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00:58:18 <boily> fungot: hi!
00:58:18 <fungot> boily: it suddenly occurred to me
00:58:24 <boily> fungot: likewise.
00:58:24 <fungot> boily: interesting, but sounds hard to do
00:58:37 <boily> fungot: it's quite easy, if you practice enough.
00:58:37 <fungot> boily: why does he want to do. i.e. you can't do a length and then a srfi 7* program would be faster, but it
00:58:45 <boily> fungot: but it what?
00:58:45 <fungot> boily: http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/ files/ in at most two digits"... hmm, apparently there are parents in the us it is very rare. there are an estimated"
00:58:56 <boily> parents? in this chännel?
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01:26:12 <kmc> lol #dogecoin is bigger than #python
01:26:24 <copumpkin> damn right
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01:44:50 <kmc> heh, I finally found a situation where if (foo() == false) is arguably preferable to if (!foo())
01:45:05 <copumpkin> :O
01:47:06 <kmc> if (astNode.getValue() == false) where astNode represents a Boolean literal in the syntax of some language we're compiling
01:47:22 <copumpkin> aha!
01:48:12 <kmc> it's a quoted false in a sense. one might even call it metacircular :O
01:48:54 <kmc> of course having an imperatively-named "getValue" method on an object representing an AST node is awful, but that's not up to me
01:49:15 * kmc -> afk
01:54:33 <boily> the False that can be Truthed is not the True False.
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02:01:19 <JWinslow23> ohai pplz
02:01:38 <JWinslow23> Do any of you want to hear some acapella music I made?
02:02:29 <JWinslow23> It's the second half of the Family Guy theme.
02:03:58 <JWinslow23> https://www.mediafire.com/?a7hjyi1ifocas27
02:04:07 <JWinslow23> If any of you want to listen.
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03:08:33 <zzo38> Can you design a RPG computer game in SQL?
03:08:52 <Bike> No, because I fail at any task assigned to me.
03:09:35 <zzo38> O, OK, then don't do it by yourself.
03:09:54 <zzo38> Do you know how to program in SQL, or how to design a computer RPG game, whether or not you can actually do either?
03:10:29 <Bike> No, because my mind is a broad sieve.
03:10:52 <oerjan> can you die messily in a painful way?
03:11:02 <oerjan> (just checking the general state here)
03:11:34 <zzo38> Perhaps, with the correct tools, but, I am not dead!
03:12:06 <oerjan> not a zzombie, check
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03:31:24 <copumpkin> kmc: you watching the fireworks?
03:50:12 <kmc> bitcoin fireworks?
03:50:28 <ion> `coins
03:50:39 <kmc> we lost HackEgo in the Great Netsplit of 2014
03:50:44 <pikhq> :(
03:52:34 <copumpkin> kmc: yeah
03:53:52 <kmc> why's it crashing? mtgox finally kicked the bucket?
03:58:55 <pikhq> Seems like.
03:59:13 <kmc> "MtGox Resigns From Bitcoin Foundation, Deletes All Tweets From Twitter Feed"
04:00:44 <copumpkin> kmc: they also halted trading
04:00:50 <copumpkin> and blanked out their homepage just now
04:01:03 <copumpkin> there's also a fake-looking (but who knows) document floating around that says they lose all their coins
04:01:11 <copumpkin> so everyone is freaking out
04:02:22 <ion> Where does one watch the fireworks?
04:02:36 <copumpkin> ##mtgox-chat or #bitcoin if you really want noise
04:06:34 <ion> I guess this is a representation of the fireworks. http://bitcoincharts.com/charts/bitstampUSD#rg2ztgSzm1g10zm2g25zv
04:08:10 <zzo38> I made up some more chess variant: http://www.chessvariants.org/index/msdisplay.php?itemid=MScatschess
04:08:12 <copumpkin> http://bitcoinity.org/markets/bitcoinbuilder/GOXBTC
04:08:17 <copumpkin> that's a reasonable representation of some of the fireworks
04:08:35 <ion> copumpkin: heh
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04:16:54 <zzo38> It was power failure
04:17:22 <ion> UPS?
04:18:58 <pikhq> I bought one a couple days ago. They are nice to have.
04:24:10 <zzo38> I have a surge protector but the battery doesn't work.
04:24:42 <zzo38> I could not see the stars because the street lights were still working.
04:27:24 <kmc> "GOXBTC" lolol
04:27:28 <kmc> discount bitcoins
04:27:39 <copumpkin> yeah
04:27:49 <copumpkin> good measure of current trust :)
04:29:20 <kmc> copumpkin: so for things to get this way, I assume there are difficulties moving BTC in/out of Gox, as well as USD
04:29:35 <kmc> because the exchange is insolvent?
04:29:37 <copumpkin> only out
04:29:42 <kmc> well yeah ok ;)
04:29:44 <copumpkin> and yes, people speculate that they're insolvent
04:29:51 <copumpkin> seems pretty likely at this point
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04:31:37 <ion> Daddy?
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04:36:29 <Sgeo> Do people ever get interested in non-live game streams?
04:36:36 <Sgeo> I want to try streaming some Worm Olympics
04:37:48 <pikhq> We call that "Let's Play"
04:38:56 <ion> It’s a function of how interested i’m of the game itself and how entertaining your commentary is.
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04:40:38 <zzo38> Someone wanted to video my game too, but someone else said, it should be someone who want to injure himself with a knife, since those people should play my game instead.
04:41:23 <kmc> what
04:42:44 <ion> what
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05:01:54 <zzo38> Some of the functors/monads/etc used in Haskell programming are also applicable to arbitrary categories.
05:02:33 <zzo38> Such as, the constant functor, is compatible with any category.
05:03:13 <zzo38> What are some other ones which I did not know of?
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07:46:16 <ion> David Griffiths Lecture, Techfest 2012, IIT Bombay http://youtu.be/FY076-fEZ-s
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10:12:33 <zzo38> In order to encode some text the following table is in use: http://sprunge.us/gESV Is there a more efficient way to do the same thing instead of reading the table and interpreting the "instructions" in the table?
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10:47:52 <int-e> zzo38: are you asking whether the table can be compressed?
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10:52:26 <zzo38> int-e: No, but whether the program to read the table can be made more efficient.
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10:59:56 <int-e> zzo38: I'm not sure we've got enough context here. As far as I can make out, you have to read the thing, scan for occurrences of double quotes, and put the stuff between those quotes into successive entries of an array.
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11:02:33 <int-e> (In this particular table, you can also predict the offsets of those double quotes without much effort.)
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11:21:11 <zzo38> int-e: No, it automatically figures out the offsets.
11:21:33 <zzo38> And the double quotes aren't actually part of the table, nor are the spaces; they are just used to arrange it to display.
11:22:47 <int-e> I'll vote for "lack of context" then.
11:25:01 <Taneb> Wolfram Language is scary
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14:41:13 <Phantom_Hoover> hahaha omg mtgox is down
14:41:18 <Phantom_Hoover> it's happening, finally
14:46:38 <elliott> Phantom_Hoover: look at the page source
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14:48:56 <Phantom_Hoover> is acq short for 'acquirement' or something
14:49:16 <elliott> acquisition
14:49:19 <elliott> of course
14:49:19 <Phantom_Hoover> right
14:49:48 <Phantom_Hoover> apparently they disabled withdrawals some time before this happened though (/r/bitcoin is *hilarious* right now)
14:51:02 <elliott> yes, that was a while ago
14:51:31 <elliott> soon is probably a good time to buy BTC, by the way
14:56:51 <Phantom_Hoover> assuming it'll go up again
14:57:41 <Phantom_Hoover> i guess the ecosystem might've moved away from mtgox enough to absorb the shock if it's been that dire for that long, though
14:58:09 <elliott> yes, mtgox had fiat problems much before it had btc problems
14:58:30 <elliott> I don't think it makes sense for it to crash permanently because of this, but maybe people are panicky enough for it to
14:59:02 <elliott> like, anyone with BTC in mtgox was already worried they might not really have that cash any more by this point?
14:59:12 <Phantom_Hoover> yeah
14:59:31 <Phantom_Hoover> oh well, there goes my dream of watching bitcoin burn
15:05:12 <Phantom_Hoover> wow even in these dark times /r/bitcoin continues to MEANWHILE: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1yutdk/we_are_witnessing_the_failure_of_a_company_the/
15:25:47 <int-e> maybe they'll reopen the magic the gathering online exchange
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15:26:20 <int-e> (that seemed like a sound business to me ... ;-) )
15:31:10 <int-e> ooh, xkcd ... "webring" ... that brings back memories.
15:38:09 <Phantom_Hoover> god, remember when what-if was interesting?
15:39:25 <Phantom_Hoover> when it wasn't just a bunch of dry calculations to establish whether or not there are enough elephants to make an interplanetary burger chain
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16:33:02 <Bike> Phantom_Hoover: this gets funnier and funnier the more i think about it
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16:42:25 <FireFly> Wait, what page source?
16:43:03 <FireFly> I don't see anything particularily odd in the source of mtgox.com
16:45:09 <elliott> it was changed
16:45:12 <elliott> it used to have a comment saying like
16:45:17 <elliott> fill in mtgox acquisition announcement here
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16:58:57 <FireFly> Ah
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17:06:40 <Phantom_Hoover> Bike: did you hear about the part where they supposedly lost hundreds of millions of dollars through shit security
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17:36:03 <zzo38> When I asked the people who configure my DNS to make a TXT record, he said it doesn't have a field to tell you what subdomain to associate it to.
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17:48:34 <zzo38> In case it helps, it is registered with GoDaddy.
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17:53:24 <JWinslow23> ohai pplz
17:53:26 <JWinslow23> ELECTIVE Slustio
17:53:59 <JWinslow23> \o/
17:54:13 <zzo38> I do not understand.
17:54:13 <JWinslow23> No, the bot doesn't work.
17:54:26 <JWinslow23> ELECTIVE Slustio was my Captchka.
17:54:36 <JWinslow23> Then, I tested that \o/ thing.
17:54:44 <JWinslow23> Where a bot would make the rest of the body.
17:55:17 <zzo38> Ah.
17:55:25 <JWinslow23> Didn't that used to be active?
17:55:38 <JWinslow23> Like this:
17:55:41 <JWinslow23> \o/
17:55:44 <JWinslow23> |
17:56:01 <JWinslow23> |\
17:56:04 <zzo38> I don't even know if that is the correct syntax.
17:56:10 <JWinslow23> Eh, I didn't get it right.
17:56:18 <JWinslow23> It should be arms of some sort.
17:56:25 <JWinslow23> \\o/
17:56:30 <JWinslow23> _o_
17:56:36 <JWinslow23> Grrrr....
17:56:37 <zzo38> I have seen that some internet services at hotels and some stuff will not work except for DNS requests, until you pay. (In some the DNS might not work either) Can we serve the files through DNS records?
17:56:47 <JWinslow23> ...
17:56:53 <JWinslow23> No idea what that is. :p
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17:57:02 <JWinslow23> ohai Slereah
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17:57:21 <JWinslow23> I can see that myname is on here.
17:57:22 <fizzie> It's a script, not a bot \o/
17:57:27 <fizzie> I guess it's not a work.
17:57:47 <JWinslow23> The same guy that made the MarioLANG interpreter and BF-MarioLANG converter, right?
17:57:49 <fizzie> Though it hasn't always worked at the beginning of a line, anyway.
17:57:52 <JWinslow23> myname?
17:57:59 <fizzie> No, myndzi.
17:58:09 <fizzie> Close, though.
17:58:10 <JWinslow23> Because didn
17:58:17 <JWinslow23> t myname do something like that?
17:58:26 <fizzie> He did the interpreter, yes.
17:58:37 <JWinslow23> (Note to self: Never press enter before ending message
17:58:37 <JWinslow23> )
17:58:42 <fizzie> But the \o/ script was myndzi's.
17:58:58 <JWinslow23> Ah.
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18:13:31 <JWinslow23> Guys?
18:14:07 <JWinslow23> Did you know that, every 7.79 seconds, an American Saggitarius named Amelia drinks a soda?
18:15:00 <oerjan> i'm pretty sure i read that somewhere recently.
18:15:14 <JWinslow23> http://xkcd.com ?
18:15:27 <oerjan> that's a pretty good guess.
18:15:43 <JWinslow23> Coz that's where I got it from.
18:16:14 <JWinslow23> Every 42.05 seconds, someone buys "To Kill a Mockingbird".
18:16:29 <JWinslow23> Every 1.82 seconds, a cat actually kills a mockingbird.
18:17:00 <JWinslow23> XD
18:17:02 <int-e> boring.
18:17:09 <oerjan> the thing that annoyed me about that one was that they were not ordered by frequency, so i had no idea how long to wait for some of them.
18:17:29 <int-e> clearly you should parse the gif files
18:17:58 <oerjan> as if that could decrease annoyance.
18:18:10 <JWinslow23> Here is a table: http://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/1331
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18:23:57 <int-e> "Whenever you edit wikipedia, God kills a human."
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18:41:46 <kmc> Gregor: whither HackEgo?
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19:15:49 <b_jonas> olsner: just look at the decoding in http://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/1331
19:16:26 <b_jonas> olsner: I mean, come on, for more than a year now Randall doesn't write proper transcripts of his comics, but the explainxkcd community does, so look at there for anything like this
19:17:51 <fizzie> b_jonas: Why are you (a) repeating a link that was just pasted, and (b) to a different person than the one who asked?
19:18:08 <b_jonas> fizzie: argh
19:18:22 <b_jonas> I didn't see it was pasted, and yes, wrong nick
19:18:23 <b_jonas> sorry
19:19:12 <fizzie> (I guess the latter is explained by oerjan sneakily sneaking out in the meanwhile.)
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19:33:26 <olsner> b_jonas: now I know :) out of curiosity, what did oerjan ask?
19:34:13 <b_jonas> olsner: < oerjan> the thing that annoyed me about that one was that they were not ordered by frequency, so i had no idea how long to wait for some of them.
19:34:17 <b_jonas> olsner: that's what he asked about that xkcd strip
19:37:16 <olsner> mmm, dogecoin explained: http://i.imgur.com/rPltYqf.gif
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19:48:52 <olsner> `coins
19:49:14 <olsner> fungot: coins?
19:49:14 <fungot> olsner: what version of stalin is that from? i don't understand
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19:53:48 <kmc> checking whether the C compiler works... no
19:54:13 <olsner> did it still consider your environment "sane"?
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19:54:50 <kmc> heh
19:54:56 <kmc> it's an android cross compile so i hope not
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19:55:44 <olsner> oh, through autotools? didn't think you could do that
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19:56:25 <kmc> hm? autotools supports cross compile yeah
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20:06:47 <kmc> fontconfig was only made thread-safe last year :/
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21:27:21 <kmc> http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/02/24/steve-jobs-statue-unveiled-ahead-of-installation-at-apples-cupertino-hq
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21:31:03 <kmc> fatal: You are on a branch yet to be born
21:31:13 <fizzie> http://www.nature.com/news/publishers-withdraw-more-than-120-gibberish-papers-1.14763 SCIgen hasbeen busy
21:31:26 -!- kmc has set topic: fatal: You are on a branch yet to be born.
21:31:29 <kmc> er
21:31:37 -!- kmc has set topic: fatal: You are on a branch yet to be born | https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2023808/wisdom.pdf http://codu.org/logs/_esoteric/ http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric/.
21:33:28 <fizzie> fungot: You should try writing a paper about something.
21:33:29 <fungot> fizzie: i entered nonlogic because it was quite cool. but i'm not on irc, and that's irrelevant.
21:34:30 <fizzie> fungot: You certainly *seem* to be on irc.
21:34:30 <fungot> fizzie: that's like sooo much better than that, though rather painful and my nose is both clogged annoyingly runny.
21:34:52 <fizzie> Okay then.
21:36:39 <olsner> clogged and runny, p. good combo
21:38:08 <olsner> kmc: what were you trying to do? maybe birth the branch before somethinging it
21:38:36 <kmc> just trying to fix my makefile :<
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21:44:56 <Bike> fizzie: i like how we can't even be sure we've got all the scigen. they walk among us, unseen
21:45:40 <Bike> @tell phantom_hoover shit security, bad investments in insolvent mortgages... pretty much the same, right?
21:45:40 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
21:46:32 <elliott> kmc: have you tried bonghits
21:48:34 <zzo38> Do you like this chess variant (one of the forms of Shatranj Kamil)? http://www.chessvariants.org/historic.dir/tamerlane.html
21:51:20 <kmc> elliott: not yet
21:51:26 <kmc> i'm at work you know
21:51:37 <elliott> well, if they want that makefile fixed...
21:56:07 <FireFly> fungot: a paper on nonlogic, eh?
21:56:08 <fungot> FireFly: heh then it's not defining it they're free to argue with that.
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22:03:18 <fizzie> fungot: How come you sound somehow different than the usual irc style?
22:03:18 <fungot> fizzie: this would be good to write a scheme program in terms of a compiler than manual memory management
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22:14:11 <zzo38> I asked before about strings searching, but really what I need is one that has multiple search strings, that search strings are preprocessed, and that the text to search in isn't preprocessed. I found some things about this in Wikipedia, but do you have more advice?
22:17:25 <zzo38> Would Commentz-Walter be better, or something else?
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22:41:10 <kmc> `coins
22:41:12 <HackEgo> iotakercoin lahalixcoin karuacoin isccoin ><>coin lifecoin minifucoin slasscoin pasycoin etasismcoin eeblanzcoin wpcftioncitcoin owpcoin inscrecoin galcoin iricoin dhgcoin sincoin compcoin brackcoin
22:41:12 <kmc> yay
22:45:00 <elliott> inscrecoin
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23:07:06 <olsner> http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/1yvczv/stephen_wolfram_introduces_the_wolfram_language/cfo7o8c
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23:27:02 <zzo38> I looked at Wolfram Language; now they even say, the ARM version of Mathematica is now free of charge, and even the computer costs less than using the other computer.
23:28:44 <zzo38> However, it is slower than the normal version.
23:33:09 <FireFly> zzo38: how big is the set of strings to search for?
23:34:50 <zzo38> FireFly: At most 96 entries, although probably smaller.
23:35:02 <zzo38> The exact number of strings to search for is unknown.
23:35:50 <zzo38> And there are probably going to be many occurences of the search strings in the text.
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23:41:40 <zzo38> FireFly: The purpose of this is for compression.
23:43:55 <FireFly> I was thinking maybe you could put the strings to search for in a trie and step down the trie for each character you match..
23:46:15 <zzo38> Maybe it would. I would need to be sufficiently fast, as the amount of text to search in is probably going to be very large though.
23:46:58 -!- shikhout has joined.
23:47:14 <ion> Welcome backego
23:47:57 <zzo38> The character codes only go up to 163, if that helps at all, although many of the codes aren't used. (There are actually some other character codes but they are ignored for purposes of compression.)
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23:53:55 <Sgeo> https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/d158fc7f36a25e19791d25a55da5623399a2644f/fs/ext4/resize.c#L698
23:56:29 <FireFly> >.<
23:57:25 <kmc> I'm glad that Rust allows debug-printing of any value, even though this breaks encapsulation and parametricity and makes baby jesus cry
23:57:28 <kmc> it's fucking useful
23:57:55 <kmc> GHC kind of has this via its "debugger" feature
23:59:59 <olsner> @quote desert
23:59:59 <lambdabot> EvilTerran says: We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the phantom types began to take hold.
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