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05:21:18 <zzo38> Are you on, today?
05:21:52 <hagb4rd> not at all
05:21:58 <hagb4rd> hi there zzo38 ;)
05:31:19 <zzo38> OK
05:31:20 <zzo38> Hello
05:33:09 <quintopia> zzo38: notch is going to fund psychonauts 2. does this sound good to you?
05:33:43 <zzo38> I don't know.
05:33:50 <zzo38> I don't care much about that either.
05:36:39 <quintopia> i think you would be happier with life if you played psychonauts. even if you are already happy.
05:39:16 <pikhq> Psychonauts is happiness-inducing.
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07:07:11 <Sgeo> *sigh*
07:07:19 <Sgeo> Someone is asking me to do their homework for them.
07:07:30 <Sgeo> This is some random IRCer in the #squeak channel
07:09:52 <zzo38> How much money do you want to charge them for that?
07:11:50 <Sgeo> I don't feel comfortable with the notion at all, really.
07:11:59 <Sgeo> If it were enough money, I ... might violate my principles.
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07:14:52 <H3LLB0Y> just say, the quality of the work is related to the quantity of the pay
07:14:59 <H3LLB0Y> shit pay == shit work
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09:01:46 <oerjan> <quintopia> zzo38: notch is going to fund psychonauts 2. does this sound good to you?
09:02:18 <oerjan> my unqualified guess is that it will be all good as long as he stays out of the actual coding.
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10:50:03 <Ngevd> I am likely the only person ever to fall asleep at a UV rave and dream of lambda calculus
10:51:13 * oerjan feels a bit old now
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10:51:38 <oerjan> what is UV?
10:51:56 <Ngevd> Ultra-violet
10:52:07 <oerjan> wait, in that context?
10:52:18 <Ngevd> Yeah, they have a big UV light
10:52:32 <Ngevd> Makes everyone's shirts look purple
10:53:42 * oerjan thought ultraviolet was invisible, unless it caused fluorescence
10:54:05 <Ngevd> A lot of shirts have flourine in them
10:54:08 <Ngevd> And trainers
10:54:41 <ais523> oerjan: the sort of UV lights used at raves have significant visible violet components too
10:54:56 <ais523> but right, you can see the UV because of the fluorescence
10:56:02 <oerjan> hm
10:58:14 <fizzie> "Such fluorescence from certain textile fibers, especially those bearing optical brightener residues, can also be used for recreational effect, as seen, for example, in the opening credits of the James Bond film A View to a Kill."
10:58:26 <fizzie> Quite a lot of things are shiny under "black light".
10:58:42 <fizzie> (And of course they make specifically fluorescent paints.)
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11:41:58 <ais523> !tell ehird some spambot usernames do follow a consistent pattern: one spambot alternates consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel, and is always 12 letters, with the 1st and 7th capitalised; another is always 4 letters, 2 digits, 2 letters, 3 digits, one letter; neither pattern is likely to happen for a legitimate user
11:42:02 <ais523> @tell ehird some spambot usernames do follow a consistent pattern: one spambot alternates consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel, and is always 12 letters, with the 1st and 7th capitalised; another is always 4 letters, 2 digits, 2 letters, 3 digits, one letter; neither pattern is likely to happen for a legitimate user
11:42:02 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
11:42:22 <oerjan> he doesn't use that nick on irc
11:43:03 <ais523> err, right, he doesn't
11:43:04 <ais523> any more
11:43:09 <ais523> @tell elliott some spambot usernames do follow a consistent pattern: one spambot alternates consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel, and is always 12 letters, with the 1st and 7th capitalised; another is always 4 letters, 2 digits, 2 letters, 3 digits, one letter; neither pattern is likely to happen for a legitimate user
11:43:09 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
11:43:30 <oerjan> not on freenode anyhow
11:44:27 <ais523> the other spambot pattern appears to be name+name+number, but the name dictionary is too large to match against
11:44:41 <Deewiant> ais523: The former seems normal enough, that's just two camelcased words like PiñataPirate or NovicePolice or whatever
11:45:07 <ais523> Deewiant: right, but when camelcasing two words, they tend not to alternate consonants and vowels
11:45:18 <Deewiant> ais523: Those examples do
11:45:18 <ais523> that one's potentially going to have false positives, but with Esolang's user count, it's unlikely
11:45:26 <ais523> are those users on Esolang?
11:45:32 <ais523> (I noticed they did)
11:45:45 <Deewiant> Not to my knowledge, but I'm just saying that it doesn't seem unreasonable :-P
11:45:50 <ais523> also, the first wouldn't be generated by the spambot as it only uses English letters
11:46:10 <Deewiant> That's just me being anal, most people would probably spell it with n instead of ñ
11:46:18 <oerjan> añal, ok
11:47:40 <Deewiant> 2.0% of my /usr/share/dict/british alternates consonants and vowels
11:48:09 <ais523> so as it would require two words, 0.04%
11:48:19 <ais523> and on top of that, they both have to be six letters long
11:49:55 <Deewiant> 2.5% if y is a vowel here
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13:44:27 <Ngevd> Hello!
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15:12:25 <fizzie> Deewiant: Of all the words in the Internet (okay, not quite all; all in a sample of one trillion) matching /[a-z]{6}/, 8.5% match /([^aeiouy][aeiouy]){3}/.
15:13:10 <Deewiant> And starting with vowels?
15:14:06 <fizzie> That's not relevant if it alternates "consonant-vowel", but further 11.5%, in fact.
15:15:33 <fizzie> Whoops, I'm miscounting a bit thanks to not-splitting. Just a moment.
15:15:40 <fizzie> Was wondering about those numbers being so high.
15:16:17 <Deewiant> It wasn't clear whether it had to begin with a consonant or not.
15:16:28 <Deewiant> I counted both.
15:18:10 <fizzie> 8.5% starting with a consonant as before, but just 2.5% starting with a vowel; 11% in total. (The wrong wovel-count was because in /([aeiouy][^aeiouy]){3}/ the ^-part matched the \t after the word.)
15:19:06 <fizzie> Didn't bother anchoring the match because "oh I already match [a-z]{6}, there's just one way (..){3} can fit".
15:19:29 <Deewiant> What proportion of the whole are the six-letters?
15:20:05 <fizzie> Uh, 2.4%... but these aren't exactly "words".
15:21:18 <Ngevd> That... probably isn't good
15:23:15 <fizzie> For example, the longest "word" in there is "usr/lib/gcc/ia64-linux-gnu/4.0.2/include".
15:23:22 <fizzie> (That's actually sorta-amusing.)
15:24:09 <Deewiant> What is this corpus, the output of 'find' somewhere? :-P
15:24:26 <fizzie> It's Google's "1T" ngram corpus.
15:24:36 <fizzie> http://www.ldc.upenn.edu/Catalog/CatalogEntry.jsp?catalogId=LDC2006T13
15:25:09 <fizzie> Also they've just cut everything to at most 40 characters, that was just the first -- actually, the most common, I'm using the sorted unigram file -- long enough one.
15:25:17 <fizzie> Another example is "pornopornopornopornopornopornopornoporno".
15:25:56 <fizzie> Some others are "javax.xml.transform.TransformerException" and "searchgooglerssbusinessmicrosoftinternet" and "http://eprints.ictp.it/28/01/0004170.pdf" and "wp-includes/template-functions-links.php".
15:27:25 <fizzie> Entire list: http://sprunge.us/BPLB
15:27:39 <fizzie> (Numbers are the counts.)
15:28:00 <fizzie> (222 instances of "AMERICANWHISTLEBLOWERSEEKSASYLUMINCANADA".)
15:29:52 <fizzie> Anyway, usr/lib/gcc/ia64-linux-gnu/4.0.2/include is there over 200k times; and the 4.0.3 version over 40k. Those are the two most popular ones.
15:30:00 <fizzie> (It's a bit of a messy dataset.)
15:36:03 <Gregor> lol
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16:01:19 <Ngevd> Hmm...
16:01:29 <Ngevd> A language designed for the implementation of esolangs
16:05:22 <ais523> Ngevd: Cyclexa? admittedly, I never finished, nor even really started, that
16:06:22 <Ngevd> There'd need to be deques, I suspect
16:06:58 <ais523> why something that specific?
16:07:17 <Ngevd> Versitality
16:07:31 <Ngevd> It can be a stack, a queue, and (with some imagination) a list
16:08:46 <Ngevd> Parsing tools would be very handy
16:09:43 <ais523> Ngevd: I was thinking that a list-rewriter would be even more general, and can trivially implement a deque
16:10:06 <ais523> and a tree rewriter is more general than a list rewriter, and can also trivially implement a deque
16:11:27 <Ngevd> A graph rewriter? Or is that too far?
16:13:03 <ais523> not sure
16:21:49 <itidus20> you guys have a fun definition of language
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16:25:10 <Ngevd> itidus20, of course! This is #esoteric!
16:25:41 <itidus20> i just had an amusing thought, possibly relevant
16:25:54 <Ngevd> Go on?
16:26:05 <itidus20> an etymology of identifiers
16:26:23 <Ngevd> Elaborate
16:26:44 <itidus20> it could be language specific, or language global..
16:26:56 <itidus20> but for example.. the first instance of "counter" in a source code
16:28:08 <itidus20> it would basically be based on a large set of source code with date information
16:29:45 <itidus20> then you could find out such fascinating trivia as.. in 1973 the identifier froompaloompa was first used (in our sample)
16:32:17 <itidus20> fsvo relevant
16:32:29 * ais523 wonders if NetHack invented the identifier monkey_business
16:32:38 <ais523> it seems likely, it's an old codebase and it can't be a commonly-used identifier
16:34:29 <itidus20> etymology is probably not the best term since people no doubt develop identifers independantly
16:34:41 <itidus20> but im sure there is patterns and memes among them
16:36:01 <Phantom_Hoover> "Floating halfway between the surface and the ocean floor, anchored by steel cables in water 500 feet deep, the Mark VI would be positioned on the periphery of the gulf stream so as to sap energy from the currents via it's pivoting turbine,"
16:36:01 <lambdabot> Phantom_Hoover: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
16:36:11 <Phantom_Hoover> The Hampture guy is getting slightly unsettling.
16:39:22 <Ngevd> What would also be cool is parsing using context-free grammars
16:39:31 <Ngevd> s/mmars/mmers/
16:39:38 <Ngevd> UNDO
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16:48:39 <itidus20> julian assange and eric schmidt maybe agrees on "If you have something that you dont want anyone to know, maybe you shouldnt be doing it in the first place"
16:49:06 <itidus20> however, one is multi billionaire, another is in endless court cases
16:52:14 <Sgeo> Well, this is somewhat ugly, but I guess it works
16:52:22 <Sgeo> {1. 2.} gather:[:oneortwo |
16:52:22 <Sgeo> {1. 3.} gather:[:oneorthree |
16:52:22 <Sgeo> {oneortwo + oneorthree.}]]
16:52:28 <Sgeo> #(2 4 3 5)
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17:03:23 <kallisti> Sgeo: is dat sum smalltalk?
17:09:22 <Ngevd> ais523, how far did you get with Cyclexa?
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17:09:40 <ais523> Ngevd: as far as writing the parser, and it didn't even work
17:10:14 <Ngevd> ...Can I use the name?
17:10:54 <Ngevd> Acutally, wait
17:10:57 <Ngevd> While I think
17:12:00 <Ngevd> Parser as in parser for the language?
17:12:01 <ais523> why would you use the name?
17:12:15 <Ngevd> Because I suck at making up names
17:12:20 <ais523> a cyclexa parser, that converts cyclexa source into a cyclexa parse tree
17:12:26 <ais523> and as I said, it didn't work
17:12:32 <Ngevd> So, the spec exists?
17:12:37 <Sgeo> http://pastie.org/3395650
17:14:47 <ais523> Ngevd: I'm not sure
17:15:13 <ais523> <cyclexa.html> <link rev="made" href="mailto:root@localhost" />
17:15:29 <ais523> looks like I have an unfinished spec, here
17:15:38 <ais523> and I can't believe I'd have typed that line, so this must be autogenerated from something
17:16:11 <ais523> ooh, it's generated from docstrings in an impl
17:17:18 <ais523> Ngevd: http://sprunge.us/LKKD
17:17:29 <ais523> no idea how well the impl itself works, but it has a spec in embedded POD comments
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17:17:37 <ais523> (which you can read using, say, perldoc)
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17:27:39 <kallisti> In 2004, the United States Department of State announced that as of 1 February 2004, all US diplomatic documents would use 14-point Times New Roman instead of the previous 12-point Courier New.
17:27:43 <kallisti> NOOOOOO, WHY
17:28:26 <ais523> proportional font!
17:28:37 <ion> They should use Comic Sans.
17:28:40 <kallisti> they should use garamond
17:28:40 <ais523> and times new roman is reasonably readily available for all sorts of platforms
17:28:50 <ion> They should use Papyrus.
17:28:57 <Ngevd> Damn, ninja'd
17:29:00 <kallisti> but Courier New looks so good...
17:29:06 <kallisti> especially as a diplomatic document
17:29:23 <kallisti> when you see that monospace you know serious shit is going down.
17:29:31 <Ngevd> AND NOW, I WILL WALK MY DOG
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17:41:38 <kallisti> does anyone know where to find the Garamond font for use with Ubuntu?
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18:22:05 <elliott> Everyone from Europe say "A".
18:22:09 <elliott> Everyone from the Americas say "B".
18:22:11 <elliott> Now.
18:22:22 <elliott> Also, only if you use the Esolang wiki.
18:22:36 <ion> Å
18:22:47 <elliott> The most European A.
18:23:16 <elliott> Actually let me make this more precise: Esolang users: of london1.linode.com and newark1.linode.com, which has the smaller ping?
18:24:11 <ion> London: 48 ms. Newark: 125 ms.
18:24:34 <shachaf> Fremont is pretty good.
18:24:45 <shachaf> fremont1.linode.com
18:24:51 <shachaf> Have you considered that one?
18:24:56 <elliott> No, fremont has >160 ms ping from here.
18:25:26 <elliott> shachaf: What ping do you get from london and newark?
18:38:40 <Gregor> What the boink are you rambling about anyway.
18:38:57 <elliott> <elliott> Actually let me make this more precise: Esolang users: of london1.linode.com and newark1.linode.com, which has the smaller ping?
18:39:38 <Gregor> I understood that, but it doesn't really answer my question OHHH you're considering switching to linode.
18:39:56 <shachaf> "considering"
18:40:00 <Gregor> Newark has far lower for me, but that's no great surprise.
18:40:11 <Gregor> (30 Newark vs 110 London)
18:40:27 <elliott> Gregor: I already went with London, btw :P
18:40:35 <elliott> What's your ping to esolangs.org, out of curiosity?
18:41:01 <Gregor> ~60
18:41:48 <elliott> Gregor: Oh well, guess it's gonna get slower for you!
18:41:54 <elliott> What's your ping to pyralspite.net?
18:42:03 <Gregor> There are considerations other than ping.
18:42:12 <Gregor> elliott: ~110
18:42:22 <elliott> But not any slower than it would get anyway, then!
18:42:23 <elliott> And yes, there are.
18:42:28 <elliott> That's why I switched to Linode (CPU + disk speed).
18:47:26 <fizzie> London 56, Newark 138.
18:47:47 <shachaf> London is the devil.
18:47:50 <shachaf> Fremont 0.5
18:48:11 <elliott> fizzie: What's a good name?
18:48:17 -!- monqy has joined.
18:48:45 <shachaf> elliott: "eliot" is a pretty good name.
18:48:48 <shachaf> In fact it's one of the best.
18:49:13 <fizzie> I don't know about naming, really.
18:49:48 <Sgeo> So, Monticello doesn't check to see if imported packages conflict with eachother when it comes to extension methods.
18:49:50 <Sgeo> I am not amused.
18:49:59 <monqy> I don't know what you're talking about, but eliot is good
18:50:10 <elliott> monqy: I need to "name" a "Linode".
18:50:11 <fizzie> My ping to pyralspite.net is 4.3 ms on average, if I ping from my prgmr host. :p
18:50:19 <elliott> Also what time is it in America?
18:50:26 <monqy> which america
18:50:28 <shachaf> America o'clock.
18:50:38 <Sgeo> The lack of namespacing would tick me off just a little bit less if there was at least conflict detection.
18:50:51 <Sgeo> I could perhaps live without conflict prevention if there were at least detection.
18:50:54 <shachaf> Å
18:51:04 <shachaf> Wait.
18:51:05 <Sgeo> Maybe I should add it myself.
18:51:09 <shachaf> I just wanted to say Å.
18:51:13 <shachaf> I didn't know it meant something!
18:51:18 <fizzie> There's a place called Å in Norway.
18:51:20 <Sgeo> That's the sort of thing Smalltalk allows for, right?
18:51:24 * shachaf is from the Asia.
18:51:38 <shachaf> elliott: Why didn't us Asians get a letter?
18:51:39 <Sgeo> If the IDE ticks me off, fix the IDE, sort of thing?
18:51:40 <shachaf> Racist?
18:51:46 <fizzie> We'll probably be stopping at Å on a trip soonishly.
18:52:25 <fizzie> One does kind-of wonder if they watch StargÅte at Å.
18:52:52 <ion> Λ̊
18:53:06 <shachaf> elliott: Naming things is easy.
18:53:12 <shachaf> Call the server @
18:53:37 <fizzie> Then it needs to run @ if it's called @.
18:53:50 <shachaf> fizzie: Not *that* @
18:53:54 <shachaf> Silly fizzie
18:54:00 <shachaf> I'm talking about @, not @
18:54:09 <ion> obviously
18:54:13 * elliott considers calling it zenith for about 0.1 seconds before he hears Phantom_Hoover's smarmy voice in his head.
18:54:19 <fizzie> That's going to look real silly when the context-insensitive @-renaming is done to channel logs.
18:54:27 <Phantom_Hoover> :(
18:54:39 <shachaf> elliott: I think "eliot" is a pretty good name.
18:54:53 <Phantom_Hoover> Wait when did I do what about zenith.
18:54:58 <ion> > group "elliott"
18:54:59 <lambdabot> ["e","ll","i","o","tt"]
18:55:00 <shachaf> elliott: How about "clyde"?
18:55:18 <shachaf> > map head . group $ "elliott"
18:55:20 <lambdabot> "eliot"
18:55:22 <shachaf> > map head . group . sort $ "elliott"
18:55:23 <lambdabot> "eilot"
18:55:38 -!- cheater has joined.
18:56:34 <ion> > permutations "elliott" !! 120
18:56:35 <lambdabot> "toillet"
18:56:54 <shachaf> zomg
18:57:03 <shachaf> 121 == 11^2
18:57:09 <shachaf> Coïncidence?
18:58:11 <elliott> You're all guilty of treason.
18:58:21 <shachaf> > permutations "elliott" !! 190
18:58:22 <lambdabot> "toillet"
18:58:23 <ion> > (permutations <=< subsequences) "elliott" !! 87
18:58:24 <lambdabot> "lol"
18:58:25 <shachaf> 120 = 190 QED
18:58:51 <shachaf> > (const "the devil") "elliott"
18:58:52 <lambdabot> "the devil"
18:59:03 <ion> > (permutations <=< subsequences) "elliott" !! 4370
18:59:04 <lambdabot> "little"
18:59:55 <Gregor> Elliott "little toillet" Hird
18:59:56 <elliott> You're horrible.
19:00:08 <shachaf> elliott mad
19:00:12 <ion> > (permutations <=< subsequences) "elliott" !! 6404
19:00:13 <lambdabot> "toilet"
19:00:41 <elliott> > "idiot" `elem` ((permutations <=< subsequences) ("ion" ++ "diot"))
19:00:43 <lambdabot> True
19:00:44 <elliott> COINCIDENCE??????????
19:00:44 <ion> :-D
19:00:54 * ion laughed out loud
19:00:54 <Gregor> Whatever you say, onion.
19:00:59 <elliott> > "idiot" `elem` ((permutations <=< subsequences) ("ion" ++ "dit"))
19:01:00 <lambdabot> True
19:01:02 <elliott> EVEN MORE COINCIDENTAL???
19:01:31 <Gregor> > "idiot" `elem` ((permutations <=< subsequences) ("ion" ++ "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"))
19:01:35 <lambdabot> mueval-core: Time limit exceeded
19:01:39 <kallisti> > "Roger" `elem` (permutations <=< subsequences) "Gregor"
19:01:39 <Gregor> Awww X-D
19:01:40 <lambdabot> False
19:01:44 <Gregor> kallisti: FAIL
19:02:02 <kallisti> > "rogerG" `elem` (permutations <=< subsequences) "Gregor"
19:02:03 <lambdabot> True
19:02:06 <kallisti> COINCIDENCE?
19:02:50 <Gregor> > "tits" `elem` (permutations <=< subsequences) "kallisti"
19:02:51 <lambdabot> False
19:03:15 <Gregor> Oh feh, not enough t's.
19:03:48 <Gregor> > "kill" `elem` (permutations <=< subsequences) "kallisti"
19:03:49 <lambdabot> True
19:04:13 <shachaf> > "stalk" `elem` (permutations <=< subsequences) "kallisti"
19:04:14 <lambdabot> True
19:04:20 <shachaf> > "slit" `elem` (permutations <=< subsequences) "kallisti"
19:04:21 <lambdabot> True
19:05:52 <shachaf> > "ogre" `elem` (permutations <=< subsequences) "Gregor"
19:05:53 <lambdabot> True
19:05:56 <Gregor> > "slktls" `elem` (permutations <=< subsequences) "kallisti"
19:05:57 <lambdabot> False
19:05:59 <ion> > permutations "esoteric" !! 15249
19:06:00 <shachaf> ogre ergo gore
19:06:01 <lambdabot> "erectios"
19:06:09 <Gregor> > "slktl" `elem` (permutations <=< subsequences) "kallisti"
19:06:10 <lambdabot> True
19:06:11 <kallisti> > "Gorger" `elem` (permutations <=< subsequences) "Gregor"
19:06:12 <lambdabot> True
19:06:59 <elliott> If none of you come up with the best name I'll just go with zenith or something.
19:07:08 <Gregor> > "This is stupid" `elem` permutations "This is stuipd"
19:07:12 <lambdabot> mueval-core: Time limit exceeded
19:07:27 <elliott> Meanwhile they gave me A MONTH AND A HALF for $9????
19:07:29 <elliott> BEST COMPANY
19:07:38 <shachaf> elliott: Who? What?
19:07:40 <kallisti> a month and a half TO LIVE
19:07:47 <Gregor> elliott: How 'bout ... esowiki. Y'know. Descriptive.
19:07:50 <elliott> shachaf: VPSery. Linode.
19:07:55 <elliott> Gregor: I'm going to use it for other things too.
19:07:59 <Gregor> Oh
19:08:08 <elliott> I wouldn't pay $20/mo to host esolangs.org.
19:08:10 <shachaf> elliott: I didn't get a month and a half. :-(
19:08:20 <elliott> shachaf: Order after the middle of the month, then.
19:08:24 <shachaf> For $9
19:08:32 <shachaf> I ordered after the middle of the month.
19:08:33 <elliott> Uh oh.
19:08:37 <elliott> Is it just me or is the wiki down?
19:08:44 <shachaf> I'm pretty sure they just charged me extra to compensate or something.
19:08:51 <Gregor> elliott: It's just you.
19:08:52 <elliott> Gregor: Check?
19:08:55 <elliott> Good.
19:08:58 <elliott> Are you sure?
19:09:00 <elliott> Clear cache/
19:09:02 <elliott> ?
19:09:10 <Gregor> It is up.
19:09:17 <elliott> Good.
19:09:26 <elliott> I'm paranoid that, like, Timwi has been working behind our backs this whole time or something.
19:09:30 <elliott> It's not just you! esoteric.voxelperfect.net looks down from here.
19:09:35 <elliott> Gregor: Are you *sure*?
19:09:38 <elliott> shachaf?
19:09:42 <Gregor> Oh, I'm going to esolangs.org
19:09:54 <elliott> Oh, it works from esolangs.org.
19:09:56 <elliott> That's interesting.
19:09:58 * shachaf was going to esolangs.org
19:09:58 <elliott> Maybe the domain lapsed.
19:10:02 <Gregor> But esoteric.voxelperfect.net works fine for me too.
19:10:07 <shachaf> esolangs.org is the place to go.
19:10:16 <elliott> Nope, not expired.
19:10:22 <elliott> http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/ works.
19:10:24 <elliott> Weird.
19:10:34 <elliott> Must have been a momentary tube leak.
19:11:28 <kallisti> oh my
19:11:33 <kallisti> Garamond > Times New Roman
19:12:13 <kallisti> I wonder to what extent human opinions are just based on partial orderings..
19:13:00 <Gregor> I estimate 140%.
19:13:23 <kallisti> that's beyond my percentage threshold of 100%
19:14:34 <elliott> OK, seriously, VPS names, man.
19:14:46 <Gregor> `words --en 500
19:14:56 <Gregor> I don't necessarily remember how that program works ...
19:14:59 <HackEgo> Option en is ambiguous (eng-1m, eng-all, eng-fiction, eng-gb, eng-us)
19:15:07 <Gregor> `words --en-all 50
19:15:12 <HackEgo> Unknown option: en-all
19:15:16 <Gregor> `words --eng-all 50
19:15:24 <HackEgo> hoff satinfti pevellowe roy rahelio durche lubim casiva porevi medange hemb kar lept iar nut poln zer tervile zeitutatesla acque immell uma sexyliccipie myxo versainvoq
19:15:43 <Gregor> casiva, medange, tervile, sexyliccipie, myxo
19:15:45 <Gregor> ^^^ all good
19:15:51 <Gregor> I particularly like "medange"
19:15:52 <shachaf> elliott: You should use "eliot".
19:16:22 <kallisti> zeitutatesla
19:16:24 <kallisti> is where it's at.
19:16:55 <elliott> sexylicciple
19:17:02 <Gregor> (Pronounced "sexy licky pie")
19:17:08 <elliott> `words
19:17:14 <HackEgo> vire
19:17:15 <elliott> `word 50
19:17:19 <HackEgo> hambschcls roudgerlessoilly acion malls sa sion pui habas copattinght kurruchorpsediani stivenseri poildeneechogiumfs wibly chwendemayleraii castrikatindo mast res pread araae keifcher pric ades obrace pet meadzy dinactes nantentumoyahnonquifecoa arickerifingbatorfineuentatichecois agne sa fa sadi cd hatm warnwhivemes lectibs colicieraiket cheamanchemeimaurremanneenreiit basha our moweneus pris dompeci backehownepte
19:17:34 <Gregor> cheamanchemeimaurremanneenreiit
19:18:05 <elliott> What time is it in America?
19:18:06 <elliott> Gregor.
19:18:06 <ion> taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu
19:18:07 <elliott> What time.
19:18:18 <Gregor> elliott: 2PM
19:18:20 <Gregor> +18 minutes
19:18:22 <shachaf> 10:50 < monqy> which america
19:18:23 <Gregor> EST
19:18:30 <shachaf> In this America it's 11:18:28.
19:18:33 <elliott> Whichever one Graue is in./
19:18:46 <Gregor> Graue is in the America on Saturn.
19:18:47 <shachaf> That's the time on the best coast.
19:18:49 <elliott> Minneapolis, apparently.
19:18:49 <Gregor> So it's hard to convert.
19:18:53 <shachaf> Gregor provided the time on the least coast.
19:18:54 <elliott> So 1pm.
19:18:55 <kallisti> shachaf: I am disagre
19:19:13 <Gregor> shachaf: I am in total agreement on your partial ordering of coasts.
19:19:55 <kallisti> s/in //
19:20:21 <shachaf> Gregor: Excuse me. I believe I provided a lattice.
19:20:58 <Gregor> shachaf: You only provided top and bottom, so really you provided neither, unless I am to conclude that you refer only to American coasts and hence you have specified all elements in the set.
19:21:24 <ion> I believe you only provided a lettuce.
19:21:28 <shachaf> Are there any others?
19:21:31 <elliott> Gregor: Linode is pretty awesome, btw.
19:21:33 <shachaf> == ion
19:21:44 <kallisti> these coasts seem poorly defined.
19:21:46 <shachaf> elliott: More than prgmr?
19:21:46 <kallisti> how long are they?
19:22:06 <shachaf> kallisti: ∞
19:22:09 <kallisti> where are they located?
19:22:18 <shachaf> In the best and in the least.
19:22:39 <kallisti> :|
19:22:51 <fizzie> FFTW inexplicably comes from the east coast, IIRC.
19:23:01 <Gregor> Well, I hate you all.
19:23:02 <Gregor> To that end,
19:23:03 <shachaf> The east coast is in the west.
19:23:04 -!- Gregor has changed nick to Friendship.
19:23:14 <shachaf> America is all in the west.
19:23:23 <shachaf> That's the definition.
19:23:29 <kallisti> unless you're in Japan
19:23:35 <kallisti> and then east is the best way to go
19:23:38 <shachaf> Even if you're in Japan.
19:23:58 <kallisti> isn't Japan also in the west?
19:24:12 <fizzie> Unless you're in Japan, in which case America is big. (All is big in Japan.)
19:25:31 -!- oerjan has joined.
19:26:02 <elliott> oerjan: Name. Now.
19:26:33 <shachaf> oerjan: /q oerjan
19:26:38 <shachaf> Oops.
19:26:44 <oerjan> wat
19:26:54 <Friendship> elliott: Come on, what was wrong with medange?
19:27:03 <fizzie> Melange.
19:27:13 <elliott> I hate everybody.
19:27:14 <Friendship> If I wasn't so busy embodying simple human compassion I would /nick medange RIGHT NOW
19:27:21 <oerjan> elliott: eliot
19:27:30 <shachaf> elliott: Make it some untypeable Unicode thing.
19:27:43 <shachaf> == oerjan
19:27:46 <kallisti> what are we naming?
19:27:55 <shachaf> elliott's new server.
19:27:58 <shachaf> We're naming it "eliot".
19:28:04 <shachaf> By force of oerjan.
19:28:05 <fizzie> Melange's appropriate if you run lotsa things there.
19:29:14 <Friendship> sexyliccipie is appropriate no matter WHAT you run there!
19:29:43 <kallisti> `words 50
19:29:49 <HackEgo> herte iore wimmyoe chley maje denmi bookii togeneth grachoug bie sperine etrimsta docutin coit deli warkman ravitl okmarlll uision pitter acco lof luoria matti callipio
19:30:06 <Friendship> "warkman"!
19:30:08 <elliott> oerjan: You saw that in the logs, right?
19:30:12 <elliott> Friendship: it was "ple".
19:30:17 <oerjan> saw what
19:30:22 <Friendship> elliott: No it wasn't!
19:30:33 <Friendship> elliott: "sexyliccipie" <-- I just copied this right off HackEgo's line.
19:30:50 <elliott> Oh, right you are.
19:30:59 <kallisti> `words --eng-all --eng-us --eng-gb --eng-fiction --finnish --norwegian --swedish --spanish --french
19:31:02 <kallisti> `words --eng-all --eng-us --eng-gb --eng-fiction --finnish --norwegian --swedish --spanish --french 50
19:31:17 <HackEgo> kray
19:31:23 <elliott> kray
19:31:23 <HackEgo> mächs eiieweddyna ipsbått oför hjjo tappenne majoute soupho bilda liin ländlig omfil møble flaron hclback uisbau maunikolage mawoklas bible ldingendrite kkp elek fabu velle reminizestistam
19:31:36 <oerjan> the kray superkompüter
19:31:37 <Friendship> ldingendrite!
19:31:39 <kallisti> omfil
19:32:00 <Friendship> bible! Nowait
19:32:13 <fizzie> oerjan: Have you been in Å?
19:32:22 <oerjan> fizzie: i think so
19:32:23 <kallisti> the omfil kray møble superkompüter
19:32:58 <Friendship> Currently located in Ldingendrite, Flaron
19:33:07 <fizzie> oerjan: We thought we'd stop by. Well, if "by" is the right word, it seems to be a rather end-of-the-line place.
19:33:14 <kallisti> `words --help
19:33:17 <oerjan> yes, iirc
19:33:18 <HackEgo> Usage: words [-dhNo] [DATASETS...] [NUMBER_OF_WORDS] \ \ options: \ -l, --list list valid datasets \ -d, --debug debugging output \ -N, --dont-normalize don't normalize frequencies when combining \ multiple Markov models; this has the effect \ of making larger datasets more influential \ -o, --target-offset change the target length
19:33:24 <elliott> Wait, Å is an actual place?
19:33:26 <kallisti> `words --list
19:33:30 <HackEgo> valid datasets: --eng-1M --eng-all --eng-fiction --eng-gb --eng-us --french --german --hebrew --russian --spanish --irish --german-medical --bulgarian --catalan --swedish --brazilian --canadian-english-insane --manx --italian --ogerman --portuguese --polish --gaelic --finnish --norwegian --esolangs \ default: --eng-1M
19:33:36 <elliott> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2f/A_view_2009.JPG
19:33:53 <kallisti> `words --eng-all --eng-us --eng-gb --eng-fiction --finnish --norwegian --swedish --spanish --french --polish --irish --german-medical --german --italian --eng-1M 50
19:34:10 <HackEgo> prestadiaa soideaload gerrsnipora anx gibthat fibricleet schono sogachaiz macsidalletste widoikoku hønskoemera var zúnnal amcicerrify kobaradi czakropcn eplyyoeplor twardinglykel sektrai hofyuehusageti uanalte desierwritę nvoichlässteratlanon fiscalac cdingue
19:34:11 <fizzie> elliott: There's a place called Ii in Finland.
19:34:24 <kallisti> fibthat
19:34:26 <kallisti> er
19:34:27 <kallisti> gibthat
19:34:37 <kallisti> fibricleet hahahahahaha
19:34:47 <elliott> Come on, you still haven't presented anything better than zenith.
19:35:00 <oerjan> elliott: yes it is
19:35:00 <Friendship> Uhh, excuse me, sexyliccipie
19:35:15 <monqy> For generations of Americans, the famous Zenith name has been synonymous with quality and innovation over the past nine decades.
19:35:19 <fizzie> (Ii's right south of Yli-Ii, lit. "Over-Ii".)
19:35:21 <kallisti> zenith is so, normal
19:35:29 <oerjan> there's also Y in france
19:35:33 <kallisti> basically anything `words generates is an excellent server name.
19:35:38 -!- H3LLB0Y has joined.
19:36:01 <elliott> There's that http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zenith_Electronics thing.
19:36:10 <kallisti> twardinglykel
19:36:20 <elliott> `run shuf -n 1 /usr/share/dict/words
19:36:20 <elliott> `run shuf -n 1 /usr/share/dict/words
19:36:21 <elliott> `run shuf -n 1 /usr/share/dict/words
19:36:21 <elliott> `run shuf -n 1 /usr/share/dict/words
19:36:22 <elliott> `run shuf -n 1 /usr/share/dict/words
19:36:30 <HackEgo> shuf: /usr/share/dict/words: No such file or directory
19:36:35 <Friendship> lol
19:36:38 <elliott> Friendship: Fix that.
19:36:45 <Friendship> What do you think I am, magic?
19:36:48 <kallisti> `ls share
19:36:50 <Friendship> *ba-dum ohgodthisjokewassobad*
19:36:57 <monqy> im crying
19:37:01 <monqy> :'( :'( :'(
19:37:02 <HackEgo> WordData \ awesome \ construct_grams.pl \ esolangs.txt \ esolangs.txt.sorted \ units.dat
19:37:02 <kallisti> Friendship: fix hackego being slow
19:37:09 <fizzie> oerjan: Actually going by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_short_place_names there's like seven Ås in Norway.
19:37:11 <Friendship> kallisti: Fix your face.
19:37:38 <Friendship> `run aspell dump master en | head
19:37:44 <HackEgo> Failed to clone the environment!
19:37:44 <HackEgo> Failed to clone the environment!
19:37:44 <oerjan> fizzie: possibly. i am assuming you are referring to the one in western lofoten
19:37:56 <Friendship> ... uh oh
19:37:58 <HackEgo> Failed to clone the environment!
19:37:58 <HackEgo> Failed to clone the environment!
19:37:58 <HackEgo> Failed to clone the environment!
19:38:14 <fizzie> oerjan: Yes, the one there near the tip.
19:38:18 <monqy> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/bc/Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch-railway-station-sign-2011-09-21-GR2_1837a.JPG
19:38:20 <oerjan> `echo oops
19:38:24 <HackEgo> oops
19:39:04 <fizzie> (Heh heh "seven Ås in Nååååååårway" heh heh.)
19:39:16 <Friendship> $ du -hs .hg/
19:39:16 <Friendship> 127M .hg/
19:39:16 <Friendship> $ df -h .
19:39:16 <Friendship> Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
19:39:16 <Friendship> none 23G 21G 492M 98% /dev/pts
19:39:18 <Friendship> Hyuk
19:39:39 <kallisti> wow, we've surpassed 21GB?
19:39:41 <kallisti> unbelievable
19:40:02 <Friendship> Uh, that's not just esostuff. Or even mostly esostuff.
19:40:21 <kallisti> ah. well then, delete all the porn and everything should be fine.
19:41:47 <oerjan> delete all the pony porn, right
19:42:17 <kallisti> well, no
19:42:23 <kallisti> that would be unacceptable
19:42:25 <kallisti> but everything else can go.
19:42:38 <Friendship> That's how I make my living, man.
19:42:40 <Friendship> Don't be cruel.
19:42:44 <oerjan> ok, that should get it down to 19 G
19:42:47 <itidus20> esostuff has a habit of not taking up much diskspace i think
19:42:52 <oerjan> *GB
19:43:27 <oerjan> itidus20: except for unary
19:43:29 <Friendship> `words --eng-all 50
19:43:36 <ion> Someone needs to make a programming language in which source code consists of full Nicholas Cage movies concatenated.
19:43:38 <oerjan> hm i guess unary might compress well
19:43:41 <HackEgo> mim naste condike liza pered bejm uffsonvict fabren fuo drifc apprepara behm conftered afsubsti ashan halite distad hydro slxt ogy dire ibv luuge micksfora vib
19:43:53 <itidus20> ah well kallisti's project is an exception
19:43:55 <elliott> oerjan: Ban everyone who says anything that isn't a hostname suggestion.
19:44:01 <elliott> ion: That's called life.
19:44:11 <elliott> ion: It's how babies are made.
19:44:18 <oerjan> elliott: surely no one has done such a thing
19:44:20 <elliott> You just feed Nicholas Cage films into a machine.
19:44:34 <Friendship> My hostname suggestion is: I think I'll just prefix all lines like this, so it's clear that literally everything I say is a suggestion for a hostname.
19:44:41 <Friendship> My hostname suggestion is: That way you can't complain.
19:44:52 <elliott> Also they have to be syntactically avlid.
19:44:53 <elliott> *valid
19:45:01 <Friendship> How 'bout "avlid"?
19:45:16 <oerjan> avlidna datorer
19:45:51 <oerjan> (avliden is swedish for "passed away")
19:45:53 <itidus20> www.microsoftware.com
19:46:09 <elliott> I hate you all so much.
19:46:27 <itidus20> it gives a 404
19:46:30 <itidus20> :-?
19:46:36 <kallisti> elliott: ...ehird?
19:46:37 <kallisti> is that taken?
19:46:46 <kallisti> how about: eeehird
19:46:50 <oerjan> elliott: apeiron
19:46:58 <shachaf> elliott: eliot
19:47:00 <itidus20> i already thought of ehird but i had the foresight to not say so
19:47:08 <elliott> kallisti: You don't name your server after yourself!
19:47:12 <elliott> oerjan: OK why.
19:47:14 <kallisti> sure I do.
19:47:21 <kallisti> kallisti.something
19:47:21 <Friendship> Why the heck does it need a "why"?
19:47:48 <Friendship> How 'bout matrixofsolidity?
19:48:14 <oerjan> elliott: it's the esoteric source of everything
19:48:15 * shachaf wonders what "matrixofsolidity" is.
19:48:19 <shachaf> I think I asked before.
19:48:21 <fizzie> Ape-iron.
19:48:36 <Friendship> shachaf: By not knowing, you are acknowledging that you are locked in your matrix of solidity. Hopefully you enjoy it there.
19:48:39 <itidus20> `quote treeder
19:48:41 <elliott> oerjan: I suspect you of punning.
19:48:47 <HackEgo> 296) <treederwright> enjoy being locked in your matrix of solidity
19:49:09 <oerjan> elliott: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apeiron_(cosmology)
19:49:15 <elliott> "solidity" is vaguely tempting >_>
19:49:23 <oerjan> (that's a "yes, of course")
19:49:34 <elliott> oerjan: idgi
19:49:36 -!- Chef_ has joined.
19:49:51 <itidus20> matrix of solidity is a perjorative... so i don't much like reading it
19:49:52 <kallisti> well you see
19:49:56 <kallisti> it's the esoteric source of everything.
19:50:04 <Friendship> I actually, legitimately think that matrixofsolidity is a good name.
19:50:15 <itidus20> ^pej
19:50:20 <shachaf> Friendship: It's too long.
19:50:31 <shachaf> `quote solidity
19:50:33 <elliott> Friendship: It would be "solidity" if anything.
19:50:34 <HackEgo> 296) <treederwright> enjoy being locked in your matrix of solidity
19:50:35 <shachaf> `quote name
19:50:38 <HackEgo> 7) <oerjan> what, you mean that wasn't your real name? <Warrigal> Gosh, I guess it is. I never realized that. \ 86) <virtuhird> Sgeo_: Gregorr: and someone could, by mistake, rewrite psox to be a weak erection if it is... A filename. \ 228) <zzo38> Invent the game called "Sandwich - The Card Game" and "Professional Octopus of the World" (these names are just generated by randomly) \ 231) <Sgeo> Is there a name for
19:50:48 <Friendship> But "solidity" isn't the joke :(
19:51:01 <oerjan> elliott: it's literally the source of everything in some ancient greek cosmology
19:51:16 <itidus20> `searchlog [n]ame suggestions
19:51:18 <kallisti> professionaloctopusoftheworld.com
19:51:23 <oerjan> if that isn't esoteric i don't know what is
19:51:23 <elliott> Ohhh, apeiron is one of the people in those Ruby channels.
19:51:27 <elliott> That's why it sounds familiar.
19:51:28 <elliott> So no.
19:51:40 <elliott> OK zenith or solidity voting starts NOW.
19:51:48 <HackEgo> No output.
19:51:49 <kallisti> sandwichthecardgame.com
19:51:52 <Friendship> Are you kidding me? These are both the worst of all possible names.
19:51:58 <shachaf> @poll-add elliott_server_name
19:51:58 <lambdabot> Added new poll: "elliott_server_name"
19:52:06 <kallisti> wat
19:52:07 <shachaf> @option-add elliott_server_name zenith
19:52:07 <lambdabot> Unknown command, try @list
19:52:10 <kallisti> that's a thing?
19:52:13 <shachaf> @list poll
19:52:14 <lambdabot> poll provides: poll-list poll-show poll-add choice-add vote poll-result poll-close poll-remove
19:52:20 -!- fungot has joined.
19:52:22 <shachaf> @choice-add elliott_server_name zenith
19:52:22 <lambdabot> New candidate "zenith", added to poll "elliott_server_name".
19:52:24 <shachaf> @choice-add elliott_server_name solidity
19:52:24 <lambdabot> New candidate "solidity", added to poll "elliott_server_name".
19:52:26 <fizzie> fungot: Name for elliott's server, please.
19:52:27 <fungot> fizzie: seen enigma? me, codeburnt?"?
19:52:28 <elliott> How do you delete polls?
19:52:30 <shachaf> @vote elliott_server_name zenith
19:52:30 <lambdabot> voted on "zenith"
19:52:38 <elliott> Friendship: Go on then.
19:52:43 <kallisti> @choice-add elliott_server_name professionaloctopusoftheworld.com
19:52:43 <lambdabot> New candidate "professionaloctopusoftheworld.com", added to poll "elliott_server_name".
19:52:45 <fizzie> There you go, "codeburnt".
19:52:54 <elliott> http://codespeak.net/cliki.tunes.org/codeburnt.html
19:53:05 <Friendship> fungot suggests "codeburnt"
19:53:06 <fungot> Friendship: i wait with bated breath", by the way, were you also interested in my perceived problems with the java server vm. they aren't dynamically scoped. you use the rule for it
19:53:11 <Friendship> I like codeburnt :)
19:53:25 <Friendship> Oh piff
19:53:29 <fizzie> Well, everyone's *some* dude.
19:53:38 <kallisti> `words 50
19:53:39 <kallisti> `words 50
19:53:39 <kallisti> `words 50
19:53:39 <kallisti> `words 50
19:53:49 <fizzie> fungot: How about something more original: Why must you always just ape others?
19:53:50 <fungot> fizzie: but perhaps dr. frankenstein was actually swiss...), list'1 (... neg-list1...) and then couldn't understand what ' commercial' here is the spec? or interpreters?
19:53:52 <Friendship> kallisti: Obviously he has some kind of *problem* with randomly-generated words.
19:54:00 <HackEgo> tulaen bilin ambeza modi ighbora eftide broot deute ree thod chloe bro krabulati instro durma buch earlon magib hyposschckcoundei phlettefu amef pacilled pence courany qui
19:54:02 <HackEgo> diptovsmic kcolong aurobeje isden afragge bour lingig unworke bookite chadr hebbe mans diation inta weenen proconveu diren vallie maia barru meth comp dum comesvill patrite
19:54:03 <HackEgo> juuriment conrothet rated ancheuer dam deep myllium thut undesii cons paiace hum misshium omni death jambe iin codium larelit hoke nepha notf straisoo cavainequia pvz
19:54:03 <HackEgo> lent ben iilo raterciz addein foagham drawed bore montio agita coaunsnr majot macoved rised ranz kance clava cable koor icseph curtl lico flusor lacite rochrcelric
19:54:26 <kallisti> @choice-add elliott_server_name meth
19:54:26 <lambdabot> New candidate "meth", added to poll "elliott_server_name".
19:54:34 <kallisti> @choice-add elliott_server_name bro
19:54:34 <lambdabot> New candidate "bro", added to poll "elliott_server_name".
19:54:36 <elliott> @poll-remove elliott_server_name
19:54:37 <lambdabot> Poll should be closed before you can remove it.
19:54:39 <itidus20> @choice-add elliott_server_name fsvoesolang.com
19:54:39 <lambdabot> New candidate "fsvoesolang.com", added to poll "elliott_server_name".
19:54:41 <elliott> @poll-close elliott_server_name
19:54:41 <lambdabot> Poll "elliott_server_name" closed.
19:54:42 <elliott> @poll-remove elliott_server_name
19:54:42 <lambdabot> poll "elliott_server_name" removed.
19:54:52 <kallisti> lacite
19:54:55 <kallisti> foagham
19:54:57 <itidus20> :D
19:54:58 <kallisti> drawed
19:55:02 <kallisti> clava
19:55:04 <elliott> cons
19:55:05 <elliott> omni
19:55:06 <elliott> death
19:55:07 <elliott> hum
19:55:10 <itidus20> fsvosolidity
19:55:12 <kallisti> ambeza
19:55:12 <elliott> ben
19:55:17 <elliott> bore
19:55:18 <fizzie> Kal vas flam.
19:55:22 <kallisti> bookite
19:55:27 <Friendship> chopin
19:55:31 <Friendship> balakirev
19:55:36 <kallisti> myllium
19:55:40 <kallisti> codium
19:55:44 <kallisti> straisoo
19:56:24 <Friendship> chimicherrychanga
19:56:33 <oerjan> grong
19:56:44 <itidus20> rochrcelric is so close to being = rochr cleric
19:57:18 <kallisti> codium isn't bad
19:57:42 <tswett> Schoolcraft.
19:57:42 <oerjan> turium codite
19:57:54 <shachaf> @list-poll
19:57:55 <lambdabot> Unknown command, try @list
19:57:57 <shachaf> @poll-list
19:57:57 <lambdabot> ["ConfusedWithVixenSituation","best-programming-language","food","naming","president","remove@src","sleep"]
19:58:06 <tswett> Everything should be named after a county in Michigan. Schoolcraft is a county in Michigan. Therefore, everything should be named "Schoolcraft".
19:58:55 <kallisti> schoolcraft sounds like some kind of educational game that's a knockoff of (war|star)craft
19:58:55 <oerjan> sorry, but we have already established that the best county name is "finnmark".
19:59:25 <kallisti> worldofschoolcraft is the associated MMO
19:59:26 <Friendship> kallisti: I was thinking educational Minecraft.
19:59:30 <tswett> Huh. Wikipedia says that a lot of Michigan's counties' names were just made up by one person.
19:59:36 -!- Friendship has changed nick to Gregor.
19:59:36 <tswett> That person happens to be Henry Schoolcraft.
19:59:46 <itidus20> hahaha
19:59:59 <fizzie> @poll-result president
19:59:59 <lambdabot> Poll results for president (Open): copumpkin=3
20:00:22 <Gregor> @poll-results best-programming-language
20:00:23 <lambdabot> Poll results for best-programming-language (Open): PHP=1, Coq=0, Agda=0, anything-else=0, Haskell=0
20:00:27 <elliott> <oerjan> sorry, but we have already established that the best county name is "finnmark".
20:00:29 <Gregor> lolwut
20:00:31 <elliott> oerjan: Is that a dare?
20:00:35 <Gregor> @choice-add best-programming-language COBOL
20:00:35 <lambdabot> New candidate "COBOL", added to poll "best-programming-language".
20:00:37 <kallisti> elliott: sourcereal
20:00:40 <Gregor> @vote best-programming-language COBOL
20:00:40 <lambdabot> voted on "COBOL"
20:00:41 <oerjan> elliott: if you wish
20:00:53 <elliott> finnmark would be too confusing.
20:00:55 <elliott> sourcereal too.
20:01:10 <kallisti> codium
20:01:11 <Gregor> Esp. seeing as how sourcereal is zzo's
20:01:13 <elliott> Gregor: Anyway, you've yet to propose anything better than zenith or solidity.
20:01:37 <Gregor> Those are both so bad that random strings of characters are almost assured to be better.
20:01:41 <Gregor> Hence, sexyliccipie is better.
20:02:06 <oerjan> elliott: nadir
20:02:46 <oerjan> since that's what we are rapidly approaching here
20:03:03 <kallisti> Gregor: hey, it's not random!
20:03:14 <Gregor> kallisti: No, but it's better than random.
20:03:45 <oerjan> "random". hth.
20:04:04 -!- Gregor has set topic: http://codu.org/logs/_esoteric/ | Resistance is sexyliccipie, thus voltage is kink times currant. | Electric buns, all the rage..
20:05:28 <elliott> It's like you all WANT the Esolang wiki to be overrun with spam!
20:05:45 <oerjan> Y U NO LIKE OUR SUGGESTIONS
20:05:46 <shachaf> elliott: I run a pastebin. How do I make it not be filled with spam?
20:05:49 <shachaf> Well, I "run" it.
20:05:59 <shachaf> elliott: "zenith"
20:06:01 <shachaf> zenith++
20:06:06 <shachaf> @karma zenith
20:06:06 <lambdabot> zenith has a karma of 1
20:06:11 <kallisti> shachaf: bayesian filter dawg
20:06:15 <fizzie> I had a box called 'random' once.
20:06:19 <shachaf> I want to do minimal work.
20:06:23 <shachaf> The pastebin is one short script in Perl.
20:06:27 <kallisti> shachaf: bayesian filter library dawg
20:06:46 <shachaf> It handles concurrency by writing out a lock file containing the last paste id.
20:06:49 <oerjan> "dawg"
20:07:01 <kallisti> shachaf: http://search.cpan.org/~kwilliams/Algorithm-NaiveBayes-0.04/lib/Algorithm/NaiveBayes.pm
20:07:06 <elliott> <shachaf> elliott: I run a pastebin. How do I make it not be filled with spam?
20:07:13 <elliott> shachaf: Cptppatpaptaptaptpatcha?
20:07:14 <fizzie> No web-form for submitting pastes sounds like a spam-free solution.
20:07:23 <elliott> shachaf: I bet you're only ironically proposin zenith. :(
20:07:26 <elliott> fizzie: Let me guess, h2g2?
20:07:35 <shachaf> I just want spammers not to care. :-(
20:07:43 <oerjan> elliott: "acme"
20:08:03 <fizzie> elliott: Your guess, it is correct.
20:08:04 <kallisti> shachaf: http://search.cpan.org/~kwilliams/Algorithm-NaiveBayes-0.04/lib/Algorithm/NaiveBayes.pm
20:08:17 <shachaf> That sounds complicated.
20:08:31 <kallisti> sudo cpan Algorithm::NaiveBayes
20:08:39 <kallisti> use Algorithm::NaiveBayes
20:08:52 <kallisti> our $bayes = Algorithm::NaiveBayes->new;
20:09:42 <kallisti> $bayes->add_instance(stuff)
20:10:24 <kallisti> so each time you get a paste you add an instance,
20:11:01 <shachaf> Each time.
20:11:07 <shachaf> That means, like, state and stuff, right?
20:11:09 <elliott> Thus training the filter that every single paste is not spam.
20:11:15 <kallisti> elliott: lol, yes.
20:11:19 * oerjan is wondering what the heck elliott wants from a name
20:11:21 <kallisti> you have to train it first.
20:11:31 * kallisti knows what elliott wants from a name.
20:11:38 <kallisti> shachaf: and yes that's state and stuff
20:11:38 <oerjan> elliott: "awesome"
20:11:49 <kallisti> save_state($path)
20:11:50 <kallisti> This object method saves the object to disk for later use. The $path argument indicates the place on disk where the object should be saved:
20:11:59 <elliott> oerjan: I want Goodness.
20:12:01 <elliott> "acme" is not Good.
20:12:11 <kallisti> shachaf: the object handles the state stuff for you.
20:12:15 <itidus20> botproofwiki.com
20:12:16 <tswett> elliott: you're looking for the name of a server?
20:12:23 <elliott> shachaf: A captcha is minimal work.
20:12:28 <oerjan> elliott: "nirvana"
20:12:29 <kallisti> shachaf: you'll need some way to manually designate spam, or have a huge dataset of existing spam to train it.
20:12:29 <elliott> "Please enter 'aargh': [ ]"
20:12:37 <elliott> If they start solving that, then... do something else.
20:12:49 <oerjan> elliott: "singularity"
20:12:55 <elliott> oerjan: No. These are all terrible.
20:12:59 <tswett> elliott: "gladwin". This is my only suggestion.
20:13:08 <elliott> It should have basically no relevant meaning or conntoation apart from being a pretty name.
20:13:18 <elliott> tswett: Thank you for you contribution to the pile of rejected names!
20:13:24 <tswett> You're welcome.
20:13:31 <tswett> I regret to inform you that I will not be contributing further.
20:13:37 <tswett> Also, "kustler".
20:13:43 <kallisti> elliott wants something that a) conveys intelligence b) is minimal c) is short d) has a strong impact when read
20:13:44 <shachaf> elliott: The script is 80 lines.
20:13:56 -!- Ngevd has joined.
20:13:57 <itidus20> incidentally botproofwiki isn't taken.. but such a naming scheme is how i ended up with this monstrosity of a nickname
20:13:59 <Ngevd> Hello!
20:14:54 <elliott> itidus20: It will be at esolangs.org.
20:15:00 <elliott> I'm just naming the internal server name.
20:15:01 <itidus20> lol
20:15:04 <elliott> kallisti: "pyralspite" isn't short.
20:15:11 <kallisti> it's pretty short.
20:15:13 <itidus20> ahh
20:15:32 <kallisti> Ngevd: so maybe for like a few days you should train it on a bunch of spam email that you get
20:15:53 <kallisti> Ngevd: otherwise you'd want a report spam feature which is likely more complicated than you want.
20:15:58 <kallisti> also: captcha
20:16:06 <elliott> ZENITH
20:16:06 <elliott> or
20:16:07 <elliott> SOLIDITY
20:16:09 <elliott> VOTE NOW
20:16:11 <tswett> Zenith.
20:16:13 <kallisti> solidity
20:16:15 <shachaf> zenith
20:16:18 <itidus20> solidity
20:16:23 <shachaf> zenith
20:16:23 <oerjan> zenith
20:16:25 <oerjan> darn
20:16:31 <elliott> oerjan: why darn
20:16:33 <tswett> Actually, I already know of another server named Zenith.
20:16:38 <elliott> oh you were just voting to equalise them
20:16:41 <Ngevd> cuboid
20:16:50 <kallisti> elliott: you've got mine and itidus20's vote on solidity, so you know it's got to be good.
20:17:06 <shachaf> I recommend whatever kallisti doesn't vote for.
20:17:10 <shachaf> In this case, zenith.
20:17:21 <kallisti> haters.
20:17:31 <itidus20> i like the matrix of solidity reference.. otherwise the name solidity wouldn't mean much to me
20:17:45 <elliott> solidity.net is taken.
20:17:49 <itidus20> lol
20:17:50 <kallisti> solidity.org?
20:17:54 <kallisti> you could be an organization
20:18:23 <kallisti> solidity to me sounds pretty, also matrix of solidity reference.
20:18:37 <elliott> solidity.org is also taken.
20:18:50 <kallisti> solidity.xxx
20:18:54 <shachaf> solidi.ty
20:19:25 -!- Slereah has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds).
20:19:27 <elliott> Every second you waste is a second Timwi gains in this race.
20:19:40 <tswett> What if I am Timwi?
20:19:42 <oerjan> there's a race?
20:19:57 <elliott> oerjan: No, but I'm paranoid enough to think there is.
20:20:14 <kallisti> solidi.ty
20:20:39 <elliott> <shachaf> solidi.ty
20:20:48 <kallisti> elliott> <shachaf> solidi.ty
20:20:58 <kallisti> s/^/ </
20:21:16 <tswett> Indeed, solidi.ty seems to not exist.
20:21:53 <kallisti> esoter.ic
20:22:31 <elliott> oerjan: Name. Now.
20:22:42 <Ngevd> If we know someone in the US intelligence community, we can get esoter.ic.gov
20:22:43 <fizzie> elliott: But it's just a $100k for you to apply for that TLD, or however it went.
20:22:47 <Sgeo> Force me to do my homework!
20:22:49 <Sgeo> :()
20:22:51 <Sgeo> :(
20:22:55 -!- Ngevd has quit (Quit: dinner).
20:22:56 <kallisti> ic actually is a TLD
20:23:08 <oerjan> elliott: "sheesh"
20:23:59 <kallisti> > me to do my homework `seq` launchMissiles Sgeo
20:24:00 <lambdabot> <no location info>: parse error on input `do'
20:24:01 <fizzie> .ic is not a TLD according to IANA.
20:24:09 <fizzie> But what do they know.
20:24:33 <tswett> Sgeo: we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. This is the hard way. ::::)
20:24:34 <oerjan> elliott: i have no f idea what you would consider better than all those suggested so far.
20:24:46 <elliott> oerjan: A good name.
20:24:47 -!- elliott has left ("Leaving").
20:25:11 <tswett> Okay, the best name is "schemck".
20:25:19 <kallisti> `words 50
20:25:20 <kallisti> `words 50
20:25:20 <kallisti> `words 50
20:25:20 <kallisti> `words 50
20:25:20 <kallisti> `words 50
20:25:23 <kallisti> `words 50
20:25:25 <kallisti> `words 50
20:25:28 <kallisti> `words 50
20:25:30 <kallisti> `words 50
20:25:31 <fizzie> "Phlegm" is a good name.
20:25:33 <kallisti> `words 50
20:25:38 <fizzie> Also less words, please.
20:25:52 <fizzie> I don't want to try quiet the bot with this phone.
20:25:57 <HackEgo> can't open share/WordData/Eng1M: No such file or directory at /hackenv/bin/words line 104
20:26:03 <tswett> `words 49 `words 49 `words 49 `words 49
20:26:09 <HackEgo> No output.
20:26:12 <HackEgo> rem ina clen cymiai pistint cuverdrogene mily apply dogpea nonded anxure rymer tashano waj iaulten apanie ron retica appa powet baquivi miscrift unloa cabareli straudi
20:26:16 <tswett> Speaking of which.
20:26:16 <HackEgo> No output.
20:26:21 <tswett> > hey lambdabot can you hear me
20:26:21 <HackEgo> No output.
20:26:21 <kallisti> Gregor: y u bot so glitch?
20:26:27 <tswett> > how about now
20:26:28 <lambdabot> Not in scope: `how'Not in scope: `about'Not in scope: `now'
20:26:31 <HackEgo> sublim tka zijl testen coight sula brtspendum eonf allergo achere moda shci quida celr fruinepi crea aflor reven celler dude chenyi circum dici coedat tvn
20:26:33 <HackEgo> ivbouver witheate thervi int rog com ebuken deatum effret trippea swandcutio disiti juria veranting birtur eansol ten belasti soff forca herk iklime wire man jncephla
20:26:33 <HackEgo> toir bintura enamnanc fen potruj cereb lor unjectit greeompu kosto dna vermoldstr psychirick dition bestyle loeweggina tigm conter reetmirarma meri oroning pon condt knably palentiqui
20:26:34 <HackEgo> canal und ore falcai lehide ludto monta weslo moldine befor aradiite wire iea gymnof mor low nvly unprae unden zersterto kal himsenste saeva ance puhl
20:26:34 <HackEgo> charr bathalf ehobemed dat zib fayc sked bed galistrugh lucg the tiiiati ouchipenny jume ptint new herin tel may ssimn wolfi hab yunkarm affive greeritted
20:26:57 <tswett> "dogpea". HackEgo has spoken.
20:27:23 <kallisti> OUCHIPENNY
20:27:25 <itidus20> www.bing.com/images/search?q="enjoy+being+locked+in+your+matrix+of+solidity"
20:27:29 <tswett> I actually like "rift". "miscrift" is... worse. "allergo" is either a misspelling or a portmanteau.
20:27:42 <itidus20> hmm that didn't quite work right
20:28:09 <fizzie> How is +q even applied? Is +q nick enough, or does one need +q nick!* or something? (Just wondering.)
20:28:20 <kallisti> +q nick
20:28:39 <oerjan> fizzie: i generally do /msg chanserv quiet #esoteric nick
20:28:49 <kallisti> it's just
20:28:49 <fizzie> Oh, that's fancy.
20:28:54 <kallisti> MODE +q nick
20:29:08 <kallisti> er
20:29:11 <kallisti> also with a channel
20:29:12 <kallisti> that helps
20:29:23 <fizzie> I tried to make chanserv do some channel-mode things, but it was so confuzzle.
20:29:51 -!- sebbu2 has joined.
20:29:51 -!- sebbu2 has quit (Changing host).
20:29:51 -!- sebbu2 has joined.
20:29:57 -!- sebbu has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
20:30:22 * oerjan wonders if elliott rageparted or if he actually accepted "sheesh"
20:30:28 <tswett> `words 50
20:30:29 <tswett> `words 50
20:30:29 <tswett> `words 50
20:30:32 <shachaf> oerjan: He's still undecided.
20:30:32 <tswett> ^_^
20:31:02 <itidus20> forgetting my previous link... i find this quite amusing http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=enjoy+being+locked+in+your+matrix+of+solidity&view=detail
20:31:18 <oerjan> hm, "shibboleth"
20:31:22 <fizzie> Anyway, it's not "just" +q nick, I distinctly recall it supporting both the nick!user@host thing as well as the account/realname synttax; all I wondered was whether it does plain nick too.
20:31:45 <oerjan> fizzie: i assume it's the same syntax as for bans?
20:31:50 <itidus20> i think he just fell offline
20:32:30 <tswett> > Man, I feel so powerful right now.
20:32:30 <oerjan> itidus20: he didn't quit, he parted.
20:32:35 <fizzie> Yes, in which case (discounting client assistance, as well as speaking for ircnet only) you needed to do nick!* to do a nick-based ban.
20:32:38 <tswett> > I have the power to make bots ignore me.
20:32:46 <tswett> > So useful.
20:32:47 <lambdabot> <no location info>: parse error (possibly incorrect indentation)
20:33:15 -!- Ngevd has joined.
20:35:03 -!- ChanServ has set channel mode: +q *!*@a91-152-37-146.elisa-laajakaista.fi.
20:35:09 <fizzie> (Just testing.)
20:35:14 -!- ChanServ has set channel mode: -q *!*@a91-152-37-146.elisa-laajakaista.fi.
20:35:36 <fizzie> Well, as done by chanserv it's host-based, when given a nick.
20:35:54 -!- Chef_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
20:36:26 <fizzie> That seems slightly overreaching; I wonder if it's more complicated.
20:36:37 -!- ChanServ has set channel mode: +o fizzie.
20:36:46 -!- fizzie has set channel mode: +q fungot!*@*.
20:37:14 <fizzie> Hmm'k, plain "+q nick" does turn into nick!*@*.
20:37:25 <shachaf> You should +q me
20:37:31 -!- fizzie has set channel mode: -q fungot!*@*.
20:37:39 -!- fizzie has set channel mode: -o fizzie.
20:38:53 <fizzie> I have a vague feeling that the IRCnet ircd is not so helpful, though that could be worng.
20:39:43 * Sgeo was going to put an Airplane reference in his homework, but "And Leon's getting larger" might not be such a great idea considering that my professor is a bit on the heavy side.
20:40:28 <kallisti> Sgeo: does he also have a drinking problem?
20:40:30 <fizzie> Is his name also Leon?
20:40:46 <Sgeo> His name is not Leon.
20:41:23 <Ngevd> I still need to see Airplane 2
20:41:29 <Ngevd> (the sequel)
20:41:30 <oerjan> Sgeo: you picked the wrong day to quit making airplane references
20:42:12 <oerjan> *week
20:42:16 <fizzie> The sequel, in space.
20:43:10 <Sgeo> I do not think he has a drinking problem, but ... isn't the trying to quit character not Leon?
20:43:37 <kallisti> I was just wondering if that could be referenced as well.
20:43:46 -!- Chef_ has joined.
20:47:12 <Ngevd> I've got them both on DVD
20:47:34 -!- Chef_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
20:51:02 * Sgeo blinks at his shitty code that he doesn't understand why it doesn't work
20:51:35 <olsner> Sgeo: throw it out and rewrite it
20:52:02 <Sgeo> http://pastie.org/private/00rabxy1f0g8tvucymiq
20:52:11 <Sgeo> It always does the days are getting longer
20:52:31 <Sgeo> Oh, it does in fact say while, the missing w is a mispaste
20:53:39 <olsner> use case instead
20:53:59 -!- elliott has joined.
20:54:01 <elliott> Hostname. Now.
20:54:16 <Ngevd> y.uk
20:54:42 <oerjan> "soliloquy
20:54:43 <oerjan> "
20:54:47 <Sgeo> olsner, the instructions say to use if
20:54:51 <fizzie> Sgeo: You need some spaces in there if you want it like that.
20:55:03 <fizzie> "$season" == "foo" and so on.
20:55:07 <Sgeo> o.O
20:55:08 <itidus20> bfderivatives.com
20:55:22 <elliott> oerjan: Soliloquys are for losers.
20:55:32 <Sgeo> Thank you, that works.
20:55:33 <fizzie> (Also there's an "elif" to get rid of the fi-fi-fi-fi.)
20:55:38 <Sgeo> Oh, ty
20:55:47 -!- Chef_ has joined.
20:55:55 -!- NihilistDandy has joined.
20:56:01 <itidus20> fsvohttp
20:56:02 <oerjan> "szentendre"
20:56:07 <olsner> also, putting each then on a new line is ugly, use "if ...; then" instead
20:56:34 <oerjan> "kvitlauk"
20:56:46 <Sgeo> I did that at first, then as a poorly-thought out attempt to fix stuff, put then on a separate line
20:56:57 <oerjan> "silkemjuk"
20:57:12 <oerjan> "naudsynt"
20:57:14 <Sgeo> Bash is bizarre enough that spaces surrounding == might make a difference, why wouldn't it be bizzare enough to have weird issues everywhere?
20:57:25 <Sgeo> Bash scares and confuses me.
20:57:29 <oerjan> "hordaland"
20:57:47 <oerjan> "heimskringla"
20:57:54 -!- NihilistDandy has quit (Client Quit).
20:58:00 <elliott> Sgeo:
20:58:03 <oerjan> "audhumbla"
20:58:06 <elliott> [ "$foo"=="bar" ]
20:58:09 <elliott> Set foo = abc.
20:58:13 <oerjan> "tettegress"
20:58:15 <elliott> [ foo==abc ]
20:58:19 <elliott> Now consider foo = "=xyz".
20:58:20 -!- Ngevd has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
20:58:21 <elliott> Now consider foo = "==xyz".
20:58:25 <elliott> & so on.
20:58:34 <olsner> oerjan: tettegress? audhumbla?
20:58:41 <olsner> are these actual words for you?
20:58:41 <oerjan> "anamnesia"
20:58:50 <itidus20> whatis@.com
20:58:52 <Sgeo> elliott, and the spacing makes it a comparison instead?
20:58:56 <elliott> itidus20: It's not a domain name.
20:58:56 -!- Ngevd has joined.
20:58:57 <oerjan> olsner: well, yes
20:59:01 <olsner> and kvitlauk is... garlic?
20:59:02 <elliott> Sgeo: You appear to be confused about how shell arguments work.
20:59:04 <elliott> [ is just a program.
20:59:05 <oerjan> yes
20:59:05 <itidus20> ahh ok
20:59:09 <elliott> ls /usr/bin/[
20:59:33 <oerjan> "eplenektar"
20:59:34 <fizzie> To be fair, it's also a builtin in bash.
20:59:41 <shachaf> elliott: I gave you some great hostnames.
20:59:45 <itidus20> hmmm
20:59:54 <oerjan> "farsund"
20:59:57 <Sgeo> pyralmorph
21:00:02 <elliott> oerjan: Also I have to be able to pronounce them.
21:00:09 <oerjan> "lade"
21:00:12 <elliott> And type them, for that matter.
21:00:15 <Sgeo> in analogy with pyralsprite... it's pyralspite isn't it?
21:00:17 <shachaf> elliott is under the mistaken impression that getting *more* suggestions will make this decision process *easier*.
21:00:21 <shachaf> That's exactly backwards, elliott.
21:00:32 <olsner> elliott: what is the name for?
21:00:39 <shachaf> You're not going to find *any* suggestion that will just strike you as "oh, this is the right name!".
21:00:45 <Sgeo> Morphic.
21:00:52 <elliott> shachaf: That's what happened all the previous times. :(
21:00:56 <itidus20> "tokinasa"
21:00:58 <elliott> olsner: The server esolangs.org is going to be on.
21:01:13 <Sgeo> You can't use the domain name?
21:01:19 <elliott> It is not going to only be esolangs.org.
21:01:35 <shachaf> elliott: Just pick a name.
21:01:38 <shachaf> Like "tantrum".
21:01:50 <shachaf> Maybe "boomerang".
21:01:52 <shachaf> Those are good names.
21:02:38 <oerjan> elliott: hey several of those are easy to pronounce!
21:02:41 <elliott> tswett: So what is that server called zenith?
21:02:44 <elliott> oerjan: for a Nord
21:02:58 <shachaf> elliott: You had "zenith" and "solidity".
21:03:01 <shachaf> "zenith" is ruled out.
21:03:03 <oerjan> "flare"
21:03:04 <shachaf> Take "solidity".
21:03:04 <olsner> oerjan: what's naudsynt?
21:03:12 <oerjan> olsner: necessary
21:03:15 <elliott> shachaf: But you hate "solidity".
21:03:33 <shachaf> I'm locked in a matrix of solidity.
21:03:39 -!- amca has joined.
21:03:42 <oerjan> "wraith"
21:03:50 <oerjan> "brilliant"
21:03:50 <shachaf> I hate all these questions even more than I do "solidity".
21:03:57 <tswett> elliott: I think you are asking about zenith. zenith is elliott's server.
21:04:01 <shachaf> In fact who said I hate "solidity"?
21:04:04 <olsner> oerjan: oh, nödvändig
21:04:10 <elliott> shachaf: You said that. I think.
21:04:13 <elliott> I don't remember.
21:04:19 <shachaf> Call it äåéáëíëfíðnñ
21:04:21 <elliott> You gave the impression.
21:04:24 <oerjan> olsner: it's nynorsk btw, bokmål is "nødvendig"
21:04:27 <elliott> tswett: You said you already knew a server named zenity that is not elliott's server.
21:04:52 <tswett> elliott: oh, that one! zenith.homelinux.net, Ed Murphy's.
21:04:57 <oerjan> elliott: "brick"
21:05:07 <elliott> tswett: Ohh, indeed.
21:05:10 <elliott> OK, I'll go with solidity then.
21:05:16 <elliott> Thanks for your input, oerjan! I ignored it.
21:05:33 <itidus20> elliott: it may genuinely help to get drunk during the application process...
21:05:55 <oerjan> elliott: that'll be 50 pounds
21:05:58 <elliott> I think me being drunk would be something IRC does not need to experience.
21:06:11 <shachaf> I thought that's the only thing IRC experiences.
21:06:18 <shachaf> 13:06 < elliott> Maybe I'll call it "apathy".
21:06:22 <shachaf> Call it "apathy".
21:06:23 <itidus20> the perfect remedy for indecision
21:06:26 -!- Ngevd has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds).
21:06:32 <fizzie> At least it should be something the IRC should not be responsible for.
21:07:11 <oerjan> elliott: OF FLESH
21:07:34 <fizzie> "Apathy OF FLESH."
21:07:45 <kallisti> thewayofallflesh
21:07:49 <fizzie> It's like a disease.
21:07:58 <kallisti> apathyofsolidity
21:08:11 <elliott> Can someone ping 2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:fedf:9fdd?
21:08:19 <fizzie> Sorry, I can't come to the movie; I'm suffering from apathy of the flesh.
21:08:30 <kallisti> elliott: no sorry I can only ping matrixofsolidity.com
21:08:33 <oerjan> carnitude
21:08:56 <fizzie> 58 ms to 2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:fedf:9fdd from my home.
21:09:29 <shachaf> elliott: I can ping it.
21:09:33 <shachaf> But it's too far away.
21:09:35 <itidus20> i cannot
21:09:40 <shachaf> A bazillion milliseconds.
21:09:44 <elliott> I like how I now get 80-90 ms ping.
21:09:45 <itidus20> my OS is too old perhaps
21:09:51 <elliott> itidus20: Also your ISP.
21:09:54 <elliott> You need IPv6 to do it.
21:10:14 <fizzie> In other news, 91ff:fedf:9fdd is too nine-one-dee-ee-ef-fy.
21:10:17 * oerjan realizes that 58 ms is less than what's physically possible from some places on earth
21:10:20 <itidus20> i just blindly assumed i had it :D
21:10:33 <oerjan> or wait
21:10:35 <fizzie> oerjan: FTL NEUTRINOS, MAN?
21:10:41 <elliott> "solidity" is hard to type. :(
21:10:41 -!- Chef_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
21:10:49 <itidus20> hmm
21:10:53 <kallisti> elliott: not for me.
21:10:54 <oerjan> yes.
21:11:02 <kallisti> because I have the best typing stylez
21:11:04 <elliott> fizzie: Hey, what kernel is Debian testing on?
21:11:31 <olsner> 2.0 perhaps?
21:11:37 <fizzie> elliott: Uh, what was the name of testing again? I have a feeling I might be on stable these days.
21:12:10 <elliott> fizzie: wheezy
21:13:04 <fizzie> 3.2.4, says a packages.debian.org search on 'testing' + 'linux-image'.
21:13:25 <fizzie> (Three point anything looks *so weird*.)
21:15:00 <elliott> fizzie: Should I make my Linode use 3.2 or stick on 3.0? :(
21:15:17 <shachaf> 3.4 > 3.2
21:15:28 <fizzie> I think you should use Linux 3.11 for Workgroups.
21:15:49 <elliott> 3.0.18 or 3.2.1????
21:15:52 <elliott> ????
21:16:33 <kallisti> HI
21:16:38 <kallisti> HI.ORG
21:16:50 <olsner> http://blogs.sweden.se/expat/2011/10/09/14-swedish-words-that-give-me-the-giggles/ has some nice words
21:17:00 <fizzie> Well, .18 > .1, but the holes they find tend to be "since Linux 0.Noah" anyway, and of course bugs there aren't; so many eyeballs and all that.
21:17:13 -!- SchrodingersCat has joined.
21:17:25 -!- nooga has joined.
21:17:49 <fizzie> Or at least the bugs are shallow and only think about how good they look. I think that was also one of the maxims.
21:18:31 <SchrodingersCat> Gregor, Sgeo, et al: Is Sine down?
21:18:34 <elliott> fizzie: You're useless.
21:18:41 <oerjan> "lagom" may not be such a good name for a server.
21:18:48 <olsner> elliott: did you decide on matrix of solidity dot com?
21:18:50 <Gregor> SchrodingersCat: No?
21:19:22 <fizzie> oerjan: On the other hand, "mogla" doesn't sound too bad.
21:19:30 <fizzie> Er, "mogal".
21:19:48 <fizzie> (I can't reverse a string.)
21:19:58 <SchrodingersCat> Gregor, Sgeo, tswett, et al: I can't log on to sine...please help...
21:20:00 <olsner> mowgla?
21:20:09 <kallisti> mogul
21:20:12 <elliott> olsner: It's not a domain.
21:20:22 <fizzie> Go mul.
21:20:25 -!- Taneb has joined.
21:20:26 <olsner> mögla is verbed mildew
21:20:46 <tswett> SchrodingersCat: from here, it looks like you already have.
21:20:46 <elliott> fizzie: WHICH IS BETER, HELP,
21:20:53 <oerjan> möglat bröd
21:20:58 <SchrodingersCat> Gregor, Sgeo, tswett, et al: nevermind
21:21:02 <fizzie> "moka" is mistake, colloquially.
21:22:16 <fizzie> elliott: I really no sysadmin. If going with Debian testing, I'd just go with 3.2 if that's what they've defaulted "linux-image" to. But is that the disturbbion you're going with?
21:22:26 <elliott> fizzie: Yes, it's Debian testing.
21:22:34 <elliott> fizzie: But you select the kernel separately in the Linode manager thing, since it's all Xenny.
21:22:46 <fizzie> Ah, right, of curses.
21:22:55 <elliott> Though you *can* use pv-grub.
21:22:56 <elliott> If you really want to.
21:23:42 <fizzie> Well, I suppose 3.2 might still match Debian testing better, if that's what they're doing all their building on, and so forth.
21:23:47 <elliott> Right.
21:24:42 <elliott> Okay, I have "the 'slid" set up.
21:24:52 <elliott> I suppose I should add myself an "account".
21:25:08 <elliott> Did you know this thing upgrades at 7 Mio/s, fizzie?
21:25:27 <elliott> Also, which is the nice one, adduser or useradd?
21:25:29 <elliott> I always forget.
21:25:39 <quintopia> the latter
21:26:08 <olsner> elliott: mibioctets?
21:26:14 <elliott> Mebi.
21:26:38 -!- zzo38 has joined.
21:27:16 -!- SchrodingersCat has left.
21:27:47 <fizzie> The latter is the more "commandy" one, the former is the slightly "wizardy" one.
21:27:59 <fizzie> Asks questions and so on.
21:28:09 <elliott> quintopia: Did you LIE to me?
21:28:17 <elliott> I want one that lets me set the realname and copies a home directory in.
21:28:37 <quintopia> well, i had a fifty-fifty chance of not lying
21:29:47 <fizzie> adduser, then; though useradd also does the homedir with... I think -k.
21:30:02 <elliott> -k, --skel SKEL_DIR use this alternative skeleton directory
21:30:25 <elliott> Adding user `elliott' to group `sudo' ...
21:30:25 <elliott> Adding user elliott to group sudo
21:30:25 <elliott> Done.
21:30:34 <oerjan> that -k sounds more for killing users
21:30:35 <fizzie> Well, maybe it was some other flag.
21:30:44 <shachaf> The skeleton in the cupboard.
21:31:00 <fizzie> Ah, -m.
21:31:18 <fizzie> And -k to specify what to copy there.
21:33:24 <fizzie> Both do the "usergroups" thing, so it's mostly that adduser asks you things, while useradd wants you to specify options. And doesn't run 'chfn' for you. And maybe adduser does some other tricks too, I'unno.
21:34:56 <elliott> Right.
21:34:59 <elliott> I just went with adduser.
21:36:38 <elliott> How can I try and ssh login with a password?
21:36:41 <elliott> i.e. reject key-based login
21:37:19 <fizzie> Uh, some option, or maybe with "-i /dev/null" as a kludge.
21:37:47 <elliott> Enter passphrase for key '/dev/null':
21:38:18 <elliott> fizzie: ^
21:38:24 <quintopia> ssh without a key set up should default to password
21:38:24 <elliott> :'(
21:38:25 <shachaf> elliott: Misenter a passphrase.
21:38:28 <fizzie> Heh.
21:38:30 <quintopia> which it seems to have done
21:38:44 <elliott> shachaf: It just demands one continually.
21:38:49 <elliott> quintopia: I have a key set up.
21:38:56 <fizzie> "-O PreferredAuthentications=password" maybe.
21:39:16 <elliott> Invalid multiplex command.
21:39:17 <fizzie> Or -O PubkeyAuthentication=no.
21:39:23 <fizzie> Maybe it was -o.
21:39:25 <elliott> Invalid multiplex command.
21:39:30 <elliott> Yes, -o works.
21:39:30 <elliott> Thanks.
21:40:06 <elliott> OK, I'll set up the suh-vuh now and email Graue.
21:43:25 <elliott> http://li278-81.members.linode.com/
21:45:16 <kallisti> hm, are there compiler implementations of any dynamically typed languages?
21:45:27 <kallisti> oh, I guess SBCL is one.
21:46:16 <shachaf> elliott: What did you name the machine?
21:47:10 <elliott> It starts with an s and ends with an olidity.
21:47:12 <elliott> kallisti: Tons.
21:47:26 <olsner> sanolidity?
21:47:33 <elliott> Yes.
21:47:42 <shachaf> elliott: "stolidity"?
21:47:58 <zzo38> There are many existing TeX->webpage programs but none of them work, except for the one I wrote. Why is that?
21:48:07 -!- zzo38 has left.
21:48:10 -!- zzo38 has joined.
21:50:11 <elliott> │ While not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you set a password for │
21:50:11 <elliott> │ the MySQL administrative "root" user.
21:50:14 <elliott> I hate this.
21:51:20 <shachaf> Your password should be "password".
21:51:37 -!- Taneb has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
21:52:41 <zzo38> If you hate it then don't set a password; it says it is not mandatory. But first please check in case there are security holes
21:56:08 -!- sebbu3 has joined.
21:56:08 -!- sebbu3 has quit (Changing host).
21:56:09 -!- sebbu3 has joined.
21:57:52 -!- sebbu2 has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
21:58:33 -!- sebbu3 has changed nick to sebbu.
22:03:29 -!- sebbu2 has joined.
22:06:39 <zzo38> Do you know how to write MediaWiki extensions?
22:06:57 -!- sebbu has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
22:07:53 -!- NihilistDandy has joined.
22:08:43 <fizzie> I think you write them in Pretty Hyper Programming.
22:09:34 <itidus20> I'm sort of but mostly not working on an English to brainfuck interpreter.
22:10:04 <itidus20> actually saying that kind of solidifies the idea a bit
22:16:54 -!- zbrown has joined.
22:18:17 <itidus20> . o O ( Increment the cell seven times. Go to the next cell. Write a value into the cell. Go to the previous cell. Read a value from the cell. Move four cells to the right. )
22:19:07 <itidus20> but [ and ] i wouldn't find so easy
22:19:26 <fizzie> . o O ( Listen to Phantom_Hoover complain about creating a new Brainfuck derivative. )
22:19:57 <Phantom_Hoover> raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh
22:20:27 * Phantom_Hoover bites itidus20's head off, replaces brick with brain
22:21:52 <oerjan> mortar combat
22:24:29 <elliott> fizzie: Does Finland have 7 Mio/s connections?
22:28:55 <fizzie> 2012-02-17 00:28:36 (78.7 MB/s) - `ubuntu-11.10-desktop-amd64.iso' saved [731164672/731164672]
22:29:10 <fizzie> (Okay, that wasn't exactly at home.)
22:29:27 * elliott weep
22:30:20 <fizzie> It was also practically to next door; I think CSC's Ubuntu mirror is also in Otaniemi.
22:30:44 -!- FireFly has quit (Changing host).
22:31:48 <fizzie> I get 0.5 ms ping replies from it.
22:33:04 <itidus20> Phantom_Hoover: i am genuinely curious though to what extent it is possible to do computation with natural languages without converting it to numerals.
22:33:43 <fizzie> If it's in a computer, it's numbers.
22:33:54 <elliott> fizzie: You, like, totally support my effort, right? (I need a long list of names to impress Graue.)
22:34:22 <itidus20> yes but.. suppose i say.. "the number of tiles on a chessboard" when i mean 64
22:34:31 <Phantom_Hoover> help why is iti asking me thing
22:34:32 <Phantom_Hoover> s
22:34:43 <oerjan> Phantom_Hoover: karma
22:34:47 <itidus20> because you're not helping elliott
22:34:50 <fizzie> 2012-02-17 00:05:10 (6.70 MB/s) - `ubuntu-11.10-desktop-amd64.iso' saved [731164672/731164672]
22:35:01 <fizzie> That was at home. Rather horribbel.
22:35:05 <Phantom_Hoover> help what does elliott need help with why does he need it from me i suck at computers
22:35:13 <elliott> fizzie: THAT'S A YES THEN
22:35:18 <elliott> Also, "horrible".
22:35:26 <fizzie> I had to wait like two minuters for a CD.
22:35:26 <itidus20> i had to say it anyway
22:35:34 <fizzie> And yes, it's a yes.
22:36:03 <fizzie> Granted, I'm not much of a wiki-er, but from what I've seen by hanging out here, the spam is very spam.
22:36:14 <itidus20> english has a curious capacity to describe a number without using numerals
22:36:22 <elliott> fizzie: http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/w/index.php?title=Special:Recentchanges&limit=500
22:36:25 <elliott> Draw your own conclusions, as they say.
22:36:53 <fizzie> Draw your own dick, like they say.
22:37:16 <elliott> They do?
22:37:21 <fizzie> Maybe not.
22:37:24 <fizzie> But yes.
22:38:07 <elliott> http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki_1.19/Roadmap
22:38:08 <elliott> Hmm.
22:39:04 -!- oerjan has quit (Quit: Good night).
22:39:36 <itidus20> i should give it up.. i will sound retarded in the logs
22:41:33 <fizzie> (Also 6.7 Mio/s of net bytes over HTTP is rather nice, given that *8*2^20/10^6 says 56.2 Mb/s (+overhead), and the contract I'm paying for says it's limited to 50Mbps.)
22:43:49 -!- Slereah has joined.
22:44:29 <fizzie> I hope I don't have any tech-support-requiring issues, because with my luck they'd go all "hey your thing is ILLEGALLY FAST". (Though maybe I can claim that the "null Kallasjoki" they are talking about is my brother who just flew to Mombasa.)
22:44:50 <elliott> fizzie: What's the tar option for not preserving owner even as root?
22:46:02 <fizzie> --no-same-owner?
22:46:27 <elliott> Thanxe.
22:50:34 <fizzie> I don't suppose the MediaWiki folks have e.g. "extricate the wikitext parser out of the morass so maybe we can have an actually defined syntax and other tools can also parse it" item on any sort of roadmap?
22:54:12 <elliott> fizzie: I believe they rewrote the parser recently.
22:54:23 <elliott> fizzie: I've actually wanted to write my own clean-room parser for it.
22:56:47 <fizzie> I think many people have wanted, and produced a big pile of half-finished droppings.
22:57:04 <elliott> fizzie: I don't think you know how *srs* I am about this want.
22:58:20 <fizzie> Probably as *srs* as [insert long-forgotten project here]!
23:00:34 <elliott> fizzie: The reason I want to write my own wikicode parser is because I do not want to run MediaWiki.
23:00:43 <elliott> The reason I do not want to run MediaWiki is that SEE THE PAST WEEK OF MY LIFE
23:00:49 <elliott> --2012-02-16 18:00:06-- http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/favicon.ico
23:00:49 <elliott> Resolving esoteric.voxelperfect.net (esoteric.voxelperfect.net)... failed: Name or service not known.
23:00:49 <elliott> wget: unable to resolve host address `esoteric.voxelperfect.net'
23:00:53 <elliott> Something is fishy.
23:00:57 <elliott> Same with esolangs.org. This on the Linode.
23:01:33 <elliott> fizzie: :/
23:01:35 <fizzie> I don't doubt that has been the motivation of several of those other parser-writers, after some "quality time" with MediaWiki.
23:01:47 <elliott> How do you use dig(1), I've completely forgotten.
23:01:53 <fizzie> Candlelit dinners and so on.
23:02:10 <fizzie> dig @server name [type]
23:02:20 <fizzie> I suppose it defaults to "ANY".
23:02:29 <fizzie> (For the type.)
23:02:31 <elliott> What if I want server to be the default DNS server?
23:02:50 <fizzie> Oh, right, @server is optional too.
23:03:05 <elliott> fizzie: What does esolangs.org resolve to?
23:03:07 <elliott> On your machine.
23:03:50 <elliott> :/
23:04:38 <fizzie> Uh, it seems to not to.
23:04:54 <elliott> esoteric.voxelperfect.net?
23:05:03 <elliott> nslookup it or whatever.
23:05:12 <elliott> Aaagh I sure hope this paranoia is unfounded.
23:05:46 <elliott> fizzie: ?
23:05:55 <fizzie> Host esoteric.voxelperfect.net not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
23:06:06 <fizzie> That was at work, just for a change.
23:06:13 <elliott> OK, now I'm seriously worried.
23:06:32 <elliott> fizzie: esolangs.org and voxelperfect.net are owned and maintained by *different people*.
23:06:37 <elliott> Using different DNS servers.
23:06:47 <elliott> What could be going on without the coordination of the two?
23:06:51 <fizzie> I seem to have a cached at home for esolangs.org.
23:07:26 <elliott> That was an actual question.
23:07:39 <fizzie> Both esolangs.org and voxelperfect.net seem to be on nsX.afraid.org.
23:07:52 <elliott> God dammit.
23:07:58 <elliott> fizzie: Does the nameserver resolve?
23:08:05 <elliott> Fuck fuck fuck.
23:08:18 <elliott> Please tell me there's a plausible explanation to this that doesn't involve whoever maintains the domains going in and changing the records.
23:09:40 <elliott> fizzie: That's not a plausible explanation.
23:09:53 <fizzie> Well, "afraid.org" itself is on multiple servers, so those do; but none of the ns[1-4].afraid.org seem to be answering to anything. (I seem to reall that being a general DNS place.)
23:10:14 <elliott> fizzie: OK, so is the most plausible explanation that the DNS hosts for it are down?
23:10:20 <fizzie> Yeah, it's one of those freedns places.
23:10:25 <elliott> Please say yes.
23:10:40 <fizzie> Yes, since they don't seem to be answering at all.
23:10:51 <elliott> Thank God.
23:14:44 <fizzie> Their news page has some 16-hours-old post about ns1.afraid.org breaking down, but that the others continue; I guess it could've gotten worse.
23:14:52 -!- tzxn3 has quit (Quit: Leaving).
23:15:32 <elliott> [[
23:15:36 <elliott> Users may use afraid.org with Google, however there are some guidelines.
23:15:36 <elliott> First of all, afraid.org operates a separate set of DNS servers just for Google, which only Google can see.
23:15:36 <elliott> The official policy is this:
23:15:36 <elliott> 1) At around 4AM PST each night, the previous 24 hours worth of domain additions are made visible to Google. (subdomain edits and updates are instant).
23:15:36 <elliott> 2) No subdomains created via the shared domain system are visible to Google. You *must* own the domain its self that you are creating a subdomain off of to have it visible to Google by default.
23:15:39 <elliott> ]]
23:15:41 <elliott> That sounds rather like a policy Google would be very unhappy about.
23:16:10 <fizzie> It's also a rather weird policy.
23:16:53 <elliott> fizzie: "Shared" = free.
23:16:59 <elliott> You gotta pay $$$ to get in Google.
23:17:45 <fizzie> Split DNS things aren't that uncommon, but usually it's for things like "the corporate intranet sees this, rest of the world that", not trying to show a different view to some parts of the internet.
23:18:27 <elliott> fizzie: Well, yes, it's weird.
23:18:30 <elliott> But the motivations aren't.
23:19:02 <elliott> I think I will ask the esolangs.org owner to use Linode's DNS servers, or else transfer the domain to me.
23:19:24 <elliott> (I'm hoping to get Graue to just redirect esoteric.voxelperfect.net to esolangs.org and have it become the official domain.)
23:21:31 <elliott> elliott@solidity:/var/www/test/mediawiki/maintenance$ time sudo -u www-data php importDump.php ~/allpages.xml
23:21:33 <elliott> Here goes nothin'.
23:27:33 -!- Sgeo|web has joined.
23:28:24 <Sgeo|web> I remember asking about this before
23:28:39 <Sgeo|web> Is there a way more appropriate than a busy loop to notice when someone logs into a Linux system?
23:29:51 <fizzie> You can inotify-or-whatever watch /var/run/utmp, that's edited in most cases on login.
23:30:00 <elliott> fizzie: Anyway, it can't be *that* hard to parse wikicode.
23:30:02 <kallisti> hm, question
23:30:06 <kallisti> is there a discrete number of colors?
23:30:16 <elliott> Wavelengths, man;
23:30:17 <elliott> *.
23:30:21 <kallisti> well, yes
23:30:41 <kallisti> but do we delineate an infinite spectrum of colors?
23:30:49 <kallisti> that seems unlikely.
23:33:01 <olsner> I counted the colors once, there were indeed an infinite number of them
23:33:20 <fizzie> All that stuff's quantum, one presumes. Both the possible wavelengths as well as the amplitudes.
23:33:49 <itidus20> funny i was laying down in bed thinking about that very question
23:34:00 <Sgeo|web> o.O what is inotify?
23:34:03 <itidus20> i started to relate red:green:blue to hours:minutes:seconds
23:34:20 <olsner> Sgeo: *iNotify, it's an apple product
23:34:25 <kallisti> Sgeo|web: I think it's the notification bubbles that pop up on the top right side of the screen in Ubuntu.
23:34:28 <kallisti> but...
23:34:31 <kallisti> that was basically a wild guess
23:34:34 -!- amca has quit (Quit: Farewell).
23:34:37 <kallisti> it sounds like that's what it would be called.
23:34:58 <itidus20> and came up with such notions as 1 green = 256 blues.... 1 red = 65536 blues
23:35:00 <kallisti> inotify is a Linux kernel subsystem that acts to extend filesystems to notice changes to the filesystem, and report those changes to applications. It replaces an earlier facility, dnotify, which had similar goals.
23:35:05 <kallisti> wow was I off.
23:35:05 <fizzie> Sgeo|web: It's a filesystem notification kernel interface dealie. You give it a list of files or directories to watch, and get events back.
23:35:39 <elliott> (Often used via gamin.)
23:36:03 <fizzie> Yes, there are higher-level interfaces on top of it.
23:36:48 <fizzie> And possibly even some programs you could run, though a simple inotify-using C program is certainly not very difficult.
23:39:11 <fizzie> A "gvfs-monitor-file" seems to exist. (Though did they deprecate the gvfs-* command-line tools?)
23:40:01 * elliott wonders what Sgeo|web's X is, now that we've solved the Y.
23:40:19 <fizzie> elliott: I think stalking.
23:40:59 <fizzie> Sorry, e-stalking.
23:41:07 <elliott> fizzie: Okay, then I want to know the W.
23:45:29 <kallisti> can something exist and also be immeasurable?
23:45:34 <kallisti> I think that's an important question.
23:45:49 <kallisti> and probably not solvable
23:45:51 <kallisti> because, well, yeah.
23:46:29 <kallisti> but it's at the core of a lot of fundamental philosophical questions.
23:49:02 <kallisti> I think topology is the best field of mathematics because it lets you play with Play-Doh
23:49:18 <elliott> real26m48.126s
23:50:51 <fizzie> Anyway, getting back to colours, I seem to recall that the eye is good enough at counting individual photons of visible light, when properly dark-adapted; but those are strictly the monochromatic rod cells; and if you're talking about colour differences that can be perceived, there's certainly not so many of those, though it's unobvious to count since the size of the region and adaptation level (max colors "at once" or a total count of ...
23:50:57 <fizzie> ... differentiable colors?) and things affect it.
23:51:53 <kallisti> fizzie: well you could make those parameters of a function and then see if the domain is uncountable.
23:52:27 <kallisti> it's likely a complex function though.
23:53:15 <kallisti> er oops I meant image
23:53:21 <kallisti> not domain
23:56:38 <zzo38> Do Theora and Dirac support stereovision?
23:58:00 <fizzie> It's obviously countable (there are measurable-by-instruments "colour differences" that human observers just can't differentiate; I think I've heard of some vision acuity-wrt-colour experiments), it's just hard to give an exact count about perceptual things, and it depends on what do you want to count.
23:58:05 <fizzie> If you buy the quantum stuff, I think there's also physically speaking a countable number of different spectral distributions. Amplitude at one frequency is obviously quantized, and I'd really assume wavelengths are, too.
23:58:32 <kallisti> fizzie: I want to count colors, duh. :P
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