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00:01:29 <fizzie> Phantom_Hoover: Four and a bit.
00:01:41 <Phantom_Hoover> i mean since the wiki got started
00:02:24 <fizzie> Well, I don't remember when that was. But elliott said something about going to install it in 2012.
00:03:41 <fizzie> I still wouldn't have done it except that they bundled it into the MediaWiki distribution a while ago, which meant installing it was a one-line edit to LocalSettings.
00:08:20 <fizzie> Maybe around 2020 or so I'll get around to Math.
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00:46:19 <quintopia> Zarutian: fizzie nailed it. BCT can emulate CT can emulate any post canonical system
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00:46:50 <quintopia> anyone watching the opening ceremony
00:47:10 <Zarutian> the what now?
00:47:20 <fizzie> The big sports thing.
00:47:32 <Zarutian> "Here we open up these new box!" is what I thought of
00:47:37 <quintopia> the biggest athletic event of the year
00:47:40 <fizzie> That's an unboxing.
00:48:42 <fizzie> There's a "Finnish people in London" facebook group, I know they're watching it in some scandinavian bar.
00:48:46 <Zarutian> quintopia: I have an permanent filter that filters out any and all sport news
00:49:09 <quintopia> Zarutian: impressive. i don't even know how you would set up such a thing.
00:49:33 <quintopia> Zarutian: nonetheless, the opening ceremony is not a sporting event, but rather a performance and a parade.
00:49:34 <Zarutian> quintopia: naah, it is more of an mental one.
00:49:39 <quintopia> the performance is usually worth watching
00:49:58 <Zarutian> my one exception is curling
00:51:11 <quintopia> so you tuned to sochi in 2014?
00:52:06 <Zarutian> nope, just found youtube (or other stored video streaming site) video of the curling
00:53:02 <quintopia> ah
00:53:14 <quintopia> why curling specifically?
00:53:20 <quintopia> did you play?
00:53:34 <Zarutian> nope, just low to watch the absurdness of it
00:53:41 <Zarutian> s/low/love/
00:54:06 <quintopia> ...yet you don't tune in for synchronized swimming or dressage? :P
00:54:07 <Phantom_Hoover> can't beat the cycle sprint for absurdity
00:54:23 <quintopia> dressage beats cycle sprint for absurdity
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00:54:30 <quintopia> helloerjan
00:54:39 <Phantom_Hoover> dressage is just horses prancing around
00:54:44 <oerjan> hellopia
00:54:47 <quintopia> yes it is
00:55:10 <Phantom_Hoover> cycle sprint is game theory conspiring to make a cycling race about who can cycle the slowest
00:55:22 <oerjan> @messages-good
00:55:22 <lambdabot> int-e said 5h 29m 35s ago: thanks for suggesting stackage-update the other day, it's so much faster than its cabal counterpart!
00:55:25 <quintopia> okay, back in the 1900s, for a year or so, motorboating was an olympic sport. boats driving in circles.
00:56:08 <fizzie> oerjan: I installed Extension:Cite hth hand etc
00:56:52 <oerjan> wat
00:57:01 <fizzie> The thing that lets you <ref>.
00:57:05 <oerjan> aha
00:57:59 <fizzie> (I'm advertising this to people I think might care about citations.)
00:58:23 <quintopia> Phantom_Hoover: the game theory aspect could be negated by the invention of uniforms and bikes that channel air into the person behind you, if they would allow that...
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01:15:31 <quintopia> brazil has a lot more singable and danceable anthem than average, i should think
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01:41:27 <quintopia> that dnsmask looks familiar
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02:12:54 <oerjan> <hppavilion[1]> Nobody will care about the Trump presidential campaign a few generations down the road if he loses; most of the people who have even heard of him might wonder what his position was on funding the Apollo missions (that may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight)
02:13:30 <oerjan> hppavilion[1]: i hereby point you at "Diana: Warrior Princess" hth
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02:14:23 <oerjan> (disclaimer: never played it, only heard the legends. which somehow seems appropriate.)
02:16:06 <oerjan> of course it my be so old by now that hppavilion[1] gets a meta-experience from it.
02:16:47 <oerjan> wtf hppavilion[1] has been idle for an hour
02:16:51 <oerjan> stupid silent channel
02:17:15 <oerjan> @tell hppavilion[1] if you ping out before seeing what i said, see the logs.
02:17:15 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
02:17:37 <hppavilion[1]> Hellu
02:17:39 <hppavilion[1]> It didn't beep
02:17:43 <hppavilion[1]> @massages-oud
02:17:43 <lambdabot> oerjan said 28s ago: if you ping out before seeing what i said, see the logs.
02:17:48 <oerjan> oh?
02:18:17 <oerjan> are you one of those silly people who only get pinged when their nick is at the start of a line
02:18:24 <oerjan> if so, welcome to the club
02:18:48 <oerjan> no wait, i _did_ use it at the start of a line
02:20:33 <oerjan> you know, after this year they really need a new version.
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03:03:15 <izabera> http://sorting.at/ look how cool this is
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03:51:10 <oerjan> . o O ( new rule: hppavilion[1] doesn't get to bring up mainstream news in the channel )
03:51:24 <hppavilion[1]> :(
03:51:26 <oerjan> it's in . o O ( ) because i'm only tempted
03:51:26 <hppavilion[1]> Why not?
03:51:42 <hppavilion[1]> How about tributarystream news?
03:51:45 <oerjan> hppavilion[1]: you do a lot of it, and it's all depressing :P
03:51:55 <hppavilion[1]> Ah :P
03:54:26 <zzo38> GPL3 says "If the Program specifies that a proxy can decide which future versions of the GNU General Public License can be used, that proxy's public statement of acceptance of a version permanently authorizes you to choose that version for the Program." I think this might be useful for protecting business interests, although the proxy should always authorize it if they do not have a good reason not to, and if the company goes defunct, they should
04:04:19 <pikhq> The proxy feature in the GPLv3 is one of its best features.
04:05:12 * izabera gets her sarcasm detector
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04:08:33 <zzo38> I doubt it is of much use unless you are running a business, but for a business it looks like a good feature.
04:12:26 <zzo38> You can just omit "or later version" and omit the proxy too, but then it can be problem if there are new versions of GPL that can be good and then they cannot be used. If you do add "or later version" then the business does not have full control over the licensing of the software they are selling, and that can be a different problem. With the proxy, you can avoid both problems.
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04:15:24 <oerjan> . o O ( can you be your own proxy )
04:16:21 <zzo38> I would expect so; I do not see anything that says that you can't.
04:19:15 <pikhq> Though if you are a copyright holder, who needs a proxy?
04:19:20 <pikhq> You can dictate terms.
04:21:17 <zzo38> In case there are multiple copyright holders I suppose, or in case the copyright holder is dead.
04:22:44 <alercah> pikhq: I assume the intent is to declare yourself as the proxy for your program so that you can control icensing on derivatives?
04:22:48 <alercah> *licensing
04:23:12 <pikhq> alercah: Except you can only control licensing on derivatives made with the same terms, proxy and all.
04:23:32 <pikhq> Though, it's likely that would be the case for a decent number of projects.
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08:09:38 <hppavilion[1]> Define "pre-haste"
08:18:18 <oerjan> i think i'll wait until it's more urgent.
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09:34:32 <hppavilion[1]> I want https://vine.co/v/edXbvrwdpgE to be made into a techno remix
09:55:30 <izabera> https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/761188320042823680/pu/vid/1280x720/0lw0LhCnZzpop7sO.mp4 sfw
10:03:21 <gamemanj> where is this from
10:04:03 <gamemanj> also that tree grew fast
10:07:07 <izabera> it's the latest ending in the anime
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10:27:17 <hppavilion[1]> There's a rumor that Matt Smith will be back on Doctor Who
10:28:08 <hppavilion[1]> (Personally, the best thing EVER would be The Doctor regenerating... into (the appearance of) Amy Pond... but that doesn't seem likely)
10:28:35 <gamemanj> (the best thing ever would be the Doctor regenerating into the Master)
10:28:36 <hppavilion[1]> (They did fairly recently establish that Time Lords can flip genders on the regeneration, so I'm expecting The Doctor to be a woman fairly soon)
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11:17:30 <myname> anybody can tell me what to look for if i want to find stuff about the _real_ mahjong and not these pair finding solitaire games?
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13:22:13 <boily> @metar CYUL
13:22:13 <lambdabot> CYUL 061200Z 28014KT 15SM FEW010 BKN070 23/19 A2965 RMK CF1ACC6 CF TR SLP041 DENSITY ALT 1400FT
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15:33:10 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Special:Log/newusers]] create * AshuraTheHedgehog * New user account
15:51:54 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[User:AshuraTheHedgehog]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=49077 * AshuraTheHedgehog * (+565) Created page with "'''''<big>Under construction.</big>''''' These are '''all''' of my Brainfuck derivatives: == BF-M == Brainfuck with a memory cell. +, -, >, <, ., ,. [, and ] are unchanged...."
15:56:03 <myname> i wouldn't be proud of that
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16:37:35 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[BF instruction minimalization]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=49078&oldid=33564 * AshuraTheHedgehog * (+234) Added my attempt.
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18:25:18 <zzo38> If you are betting at roulette in American casino and have unlimited time, and you have $1000 but you need $2000 then what strategy is best? The answer in this case is to bet everything on black (or on red, or odd, or even). But how will the strategy differ if you need only $1500 instead, or if you need $3456 instead? What changes if there is a maximum bet imposed, or if you are betting at crap instead of roulette?
18:26:50 <int-e> if I have all the time I need why don't I just put it into a bank account :P
18:28:39 <int-e> And can we simplify this to a fair coin throw?
18:29:46 <int-e> though, perhaps not... because that would make it a zero sum game, and as long as you never overshoot your target, you'll have a 50% chance of reaching $2k and a 50% chance of going broke, regardless of your strategy.
18:30:12 <int-e> (just a simple expected value computation)
18:30:38 <int-e> "zero sum" is the wrong term, I mean expected earnings are zero.
18:32:57 <int-e> $1500 is still boring; you can just bet $500 (on one of the 18/37 chances) all the time.
18:36:35 <int-e> But for $2500, is it better to bet $500, then $1000, or vice versa?
18:37:17 <zzo38> The chance of winning is less than 50% regardless of what strategy is used. The game is memoryless, and you cannot use bank interest, other games, asking other people for help, comp bonuses, cheating, angling, etc.
18:37:35 <zzo38> And you have those good points too. I don't know what is best for $2500.
18:43:15 <zzo38> I believe you about $1500 if the game is roulette at least; but at craps I don't know because the betting is much more complicated.
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18:45:24 <zzo38> (I'm not sure that these complications change much, although the odds and so on seem to be more confusing, and changing bets is sometimes possible, and even bets are also sometimes possible as auxiliary bets.)
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18:47:36 <int-e> apparently the greedy approach wins out
18:54:10 <int-e> (I get a 38.2% chance for greedy, and a 37.6% chance for the non-greedy strategy, of reaching $2500)
18:54:25 <zzo38> OK
18:55:00 <int-e> assuming 18/37 odds of winning and 19/37 odds of losing
18:56:20 <zzo38> More strange restrictions than a maximum bet would be to require the bet to be a prime number of dollars. (This restrictions is not actually used at any casino as far as I know, though.)
18:57:11 <zzo38> Or, to disallow any bet to be the same amount as any previous bet (also something that does not exist as far as I know). Or both restrictions together.
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19:21:13 <Augure> Anyone using tarot?
19:21:49 <zzo38> I have no tarot cards. I know a few (but not much) about it.
19:22:15 <int-e> `welcome Augure
19:22:25 <int-e> HackEgo: c'mon
19:22:43 <HackEgo> Augure: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: <http://esolangs.org/>. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on EFnet or DALnet.)
19:22:47 <zzo38> What I know is that a standard deck has 78 cards, being fourteen in each minor suit (rods, swords, cups, and coins; these are the Latin suits, some are French suited), and twenty-one trumps, and one Fool or Excuse (also sometimes considered a trump).
19:23:20 <zzo38> Also in some decks the coins have pentagrams on them; this is irrelevant, they are still the same suit of coins.
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19:25:55 <zzo38> HackEgo is 182 seconds idle it says
19:27:24 <zzo38> int-e: Just type the correct output yourself if you know what it is
19:27:46 <Augure> Oh sorry guys ah ah ;)
19:28:47 <zzo38> Augure: We are unlikely to answer your questions, but you can ask if you wish I suppose; it would probably better to asking someone else I think, though.
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19:30:36 <int-e> zzo38: it did reply
19:30:46 <zzo38> O yes it did.
19:30:55 <zzo38> Why is it sometimes slow though?
19:31:09 <zzo38> Sometimes it is fast, and sometimes very slow.
19:31:21 <zzo38> And it seems sometimes you get error messages that should not occur.
19:32:57 <int-e> I think it's slow because it's sharing a host with too many other VMs... possibly doing stupid stuff like cryptocurrency mining, password cracking and the like
19:34:43 <zzo38> O, OK
19:39:22 <int-e> (As far as I recall, HackEgo is running on one of those $35 for a life time VMs at Cloud at Cost... and overloading the hosts is pretty much the only way that this can be a sustainable business.)
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19:40:42 <int-e> Oh and of course there will be no people handling issues... abuse, VMs running amok (you're not supposed to have long-running CPU intensive jobs) etc.
19:40:50 * int-e shrugs
19:42:30 <zzo38> Maybe you should get your own computer that you can put it in?
19:45:03 <fizzie> int-e: It's one of those, yes. Although it's some higher-tier offering than the $35 one.
19:45:53 <fizzie> 2G RAM and so on.
19:46:18 <int-e> zzo38: I'm already paying for lambdabot's VM (and doing it gladly, but I don't want to do that for two bots).
19:48:01 <zzo38> O, OK
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19:53:54 <fizzie> The same system is running the wiki as well.
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21:22:19 <izabera> can we talk for a moment about the man who attacked a police station with a machete in belgium?
21:22:25 <izabera> how fucking stupid is that
21:22:34 <FireFly> quite a lot
21:22:56 <izabera> how hard is it to get a gun in belgium?
21:23:19 <FireFly> Maybe it's more about making a statement
21:23:27 <izabera> what statement?
21:23:43 <FireFly> the Gävle goat got torched one year by someone firing a fire arrow into it while being dressed up.. there's probably easier ways to torch it
21:23:55 <FireFly> but it's kind of more notable that way
21:24:19 <izabera> but he was shot dead before even managing to kill one police officer
21:24:34 <izabera> i can't think of anything more inefficient than that
21:25:04 <izabera> ok maybe if you blow yourself up /in a desert/...
21:26:26 <Zarutian> they dont have anti-riot-foam? (Basically uhu glue or equiv forced through an areosolizer)
21:26:49 <izabera> where can i get a ton of that?
21:27:06 <zzo38> Maybe they want to die without too much police investigations?
21:32:31 <int-e> izabera: could be a suicide by proxy thing, rather than poltical
21:33:10 <Zarutian> izabera: hardware stores and general stores? Just take the areosolizer (must be of metal) of an spraycan, make a pressure container that has that plus ports for four of those sodastream/whipped-cream CO2 charges. Take the glue and put it in the pressure container, use four CO2 charges.
21:34:22 <izabera> you should start selling it
21:35:51 <izabera> i don't even know what to think of that suicide by proxy thing
21:35:58 <izabera> reading about it for the first time now
21:38:39 <int-e> Hmm, I've read the term somewhere, I didn't know it was born out of a religious loophole.
21:45:24 <zzo38> `danddreclist 81
21:45:37 <HackEgo> danddreclist 81: shachaf nooodl boily \ http://zzo38computer.org/dnd/recording/level20.tex
21:51:15 <zzo38> I hope that I can somehow to convince them that the tin cups are magic and to trick them to go there just before they fall down and make noise. If they try to dispel it after they fall and make the noise, they will fail to dispel it, because the cups are not magic!
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21:57:55 <zzo38> While in the prison cell, with no items or magic (except for a few short lengths of rope), I would have to figure out how to confuse them and lead them astray.
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22:45:12 <quintopia> hello
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23:57:10 <quintopia> ick my left cursor key has gone all mushy
23:57:15 <quintopia> helloerjan
23:57:59 <oerjan> hellopia
23:58:39 <oerjan> <myname> anybody can tell me what to look for if i want to find stuff about the _real_ mahjong and not these pair finding solitaire games? <-- i assume boily knows, and possibly zzo38.
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