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01:47:49 <Sgeo> Rewatching Who's on First
01:48:00 <Sgeo> Considering that there is actually someone who calls himself why...
01:48:59 <Bike> you know that sketch is based on people with names like Hu
01:49:00 <Bike> right
01:49:34 <shachaf> Bike's on first
01:49:42 <shachaf> wait, is baseball played on bicycles
01:49:45 <shachaf> i think it isn't
01:49:52 <Bike> bicycle polo, bicycle baseball
01:49:57 <Bike> it follows logically, shachaf
01:50:00 <Sgeo> Bike: I did not realize that
01:50:22 <Bike> well you should, bicycle baseball is a noble sport
01:52:12 <shachaf> kmc: should i acquire a mölkky thing
02:01:14 <oerjan> mjölkchoklad
02:02:46 <shachaf> http://preview.tinyurl.com/mecrh3h -- oerjan
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02:14:31 <oerjan> shachaf: i get a "preview" thing showing a data: url. my browser refuses to follow the actual link to that.
02:14:39 <shachaf> Oh.
02:14:44 <shachaf> get a better browser hth
02:16:09 <oerjan> maybe some other time hth
02:16:20 <shachaf> is never an other time
02:16:55 <oerjan> with sufficient laziness time can be infinite
02:17:08 <shachaf> are you infinite
02:17:19 <shachaf> i know someone who is infinite
02:17:31 <shachaf> but not you
02:17:38 <oerjan> i don't know yet, ask me when i've finished evaluating
02:18:12 <shachaf> coöerjan
02:18:17 <shachaf> oops
02:18:26 <ion> coœ̈rjan
02:18:31 <shachaf> coø̈rjan
02:18:45 <oerjan> fancy
02:19:49 <ion> coœ̷̈rjan
02:20:14 <shachaf> ion: my terminal renders the solidus through the r
02:20:19 <shachaf> that's not the intention, is it
02:20:32 <ion> It is not.
02:20:51 <ion> How about oœ̷̈r?
02:21:03 <shachaf> Still through the r.
02:21:20 <ion> But the ¨ is over the œ?
02:22:55 <shachaf> In the second example the ¨ is over the r.
02:23:05 <shachaf> Hmm, in the first example too.
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02:23:12 <ion> ok
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02:23:31 <shachaf> But note that when I select and copy the æ, the two combining characters come along with it
02:24:11 <ion> What terminal is that, btw?
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02:24:53 <shachaf> gnome-
02:25:16 <ion> Huh. Works in mine.
02:25:20 <Bike> what's the plural of "solidus"
02:25:28 <shachaf> oerjan: Do you know "Kubb"?
02:25:33 <ion> bike: Kubb
02:25:38 <shachaf> "Number Kubb"/"Bex Kubb"/whatever.
02:27:44 <Bike> Oh
02:27:45 <oerjan> kubb the wood block throwing game?
02:27:50 <shachaf> Yes, that one.
02:27:56 * oerjan never played it himself
02:28:04 <shachaf> Whose self did you play it?
02:28:19 <oerjan> but i saw someone playing it this spring.
02:28:35 <oerjan> well afair
02:28:35 <shachaf> oerjan: As far as I can tell that's the same thing as "Mölkky".
02:28:40 <shachaf> So now you know.
02:28:42 <oerjan> oh.
02:30:20 <nooodl> i've played kubb once and it wasn't very fun imo
02:30:59 <oerjan> i don't think it's exactly the same, different shapes of blocks
02:31:09 <nooodl> part of it is the psychological aspect where you realize
02:31:13 <shachaf> ohwait was it the version with the numbers
02:31:16 <shachaf> s/oh//
02:31:21 <nooodl> i'm literally throwing wood blocks at wood blocks
02:31:25 <shachaf> i think there are multiple things called kubb
02:31:31 <nooodl> how do you live with that
02:31:39 <shachaf> the one i played was fun
02:31:46 <nooodl> my kubb was non-numbered
02:31:57 <oerjan> well (english) wikipedia has a mölkky article and a kubb article.
02:31:59 <nooodl> it was this kubb http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kubb
02:32:02 <Bike> a parakubbist
02:32:47 <shachaf> maybe i was wrong then!!
02:32:53 <shachaf> sry
02:32:56 <shachaf> hth
02:33:01 <shachaf> thx
02:33:10 <shachaf> yny
02:33:41 <oerjan> well number kubb sounds like it would be different, and mölkky has numbered ones
02:34:29 <shachaf> indeed
02:34:37 <oerjan> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Bowling
02:35:20 <shachaf> i declare the finnish one to be the best hth
02:35:36 <oerjan> O KAY
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02:57:17 <kmc> shachaf: yes
02:57:29 <shachaf> help
02:57:30 <shachaf> yes to what
03:04:10 <ion> shachaf: yes
03:06:04 <kmc> mölkky
03:07:08 <shachaf> oh
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03:57:41 <dlackili> Step 1: http://pastebin.com/TyV4Eqpa step 2: http://pastebin.com/kKn0mNNA step 3: http://i.imgur.com/FX3fAd7.png step 4: http://pastebin.com/WG0mSe6L
03:57:42 <dlackili> Can anyone solve step 4?
03:57:53 <Bike_> no
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04:00:43 <shachaf> what should i do on my birthday
04:00:54 <dlackili> my puzzle :D
04:01:00 <dlackili> shachaf: happy birthday!
04:01:05 <shachaf> it's not my birthday
04:01:13 <dlackili> oh lol
04:02:27 <shachaf> Are you mafingre or whoever they were?
04:02:29 <dlackili> yes
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04:04:33 <shachaf> Weren't you banned or something?
04:04:34 <shachaf> Or was that only in the other channel?
04:04:37 <dlackili> other channel
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04:13:36 <Bike> can anyone solve the puzzle of fuck my internet connection
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04:15:11 <shachaf> Bike: the solution is run irssi via mosh hth
04:15:36 <Bike> ugh work
04:17:28 <dlackili> http://pastebin.com/NWe0rTYc <<<< python script I came up with to try test some shit out
04:18:07 <Bike> does python even have bigfloats
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04:19:51 <Bike> oh, you don't even use the values.
04:22:53 <nooodl> so which of the clues points to DES3 dlackili
04:23:28 <dlackili> nooodl: ECB mode?
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04:23:52 <dlackili> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Block_cipher_mode_of_operation#Electronic_codebook_.28ECB.29
04:24:05 <nooodl> wow amazing
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04:25:51 <nooodl> i googled "ecb" "voldemort" while solving it and
04:25:52 <nooodl> http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.be/2009/04/ecbs-lord-vortemort-policy.html
04:26:03 <nooodl> Like the wizards in Harry Potter afraid to say "Voldemort" the dark lord's name, the ECB is afraid to speak of deflation.
04:26:18 <dlackili> hmmm
04:26:27 <nooodl> so i was using DEFLATE (gzip) instead of that :')
04:26:42 <dlackili> nooodl: did it work?
04:26:47 <nooodl> it didn't
04:27:03 <dlackili> how did you use the integral value?
04:27:10 <nooodl> i didn't. that's why i got stuck probably
04:27:58 <Bike> dlackili: seriously, you realize most of the digits of that aren't going to be used, right
04:30:22 <dlackili> Bike: in my program, ik
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04:50:52 <zzo38> I am playing ADOM and managed to get my PV down to negative 1275.
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05:05:47 <nooodl> zzo38: do you play any other roguelikes?
05:08:03 <zzo38> Sometimes.
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05:18:18 <nooodl> zzo38: which ones have you played?
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05:23:12 <shachaf> kmc: turns out maybe i have a mölkky thing in WA
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05:23:14 <shachaf> what should i do
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05:37:19 <kmc> have it mailed to you, i guess
05:37:51 <dlackili> nooodl: Do you think it could be DES?
05:38:02 <dlackili> DES uses 16 byte or 24 byte keys
05:38:12 <dlackili> IamLordVoldemort
05:38:21 <dlackili> 0.212611IamLordVoldemort
05:39:04 <nooodl> i've already seen the solution (what happened to the - by the way?)
05:39:22 <dlackili> nooodl: What is the solution?
05:40:02 <nooodl> oh i was talking about i saw the python script you pasted
05:40:15 <dlackili> nooodl: That is not the solution :P
05:40:29 <dlackili> nooodl: it might be bce
05:40:36 <dlackili> because of the 'tom marvolo riddle' part being an anagram as well
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05:50:36 <shachaf> G'racenotes
05:51:22 <coppro> fuck I have too many hobbies
05:53:02 <Gracenotes> wrong chanel
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06:13:30 <coppro> Gracenotes: nope
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06:35:51 <kmc> shachaf: when is your birthday
06:36:32 <shachaf> sometime this week
06:39:34 <kmc> cool
06:39:39 <kmc> happy preëmptive birthday
06:40:20 <shachaf> is that the opposite of a coöperative birthday
06:40:24 <kmc> yes
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06:56:09 <Gracenotes> say, what color ceramic mini-teacup/teapot combination should I get?
06:56:21 <shachaf> invisible
06:56:26 <Gracenotes> Red, Carrot, Mandarin, Lime, Turquoise, Marine, White, Gray, or Black Graphite?
06:56:56 <shachaf> are you sure carrot/mandarin/lime are color choices
06:57:02 <shachaf> they sound more like food choices to me
06:57:16 <Gracenotes> in particular http://www.forlifedesign.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=12_47&products_id=34
06:57:33 <Gracenotes> all of the colors even have three letter codes
06:58:01 <shachaf> I suppose you're not asking which one *I* would get.
06:59:10 <Gracenotes> well which one would you get, and why?
07:00:32 <shachaf> suddenly we gotta say why?
07:00:37 <Gracenotes> indeed
07:00:53 <Bike> invisible. so that you can't get snuck up on while having your tea party.
07:01:35 <shachaf> "Draw a noughts-and-crosses board, sometimes also referred to as a tic-tac-toe board. Do not fill it in with noughts and crosses, sometimes called exes and ohs. Instead, use curved arrows. By drawing more lines, make it a board for four-by-four (instead of three-by-three) noughts and crosses. Wave your hands about in complicated patterns over this board. Make some noughts, but not in the squares; put them at both ends of the horizontal and ...
07:01:42 <shachaf> ... vertical lines. Make faces. You have now proved:
07:01:44 <shachaf> (a) the Nine Lemma
07:01:47 <shachaf> (b) the Sixteen Lemma
07:01:49 <shachaf> (c) the Twenty-five Lemma
07:01:52 <shachaf> (d) that four-by-four noughts-and-crosses is a simple two-person, zero-sum game
07:01:54 <shachaf> (e) that 3²+4²=5²
07:01:57 <shachaf> (f) that square-dancing is for squares"
07:02:02 <Bike> help
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07:02:29 <shachaf> Bike: the nine lemma is rather creatively named, isn't it
07:02:51 <shachaf> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nine_lemma
07:02:52 <shachaf> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_lemma
07:02:54 <shachaf> etc.
07:02:56 <Gracenotes> shachaf: well, why would you get the color you didn't want to say you got?
07:03:02 <Gracenotes> *would get
07:03:17 <Gracenotes> *if you were to get a color
07:04:09 <Bike> i guess i should figure out what a kernel is outside of linalg. whatever
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08:32:25 <zzo38> Have you noticed that both $a^n+b^n=c^n$ and $n^a+n^b=n^c$ share a property? The property is for integers a,b,c,n with a>0, b>0, c>0, n>1, there are infinitely many solutions when n=2 and no solutions when n>2.
08:37:20 <zzo38> (The second one is much easier to prove; at least I think it is; I have figured out a proof myself but haven't seen any elsewhere)
08:37:44 <zzo38> (However, it is a informal proof, not a real proof.)
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09:36:45 <fizzie> I think I've seen a proof for the n^a + n^b = n^c, n>2 thing somewhere, possibly in a book about the Fermat thing.
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10:28:31 <zzo38> I am thinking that you can write it by place value, in base n; in the left, either a=b so one digit is 2 and the rest 0, or two digits are 1 and the rest 0; on the right, one digit is 1 and the rest 0. Therefore it doesn't match. In the case n=2 there is no digit "2" so a=b will carry to the next position.
10:29:23 <zzo38> I have not seen the proof, but I have seen it mentioned under the name "Fourmi's Well-Tested Conjecture".
10:30:45 <zzo38> Is this the correct proof or is it a different one?
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10:35:56 <zzo38> fizzie: Do you remember anything about that?
10:39:11 <fizzie> I don't think the proof I saw (if I saw one) was like that. But I don't really remember.
10:39:43 <zzo38> I don't really know what the other proof would be. Do you have any idea of a proof?
10:44:02 <zzo38> How would you prove it?
10:46:38 <fizzie> Apparently the "Fourmi" name comes from the Gödel, Escher, Bach book, where it's kind of a Fermat pun. I don't think it contains a proof. (It might be that I'm just confusedly remembering that.)
10:46:58 <ion> Official Trailer from Comic Con | SWOOSH http://youtu.be/NeVCR1qfMaU
10:47:03 <zzo38> Yes, it does come from that book, and yes, it doesn't contain a proof.
10:50:57 <zzo38> (I also don't know if Hofstadter came up with n^a + n^b = n^c or not.)
11:00:10 <fizzie> zzo38: The internet seems to claim that a paper by Orts Aracil, J. M.; A conjecture concerning Fermat’s last theorem (in Spanish). Mem. Real Acad. Ci. Art. Barcelona, 34, 1961, 17–25; is about it. Another book -- screen capture at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/113389132/Misc/20130722-orts.png -- quotes this.
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12:32:48 <Jafet> @ask shachaf “It has sometimes been suggested that half pi should be called hi, and written τ. Explain why this idea was not discovered until recently.”
12:32:49 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
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12:55:38 <oerjan> <shachaf> (c) the Twenty-five Lemma <-- huh, http://mathoverflow.net/questions/4562/is-there-an-infinity-infinity-lemma-for-abelian-categories
12:56:05 <oerjan> @tell shachaf <shachaf> (c) the Twenty-five Lemma <-- huh, http://mathoverflow.net/questions/4562/is-there-an-infinity-infinity-lemma-for-abelian-categories
12:56:05 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
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16:10:16 <shachaf> `olist (903)
16:10:19 <HackEgo> olist (903): shachaf oerjan Sgeo FireFly
16:14:16 <shachaf> hi Jafet
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17:26:07 <kmc> 'morning all
17:26:42 <olsner> GOOD MORNING
17:26:50 <olsner> or just "hi"
17:27:11 <Fiora> good meowrning
17:28:51 <shachaf> `morning kmc
17:28:52 <HackEgo> ​/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/lib/limits: line 5: exec: morning: not found
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17:57:45 <nooodl> photoshop joke: why do they call them "photoshop filters" if they're really more like "photoshop maps"
18:01:12 <Bike> happy pi approximation day *adjusts glasses, pocket protector*
18:02:20 <Fiora> Bike: you're a qtπ
18:02:48 * kmc hugs Fiora, Bike
18:03:15 <Bike> something up?
18:04:00 <Fiora> http://image7.spreadshirt.com/image-server/v1/products/18541668/views/1,width=378,height=378,appearanceId=277/QT-pie-ladies.png this is great
18:05:02 <Bike> i would have picked a different font
18:05:10 <Bike> (to continue the "nerd" aspect here)
18:10:10 <Bike> http://25.media.tumblr.com/13c2422860ee58525968c4c6f95acdb9/tumblr_mq90stNdwB1sumj40o2_1280.jpg the heck is this guy
18:10:51 <kmc> no I just like hugs
18:11:27 <Bike> oh that's good too
18:11:34 <shachaf> i like hugs on special occasions
18:11:39 <shachaf> but hugs make every occasion special
18:11:42 <shachaf> so it works out
18:11:49 <kmc> yes
18:11:59 <kmc> you understand
18:12:38 <fizzie> There's a Qt/QtMobility demo titled "do not call me cute".
18:13:22 <olsner> hmm, I read that Qt is supposed to be pronounced cute
18:13:40 <fizzie> I believe it is, yes.
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18:22:00 <Taneb> Today was fun
18:32:53 <kmc> what did you do?
18:43:04 <shachaf> Hmm, these BALINESE MUSICAL SYMBOLs are great.
18:45:31 <Taneb> kmc, I went to a small anime con
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19:08:50 <kmc> damn, Pin crashes on rust programs
19:09:06 <kmc> I wanted to write a Pin tool to track down bad refcounting
19:09:14 <kmc> kind of a silly approach but an excuse to learn Pin
19:13:20 <Gracenotes> WHAT IS PIN?!
19:13:52 <kmc> http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/pin-a-dynamic-binary-instrumentation-tool
19:15:13 <Gracenotes> that's a front-end to the several-dozen debug registers intel archs have these days?
19:15:39 <Gracenotes> or several hundred, I'm not sure
19:15:51 <kmc> no
19:16:08 <Gracenotes> a high-level front end, that is
19:16:21 <kmc> I don't think it has anything to do with debug registers
19:17:15 <olsner> besides being called an "instrumentation tool", it also says it uses instrumentation
19:17:45 <kmc> it's a native-to-native code JIT compiler that lets you insert instrumentation calls anywhere in the code
19:17:59 <Fiora> is that the thing the Intel SDE uses?
19:18:03 <Gracenotes> so you have to explicitly invoke it, then
19:18:17 <kmc> it's like the framework behind valgrind's tools
19:18:26 <Fiora> does valgrind JIT?
19:18:37 <kmc> you run it on a normal binary and say "call this function every time you execute an INC with a memory operand" or whatever
19:18:41 <Gracenotes> and it's a competitor to things like Systemtap (but more userspace-oriented, I suppose)
19:18:56 <kmc> Fiora: yes
19:19:00 <Fiora> oh, right, there's like that valgrind.h thing that you can use includes from to make valgrind do things
19:19:12 <Fiora> huh, I had no idea... geez, I thought it was so slow, it couldn't be JITing xD
19:19:32 <kmc> it's slow because it tracks two bits of metadata for every bit in memory
19:20:02 <Fiora> eesh
19:20:18 <Gracenotes> depending on how much analysis you want done
19:20:45 <Gracenotes> interesting tho
19:20:58 <kmc> not sure it has much to do with Systemtap either
19:21:13 <kmc> or valgrind.h
19:21:47 <Gracenotes> where would the INC example be useful? unless you pulled it out of nowhere
19:21:55 <kmc> <kmc> I wanted to write a Pin tool to track down bad refcounting
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19:22:58 <Fiora> oooh. the SDE *does* use Pin
19:23:50 <kmc> Fiora: that is, the default Valgrind tool (Memcheck) tracks two bits of metadata. like Pin, Valgrind is a framework for dynamic recompilation with instrumentation, and supports a variety of tools
19:24:20 <Fiora> that makes sense... is itsomething that you can like, use, without writing a massive valgrind tool or something?
19:24:28 <kmc> is which
19:24:29 <Fiora> like you mentioned just tracking some single custom thing
19:24:32 <Fiora> um, valrind
19:24:41 <kmc> I don't know how hard it is to write a custom valgrind tool
19:24:58 <kmc> it's not hard to write a Pin tool and I've heard that Pin is generally better and more capable
19:25:03 <kmc> alas, it's not open source
19:26:18 -!- carado has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds).
19:30:51 -!- carado has joined.
19:37:18 <nortti> http://www.terminally-incoherent.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/gopher.jpg
19:44:53 <Bike> i'd prefer being a gopher to being a protocol, i think
19:45:37 <Fiora> I guess you could go pher being a gopher?
19:46:04 <Bike> yes Fiora
19:46:07 <Bike> I could go pher being a gopher
19:46:24 <elliott> I was literally trying not to make a gopher it joke.
19:48:17 <Bike> you should have gone pher the gopher joke before fiora went pher the gopher oke
19:48:32 <elliott> I'm no good at pherring, Bike
19:49:09 <Bike> what does that even mean.
19:49:25 <Bike> it's not like... it's not a verb, man.
19:49:59 <olsner> it's *not* like not a verb?
19:50:00 <Fiora> bike you are the best person
19:50:16 <Fiora> also elliott, see! I helped you not make a gopher joke
19:50:18 <Fiora> by making it for you
19:50:24 <Bike> i'm also better at toing than elliott is apparently
19:50:28 <Bike> mark of my bestness
19:51:44 <Fiora> you're both the best okay
19:51:57 <Fiora> elliott's the best at being cute and you're the best at going pher terrible puns
19:52:16 <Bike> is that even a pun
19:52:19 <Bike> what's a wentpher
19:52:25 <Bike> (about five pounds)
19:54:35 <Fiora> ?
19:55:13 <Bike> if you have to ask, you'll never know
19:55:27 <Fiora> I googled wentpher and found https://twitter.com/jasonisnice/status/184560408173101057
19:56:23 <Bike> fuc
19:57:22 <elliott> staypher
19:58:06 <Fiora> gopher the puns, staypher the nonsensical rambling that follows
20:12:19 -!- sacje has joined.
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20:18:17 -!- sacje has joined.
20:23:27 <`^_^v> a couple months ago this o'reilly book called "understanding computation" came out, its been pretty good for filling in gaps of my cs knowledge
20:24:31 <`^_^v> i've only read the first chapter on formal semantics so far though
20:26:53 -!- raineys has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
20:29:24 -!- raineys has joined.
20:29:27 <kmc> neat
20:30:01 <Bike> what kinda semantics
20:31:36 <elliott> formal ones
20:33:38 <Fiora> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/37/C17-Vortex.JPG gosh wikipedia has the coolest photos
20:33:49 -!- Nisstyre-laptop has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds).
20:33:54 <fizzie> Fiora: It looks happy.
20:34:06 <fizzie> Also kinda derpy.
20:34:23 -!- oerjan has joined.
20:34:28 <Fiora> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d1/DN-SD-06-03008.JPG
20:34:46 <fizzie> I think http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Peacekeeper-missile-testing.jpg was also a very impressive Wikipedia photo, if a bit... disturbing... if you stop and think. Maybe.
20:34:59 <Fiora> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6c/C27_SPartan_making_condensation_spirals.jpg it looks like someone got string stuck on the propellors
20:35:13 <Fiora> oh geez, yeah. that picture is terrifying
20:39:58 <olsner> hmm, how long is the exposure? are we looking at like the last second before the nuclear apocalypse or the last 10 minutes?
20:40:33 <fizzie> It does say explicitly "long exposure", so... pretty long?
20:42:40 <fizzie> (I would think not ten minutes, though?)
20:42:47 <fizzie> The exif tags don't say. :(
20:43:06 <Fiora> did exif tagging even exist back then?
20:44:30 -!- dessos has joined.
20:44:50 <fizzie> The source gallery doesn't really even tell when it was taken, sadly.
20:45:40 -!- aloril_ has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
20:46:06 <fizzie> ("Peacekeeper" is quite a name for a missile.)
20:52:30 <oerjan> someone either has or hasn't read nineteen eighty-four before naming that.
20:52:58 <oerjan> unless there's an even more precise reference
20:53:21 <kmc> mutually assured destruction, dood
20:54:10 <fizzie> oerjan: [[ The new ICBM missile was originally planned to be called "Peacemaker", but at the last minute was officially designated the LGM-118A Peacekeeper. ]]
20:54:17 <fizzie> I guess "Peacemaker" is even more ominous.
20:54:26 <elliott> pacemaker
20:56:54 -!- raineys has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds).
20:57:10 <kmc> anyway nuclear weapons "kept the peace" only in that they caused war to get outsourced to poor countries that don't have nukes
20:59:19 -!- aloril_ has joined.
21:01:02 <Bike> or sometimes do, like india~
21:02:35 <fizzie> "Category:Commons featured widescreen desktop backgrounds -- They are therefore likely to be good desktop backgrounds (wallpaper) -- DefecatingSeagull.jpg" yeah, I... I don't think so.
21:08:15 <oerjan> so they're just talking gullshit
21:11:02 <fizzie> There was also a photo of Angela Merkel. I mean, there was nothing wrong with the photo, but I'm a bit unsure how many people would make that a desktop background.
21:13:33 <kmc> shachaf: what should I make using Pin? now that I know how to do stuff
21:14:14 <shachaf> what sorts of things does Pin let you do
21:14:50 -!- tswett has changed nick to tswetf.
21:15:15 <shachaf> kmc: did you see my investigation of character widths in #mosh the other day
21:15:22 <kmc> http://software.intel.com/sites/landingpage/pintool/docs/58423/Pin/html/
21:15:24 <kmc> no
21:15:50 <shachaf> it turns out wcwidth() is broken for unicode 6 "or something"
21:15:54 <kmc> :(
21:16:02 <shachaf> at least in my libc
21:16:07 <shachaf> maybe mosh should ship its own wcwidth
21:16:38 <kmc> yeah I think so
21:16:47 <kmc> we have at least one pull request open with an implementation of same
21:17:00 <shachaf> i vaguely looked at how tmux does it and it looks like it has a little table of character widths
21:17:22 <shachaf> What's stopping it from being pulled?
21:17:41 <oerjan> <fizzie> [...] but I'm a bit unsure how many people would make that a desktop background. <-- was it that famous picture of her dress with a lot of cleavage twh
21:18:51 -!- sprocklem has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
21:19:43 <oerjan> or possibly make it worse
21:21:07 <shachaf> oerjan: did you see the `olist before i mentioned it
21:22:11 <kmc> shachaf: I don't know; I haven't been active with Mosh code in recent months
21:22:19 <kmc> and I think KeithW is often busy
21:22:34 <kmc> I should get off my ass and do maintainer things but...
21:22:34 <oerjan> shachaf: before you did it in the logs? no.
21:22:43 <oerjan> wait
21:23:13 <shachaf> kmc: imo get a donkey and ride it to work hth
21:23:17 <kmc> ?
21:23:19 <kmc> oh
21:23:27 <kmc> i ride a bike
21:23:30 <kmc> which is like an iron donkey
21:23:46 <shachaf> the iron donkey would be a good name for a band
21:23:49 <shachaf> or a bike
21:23:56 <oerjan> shachaf: that would depend on how literal you are about "`olist" in that sentence hth
21:23:59 * Fiora resists urge to make jokes about kmc riding bikes
21:24:12 <shachaf> oerjan: did you see the comic update before i mentioned it
21:24:12 -!- Nisstyre has joined.
21:24:19 <oerjan> no.
21:24:21 <shachaf> ok
21:24:38 <shachaf> anyway, get off your bike and do maintainer things
21:28:41 <kmc> Fiora: :3
21:29:59 * Fiora giggles
21:30:06 <shachaf> "About 41 million donkeys were reported worldwide in 2006"
21:30:08 <shachaf> huh?
21:30:15 <shachaf> why are there so few donkeys in the world!!
21:30:20 <oerjan> what were they reported for?
21:34:56 <kmc> i'm reading some gecko code now
21:35:03 <kmc> it's pretty nice and clear
21:35:07 <kmc> don't know if the whole codebase is
21:54:02 -!- tertu has joined.
21:55:11 -!- yorick has joined.
22:09:15 -!- mnoqy has joined.
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22:14:59 -!- constant has changed nick to variable.
22:23:16 <Fiora> Bike: http://arxiv.org/pdf/astro-ph/9709094v1.pdf
22:23:23 <Fiora> "The only known effect on the later nuclear burning is that substantial destruction of all elements heavier than helium via spallation reactions can occur if the final plunge has an appreciable radial component (Bildsten, Salpeter & Wasserman 1992). The predicted amounts of spallation are substantial and basically turn the accreted matter into hydrogen, helium and a mix of light fragments"
22:23:53 <Bike> is this about accretion disks
22:24:12 <Fiora> "Matter accreted onto a neutron star of mass M and radius R releases GMmp/R ≈ 200 MeV per nucleon"
22:24:29 <Fiora> it's about runaway nuclear fusion in neutron star atmospheres, for quasi-repeating x-ray bursts
22:24:50 <Fiora> I think it's kind of like type 1a supernovae? except, like, they don't blow apart the star or anything
22:26:04 -!- Guest70600 has joined.
22:26:16 <Bike> runaway nuclear fusion in an atmosphere
22:26:17 <Bike> sounds safe
22:26:32 <Fiora> well, I guess, neutron star surfaces? I don't know
22:26:41 <Fiora> it's a little weird to think about
22:27:08 <Bike> wow this is from 97
22:27:57 <Bike> oh and it was in a book
22:28:02 <Bike> http://www.amazon.com/Faces-Neutron-Stars-Science-Series/dp/0792351940
22:28:21 <Bike> "darn, no reviews"
22:29:22 <Bike> also what's "quasi-repeating" mean
22:29:32 <Fiora> um, like, it repeats, but not perfectly regularly, I think?
22:29:51 <Fiora> so like, accretion causing instabilities which cause fusion events every few hours might have irregularities
22:30:00 <Fiora> as opposed to like, a pulsar that repeats every 0.018283772 seconds
22:30:14 <shachaf> What does "I guess B.o.B. was right." mean?
22:31:01 -!- sprocklem has joined.
22:31:25 <Bike> oh.
22:32:03 <Fiora> it's basically like, you have an accretion of some amount of stellar mass every second with some hydrogen/helium fraction and so on
22:32:33 <Fiora> and based on parameters they want to figure out how stable the fusion of hydrogen/helium on the surface of the neutron star is, and if it isn't stable, how long until an instability is reached and it "flashes"
22:32:53 <Fiora> and what sort of energy it'd produce, what relation it has to the neutron star's properties, and so on, so like, astronomers can search for them and stuff?
22:33:01 <Fiora> I think
22:33:29 <Bike> wack.
22:33:53 <Fiora> wow. neutron stars do in fact have an eddington limit o_O
22:34:11 <Bike> a what now
22:34:21 <Fiora> "The Eddington luminosity, also referred to as the Eddington limit, is the maximum luminosity a body (such as a star) can achieve when there is balance between the force of radiation acting outward and the gravitational force acting inward. The state of balance is called hydrostatic equilibrium."
22:35:37 <Bike> why must octopuses understand hydrostatics more than i do :<
22:36:47 <Fiora> it's basically like "if it's any brighter it would throw off tons of mass"
22:38:36 <Fiora> wow. so like.
22:38:43 <Fiora> this incredibly bright fusion flash that we see as an x-ray flare....
22:38:51 <Fiora> diffuses the burning layer of the star upwards by...
22:38:53 <Fiora> 20 meters
22:39:09 <Bike> that's not very many meters.
22:39:23 <Fiora> I guess that's a lot when your material is like, 100 million tons per cc @_@
22:40:09 -!- tswetf has changed nick to tswett.
22:41:31 <Bike> obviously this would be good and practical to use for power generation.
22:42:31 <Fiora> http://arxiv.org/pdf/0711.4078v2.pdf oooh here's the quasistar paper!
22:44:13 <Fiora> "The key feature of this scenario is that while the black hole is embedded within the envelope, its growth is limited by the Eddington limit for the whole quasistar, rather than that appropriate for the black hole mass itself. Very rapid growth can then occur at early times, when the envelope mass greatly exceeds the black hole mass."
22:45:07 <Bike> scaaaaary
22:45:36 <Fiora> "Our model quasistars are assumed to be spherically symmetric and in hydrostatic equilibrium. Real quasistars, if they exist, may not obey these strictures, and thus our results cannot be definitive." let us assume a spherical star
22:47:05 <oerjan> in a vacuum hth
22:47:23 <oerjan> and frictionless, obviously
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