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01:25:26 <elliott> Patashu: hey
01:25:36 <Patashu> sup?
01:25:42 <elliott> Patashu: do you wanna see what a scroll of acquirement gave me after under 4000 turns of play in crawl light
01:25:47 <elliott> p - the +23 crystal plate mail of Inaction (worn) {rPois Acc+2 Dam+2}
01:25:48 <Patashu> sure
01:25:50 <Patashu> wtf
01:25:51 <Patashu> plus
01:25:51 <Patashu> fucking
01:25:52 <Patashu> 23
01:25:54 <elliott> yes
01:26:01 <Patashu> what is your ac in it
01:26:16 <monqy> iirc st_ got a pretty good artefact cpa the other day in regular crawl too
01:26:17 <elliott> my AC is 54, along with my +1 helmet and +0 cloak and +0 boots
01:26:21 <monqy> maybe it was someone else thouugh
01:26:33 <monqy> and it might hav been on a robin
01:26:41 <elliott> (crawl light doesn't buff acquirement or whatever (except that you can see what you'll get before deciding so i didn't just say "hey gimme armour"))
01:26:54 <monqy> that's actually a real big acq buff
01:26:59 <elliott> yeah it is but i mean
01:27:02 <elliott> it doesn't buff the actual generation
01:27:05 <monqy> right
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01:33:47 <elliott> Patashu: my EV only just now hit 6 though
01:34:00 <monqy> not that it matters for you at the moment
01:34:18 <elliott> _You see here a serpentine rune of Zot.
01:34:18 <elliott> _You can't carry that many items.
01:34:32 <monqy> remember how runes used to be actual items that you carried in your inventory
01:34:35 <monqy> me too
01:35:08 <elliott> Patashu: also I just got my first rune \o/
01:35:08 <myndzi> |
01:35:08 <myndzi> |\
01:35:08 <elliott> ever
01:35:10 <elliott> oh wait
01:35:12 <elliott> i just pasted that here
01:35:12 <elliott> oops
01:35:16 <Patashu> in crawl light?
01:35:18 <Patashu> or in crawl
01:35:24 <elliott> Light, but "Light" doesn't mean "easier"
01:35:31 <elliott> i'm actually playing on
01:35:32 <elliott> ~hard mode~
01:35:40 <elliott> Light just means "no hunger and no curses and no stupid identification game"
01:35:48 <elliott> and i'm playing DD because i also want "no regen over time"
01:35:49 <elliott> it's lovely
01:36:02 <Patashu> what's ~hard mode~ like
01:36:06 <monqy> you're not playing on hard mode
01:36:19 <elliott> monqy: yes i am!
01:36:20 <monqy> you're playing on medium mode. hasn't hard mode not been fully implemented yet?
01:36:20 <elliott> i opened the pandoora
01:36:23 <elliott> well ok
01:36:24 <elliott> but it's
01:36:29 <monqy> you only opened the first pandoora!
01:36:31 <elliott> harder than the baseline mode
01:36:36 <monqy> yes sure
01:36:36 <elliott> monqy: i'm going to open the second!!!
01:36:37 <Patashu> what is this
01:36:41 <elliott> pandoora is a door
01:36:44 <elliott> when you open it the game gets harder
01:36:47 <elliott> it's a light thing
01:36:51 <Patashu> ok
01:36:52 <Patashu> where is it
01:36:56 <elliott> where's what
01:37:05 <Patashu> pandoora
01:37:06 <elliott> the portal to the first pandoora is randomly generated
01:37:11 <elliott> second pandoora is at the end of the hive if you opened the first pandoora
01:37:14 <elliott> (which makes hive harder)
01:39:40 <elliott> Patashu: if you want to see pandoora-hive you can watch me i'll probably go there next
01:40:05 <Patashu> ok
01:40:49 <elliott> 02:40 <Satonakaja> easymode hive has PHAT LOOT liek swords or books or someting
01:40:49 <elliott> 02:40 <Satonakaja> if you open the first pandoora, hive will only have potions and the second pandoora when dtsund implements it
01:40:49 <elliott> 02:40 <Satonakaja> but as of now all it is is a normal stone soup hive
01:40:52 <elliott> ok it probably won't be that interesting
01:40:57 <elliott> Patashu: oh it's telnet light.bitprayer.com
01:41:38 <monqy> 18:41:05 < quairlzr> Satonakaja: you missed it
01:41:39 <monqy> 18:41:10 < quairlzr> both doors are in now
01:41:49 <elliott> right
01:41:49 <elliott> ok
01:48:06 <elliott> Patashu: help
01:48:15 <elliott> i accidentally read tele and now i'm trapped by deep water
01:48:22 <elliott> and reading tele again just put me in the same place
01:48:25 <monqy> disint the wax
01:48:27 <monqy> or fire it
01:48:36 <monqy> you have wands right
01:48:40 <elliott> i have digging
01:48:43 <elliott> wouldn't that be better
01:48:56 <monqy> or you can use digging to get around the water if that isn't the level boundary
01:48:59 <monqy> digging doesn't cut wax
01:49:01 <monqy> disint and fire do
01:49:02 <elliott> oh
01:49:12 <elliott> wow nice
01:49:54 <elliott> another exec axe????
01:50:12 <elliott> eh
01:50:15 <elliott> i guess what i have is better
01:50:34 <Patashu> I like the glow meter
01:50:38 <Patashu> that's something normal crawl needs
01:50:45 <Patashu> or wait
01:50:47 <Patashu> isn't it different in crawl light
01:50:48 <elliott> glow is the berk penalty
01:51:00 <elliott> You open the killer bee like a pillowcase!!!
01:51:02 <elliott> mmm
01:51:17 <elliott> yay
01:51:20 <elliott> a less shitty anti-magic axe
01:51:50 <Patashu> hive looks pretty
01:51:51 <elliott> wow i see why they removed hive
01:51:51 <monqy> Patashu: light uses glow instead of food for spell/invo/evo/etc costs so it's more important to have precise glow information
01:51:52 <Patashu> I want to say trivial
01:51:53 <Patashu> but dumb
01:51:59 <elliott> yeah i think they removed hive because it was too easy
01:52:00 <elliott> and gave tons of loot
01:52:12 <monqy> and because it's just boring
01:52:20 <monqy> a level full of bees and only bees, "seriously?"
01:52:29 <elliott> bee warrior
01:52:31 <elliott> bee mage
01:52:36 <Patashu> bees knees
01:52:39 <Patashu> a unique bee
01:52:46 <elliott> maybe i should like
01:52:49 <Patashu> a bee with 100 speed, haste and swiftness
01:52:53 <elliott> actually enchant some stuff some da
01:52:54 <elliott> *day
01:53:24 <monqy> don't bother ehcnating stuff you're not going to use; you aren't in any shortage of ac/whatever
01:53:30 <elliott> i meant
01:53:32 <elliott> weapons
01:53:47 <monqy> you're fine off with what you have there too
01:53:51 <monqy> for now at least
01:54:03 <monqy> and you might find something really cool like a vampiric axe
01:54:09 <elliott> _Found the -5 chain mail of Agoraphobia {+Inv Acc+3}.
01:54:12 <elliott> unrandarts are weird
01:54:36 <elliott> so uh
01:54:37 <elliott> where's the pandoora
01:55:02 <monqy> idk
01:55:04 <monqy> Xmap it?
01:55:17 <monqy> try the far left
01:55:28 <Patashu> lol
01:55:29 <monqy> either a secret door or you can burn/disint it
01:56:03 <monqy> or dig it since it's rock
01:56:10 <monqy> (is it rock?
01:56:13 <elliott> rock
01:56:17 <monqy> oh unnatural rock
01:56:21 <monqy> dig the soft rock
01:56:29 <monqy> maybe you will find a door
01:56:29 <elliott> where
01:56:38 <monqy> the rock that's not listed as unnaturally hard
01:56:41 <monqy> use digging on it
01:56:58 <elliott> what rock
01:57:17 <elliott> there is none
01:57:51 <monqy> below you?
01:58:21 <elliott> 02:58 <quairlzr> that's a bee castle
01:58:28 <elliott> Patashu: not hive
01:58:29 <elliott> bee castle
01:58:59 <Patashu> fort ludios
01:59:00 <Patashu> but with bees
01:59:36 <Patashu> no hunger, right?
01:59:40 <Patashu> grind a teletrap until you tele past it?
01:59:45 <Patashu> "fun"
01:59:50 <elliott> heh
02:01:20 <elliott> Patashu: oh it actually is
02:01:22 <elliott> nethacky
02:01:25 <elliott> NAME: bee_castle_nethack
02:01:28 <Patashu> haha
02:01:30 <elliott> it's nethack's castle
02:01:31 <elliott> but with bees
02:02:37 <Patashu> terrible
02:02:49 <elliott> Patashu: join #crawllight btw
02:02:52 <elliott> if you want to see the
02:02:54 <elliott> ~figuring out process~
02:11:07 <monqy> 18:59:40 < Patashu> grind a teletrap until you tele past it?
02:11:15 <monqy> there's no_tele_into
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03:55:31 <shachaf> kmc: Does "heard" even have any vowels?
03:59:30 <SchrodingersCat> h-schwa-r-d
03:59:38 <SchrodingersCat> ?
04:00:01 <SchrodingersCat> no...it's got vowels...sorry
04:00:34 <SchrodingersCat> Oh...you were taking to someone else...sorry.
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05:16:12 <shachaf> Is that really a schwa?
05:17:20 <quintopia> it's close
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06:31:26 <elliott> Patashu: how do you kill boris
06:31:51 <Patashu> use silence and tab him
06:32:16 <elliott> oh i have silence
06:32:16 <elliott> neat
06:54:44 <Sgeo> elliott, how do you pronounce the name of the letter z?
06:54:54 <elliott> zed or zee "it depends"
06:55:07 <monqy> zoo
06:55:16 <Sgeo> I have not even heard of it being pronounced zed until a few minutes ago
06:55:22 <elliott> zed is the standard british pronunciation
06:55:23 <Sgeo> Reading some Internet Oracularities
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07:13:06 <Sgeo> ...And I call myself a Stargate Atlantis fan
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07:28:25 <Sgeo> The Internet Oracle is a few months younger than I am
07:29:31 <shachaf> The "zee/zed" thing stops me from using x and y as variables. :-(
07:29:39 <shachaf> I'm always nervous. What if z comes next?!
07:30:24 <shachaf> And then after z it's a real problem.
07:30:27 <shachaf> What do you use, w?
07:30:33 <shachaf> w is my least favorite English letter, by the way.
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08:02:22 <elliott> Patashu: you should help me not die
08:02:26 <elliott> in a more helpful manner than monqy
08:02:49 <monqy> Patashu: you wouldn't believe how hard it was to get elliott to use a vamp battleaxe on a ddbe!!
08:02:57 <Patashu> haha
08:03:06 <elliott> :(
08:03:07 <shachaf> elliott: Can I help you not die?
08:03:40 <elliott> Patashu: i'm dying lots because of hell fiends and other nasty things
08:03:43 <elliott> by dying i mean
08:03:43 <elliott> losing hp
08:03:59 <elliott> also i have four runes
08:04:00 <elliott> in fact
08:04:04 <elliott> i think i'm carrying three of them
08:04:11 <elliott> yes, i am
08:04:15 <elliott> monqy: should i be carrying these runes
08:04:24 <monqy> no they're wasted inventory space
08:04:30 <monqy> stash them or something once you get a chance
08:05:24 <elliott> ok so uh
08:05:29 <elliott> i guess i won't bother with elf:3
08:05:34 <elliott> Patashu: how scary is zot:1
08:06:12 <Patashu> that depends
08:06:14 <Patashu> compared to what
08:06:18 <elliott> idk
08:06:20 <elliott> anything
08:06:23 <monqy> elliott's char is op so it should be easy
08:06:26 <elliott> vaults:8 except
08:06:29 <elliott> vaults:5 in light
08:06:35 <elliott> monqy: but
08:06:35 <elliott> demons
08:06:37 <elliott> and fire blasts
08:06:38 <elliott> and stuff
08:06:51 <Patashu> I think zot:1 is easier than vaults:8
08:06:55 <Patashu> because it has less shit and a less open layout
08:07:01 <Patashu> that doesn't mean the monsters in it are trivial
08:07:12 <monqy> elf end is also commonly considered easier than v8!!!
08:07:27 <monqy> i usually just don't do elf though
08:07:37 <monqy> the only good level is the ending and the rest is ugh
08:07:44 <elliott> the ending is awful!!!!!
08:07:51 <monqy> that's because you goofed it
08:08:03 <elliott> ok uh
08:08:08 <elliott> is that throwing net useful for anything at this point in the game
08:08:23 <monqy> style
08:08:38 <elliott> i'll take that as a no
08:09:52 <elliott> is that enough scrolls for zot:1
08:10:45 <elliott> btw uh
08:10:51 <elliott> i have no idea how to use these rods
08:10:57 <elliott> but i have a feeling it's pointless taking them to zot
08:12:09 <elliott> Patashu: help :'(
08:12:17 <elliott> crawl is complicated
08:12:29 <Patashu> how to use rods
08:12:31 <Patashu> 1) wield
08:12:32 <Patashu> 2) v
08:12:40 <elliott> yes but i mean
08:12:44 <elliott> ~tactically~
08:13:28 <elliott> V - a +5 rod of summoning (10/10)
08:13:28 <elliott> Z - a +3 rod of destruction [lightning,iron,fireball] (10/10)
08:13:32 <elliott> Patashu: should i take these to zot
08:13:55 <Patashu> uh, if you wanyt
08:14:00 <Patashu> if you end up not needing them just drop them
08:15:31 <elliott> monqy: Patashu: im zot
08:16:05 <elliott> The chilling blast hits you!
08:16:05 <elliott> _Two of your 12 potions of healing freeze and shatter!
08:16:05 <elliott> ok um
08:16:13 <elliott> is everything on zot:1 cold or something
08:16:16 <elliott> because
08:16:18 <elliott> i have two rings of rF on
08:16:19 <Patashu> white draconians
08:16:19 <Patashu> ice dragons
08:16:22 <Patashu> and golden dragons
08:16:23 <elliott> and i've seen an ice dragon
08:16:23 <elliott> and
08:16:24 <elliott> yeah
08:16:27 <elliott> is anything firey on zot:1
08:16:27 <Patashu> and ancient liches
08:16:30 <Patashu> that should be it
08:16:31 <Patashu> yes
08:16:32 <Patashu> orbs of fire
08:16:36 <Patashu> and whichever draconian colour is fire
08:16:36 <Patashu> and
08:16:37 <Patashu> golden dragons
08:16:38 <Patashu> and
08:16:38 <Patashu> dragons
08:16:43 <monqy> drac scorchers
08:16:45 <elliott> wtf
08:16:46 <elliott> is with
08:16:46 <elliott> zot
08:16:50 <elliott> how are you meant to resist all this crap
08:16:51 <monqy> hm?
08:16:53 <Patashu> drac annihlators do every element I think
08:16:55 <Patashu> well
08:17:03 <Patashu> swap to one pip of rF and one pip of rC
08:17:10 <elliott> i don't have rC
08:17:11 <elliott> just
08:17:12 <Patashu> when you see something you know only does one (like an orb of fire) you can swap to 2 of it
08:17:12 <monqy> you don't look like you're having trouble
08:17:12 <Patashu> oh
08:17:13 <elliott> rC+, rF_
08:17:13 <Patashu> really?
08:17:14 <elliott> *rF-
08:17:17 <Patashu> well, tank it then
08:17:37 <elliott> monqy: well my scrolls are all catching fire
08:17:42 <elliott> and this draconian refuses to walk up to me
08:17:52 <elliott> shit why do i have all these scrolls with me
08:19:00 <monqy> i dont know
08:20:11 <elliott> ha
08:20:15 <elliott> all my scrolls gone apart from tele
08:20:26 <elliott> only one scroll of blinking left in the game and it's not mine
08:21:43 <elliott> ehhh
08:21:54 <elliott> i should just get the orb and be happy with the runes i have i guess
08:22:36 <elliott> why is this black draconian red
08:22:38 <elliott> life mysteries
08:24:47 <elliott> oh
08:24:49 <elliott> an orb of fire
08:24:52 <elliott> Patashu: how do you kill orbs of fire
08:26:11 <Patashu> hit it a lot
08:26:12 <Patashu> don't die to fire
08:26:14 <Patashu> and don't die to mutations
08:26:23 <Patashu> also, it's 150% speed
08:26:25 <monqy> use antimagic
08:26:29 <monqy> Patashu: are you sure
08:26:38 <monqy> Patashu: remember light reverted haste nerf
08:26:43 <Patashu> you mean
08:26:47 <Patashu> they're 200% speed in crawl light?
08:26:48 <Patashu> also
08:26:49 <Patashu> use antimagic yes
08:26:50 <monqy> could be
08:26:53 <monqy> for all i know
08:27:07 <elliott> i got delevelled :(
08:27:26 <elliott> how dumb is berking an orb of fire
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08:28:22 <Taneb> Hello
08:28:30 <Patashu> if crawl light has the op version of berk
08:28:33 <Patashu> doesn't sound too bad
08:28:50 <elliott> You slice the orb of fire!!
08:28:52 <elliott> what
08:29:34 <elliott> Wait a moment, elliott! Do you really want to walk there?
08:29:36 <elliott> uh
08:30:06 <elliott> that's zot:1 cleared
08:30:54 <elliott> feels pyrrhic
08:31:55 <monqy> where to now!!!
08:32:48 <elliott> well
08:32:52 <elliott> did you see the part where all my scrolls got destroyed
08:33:46 <elliott> monqy: honestly
08:33:49 <elliott> if I had conservation
08:33:52 <elliott> I'd be fine
08:33:53 <elliott> I don't
08:34:48 <monqy> elf3 for conservation!!!
08:35:09 <elliott> huh?
08:35:11 <elliott> would elf:3 have conservation?
08:36:42 <elliott> monqy: ?
08:37:53 <monqy> loot
08:38:33 <elliott> ok then
08:39:27 <elliott> ok
08:39:30 <elliott> this is the problematic situation
08:39:37 <elliott> i guess i need to kill the conjurer fast
08:39:45 <elliott> monqy: yeah uh
08:39:50 <elliott> hopefully you can see the problem
08:41:24 <monqy> are you letting them all hit you at once
08:41:26 <monqy> oops don't do that!
08:41:35 <elliott> the idea was
08:41:44 <elliott> to kill the ones that summon the awful demons first
08:41:44 <elliott> but
08:42:06 <monqy> might want to use the vamp axe some too
08:42:11 <monqy> your hp is getting a dear bit low!!
08:42:21 <elliott> yes
08:42:21 <elliott> well
08:42:27 <elliott> do you have any suggestions
08:42:34 <monqy> don't do whatever you did
08:42:41 <elliott> sigh
08:43:23 <elliott> monqy: ok watch
08:43:34 <monqy> i'm watching
08:43:42 <elliott> ok it might finally go well for once since I got rid of the high priest
08:45:47 <elliott> see
08:45:50 <elliott> now it's all going terribly :(
08:47:08 <elliott> monqy: :(
08:47:21 <monqy> hm?
08:47:26 <monqy> oh yeah don't fight like that jeez
08:47:32 <elliott> see if you watched
08:47:36 <elliott> you'd have saw how i got into this situation :P
08:47:40 <elliott> *seen
08:48:34 <elliott> aaaand again
08:48:36 <elliott> this is pointless
08:48:36 <elliott> sigh
08:49:50 <monqy> oh dear what happened to you
08:50:38 <elliott> I think I'll probably die in the next few turns and there's a bunch of stuff between me and the stairs, so I guess it's hopeless.
08:51:39 <elliott> I suppose I could read tele, but I have a sneaking suspicion I wouldn't survive to see the other side of it.
08:53:00 <elliott> monqy: Anyway, suggestions welcome.
08:53:33 <monqy> most danger about tele is in teleporting into the vault
08:54:14 <elliott> I would say the most danger is the fact that I had a lot more than 45 HP last turn and so am probably going to have a lot less than it next turn...
08:54:48 <monqy> about tele specificially
08:55:46 <monqy> see look you didn't die
08:56:15 <elliott> Just wait 'til I get back there...
08:56:31 <elliott> See?
08:56:38 <monqy> what did you do
08:56:42 <elliott> What was that, anyway?
08:56:47 <elliott> Lightning and crystal spear.
08:56:50 <elliott> monqy: Killed things.
08:57:04 <elliott> I can't exactly stop things casting spells at me when I'm walking up to them.
08:57:17 <monqy> hint: don't walk up to them
08:57:43 <elliott> monqy: I had nowhere to duck and if I just sat there the same would happen.
08:57:58 <monqy> maybe find somewhere to duck
08:58:09 <monqy> or move such that you have somewhere to duck
08:58:25 <elliott> i.e., run away along the corridor, during which time the same would have happened.
08:58:59 <elliott> You occasionally shout uncontrollably.
08:59:04 <elliott> Apparently I got another mutation while I wasn't looking.
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09:00:48 <elliott> That corridor is going to have the exact same situation in it as it did last time I was in it, so I'm really not sure what my options are.
09:04:57 <elliott> Aw, fuck.
09:05:38 -!- Taneb has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
09:08:58 <elliott> sigh
09:09:46 <elliott> monqy: ok, how *are* you meant to handle deep elf demonologists when there are no corridors you can get to without traversing terrain with a bunch of elves that will kill you
09:10:56 <monqy> i don't know how that happened to you!!
09:11:20 <elliott> Simple; I retreated from other stuff back here, and there was a deep elf demonologist.
09:11:42 <elliott> I couldn't retreat backwards since that'd put me back into the stuff I was retreating from, so I walked up to it to kill it before it could summon anything, but it was too quick.
09:13:58 <elliott> Anyway, I don't know what to do at this point.
09:16:19 -!- MoALTz_ has quit (Quit: brb).
09:16:34 -!- MoALTz has joined.
09:17:20 -!- Taneb has joined.
09:18:43 <elliott> Patashu: You should save me.
09:19:35 <monqy> i'm preoccupied
09:19:50 <Patashu> telnet to what?
09:20:15 <elliott> Patashu: light.bitprayer.com
09:20:33 <Patashu> nice
09:20:37 <Patashu> you have 57 ac though
09:20:39 <Patashu> why not just zap tele
09:20:57 <elliott> "you have 57 ac" dude
09:21:02 <elliott> i'm still losing like 20, 30 hp per turn
09:21:25 <elliott> the 57 ac really isn't a panacea
09:21:36 <Patashu> shrug, you still want to tele
09:21:46 <Patashu> cool
09:21:48 <elliott> that
09:21:48 <Patashu> so much better now
09:21:49 <elliott> sort of helped
09:21:53 <elliott> except there's elves down there
09:21:57 <Patashu> could re-tele
09:22:22 <elliott> think i'll just get the hell out
09:22:47 <Patashu> anyway, yes
09:22:50 <Patashu> 57 ac doesn't help against everything
09:22:54 <Patashu> but it sure as fuck helps against execs
09:23:11 <elliott> ugh i suppose i should just go to zot
09:23:20 <elliott> since there's obviously no way i'll survive a 15-runer
09:23:28 <Patashu> lol
09:23:30 <Patashu> not as a dd of trog, no
09:23:34 <Patashu> (torment torment torment torment smite)
09:24:18 <elliott> i could always convert
09:24:18 <elliott> but
09:24:26 <elliott> i think i'm too shit a player to survive is what i meant
09:24:36 <Patashu> trog wrath is kind of hard to deal with
09:24:41 <Patashu> though with no hunger you could scummily deal with it
09:25:34 <elliott> ehhh
09:25:42 <elliott> what's so bad about trog wrath for a character like me?
09:25:46 <elliott> i can kill pretty much any melee monster
09:25:55 <elliott> it's spellcasters that beat me down
09:26:02 <Patashu> getting surrounded by 20 zerk stone giants and bears is kind of hard to deal with
09:26:34 <elliott> what's the scummy way
09:26:41 <Patashu> tomb
09:26:41 <Patashu> or
09:26:47 <Patashu> corridor with something like a rat blocking you in
09:26:59 <Patashu> then 5 until trog is mollified
09:27:06 <elliott> monqy: tell Patashu he's awful
09:27:13 <monqy> Patashu: you're awful
09:27:13 <Patashu> then swap to tso
09:27:15 <Patashu> finish crypt
09:27:19 <Patashu> and do pan then hells
09:27:36 <monqy> Patashu: did you see elliott doing crypt
09:27:43 <Patashu> no, I was eating dinner
09:27:45 <Patashu> was ith ard
09:27:58 <monqy> fsvo hard
09:28:50 <elliott> i could probably take crypt now
09:28:53 <elliott> maybe
09:29:02 <elliott> Patashu: do you want to see me die in crypt
09:29:06 <monqy> elliott: so are you converting or not, and are you still planning on allruning
09:29:12 <elliott> monqy: i don't know
09:29:21 <elliott> i doubt i'll all-rune without converting
09:29:26 <elliott> that sounds ~impossible
09:29:51 <Patashu> it's technically possible but lol, torment
09:29:59 <elliott> who are the viable ddbe extended game gods then
09:30:01 <elliott> tso, ?
09:30:14 <monqy> makhleb is like tso but makhleb instead of tso
09:30:25 <elliott> hmm
09:30:31 <elliott> what does makhleb offer over trog
09:30:35 <Patashu> if you're going to convert you may as well convert to tso
09:30:41 <Patashu> makhleb offers: healing on kills, ???
09:32:10 <monqy> tso offers healing on evil kills, which is pretty much 100% of extended
09:32:15 <monqy> also holy branding
09:32:20 <monqy> and angels and stuff
09:32:21 <Patashu> holy helps more than vampiric in end game
09:32:24 <monqy> yeah
09:32:24 <Patashu> since vampiric doesn't work on demons
09:32:29 <Patashu> while holy gives 75% damage boost
09:32:29 <monqy> yeah
09:32:30 <Patashu> also
09:32:35 <Patashu> tso gives you cleansing flame
09:32:37 <elliott> monqy: yeah but
09:32:38 <Patashu> which is good at high invo
09:32:39 <Patashu> divine shield
09:32:41 <monqy> and if you rely on trog's hand for healing you will exhaust your piety megaquickly
09:32:43 <Patashu> which is good similarly
09:32:43 <elliott> what does makhleb offer over trog for extended, I'm confused
09:32:48 <monqy> healing on kills
09:32:48 <Patashu> healing on kills
09:32:53 <elliott> well ok
09:33:04 <elliott> tso seems like a pain because
09:33:16 <elliott> doesn't it get angry at you if you do $stuff
09:33:33 <monqy> tso isn't as uptight about stuff you do to demons
09:33:41 <elliott> anyway if i'm going to convert i guess it should be before i finish off crypt?
09:33:48 <monqy> worst it'd affect you is you can't use your vamp or draining weapons
09:33:59 <Patashu> yes, you'd have to grind with a different weapon
09:34:03 <Patashu> until you get holy branding
09:34:16 <elliott> oh i can't use vamp?
09:34:23 <elliott> that's... annoying
09:34:23 <Patashu> vampiric is evil
09:34:30 <Patashu> well, you'd be holy branding it anyway
09:34:31 <Patashu> for endgame
09:34:36 <elliott> yeah but
09:34:40 <elliott> vamp is nice for hp
09:34:49 <elliott> i don't know if hp on evil kills would be enough
09:35:19 <monqy> vamp won't help you in extended
09:35:25 <monqy> except on the rare living thing
09:35:28 <monqy> like ice dragons in coc
09:36:03 <elliott> Patashu: btw is hall of blades as horrible as they say
09:36:19 <Patashu> it depends on your character
09:36:25 <Patashu> but pretty much everything there is faster than a normal speed char
09:36:28 <Patashu> there are lots of reaching weapons
09:36:32 <Patashu> and an unlucky brand might fuck you up
09:36:39 <Patashu> if you have good escape mechanisms blade is ok
09:37:25 <elliott> what about if you have crappy escape mechanisms but 57 AC
09:38:20 <Patashu> hmm
09:38:43 <elliott> idk i just want to put off the decision of converting to another god
09:38:43 <Patashu> you can try it
09:38:44 <elliott> and also
09:38:46 <elliott> be somewhere without spellcasters
09:38:49 <elliott> and summoners
09:38:52 <elliott> and bullshit like that
09:38:54 <Patashu> (uniques can appear in blade)
09:38:58 <elliott> ugh
09:39:02 <elliott> what uniques
09:39:14 <Patashu> any
09:39:33 <elliott> oh great there's disto
09:39:34 <elliott> 10:39 <Henzell> hall of blades[6/6]: <rwbarton> the real experience you gain is "don't do blade"
09:39:35 <elliott> welp
09:39:41 <elliott> should i take anything special
09:40:15 <elliott> also I guess rFire isn't that important in blades?
09:40:23 <Patashu> there can be weapons of flaming
09:40:24 <Patashu> and freezing
09:40:24 <Patashu> and so on
09:40:28 <elliott> ugh
09:40:34 <elliott> i'll just go for it
09:40:42 <elliott> oh uh
09:40:44 <elliott> will vamp work
09:40:47 <elliott> s/ $//
09:40:49 <elliott> i.e.
09:40:51 <elliott> can it heal me
09:40:56 <elliott> for hitting blades
09:40:57 <Patashu> of course no
09:41:00 <Patashu> they're fucking swords
09:41:17 <elliott> feature request: they're not fucking swords
09:41:20 <elliott> and ok that makes things
09:41:22 <elliott> difficult
09:41:28 <elliott> since that's how i heal these days
09:41:30 <elliott> uhh
09:41:34 <elliott> does killing them give piety
09:41:42 <elliott> & also will anti-magic do anything fancy to them
09:41:52 <elliott> (& also will draining do anything fancy to them)
09:45:53 <elliott> thanks Patashu :(
09:46:18 <Patashu> hmm
09:46:18 <Patashu> dunno
09:46:20 <Patashu> no
09:46:21 <Patashu> no
09:46:22 <Patashu> in order
09:46:27 <elliott> gr8
09:46:33 <elliott> time to splat
09:47:17 <elliott> HAAAA
09:47:19 <elliott> Patashu: mennas
09:47:28 <Patashu> what's a silent disciple
09:47:31 <Patashu> is that a crawl light thing
09:47:33 <Patashu> also, get the fuck out of blade
09:47:34 <elliott> no
09:47:35 <elliott> it just
09:47:36 <elliott> silences
09:47:39 <elliott> wherever it stands
09:47:42 <elliott> ok
09:47:45 <elliott> i take it i stand no chances against mennas
09:47:50 <Patashu> well hmm
09:47:54 <elliott> whoa "He"
09:47:54 <Patashu> I guess you are kind of diesel
09:48:01 <elliott> I thought Crawl avoided giving genders to monsters
09:48:05 <elliott> or is that a post-0.8 thing
09:48:08 <Patashu> uniques have gender
09:48:10 <Patashu> like mara is a he
09:48:13 <elliott> ah
09:48:17 <elliott> anyway uhhh
09:48:33 <Patashu> zap haste at yourself
09:48:36 <Patashu> and try to kill mennas
09:48:37 <Patashu> it might work
09:48:43 <elliott> what about the silent disciples and shit
09:48:46 <elliott> just ignore them?
09:48:47 <Patashu> idk
09:48:48 <Patashu> do they hit hard?
09:48:51 <elliott> no
09:49:05 <Patashu> wow
09:49:08 <Patashu> you just opened a sword like a pillowcase
09:49:08 <elliott> what
09:49:08 <Patashu> nice
09:49:10 <elliott> haha
09:49:24 <Patashu> ok yeah
09:49:24 <elliott> wow
09:49:25 <Patashu> you're diesel
09:49:26 <elliott> that was
09:49:26 <Patashu> go do zot
09:49:30 <elliott> haha yeah but
09:49:30 <elliott> in zot
09:49:34 <elliott> well
09:49:37 <elliott> let's put it this way
09:49:39 <elliott> i can kill anything in melee
09:49:46 <elliott> what i can't kill is stuff that summons
09:49:48 <elliott> or throws fire at me
09:49:51 <elliott> or throws bolts of cold at me
09:49:52 <elliott> etc.
09:49:56 <elliott> and especially my items can't survive that
09:49:59 <elliott> so basically when i did zot:1
09:50:09 <elliott> it was uneventful except all my scrolls got destroyed
09:50:25 <elliott> and i kept losing hp whenever I fought something that did blasts of stuff
09:50:31 <elliott> if everything just did melee
09:50:32 <elliott> then i'd be fine
09:51:49 <elliott> _gruevy's ghost (mighty High Elf Ice Elementalist) comes into view.
09:51:50 <elliott> hi
09:52:05 <elliott> god
09:52:07 <elliott> everything just dies
09:52:14 <Patashu> hi xtahua
09:52:14 <elliott> hahahahaha
09:52:19 <elliott> !learn add famous_last_words
09:52:28 <Patashu> you have rf
09:52:31 <Patashu> he's a harmless teddybeatr
09:52:35 <elliott> really?
09:52:35 <elliott> ok
09:52:38 <Patashu> pretty much
09:52:40 <monqy> xtahua with rF- is where it's at
09:52:46 <Patashu> yes
09:52:48 <elliott> wow so he is
09:52:55 <Patashu> xtahua_mummy_tabbers
09:52:56 <monqy> you also have: so much ac, vamp battleaxe
09:53:01 <elliott> so
09:53:04 <elliott> is blades meant to be this easy
09:53:09 <Patashu> you have 58 ax
09:53:10 <Patashu> *ac
09:53:15 <monqy> Patashu: did you see that ttyrec of the spsomething that came out of an ice cave into xtahua with rF-
09:53:34 <Patashu> do you know where I can find it
09:53:36 <Patashu> hmm
09:53:39 <monqy> maybe
09:53:43 <elliott> so
09:53:46 <elliott> what should i do now
09:53:53 <elliott> ehh
09:53:55 <elliott> i'll do crypt
09:53:56 <Patashu> that one, right
09:53:56 <elliott> without converting
09:54:11 <elliott> Patashu: you get to help me do (the last level of) crypt
09:54:21 <Patashu> ok
09:54:42 <elliott> observe: the previous disaster
09:54:49 <Patashu> oh no
09:54:52 <Patashu> not...liches
09:54:54 <Patashu> ;_;
09:54:54 <elliott> no it
09:54:57 <elliott> it spammed summons
09:54:58 <elliott> and
09:54:59 <elliott> hell fiend
09:54:59 <elliott> and
09:55:01 <elliott> yeah
09:55:02 <Patashu> ?tele
09:55:02 <lambdabot> Plugin `tell' failed with: Prelude.head: empty list
09:55:04 <elliott> hellfire
09:55:06 <Patashu> Your Friend
09:55:06 <elliott> no i just
09:55:09 <elliott> walked upstairs
09:55:13 <monqy> I was trying to get elliott to experience the magic and wonder of liches behind glass
09:55:24 <monqy> the magic and wonder being that if you step on the items it sets the liches free on you
09:55:36 <elliott> :(
09:55:53 <elliott> the best thing about light is
09:55:55 <elliott> no monster regeneration
09:55:59 <Patashu> ever?
09:55:59 <Patashu> wow
09:56:45 <elliott> _The curse skull gives a chilling moan.
09:56:46 <elliott> creys
09:57:03 <elliott> anyway
09:57:09 <elliott> where should i enter
09:57:46 <elliott> i guess from the same place
09:57:46 <elliott> since
09:57:47 <elliott> staircase
09:57:57 <elliott> oh hmm
09:58:03 <elliott> how about from here
09:58:08 <elliott> better chokepoint and another staircase
09:58:10 <elliott> yeah that'd be better
09:58:18 <elliott> wow thanks autotravel
09:58:20 <elliott> you ruined everything
09:58:23 -!- Taneb has quit (Quit: Leaving).
09:58:28 <monqy> Patashu: !lg * sp killer=xtahua max=dam -tv:<0.3
09:58:35 <Patashu> thanks
09:58:44 <Patashu> I forgot I stopped watching it half way through because it was boring
09:59:00 <Patashu> ice cave can appear as late as vaults? lol
09:59:05 <Patashu> hahahaha
09:59:06 <elliott> hahahahahaha
09:59:08 <Patashu> tabbing_unreasons
09:59:14 <elliott> didn't matter
09:59:16 <elliott> killed on first turn
09:59:23 <elliott> ok so
09:59:25 <elliott> i've dealt with one of the liches
10:00:14 <elliott> tada
10:00:16 <elliott> liches disposed of
10:00:39 <elliott> _There is a click. Suddenly, the liches are set free!
10:00:41 <elliott> WRONG
10:00:56 <elliott> Sif Muna's Volume of Snow and the Voyage
10:00:58 <elliott> literally the most boring book
10:01:00 <Patashu> that seems to be an oversight
10:01:06 <Patashu> shouldn't it only say that if there are still iches trapped there
10:01:27 <elliott> 0.8_unreasons
10:01:45 <elliott> well
10:01:48 <elliott> that's crypt done
10:01:57 <elliott> hmmm
10:02:11 <Patashu> just do zot
10:02:13 <elliott> Patashu: btw is there any feasible way for me to get conservation at this point
10:02:14 <Patashu> what are you going to get by putting it off
10:02:21 <Patashu> elliott: do a zig maybe
10:02:21 <elliott> well
10:02:22 <elliott> ok
10:02:24 <elliott> I'll do Zot:2
10:02:32 <elliott> but I still don't know if I want to 15-rune or not
10:02:57 <Patashu> I wouldn't
10:03:13 <elliott> :(
10:03:15 <elliott> why
10:03:53 <Patashu> I mean, you could if you want to
10:04:01 <Patashu> but you don't have any way of dealing with certain parts of hell/pan
10:04:02 <Patashu> atm
10:04:31 <elliott> i guess so
10:04:37 <elliott> wouldn't converting to tso mitigate that though
10:05:25 <elliott> "You are alive."
10:05:26 <elliott> thanks crawl
10:05:56 <Patashu> how do you plan on getting tso piety though
10:06:00 <Patashu> scum abyss?
10:06:01 <Patashu> I guess it'd work
10:06:25 <elliott> idk
10:06:29 <elliott> monqy: how do i plan on getting tso piety
10:06:41 <Patashu> kill evil things
10:06:56 <elliott> potions of speed are useless if i have haste right
10:07:08 <monqy> doing crypt
10:07:12 <elliott> monqy: "too late"
10:07:17 <elliott> i finished crypt
10:07:31 <monqy> doing abyss maybe? idk
10:07:47 <elliott> does trog wrath happen in abyss too
10:07:48 <elliott> that sounds fun
10:08:27 <elliott> anyway
10:08:28 <elliott> zot:2 time
10:08:34 -!- MoALTz has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
10:08:48 <elliott> whoops
10:08:50 <elliott> wrong one
10:08:52 <elliott> meant to do healing
10:09:53 <elliott> haaa
10:09:55 <Patashu> nice
10:10:10 <Patashu> btw
10:10:14 <Patashu> prioritize mths of wrath
10:10:16 <Patashu> since they berk shit
10:10:19 <Patashu> and berked shit takes forever to kill
10:10:26 <elliott> not really
10:10:29 <elliott> You have reached level 27, the final one!
10:10:32 <elliott> uhhh
10:10:36 <elliott> should i raise str or dex :p
10:10:43 <Patashu> str I guess
10:10:47 <Patashu> you're not getting much out of your ev
10:10:49 <Patashu> *dex
10:11:45 <elliott> haaa
10:11:47 <elliott> thanks moth
10:12:25 * Sgeo wonders if he has Dilbert Desktop Games around somewhere
10:14:09 <elliott> Your +23 crystal plate mail prevents you from hitting the white draconian.
10:14:14 <elliott> Patashu: i love how i'm still getting these messages
10:14:34 <elliott> crawl: really weird if you get +23 cpa in the really early game
10:14:42 <Patashu> even with 27 armour it still stops you sometimes
10:14:56 <elliott> need
10:14:58 <elliott> *neat
10:15:01 <elliott> draconian with a disto sword
10:15:04 <elliott> tele time
10:15:54 <elliott> ok uh
10:15:56 <elliott> that's zot:2 done
10:16:03 <elliott> the last level of zot is always a lot harder right
10:16:55 <elliott> i mean
10:16:59 <elliott> i could just clear zot:3 i guess
10:17:02 <elliott> but i dunno if that's suicidal or not
10:18:39 <elliott> thanks Patashu
10:25:10 <elliott> ok uhhh
10:25:12 <elliott> this has to be a terrible idea
10:26:37 <elliott> monqy: tell me i'm an idiot
10:26:58 <monqy> elliott: you're an idiot
10:27:01 <elliott> thank you
10:27:01 <monqy> elliott: ps what are you doing
10:27:03 <elliott> i'm on zot:3
10:27:05 <elliott> it's scary as hell
10:27:09 <monqy> kool
10:29:16 <elliott> gulp
10:29:21 <elliott> wow
10:29:22 <elliott> holy shit
10:29:23 <elliott> ahahaha
10:29:25 <elliott> monqy: look at this
10:29:28 <elliott> look what i find
10:29:29 <elliott> on zot
10:29:31 <elliott> fucking
10:29:33 <elliott> 3
10:29:54 <monqy> elliott: that happened with my ghck too
10:30:06 <monqy> elliott: no conservation all game then i found a cloak of pres on zot5
10:30:12 <elliott> nice
10:30:17 <elliott> is resist mutation useful in zot
10:31:27 <elliott> Patashu: is resist mutation useful in zot :(
10:31:44 <Patashu> yes
10:31:45 <Patashu> against orbs of fire
10:31:51 <Patashu> (and draconian shifters I think?)
10:32:33 <elliott> ok
10:32:34 <elliott> well
10:32:37 <elliott> i have an amulet of conservation
10:32:40 <elliott> and an amulet of resist mutation
10:32:47 <elliott> is it ok to put on conservation
10:32:51 <elliott> and switch to mutation when i see one of those
10:32:53 <elliott> or is that too risky
10:33:37 <shachaf> elliott: Did you solve the EXCITING PUZZLE?
10:33:45 <elliott> no
10:34:05 <shachaf> Did you see the EXCITING PUZZLE?
10:34:33 <elliott> probably
10:34:40 <elliott> busy solving a different puzzle
10:36:02 <shachaf> Is it the puzzle where when you solve it you win at Crawl?
10:36:22 <elliott> s/Crawl/Crawl Light/
10:36:35 <shachaf> Is that a brand of cigarettes?
10:36:41 <elliott> uhhh
10:36:42 <elliott> Patashu: help
10:36:57 <Patashu> do you have an axe of antimagic?
10:36:59 <Patashu> if no:
10:37:02 <Patashu> do you have a scroll of silence?
10:37:03 <Patashu> if no:
10:37:05 <elliott> yes, i have antimagic
10:37:05 <Patashu> fuck it, just tab it
10:37:09 <Patashu> swap to antimagic and tab
10:37:25 <Patashu> done
10:37:31 <elliott> btw
10:37:35 <elliott> there's zot traps in predictable places right
10:37:40 <Patashu> I have no idea
10:37:42 <elliott> ok
10:38:02 <elliott> oh boy
10:38:20 <Patashu> put on relec for electric shooters, yes
10:38:29 <elliott> does vamp work on electric golems
10:38:40 <monqy> no
10:38:47 <shachaf> do vamps dream of electric golems
10:38:59 <elliott> faster though
10:39:15 <elliott> haha shit
10:41:14 <elliott> euhh
10:41:27 <Patashu> haste, duck behind cover
10:41:28 <Patashu> imo
10:41:28 <elliott> killer klowns are awful right
10:41:39 <Patashu> I don't think killer klowns even do anything
10:41:45 <elliott> 11:41 <Henzell> killer klown[1/5]: Not a truly unique monster, but emotes like a unique and is very powerful. Causes rotting, is very resistant to magic, and is as fast as a centaur. Fortunately, it has no elemental resistances.
10:42:38 <elliott> nice ghoul
10:42:41 <elliott> oh wait
10:42:44 <elliott> i'm in los of ancient lich
10:42:47 <elliott> stupid stupid stupid
10:43:37 <elliott> ugh
10:43:40 <elliott> guess i'll just punch through to it
10:44:03 <Patashu> lol
10:44:04 <Patashu> nice rot
10:44:08 <Patashu> a whole 9 hp of it
10:44:10 <elliott> that was there from before :P
10:44:12 <elliott> actually
10:44:15 <elliott> they haven't rot me at all yet
10:44:39 <elliott> is that vampire summoning these
10:45:00 <Patashu> I don't think vampires can summon anything but mammals
10:45:02 <Patashu> unless it changed in light
10:45:15 -!- derdon has joined.
10:45:29 <elliott> fuck
10:48:08 <elliott> nice orb
10:48:25 <elliott> so do guardians actually spawn around the orb
10:48:39 <Patashu> only once
10:48:51 <elliott> right
10:49:01 <Patashu> why
10:49:04 <elliott> dum
10:49:05 <Patashu> just pick up the orb and step into the tele trap
10:49:06 <Patashu> too late now
10:49:09 <Patashu> or well
10:49:12 <Patashu> 'too late'
10:49:13 <elliott> what? no
10:49:15 <elliott> i wasn't going for the orb
10:49:17 <Patashu> you could do it anyway if you feel like it
10:49:17 <elliott> i'm just clearing out zot:3
10:49:19 <Patashu> oh
10:49:21 <Patashu> suuure
10:49:21 <Patashu> ok
10:49:55 <elliott> that said
10:50:00 <elliott> that situation wasn't good
10:51:37 <elliott> welp
10:52:03 <elliott> Patashu: if i pick the orb up
10:52:07 <elliott> can i stash it in the temple
10:52:12 <elliott> or does picking it up start the whole
10:52:13 <elliott> spawning thing
10:52:17 <elliott> irreversibly
10:54:05 <elliott> whoa
10:54:09 <elliott> Patashu: look at my EV
10:54:13 <elliott> it suddenly became 13 and my AC 60
10:54:14 <elliott> what happened
10:55:05 <monqy> so are you going to grab the orb and win or do extended or what
10:55:21 <monqy> if you pick the orb up the spawning is irreversible
10:55:25 <monqy> but orb run tomb is cool
10:55:28 <monqy> but you can't do orb run hell or pan
10:55:44 <elliott> well
10:55:46 <elliott> i have conservation now
10:55:56 <elliott> which makes me a bit more confident
10:56:07 <elliott> so
10:56:11 <elliott> i'm tempted to go for extended
10:56:33 <elliott> i mean i could just win with 4 runes quickly now but i mean
10:56:41 <elliott> idk
10:57:10 <Patashu> wow
10:57:12 <Patashu> your ev went up?
10:57:14 <elliott> yes
10:57:15 <elliott> somehow
10:57:16 <Patashu> did you get a beneficial mutation?
10:57:16 <elliott> and my AC
10:57:18 <elliott> to 60
10:57:25 <elliott> what the fuck
10:57:28 <Patashu> 'Armour fits poorly on your unusually shaped body.' maybe
10:57:28 <elliott> i have no idea how i got these mutations
10:57:30 <elliott> lmao
10:57:32 <Patashu> oofs
10:57:33 <Patashu> do that
10:57:34 <Patashu> to you
10:57:35 <elliott> Patashu: nah i've had that for the whole game
10:57:41 <elliott> so the distort thing
10:57:42 <Patashu> hmm, I have no idea then
10:57:42 <elliott> what's that
10:57:45 <elliott> do i occasionally blink or something
10:57:47 <elliott> by whole game i mean
10:57:48 <elliott> since like
10:57:48 <Patashu> teleportitis
10:57:49 <elliott> half way through
10:57:49 <Patashu> I think
10:57:50 <Patashu> have fun
10:57:53 <elliott> hahaha
10:57:57 <elliott> monqy: is this really teleportitis
10:58:10 <monqy> yes
10:58:26 <elliott> :'(
10:59:41 <elliott> monqy: is there any hope for me
11:00:08 <monqy> what
11:00:10 <monqy> yeah
11:00:16 <monqy> if you grab the orb and win
11:00:19 <elliott> no i meant
11:00:21 <elliott> any hope in terms of
11:00:22 <elliott> doing more
11:00:30 <monqy> idk
11:00:39 <elliott> well at least the abyss would be tolerable with it :P
11:03:26 <monqy> do you expect to have fun in the abyss
11:04:19 <elliott> monqy: of course not
11:07:17 <elliott> monqy: ps is 70k turns few or a lot i can't tell these things
11:07:23 <monqy> idk
11:07:23 <elliott> i guess it's different for light since
11:07:27 <elliott> less time identifying, eating, etc.
11:07:36 <elliott> oh and shorter branches obviously
11:07:37 <monqy> shorter branches
11:07:38 <monqy> yes
11:07:47 <elliott> so i guess it's probably quite long for light
11:10:40 <elliott> ehhhhhhhhh
11:12:34 <elliott> Patashu: abyss with teleportitis has to be the greatest thing ever right
11:12:44 <Patashu> sounds "fun"
11:12:48 <Patashu> and "a good way to get the rune"
11:12:58 <Patashu> also "will make xom amused"
11:13:01 <Patashu> the last one is factual
11:13:08 <elliott> wait can you even teleport in the abyss like that
11:13:13 <elliott> i know it blocks some kinds of stuff
11:13:31 <Patashu> you can teleport fine in the abyss
11:13:50 <elliott> how far does it teleport you
11:14:08 <elliott> no amulet of stasis, brilliant
11:14:25 <Patashu> to a different part of the abyss
11:14:37 <Patashu> (read: regenerates the abyss and places you randomly in the new abyss)
11:14:49 <Patashu> it's like playing hyperrogue basically
11:15:09 <elliott> so
11:15:12 <elliott> what happens if you find the rune
11:15:15 <elliott> and teleport
11:15:18 <elliott> will you never find it again
11:15:21 <elliott> because it's already been generated
11:16:36 <Patashu> it makes new runes
11:16:38 <Patashu> until you pick it up
11:16:41 <Patashu> same for demonic rune
11:16:44 <Patashu> but NOT same for unique pan lord runes
11:16:51 <Patashu> those are the only ones you can miss
11:18:16 <elliott> hmmm
11:18:20 <elliott> ok
11:18:24 <elliott> Patashu gets to decide
11:18:29 <elliott> (a) nab orb, win with 4 runes
11:18:33 <elliott> (b) go to abyss, have THE FUNNEST TIME
11:18:43 <elliott> (c) try to do extended game with teleportitis like a fucking imbecile
11:19:13 <Patashu> (a)
11:19:17 <elliott> ok pick again
11:19:23 <Patashu> lol
11:19:25 <Patashu> (a)
11:19:40 <elliott> ok pick again
11:20:21 <elliott> and also
11:20:24 <elliott> you can't pick (a) again
11:22:11 <Patashu> $print($lower('a'))
11:22:14 <Patashu> oops
11:22:16 <Patashu> $print($lower('A'))
11:22:17 <Patashu> there
11:23:30 <elliott> no it;s not permissible!!!
11:25:11 <elliott> well
11:25:12 <elliott> fuck it
11:25:18 <elliott> i'm gonna get the orb
11:25:21 <elliott> Patashu: should i orb run tomb
11:25:25 <elliott> monqy: should i orb run tomb
11:25:29 <Patashu> yes
11:25:30 <monqy> always orb run tomb
11:25:36 <elliott> would i actually survive that
11:25:37 <elliott> out of curiosity
11:25:40 <monqy> no
11:25:43 <elliott> :(
11:25:50 <elliott> but there's no death curses!
11:25:56 <Patashu> wtf
11:26:01 <Patashu> no death curses in crawl light?
11:26:04 <Patashu> so what's the point of tomb again
11:26:12 <elliott> well
11:26:14 <elliott> there's no curses
11:26:14 <elliott> at least
11:26:20 <elliott> maybe there's death curses!!!
11:28:52 <elliott> 12:28 <Henzell> I don't have a page labeled striss in my learndb.
11:28:54 <elliott> monqy: who the fuck is striss
11:29:03 <monqy> random panlord with summon dragon
11:29:08 <elliott> 12:29 <Gretell> unknown monster: "striss"
11:29:10 <elliott> monqy: oh
11:29:12 <elliott> that sounds scary
11:30:36 <elliott> ugh
11:30:37 <elliott> a crash
11:32:47 <elliott> ok so
11:32:52 <elliott> monqy: i have the runes and the orb
11:33:00 <elliott> i really
11:33:09 <elliott> want to orb run tomb like an idiot just for the hilarity
11:33:11 <elliott> but im stopping myself
11:33:13 <elliott> with willpower
11:34:29 <monqy> you can orb run tomb if you want
11:34:33 <monqy> worst case you die
11:35:01 <elliott> 12:34 <Henzell> tomb[7/8]: RotRotRotRotTormentTormentRotTormentTormentSmiteTormentSmiteSmite You die...
11:35:02 <elliott> oh
11:35:04 <elliott> is there smiting in tomb
11:35:14 <elliott> 12:35 <Henzell> tomb[8/8]: Croases: admittedly i should've done swamp first
11:35:15 <elliott> :D
11:38:02 <elliott> ok
11:38:11 <elliott> monqy: i'm going to do a really stupid ascension trick wish me luck!!!
11:38:30 <elliott> not to be missed!!!
11:38:36 <elliott> or
11:38:37 <elliott> to be missed
11:38:44 <elliott> "it is up for every person on the planet for them to decide"
11:38:56 <monqy> elliott: hm?
11:39:04 <elliott> monqy: i'm going to do a bunch of stupid stuff before walking up the stairs
11:39:07 <monqy> ok
11:40:21 <elliott> nice naga
11:41:16 <elliott> monqy: does abandoning religion have any penalties
11:41:19 <elliott> for winning
11:41:25 <elliott> score-wise or whatever
11:41:35 <elliott> eh who cares
11:42:00 <elliott> hahaha
11:42:11 <elliott> oh my god
11:42:14 <elliott> monqy
11:42:17 <elliott> i'm going to die
11:42:21 <monqy> what
11:42:23 <elliott> i
11:42:25 <elliott> read a scroll of tele
11:42:26 <Patashu> you are
11:42:26 <Patashu> why
11:42:27 <Patashu> you look ok
11:42:29 <elliott> before walking up the stairs
11:42:29 <elliott> and
11:42:30 <elliott> i'm naked
11:42:31 <elliott> and
11:42:32 <itidus20> spoiler: you die in the end.
11:42:34 <elliott> i have no scrolls
11:42:35 <monqy> you look ok
11:42:38 <elliott> no i
11:42:38 <elliott> have
11:42:39 <elliott> no
11:42:39 <Patashu> you're on D:6
11:42:41 <elliott> armour
11:42:42 <Patashu> what are you going to run into
11:42:42 <monqy> what did you do
11:42:43 <elliott> on
11:42:44 <Patashu> ??
11:42:45 <Patashu> you have AC 60
11:42:45 <elliott> i'm on D:1
11:42:47 <elliott> and i have the orb
11:42:47 <monqy> you're on D:1
11:42:48 <Patashu> oh
11:42:49 <elliott> no
11:42:51 <monqy> you have ac0
11:42:51 <Patashu> onesec
11:42:56 <Patashu> ok, refershed it
11:42:58 <Patashu> wow, 22 glue and 0 ac
11:42:59 <Patashu> hahaha
11:43:01 <Patashu> how did you manage that
11:43:06 <elliott> stupid tricks
11:43:07 <Patashu> well, just hasterun from everything
11:43:07 <elliott> i
11:43:08 <Patashu> and lerave naked
11:43:10 <Patashu> it will look funnier
11:43:12 <elliott> ok but
11:43:14 <elliott> will i survive even a single hit
11:43:16 <elliott> btw
11:43:17 <elliott> i also renounced religion
11:43:20 <Patashu> of course you will
11:43:25 <Patashu> lol, stupid ascension tricks
11:43:29 <Patashu> hahahaha
11:43:41 <elliott> god
11:43:46 <elliott> amazing
11:43:48 <Patashu> congrats on your easy modo win
11:43:48 <elliott> Best Crawlers -
11:43:49 <elliott> 1. 3673211 gruevy MDFi-27 escaped with the Orb
11:43:49 <elliott> 2. 2327513 elliott DDBe-27 escaped with the Orb
11:43:54 <Patashu> Are you ready for the next challenge?
11:44:16 <elliott> what's the next challenge
11:44:19 <elliott> btw
11:44:26 <elliott> did i lose points by abandoning religion & being naked
11:44:28 <elliott> and stuff
11:44:29 <elliott> because if so
11:44:30 <elliott> i regret nothing
11:44:54 <elliott> actually
11:44:55 <elliott> it's funny
11:44:58 <elliott> my teleportitis didn't kick in at all
11:46:22 <elliott> anyway
11:46:32 <elliott> Patashu: what i did was
11:46:38 <elliott> use my summoning rod thing to swarm a cloud of crap
11:46:43 <elliott> polymorph one of my boulder beetles into a naga
11:46:46 <elliott> hasted myself
11:46:49 <elliott> renounced religion
11:46:50 <elliott> read fog
11:46:52 <elliott> read teleport
11:46:56 <elliott> and tried to go up the stairs
11:46:57 <elliott> oh
11:47:01 <elliott> and i took off all my armour beforehand
11:47:16 <elliott> ...and then ran naked out the dungeon with the orb :P
11:49:56 <Patashu> also
11:50:02 <Patashu> if crawl light uses the same scoring system as crawl
11:50:12 <Patashu> all it cares about is exp, no. of runes and game turns taken
11:50:22 <elliott> ok
11:50:28 <elliott> so i only wasted the turns it took to actually do that crap :P
11:51:10 <elliott> so, the last level of zot is actually pretty fun
11:51:54 <itidus20> ** stair dancing ** (best watched when not busy) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWdGIbZKtmg&t=214s
11:53:35 <Patashu> brogue has the best (most exploitable) stair dancing
11:53:44 <Patashu> which is funny because at first it looks like the LEAST exploitable stairs in any roguelike that has them
11:54:02 <elliott> imo every roguelike needs to adopt the following-through-stairs system brogue has
11:55:23 <Sgeo> Following through stairs system?
11:56:01 <Patashu> when you take the stairs in brogue
11:56:04 <Patashu> every monster that is actively hunting you
11:56:08 <Patashu> will take the stairs as soon as it reaches them
11:56:14 <Patashu> and resume hunting you
11:56:28 <Sgeo> Ah, nice
11:56:32 <elliott> (as opposed to the stupid system in most other roguelikes where things adjacent to you can somehow go up the stairs and then walk next to you in two turns less time than it should take)
11:56:34 <Patashu> so you need to use Secret Techniques to exploit stairs
11:56:39 <elliott> (and anything with even one square of air around you won't follow at all)
11:56:42 <elliott> (really really dumb)
11:57:24 -!- MoALTz has joined.
12:00:08 <elliott> Patashu: so what are the brogue techniques
12:01:49 <elliott> monqy: bet you enjoyed playing as MEPHITICCLOUD
12:01:58 <monqy> aauuuhg
12:02:09 <monqy> it actually didn't have meph
12:02:10 <elliott> monqy: it's a workhorse
12:02:12 <Patashu> I made a post on the brogue wiki detailing what you can do with stairs
12:02:16 <Patashu> http://brogue.wikia.com/wiki/Stairdancing
12:02:17 <monqy> right now i'm playing MOUNTAINDWARF, which does have meph
12:02:30 <elliott> monqy: is the naming theme "bad things"
12:02:32 <elliott> *naming scheme
12:02:40 <monqy> naming scheme is OBLIVION
12:02:51 <monqy> things that were "nerfed to oblivion"
12:03:03 <monqy> mephitic cloud, mountain dwarf, staff monk, slaying
12:03:04 <elliott> I'm not sure I'd call what was done to Mountain Dwarves "nerfing".
12:03:05 <Patashu> what was op about staff monk
12:03:10 <monqy> nothing
12:03:15 <monqy> it was just nerfed to oblivion
12:03:21 <Sgeo> Is there a Brogue server?
12:03:25 <Patashu> no, not yet
12:03:29 <Patashu> but it has a replay system
12:03:33 <Patashu> so if you win (or die hilariously) I can watch you
12:03:40 <elliott> a brogue server would require the brogue program to work well anyway
12:03:45 <elliott> because of the UI
12:04:07 <Patashu> I think there's a console version of brogue
12:04:13 <Patashu> just that it's not available because the faketerm is a lot better
12:04:18 <Patashu> and it's going to be used for an ssh server
12:04:23 <elliott> yeah but nobody will want to play that
12:04:27 <elliott> at least nobody with taste
12:05:06 <elliott> monqy: nice hydra
12:05:16 <monqy> i wasn't looking atht the screen
12:05:43 <elliott> you should use mephitic cloud on everything
12:05:56 <elliott> can't sacrifice optimal play just for your personal opinions!
12:06:00 <elliott> you have a team relying on you
12:06:49 <monqy> this is the only one I have left
12:06:54 <monqy> then everything will be stuck on marvinpa
12:07:09 <monqy> (until it comes back around to me that is)
12:09:51 <elliott> monqy: freezing cloud eh
12:09:54 <elliott> sounds a lot like mephitic cloud to me
12:10:04 <elliott> sounds like you're feeding your secret meph addiction without admitting it!!!
12:11:22 <elliott> meeeeph
12:11:26 <elliott> i havent even seen meph ever casted monqy
12:11:28 <elliott> do yo uwant to deprive me
12:15:00 <elliott> monqy: i feel deprive
12:15:00 <elliott> d
12:15:11 <elliott> mephhh
12:15:14 <elliott> meph the hill giant
12:15:25 <elliott> beautiful
12:15:32 <elliott> wow that's overpowered
12:15:48 <elliott> i think monqy just wants to cast meph a lot
12:15:50 <elliott> i think he really likes it
12:15:55 <monqy> everything about this char is op
12:16:25 <elliott> monqy: did you see i won btw
12:16:32 <elliott> "i forget"
12:16:47 <monqy> yes
12:17:21 -!- Taneb has joined.
12:17:29 <elliott> hi Taneb
12:17:33 <Taneb> Hello
12:18:48 -!- azaq23 has joined.
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12:24:08 <elliott> Taneb: I won Crawl Light!
12:24:17 <Taneb> Yay!
12:24:52 <Taneb> Now for Crawl [Heavy|Dark]!
12:28:00 <Taneb> :)
12:32:02 -!- nooga has joined.
12:32:54 <Sgeo> Crawl Light?
12:33:12 <elliott> It's like Crawl, but Light.
12:33:35 <elliott> It's a fork of 0.8 that adds some new stuff and removes annoying things like the bad hunger, identification and curse systems.
12:33:42 <Sgeo> bad hunger?
12:33:51 <elliott> bad (hunger, identification and curse systems)
12:33:58 <Sgeo> What's bad about them?
12:34:15 <monqy> i thought you played craw
12:34:16 <monqy> l
12:34:21 <elliott> what monqy said
12:34:33 <elliott> alternatively: "everything"
12:36:01 <elliott> even ais thinks crawl's id game sucks, and he likes identification
12:36:27 -!- Patashu has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds).
12:38:22 <Sgeo> How does it suck?
12:38:47 <elliott> 13:34 <monqy> i thought you played craw
12:38:47 <elliott> 13:34 <monqy> l
12:39:01 <elliott> it's uninteresting, tedious, and has no gameplay benefits
12:39:43 <elliott> it involves no interesting choices, more or less no risk, and basically is just completely pointless
12:41:39 -!- Taneb has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
12:42:01 -!- MoALTz has joined.
12:43:14 <elliott> and also
12:43:15 <elliott> it sucks
12:44:36 <elliott> Sgeo: and furthermore
12:44:40 <elliott> it's bad
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12:57:55 <elliott> monqy: you gotat see that tv
12:57:56 <elliott> *gotta
13:08:11 -!- nooga has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds).
13:21:47 <Sgeo> Help me! I'm using drivelware pushed by Facebook
13:21:59 <Sgeo> Because it has one redeeming quality over Pidgin
13:33:53 -!- elliott has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
13:37:32 <Phantom_Hoover> what
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14:03:49 <Taneb> Hello!
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14:08:42 <Sgeo> If I go to sleep I'm going to forget what I need to post to the Allegiance forums
14:09:01 <itidus20> summarize it here in a few posts
14:09:09 <itidus20> then you can check it later in the logs
14:17:28 <Sgeo> Why am I listening to itidus20
14:17:53 <itidus20> its one thing i know about
14:18:33 <Sgeo> Allegiance installer doesn't have Allegiance run as Administrator -- which is good except for it installing Allegiance into a protected directory, so updaters don't work
14:18:56 <Sgeo> And R6 apparently uses Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable files, which the installer does not install
14:19:18 <itidus20> Lewis Carroll once invented a strange device for taking shorthand in the dark, because he would forget what idea he just woke up with faster than the oil lamp could be turned on.
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16:09:56 <itidus20> based on some rants the other day, i'm trying my winxp in a fullscreen style mode..
16:11:15 <itidus20> all open windows maximized (where possible), taskbar removed from the bottom, taskbar can be entirely replaced effectively by alt+tab and windows key
16:12:09 <kmc> winxp -_-
16:13:06 <itidus20> it's my backlash against overlapping windows
16:13:18 <itidus20> dunno how long it will last
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16:34:24 <Taneb> Hello
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18:17:12 <ion> https://torrentfreak.com/bittorrent-piracy-boosts-music-sales-study-finds-120517/
18:19:56 -!- Taneb has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
18:20:28 <itidus20> ion: i guess the record industry wants to have their cake and eat it too.
18:21:54 * itidus20 notices that every other time someone has spoken i have responded and it might be time for a break
18:22:03 -!- itidus20 has left ("Leaving").
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18:51:24 -!- Taneb has joined.
18:51:27 <Taneb> Hello!
18:51:57 <Taneb> `quote
18:52:06 <HackEgo> 831) <olsner> they call finnish human-readable?
18:52:14 <Taneb> `? Taneb
18:52:18 <HackEgo> Taneb is not elliott, no matter who you ask.
18:52:21 <Taneb> `? Ngevd
18:52:24 <HackEgo> ​].~"MɱʂefO_4eD(2.tз};M0{zZ.7{^B'_O.IaS@."c:Y.I”ƥ0I.~nY&`ƫ@bcMb+.Jj...S\.Aa#+ \ '.t.^˕4Nx-.BPhb..iJ@f:QLܒ;΢dɇe.z..Rz \ .w!*Ax2^fMVkl.Rg.[c(.k~{ ".+.[0~6.#ov0.qFS=]C"`ݑ.ts.
18:52:32 <nortti> actually they called finnish easy to read.
18:52:59 <Taneb> `quote Taneb
18:53:02 <HackEgo> 439) <Taneb> Turned out he got recursion, he just didn't get the return statement \ 445) <Taneb> Cut to February <Taneb> War were declared <Taneb> A galaxy in turmoil <Taneb> Anyway, Febuary '10 \ 446) <Taneb> I can't afford one of those! <Taneb> A grandchild, not a laser printer \ 453) <fizzie> There's that saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different
18:53:26 <Taneb> I remember 453
18:53:31 <Taneb> `quote 453
18:53:34 <HackEgo> 453) <fizzie> There's that saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. [...] <Taneb> You've just gave me a different result [...] <fizzie> It's always insane to expect different results, even when it's likely to occur.
18:59:18 -!- asiekierka has joined.
18:59:46 <Taneb> `qutoe Ngevd
18:59:48 <HackEgo> ​/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/lib/limits: line 5: exec: qutoe: not found
19:00:01 <Taneb> `quote Ngevd
19:00:04 <HackEgo> 619) <Ngevd> Dammit, Gregor, this is not the time to fall in love \ 625) [in the context of Open University] <Ngevd> "Unlike other operating systems, Linux operating systems use Linux" \ 628) <fungot> Ngevd:. i'm so kind, even to assholes! anmaster no not markov anmaster no not markov anmaster no not markov anmaster no not markov anmaster no not markov \ 630) <Phantom__Hoover> Also you steal Berwick from us and then
19:00:58 <nortti> `quote nortti
19:01:01 <HackEgo> 823) <oklopol> nortti: fizzie has done some impressive stuff in befunge, which is essentially the two-dimensional version of finnish politics. \ 824) <elliott> It's... not really links2-optimised. <nortti> elliott: I don't think that any page is links2 optimised
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20:48:06 <Taneb> #haskell is the most banny I've ever seen a channel that hadn't been taken over by a musician from New Jersey
20:48:24 <monqy> does that happen frequently
20:49:01 <Taneb> It happened once...
20:49:38 <Taneb> The channel no longer exists, but for a short time I was its owner
20:50:14 <kmc> banny?
20:50:17 <kmc> people gettin banned?
20:50:24 <Taneb> Person
20:50:41 <kmc> branny
20:50:46 <kmc> Taneb: what for / why is it remarkable?
20:50:51 <shachaf> kmc: A troll is rejoining with different IPs.
20:50:55 <shachaf> Nothing particularly remarkable.
20:51:14 <Taneb> (I don't IRC very much, but when I do, I mostly stay in the comfort of this very channel)
20:54:41 <ion> The best tranny. The banny.
20:55:15 <Taneb> The intersection between #esoteric and #haskell is a number of people
20:55:21 <Taneb> That is at least 3
20:55:35 <shachaf> kmc: Did you solve the EXCITING PUZZLE?
21:08:40 <Taneb> Sgeo, do the update thing!
21:10:02 -!- elliott has joined.
21:10:28 <elliott> hi
21:10:28 <lambdabot> elliott: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
21:11:02 <Taneb> Hello!
21:11:47 <Taneb> elliott, update
21:12:12 <elliott> hi
21:12:27 <elliott> monqy: hello
21:12:43 <Taneb> There's been sausagey chaos on #haskell
21:12:44 <ion> @@ @tell elliott @echo @echo @echo
21:12:44 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
21:13:18 <monqy> elliott: helo
21:13:18 <lambdabot> monqy: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
21:14:49 <monqy> i was hopeful when he said "SSH is awesome" but when i asked he says he'd only consider himself a "ssh fanboy" on the condition that telnet was the only alternative :(
21:16:25 <elliott> :(
21:16:25 <lambdabot> elliott: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
21:16:42 <elliott> condolences, monqy
21:17:22 <shachaf> @@ @tell shachaf @echo @echo @echo
21:17:22 <lambdabot> You can tell yourself!
21:17:32 <shachaf> lambdabot: OR CAN I?
21:17:52 <lambdabot> yes
21:27:05 <kmc> shachaf: what puzzle?
21:27:36 <shachaf> How many non-interesecting "8"s can you fit on a plane?
21:28:26 <Taneb> shachaf, depends how big the plane and the "8"s are
21:28:34 <shachaf> The plane is infinite.
21:28:41 <shachaf> The 8s can be any size you like.
21:29:00 <Taneb> I'm going for an infinite number
21:29:21 <shachaf> The question is whether it's countably many.
21:29:52 <elliott> I'd guess yes, since you can pack 8s into the dip in the middle.
21:29:57 <Taneb> I'm going for uncountable
21:30:12 <Taneb> If the 8s can get stupidly tiny
21:30:17 <Taneb> (mathematical term)
21:30:51 <shachaf> OK, prove it.
21:30:58 <elliott> No.
21:31:04 <shachaf> Circles are easy but 8s are much trickier.
21:31:12 <shachaf> What's "the dip in the middle"?
21:31:26 <Taneb> Consider a circle surrounding an 8
21:31:38 <elliott> shachaf: The thing connecting the two "o"s.
21:31:54 <shachaf> Taneb: 8s can go into other 8s, of course.
21:32:09 <Taneb> shachaf, that doesn't make it any more countable?
21:32:33 <shachaf> Who said it was countable?
21:32:46 <Taneb> I claimed it wasn't!
21:33:11 <Taneb> If it's uncountable without putting 8s in other 8s, it will be uncountable with that ability
21:33:28 <elliott> It's uncountable because you can imagine packing the reals the same way, Q.E.D..
21:33:30 <elliott> *D.
21:33:52 <Taneb> (I have little idea what I'm talking about, btw. Most of my knowledge of this topic comes from reading irregular webcomic)
21:33:56 <shachaf> OK, so how is it uncountable without putting 8s in other 8s?
21:34:10 <Taneb> Because the 8s can get stupidly tiny
21:34:22 <elliott> shachaf: Just pack circles and then s/circle/8/?
21:34:34 <elliott> 8s have a bounding circle.
21:34:53 -!- nortti_ has joined.
21:36:18 <Taneb> Goodnight!
21:36:20 -!- Taneb has quit (Quit: Leaving).
21:51:43 <shachaf> elliott: No, because circles can go inside each other.
21:52:25 <shachaf> The obvious packing is f(r : R⁺) = Circle { center = (0,0), radius = r }
21:52:39 <elliott> OK, but an 8 is just a circle with a twist.
21:52:49 <elliott> You can pack 8s into the side, which is the equivalent of the inside.
21:53:06 <elliott> Think of taking a circle and twisting it to make an 8, and what happens to the insides.
21:53:09 <shachaf> Well, the "obvious packing" I mentioned doesn't work.
21:53:15 <shachaf> Because the 8s intersect.
21:53:19 <elliott> See above.
21:53:20 <shachaf> So suggest another packing. :-)
21:53:22 <elliott> You don't pack the 8 into the 8.
21:53:26 <elliott> You pack the 8 into the side of the 8.
21:53:34 <shachaf> OK, but how do you get uncountably many that way?
21:54:04 <elliott> shachaf: Put a real number in the top circle of the 8.
21:54:14 <elliott> Ascending on each side.
21:54:19 <elliott> Note that you can find any real number by diving deep enough.
21:54:27 <elliott> Not ascending.
21:54:30 <elliott> You know what I mean.
21:54:36 <elliott> I'm not going to make a formal proof.
21:54:42 <shachaf> Actually I have no idea what you mean.
21:54:48 <shachaf> But I don't think it works. :-)
21:56:43 <elliott> OK, do you understand what I mean by twisting a circle in the middle to get an 8?
21:57:29 <shachaf> Sort of?
21:57:31 <elliott> If you imagine a certain kind of (not physically possible twist), you can imagine what's in the very middle of the circle actually ending up at the sides of the middle point of the 8 where the circles join, on the outside.
21:57:36 <elliott> *possible) twist,
21:57:50 <elliott> (It's not physically possible because you sort of twist it in-place.)
21:58:00 <elliott> (I'm sure there's a fancy topological definition of it.)
21:58:08 <shachaf> But if you have two non-intersecting concentric circles, and you twist them both, you get two intersecting 8s.
21:58:25 <shachaf> Oh, maybe I don't understand what you're saying.
21:58:26 <elliott> Anyway, I didn't even state it based on the circles originally.
21:58:44 <elliott> The point is: the middle of the 8 has some free space, right?
21:58:51 <elliott> Where the two circles meet, there's some space to the left and right of the midpoint.
21:58:52 <Gregor> Estimated delivery date: Today.
21:58:57 <Gregor> Current location: 2,000 miles away.
21:58:58 <elliott> You can pack 8s there.
21:58:59 <Gregor> Yeaaaaaaaaaah.
21:59:08 <elliott> So just pack one on each side, and repeat the process.
21:59:19 <shachaf> That's only going to be countably many.
21:59:29 <shachaf> I can trivially enumerate these 8s. :-)
21:59:36 <elliott> Hmm, right.
21:59:39 <elliott> Bah.
21:59:43 <elliott> Just tell me the answer.
22:00:08 <shachaf> But then it's not an EXCITING PUZZLE anymore.
22:00:16 <elliott> It's not exciting.
22:00:44 <shachaf> Oh.
22:05:36 <Sgeo> How would a packing problem have uncountably infinite pieces in a space?
22:06:17 <shachaf> It's not really packing.
22:06:20 <shachaf> That's a bad word for it.
22:06:35 <shachaf> Circles can go inside each other.
22:06:45 <shachaf> They just can't intersect.
22:07:37 <elliott> Anyway, tell us the solution.
22:08:04 <shachaf> But that would spoil it.
22:08:23 <shachaf> You wouldn't want to SPOIL IT, would you?
22:08:53 <shachaf> elliott: I can give you a hint:
22:09:01 <shachaf> Is packing discs (filled-in circles) possible?
22:10:00 <elliott> I'm not sure. :(
22:10:20 <shachaf> OK, so figure that out first. :-)
22:11:02 <elliott> No.
22:11:07 <elliott> I'm too tired.
22:11:09 <shachaf> OK.
22:11:12 <shachaf> Go to sleep!
22:11:37 <elliott> I just did.
22:13:38 <Sgeo> I should post on the Allegiance forums
22:13:44 <Sgeo> They need to fix the installer
22:32:29 <Sgeo> elliott, http://type.method.ac/#
22:32:47 <elliott> I've played that.
22:32:49 <elliott> I wasn't very good at it.
22:33:34 <Sgeo> Does it make sense that the letters at the end aren't movable?
22:34:10 <elliott> Yes, otherwise the game would be impossible; there would be an infinite number of valid kernings, parameterised on letter spacing.
22:34:34 <elliott> (i.e. all of http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/40/Letter-spacingS1.png are kerned correctly.)
22:34:48 <elliott> (Well, ostensibly. Assume they are; they could be incorrect, but that's not the point.)
22:35:22 <Sgeo> Ah
22:35:38 <Sgeo> I kept wanting to squish everything together
22:36:08 <Sgeo> I didn't actually finish the game >.>
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23:06:47 <oklofok> "shachaf How many non-interesecting "8"s can you fit on a plane?" rather trivially only countably many
23:07:29 <oklofok> the idea is similar to the one for "uncountable sum of positive reals is infinite"
23:08:32 <oklofok> for the latter problem, we note that if for all 1/n, we had just countably many over that magnitude, then we could just take the countable union
23:10:14 <oklofok> similarly, for the eights, we note that if you take any "rational interval of 8 approximations", then some approximation interval is uncountable, which will be a contradiction. by an approximation interval i mean something like "height of the 8 is between x and y, and the angles in the middle are between z and w" or something.
23:10:50 <oklofok> this is all very standard, but this is a common problem type in noob competitions
23:13:31 <oklofok> well okay 8's are particularly simple so you just need to look at the size of bounding boxes
23:13:50 <Sgeo> elliott, monqy etc
23:14:36 <oklofok> it is ever so slightly more interesting for Y
23:20:25 <kmc> "trivial"
23:21:44 <kmc> "very standard... noob competitions"
23:22:29 <oklofok> yes
23:22:42 <oklofok> silly bullshit no one should be doing
23:25:49 <oklofok> can no space with a nontrivial fundamental group have uncountably many nonoverlapping embeddings?
23:27:39 <oklofok> yeah seems so
23:28:23 <oklofok> i don't think you can get anything interesting out of this
23:28:37 -!- pikhq has joined.
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23:29:16 <kmc> thanks for being a dick about it
23:29:24 <kmc> i don't think shachaf's puzzle was meant to revolutionize mathematical research
23:29:33 <oklofok> :)
23:29:47 <kmc> i think it was a little puzzle for a group of people casually interested in mathematics
23:29:50 <oklofok> finally, someone takes my being a dick seriously
23:34:28 <oklofok> wait what, did shachaf invent the puzzle?
23:35:28 <oklofok> okay i guess not
23:38:05 <oklofok> also i read my lines and wonder wtf you're menstruating abou
23:38:06 <oklofok> t
23:38:17 <oklofok> i didn't eve
23:38:21 <oklofok> n insult anyone
23:38:45 <oklofok> thanks for being a dick about it
23:39:02 <oklofok> :--------------------------------------------D
23:41:46 <oklofok> anyway does this game have a point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUC2tpY5gb4 ?
23:42:20 <oklofok> my attention span for flowers is not long enough to get it
23:43:09 -!- nortti_ has quit (Quit: nortti_).
23:43:28 <oklofok> okay i guess it is, you hit flowers with the petals
23:44:13 <oklofok> Games aren't always about senseless violence and violence. Some have a deeper meaning and an actual purpose. Take this game, Flower, for instance. It is the opposite of? violence.
23:44:22 <oklofok> -- dude on youtube
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