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01:22:16 <izabera> `` printf %s {a..z} | dd conv=swab,unblock,ucase cbs=9 status=none
01:22:39 <HackEgo> dd: invalid status flag: `none' \ Try `dd --help' for more information.
01:22:48 <izabera> `` printf %s {a..z} | dd conv=swab,unblock,ucase cbs=9 2>/dev/null
01:22:59 <izabera> this thing is posix
01:23:44 <izabera> i have no idea why dd does this
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02:21:45 <shachaf> `? lie
02:21:58 <HackEgo> Lies are even easier than monoids. They form groups, known as Lie groups.
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03:36:14 <shachaf> `? fizzie
03:36:27 <HackEgo> fizzie is not fnord with a monad but the sneaky king of #esoteric, see http://codu.org/projects/hackbot/fshg/index.cgi/raw-file/tip/src/fizziecoin.jpg
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03:39:10 <hppavilion[1]> Elections in Alaska feel like a sham
03:39:36 <hppavilion[1]> Because the numbers here usually go in after the winner has been mathematically selected
03:43:36 <zzo38> I have made a new VM called TAVERN (it was originally implemented in BASIC, but now it is in C and I wrote the compiler too), and I have gotten this program to compile and run: http://sprunge.us/CieM
03:44:58 <zzo38> All memory cells contain signed 16-bit numbers (this is because it was originally with BASIC).
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04:26:52 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Language list]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=48900&oldid=47327 * Darkrifts * (+36) /* F */
04:27:27 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Language list]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=48902&oldid=48900 * Darkrifts * (-36) /* F */
04:29:02 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Language list]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=48903&oldid=48902 * Darkrifts * (+33) /* F */
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04:56:26 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[FOSCode]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=48904&oldid=48899 * Darkrifts * (+74) /* Stack */
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04:57:21 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[FOSCode]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=48905&oldid=48904 * Darkrifts * (+95) /* Queue */
04:59:16 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[FOSCode]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=48907&oldid=48905 * Darkrifts * (+193) /* Documentation */
05:03:46 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[FOSCode]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=48908&oldid=48907 * Darkrifts * (+78) /* Stack */
05:05:18 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[FOSCode]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=48909&oldid=48908 * Darkrifts * (+231) /* Documentation */
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05:18:06 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[FOSCode]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=48910&oldid=48909 * Darkrifts * (+448)
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10:04:56 <shachaf> int-e: Ah, the type you used is also used here: http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~mhe/papers/ordinals/ordinals.html
10:05:14 <shachaf> "If you want to get really high, then you should study lenses"
10:05:57 <int-e> that sentence has a really fun interpretation...
10:08:12 <int-e> But yeah I would've been surprised if that particular type was new... it's kind of natural. (In fact I was inspired by an Isabelle theory for (countable) ordinal numbers, but I expected the idea to be much older than that.)
10:10:06 <int-e> and yay, a broken link... publishiing on the web is a bit like writing something on paper and nailing it to a tree.
10:11:51 <int-e> (now if I had a way to build hyperlinks into that picture, hmm...)
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10:12:40 <int-e> (ideally a more natural one than "further information can be found on the third birch to the left")
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10:56:00 <int-e> good moerjning!
10:56:34 <oerjan> good mornint-e!
10:57:13 <shachaf> aren't y'all chipper
10:57:15 <shachaf> @time oerjan
10:57:15 <lambdabot> Local time for oerjan is Sun Jul 17 11:57:15 2016
10:57:21 <shachaf> suspicious
10:57:23 <gamemanj> Good moerjan.
10:57:50 <gamemanj> Good mornshachafing.
10:58:09 <gamemanj> Good int-ening.
10:58:11 <int-e> hey why does lambdabot repeat the timestamp of its own message... creepy...
10:58:43 <gamemanj> Eh, you haven't even heard the beginning of the creepy things lambdabot can do...
10:58:51 <shachaf> int-e: ?
10:59:02 <int-e> shachaf: "11:57:15 <lambdabot> Local time for oerjan is Sun Jul 17 11:57:15 2016"
10:59:17 <int-e> Also I may be in a slightly silly mood... nothing unusual of course.
11:00:04 <myname> interesting, it was :17 here
11:00:22 <int-e> It just struck me that it would be very unlikely if those were random numbers.
11:00:45 <int-e> WTF,
11:00:46 <shachaf> @time lambdabot
11:00:46 <lambdabot> I live on the internet, do you expect me to have a local time?
11:00:50 <shachaf> yes
11:00:58 <int-e> gamemanj: is CTCP script() a thing?!
11:01:01 <gamemanj> No
11:01:06 <gamemanj> if it was that would be a terrible idea
11:01:26 <int-e> gamemanj: phew. It's just terrible enough that somebody might actually implement it :P
11:01:39 <gamemanj> Don't worry, I'm sure I could ask someone to make a HexChat plugin.
11:01:40 <shachaf> lambdabot: you ought to add me to your admin list twh
11:02:05 <gamemanj> but, yeah, if it was implemented, lambdabot could do evil stuff
11:02:12 <gamemanj> like show message boxes and be creepy with them
11:02:28 <lambdabot> I'm not sentient, you know?!
11:02:32 <gamemanj> ...
11:03:29 <shachaf> oerjan would probably make lambdabot show massage boxes
11:03:36 <shachaf> Or message bowls
11:04:53 <oerjan> hydra in 275 cuts
11:05:11 <int-e> you're so lucky
11:05:47 <int-e> I also can't believe you're playing this more than once.
11:06:00 <int-e> well, scratch that, I can believe it but it strikes me as odd.
11:06:22 <shachaf> Have you seen oerjan's interactions with previous games?
11:06:23 <oerjan> gamemanjhi
11:07:00 <int-e> shachaf: simon tatham's puzzle page aside, no.
11:07:19 <shachaf> Well, I was mostly thinking of that. But I think there have been some others.
11:07:26 <shachaf> oerjan: oh, do you want to play snakebird
11:07:48 <int-e> I actually solved another level yesterday.
11:07:53 <shachaf> that game has the advantage of being finite
11:08:29 <oerjan> <int-e> I also can't believe you're playing this more than once. <-- well, when i get bored with something else...
11:08:54 <fizzie> What's "this"?
11:09:12 <int-e> oerjan: there's a subtext there actually... I have to prevent myself from doing the same.
11:09:28 <int-e> fizzie: "<oerjan> hydra in 275 cuts"
11:09:53 <fizzie> Yes, but that wasn't enough for me to determine what it was about.
11:09:56 <fizzie> No results found for "hydra in 275 cuts".
11:10:06 <shachaf> http://www.madore.org/~david/math/hydra.xhtml
11:10:18 <fizzie> Thank U.
11:11:11 <int-e> http://int-e.eu/~bf3/tmp/snakebird.png ... progress ... if anyone cares
11:11:39 <shachaf> That's pretty good.
11:12:17 <oerjan> shachaf: probably not.
11:12:34 <shachaf> Even with int-e's recommendation?
11:13:52 <shachaf> *** Error in `/home/shachaf/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Snakebird/Snakebird.x86': free(): invalid pointer: 0xf73177b0 ***
11:16:43 <int-e> hmm, that's inconvenient.
11:17:38 <shachaf> I solved the problem by running Windows Steam and Snakebird with WINE.
11:19:11 <shachaf> Oh, but it freezes everything when I try to make it full-screen.
11:19:25 <shachaf> I have to kill it from the tty.
11:19:37 <shachaf> Anyway you've gotten farther than I have.
11:20:04 <oerjan> sounds like an excellent game to stay away from, in so many ways.
11:20:35 <shachaf> No, it's pretty good.
11:20:41 <shachaf> I bet it's even better when you run Windows.
11:23:16 <int-e> I have a humble bundle non-steam version of the thing, which somehow works.
11:23:47 <shachaf> Oh, maybe I have that.
11:24:15 <shachaf> On their website they don't even link to it.
11:24:21 <shachaf> Oh, I guess it was in the recent bundle.
11:26:16 <shachaf> The advantage of Steam is that it'll synchronize your game state across computers.
11:26:41 <int-e> it's better for me if only one computer has the state
11:26:45 <shachaf> The disadvantage of Steam is that it's terrible DRM and in general pretty terrible software.
11:27:53 <shachaf> 14 looks like it ought to be pretty simple...
11:30:21 <int-e> I still remember that one.
11:30:46 <shachaf> Is it just me, or is it pretty odd that when you press R, the focus doesn't reset?
11:31:43 <int-e> hadn't noticed that before but yes, it's odd.
11:32:20 <shachaf> It messes me up all the time.
11:32:22 <shachaf> Oh, solved 14.
11:32:51 <shachaf> It was pretty much what I expected, but the maneuvering to switch the bird order was a bit complicated.
11:33:06 <int-e> As I recall it, 14 stumped me for a bit.
11:33:48 <int-e> It's one of the first level where pushing the other snakebirdthingy is really required.
11:35:03 <shachaf> In general I prefer the one-snake levels.
11:35:37 <shachaf> Maybe I should be doing these in order.
11:39:02 <shachaf> On the other hand there are a lot of interesting puzzles that involve the thing you mentioned.
11:45:29 <shachaf> Now 18 is exposed.
11:45:35 <shachaf> but instead of solving it I'll go to sleep.
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14:00:26 <izabera> who wants to try my amazing dd(1)!?
14:00:30 <izabera> it does almost all the things!
14:01:20 <izabera> in 250something lines of code!
14:02:25 <izabera> now i have to write the ebcdic thing but i don't wanna and i'm never gonna use it
14:18:31 <FireFly> Don't worry, that's a feature you don't need to reimplement
14:18:51 <FireFly> unless you decide to market your dd(1) to IBM
14:19:14 <izabera> but posix
14:19:29 <izabera> also it's 2 lines of code + tables
14:22:34 <FireFly> b-but EBCDIC
14:28:51 <izabera> i wanted to see what's the difference between conv=ibm and ebcdic so i wrote a bf program to print all the characters
14:28:54 <izabera> .+[.+]
14:29:06 <izabera> brainfuck is actually useful
15:02:13 <izabera> are the conversion tables in gnu dd gpl-copyrighted?
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15:30:11 <fizzie> @metar EGLL
15:30:11 <lambdabot> EGLL 171420Z AUTO 27015KT 9999 FEW040 26/16 Q1022 NOSIG
15:30:14 <fizzie> E2HOT
15:31:06 <fizzie> And the frog says it's going to be 31 on Tuesday.
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15:59:34 <feliks> izabera: where can one get your amazing dd?
15:59:44 <izabera> https://github.com/izabera/inutility
16:02:10 <izabera> dd + other things :3
16:03:21 <izabera> still missing conv=swab/block/ublock/sync but the rest should be ok
16:03:40 <feliks> izabera: why all the tabs in the makefile?
16:03:57 <izabera> uh because makefiles need tabs?
16:04:09 <feliks> at the end too? Oo
16:04:10 <izabera> i believe
16:04:28 <izabera> at the end?
16:04:49 <izabera> there are no tabs at the end of the makefile
16:04:57 <feliks> before the \ you got ~1-5x \t
16:05:03 <izabera> that's for alignment
16:07:17 <feliks> you should try spaces for that
16:07:31 <feliks> is dd and the other stuff a code golf reimplementation? :)
16:09:03 <izabera> not too much actually
16:16:35 <zzo38> I look at Wikipedia article for dice, they show Asian and Western dice, it look like the Asian style may be more difficult to tamper by erasing some dots.
16:17:44 <zzo38> izabera: Where is the license information?
16:18:01 <izabera> still haven't picked one
16:18:06 <izabera> which one would you recommend?
16:18:24 <zzo38> Public domain is what I normally use.
16:18:27 <izabera> also who erases dots on dies?
16:20:01 <quintopia> izabera: people who want to beat cheating trolls at dice
16:20:16 <FireFly> Oh, that's why some dice have a big dot for 1
16:20:20 <zzo38> If the dots are not flat that also makes it more difficult of course. (Some dice do have flat dots though)
16:21:09 <izabera> but that makes the dice impossible to use after your turn
16:21:28 <quintopia> only do it to the other guy's dice
16:22:20 <quintopia> what about dice that use different colors of wood instead of paint
16:23:26 <izabera> wouldn't they just show that their dice is broken?
16:28:27 <zzo38> I was playing the Dungeons&Dragons game, I found some large dice inside of the ogre's house and found them to be loaded so that it always comes up 2 and 5, and later outside heard some other ogres (guards) talking about they think they are cheating at dice; they are. So if the dots are flat then that is what I can do to help, which is to erase some of the dots so that it comes up 2 and 1 instead.
16:29:06 <zzo38> Afterward, dice are turned so that the faces turned up still are 2 and 5, until they are thrown and then it is 2 and 1
16:29:31 <izabera> maybe you can draw 4 more dots on the original 1 face
16:30:13 <zzo38> No, what I was thinking of is the one loaded to be 2 is turned to 5, the other one is turned to 2
16:30:24 <zzo38> There is no need to add extra dots
16:32:16 <zzo38> Now, instead of always win, they are going to always lose.
16:34:04 <izabera> :(
16:34:11 <izabera> that's not fair :(
16:34:36 <FireFly> I think that was the idea, yes
16:35:15 <quintopia> izabera: turnabout is fair play, mate
16:35:51 <zzo38> It isn't supposed to be fair; it is supposed to be revenge.
16:36:07 <quintopia> revenge is always fair
16:36:45 <quintopia> as long as it isn't, like, "you stole my fountain pen, and I cut off your arms, so now we're even"
16:37:17 <izabera> it was a pretty fountain pen
16:37:38 <quintopia> "he stared at my girlfriend's ass, so i murdered him. fair play, bro."
16:39:42 <izabera> would stealing their fountain pen be an appropriate revenge if they stare at your girlfriend's ass?
16:43:28 <gamemanj> why exactly would staring be something that warrants theft of property?
16:50:34 <izabera> idk but at least they get to keep their arms?
16:57:17 <quintopia> it depends on how violated you and your girlfriend felt by the staring. possibly a fair retaliation would be a swift kick in the nads and nothing else...
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18:01:07 <zzo38> I thought of to make up a Magic: the Gathering card that does: Remove all +1/+1 counters from target permanent, and then put that many +0/+1 counters on that permanent and an equal number of +1/+0 counters on that permanent.
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18:03:15 <wob_jonas> Wtf. Turkey is crazy.
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18:16:32 <izabera> cool, there's a package on arch with all (most of?) the games by simon tatham
18:18:54 <izabera> oh nice, they can be downloaded from his site
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18:40:37 <zzo38> I don't know what color would this card be, or the mana cost or type, or possibly other abilities (such as cycling).
18:50:54 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Talk:FOSCode]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=48911 * Zzo38 * (+181) Created page with "Is the <b><linesToSkip></b> allowed to negative? If you want to make a loop then it should be allow --~~~~"
18:52:31 <zzo38> How many telephone numbers does Quickbooks have?
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19:25:12 <wob_jonas> The SGDQ 2016 videos are still amazing. There's some real gems in there.
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19:56:01 <tuxcrafting> test
19:56:07 <tuxcrafting> @fizzie
19:56:07 <lambdabot> Unknown command, try @list
19:56:14 <tuxcrafting> +fizzie
19:56:23 <tuxcrafting> fizzie plz halp
19:56:49 <tuxcrafting> the captcha dont work when trying to create a account on the wiki
19:58:10 <tuxcrafting> nobody here?
19:58:14 <tuxcrafting> :(
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19:58:39 <int-e> have some patience
19:58:42 <int-e> .........
19:59:36 <myname> he qwaited like 2 whole minutes!
20:00:23 <int-e> Yes, I know. That's almost the length of a song on radio. (For those who remember what radio is.)
20:01:07 <myname> i do, but length of songs are indeoendent of the medium
20:01:59 <int-e> it's easier to get a longer song on youtube than getting it played on the radio (but I guess TV uses the same guidelines)
20:02:31 <myname> well yeah, radio,usually doesn't play 12p hour livesets either
20:04:56 <fizzie> ...
20:05:01 <fizzie> I could've helped them.
20:05:04 <fizzie> I already helped one person.
20:05:12 <fizzie> But I was: too slow.
20:05:17 <myname> too bad
20:05:41 <myname> he would have to wait like 10 whole minutes
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23:12:04 <fizzie> I replaced the "impossible" CAPTCHA question with a new dynamic Befunge CAPTCHA. Let's see how long that works before it's again full of spam.
23:14:38 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[User:Fizzie]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=48912&oldid=46312 * * (+2) CAPTCHA test edit.
23:20:10 <Sgeo> I should probably learn Befunge
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