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00:02:54 <zzo38> Now I downloaded ZORKMID and tried to compile it, I got several warnings about unused return values. I didn't get those messages before.
00:03:52 <Sgeo> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/475057068/frog-fractions-2
00:03:54 <Sgeo> 3:28
00:04:06 <Sgeo> Wait
00:04:12 <Sgeo> 0:29
00:04:25 <Sgeo> I... think the video player switched 'time left' and 'time'
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00:18:59 <FireFly> oh huh they managed to fund that?
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00:34:01 <zzo38> Do you know if there is a command in vi to load the text typed during one insert mode into the clipboard buffer? I want to learn what command it has
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00:34:58 <izabera> the closest thing i know is .
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01:39:07 <ProofTechnique> zzo38: The last thing you typed in insert ought to be in the ". register, then you should be able to put the contents into the clipboard with :let @+=@. or :let @*=@., I think
01:40:38 <ProofTechnique> Regarding "Do you know if there is a command in vi to load the text typed during one insert mode into the clipboard buffer? I want to learn what command it has"
01:57:09 <zzo38> O, OK
02:11:10 <oren> is instant coffee stronger than espresso? I think it must be...
02:11:59 <pikhq> oren: Define "stronger".
02:12:33 <oren> pikhq: um, does it have more coffee stuff in it
02:13:09 <oren> ... "caffiene" that's the word
02:13:33 <oren> im kind of all jittery right now
02:14:37 <pikhq> Ah. Espresso has much more caffeine extracted from it, though it's only more per unit volume *not* more per serving.
02:14:54 <oren> Ohh.... so apparently the jar says one scoop of powder per mug, I assumed an equal amount of powder and boiling water
02:15:04 <pikhq> Oh christ, no wonder.
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02:15:27 <pikhq> Congrats, you've made quite concentrated coffee.
02:16:05 <oren> this has not been the best idea on a sunday night
02:16:08 <oren> lol
02:16:11 <pikhq> Also, flavor-wise instant coffee is going to be inferior (just as a consequence of how it's made)... FYI.
02:17:52 <oren> ah. yeah although I got the boilig water using the espresso machine....
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02:18:47 <pikhq> So how much of the powder would you say you used?
02:19:04 <pikhq> Sounds like as though you drank the rough equivalent of a pot of coffee in a single cup?
02:19:05 <ProofTechnique> I'm surprised it's not full of grit.
02:19:37 <pikhq> ProofTechnique: Shouldn't be. Instant coffee shouldn't have much of anything to produce noticable grit.
02:20:02 <oren> the mug is about 500 ml, so... 250 ml of powder (although powder course thus less) and then boilig wter and str til it disolvd
02:20:17 <ProofTechnique> I would expect much more than recommended per unit of water would leave some behind, though.
02:20:42 <oren> it seems it didnt...
02:20:43 <pikhq> Not especially -- coffee is not usually a saturated solution.
02:20:44 <ProofTechnique> Wow. You're gonna have quite a crash.
02:20:48 <oren> lol
02:21:05 <pikhq> Yeah, that's gonna be... maybe 500mg of caffeine?
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02:23:53 <elliott> 02:14:48 <oren> pikhq: um, does it have more coffee stuff in it
02:23:53 <elliott> 02:15:25 <oren> ... "caffiene" that's the word
02:23:56 <elliott> this is kind of adorable
02:23:59 <oren> hmm based on internet medical info it's near-imposible to overdose on coffee, so i'll just, um, try and do some work or someithing
02:24:09 <elliott> well you can overdose on caffeine but
02:24:13 <elliott> fairly easily even I think
02:24:18 <elliott> but, like, caffeine pills.
02:24:23 <oren> ah
02:24:50 <elliott> "The LD50 of caffeine in humans is dependent on individual sensitivity, but is estimated to be 150 to 200 milligrams per kilogram of body mass"
02:25:01 <elliott> as long as you weigh more than 3 kilograms you should be okay
02:25:13 <oren> I weight 154 punds
02:25:18 <pikhq> Yeah. Caffeine's safety isn't because it's nigh-impossible to overdose but rather because the effective dose is so massively lower than the dangerous dose.
02:26:01 <pikhq> Meaning that there's approximately no way you're going to actually *ingest* a dangerous dose without trying.
02:26:37 <pikhq> Kinda like you'd have one hell of a time hitting the LD50 of LSD.
02:28:57 <oren> hmm 500ml coffee weight aprox 0.5 kg means I am now 1/140th made of coffee
02:30:13 <oren> lololol
02:30:45 <oren> because 154 pund = 70kg almost exacly
02:32:40 <pikhq> "pund" = Scandinavian approximation of .5kg?
02:33:17 * pikhq does greatly appreciate that treatment of the traditional units: round 'em and use 'em as clean approximations of the metric units.
02:33:21 <oren> pund is me trying to type pound
02:33:30 <pikhq> Ah.
02:34:15 <int-e> oerjan: that @messages bug will be fixed the next time I rebuild lambdabot (which will happen when ghc-7.10.1 gets released)
02:34:17 <elliott> pund is a unit of how much you weight
02:34:18 <pikhq> So you actually mean avoirdupois pounds. k.
02:35:19 <oren> interestingly my puls does not appear to have risen. sys 127 dia 80 pulse 66
02:35:32 <oren> which is abput avergae for me
02:35:59 <pikhq> I guess you're mostly getting the neurological effects.
02:37:12 * oren wonders wether most peple have blodd presure meters in their houses
02:37:38 <ProofTechnique> I use a belt and a tire pressure tester.
02:38:02 <ProofTechnique> I'm good for another 3000 miles, at least!
02:38:17 <izabera> do you guys know what's a pangram?
02:38:32 <oren> a thing with all letters in it
02:38:36 <izabera> kewl
02:38:40 <int-e> the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
02:38:41 <izabera> i want an email that's a pangram
02:38:44 <izabera> yeah like that
02:39:11 <izabera> help me find something that makes sense and doesn't have many repeated letters and ends in @gmail.com
02:41:36 <ProofTechnique> gmail.com has 2 m's. :(
02:42:04 <izabera> doesn't have >>many<< repeated letters
02:42:58 <izabera> less than 10 repeated letters would be a good start, i guess
02:47:23 <oren> this is a set cover problem i thing
02:48:10 <oren> one of kaprs npc problems
02:48:54 <oren> *Karp's NP-complete porblems
02:49:04 <izabera> hey i didn't ask for a good solution in the general case :P
02:50:14 <oren> Hmm possibly we can generate random pangrams using dict/words and then pick out good ones?
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02:50:59 <izabera> yeah but it's kinda hard...
02:51:24 <izabera> first of all, it's hard to make meaningful sentences out of that list
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02:52:00 <Zefphex> Replace oerjans name with Onii-Chan
02:52:10 <ProofTechnique> Onii-jan
02:52:38 <Zefphex> yes
02:52:48 * Zefphex gives prize
02:53:03 -!- oren has changed nick to Ourin-kun.
02:53:42 <Ourin-kun> lol
02:53:44 <ProofTechnique> WaqfsBurkDepthVizJynx@gmail.com
02:53:59 <Zefphex> Our rin kun
02:54:20 <Zefphex> Who's gay mail is that
02:54:36 <Ourin-kun> izabera wanted one thats a pangram
02:54:50 <ProofTechnique> I had to add some vowels back in
02:54:53 <Zefphex> I'm listening to music
02:55:09 <Ourin-kun> soamit
02:55:12 <izabera> Ourin-kun: :\ that doesn't make much sense
02:55:14 <Ourin-kun> so am i
02:55:15 <ProofTechnique> Only 3 repeated letters, though
02:55:19 <izabera> what's waqfs
02:55:33 <ProofTechnique> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waqf
02:55:37 <Ourin-kun> no clu
02:55:45 <izabera> i thought it was some kind of file system
02:56:11 <Ourin-kun> lol someone should make a steganogarphic file system called that
02:56:17 <Zefphex> it happens to be a Japanese song that I cannot understand but I find pleasing to listen to because the language is p. good
02:56:47 <Zefphex> Would never speak it tho i'd go for my ancesteral language that is dying
02:56:50 <Zefphex> Gaelic
02:57:55 <ProofTechnique> HurtAndVexedByZFS+JKPQW@gmail.com
02:58:04 <izabera> i can say spaghetti in italian
02:58:06 <elliott> +JKPQW
02:58:07 <edirc> ?
02:58:10 <elliott> ...
02:58:25 <Ourin-kun> I just realized I am less than 4 weeks away from end of my university degree
02:58:29 <ProofTechnique> I couldn't come up with anything for those, and gmail let's you get away with that + stuff
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02:58:49 <ProofTechnique> Only 4 repeated characters, still
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02:59:13 <Zefphex> http://www.dunedinit.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Too_many_toolbars-1024x837-1.jpg
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02:59:57 <ProofTechnique> It's obviously a reference to this picture: http://twitpic.com/jkpqw
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03:00:09 <Zefphex> my gmail usernames are very terrible
03:00:56 <Ourin-sempai> this song i'm listening to is great, but for no apparent reson it begins with a clip of the Apollo 8 genesis reading
03:01:15 <Ourin-sempai> The song is David Dima - Tsundere Night
03:02:28 <Ourin-sempai> the song has nothing to do with apollo 8 or the bible... lol wut
03:02:48 <ProofTechnique> *senpai
03:03:45 <Zefphex> Sin pie*
03:04:11 -!- Ourin-sempai has changed nick to Ourin-senpai.
03:04:32 <ProofTechnique> *supine
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03:05:18 <Ourin-senpai> Hmm, iirc at least one romanization scheme uses m when ン changes before a p,b, or m kana
03:05:45 <Zefphex> Apparently according to the internet Mami from madoka magika Is the waifu of Hitler
03:05:45 <ProofTechnique> That wouldn't surprise me.
03:06:13 <Zefphex> What are you listening to Senpai?
03:06:48 <Ourin-senpai> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfeer7aqHWc
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03:07:34 <Zefphex> How do you make a multi-dimensional fluid Quadrangle
03:09:37 <ProofTechnique> Give it a few drinks and a hobby.
03:09:52 <Zefphex> Probably
03:09:54 <Ourin-senpai> float p[X][Y][Z]; float u[X][Y][Z][3];
03:10:03 <Ourin-senpai> then apply Eulers equations
03:10:18 <Zefphex> Ofc how could I foeget
03:10:23 <Zefphex> for*
03:11:33 <Ourin-senpai> of course you need to define the dimensions of the quadrangle as #defines of X Y Z
03:11:50 <Zefphex> A quadrangle is a uh
03:12:03 <Zefphex> Well I cant say triangle with 4 sides
03:12:12 <Zefphex> Then its not a triangle nor a square
03:12:20 <Zefphex> Fyack
03:12:23 <int-e> polygon?
03:12:24 <Zefphex> Shapes
03:12:36 <Zefphex> No it doesn't look like that
03:12:47 <Zefphex> Its like Hmmm well idk
03:12:53 <Zefphex> I just know its a shape
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03:13:24 <Ourin-senpai> a quadrangle is a place inside a university
03:13:45 <Ourin-senpai> there are sevral at my university
03:14:24 <int-e> oh ironically it's called by its sides: quadrilateral
03:15:15 * int-e wonders
03:15:43 <int-e> ok, google says quadrangle is more common... but it sounds less familiar to me. and I should sleep. good night.
03:16:22 <Zefphex> Goot nighg
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03:17:58 <Zefphex> I want to donate my pipe organs to my organs before I die please
03:20:43 <Zefphex> Ily Senpai
03:21:02 <Zefphex> Which Senpai am I talking about
03:21:06 <Zefphex> Who knows
03:29:48 <Ourin-senpai> apparently the girl who rejected me for prom in HS is now at York and engaging in Enjokousai for grades
03:30:20 <Ourin-senpai> whew I sure dodged a bullet there
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03:32:59 <pikhq> Sekushii ne.
03:33:00 <oerjan> `addquote <oren> is instant coffee stronger than espresso? I think it must be... [...] <oren> Ohh.... so apparently the jar says one scoop of powder per mug, I assumed an equal amount of powder and boiling water
03:33:02 <HackEgo> 1238) <oren> is instant coffee stronger than espresso? I think it must be... [...] <oren> Ohh.... so apparently the jar says one scoop of powder per mug, I assumed an equal amount of powder and boiling water
03:37:12 <Ourin-senpai> #define die(x,y...) ({printf(y); exit(x);})
03:37:23 <Zefphex> Onii-Jan
03:37:45 <Zefphex> can you skip the y
03:37:50 <Zefphex> x,z
03:43:49 <Ourin-senpai> #define box(x) ({typeof(x) *_xptr=malloc(sizeof(*_xptr));*xptr=(x);xptr;})
03:44:11 <Ourin-senpai> lololol
03:44:29 <Zefphex> Where should I run a string like that
03:44:37 <Ourin-senpai> #define box(x) ({typeof(x) *_xptr=malloc(sizeof(*_xptr));*_xptr=(x);_xptr;})
03:44:46 <zzo38> Those are some possibilities of C preprocessor used with GNU extensions
03:45:06 <oerjan> <pikhq> "pund" = Scandinavian approximation of .5kg? <-- i can't speak for swedish and danish, but in norwegian that's not a unit still in actual use, unlike "mil".
03:45:32 <oerjan> (hi from backscroll. i took a 3 hour nap.)
03:45:47 <ProofTechnique> I could use such a nap
03:46:06 <oerjan> int-e: thanks!
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03:48:26 <oerjan> <* oren wonders wether most peple have blodd presure meters in their houses <-- i don't hth
03:48:28 <Zefphex> Sleeping to much cuts your life expectancy up
03:49:03 <ProofTechnique> Though I suppose if you just take a 3 hour nap two or three times a day, it's probably fine.
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03:50:52 <Ourin-senpai> #define let(x,y) typeof(y) x = (y)
03:51:21 <Zefphex> Give me a complex lua string
03:53:27 <ProofTechnique> i
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03:55:24 <Zefphex> have
03:56:13 <Ourin-senpai> to
04:00:45 <oerjan> <izabera> i can say spaghetti in italian <-- hey i had you down as an _actual_ italian after that benvenuto thing :(
04:01:26 <izabera> i am
04:01:28 <izabera> lol
04:01:31 <oerjan> please don't sabotage my quest to rudely classify all #esotericians
04:02:49 <Ourin-senpai> into the water, into the truth, in your reflection, he lives in you
04:05:55 <elliott> I can say spaghetti in english!
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04:15:35 <oerjan> @tell int-e Thanks!
04:15:35 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
04:16:38 * oerjan finally reaches his own messages in the backscroll
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04:25:49 <oerjan> <Zefphex> Sleeping to much cuts your life expectancy up <-- well it was to compensate for getting up too early in the evening hth
04:28:02 * oerjan reaches the end of backscroll
04:28:13 <oerjan> thank you, it's been a wild ride
04:28:52 <Zefphex> Onii-jan
04:29:06 <Zefphex> You cant be breaking your sleep schedule like dat
04:29:23 <oerjan> am i a red oni or a blue oni?
04:31:14 <oerjan> Zefphex: but if i don't break it i won't be awake for my dentist checkup!
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04:32:14 <oerjan> also your insistence on "normalcy" only gets you classified as someone unfit to give me advice hth
04:33:02 <Zefphex> So you like having latex fingers lightly carress your mouth flesh
04:33:18 <oerjan> about once a year, yes.
04:33:42 <oerjan> as long as the outcome is "this looks good"
04:34:20 <vodkode_> my dentist is a 74 year old holocaust survivor from europe who tells me to "shuttup and take the pain you spoiled brat" and stuff like that, despite me being in my 30's
04:34:27 <zzo38> Are you a oni at all? Or one of a different color than red and blue (such as white and black)?
04:35:34 <Zefphex> My dentist is a Vietnamese veteran and some times has ptsd and flips out and runs off
04:35:44 <Zefphex> But atleast my teeth are clean
04:36:07 <vodkode_> you got me beat, yours is younger and prob more crazy
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04:37:46 <zzo38> There is other possible use of typeof too, possibly to combine with zero length arrays
04:38:37 <oerjan> zzo38: pretty sure i don't fit either hth
04:39:52 <zzo38> You could also make combine sizeof with zero length arrays, to make "compile time type identification"; it doesn't waste memory like run time type identification would do
04:44:01 <Ourin-senpai> My dentist is a childhood friend of my grandmother.
04:44:05 <Zefphex> ni ni
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04:48:25 <zzo38> There are possibility in C to make structures that never have any variables or anything else of that type.
04:48:43 <zzo38> One reason I have done it is to make sizeof assertions, although there are other possibilities too
04:48:57 <oerjan> i don't know what my dentist is except a dentist.
04:49:18 <oerjan> and female, most of the time.
04:49:26 <oerjan> well also white, i guess.
04:49:59 <zzo38> Do you know many languages she can speak?
04:50:04 <oerjan> one.
04:50:44 <oerjan> also she's part of a team office but i seem to be getting the same one these days.
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05:03:55 <Sgeo> Was Tailsteak a Christian during 1/0?
05:04:32 <Sgeo> I mean, I sort of assumed so, but Leftover Soup keeps making me think he deconverted earlier than that, for some reason
05:04:51 <Sgeo> Or... actually I guess I don't know his current beliefs, just that they're less Creationy
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05:13:04 <oerjan> hm Zefphex left
05:14:02 -!- oerjan has changed nick to Ore-sama.
05:14:30 <Ore-sama> after reading a bit in wikipedia, i have concluded this is clearly the right way to japanify my name hth
05:14:33 -!- Ore-sama has changed nick to oerjan.
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05:20:16 <zzo38> I don't know what is "right way" but I make my name in Japanese in my own way; my given name with katakana and family name with kanji
05:21:39 <oerjan> when your father (iirc) changed his surname, did he keep the meaning? so they would be the same kanji...
05:22:16 <Ourin-senpai> my name has an ambiguous spelling and pronounciation in english.
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05:23:18 <zzo38> oerjan: Not as far as I know, but that was before I was born.
05:23:32 <zzo38> So I don't use my father's old surname.
05:23:44 <oerjan> hm
05:24:23 <zzo38> But the kanji I use might not be the intended meaning anyways; he has said the intended meaning might be "Blacksmith" instead of "Black"; whether or not this is true, I have always used the kanji for "black" before and therefore don't need to change it.
05:25:02 <pikhq> Is your surname Black?
05:25:19 <zzo38> Yes
05:25:36 <zzo38> I thought you know that already?
05:25:39 <pikhq> Yeah, that's probably "blacksmith".
05:25:40 <pikhq> No.
05:25:42 * oerjan is curious what it was before
05:25:50 <oerjan> just in case it's not obvious :P
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05:26:10 <zzo38> Well, I am not going to tell you what it was before (just in case he doesn't want to tell you, I also won't)
05:26:25 <Ourin-senpai> 'orin' or 'oren' or possibly 'warren' it was never clear to me during my childhood
05:26:31 <shachaf> pikhq: whoa, happy pikhq++
05:26:45 <oerjan> CURSES FOILED AGAIN
05:26:54 <pikhq> shachaf: How long have you been waiting for that?
05:27:06 <Ourin-senpai> because it was /orən/
05:27:10 <shachaf> <24 hours?
05:27:16 <pikhq> Noted.
05:27:26 <shachaf> I don't know, how long should I have been waiting?
05:27:48 <pikhq> Since March 24 2014. Of course.
05:28:09 <Ourin-senpai> Is there a standard way to katakana-ize an /ə/
05:32:04 -!- vodkode_ has joined.
05:34:02 <zzo38> I don't know, but, you can try to either look at other same name see how it was done before, or you can make it up yourself in your own way since it is your own name anyways, or you can ask some people who are Japanese; see there is three possibility
05:40:24 <Ourin-senpai> Hmm, looks like オリン or オーリン (since my name has stress on the O) would some closes
05:40:44 -!- shikhin has joined.
05:41:41 <coppro> Ourin-senpai: never refer to yourself with an honourifig
05:41:43 <coppro> *honourific
05:42:03 <Ourin-senpai> my last name has a well known standard transliteration of ワトソン
05:42:18 -!- Ourin-senpai has changed nick to o-rin.
05:42:22 <coppro> also I was discussing with a friend, my name is probably シャンハウテ, though there may be more standard transliterations
05:42:33 <pikhq> Mine has a well known but somewhat weird transliteration of "uusuta".
05:42:57 <coppro> hmm
05:43:30 <coppro> apparently "Sean" is actually transliterated as ショーン
05:43:52 <coppro> I meant to put a long vowel in before, but I'm intrigued that o was preferred to a
05:44:17 -!- shikhin_ has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds).
05:44:33 <o-rin> aw is closer to o than a
05:44:39 <shachaf> I imagine my name is more difficult to transliterate into Japanese than into English.
05:44:42 -!- AndoDaan has joined.
05:45:05 <pikhq> Likely.
05:45:15 <pikhq> Japanese has a real lack of phonemes.
05:45:18 <coppro> yeah
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05:48:08 <o-rin> well, for final consonants they seem to add -u sylable, except for t and d which for some reason become "to" and "do"
05:48:42 <o-rin> luckily my name has only final n in it
05:48:51 <coppro> the reason -u usually gets added is because when it appears word-final it is often devoiced
05:48:57 <coppro> which makes it almost inaudible
05:49:36 <coppro> but sometimes that sounds bad or awkward, or due to the pitch used you can't devoice, so you get the o instead
05:49:37 <o-rin> oh, you couldn't use tu or du because there isn't them
05:49:56 <coppro> oh right that tooo
05:49:58 <coppro> *too
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05:53:11 <o-rin> オーリン・ワトソン yeah that should be sufficient
05:53:47 <oerjan> yay 10000 SO rep
05:55:45 <o-rin> omedetou
05:56:51 <o-rin> I wonder if that looks good on a resume
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06:03:58 <Sgeo> I have seen IE do things properrly that other browsers get wrong
06:04:14 -!- AndoDaan has quit (Quit: Bye).
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06:04:16 <zzo38> It is certainly possible
06:04:17 -!- zadock has quit (Quit: Leaving).
06:04:23 <zzo38> Although IE does some things wrong too
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06:25:47 <zzo38> I was making a pair of duel deck of Magic: the Gathering for Human Supremacy Corporation vs Unhuman Alliance. I put a few unofficial cards (including the one called "Human Supremacy Corporation"). Also probably is not finish yet
06:31:03 <shachaf> What does that card do?
06:33:06 <zzo38> Any player can cause 1 damage to each non-Human creature.
06:33:24 <zzo38> To be more specific it is:
06:33:48 <zzo38> Human Supremacy Corporation {WWBB} Legendary Enchantment :: At the beginning of each upkeep, ~ deals 1 damage to each untapped non-Human creature. :: {4}, Discard a card: Deals 1 damage to target non-Human creature. Any player may activate this ability.
06:36:30 <oerjan> o-rin: arigato
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06:51:07 <zzo38> If you have other suggest to add a card I can do that too; I don't know all of the official cards
06:53:19 -!- J_Arcane_ has joined.
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07:22:05 <coppro> o-rin: you should play riichi with me
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07:38:37 <o-rin> where do I play it
07:40:08 <coppro> tenhou, but you probably should learn first
07:40:14 <coppro> it's not really easy to learn and all the guides suck
07:41:10 -!- J_Arcane_ has joined.
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07:52:53 <o-rin> AAAAAAAAA
07:53:10 <o-rin> the TA's are still on strike
07:53:19 -!- L8D has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
07:53:25 <o-rin> my work is NEVER going to be marked!!!
07:55:19 <o-rin> they rejected the deal with the university AGAIN
08:00:41 <o-rin> AAAAAAA I handed in my neural network that recognizes handwritten numbers 3 weeks ago!!!
08:01:08 <izabera> wtf o_o
08:01:27 <izabera> show it please?
08:01:33 <o-rin> sure
08:02:31 <o-rin> .... actually I'd better not, they said they'd accept late submissions and they'd think I cheated
08:03:01 <o-rin> hmm I'll take a screenshot
08:04:26 -!- tromp_ has joined.
08:06:43 <o-rin> http://ctrlv.in/522625 <-- early training
08:07:55 <o-rin> http://ctrlv.in/522626 <-- late in training. the 8 gets 1 and the other digits get 0 signal... hell yeah
08:08:56 -!- tromp_ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
08:09:04 -!- AnotherTest has joined.
08:10:41 <o-rin> http://ctrlv.in/522630 one more screenshot. howzat?
08:12:36 <o-rin> It's interesting just how well a neural network works for these tasks
08:35:15 -!- SopaXorzTaker has joined.
08:37:40 -!- AndoDaan has joined.
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08:53:17 <Jafet> I wonder how many terabytes of models have been created for the MNIST digits to date.
09:05:11 <o-rin> if everyone in my class did it, then at least a gig right there
09:06:05 -!- tromp_ has joined.
09:06:11 <o-rin> some people have been slacking because they expect the strike to go on till end of term
09:07:19 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
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10:10:47 <slereah> Hey hey
10:10:49 <slereah> Been a whilee
10:16:13 -!- boily has joined.
10:16:37 -!- Phantom_Hoover has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds).
10:24:13 <AndoDaan> How long is a while'e?
10:25:31 <slereah> It is that Pixar movie
10:25:34 <slereah> About the robot
10:25:37 <slereah> And the trash
10:26:10 <AndoDaan> Wall-e or summat.
10:26:20 <slereah> same diff
10:33:05 -!- pizearke has joined.
10:33:17 <pizearke> my people
10:34:55 <slereah> LET MY PEOPLE GO
10:35:28 <AndoDaan> Let It Go.
10:35:37 <pizearke> I was a big combinatory logic enthusiast a few years back
10:35:56 <pizearke> now I'm a musician and I thought I'd get in touch with my old self by doing some music programming :3
10:36:08 <slereah> Combinatory logic is quite neat
10:36:21 <slereah> Also probably one of the oldest Turing complete system
10:36:30 <pizearke> I was really fascinated with how much you could do with just s and k
10:36:33 <slereah> Older than the Turing machine and lambda calculus!
10:36:44 <slereah> Possibly older than -recursive functions?
10:36:46 <pizearke> combinatory logic is pretty much just lambda anyway
10:37:03 <slereah> Yet older than it!
10:37:09 <pizearke> it is?
10:37:15 <slereah> Yep
10:37:17 <slereah> 1920's
10:37:17 <pizearke> til
10:37:23 <pizearke> I thought it was like 50's
10:37:23 <slereah> From an old logic paper
10:37:34 <slereah> Nobody really cared about it back then
10:37:50 <slereah> But the Schonfinkel paper is from like... 24?
10:37:55 <pizearke> oh
10:37:59 <pizearke> that's the name I know
10:38:02 <AndoDaan> There's http://p-nand-q.com/programming/languages/gplz/gertrude.html and http://esolangs.org/wiki/Velato for musical esolangs.
10:38:13 <pizearke> I'm making my own, thank you
10:38:27 <pizearke> I'm sure those are awesome though
10:39:05 <slereah> "The original inventor of combinatory logic, Moses Schnfinkel, published nothing on combinatory logic after his original 1924 paper. Haskell Curry rediscovered the combinators while working as an instructor at Princeton University in late 1927.[3] In the latter 1930s, Alonzo Church and his students at Princeton invented a rival formalism for functional abstraction, the lambda calculus, which proved more popular than combinatory logic. "
10:39:07 <slereah> Goddamn
10:39:09 <AndoDaan> Not as awesome as the potential one you're working on.
10:39:13 <slereah> It was invented TWICE before lambda calculus
10:40:13 <pizearke> I had no idea haskell curry was from the 20's :O
10:40:40 <pizearke> the one I'm working on looks more like assembly
10:41:41 <pizearke> I wrote down some ideas for what the instructions would be and it came out to exactly 16 different instructions
10:41:46 <pizearke> and I was like "shiiiit"
10:54:52 -!- tromp_ has joined.
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11:03:44 <slereah> it is a good number
11:03:58 <slereah> Although
11:04:05 <slereah> I guess it depends on their arguments
11:04:12 <pizearke> yeah it's hard to work with just a nibble
11:04:20 <pizearke> because some of them don't have operators
11:04:42 <slereah> Do you mean operands
11:04:50 <pizearke> yeah I'm an idiot
11:04:53 <pizearke> sorry
11:05:03 <pizearke> also I'm really rusty right now
11:06:11 <pizearke> I think some of them not having operands wouldn't be a problem if they were byte instructions
11:06:14 <pizearke> but they're nibbles
11:13:43 <slereah> Pad them to a byte?
11:14:03 <slereah> I guess it depends how many different operands the ones with an argument need
11:18:18 <boily> @massages-loud
11:18:18 <lambdabot> oerjan said 14h 15m 24s ago: avocabulant isn't a word hth
11:18:18 <lambdabot> oerjan said 13h 53m 18s ago: you are right i'm more evil than elliott hth
11:18:33 <boily> @tell oerjan I know.
11:18:33 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
11:18:38 <boily> @tell orejan I know.
11:18:38 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
11:18:48 -!- boily has quit (Quit: INAUDIBLE CHICKEN).
11:19:03 <slereah> Avocabulant is a perfectly cromulant word
11:20:26 <pizearke> the ones with an operand all only have one
11:20:57 <slereah> Well if you only have 16 different values for each operand max, that would work out nicely
11:21:16 <pizearke> I have some bad news for you
11:21:22 <pizearke> I need more bits than that amigo
11:21:24 <pizearke> I need more bits
11:21:28 <slereah> Otherwise either pad to a byte or make variable length instructions
11:21:44 <pizearke> I'm not doing variable length instructions
11:21:50 <slereah> Pad that shit then
11:21:54 <pizearke> that's too inefficient with nibbled
11:21:57 <slereah> Pad like the wind
11:22:21 <slereah> That way you can add even more instructions if you feel like it!
11:22:37 <pizearke> that's a really fair point
11:22:42 <pizearke> I never even thought of that
11:22:56 <pizearke> I'm going to make an end of file character, too
11:23:11 <slereah> Maybe a set of instructions that are the same, except this time it's beatboxing???
11:23:17 <slereah> (Since it is musical)
11:23:24 <pizearke> it outputs music
11:23:38 <pizearke> but one time I tried making a spoken language that was entirely beatboxing
11:23:42 <slereah> Is it Turing complete music
11:23:52 <pizearke> the music itself? no
11:24:04 <pizearke> it's not even music. more like just sound
11:24:18 <pizearke> but complex sound
11:24:58 <pizearke> do you want to hear what I have so far?
11:25:13 <pizearke> it's not very good, but it's interesting
11:25:26 <slereah> Currently at work
11:25:38 <pizearke> aight
11:30:21 -!- SopaXorzTaker has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
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13:15:51 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Talk:MGIFOS]] http://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=42172&oldid=31604 * SuperJedi224 * (+485)
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13:19:58 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Talk:MGIFOS]] http://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=42173&oldid=42172 * SuperJedi224 * (+13)
13:20:19 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Talk:MGIFOS]] http://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=42174&oldid=42173 * SuperJedi224 * (-20)
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14:29:24 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Clip]] http://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=42175&oldid=42168 * Ypnypn * (+0)
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15:06:55 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Clip]] http://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=42176&oldid=42175 * Ypnypn * (+1)
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16:11:24 <tswett> o-rin: I've heard Japanese people say "ka" using exactly the same vowel I use in the word "Sean".
16:11:31 <tswett> But that's because I have a weird accent.
16:15:06 <Phantom_Hoover> what vowel do you use in sean...
16:15:33 <Phantom_Hoover> like is it the same vowel as in 'sawn'?
16:16:31 -!- not^v has joined.
16:19:01 <int-e> @metar LOWI
16:19:01 -!- Phantom_Hoover has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
16:19:01 <lambdabot> LOWI 231550Z 07010KT 9999 FEW060 15/03 Q1010 R08/1///95 NOSIG
16:29:34 -!- SopaXorzTaker has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
16:42:10 -!- dianne has joined.
16:42:29 <o-rin> tswett: that's some dope accent dawg
16:47:43 -!- dianne has quit (Quit: Lost terminal).
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17:05:57 <o-rin> @metar CYYZ
17:05:57 <lambdabot> CYYZ 231700Z 36007KT 330V060 15SM SCT230 M06/M19 A3039 RMK CI4 SLP300
17:06:46 <o-rin> clear and cold, my favorite weather
17:06:54 -!- vodkode_ has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
17:06:55 <coppro> o-rin: wait, you're in YYZ?
17:07:02 <o-rin> yep
17:08:00 <coppro> huh
17:08:41 <o-rin> my sleep schedule is out of whack
17:12:11 -!- GeekDude has joined.
17:20:08 <Taneb> @metar EGNT
17:20:09 <lambdabot> EGNT 231650Z 28008KT 9999 SCT040 10/02 Q1010
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19:07:26 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Special:Log/newusers]] create * Kasran * New user account
19:08:49 -!- o-rin has quit (Quit: Lost terminal).
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19:20:12 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Befunge]] http://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=42177&oldid=41933 * Kasran * (+67) /* Quine */ added a short quine
19:23:48 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Befunge]] http://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=42178&oldid=42177 * Kasran * (+121) /* Examples */ added a ROT13 encoder/decoder
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19:34:16 -!- g2watson has joined.
19:35:55 <g2watson> is there a better terminal program for windows than putty?
19:37:11 <g2watson> hmm, maybe wrong thing... um, a better ssh program.
19:38:31 -!- v^v^ has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds).
19:43:04 <ProofTechnique> g2watson: KiTTY? http://www.9bis.net/kitty/
19:43:53 <ProofTechnique> I think everything else depends on cygwin or msys, but then you've got your choice :D
19:43:53 -!- j-bot has joined.
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19:46:56 <elliott> PuTTY is pretty good but you could use, like, Cygwin + urxvt + ssh.
19:49:40 -!- zzo38 has joined.
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20:16:05 <tswett> Phantom_Hoover: yeah, same one. Sean, lawn, prawn, dog, fog, wash, floss, broth.
20:16:36 <tswett> But not clock, mock, pop, blotch, fossil, ocelot.
20:19:31 -!- newsham has quit (Quit: maint).
20:20:08 <g2watson> tswett: weird, I rhyme all those words, but with a sound much closer to typical Japanese o than a
20:20:53 <g2watson> how does the sound in dog differ from pop?
20:22:29 <tswett> By being back instead of front.
20:22:44 <g2watson> for me they are all back
20:23:05 <tswett> I think that's the case for, like, at least 90% of English speakers in any given country.
20:23:10 -!- Phantom__Hoover has joined.
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20:31:07 <g2watson> hmm, my dialect of english has a total of only 13 vowels...
20:32:19 <g2watson> bat bate bet beet bit bite bot boat but beaut boot book bird
20:33:15 <g2watson> hmm no wait beaut is sort of like ee + oo
20:33:35 <g2watson> so 12
20:39:55 <g2watson> wikipedia claims that among palm lot cloth and thought, I should pronounce some differnetly, but I don't
20:43:13 <g2watson> bite is like but + beet
20:44:35 -!- ais523 has joined.
20:44:57 <g2watson> Maybe counting vowels is actually harder than counting the possible vowel sequences
20:46:37 <g2watson> palm lot cloth and thought still all have the same vowel, I don't get thet
20:49:15 -!- L8D has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
20:53:39 <zzo38> I have some book about philosophy, including mirror problem, thinking about Santa Claus, box of answering question in Chinese (even though the people who work there don't know any Chinese), free beer for ten cents, free will, interpretation of laws, etc
20:55:32 <shachaf> zzo38: I have some book about some of those things too.
20:56:31 <g2watson> I have a least 3 books about those things, but I dodn't read it
20:57:05 <g2watson> crap my name is worng again
20:57:15 -!- g2watson has changed nick to orin.
20:59:06 <zzo38> Why do you make your name always wrong again?
20:59:11 <orin> why does irssi use your local username as default nick
20:59:23 <zzo38> I don't know why?
20:59:24 <elliott> are you sure you're not a kasha
21:00:03 <zzo38> Also mention rules for shadows. They list two rules of shadows which they call so obviously correct, but to me both rules look to be so obviously wrong
21:00:44 <shachaf> What are the rules?
21:00:46 <orin> elliott: a boild buckwheat?
21:01:07 <elliott> it's just another rin joke.
21:01:12 <orin> oh
21:01:20 <elliott> but yes, sure, boiled buckwheat
21:01:23 <elliott> seems like a good insult
21:02:42 <orin> 'g2watson' means "CS specialist program account for mr. Watson"
21:03:07 <zzo38> Rules give are: The shadow doesn't cast if the light isn't shining on the object, and the shadow doesn't cast if there is another object in between for casting the shadow on instead.
21:03:21 <zzo38> To me, both are clearly wrong, although to them they are both clearly correct.
21:03:52 <orin> shadows don't exist
21:04:51 <orin> light shining around edge of object exists, shadow is perception of shape based on lack of light
21:06:56 <orin> but what is the problem for them with their rules?
21:07:59 <zzo38> They do cite a problem, although it was wrong to me even before that. The problem they cite is in case you hold coffee in front of you, one piece of the shape of shadow is shape of you but is through the coffee. Who casts the shadow?
21:08:17 <zzo38> I say both!
21:08:24 -!- augur_ has joined.
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21:11:12 <orin> well the light that would hit the ground if you weren't there, that light would need to pass thorugh both you and the coffee, so yeah
21:13:47 <orin> but then it seems kind of pointless to say that a lack of light belongs to a particular object, i mean it is,um, a nonexistent thing by definition
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21:34:37 <fizzie> A thing: http://dominic-mulligan.co.uk/?page_id=148
21:36:21 <elliott> are you going?
21:39:29 <fizzie> Probably not. I just got an email (on some list), and it sounded mildly relevant here.
21:40:50 <Taneb> ...is there a North of England Regional Programming Language Seminar?
21:41:13 <paul2520> how about a Midwestern United States Regional PLS?
21:42:39 <Taneb> I'd love to go to that, but like most of the south of England is difficult for someone like me who flits between Northumberland and York
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22:03:34 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Befunge]] http://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=42179&oldid=42178 * Kasran * (-188) removed programs I added earlier, as they will probably crash or not work right in CCBI
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22:16:42 <Sgeo> Happy pikhqday
22:16:56 <Sgeo> A day of high quality pik
22:18:21 -!- AnotherTest has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
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22:28:52 <pikhq> Truth.
22:28:59 <pikhq> The pik is the highest of q.
22:29:16 * pikhq shall attempt not to asplode
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23:06:33 <Zefphex> I dare you to tell me the plot of a video game you've never played before. by the the cd on a microscope and the the pits
23:07:03 <ais523> ?
23:07:03 <Zefphex> by viewing the cd*
23:07:03 -!- shachaf has left.
23:07:11 <ais523> oh, I see
23:07:22 <Zefphex> reading*
23:07:25 <ais523> I know a lot of the plots of video games I've never played, but that's mostly via watching other people play them
23:07:36 <Zefphex> same
23:08:06 -!- `^_^v has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
23:12:38 <Zefphex> Oh man if only I wasn't a fragmentation of someone's mental state because they know how to program and I just feel dumb being here
23:14:34 -!- zadock has joined.
23:14:36 <ais523> you could fix that by learning to program, perhaps?
23:14:45 <ais523> pick a language that nobody else can program in either
23:14:47 <ais523> so that nobody has a head start
23:22:38 <Zefphex> I'm only good at art
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