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00:36:13 <Sgeo> Is Cola dead?
00:39:00 <Phantom__Hoover> not according to their share price
00:39:57 <Sgeo> http://piumarta.com/software/cola/
00:48:05 <int-e> r562 | piumarta | 2008-10-10 03:41:56 +0200 (Fri, 10 Oct 2008) | 1 line
00:48:24 <int-e> 5 years. it does look pretty dead.
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05:29:34 <kmc> `quote
05:29:53 <kmc> where does everybody go when i'm bored? :<
05:29:55 <kmc> incl. bots
05:30:42 <ais523> kmc: I'm watching a speedrun marathon, currently setting up for a 4-way Super Metroid race
05:30:46 <ais523> http://gamesdonequick.com
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05:31:16 <kmc> fun
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05:33:30 <shachaf> today i mentioned that i know someone who's a big fan of gopher
05:33:43 <shachaf> and another person mentioned that they also know such a person
05:33:49 <shachaf> they turned out to be the same person
05:34:22 <quintopia> kmc: burn notice!
05:34:27 <kmc> is that person zzo38
05:34:50 <oerjan> kmc: if he didn't mean zzo38 then obviously he would have said he knew _two_ people.
05:34:52 <shachaf> yes
05:35:02 <kmc> quintopia: that's a p. allright show
05:35:11 <quintopia> other people know zzo38?
05:35:33 <quintopia> kmc: and it's marathoning on ion tv when i should be sleeping
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05:36:19 <shachaf> apparently through ifmud?
05:36:35 <oerjan> quintopia: six degrees of separation may get a lot smaller when everyone is a geek
05:37:02 <kmc> ion: do you watch ion tv
05:37:25 <kmc> zzo38 is pretty well known http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=zzo38
05:38:20 <oerjan> kmc: someone in urban dictionary isn't really well known until they become a synonym for a sex term hth
05:39:04 <kmc> true
05:39:33 <kmc> and yeah, the nerd world is p. small
05:41:15 <Sgeo> I think Rebol might actually fake lexical scoping too well (compared to Kernel)
05:41:49 <Sgeo> I can think of circumstances where I want to bend scoping a bit, but Rebol near enforces lexical (despite not having true lexical scoping), but Kernel allows what I want
05:43:14 <oerjan> i can't believe it's not lexical scoping
05:45:27 <zzo38> shachaf: If it is ifMUD, then yes I am on there too; is that what they said though?
05:46:25 <shachaf> also apparently i work in the same building as Don Woods
05:47:19 <zzo38> Don Woods! Do you mean the Don Woods who invented INTERCAL and Colossal Cave Adventure?
05:47:55 <shachaf> yes
05:49:07 <kmc> hi zzo38!
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06:01:28 <Sgeo> I'm a spherical coordinate library!
06:01:46 <Sgeo> https://npmjs.org/package/sgeo
06:02:34 <Sgeo> I'm a trendy tote-bag!
06:02:38 <zzo38> Spherical coordinates; it can be useful for geography and for astronomy, perhaps. Probably other things too.
06:03:32 <kmc> yep
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06:04:43 <kmc> it's kind of neat that you can use the same kind of coördinates whether you are inside the sphere or outside of it
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06:06:35 <zzo38> Can it convert between different references that the longitude is measured on? (For example, this would apply to convert between ecliptic and equatorial coordinates; it would have other purposes too in other areas of study too.)
06:08:26 <Bike> sgeo can you do that
06:09:47 <Sgeo> I have no idea
06:10:57 <Bike> get more self-actualized
06:20:38 <kmc> Sgeo: where does your nick come from anyway
06:21:00 <Sgeo> Mashing together my first and last name
06:21:26 <kmc> ok
06:21:33 <kmc> "a common approach"
06:24:19 <Sgeo> iojdsalkfj
06:24:42 <Sgeo> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCHq6sioZ1E around 1:58
06:24:50 <Sgeo> It's one I've heard in Cybertown
06:29:43 <shachaf> aerated chocolate is strange
06:30:43 <kmc> is it a foam
06:30:47 <kmc> open-cell or closed-cell?
06:33:07 <shachaf> i don't know
06:36:15 <zzo38> Do you know what is supposed to happen in Sirlin's chess if a duel results in the attacker being exposed to check? (I am guessing the attacker just loses the game as if he ended a turn in check in any other way.)
06:59:53 <Sgeo> Is Sirlin's Chess 2 public domain?
06:59:58 <Sgeo> Would kind of... suck if it wasn'
07:00:27 <Sgeo> Also, what do chess variant sites call it? I doubt they're just going to be fine with calling some random variant "chess 2"
07:02:52 <Bike> chess 2 #483
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07:04:54 <zzo38> Sgeo: I really don't like the name "Chess 2" for this game, so I call it "Sirlin's Chess"; other people do too. I don't think the file is in public domain, although you could make implementations and descriptions which are public domain, I think. (The file can be purchased for $0.00, though.)
07:05:18 <kmc> can i purchase it for CHF 0.00 instead
07:06:28 <ais523> btw, it turns out that the biggest Bitcoin mining pool is pretty close to 51%
07:06:28 <zzo38> I don't know what CHF is, but probably you can.
07:06:59 <ais523> which is worrying just because it screws up the assumptions behind Bitcoin for that sort of thing to happen naturally
07:07:04 <Sgeo> ais523: as in, literally 51%, or as in, almost at 50%?
07:07:17 <ais523> Sgeo: not even 49%
07:07:21 <ais523> AFAIK
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07:09:31 <coppro> ais523: doesn't a majority mean you can break bitcoin since you can invent fake histories and force them on the cloud?
07:09:45 <ais523> coppro: you can't force a transaction to happen that didn't
07:09:55 <ais523> but you can arbitrarily remove a transaction from recent history
07:10:16 <ais523> (the chance of being able to do that depends on how recent)
07:10:32 <ais523> that pretty much destroys Bitcoin's integrity because you can spend money, then undo spending it and send it to someone else
07:10:42 <coppro> right
07:11:15 <coppro> do modern transaction softwares include detection of that sort of fraud?
07:12:03 <ais523> the entire point of the protocol is to detect that sort of fraud
07:12:35 <ais523> but it relies on at least 50% of the miners being honest
07:12:38 <coppro> right
07:12:58 <coppro> but if I'm the guy who receives the money, and later the cloud disagrees, I could theoretically alert my user
07:13:08 <ais523> yeah, but they can't do much but bitch
07:13:52 <coppro> if it happened a lot though then they might be able to convince others to join in retake the cloud in favour of the honest miners
07:23:15 <zzo38> I play Sirlin's other games too, such as Yomi and Puzzle Strike, and even made up new decks, rule variants, characters, puzzle chips, game modes, etc.
07:23:55 <zzo38> Do you know any of these games?
07:30:48 <zzo38> Is there a hardware implementation of LLVM?
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07:43:25 <Bike> `localtime Bike
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07:48:22 <Bike> hey kmc or anyone else, is there a good book on linux drivers (or drivers in general, if that's even a thing)
07:52:11 <kmc> Linux Device Drivers
07:52:48 <Bike> who'd have thought (thnks)
07:53:19 <Bike> ff, it's on lwn but in separate chapters. why do they do that...
07:54:28 * kmc -> sleep
07:54:30 <kmc> 'night all
08:14:44 <mroman> Any of you guys familiar with fourier transformation?
08:14:59 <zzo38> mroman: I am somewhat familiar.
08:15:02 <mroman> Ok.
08:15:35 <mroman> x(t-l) -> X(f)*e^(-i*2*pi*f*l)
08:15:58 <mroman> time shifting property
08:16:35 <mroman> cos(2pi*f*t) has 0.5 at both +f and -f
08:17:14 <mroman> f0 that is
08:17:31 <mroman> which is usually written as 0.5*d(f-f0) + 0.5*d(f+f0)
08:17:35 <mroman> where d is that dirac thingy
08:17:54 <mroman> X(f)*e^(-i*pi/4) should then be
08:18:16 <mroman> 0.5*e^(-i*pi/4)*d(f-f0) + 0.5*e^(-i*pi/4)*d(f+f0)
08:18:33 <Bike> these readings are impossible! shinji, get out now! the quantum condensation is trapping you in a dirac thingie!
08:18:46 <mroman> at leasts that's what I understand under *multiply spectrum with e^(-i*pi/4)*
08:18:59 <mroman> but apparentely it's totally wrong :(
08:19:55 <Fiora> Bike: dirac sea!
08:20:43 <Bike> no doctor, the desaturation tides are reversed... it's no longer a sea... but... a thingie...
08:20:57 <mroman> On the other hand...
08:21:05 <Fiora> Bike: it's a villainous octahedron
08:21:26 <mroman> the fourier coefficients of that cos thingy are c_1 = 0.5
08:21:56 <mroman> and doing the time shift there yields c_1 = 0.5*e^(-i*pi/4)
08:22:07 <mroman> which means that c_-1 is 0.5*e^(i*pi/4)
08:23:11 <mroman> Which suggests that 0.5*d(f-f0) is just some notation
08:23:27 <mroman> and one shouldn't acually apply the multiplication on that
08:25:59 <mroman> zzo38: nvm. Looks like some notation issue I fell into :)
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09:34:18 <Bike> "LDD3 is current as of the 2.6.10 kernel." wait, shit
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09:57:31 <zzo38> I have used Fourier transform to implement PADsynth only, so far, although I know it has other uses too.
10:01:55 <Bike> i suppose a book about current kernel anything is basically impossible, huh
10:02:08 <Bike> perhaps i need.... a monograph
10:15:54 <fizzie> Bike: It needs to be a wikibook, obvs.
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11:39:28 <ion> kmc: I’m pretty sure their signals don’t really reach Finiland.
11:39:35 <ion> modulo typos
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11:41:03 <ais523> if I typo a signla it reaches all the way to Finland?
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11:45:58 <Sgeo_> Tomorrow I'm going to try to write out my Kernel vs. Rebol example
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12:02:34 <mroman> How do private schools in the US work?
12:03:05 <mroman> I assume they are still controlled by the government in order to ensure
12:03:18 <mroman> that the education they receive there is adequate to public schools?
12:04:21 <Phantom_Hoover> in the UK there's a government inspection body that does exactly that, i assume the US works along similar lines
12:12:09 <FireFly> In Sweden too
12:32:11 <ais523> actually I assume schooling in the US is mostly unregulated
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12:39:30 <olsner> I've heard it's more regulated in the US than it is in Sweden
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12:57:39 <fizzie> There must be some sort of university accreditation, because all those degree-by-email "universities" are always mentioned as unaccredited.
12:57:50 <fizzie> "In most countries around the world, the function of educational accreditation for higher education is conducted by a government organization, such as a ministry of education. In the United States, however, the quality assurance process is independent of government and performed by private membership associations.[1]"
12:58:49 <fizzie> "The U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) (a non-governmental organization) both recognize reputable accrediting bodies for institutions of higher education and provide guidelines as well as resources and relevant data regarding these accreditors. Neither the U.S. Department of Education nor CHEA accredit individual institutions."
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13:40:08 <ion> http://kindofnormal.com/wumo/2014/01/11
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14:52:53 <ion> http://forestcenter.cl/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karhu
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15:14:41 <oklopol> i guess it's intentional given the röntyset?
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15:23:34 <quintopia> okhellopol
15:24:22 <oklopol> quintophia
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19:01:39 <nortti> "for instance, 400 years before we had computers, we had email, which is a raised or embossed image pressed into metal. "
19:04:35 <Slereah> I do not get it
19:04:42 <Slereah> If it's about telegraphs, it's a bit early
19:04:52 <Slereah> But if it's about actual mail, it's a bit late
19:05:01 <Slereah> Oh wait
19:05:04 <Slereah> He means
19:05:08 <Slereah> émaille
19:05:11 <Slereah> Dohoho
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19:26:50 <int-e> hmm. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_Limited
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20:12:54 <fizzie> "Call for Papers - Special Issue on Facial Biometrics in the Wild"
20:16:10 <impomatic> Is tetzold.com down for anyone else?
20:33:49 <nortti> seems to be down from here
20:42:11 <int-e> http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/tetzold.com
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21:38:36 <impomatic> Thanks, have emailed the site owner.
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22:30:08 <ion> http://i.imgur.com/mQmXYh4.png
22:30:49 <Taneb> Uh oh
22:34:56 <ion> Spock MacGyver http://youtu.be/wzBShJ2dNfQ
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