Can I have a PDF version? I don't have Enhanced CWEB and I can't really read the raw source, since I haven't used it before. 01:18:51 Simply type @i internationalization.wi into your program, and it will generate "default.lang" and do everything else at compile time. 01:18:59 elliott: OK. I will generate a PDF for you now 01:19:02 Thanks. 01:19:08 -!- augur has quit (Remote host closed the connection). 01:19:17 -!- augur has joined. 01:19:24 Just wait one minute. 01:19:35 that is a long time for generating a pdf 01:20:54 http://zzo38computer.cjb.net/misc/intl.pdf 01:21:59 zzo38: i don't think C guarantees "internationalization.h" will work 01:22:05 pikhq: isn't there some uniqueness limit to header names? 01:22:06 zzo38, "◦200"? 01:23:23 Vorpal: That means it is octal number 01:23:31 zzo38, not in standard C 01:23:38 which makes this harder to read 01:23:58 elliott: Are you sure it won't work? 01:23:58 elliott: Probably. 01:24:08 zzo38: I don't think it's guaranteed to work. Read the C standard, I guess. 01:24:26 Vorpal: It is meant to be typeset as a book, it is not meant to be typeset as a C code. 01:24:53 ais523: "intl$()" -- what is $ here? 01:25:03 zzo38, well, personally I would find it easier to read C code if it looked like C code would look in my emacs session! 01:25:14 The $ is a part of the identifier. 01:25:18 erm 01:25:19 *zzo38: 01:25:21 elliott, why are you asking ais523 01:25:24 zzo38: is that valid in C? 01:25:39 elliott, no it isn't afaik 01:26:05 elliott: A dollar sign is valid part of the identifier on some platforms. However, since it is inside of a @{ ... @} block, it doesn't need to be valid on the platform you are compiling on, it only needs to be valid in the C interpreter used with Enhanced CWEB. 01:26:17 Oh, it's a macro? 01:26:27 So where's the actual intl macro? Or is that "intl$"? 01:26:32 Seems so. 01:26:40 Vorpal: If you want to see the C codes, look at the http://sprunge.us/MbML file. 01:27:02 zzo38, ... that isn't C 01:27:13 zzo38: So is intl$ the intl macro? 01:27:16 zzo38, that is ecweb which I can't read 01:27:22 elliott: The intl$() function programs what Enhanced CWEB will do when the identifier "intl" is processed. 01:27:26 Right. 01:27:53 zzo38, I want to see C as it would be sent to the C preprocessor of the C compiler 01:27:53 Vorpal: The file includes C codes in some parts. 01:28:17 -!- Gregor has set topic: My life with you, Meredith. That's the real hell. | http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric/?C=M;O=D. 01:28:44 Vorpal: The codes inside of @{ ... @} are never sent to the C compiler. Also, the codes sent to the C compiler are not indented and have no explanations. 01:29:18 zzo38, so... this intel stuff needs the program to be processed with cweb to work? 01:29:25 it can't work on plain old C code? 01:30:39 Vorpal: Yes, it does need the program to be processed with Enhanced CWEB to work. (If you want, it is possible to write a Enhanced CWEB file in a linear form without explanations if you find it necessary, but doing this would be no good.) 01:31:08 zzo38, so it is basically useless to most people compared to gettext... 01:31:17 zzo38, it won't work for C++ for example 01:31:58 Vorpal: It will work with C++. Enhanced CWEB can be used with C++ as well, it is not limited to only C. 01:32:10 mhm 01:32:26 zzo38, still it seems quite a pain compared to plain old gettext 01:32:47 (You can use it with C++ by using the file called "_cplusplus.wi") 01:34:10 zzo38, gettext has bindings for lots of other languages like python and perl 01:34:19 zzo38, your stuff won't work with those 01:34:26 zzo38, they use wrap the C API there 01:34:36 your stuff will not be possible to wrap like that 01:34:49 In C, does ++awesome++ set awesome to awesome+2 and return awesome+1? 01:35:03 quintopia, undefined 01:35:03 Vorpal: That is OK, you can have different opinion, is OK. But remember that even GNU gettext requires a bunch of other programs to cause it to work, but I suppose GNU gettext can be used for unliterate programming. (Or even non-C programs) 01:35:20 Vorpal: yeah 01:35:43 zzo38, yes the message extracting code is easy enough to extend to new languages 01:35:45 Vorpal: apparently the pre++ gets associated first 01:35:57 quintopia: No sequence point, though. 01:36:00 quintopia, *the behaviour of that code is undefined* 01:36:30 quintopia: It would be valid for the compiler to destroy the universe. 01:37:03 a better solution would be to error out IMO 01:37:13 Vorpal: if the post++ were associated first, then it would be ++(awesome++), and the part in brackets is a valid rvalue, right? so what's the sequence point issue? 01:37:30 quintopia, ++(awesome++) *IS ALSO UNDEFINED* 01:37:31 You are correct my program will not be possible to wrap like that. You can do things such as write a similar program that is *designed* for other program languages. (I am not sure exactly how except in Forth, however) 01:37:39 quintopia, you have no sequence point in between! 01:37:41 quintopia: Two modifications of a variable with no sequence point between them is undefined behavior. 01:37:44 explain to me so i may learn why 01:37:55 quintopia: And as such, it would be valid for the compiler to do anything at all. 01:39:19 quintopia, I'll let pikhq do the explaining 01:40:05 quintopia: C allows for a class of behavior called "undefined behavior". When the behavior of any particular operation in C is undefined, it is entirely valid for a conforming implementation to do *anything*. 01:40:21 quintopia: This is primarily for the purpose of allowing fast implementations. 01:40:24 D'awwwww, Bing's infamous background image isn't an :P 01:40:49 pikhq: gcc throws an error, but it doesn't explain any of this. thanks for your help. 01:40:53 quintopia: It also allows for implementations to completely *ignore* bizarre edge cases of an architecture. 01:41:30 This is why, for instance, dereferencing NULL on Linux crashes but gets you random memory on DOS. 01:43:47 quintopia, as to when it comes to defining what _exactly_ a sequence point is, I defer to the C standard. I have a "gut feeling" but I don't remember the exact wording. If/when I need that I just go check the C standard 01:44:17 interestingly the comma operator counts as one 01:44:23 with basically no other effect 01:44:35 pikhq, when did you last use the comma operator? 01:44:53 I only think I used it once or twice 01:45:03 Vorpal: Last time I raped the C compiler into submission. 01:45:14 pikhq, which was? 01:45:24 Like a year ago, I think. 01:45:28 right 01:45:39 do you remember for what? 01:45:43 Nope! 01:45:54 I mean, it is one of those features you almost never use. 01:48:39 someone needs to come up with a programming language based on cuil theory 01:49:31 quintopia, what is cuil theory? 01:50:26 I have used comma operator with 'for' 01:50:40 http://cuiltheory.wikidot.com/ 01:50:42 hm seems reasonable 01:50:50 it's a crazy piece of work coming from reddit 01:50:54 very amusing 01:52:17 Cuils are commutative 01:52:27 (in multiplication) 01:52:40 At least, is what it says there. 01:56:20 multiplication has no semantic meaning as yet 01:58:12 -!- comex has joined. 01:58:16 -!- comex has quit (Excess Flood). 01:58:23 Oh, wonderful. Republicans are running ads urging Latino voters to not vote. Classy. 01:58:39 " front group called Latinos for Reform is running a 60-second advertisement on Nevada TV that urges Latinos not to vote in the upcoming mid-term election, saying it is the way to punish Democrats for failing to enact immigration reform within the first years of Barack Obama's presidency." 01:58:58 -!- comex has joined. 01:59:11 Latinos for Reform is, as one might expect, funded by the RNC. 02:05:29 lawl 02:05:39 Punish them by assuring the election of people who can more effectively kick you out :P 02:06:15 Yup. 02:08:33 Can you have (pi/2-2i) cuil? 02:09:36 zzo38: if you define it 02:10:25 O, that's how it works. OK 02:11:00 -!- Quadrescence has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer). 02:11:23 -!- Quadrescence has joined. 02:11:30 yeah, as yet, there is no such thing as imaginary cuil 02:11:52 indeed, since cuil is sort of a measure of realness or imaginariness... 02:12:38 -!- BeholdMyGlory has quit (Remote host closed the connection). 02:16:32 -!- Mathnerd314 has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds). 02:18:30 If interrobang indicates units, then multiplication would make square cuil. (But, it doesn't seem to be units, or anything else consistently mathematically as far as I can tell from documentation and forums.) 02:19:16 -!- Quadrescence has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds). 02:19:23 Also you can't add or multiply degrees Celsius, that doesn't make sense. 02:22:02 Mr. Profiler says: 17% of my time is spent by sprites deciding whether they're on screen or not. 02:25:40 zzo38: Well, the degree Celsius is really not much of a unit. It's a scale based around the Kelvin unit. 02:25:56 Which happens to be offset from 0K by 273.15K. 02:26:02 POLL: Raise your hand if you would sit in a hot tub naked with several other naked strangers of both genders 02:26:08 * quintopia raises hand 02:26:30 stfu 02:26:47 this is a serious question 02:26:57 i've just been informed that most of the population wouldn't 02:27:10 nobody cares 02:27:11 and i think you are confirming this 02:27:23 wrong. 02:27:31 okay, maybe it is that no one cares 02:27:35 quintopia: It's... Fundamentally not a big deal. 02:27:36 raise your hand if you wouldn't 02:27:50 quintopia: Like, I seriously don't give a fuck. Also, nudity taboos are stupid. 02:28:41 Nudity: That's right kids, it's worse than violence! (Just look at our rating systems) 02:29:04 Gregor: Only in the US. :) 02:29:27 well, i thought maybe it had something to do with the idea that people are so self-conscious about their bodies 02:29:35 rather than taboos 02:29:39 I would not sit in a hot tub with anyone, whether naked or not, and regardless of gender. (Actually, I don't sit in a hot tub at all.) 02:30:20 I want to tell you: I don't like pornography, but I am not everyone. Different people should be allowed to have their own opinion. 02:30:27 And that is what my opinion is. 02:30:54 Nudity = pornography! 02:32:09 If someone likes to watch pornography then maybe they should do so, but you shouldn't force other people who don't like pornography (such as myself) to watch pornography. 02:32:10 And would you *look* at her ankles. The harlot! 02:32:11 OK? 02:32:21 zzo38: Aaaw. 02:32:30 * pikhq puts away the forced-viewing rig 02:33:16 God dammit Lucas. 02:33:25 He's making *another* Star Wars trilogy. 02:33:27 POLL: Raise your hand if you are unable to raise your hand, please. 02:33:31 no 02:33:35 myth 02:33:36 * quintopia raises hand 02:33:41 rumour 02:33:48 false 02:33:54 denied. 02:34:04 elliott: Oh, good. I can put away the tar and feathers. 02:35:10 MORE POLL: How much garlic do you put in your tomato sauce? (y/n) 02:35:24 yyyyy 02:35:34 yyyyy 02:35:50 Garlic is the secret to deliciousness. 02:35:52 How many 'y's before it's "garlic sauce with tomato" 02:35:55 'cuz that's what I make :P 02:35:57 ynynynnyn 02:36:02 Gregor: :D 02:37:10 Gregor: O, I didn't know that. 02:38:39 -!- Sgeo has joined. 02:39:17 -!- FreenodeBot has joined. 02:39:18 Hooked up an external monitor, speakers, mouse, and keyboard to my notebook 02:39:29 The keyboard's crap :( 02:40:07 Sgeo: Make another one! 02:40:08 yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 02:40:44 wot is FreenodeBot? 02:41:24 I don't know? 02:43:17 Do 10 year old speakers > netbook speakers? 02:46:03 -!- GreaseMonkey has joined. 02:46:14 -!- jcp has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds). 02:46:39 Do you want to win a big spider three times as big as you, or four times as big as you, or five times as big as you? (No cheating and writing "three and a half times" as your answer, please!) 02:47:39 Why does some MP3 files it says is 2:20 length but actually the audio goes on longer than that? 02:49:50 The MP3 spec is poorly designed. 02:50:12 Unless it's encoded by LAME, there's no way of knowing the exact duration, just estimating it. 02:50:12 Vorbis is better 02:53:59 It says 2:57 but it is actually 4:19 02:54:16 Some MP3 files do that it says the wrong time like that 02:55:15 -!- jcp has joined. 02:55:30 Dear Opera, quit feasdf 02:55:34 'Fuck this keyboiard 03:01:10 The reason I ask many questions is that I can write a report about literate programming systems, but if I write it only by myself it will be biased, therefore it must be written by many people. 03:02:44 -!- catseye has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds). 03:03:25 zzo38: what is the point of literate programming? 03:04:10 cheater99: There is many point depending what you are doing. The main point is that you can write a book of your program. It is both a book and a computer program. But you can do other things too. 03:04:37 ii'm interested in your take on that 03:04:50 ok 03:04:54 what other things? 03:06:36 Why am I so good at making Chrome crash X_X 03:06:41 The other things are dependent on opinion and on the system you are using, but here are some: You can define the chunks in any order and group them in chapters rather than the order it needs to be compiled. You can make it one file instead of the header file separate. You can typeset mathematics. 03:06:42 It's crashing more than Firefox for me. 03:07:17 zzo38: why would you make this "book" thing? 03:07:23 CRT with higher resolution > LCD with lower resolution? 03:07:34 In Enhanced CWEB, you can also use characters in identifiers that are not normally allowed in identifiers, you can make @{ ... @} blocks that interpret stuff before compiling, and more. 03:08:13 Sgeo: Actually, CRT > LCD in general, if video quality is your sole criterion. 03:08:30 The CRT in question is possibly over a decade old 03:08:48 It might still be true. 03:08:52 And last I tried it, many years ago, it stopped working 03:09:04 Also, it might break this table 03:09:17 cheater99: There are many possible reasons why. For example, to describe the algorithms of the program. Or, when you are making a algorithm, make the book describing it also a computer program; it might make some ambiguous things understandable and can also run the algorithm by computer! 03:09:33 But there are other reasons you might write a book of the program, too. 03:09:46 -!- FreenodeBot has quit (Excess Flood). 03:10:06 i'm not sold. 03:10:12 i see little benefit over doxygen. 03:10:34 doxygen isn't necessarily literate programming, is it? 03:10:50 You are correct. 03:11:44 doxygen is a documentation generator. Some literate programming systems can do that too. 03:12:40 i see no benefit 03:13:22 Literate programming is something different! 03:14:28 And literate programming systems may allow you to do different stuff, too! Also, a literate programming system will generally create a table of contents of the program, and an index of all identifiers and other things. 03:14:52 Have you read Computers and Typesetting Volume B? And Volume D? 03:15:09 Those volumes were written using Pascal WEB. 03:15:40 you're listing all things that can be done by doxygen 03:16:02 -!- augur has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds). 03:16:05 and then you also say "it can do other things" but you don't go into any real-world useful examples of such 03:16:30 Does doxygen do prettyprinting programs and rearranging chunks? 03:16:52 yes 03:17:20 you get a table of contents, you get nice html listings with colors etc 03:18:35 Like, if you write { @
; @; @; } will it compile with the definitions for those things included and add cross-references to where they are defined, in the printout? 03:19:48 I can see a example screenshot of a Doxygen file on Wikipedia. They don't describe the implementation and algorithms used. Literate programming describes the implementation and algorithms used. 03:19:53 WTF! 03:20:01 google not accepting my password 03:20:42 Here is a program I wrote implementing BytePusher VM, so that you can see one kind of literate programming: http://zzo38computer.cjb.net/prog/BytePusher/BytePusher.w 03:21:31 that was fucked! wow! i got real scared 03:21:38 zzo38: sorry a bit defocused here 03:21:45 ok, reading now 03:22:25 -!- c0br43 has joined. 03:22:41 zzo38: doxygen has a description field for every object that is documented by it 03:22:50 zzo38: you are free to explain your algorithm there 03:22:50 See you can combine TeX codes and C codes together. 03:23:44 tex is not usually necessary for code documentation. 03:24:55 cheater99: I suppose you can do that. But literate programming generally explains the algorithm by typesetting your codes using mathematical symbols and cross-references and things. Literate programming is not the same as code documentation; it is something quite different. See the part @ in the BytePusher VM program. 03:25:44 It doesn't contain any C codes other than for(;;) but the names inside that loop will be typesetting with cross-references so that you can look at the algorithms in more detail; the for(;;) is also typeset. 03:26:17 so what's a real-world use case where LP is necessary and the need is not fullfilled by doxygen? 03:26:26 i'm looking for an answer of the form: 03:26:48 "you are in the office and your manager orders you to do X. This is much easier thanks to literate programming, which does Y" 03:28:20 X="writing a book about this algorithm and implementing it on the computer". Y="allows rearranging chunking and typesetting the code for the algorithm (using mathematical symbols) and the explanations you have provided". 03:28:50 no 03:29:48 OK, sorry. I have never heard of literate programming being used in an office; usually they are things people do by themself. 03:29:48 i don't want to sound too negative, but X never happens outside of academia, and academic interest out of academic interest is not a real-world situation 03:30:46 algorithms that came from academia are used real world all the time 03:30:48 Literate programming can also make the program easier to understand. Write it as you would write a book. 03:30:56 and before the real world knows about them, they have to be published 03:33:15 If I make a new algorithm, I will use Enhanced CWEB to write it. In some cases the algorithm can be useful as a standalone program, such as compress files, or encrypt files. 03:35:42 i have never found books to be simpler to understand than hypertext 03:35:52 it's all about non-linear media 03:37:09 These kind of books are like hypertext; they contain cross-references to everything. And you can have it that when viewed by computer screen, you can click on them to follow the cross-reference, if you want to. 03:37:25 But the best quality is as a book printed by laser printer. 03:38:48 An example of one of the advanced features of Enhanced CWEB can be found in this program http://sprunge.us/MbML 03:43:54 I made the collision detection much faster, at the cost of an awesome and/or terrible bug when you get killed. 03:44:02 When you get killed now, you go F***ING FLYING 03:44:07 Usually in a nonsense direction. 03:48:52 Damn ... that should have been an enormous speed improvements, and instead it makes almost no difference >_> 03:52:52 lulz 03:53:20 zzo38: i'm looking through byte pusher 03:53:34 i must say i really really dislike the syntax 03:53:58 BytePusher ... has syntax? 03:54:15 no 03:55:38 elliott: how cute of you to care enough to still be a little contrary to what i say 03:55:48 what's the highest level language existing for assembling for BytePusher? 03:55:51 cheater99: The syntax of Enhanced CWEB, do you mean? (It is much neater when typeset) 03:56:02 zzo38: yes 03:56:19 zzo38: it takes extra brain power to look past those ugly tags 03:56:28 quintopia: I don't know. You can do it in Python and stuff like that, but they aren't meant for assembling for BytePusher. The only programming language that is meant for assembling for BytePusher is PUSHEM. 03:56:37 (Feel free to invent your own if you want to) 03:56:56 cheater99: I can post a DVI file or PDF file if you want to see the typeset program. 03:57:11 i can easily imagine how it would look 03:57:13 but feel free 03:57:22 the problem is i'm not editing the dvi 03:57:27 i'm editing the ugly code 03:57:38 cheater99: The DVI file is in BytePusher.zip (in the same directory) 03:57:56 (BytePusher.zip also has Windows executables) 03:58:20 i only do linux right now for the desktop 03:58:28 cheater99: Use a GUI if you want; but I find editing it using the plain text file provides more control. 03:58:39 The program works on Linux, too. 03:58:40 and pain 03:59:10 ok, let's see about that dvi 04:00:00 You will need the WEBMATH fonts: http://zzo38computer.cjb.net/cweb/webmath.zip (compile the fonts according to your laser printer) 04:01:25 yeah, those dvi's look pretty much like what i expected them to 04:01:29 no surprise there 04:01:39 i still see little benefit 04:02:06 i guess if you're writing a paper, ok 04:02:24 but other than that, i don't see any reason to use it in a program that is not a research project 04:04:38 cheater99: Well, that is OK. I suppose it can depend on your opinion. Different people have different opinions of literate programming, and that is OK. 04:06:34 feel free to (try to) change my opinion 04:07:28 Donald Knuth used literate programming to write TeX. 04:07:44 That is a /really/ poor argument :P 04:07:53 Donald Knuth: Not a typical programmer. 04:08:25 that's ok 04:08:36 i'm with gregor on that one 04:09:27 Gregor: I understand. I think I am not a typical programmer either, many of my things have many different opinions from other people and there are things many different from other programs. 04:09:50 I'd say literate programming *can* offer a decent benefit if used well. But that Donald Knuth used it is really not much of an argument. :) 04:10:14 Better than illiterate programming 04:10:45 * Sgeo is not too worried about offending anyone. No one reading this will be offended. 04:11:03 >_> 04:11:05 <_< 04:11:06 Your mother. 04:11:12 pikhq: You are right that it is not much of an argument. 04:12:05 ahh 04:12:06 finally 04:12:09 lyah is fixed 04:12:14 fixed/ 04:12:16 Howso? 04:12:19 What was broken? 04:12:23 i stopped learning haskell until he fixed his css markup 04:12:41 the listings would be white on white and in browsers that parsed his css at all some parts would be invisible 04:12:45 so i have sent him fixes 04:12:52 Oooh 04:12:56 took a looong time to happen though (why? it's a simple edit) 04:13:00 There are now chapters on monads! 04:13:02 like the take' function 04:13:06 Now when will there be stuff about zippers/ 04:13:11 there were problems and you couldn't see the underscore 04:13:12 Zippers _STILL_ confuse me 04:13:13 ah nice 04:13:16 haha 04:13:23 i was wondering when he'd do monads 04:13:29 "Wind, wind, in the air... Don't be afraid to care." Aaaah, how I love Pink Floyd. 04:14:31 And of course there are many different opinions of literate programming. (Some people prefer to write it linearly, such as Literate Haskell. But other people like it differently. Enhanced CWEB *can* be used to write linearly like that if you want (just use '@*' and '@ ' and '@c'), but only linearly like that misses one important point of literate programming, in my opinion.) 04:21:55 i like how you said "some people" rather "some of its users" 04:22:07 you might go further and say "some of you prefer to write it linearly" 04:22:24 which would be understandably amusing :) 04:25:52 back 04:26:20 pikhq: psht, that's not even the best pink floyd lyric with "air" in it! shameful. 04:26:37 (Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air) 04:28:21 Gregor: please tell me it still flies 04:29:15 elliott: I had to abandon that series of changes entirely, that was the LEAST of its bugs, and it didn't actually improve speed at all. 04:29:20 Gregor: ;_; 04:29:28 Gregor: Re-introduce the insane nonsense flying thing. 04:29:37 Gregor: It is (1) awesome, (2) hilarious and (3) justifiable with plot. 04:29:50 I'll do it with just one of the enemies :P 04:29:51 "You have a jetpack attached to you so that if you are ever compromised, the enemies can't scan your neurons!" 04:30:00 "They'll never even GET to your body!" 04:30:11 "It is automatically activated." 04:30:11 haha 04:30:13 i like that 04:30:39 what i liked more was the spinning disc thing in the diamond age 04:30:47 i'm not sure if you guys have read the book 04:31:03 but the scene at the molo was my favourite out of the book probably 04:31:42 pikhq: I guess it isn't fair though because Echoes is pretty much the best song ever. 04:31:47 elliott: Was that emphasis or pun? 04:31:59 Gregor: Emphasis, you dork. 04:32:11 elliott: For not making it a pun, YOU LOSE. 04:35:04 elliott: It's the start of a good album though. 04:35:16 elliott: Also, I need to get more of their discography. Really really do. 04:35:22 pikhq: Well, yes. Meddle itself is rather poor and really there's no point in it apart from Echoes. 04:35:36 On the other hand, you could put Echoes at the end of a Britney Spears album and it'd be the best album ever. 04:35:44 Hah. 04:35:58 I've just got to say I love Dark Side of the Moon. 04:36:53 OK, elliott, pikhq, all of us, time for EPIC HAVENWORKS WEBSPLAT BATTLE 04:37:02 Whoever gets the most images wins. Lowest time is for GLORY AND HONOR 04:37:15 pikhq: If you don't have Meddle, rundown: odd instrumental thing, soft acoustic boring-as-hell love song (not joking), FOOTBALL FANBOY SONG INCLUDING LIVERPOOL FANS SINGING "YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE", a tropical jazzy song (NOT JOKING), a song where a dog sings the "lyrics", and Echoes. 04:37:27 Gregor: I will totally do that in one minute. 04:37:54 elliott: I find it amusing that "You'll Never Walk Alone" is a Liverpool football thing. 04:38:00 elliott: The lyrics like, do not fit at all. 04:38:07 Nor does the music. 04:38:11 pikhq: It's *football*; you can't expect intelligence. 04:38:21 pikhq: But yeah terrible side 1, amazing side 2 (because the entirety of side 2 is just Echoes). 04:38:38 Still. "When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high, and don't be afraid in the dark"? 04:38:39 -!- elliott has left (?). 04:38:42 The hell? 04:38:42 -!- elliott has joined. 04:38:45 The hell? 04:38:50 pikhq: Footballing in a storm. 04:38:55 A really big pitch so they're just walking, not running. 04:38:57 Also it is night time. 04:39:04 See? Perfectly logical. 04:39:08 ... 04:39:15 pikhq: GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME 04:39:22 pikhq: you obviously know nothing at all about football fans in the 80s 04:39:26 Gregor: Wait, wait, we need to standardise on a window size for this. 04:39:26 pikhq: educate yourself 04:39:28 Gregor: Well. Width. 04:39:31 Gregor: Wait, do we? 04:39:33 No we don't. 04:39:40 Not really, no. 04:39:43 Not for this page. 04:39:45 For other pages, yes. 04:39:48 We would have in the past. 04:39:48 pikhq: british football club fans were really violent 04:39:52 Gregor: Not since scrolling. 04:39:58 Okay, I'm starting now 04:39:59 so much that britain would get disqualified from cups 04:39:59 *now. 04:40:00 elliott: Elements can be 100% width. 04:40:10 to stop the fans from coming 04:40:16 elliott: Which means window size can be relevant. But OK, starting now. 04:40:26 cheater99, pikhq: JOIN US in epic HAVENWORKS WEBSPLAT 04:40:28 obviously the song resonates with group violence 04:40:34 Gregor: OK how does it work? 04:40:54 cheater99: ... How? 04:41:00 cheater99: Seriously, what the hell? 04:41:05 cheater99: 1) Go to http://codu.org/websplat/ and add the link to your bookmarks bar like it says. 2) Go to http://www.havenworks.com/ , wait (eternally) for it to load, then play websplat on that page! 04:41:17 pikhq: you're not european are you? 04:41:38 cheater99: Nope! 04:41:43 yeah 04:41:48 that doesn't exist in merica 04:41:52 basically 04:41:58 cheater99: Be amazed that I even knew the song "You'll Never Walk Alone" and that it's a Liverpool football thing! 04:42:14 quite often in europe a sports match (most often football) is just a pretext to go and beat people up 04:42:26 That's... Fucking retarded. 04:42:27 you'll have fanclubs beating other fan clubs 04:42:35 they'll set up before the match 04:42:37 And I say this as a man living in the same country with Palin. 04:42:40 ARGH I suck at this game apparently X-D 04:42:45 181@153D 04:42:46 sometimes they take chains, hammers, axes with them 04:42:48 no joke 04:42:58 knives aren't too common though 04:42:58 At least I captured more than two images per second :P 04:43:03 You're starting to make the GOP look intelligent. 04:43:34 Which, honestly, is an astounding feat. They'd like the government to keep its hands off their Medicare. 04:44:28 Gregor: 309@487D 04:44:37 REMATCH 04:44:40 Gregor: That's the highest image count so far. 04:44:41 Phew. 04:44:54 what does gop stand for? 04:45:00 Gregor: I have to say, I would appreciate an ability to look up/left/right/down a certain amount, like in some platformer games. 04:45:09 Jumping down is very risky as it stands. 04:45:31 elliott: Uhhh, no, I got 428 one time. 04:45:36 i can't google right now 04:45:43 Gregor: Jew magic. 04:45:45 (No at that being the highest image count so far that is) 04:45:51 Oct 23 17:37:58 428@1105D 04:45:52 Because you're a jew. 04:45:53 so what makes you die? 04:45:59 cheater99: "Grand Old Party". It refers to the Republicans. 04:45:59 And you used evil magic. 04:46:01 Gregor: Okay rematching. 04:46:07 cheater99: Goombas 04:46:13 cheater99: Ironically, they are the *younger* of the two major political parties in the US. 04:48:44 Gregor: 169@271D fuck fuck fuck 04:48:52 Gregor: get rid of enemies plz 04:48:56 elliott: Still goin' strong 8-D 04:48:58 elliott: NOWAI 04:49:04 Gregor: this game is awesome 04:49:06 seriously 04:49:12 it's like havenworks was designed for it 04:49:17 (probably a bit of the other way around :P) 04:49:20 i just died on havenworks at 370 :/ 04:49:35 370??? 04:49:37 As in 370 images? 04:49:45 yeah 04:50:00 Chrome tip: don't refresh, open a new tab and close the old one 04:50:02 it's like a manual GC 04:50:03 (not joking) 04:50:10 otherwise it lagggs 04:50:45 it's loooooooooooooadiiiiiiiiiiiiiing 04:51:17 Gregor: I'm restarting now. 04:51:24 the most annoying thing is not being aable to pass into the left side of a left-aligned paragraph even after double-jumping 04:51:27 but i suppose that's fair 04:51:30 I'm at 344, still goin :) 04:52:01 loooooooadinggggggggggggggg 04:52:15 -!- augur has joined. 04:52:31 loading takes what, one minute? 04:52:32 wow, i got the status display 04:52:39 10 minutes here already 04:52:47 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 04:52:49 364@707D 04:53:07 what is the D? 04:53:25 cheater99: @