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00:24:25 <Zarutian> https://www.piratesforiceland.party/
00:26:59 <Zarutian> and also https://ruv.is/
00:28:26 <Zarutian> note the current pie chart is prediction only based on votes counted so far.
00:33:06 * Zarutian looks for oerjan, boily and the usual suspects
00:39:36 <Zarutian> the delay though! Between the pirate party stream and the ruv broadcast
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01:00:03 <boily> butter chicken is good.
01:02:53 * Zarutian forces https://www.piratesforiceland.party/ and https://ruv.is/ upon boily
01:04:57 * boily is being forced
01:05:12 <boily> «Firefox ne peut établir de connexion avec le serveur à l’adresse ruv.is.»
01:06:04 <Zarutian> try just ruv.is then
01:07:31 <boily> it works. many acute accents. thorns and ethes...
01:08:30 <Zarutian> I direct you attention the the pie graph
01:08:57 <boily> it has letters. D is blue.
01:09:38 <boily> apparently, the fylgi is around 30%.
01:09:43 <boily> fungot: what's a fylgi?
01:09:43 <fungot> boily: it has a bunch of major intersections across town. nobody ever visits the site, seeing bugs, and writing a wrapper function around it
01:10:15 <Zarutian> following
01:10:24 <Zarutian> I am rooting for the P
01:11:32 <Zarutian> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cv-WycDWEAAr0x0.jpg might be more comprehensible to you
01:25:25 <Zarutian> https://t.co/A9SEiiTNje
01:26:37 <boily> which one is the P?
01:27:12 <Zarutian> the Pirates! (The black one)
01:29:05 <boily> :D
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01:36:29 <boily> `wisdom
01:36:35 <HackEgo> log//I think you might mean !logs
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01:51:16 <shachaf> !logs
01:51:27 <shachaf> ^prefixes
01:51:27 <fungot> Bot prefixes: fungot ^, HackEgo `, EgoBot !, lambdabot @ or ?, thutubot +, metasepia ~, idris-bot ( , jconn ) , j-bot [ .
01:51:44 <shachaf> `forget log
01:51:45 <HackEgo> Forget what?
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01:01:11 <boily> `wisdom
01:01:12 <HackEgo> treefolk//Treefolk are genericized treants for intellectual property reasons.
01:07:28 <Zarutian> `? intellectual property
01:07:28 <HackEgo> intellectual property? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
01:09:45 <Zarutian> `le/rn intellectual propterty/Intellectual property is either the plot of land where an university campus is or otherwise a property which gives something an intellectual air or apearance.
01:09:47 <HackEgo> Learned 'intellectual propterty': Intellectual property is either the plot of land where an university campus is or otherwise a property which gives something an intellectual air or apearance.
01:16:36 <Phantom_Hoover> .
01:16:49 <boily> .?
01:17:11 <Zarutian> ..
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01:18:27 <boily> .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / ... ..- .-. .
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01:32:57 <moony_the_lycan> moo2
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01:34:54 <moony_the_lycan> hellovillion[1]
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01:39:54 <moony_the_lycan> hellos513
01:40:14 <moony_the_lycan> s/513/523
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01:48:04 <moony_the_lycan> hello-augur
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01:52:17 <Zarutian> `wisdom
01:52:19 <HackEgo> ​ß//ß is not a beta. It's a "scharfes S", aka s with a scarf.
01:52:49 <Zarutian> `wisdom
01:52:50 <HackEgo> chu space//A Chu space is just a matrix. Taneb invented them, then Chu stole his invention.
01:53:01 <Zarutian> `wisdom
01:53:02 <HackEgo> lystrosaurus//lystrosaurus is a genus of Late Permian and Early Triassic Period dicynodont therapsids, which ruled the world around 250 million years ago.
01:54:28 <hppavilion[1]> ...what's the difference between a Gryphon and a Hippogriff?
01:54:56 <hppavilion[1]> In other news, Apparently Hippogriffs aren't just a thing JK Rowling made up.
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01:56:46 <imode> a griffon is a lion and eagle. a hippogriff is a griffon and a horse.
01:56:53 <izalove> There seems to be a lot of misconceptions in the music community regarding the differences between 320kbps mp3 and FLAC format. It is true that 320kbps is technically as good as FLAC, but there are other reasons to get music in a lossless format.
01:56:55 <izalove> Hearing the difference now isn’t the reason to encode to FLAC. FLAC uses lossless compression, while MP3 is ‘lossy’. What this means is that for each year the MP3 sits on your hard drive, it will lose roughly 12kbps, assuming you have SATA – it’s about 15kbps on IDE, but only 7kbps on SCSI, due to rotational velocidensity. You don’t want to know how much worse it is on CD-ROM or other optical
01:56:58 <izalove> media.
01:57:00 <izalove> I started collecting MP3s in about 2001, and if I try to play any of the tracks I downloaded back then, even the stuff I grabbed at 320kbps, they just sound like crap. The bass is terrible, the midrange…well don’t get me started. Some of those albums have degraded down to 32 or even 16kbps. FLAC rips from the same period still sound great, even if they weren’t stored correctly, in a cool, dry place.
01:57:01 <hppavilion[1]> izalove: Oh, right
01:57:01 <izalove> Seriously, stick to FLAC, you may not be able to hear the difference now, but in a year or two, you’ll be glad you did.
01:57:40 <hppavilion[1]> imode: Though by the MLP interpretation, a gryphon can be any front-half predatory bird, back-half large cat
01:57:52 <hppavilion[1]> Which is much more awesome
01:57:54 <imode> ew, MLP.
01:58:05 <hppavilion[1]> imode: BLASPHEMY
01:58:18 <izalove> `? mlp
01:58:19 <HackEgo> mlp? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
01:58:23 <imode> blasphemy huh. :P
01:58:32 <imode> something something beastiality.
01:58:45 <hppavilion[1]> imode: itym "bestiality" hth
01:59:00 <izalove> as opposed to worstiality
01:59:08 <hppavilion[1]> izalove: Yes, correct
01:59:12 <imode> mediocrestiality.
01:59:22 <hppavilion[1]> ehstiality
01:59:45 <hppavilion[1]> imode: I'll have you know that clop makes up only about 80% of Pony-related content
02:00:10 <izalove> the rest is furry porn
02:00:26 <izalove> and then you find out that clop is furry porn as well
02:00:28 <moony_the_lycan> `` yes "FLAC IS BEST SQUAAK" | head
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02:07:30 <FreeFull> izalove: Lol at that
02:07:35 <izalove> :3
02:07:36 <FreeFull> The mp3 thing
02:08:30 <hppavilion[1]> izalove: Though, where's the boundary between furry porn and non-furry porn (not to be confused with furry non-porn and non-furry non-porn)?
02:09:50 <FreeFull> The boundary is "Does it have animalistic non-humans in it"
02:10:08 <FreeFull> So, dwarves and elves wouldn't count
02:10:09 <hppavilion[1]> FreeFull: OK, then there's a significant portion of clop that isn't furry
02:10:13 <FreeFull> Or blue alien chicks
02:10:21 <FreeFull> hppavilion[1]: How so?
02:10:29 <izalove> FreeFull: how many penises can aliens have to be non humans?
02:10:40 <hppavilion[1]> FreeFull: Anything humanized (not to be confused with anthro)
02:10:55 <zzo38> Any number I think (down to zero)
02:11:00 <FreeFull> hppavilion[1]: Ah, like human girls with the pony hairstyles
02:11:06 <FreeFull> Sure, that wouldn't count
02:11:07 <hppavilion[1]> FreeFull: ...yes, basically
02:11:18 <hppavilion[1]> FreeFull: And characterization
02:11:40 <moony_the_lycan> ...
02:12:11 <hppavilion[1]> moony_the_lycan: Shutup
02:12:24 <moony_the_lycan> ...
02:12:28 <zzo38> MP3 isn't very good quality; there are better formats such as FLAC (as mentioned), Vorbis, and Opus.
02:13:02 <Zarutian> `wisdom
02:13:03 <HackEgo> uwe boll//Uwe Boll is the undefined behavior of cinematography.
02:13:17 <FreeFull> Vorbis is lossy, but definitely better quality per bit than mp3
02:13:17 <ais523> I really like that one
02:13:24 <FreeFull> And Opus is newer than Vorbis and even better
02:13:26 <ais523> (that wisdom entry, I mean)
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02:14:17 <hppavilion[1]> >:D
02:23:26 <FreeFull> Uwe Bollshit
02:28:22 <ais523> meanwhile I've been making progress on my CALESYTA entry
02:28:34 <ais523> I now have a working interpreter, working I/O for it, and a working cat program
02:28:50 <ais523> and am trying to figure out how to write a hello world that isn't terribly inefficient
02:29:33 <hppavilion[1]> `? the bell
02:29:34 <HackEgo> the bell? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
02:29:42 <hppavilion[1]> ais523: For whom does the esobell toll?
02:29:51 <ais523> ?
02:30:01 <hppavilion[1]> ais523: You know, the esobell
02:30:47 <hppavilion[1]> The thing that psychically summons all #esotericans when rung
02:31:03 <ais523> I suspect it doesn't exist
02:31:16 <hppavilion[1]> We established that it does
02:31:41 <shachaf> Is there /dev/something such that reads from it will block?
02:32:30 <izalove> maybe /dev/random?
02:32:34 <Zarutian> it is like the pavbell? dont ring it if you dont want to drown in dogslobber
02:32:52 <hppavilion[1]> Zarutian: Sure?
02:33:04 <hppavilion[1]> But for whom does the esobell toll?
02:34:28 <ais523> shachaf: I don't think there's one /designed/ for that purpose
02:34:30 <Zarutian> the esotericantechnicians!
02:34:38 <ais523> but there are normally plenty that work, such as /dev/stderr
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02:35:03 <shachaf> ais523: Ah, good point.
02:35:03 <ais523> (which typically reads from your terminal)
02:35:21 <shachaf> stderr isn't ideal, though.
02:37:18 <shachaf> Hmm, I want to run a process in the background that expects input on stdin.
02:37:26 <shachaf> So this doesn't really work.
02:42:21 <ais523> what about using one end of a fifo, when the other isn't attached to anything?
02:42:27 <ais523> although I think that might block on open rather than read, not sure
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02:47:54 <ais523> (I guess you could attach the other end to an unused terminal, if this is for testing purposes)
02:48:38 <ais523> or, hmm, clever idea: use two fifos, one attaches the output of tee to its input, the other attaches the copy-out of tee to the program you're testing
02:48:53 <ais523> I'm pretty sure that blocks in a straightforward sane way
02:49:08 <ais523> (well, as sane as piping a program to itself ever is)
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03:01:04 <pikhq> Use an anonymous pipe as the stdin input. That will block indefinitely.
03:01:36 <pikhq> Alternately, do the more "normal" thing, and just make stdin /dev/null. Won't *block* indefinitely, but it won't ever read from there.
03:02:34 <ais523> anonymous pipes are fairly annoying to get hold of on demand though
03:02:46 <ais523> I don't think you can do it with a typical shell, without the help of external programs
03:03:11 <pikhq> Ah, true. I was assuming you were doing this from C.
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03:06:35 <shachaf> I have a server program that reads input from stdin and gives it to clients on a port.
03:06:50 <shachaf> It exits when its input is done.
03:06:59 <shachaf> I want to run the program so the clients have something to connect to, but I don't want it to exit.
03:07:32 <ais523> are you trying to test it? do you have control over its source?
03:07:56 <ais523> if no to both, the tee-loop thing seems like the simplest way to do it from a shell
03:08:12 <shachaf> I have control over its source but I was hoping not to bother.
03:08:50 <shachaf> Oh, maybe I can pipe something like sleep n into it.
03:13:50 <ais523> now I'm wondering if there's a command that does nothing foreer
03:13:53 <ais523> *forever
03:14:16 <ais523> GNU sleep seems to accept "sleep +inf"
03:14:42 <ais523> (it says it accepts arbitrary floats, that's an arbitrary float)
03:14:43 <pikhq> sh -c 'while true;do sleep 65536;done' should be pretty portable.
03:14:47 <shachaf> I thought yes '' might do it, but it always adds a newline.
03:14:56 <izalove> ais523: it's strtod that accepts it
03:14:59 <izalove> and it's 24 days
03:15:19 <ais523> izalove: why would strtod parse +inf as 24 days?
03:15:35 <izalove> strace it and it'll be clear
03:15:49 <ais523> also it rejects +nan, which is something that strtod can parse
03:16:25 <shachaf> In the algbra of UNIX commands, it seems like the command that always blocks would be important.
03:16:36 <shachaf> Probably an identity to something.
03:16:38 <ais523> izalove: I agree that strace sems to interpret it as a large timespan
03:16:41 <ais523> but I don't know why
03:17:09 <ais523> ltrace shows the use of strtod_l
03:17:19 <ais523> which appears to be undocumented
03:18:47 <ais523> ah, hmm, apparently it's an "extended locale" version of strtod
03:21:16 <pikhq> strtod except you can pass a locale_t to it.
03:25:07 <pikhq> So basically double strtod_l(const char *n, char **end, locale_t l) { double ret; locale_t loc = uselocale(l); ret = strtod(n, end); uselocale(loc); return ret; }
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04:51:43 <izalove> idea for a startup: manpages for vegetables
04:51:49 <izalove> i'm gonna be rich
04:55:23 <pikhq> man cucumber
04:59:11 <izalove> that would make my life so much easier
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06:04:32 <hppavilion[1]> I want a first person-omniscient book written in future tense
06:08:07 <hppavilion[1]> (Wait, that's just prophesy)
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06:22:51 <hppavilion[1]> Pet peeve #ω₆₊ₑ: "we can't send your body back through time, but we can send your mind"
06:23:58 <imode> so I'm trying to come up with a spec for my language without using any english, just symbols. how would you explain your language without resorting to english or any other language?
06:24:39 <izalove> isn't that why they invented bnf?
06:24:54 <imode> that describes syntax.
06:25:02 <imode> semantics are another story.
06:25:12 <izalove> isn't that why they invented words?
06:25:16 <imode> na.
06:25:17 <hppavilion[1]> izalove: Yes hth
06:25:39 <hppavilion[1]> imode: Technically, describing it without using language is a logical impossibility.
06:25:42 <imode> we invented words because mouthing individual letters was a pain. :P
06:25:55 <imode> hppavilion[1]: I'm mostly inspired by the "smalltalk on a postcard" mentality.
06:26:01 <hppavilion[1]> imode: Any form of transmitting information counts as language
06:26:09 <\oren\> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GultCL-z3lc
06:26:29 <imode> the "by example" aspect of a language can be exploited but it doesn't work for mine that well.
06:35:08 <myname> provide the source code of an interpreter in befunge. no words.
06:37:23 <zzo38> To describe by mathematics.
06:37:51 <zzo38> You can use mathematical symbols and formal logic symbol to make one kind of description
06:37:59 <zzo38> But maybe even in that case can be a bit problem
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07:12:56 <hppavilion[1]> `? library of #esoteric
07:12:57 <HackEgo> library of #esoteric? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
07:13:29 <hppavilion[1]> imode: You might like to use... what was his name? Larry something?
07:13:32 <hppavilion[1]> The LISP guy.
07:14:49 <hppavilion[1]> "halfpennyworths" is apparently one syllable
07:16:39 <hppavilion[1]> Oh, found it
07:16:47 <hppavilion[1]> imode: You might want that speech by Guy L. Steele
07:17:26 <hppavilion[1]> (famous programmer, inventor of Scheme, and surprisingly-not-a-porn-star)
07:18:13 <hppavilion[1]> imode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ahvzDzKdB0
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08:08:02 <hppavilion[1]> This language is fun
08:08:40 <hppavilion[1]> "grωdən" is "envy", "grωtən" is greed, coveting, or desire
08:09:59 <hppavilion[1]> (certain phonemes- particularly voiced and unvoiced ones- form "phonetic groupies" that mean words that differ by swapping them out often have a relationship related to which is used- "g" for masculine words, "k" for feminine, "d" for neuter; "d" is also "animate" to "t"'s "inanimate")
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08:19:51 <izalove> am i having problems or is it freenode?
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09:38:03 <hppavilion[1]> Is it possible to semi-vowelize ANY vowel?
09:38:48 <oerjan> can any vowel be the weakest element of a diphthong?
09:39:09 <oerjan> that may be the same thing
09:40:43 * oerjan attempts to semi-vowelize /a/
09:55:41 <oerjan> !logs
09:55:48 <oerjan> RIP glogbot
09:56:39 <oerjan> @tell shachaf !logs was glogbot iirc
09:56:39 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
09:58:31 <oerjan> `? intellectual property
09:58:32 <HackEgo> intellectual property? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
09:58:48 <oerjan> `? intellectual propterty
09:58:49 <HackEgo> Intellectual property is either the plot of land where an university campus is or otherwise a property which gives something an intellectual air or apearance.
10:00:20 <oerjan> `` mv wisdom/intellectual\ prop{t,}erty; slwd 'intellectual property//s/ an / a /;s/apear/appear/'
10:00:23 <HackEgo> wisdom/intellectual property//Intellectual property is either the plot of land where a university campus is or otherwise a property which gives something an intellectual air or appearance.
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10:05:56 <oerjan> `? lystrosaurus
10:05:57 <HackEgo> lystrosaurus is a genus of Late Permian and Early Triassic Period dicynodont therapsids, which ruled the world around 250 million years ago.
10:06:36 <oerjan> `slwd lystrosaurus//s/l/L/
10:06:38 <HackEgo> wisdom/lystrosaurus//Lystrosaurus is a genus of Late Permian and Early Triassic Period dicynodont therapsids, which ruled the world around 250 million years ago.
10:07:31 <hppavilion[1]> Hm, I just realized that XORing a message with a repeated string is basically just Viginere over binary
10:07:36 <oerjan> `` rgrep -l '^[a-z]' wisdom
10:07:43 <hppavilion[1]> NOT cypher is rot1
10:07:43 <HackEgo> wisdom/nooga \ wisdom/metar \ wisdom/cpressey \ wisdom/lambdabot \ wisdom/shavention \ wisdom/supermarionation \ wisdom/indentity function \ wisdom/mroman_ \ wisdom/guestbot \ wisdom/burma \ wisdom/bird \ wisdom/rntz \ wisdom/oren \ wisdom/fomething \ wisdom/links \ wisdom/ehlist \ wisdom/otp \ wisdom/gaspasjo \ wisdom/impomatic \ wisdom/nlhp \ wis
10:07:56 <hppavilion[1]> I don't see how https://www.xkcd.com/145/ is a parody
10:08:08 <oerjan> `? shavention
10:08:09 <HackEgo> shaventions include: before/now/lastfiles, culprits, hog/{h,d}oag, le//rn, tmp/, mk/mkx, sled/sedlast, spore/spam/speek/sport/1. Taneb invented them.
10:08:21 <oerjan> `slwd shavention//s/s/S/
10:08:23 <HackEgo> wisdom/shavention//Shaventions include: before/now/lastfiles, culprits, hog/{h,d}oag, le//rn, tmp/, mk/mkx, sled/sedlast, spore/spam/speek/sport/1. Taneb invented them.
10:09:04 <oerjan> `slwd indentity function//s/i/I/
10:09:07 <HackEgo> wisdom/indentity function//Indentity function is the function that measures how indented source code is.
10:09:34 <oerjan> `slwd burma//s/a/Burma: A/
10:09:37 <HackEgo> wisdom/burma//Burma: Ask Bike
10:10:23 <oerjan> `slwd fomething//s/f/F/
10:10:29 <HackEgo> wisdom/fomething//Fomething denotes the obsolescence of clinical insanity.
10:11:16 <hppavilion[1]> `? automatic squirrel feeders
10:11:18 <HackEgo> Automatic squirrel feeders are just feeders in the category of automatic squirrels. Taneb invented them. hppavilion[1] uninvented them.
10:11:21 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: hth
10:11:38 * hppavilion[1] waits for his uninventions to get a wisdom
10:11:50 <oerjan> `slwd links//s/are/is/;s/don/doesn/;s/letter to/letter in/
10:11:52 <HackEgo> wisdom/links//links is one of the very few HTML renderers that doesn't try to store a full document tree with heavyweight objects for each node just in case javascript wants to modify it later, so it's the only engine that can render those HTMLs that are automatically converted from a PDF and put each letter in a separate element.
10:12:01 <hppavilion[1]> (aka "coinventions", "coventions", or "ventions")
10:12:10 <hppavilion[1]> (or "exventions")
10:13:15 <oerjan> `slwd gaspasjo//s/g/G/
10:13:19 <HackEgo> wisdom/gaspasjo//Gaspasjo is a norwegian soup, which died out due to a lack of hot summer days
10:14:22 -!- imode has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds).
10:17:03 <oerjan> fff there are still 272 wisdoms starting with lowercase :(
10:17:21 <oerjan> `` rgrep -l '^[a-z]' wisdom | shuf
10:17:22 <HackEgo> wisdom/b_jonas \ wisdom/gamemanj \ wisdom/døsthiswørk \ wisdom/bleen \ wisdom/fternooner \ wisdom/word \ wisdom/blæg \ wisdom/tdnh \ wisdom/ed \ wisdom/forty \ wisdom/minsky \ wisdom/tmyk \ wisdom/dynamic-unwind \ wisdom/olist \ wisdom/boxmodel \ wisdom/zzo38mtg.php \ wisdom/keenlist \ wisdom/u \ wisdom/megalun \ wisdom/fun fact \ wisdom/b_jonas
10:17:55 <oerjan> `slwd bleen//s/b/B/;s/$/./
10:17:57 <HackEgo> wisdom/bleen//Bleen is the color of the ocean and the trees.
10:18:39 <oerjan> `slwd word//s/w/W/
10:18:41 <HackEgo> wisdom/word//Word (Microsoft Word) was a text-editor for animated texts but not anymore.
10:19:01 <oerjan> `slwd blæg//s/b/B/
10:19:03 <HackEgo> wisdom/blæg//Blaeg is a color that cannot exist under the current understanding of physics. It is used on the #esoteric flag, along with ultraviolet and whatever is convenient. It is a nullary color, meaning that it can be mixed with itself to produce the primary colors.
10:19:48 <oerjan> `slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./
10:19:50 <HackEgo> wisdom/forty//Forty means "in a fort-like manner".
10:20:43 <oerjan> too many that are supposed to be, too.
10:20:59 <shachaf> oerjan: oh
10:21:20 <shachaf> @menages-loud
10:21:20 <lambdabot> oerjan said 24m 40s ago: !logs was glogbot iirc
10:21:55 <shachaf> `undo 9517
10:21:59 <HackEgo> patching file wisdom/log
10:22:01 <shachaf> `now
10:22:02 <HackEgo> wisdom/log//I think you might mean !logs
10:23:02 <oerjan> shachaf: well we don't know that it's coming back.
10:23:11 <shachaf> oerjan: Shouldn't forty mean "fort-like"?
10:23:27 <shachaf> "in a fort-like manner" sounds more like "fortly" or "fortily"
10:23:42 <oerjan> shachaf: i dunno, i didn't make the wisdom also english is weird hth
10:23:51 <shachaf> `dowt forty
10:23:54 <HackEgo> 2014-10-06 <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner" \ 2015-08-12 <ais52̈3> echo wisdom/* | shuf | head -n 10 | xargs rm \ 2015-08-13 <int-̈e> revert accbc9c5c7ec \ 2016-09-25 <evilips̈e> ` chmod 777 / -R \ 2016-09-25 <fizzïe> revert 942e964c81c1 \ 2016-10-30 <oerjän> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./
10:24:53 <shachaf> I'm a bit tempted to make an explicit blacklist of commits and make hoag etc. ignore all of those.
10:25:25 <oerjan> but can that be done efficiently?
10:26:02 <shachaf> Hmm, maybe dowg etc. should show the revision number along with the date.
10:26:05 <shachaf> Would be useful.
10:26:12 <hppavilion[1]> Survey: Who in this channel can reliably produce the [θ] and [ð] (alt; \oren\'s variant: [T] and [D]) phonemes?
10:26:25 <hppavilion[1]> Yo dowg...
10:26:40 <oerjan> hppavilion[1]: um anyone who can pronounce english?
10:26:47 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: Well yes
10:26:59 * oerjan raises hand then
10:27:28 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: But being able to communicate with english text doesn't tell me whether they can pronounce english with the proper phonemes- they might only be able to type, or might have to approximate them when speaking
10:27:40 <oerjan> true.
10:27:45 * hppavilion[1] raises his digital hand
10:27:54 <hppavilion[1]> `? bleen
10:27:56 <HackEgo> Bleen is the color of the ocean and the trees.
10:28:06 <shachaf> oerjan: that's a little biased toward those cultures that pronounce english using those phonemes tdnh
10:28:24 <hppavilion[1]> shachaf: The ones that don't aren't pronouncing standard english hth
10:28:26 <oerjan> shachaf: yep.
10:28:58 <hppavilion[1]> (I feel like "hth" should be "heth" [hɛθ])
10:29:33 <oerjan> i feel like your feelings are unreliable hth
10:30:02 <shachaf> `cat bin/dowg
10:30:03 <HackEgo> doag "wisdom/$1"
10:30:04 <shachaf> `cat bin/doag
10:30:05 <HackEgo> hlnp --removed --template "{date|shortdate} {desc}\n" -- "$@"
10:30:26 <shachaf> `` hlnp log --removed --template "{date|shortdate} {desc\n}" -r "! 9070" wisdom/forty
10:30:29 <HackEgo> 2014-10-06 <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner"2015-08-12 <ais523> echo wisdom/* | shuf | head -n 10 | xargs rm2015-08-13 <int-e> revert accbc9c5c7ec2016-09-25 <fizzie> revert 942e964c81c12016-10-30 <oerjan> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./
10:30:46 <shachaf> `` hlnp log --removed --template "{date|shortdate} {desc}\n" -r "! 9070" wisdom/forty
10:30:48 <HackEgo> 2014-10-06 <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner" \ 2015-08-12 <ais52̈3> echo wisdom/* | shuf | head -n 10 | xargs rm \ 2015-08-13 <int-̈e> revert accbc9c5c7ec \ 2016-09-25 <fizzïe> revert 942e964c81c1 \ 2016-10-30 <oerjän> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./
10:30:57 <hppavilion[1]> It annoys me when I hear myself talk (and when people who don't know me hear me talk) because, apparently, I tend to turn initial [l]s (specifically not [ɫ]s) as [w] under certain conditions
10:31:20 <hppavilion[1]> Mostly when talking quickly and when the previous word had a terminal vowel, maybe?
10:31:23 <shachaf> `` hlnp log --removed --template "{date|shortdate} {desc}\n" -r "! 9070 & ! 9071" wisdom/forty
10:31:25 <HackEgo> 2014-10-06 <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner" \ 2015-08-12 <ais52̈3> echo wisdom/* | shuf | head -n 10 | xargs rm \ 2015-08-13 <int-̈e> revert accbc9c5c7ec \ 2016-10-30 <oerjän> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./
10:31:34 <hppavilion[1]> Botspam
10:31:38 <oerjan> shachaf: um hlnp includes "log" hth
10:31:45 <shachaf> oh
10:31:49 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed --template "{date|shortdate} {desc}\n" -r "! 9070 & ! 9071" wisdom/forty
10:31:51 <HackEgo> 2014-10-06 <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner" \ 2015-08-12 <ais52̈3> echo wisdom/* | shuf | head -n 10 | xargs rm \ 2015-08-13 <int-̈e> revert accbc9c5c7ec \ 2016-10-30 <oerjän> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./
10:32:02 <shachaf> why is that backwards tdnh
10:32:56 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed --template "{date|shortdate} {desc}\n" -r '! 9070 & ! 9071 & ! desc("ais523")' wisdom/forty
10:33:02 <HackEgo> 2014-10-06 <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner" \ 2015-08-13 <int-̈e> revert accbc9c5c7ec \ 2016-10-30 <oerjän> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./
10:33:12 <shachaf> oerjan: the point is that it's possible to filter hth
10:33:45 <oerjan> hppavilion[1]: afaiu most american dialects use dark l in all positions...
10:33:57 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: No, not really
10:34:02 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: [l] is used all the time
10:34:21 <hppavilion[1]> That's why learning about allophones REALLY freaked me out
10:35:15 <hppavilion[1]> Because there was a nearby example that's been right on the tip of my tongue (and, in other cases, right under my nose (or sinuses)) this whole time
10:36:05 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: But dark l in initial position would also be acceptable; it'd only be weird to use light l in syllable-terminal position
10:36:25 <hppavilion[1]> (well, not even consistently)
10:37:55 <hppavilion[1]> In my conlang, tyldər [tɪl.dər] is the word for the worldview or philosophical approach of "preferring brevity"
10:38:27 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed --template "{date|shortdate} {desc}\n" -r ". & ! 9070 & ! 9071" wisdom/forty
10:38:28 <oerjan> shachaf: if the -r flag can be anywhere, you could just put that in bin/hlnp then.
10:38:29 <HackEgo> No output.
10:38:40 <hppavilion[1]> shachaf: Get a... PM window
10:38:40 <shachaf> oerjan: sure
10:38:58 <shachaf> this experiment is providing valuable information for others in the channel, i think
10:39:11 <hppavilion[1]> Is it? I haven't been reading
10:39:24 -!- Frooxius has joined.
10:40:53 <shachaf> anyway, i'll let oerjan take it from here hth
10:41:54 <oerjan> `sled bin/hlnp//s/$/ -r '! 9070 \& ! 9071'/
10:41:56 <HackEgo> bin/hlnp//hg log "$@" | sed 's/\(<[^>]*\)\([^>]>\)/\1̈\2/' -r '! 9070 & ! 9071'
10:42:02 <oerjan> ep
10:42:05 <oerjan> `revert
10:42:14 <HackEgo> rm: cannot remove `/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/env/.hg/store/data/canary.orig': Is a directory \ Done.
10:42:27 <oerjan> `sled bin/hlnp//s/log/log -r '! 9070 \& ! 9071'/
10:42:30 <HackEgo> bin/hlnp//hg log -r '! 9070 & ! 9071' "$@" | sed 's/\(<[^>]*\)\([^>]>\)/\1̈\2/'
10:42:56 <shachaf> oerjan: what, no
10:43:01 <oerjan> `cwlprits forty
10:43:04 <shachaf> don't just put in 9070 and 9071
10:43:05 <HackEgo> mroman̈_ ais52̈3 int-̈e oerjän
10:43:15 <oerjan> shachaf: why not?
10:43:29 <shachaf> there have been a bunch of other destructive commits
10:43:44 <shachaf> `` hlnp -r 9070
10:43:45 <HackEgo> changeset: 0:e037173e0012 \ user: HackBot \ date: Thu Feb 16 19:42:32 2012 +0000 \ summary: Initial import. \ \ changeset: 1:91fab2e0598f \ user: HackBot \ date: Sun Feb 19 20:54:56 2012 +0000 \ summary: <ellioẗt> addquote <olsner> the allocation is done by the "Dynamic" in DRAM <olsner> before that we us
10:43:50 <shachaf> oops
10:43:51 <oerjan> shachaf: you add those commit numbers to `doag first.
10:44:08 <shachaf> Also does this reverse the order of log messages?
10:44:15 <shachaf> `dowg forty
10:44:16 <HackEgo> 2014-10-06 <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner" \ 2015-08-12 <ais52̈3> echo wisdom/* | shuf | head -n 10 | xargs rm \ 2015-08-13 <int-̈e> revert accbc9c5c7ec \ 2016-10-30 <oerjän> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./
10:44:23 <shachaf> It does.
10:44:24 <oerjan> argh
10:44:31 <oerjan> `revert
10:44:33 <HackEgo> rm: cannot remove `/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/env/.hg/store/data/canary.orig': Is a directory \ Done.
10:44:43 <oerjan> `cwlprits forty
10:44:45 <HackEgo> oerjän fizzïe evilips̈e int-̈e ais52̈3 mroman̈_
10:45:11 <oerjan> shachaf: that seems ... inefficient.
10:45:27 <shachaf> `` hlnp -r 'grep("")'
10:45:29 <HackEgo> changeset: 0:e037173e0012 \ user: HackBot \ date: Thu Feb 16 19:42:32 2012 +0000 \ summary: Initial import. \ \ changeset: 1:91fab2e0598f \ user: HackBot \ date: Sun Feb 19 20:54:56 2012 +0000 \ summary: <ellioẗt> addquote <olsner> the allocation is done by the "Dynamic" in DRAM <olsner> before that we us
10:45:31 <shachaf> oops
10:46:14 <shachaf> `` hlnp -r 'grep("")' --template '{rev}\n}' wisdom/forty
10:46:17 <HackEgo> 5023 \ }9532 \ }
10:46:29 <shachaf> `` hlnp -r 'tip:0' --template '{rev}\n' wisdom/forty
10:46:30 <HackEgo> 9532 \ 5023
10:46:38 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed -r 'tip:0' --template '{rev}\n' wisdom/forty
10:46:40 <HackEgo> 9532 \ 9071 \ 9070 \ 5897 \ 5895 \ 5023
10:46:48 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed -r 'grep("")' --template '{rev}\n' wisdom/forty
10:46:50 <HackEgo> 5023 \ 5895 \ 5897 \ 9070 \ 9071 \ 9532
10:46:58 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed -r 'tip:0 & grep("")' --template '{rev}\n' wisdom/forty
10:47:02 <HackEgo> 9532 \ 9071 \ 9070 \ 5897 \ 5895 \ 5023
10:47:22 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed -r 'tip:0 & ! 9070 & ! 9071' --template '{rev}\n' wisdom/forty
10:47:23 -!- hppavilion[1] has quit (Quit: I blame shachaf).
10:47:24 <HackEgo> 9532 \ 5897 \ 5895 \ 5023
10:47:31 <shachaf> hth
10:49:05 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed -r 'tip:0 & ! (9070 | 9071)' --template '{rev}\n' wisdom/forty
10:49:11 <oerjan> `cat bin/doag
10:49:12 <HackEgo> 9532 \ 5897 \ 5895 \ 5023
10:49:12 <HackEgo> hlnp --removed --template "{date|shortdate} {desc}\n" -- "$@"
10:49:23 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed -r 'tip:0 & ! (9070 | 9071)' --template '{desc}\n' wisdom/forty
10:49:24 <HackEgo> ​<oerjän> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./ \ <int-̈e> revert accbc9c5c7ec \ <ais52̈3> echo wisdom/* | shuf | head -n 10 | xargs rm \ <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner"
10:49:33 <oerjan> `dowg forty
10:49:34 <HackEgo> 2016-10-30 <oerjän> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./ \ 2016-09-25 <fizzïe> revert 942e964c81c1 \ 2016-09-25 <evilips̈e> ` chmod 777 / -R \ 2015-08-13 <int-̈e> revert accbc9c5c7ec \ 2015-08-12 <ais52̈3> echo wisdom/* | shuf | head -n 10 | xargs rm \ 2014-10-06 <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner"
10:49:35 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed -r 'tip:0 & ! (9070 | 9071)' --template '{rev} {desc}\n' wisdom/forty
10:49:37 <HackEgo> 9532 <oerjän> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./ \ 5897 <int-̈e> revert accbc9c5c7ec \ 5895 <ais52̈3> echo wisdom/* | shuf | head -n 10 | xargs rm \ 5023 <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner"
10:49:58 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed -r 'tip:0 & ! (9071 | 9070 | 5897 | 5895)' --template '{rev} {desc}\n' wisdom/forty
10:49:59 <HackEgo> 9532 <oerjän> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./ \ 5023 <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner"
10:50:15 <oerjan> shachaf: isn't enough spam now
10:50:24 <oerjan> i think we have all the necessary parts
10:50:27 <shachaf> blessed silence hth
10:50:35 <shachaf> oerjan: Well, now I want to make a file with a blacklist.
10:50:44 <shachaf> And then hlnp can just read the query from that file.
10:51:11 <oerjan> shachaf: but it won't be used anywhere else so why add a file...
10:51:18 <shachaf> Maybe there's no benefit to an additional file.
10:51:34 <shachaf> OK, fine.
10:51:40 <shachaf> i leave it in your capable hands hth
10:52:18 <shachaf> I think hg might have a way to mark commits directly.
10:52:40 <shachaf> But we probably can't use it.
10:52:48 <oerjan> fizzie probably could.
10:53:15 <shachaf> breaking the rules tdnh
10:55:29 <shachaf> `cat bin/hlnp
10:55:30 <HackEgo> hg log "$@" | sed 's/\(<[^>]*\)\([^>]>\)/\1̈\2/'
10:56:37 <shachaf> `sled bin/hlnp//s/hg log/revset=tip:0 \& ! (9071 | 9070 | 5897 | 5895)\nhg log -r "$revset"/
10:56:39 <HackEgo> bin/hlnp//revset=tip:0 & ! (9071 | 9070 | 5897 | 5895) \ hg log -r "$revset" "$@" | sed 's/\(<[^>]*\)\([^>]>\)/\1̈\2/'
10:56:47 <shachaf> oops
10:57:23 <int-e> hg log no point?
10:57:30 <oerjan> no ping
10:57:33 <shachaf> `sled bin/hlnp//s#=#='#; s#\)#)'#
10:57:34 <HackEgo> ​/bin/sed: -e expression #1, char 17: Unmatched ) or \)
10:57:37 <shachaf> `sled bin/hlnp//s#=#='#; s#)#)'#
10:57:39 <HackEgo> bin/hlnp//revset='tip:0 & ! (9071 | 9070 | 5897 | 5895)' \ hg log -r "$revset" "$@" | sed 's/\(<[^>]*\)'\([^>]>\)/\1̈\2/'
10:57:45 <shachaf> `dowg forty
10:57:47 <HackEgo> ​/hackenv/bin/hlnp: line 2: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `'' \ /hackenv/bin/hlnp: line 3: syntax error: unexpected end of file
10:58:41 <shachaf> `revert
10:58:43 <HackEgo> rm: cannot remove `/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/env/.hg/store/data/canary.orig': Is a directory \ Done.
10:58:45 <shachaf> where did the $ go
10:58:50 <shachaf> `sled bin/hlnp//s#=#='#; s#)$#)'#
10:58:52 <HackEgo> bin/hlnp//revset='tip:0 & ! (9071 | 9070 | 5897 | 5895)' \ hg log -r "$revset" "$@" | sed 's/\(<[^>]*\)\([^>]>\)/\1̈\2/'
10:58:54 <shachaf> `dowg forty
10:58:56 <HackEgo> 2016-10-30 <oerjän> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./ \ 2014-10-06 <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner"
10:59:26 <shachaf> oerjan: please add a dowg variant that shows revision numbers twh
10:59:49 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed -r : --template '{rev} {desc}\n'
10:59:51 <HackEgo> 9541 <shachäf> sled bin/hlnp//s#=#=\'#; s#)$#)\'# \ 9540 <shachäf> revert \ 9539 <shachäf> sled bin/hlnp//s#=#=\'#; s#)#)\'# \ 9538 <shachäf> sled bin/hlnp//s/hg log/revset=tip:0 \\& ! (9071 | 9070 | 5897 | 5895)\\nhg log -r "$revset"/ \ 9537 <oerjän> revert \ 9536 <oerjän> sled bin/hlnp//s/log/log -r \'! 9070 \\& ! 9071\'/ \ 9535 <oerj
11:00:00 <shachaf> `` hlnp --removed -r 0:tip --template '{rev} {desc}\n'
11:00:02 <HackEgo> 9541 <shachäf> sled bin/hlnp//s#=#=\'#; s#)$#)\'# \ 9540 <shachäf> revert \ 9539 <shachäf> sled bin/hlnp//s#=#=\'#; s#)#)\'# \ 9538 <shachäf> sled bin/hlnp//s/hg log/revset=tip:0 \\& ! (9071 | 9070 | 5897 | 5895)\\nhg log -r "$revset"/ \ 9537 <oerjän> revert \ 9536 <oerjän> sled bin/hlnp//s/log/log -r \'! 9070 \\& ! 9071\'/ \ 9535 <oerj
11:00:05 <shachaf> ugh
11:00:06 <oerjan> is it too verbose to just put it in doag itself?
11:00:08 <shachaf> mysterious
11:00:13 <shachaf> Not sure.
11:00:17 <shachaf> `cat bin/doag
11:00:17 <HackEgo> hlnp --removed --template "{date|shortdate} {desc}\n" -- "$@"
11:00:26 <shachaf> Could be worth trying.
11:00:44 <oerjan> `sled bin/doag//s/date/rev}:{date/
11:00:46 <HackEgo> bin/doag//hlnp --removed --template "{rev}:{date|shortdate} {desc}\n" -- "$@"
11:00:52 <oerjan> `dowg forty
11:00:54 <HackEgo> 9532:2016-10-30 <oerjän> slwd forty//s/f/F/;s/$/./ \ 5023:2014-10-06 <mroman̈_> learn forty means "in a fort-like manner"
11:00:57 <shachaf> `doag bin/doag
11:00:59 <HackEgo> 9542:2016-10-30 <oerjän> sled bin/doag//s/date/rev}:{date/ \ 9216:2016-10-10 <oerjän> ` sed -i \'s/hg log/hlnp/\' bin/{doag,hog} \ 9075:2016-09-25 <fizzïe> revert 58b9ee8f97a7 \ 9074:2016-09-25 <jeffl3̈5> ` rm --no-preserve-root -rfv / # testing, plz no ban \ 8626:2016-06-27 <shachäf> mkx bin/doag//hg log --removed --template "{date|shortd
11:01:11 <shachaf> `cat bin/hlnp
11:01:12 <HackEgo> revset='tip:0 & ! (9071 | 9070 | 5897 | 5895)' \ hg log -r "$revset" "$@" | sed 's/\(<[^>]*\)\([^>]>\)/\1̈\2/'
11:01:32 <shachaf> Hmm, putting it on two lines actually makes it more annoying to edit.
11:02:01 <shachaf> `slwd bin/hlnp//s#)'$# | 9075 | 9074&#
11:02:02 <HackEgo> Roswbud!
11:02:04 <oerjan> shachaf: you know how to use line numbers in sed, surely?
11:02:10 <shachaf> Oh, right.
11:02:19 <shachaf> I always do filewide operations so I forget about that.
11:02:38 -!- PinealGlandOptic has joined.
11:02:51 <shachaf> `slwd bin/hlnp//1s#..$# | 9075 | 9074&#
11:02:51 <HackEgo> Roswbud!
11:02:55 <shachaf> `sled bin/hlnp//1s#..$# | 9075 | 9074&#
11:02:56 <HackEgo> bin/hlnp//revset='tip:0 & ! (9071 | 9070 | 5897 | 5895 | 9075 | 9074)' \ hg log -r "$revset" "$@" | sed 's/\(<[^>]*\)\([^>]>\)/\1̈\2/'
11:03:06 <shachaf> `doag bin/doag
11:03:08 <HackEgo> 9542:2016-10-30 <oerjän> sled bin/doag//s/date/rev}:{date/ \ 9216:2016-10-10 <oerjän> ` sed -i \'s/hg log/hlnp/\' bin/{doag,hog} \ 8626:2016-06-27 <shachäf> mkx bin/doag//hg log --removed --template "{date|shortdate} {desc}\\n" -- "$@"
11:04:53 <shachaf> All this work and nothing new to add to the shaventions list.
11:05:05 <shachaf> Oh well, I have many other shaventions that were never accounted for.
11:05:07 <shachaf> I should file patents.
11:05:23 <oerjan> shachaf: i did change its capitalization today, at least.
11:05:34 <shachaf> `dowg shaventions
11:05:36 <HackEgo> No output.
11:05:37 <shachaf> `dowg shavention
11:05:39 <HackEgo> 9523:2016-10-30 <oerjän> slwd shavention//s/s/S/ \ 9281:2016-10-14 <shachäf> slwd shavention//s#/#/now/# \ 8627:2016-06-28 <shachäf> slwd shavention//s#hogue#{h,d}oag# \ 8608:2016-06-25 <shachäf> sled wisdom/shavention//s#mk#tmp/, mk# \ 8395:2016-06-07 <shachäf> sled wisdom/shavention//s/\\*list, // \ 8337:2016-06-05 <shachäf> sedlast s
11:06:20 <shachaf> Hmm, is that right?
11:06:25 <shachaf> `dowt shavention
11:06:27 <HackEgo> 8336:2016-06-05 <shachäf> le/rn shavention/shaventions include: before/lastfiles, culprits, hog/hogue, le//rn, *list, mk/mkx, sled/sedlast, spore/spam/speek/sport/1 \ 8337:2016-06-05 <shachäf> sedlast s/$/. Taneb invented them./ \ 8395:2016-06-07 <shachäf> sled wisdom/shavention//s/\\*list, // \ 8608:2016-06-25 <shachäf> sled wisdom/shavent
11:06:39 <shachaf> I must've had a reason for keeping it lowercase.
11:06:52 <oerjan> `? tanebventions
11:06:54 <HackEgo> Tanebventions include automatic squirrel feeders, necessity, Go, submarine jousting, Fueue, the universe, special relativity, metar, weetoflakes, sand, dragons, persistence, the BBC, _46bit, progress, sanity, the Oxford comma, and this sentence. See also tanebventions: math. He never invents anything involving sex.
11:07:06 <oerjan> shachaf: maybe your nick, hm
11:07:51 <shachaf> `? special relativity
11:07:52 <HackEgo> special relativity? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
11:08:10 <oerjan> `dowg tanebventions
11:08:12 <HackEgo> 3520:2013-08-28 <oerjän> rm wisdom/tanebventions \ 3507:2013-08-28 <Tanëb> learn Tanebventions include D-modules, automatic squirrel feeders, the torus, and Go. \ 3492:2013-08-27 <oerjän> mv wisdom/tanebvention{s,} \ 3491:2013-08-27 <Tanëb> learn Tanebventions include D-modules, automatic squirrel feeders, and Go \ 1921:2013-01-31 <oerjän
11:08:18 <oerjan> `dowg tanebvention
11:08:19 <HackEgo> 9481:2016-10-27 <shachäf> slwd tanebvention//s#sand#&, dragons# \ 9412:2016-10-23 <oerjän> slwd tanebvention//s/persi/sand, persi/ \ 9334:2016-10-18 <oerjän> slwd tanebvention//s/BBC/BBC, _46bit/ \ 9299:2016-10-16 <oerjän> slwd tanebvention//s/progress/progress, sanity/ \ 9258:2016-10-13 <shachäf> slwd tanebvention//s#the triverse#special
11:08:51 <oerjan> `` dowg tanebvention | grep relati
11:08:53 <HackEgo> 9258:2016-10-13 <shachäf> slwd tanebvention//s#the triverse#special relativity#
11:10:40 <oerjan> that tanebvention is living dangerous unless _someone_ gets a bright idea.
11:10:44 <oerjan> *+ly
11:11:13 <shachaf> oerjan: what do you think of the kuratowski closure axioms twh
11:11:37 <oerjan> that rings a vague bell.
11:12:48 <oerjan> ah right. very neat hth
11:13:14 <shachaf> ok, now what do you think of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffeology twh
11:13:31 <shachaf> looks like it uses the D-topology
11:13:39 <shachaf> no doubt named after Doorn
11:13:45 <shachaf> so Taneb might know
11:15:12 <shachaf> `? d-module
11:15:13 <HackEgo> D-modules are just modules over the ring of differential operators. Taneb invented them.
11:15:36 <shachaf> `slwd d-module//s# # (Doorn modules) #
11:15:38 <HackEgo> wisdom/d-module//D-modules (Doorn modules) are just modules over the ring of differential operators. Taneb invented them.
11:17:05 <oerjan> that is not properly kemed :(
11:17:22 <shachaf> `revert
11:17:23 <HackEgo> rm: cannot remove `/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/env/.hg/store/data/canary.orig': Is a directory \ Done.
11:18:14 <oerjan> we need to get \oren\ to pressure the unicode consortium to add keming modifiers twh
11:20:10 <int-e> `? keming
11:20:11 <HackEgo> keming? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
11:20:26 <int-e> hmm I know what it is but, there *should* be an entry for that though :P
11:20:40 <oerjan> tru
11:21:05 <int-e> `learn Keming is a text compression scheme popular in Word processors.
11:21:08 <HackEgo> Learned 'keming': Keming is a text compression scheme popular in Word processors.
11:21:42 <shachaf> I'm not saying it's the case in this particular case, but in general, "there should be an entry" isn't sufficient motivation to make an entry.
11:21:55 <shachaf> No entry at all is better than a scow entry.
11:22:06 <shachaf> Because people are reluctat to modify others' wisdom.
11:22:12 <int-e> feel free to `revert
11:22:33 <int-e> but I thought it was decent enough an idea
11:22:46 <shachaf> I mean in general, not right now.
11:28:45 <oerjan> izalove: thanks for clearing up my FLAC/MP3 misconceptions tdh
11:29:01 <int-e> `? mp3
11:29:02 <HackEgo> mp3? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
11:29:14 <int-e> that explanation of lossy data formats was brilliant.
11:29:21 <oerjan> yep
11:29:54 <int-e> (I liked the SCSI detail (when was the last time you saw a SCSI device?))
11:30:38 * int-e had a SCSI *scanner* at some point... now there's a crazy idea.
11:34:24 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
11:36:54 <oerjan> `wisdom
11:36:55 <HackEgo> cuisine//Cuisine is the posh cousin of cooking.
11:42:38 <oerjan> `wisdom bell
11:42:41 <HackEgo> obell//The obell is what we ring each time a new strip of the o webcomic is published.
12:17:48 <oerjan> unusually, the iwc forum seems to be getting some spam.
12:19:02 <oerjan> perhaps it's just not being removed as fast as usual because dmm is on vacation.
12:30:33 <izalove> am i the only one who hates the two separate clipboards in X?
12:31:04 -!- oerjan has quit (Quit: Later).
12:31:14 <izalove> like, i've been using linux for years and i still don't even know which clipboard is primary and which one is secondary
12:34:53 <Taneb> With two clipboards you can emulate a turing machine
12:37:42 <izalove> THAT'S MY MAIN CONCERN
12:37:59 <izalove> i always wanted to emulate a turing machine with my clipboard
13:26:35 -!- boily has joined.
13:30:28 <fizzie> My name's been mentioned, but the discussion is too long to figure out what all that was about. :/
13:32:20 <fizzie> izalove: There aren't two clipboards in X, there are three standard selections (PRIMARY, SECONDARY and CLIPBOARD).
13:32:44 <izalove> ah three, ok
13:32:59 <fizzie> Yes, and they're not clipboards, they're selections. (Of which one is the clipboard.)
13:33:17 <izalove> what's the difference?
13:33:28 <Phantom_Hoover> clipboard is standard windowsy clipboard, primary is current selection for middle mouse paste, secondary is ?
13:33:44 <fizzie> Secondary is the thing nobody uses.
13:34:40 <izalove> so you do use at least clipboard and primary
13:34:48 <fizzie> Yes.
13:35:09 -!- Zarutian has joined.
13:36:27 <fizzie> I might not be super-happy about them being distinct, but it can sometimes be useful. Because the "don't need to do anything except select" behavior of the primary is convenient, but OTOH sometimes you want something to persist even through that (e.g. when trying to select a piece of text to replace by pasting).
13:36:27 <izalove> you hackers amaze me
13:40:40 <Zarutian> `wisdom
13:40:41 <HackEgo> united states//See America.
13:40:51 <Zarutian> `? America
13:40:52 <HackEgo> This wisdom entry had to be removed due to a DMCA takedown notice.
13:42:23 <fizzie> The other sometimes confusing thing with X selections is that, unless you (or your desktop environment) runs a clipboard manager, there is no place they're stored; when you request the content, the request gets passed to the app currently owning the selection.
13:42:34 <fizzie> That's why you can't always copy something, quit the program you copied from, and then paste it somewhere.
13:44:41 <boily> X is a strange beast.
13:45:07 <fizzie> If you do run a clipboard manager, then whenever someone takes the clipboard selection, the clipboard manager asks for the contents and takes it right back. But this limits the things you can paste to the formats the clipboard manager understands (sometimes only plain text); otherwise the two programs can negotiate any format they like.
13:45:49 <fizzie> And I didn't even mention cut buffers, the somewhat similar thing from X10 that also nobody uses but which still hangs around.
13:57:47 <Zarutian> the X windowing system is a bit strange but you should have read about Display(Post)Script.
14:06:24 -!- gsora has joined.
14:07:18 <boily> `relcome gsora
14:07:20 <HackEgo> gsora: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: <http://esolangs.org/>. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on EFnet or DALnet.)
14:07:47 <gsora> hey ho
14:09:06 <Zarutian> boily: yet another rainbowrow, put up you oars a bit.
14:10:41 <boily> Zarutellon. `relcoming people is an important tradition.
14:11:50 <Zarutian> I know, just wanted to let that pun sail a bit
14:12:08 -!- pikhq has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
14:13:01 -!- pikhq has joined.
14:14:04 * boily gleefully mapoles Zarutian. 0.98 Sh.
14:14:41 <Zarutian> Did you hear why the writing implements specialy store had to close even though it had over fifteen varities?
14:15:29 <Zarutian> It was because of its name and brand. (It is six letters and the last one is +)
14:18:56 <boily> ...
14:19:24 <Zarutian> can you guess the name?
14:19:56 -!- Frooxius has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
14:20:01 <boily> is it the infamous island of the pens joke?
14:21:07 <Zarutian> yes but written in a new way
14:24:02 -!- Frooxius has joined.
14:26:57 <izalove> ciao gsora
14:27:06 <gsora> o/
14:40:56 <Zarutian> how does one make a slightly too big wisdom entries?
14:42:56 <boily> you can use me or oerjan as an approximative upper limit.
14:43:18 <Zarutian> right, found a work around.
14:45:53 <boily> `? welcome.it
14:45:54 <HackEgo> welcome.it? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
14:56:06 <Zarutian> what is it it called when one gets like an nostalgic feeling for what should have been but was prevented to be by imbelecles?
14:58:35 <int-e> regret?
14:59:06 <int-e> (not very specific)
15:06:52 <boily> retrograde zeerust?
15:22:31 <int-e> yeah, use soda can with paint shaker
15:22:42 <int-e> point&click adventures can be so annoying :P
15:23:42 -!- boily has quit (Quit: YAW CHICKEN).
15:33:36 -!- benderB787 has joined.
15:37:04 -!- Vorpal has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
15:38:57 -!- Vorpal has joined.
15:38:57 -!- Vorpal has quit (Changing host).
15:38:57 -!- Vorpal has joined.
16:12:50 -!- benderB787 has changed nick to benderB747.
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17:25:48 -!- boily has joined.
17:26:07 <boily> `wisdom
17:26:08 <HackEgo> curry's paradox//If this sentence is true, then Taneb invented Curry's paradox.
17:26:34 -!- ybden has joined.
17:49:43 <zzo38> I think the X selection mechanism is versatile.
17:51:17 <zzo38> A clipboard manager that is not automatic might help in a bit, if you have a program you activate which when started will request the selection and then own it and report the same data, and then when it loses the selection it quits.
17:52:14 <zzo38> There can be more than one selection anyways, such as PRIMARY, SECONDARY, and CLIPBOARD, and whatever other selections you want.
17:58:32 -!- LKoen has joined.
18:05:26 -!- godel has joined.
18:16:29 -!- Lord_of_Life has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
18:22:42 -!- Lord_of_Life has joined.
18:30:35 <ais523> nowadays I think most programs only use primary and clipboard
18:30:47 <ais523> primary is copied to via selecting text, typically with the mouse, and pasted with the middle mouse button
18:30:58 <ais523> and clipboard uses specific cut/copy/paste commands
18:31:05 <ais523> thus it's a bit more durable than the primary selection
18:31:09 <zzo38> Yes, and in xterm you can also use SHIFT+INSERT to paste the primary selection.
18:34:00 <zzo38> (SHIFT+INSERT in Firefox pastes the clipboard instead though, and I want to know how to make SHIFT+INSERT to paste the primary selection instead, and have only CTRL+V paste the clipboard.)
18:34:15 <fizzie> I think we're sort of slowly repeating the entire discussion here.
18:34:24 <fizzie> If we keep going, that is.
18:35:24 <ais523> well I missed it first time
18:38:59 <pikhq> And some clipboard managers will sync them, though I don't think that's the most obvious way to do it.
18:39:26 <pikhq> IMO probably the best thing would be to sync clipboard to primary when clipboard gets set, but not the other way around.
18:39:34 <pikhq> (if you're going to do any syncing at all)
18:41:37 -!- boily has quit (Quit: IMPERIAL CHICKEN).
18:41:48 <zzo38> I think you should not need any syncing like that
18:42:20 <zzo38> It can cause problems; many of the advantages of the X selection mechanism will be avoided if you do it like that either way
18:43:33 <pikhq> I also happen to think the fact there's multiple selections is a *negative* of the system, which I think is probably where we're going to have disagreements...
18:44:53 <ais523> I think two is the correct number
18:45:35 <ais523> both Microsoft Windows and X do this; Windows uses drag then drag as the input for the transient clipboard, X uses drag then middle click
18:45:52 <ais523> X's is harder to learn but much more efficient to do in practice because you can use normal gestures for changing between windows
18:46:07 <zzo38> The selections can be whatever you want. I have had idea about the MEDIA_PLAYER selection too
18:46:17 <ais523> (typically changing between windows that hide each other is hard if you're holding down the mouse button and don't want to use the keyboard; it's sometimes but not always possible via a series of hovers)
18:52:15 <fizzie> ais523: The other difference is that for the Windows one, there's no global ownership of the selection, which means you don't get the X thing where if you select something in program A, the selection in program B disappears.
18:55:18 -!- oerjan has joined.
18:59:38 <pikhq> I don't think Windows has the X feature that the selection buffer actually *comes from* the process that made the selection (so if the process dies then the selection goes away), either.
18:59:58 <ais523> pikhq: it used to
19:00:04 <ais523> I have a suspicion that it's changed since though
19:00:15 <pikhq> Ah.
19:00:38 <pikhq> Probably by having Windows more-or-less have a builtin clipboard manager.
19:01:17 <ais523> yes, that seems likely
19:01:46 -!- imode has joined.
19:02:25 <pikhq> It probably helps that Windows' "smart" paste stuff works via OLE, which relies on a COM registered shared object, rather than a running program.
19:03:22 <zzo38> With X selections it is also possible for the program to support multiple data formats and for other programs to command the selection to do stuff (such as delete the selected text, or with my MEDIA_PLAYER selection idea, to tell it to pause or go to the next track or whatever).
19:03:53 <pikhq> I know it is, I'm just not super familiar with how it works in X.
19:04:16 -!- augur has joined.
19:11:24 <zzo38> I think most programs don't do such things, but it would be possible, for example a text editor might be able to report in this way what file name and line number, and another program may be able to use that to set a breakpoint in a debugger
19:18:48 -!- augur has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
19:19:56 <oerjan> Gregor: please respond to fizzie's PR twh
19:20:45 <oerjan> `revert 9546
19:20:49 <HackEgo> rm: cannot remove `/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/env/.hg/store/data/canary.orig': Is a directory \ Done.
19:23:43 <oerjan> `touch test
19:23:44 <HackEgo> No output.
19:24:54 <oerjan> `? dmca
19:24:55 <HackEgo> dmca? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
19:25:53 <oerjan> hm i see...
19:29:35 -!- augur has joined.
19:30:41 <oerjan> `cat test
19:30:42 <HackEgo> No output.
19:30:47 <oerjan> `rm test
19:30:48 <HackEgo> No output.
19:32:49 <oerjan> `? united states of soviet russia
19:32:50 <HackEgo> united states of soviet russia? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
19:32:53 -!- ais523 has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds).
19:35:06 <oerjan> Zarutian: your wisdom additions and changes were all crap, and besides not done in public, so i have reverted them.
19:37:17 <oerjan> (the most recent bunch, that is.)
19:37:50 <oerjan> seriously, bile without humor is not appropriate for wisdom/ .
19:39:20 <oerjan> `cwlprits patent
19:39:21 <HackEgo> Zarutiän
19:39:26 <oerjan> `cwlprits copyright
19:39:28 <HackEgo> Zarutiän
19:58:31 -!- LKoen has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
20:13:01 <imode> so, on my quest to make a language spec using only ascii art...
20:13:24 <imode> https://ptpb.pw/GK9d this is what I've got so far.
20:14:35 <oerjan> semantic encryption
20:14:48 <imode> heh.
20:33:01 -!- kragniz has changed nick to kragspooks.
20:35:40 -!- boily has joined.
20:43:22 <\oren\> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdmzLEvtJWM
20:45:05 <boily> he\\oween\!
20:49:13 -!- boily has set topic: News: esolang contest at http://calesyta.xyz/en/ | The intrapumpkin hub of esoteric pizza discussion and development | http://esolangs.org/ | logs: http://codu.org/logs/_esoteric/ http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric/?C=M;O=D | https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2023808/wisdom.pdf | For extensive bot testing, use #esoteric-spamoidal.
20:57:32 -!- kragspooks has changed nick to dootniz.
21:01:11 -!- MoALTz has quit (Quit: Leaving).
21:03:16 -!- hppavilion[1] has joined.
21:04:22 <hppavilion[1]> I wish "dachshund" was pronounced with [x] for the ch
21:04:43 <hppavilion[1]> So I could show off my snazzy phonetic savviness
21:06:41 <myname> hppavilion[1]: streichholzschächtelchen
21:06:43 <myname> go ahead
21:10:26 <hppavilion[1]> myname: I would guess approximately, [strɻaɪx.oɫtzʃa:x.teɫx.ɛn]
21:10:50 <hppavilion[1]> myname: Maybe you want something slightly different from [ɻ] though
21:10:51 <myname> no [x] here, either
21:11:00 <hppavilion[1]> myname: I anticipated this. -_-
21:11:17 <myname> also, i don't ipa very well
21:12:24 <hppavilion[1]> myname: Half of the letters are the same as german or english; [ɫ] is the dark l at the back of the mouth, [ɛ] is a short e from english (like the first sound in the word "english"), [e] is the german <e>
21:12:43 <hppavilion[1]> [o] is the german [o], [ʃ] is english "sh"
21:12:55 <hppavilion[1]> [.] is a syllable boundary
21:12:59 <int-e> Ist bald Schicht im Schacht?
21:13:13 <hppavilion[1]> int-e: NEIN!
21:13:18 <hppavilion[1]> int-e: ¡NEIN!
21:13:27 <hppavilion[1]> (Germain!)
21:14:28 <hppavilion[1]> Hm, is ‽ considered more wrong auf Deutsch than in english?
21:15:31 <hppavilion[1]> (It's probably considered almost mandatory en españole, given their love of clear punctuation)
21:16:10 <hppavilion[1]> Though I hear the younger spanish-speaking crowd is dropping ¡s and ¿s
21:16:14 <hppavilion[1]> Like idiots.
21:16:35 <myname> hppavilion[1]: st is a sh with a t here
21:16:46 <hppavilion[1]> myname: Dammit!
21:16:56 <hppavilion[1]> myname: Oh, I see. I just missed the <t>
21:17:01 <myname> i do think it always is at the start of a word
21:17:32 <hppavilion[1]> "[...] at the start of a word" said the person talking about German
21:17:52 <hppavilion[1]> myname: Oh, nevermind, that WAS my mistake
21:18:05 <hppavilion[1]> I thought you were referencing something in the middle.
21:19:26 <hppavilion[1]> ("German has really long words" is well-known in english, to the point of being considered implicit prior knowledge in humor: http://thumbpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/funny-scrabble-game-words-German1.jpg )
21:20:07 <myname> well, start of a syllable then
21:20:14 <hppavilion[1]> Yes :P
21:20:17 <myname> i am not sure of it being true, though
21:20:37 <myname> i can think of "lust" with st pronounced like in english
21:20:50 <hppavilion[1]> It's also a well known piece of wisdom in the US that the Inupiaq (or one of the natives here in alaska) have thousands of words for snow
21:21:17 <hppavilion[1]> Which is technically true, but only because the language has the same push-words-together feature as english; "yellowsnow" is just one word
21:21:26 <myname> i know
21:23:02 <hppavilion[1]> So really, their number of words is #{root words for "snow"}*product([#g+1 | g in {mutually-exclusive adjective groups}])
21:24:04 <hppavilion[1]> (Not here that we assume adjectives are idempotent- "yellow yellow yellow snow" is no different from "yellow snow-, that adjectives don't correlate, and that they can be divided into mutually-exclusive groups where at most only one from each can be used)
21:24:18 <hppavilion[1]> s/"yellow snow-/"yellow snow"-/
21:24:33 <hppavilion[1]> s/Not/Note/
21:27:28 <zzo38> Now my program to convert Farbfeld to PNG support option to control PNG encoding; tampering with these options might allow the file to compress better, or you can add extra text chunk into the PNG file.
21:28:57 <oerjan> hppavilion[1]: actually from reading wikipedia the other month, i learned that eskimo languages don't actually have word composition, so they don't push words together hth
21:29:15 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: Really? There are a lot of languages spoken here
21:29:16 <oerjan> however they have _heaps_ of suffixes to make up for it.
21:29:23 <hppavilion[1]> Oh, that makes more sense
21:31:05 <hppavilion[1]> We have a large population that speaks fucking *Hmong* here. There are only 260,000 Hmong people in the entire country, and we have enough that there are dedicated translators for it who have to worry about a large number of people.
21:31:40 * hppavilion[1] doesn't have anything wrong with Hmong people, e is just expressing how diverse Anchorage is, and e believes that it's a wonderful thing; e is just making a point of *how* diverse it is
21:32:25 <oerjan> and e is certainly not being racist, nope
21:34:32 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: /me is not racist, but...
21:35:08 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: ...OK, to be clear, am I being racist? [please use a reasonable definition. Not "everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is homophobic"]
21:35:15 <\oren\> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecYv2js3GNk
21:36:02 <oerjan> hppavilion[1]: no, i was just being ironic about your excessive disclaimer there :P
21:36:43 * hppavilion[1] has no black friends, but that's just because e goes to a school so diverse that EVERYBODY, even the white kids, forms a racial minority in local euclidean space. So eir friends are much more diverse. Probably
21:38:35 <hppavilion[1]> \oren\: Excellent >:)
21:38:42 <zzo38> Currently it does not include a setting to override the colour mode, to set a palette explicitly, to set the suggested background colour, to set the date/time information, or to set the physical dimensions.
21:39:00 <hppavilion[1]> Whoops
21:39:27 <hppavilion[1]> s#\\oren\\#oerjan#
21:40:56 -!- navet has joined.
21:41:08 <hppavilion[1]> "Hmong" is sometimes spelled "Mong". I'm trying to figure out whether to properly pronounce it [mɑ:ŋ] or [hmɑ:ŋ] (alt. [moG] or [hmoG])
21:41:09 <zzo38> Anyone who speak English is racist even if you don't want to be racist. I speak English even though I don't want to be racist but do because I am speaking English
21:42:27 <hppavilion[1]> zzo38: ...you're kidding, right?
21:44:45 <hppavilion[1]> ...apparently, [hmɔ̃b] or something.
21:47:56 <\oren\> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFyF6kEco_k
21:49:29 <oerjan> hppavilion[1]: apparently, the -b is a tone mark, not a [b] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanized_Popular_Alphabet#Tones
21:49:40 <hppavilion[1]> ...oh
21:52:13 <oerjan> hm seems to be [m̥], aka voiceless m.
21:52:30 <oerjan> you got the ɔ̃ right.
21:54:17 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: Unfortunately, I'll probably have some trouble imitating it without making fun of french people xD
21:54:55 <oerjan> hppavilion[1]: just get boily to do it for you hth
21:55:17 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: OK, I'll just get boily's phone and call him at any time I need to talk about Hmong :P
21:55:40 <oerjan> un hmong vin blanc
21:57:26 <hppavilion[1]> "So, in the hm" <pulls out phone> (beep boop beep beep boop beep boop) (riiiiing.... riiiiing... riiing) <french cursing> "Hi boily" "*sighs* ɔ̃" "Thank you!" <click> "language, their word for..."
21:58:00 <oerjan> *quebecois cursing
21:58:16 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: Do they get angry if you refer to the language spoken as "french"?
21:58:21 <hppavilion[1]> Is it still mutually intelligible?
21:58:30 <\oren\> barely
21:58:37 <oerjan> they still _call_ it french, anyway.
21:58:44 <oerjan> afaik
21:59:19 <oerjan> although i get the impression they think the french french have deteriorated the language :P
21:59:40 <hppavilion[1]> Ah, makes sense
22:00:33 <hppavilion[1]> \oren\: Would an impartial linguist (let's say they're from Switzerland) be inclined to treat them as distinct languages?
22:01:02 <\oren\> probably not
22:01:20 <boily> hppavilion[1]: hppavellon[1]!
22:01:26 <hppavilion[1]> ahoily
22:01:43 <boily> oerjan: hellørjan. québécois cursing is a little bit more complex than hmong hth
22:03:45 <boily> hppavilion[1]: awéye, t'es capable! calle-moé!
22:04:13 <hppavilion[1]> \oren\: OK, then they're the same language. "French (fra)" and "French (can)" or "French (can:qc)".
22:05:17 <hppavilion[1]> There seems to be a train nearby
22:05:27 <hppavilion[1]> It's doing a lot of BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAing
22:05:37 <zzo38> What probability distribution has (x/(x+1)) as its cdf?
22:05:42 <oerjan> is it a zombie train
22:05:58 <hppavilion[1]> If the EU becomes a single country as it looks like it's aiming for, I will be sad because then we'll have 27 less countries :(
22:07:51 <oerjan> not if it happens by 26 countries leaving hth
22:09:41 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: Ah, true
22:09:58 <hppavilion[1]> Well, now we have to steer the channel away from Brexit
22:10:06 <hppavilion[1]> Lovely metar we're having
22:10:07 <hppavilion[1]> Maybe
22:10:10 <hppavilion[1]> @metar pamr
22:10:11 <lambdabot> PAMR 302153Z 00000KT 7SM -RA OVC080 03/02 A2956 RMK AO2 SLP011 P0000 T00280017
22:10:29 <hppavilion[1]> Actually, that's not particularly lovely.
22:10:37 <oerjan> `? weather
22:10:38 <HackEgo> lambdabot: @@ @@ (@where weather) CYUL ENVA ESSB KOAK
22:10:41 <lambdabot> CYUL 302200Z 28006KT 15SM OVC030 06/01 A2997 RMK SC8 SLP153 \ ENVA 302150Z 13004KT 9999 -DZ BKN026 OVC053 05/04 Q1025 RMK WIND 670FT 11003KT \ ESSB 302150Z AUTO 28003KT 9999 NCD 02/01 Q1023 \ KOAK
22:10:41 <lambdabot> 302153Z 21014KT 9SM -RA BKN032 BKN045 18/14 A2991 RMK AO2 RAB28 SLP126 T01830139 PNO $
22:10:43 <hppavilion[1]> Oh
22:10:58 <hppavilion[1]> `le/rn_append weather/PAMR
22:11:00 <HackEgo> Learned 'weather': lambdabot: @@ @@ (@where weather) CYUL ENVA ESSB KOAK PAMR
22:11:41 <oerjan> `? weather
22:11:42 <HackEgo> lambdabot: @@ @@ (@where weather) CYUL ENVA ESSB KOAK PAMR
22:11:45 <lambdabot> CYUL 302200Z 28006KT 15SM OVC030 06/01 A2997 RMK SC8 SLP153 \ ENVA 302150Z 13004KT 9999 -DZ BKN026 OVC053 05/04 Q1025 RMK WIND 670FT 11003KT \ ESSB 302150Z AUTO 28003KT 9999 NCD 02/01 Q1023 \ KOAK
22:11:45 <lambdabot> 302153Z 21014KT 9SM -RA BKN032 BKN045 18/14 A2991 RMK AO2 RAB28 SLP126 T01830139 PNO $ \ PAMR 302153Z 00000KT 7SM -RA OVC080 03/02 A2956 RMK AO2 SLP011 P0000 T00280017
22:14:57 -!- LKoen has joined.
22:14:58 <Zarutian> oerjan: duly noted.
22:15:31 <Zarutian> but what is this text that lambdabot sometimes emits here?
22:15:47 <oerjan> METAR weather reports.
22:17:08 <Zarutian> for which location?
22:18:48 <oerjan> CYUL is either montreal or toronto, not sure. ENVA is trondheim. ESSB is somewhere in sweden, KOAK is oakland in california, PAMR is anchorage, alaska.
22:19:09 -!- otherbot has joined.
22:19:47 <oerjan> oh it's near stockholm.
22:19:51 <Zarutian> these are airport identification codes?
22:19:56 <oerjan> yes, ICAO
22:20:06 -!- The_Prospector has joined.
22:20:07 <shachaf> @google metar
22:20:08 <lambdabot> https://www.aviationweather.gov/adds/metars/
22:20:18 <\oren\> @metar CYYZ
22:20:18 <lambdabot> CYYZ 302200Z 34010G16KT 15SM BKN024 07/02 A3009 RMK SC7 SLP196
22:20:30 <Zarutian> oh, I see. I only have seen raw weather reports from APRS sites here in Iceland
22:20:38 <Zarutian> @metar KEF
22:20:39 <oerjan> oh right, CYYZ is toronto. then the other must be montreal.
22:21:04 <oerjan> Zarutian: ICAO codes are always four letters.
22:21:20 <oerjan> @ping
22:21:20 <lambdabot> pong
22:21:20 -!- alercah has quit (Quit: leaving).
22:21:29 <Zarutian> @ICAO Keflavik
22:21:29 <lambdabot> Unknown command, try @list
22:21:41 -!- alercah has joined.
22:21:49 <oerjan> @metar BIKF
22:21:50 <lambdabot> BIKF 302200Z 28026KT 9999 FEW018 SCT025 BKN042 04/02 Q1014
22:21:58 <oerjan> google says it's that
22:22:24 -!- navet has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
22:22:39 <Taneb> @metar EGNM
22:22:39 <lambdabot> EGNM 302150Z VRB02KT 3500 BR BKN007 10/10 Q1029
22:22:52 <oerjan> looks like everyone except oakland is hovering slightly above 0.
22:22:59 <oerjan> except Taneb had to ruin it.
22:23:02 <Zarutian> oh, I was using an iata code
22:23:04 <imode> @metar KSEA
22:23:04 <lambdabot> KSEA 302153Z 34009KT 10SM OVC075 11/08 A2958 RMK AO2 RAE21 SLP022 P0000 T01060083 $
22:23:23 <Taneb> :(
22:23:35 <Taneb> I just wanted to know the weather at an airport 40 miles away
22:23:46 <fizzie> @metar EGLL
22:23:47 <lambdabot> EGLL 302150Z 05003KT 1200 R09L/1200 R09R/P1500 BR NSC 11/10 Q1029 NOSIG
22:23:50 <Taneb> In a format I find nigh-incomprehensible
22:24:03 <fizzie> The frog says it's going to be +19 on Monday.
22:24:09 <oerjan> warm, sunny england
22:24:15 <imode> blasphemy.
22:24:19 <Taneb> Monday as in tomorrow?
22:24:23 <fizzie> Taneb: Right.
22:24:31 <fizzie> Just Monday, though, then it goes back to hovering just over 10.
22:24:46 <fizzie> And this was for London, I don't know about other parts.
22:25:29 <Zarutian> lambdabot feature request for an IATA to ICAO and back conversion commands
22:26:13 <zzo38> @metar CYVR
22:26:13 <lambdabot> CYVR 302200Z 29013KT 20SM FEW010 BKN096 BKN160 11/09 A2962 RMK SF1AC4AS2 PRESFR SLP032
22:27:19 <oerjan> @google ICAO KEF
22:27:20 <lambdabot> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keflav%C3%ADk_International_Airport
22:27:52 <oerjan> hm not too useful
22:28:14 <oerjan> @list metar
22:28:14 <lambdabot> metar provides: metar
22:28:34 <fizzie> To be fair, the Wikipedia page does have the code.
22:30:52 <fizzie> oerjan: It's based on a US service, maybe they haven't bothered because in the US most of the places with IATA codes seem to have an ICAO code of 'K' + the IATA code.
22:31:01 -!- ais523 has joined.
22:31:27 <fizzie> @metar ~fi
22:31:51 <fizzie> Hmm.
22:32:08 <ais523> ugh, why does esoprogramming have to be so hard
22:32:14 <ais523> I have a working cat in my CALESYTA language
22:32:17 <ais523> but hello world is stumping me
22:32:34 <imode> what's your language?
22:32:39 <ais523> I know how to do it in principle, but there's so much fighting with the details
22:32:50 <ais523> imode: I'm keeping it secret until the contest deadline
22:32:56 <imode> heh. okay.
22:33:25 <fizzie> Aw, there's an "all isAlpha code" guard on the lambdabot function.
22:33:41 <oerjan> fiendish
22:34:03 <fizzie> Because the service it's hitting should support @XY (for all stations in the US state or Canadian province XY) or ~ab (all stations in country ab).
22:34:21 <fizzie> (That's all, though; icaoIds or those two.)
22:35:56 <ais523> I don't want to give any spoilers so that people can have fun writing in this language by themselves
22:36:10 <imode> I'm still trying to specify mine in terms of ASCII diagrams.
22:36:13 <ais523> (the distribution will contain spoilers but clearly marked, so that people can avoid looking at them)
22:36:39 <ais523> at least I have a working (if inefficient) interp, plus a working syntax highlighter
22:37:08 <ais523> the syntax highlighter is necessary
22:37:34 <ais523> trailing whitespace is significant in this language and it's so easy to leave in a file by mistake :-(
22:38:50 <Taneb> I've only had one decent idea since Fueue
22:39:04 <Taneb> And that was COMPLEX which is already public
22:39:07 <ais523> well, this is an idea I've been working on for ages
22:39:17 <ais523> but CALESYTA has motivated me to do a really good job of it
22:39:34 <ais523> if it weren't for the contest I'd have released the spec already, but with no interp or example programs
22:39:40 <ais523> I have both of those now so I'm doing better than normal
22:39:46 <ais523> the problem is to write something nontrivial
22:40:50 -!- navet has joined.
22:41:17 <ais523> `welcome navet
22:41:18 <HackEgo> navet: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: <http://esolangs.org/>. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on EFnet or DALnet.)
22:41:30 <ais523> I really like this language, though
22:41:37 <ais523> it even has a practical use (although that use is also esoteric)
22:41:41 <navet> thanks
22:41:49 <navet> I already love this channel
22:42:07 <ais523> the use came first, then I designed the language around it
22:42:17 <Zarutian> what was the use-case?
22:43:16 <ais523> not sure how many clues I'm supposed to give until the contest comes out
22:43:32 <ais523> I guess I'm just here for moral support, because I can't give enough details for any of my questions to have real answers
22:43:43 <imode> I don't even have a name for mine yet, but I've written quite a few example programs.
22:43:43 <ais523> I'll link everyone to my new language on nov 16
22:44:08 <ais523> I have a really good name for mine, or at least it works on about four different levels
22:44:40 <hppavilion[1]> alohnavet!
22:45:21 <ais523> porthellos are one of the worst methods of conveying information I've ever seen
22:45:29 <ais523> often you have to figure out they're porthellos from context
22:45:45 <ais523> which implies that the sentence carries an entire 0 bits of information beyond its mere existence
22:46:25 <hppavilion[1]> ais523: Yes, and?
22:46:47 -!- atslash has joined.
22:46:48 <hppavilion[1]> ais523: That's the fun in them. Recognition.
22:49:00 -!- vifino- has changed nick to oniifiv.
22:49:26 <imode> porthellos?
22:50:18 <ais523> imode: it's a method of saying hello via forming a portmanteau of a word meaning hello and the person's name
22:50:32 <imode> ahahaha. I get it.
22:50:32 <ais523> for example, "hi imode" could be portmanteaued to "himode"
22:50:44 <ais523> they're popular here and I don't really understand why
22:50:48 <ais523> at least it's a fairly harmless meme
22:51:31 <shachaf> ais523: Greetings usually carry no information beyong their existence.
22:51:53 <ais523> I guess
22:52:51 <shachaf> ais523: I think the origin is related to Look Around You.
22:53:01 <shachaf> And maybe to monqy.
22:53:32 <shachaf> `hi imode
22:53:32 <HackEgo> Hi imode. Himode.
22:53:58 <boily> monqy was the original portheller?
22:54:28 <shachaf> No, but monqy said "hi [name]"
22:54:30 <shachaf> Maybe?
22:54:31 <jeffl35> `hi iovoid
22:54:32 <HackEgo> Hi iovoid. Hiovoid.
22:54:33 <jeffl35> `hi jeffl35
22:54:34 <HackEgo> Hi jeffl35. Heffl35.
22:54:36 <imode> `hi boily
22:54:37 <HackEgo> Hi boily. Hoily.
22:54:38 <jeffl35> lol
22:54:43 <imode> hahaha.
22:54:51 <shachaf> This is spam.
22:55:05 * boily *THWACKS* the spammers
22:55:13 <iovoid> hi jeffl35
22:55:58 <jeffl35> hiovoid!
22:55:59 <shachaf> `cwlprits monqy
22:56:00 <HackEgo> boil̈y quintopïa Bik̈e FreeFul̈l oerjän FreeFul̈l ellioẗt oerjän shachäf shachäf ellioẗt nitia
22:56:06 <shachaf> I like the new cwlprits.
22:56:29 <shachaf> Is there an easy way to detect commits that should be filtered out?
22:56:36 <shachaf> Say, if they touch a lot of files at once.
22:58:00 <boily> I guess so, but IANAHGE...
22:58:17 <boily> (I am not a mercurial expert)
22:58:19 -!- AnotherTest has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds).
22:58:23 <ybden> `? porthello
22:58:24 <HackEgo> Hellonfused one. Porthellos are the standard greeting format in #esoteric. Best enjoyed with some thé or caffè and a fternooner.
22:58:43 <alercah> :set term_charset utf8
22:58:55 <ybden> Don't you want an = inbetween them
22:59:05 <alercah> no
22:59:28 -!- alercah has quit (Quit: leaving).
22:59:34 <ybden> `? fternooner
22:59:35 <HackEgo> fternooner (Danish »fternooner«, Norwegian «ttermiddag», Swedish ”ftermiddag”) is a screamingly delicious pastry.
23:00:05 <ybden> Whence come the term porthello?
23:00:11 <boily> `cwlprits porthello
23:00:13 <HackEgo> oerjän
23:00:21 -!- alercah has joined.
23:00:22 -!- alercah has quit (Client Quit).
23:00:51 -!- alercah has joined.
23:01:56 * boily pokes alercah's connection. *poke poke poke*
23:02:19 <alercah> it's not a connection problem
23:02:24 <alercah> client configuration problem :)
23:02:29 <alercah> fixed, though!
23:02:38 <oerjan> `howg porthello
23:02:40 <HackEgo> ​<oerjän> le/rn porthello/Hellonfused one. Porthellos are the standard greeting format in #esoteric. Best enjoyed with some th\xc3\xa9 or caff\xc3\xa8 and a fternooner.
23:02:55 <oerjan> huh i did make it.
23:03:10 <oerjan> * oerjanfused
23:03:31 <ybden> The fusion of two oerjans into one.
23:03:34 <alercah> konboilywa
23:03:51 <ybden> konalercwah
23:04:02 <boily> こんばんハレルカ
23:04:26 -!- atslash has quit (Read error: Connection timed out).
23:05:03 -!- ^v has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
23:06:44 <alercah> boily: itym こんばんワレルカ
23:06:52 -!- DHeadshot has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
23:07:46 <boily> alercah: indeed. ごめん!
23:08:12 <hppavilion[1]> \xC3 is Ã, \xA9 is ©, \xA8 is ¨
23:08:34 <ybden> \xA8 is a combining char?
23:08:41 <hppavilion[1]> ybden: Maybe?
23:08:41 <ybden> hm
23:09:34 <pikhq> U+00A8 DIARESIS is not a combining character.
23:09:53 <hppavilion[1]> pikhq: Why not?
23:09:59 <pikhq> Dunno.
23:10:09 <hppavilion[1]> pikhq: Presumably it's meant to represent one in the wisdom?
23:10:17 <ybden> Where does the term 'porthello' originate from?
23:10:40 <hppavilion[1]> ybden: "portmanteau" (french) + "hello" (english)
23:10:57 <fizzie> `fetch https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jpatokal/openflights/master/data/airports.dat
23:10:58 <hppavilion[1]> ybden: "porthello" is a portmanteau of "portmanteau" and "hello"
23:11:01 <HackEgo> 2016-10-30 23:10:01 URL:https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jpatokal/openflights/master/data/airports.dat [850313/850313] -> "airports.dat" [1]
23:11:04 <ybden> Oho. I guessed correctly.
23:11:06 <ybden> hppavilion[1]: thank you
23:11:07 <fizzie> `` mv airports.dat share/
23:11:09 <HackEgo> No output.
23:11:15 <fizzie> `` grep '"KEF"' share/airports.dat | cut -d ',' -f 6
23:11:15 <HackEgo> ​"BIKF"
23:11:31 <hppavilion[1]> thé or caffÃ̈
23:11:35 <fizzie> I'll script that up some other day, unless someone else does it first.
23:11:39 <hppavilion[1]> (in your browser, Ã̈ should be doubly diacritical)
23:11:45 <oerjan> U+00A8 is in the latin-1 part of unicode, i don't think that has any combining chars?
23:12:09 <pikhq> hppavilion[1]: No, that's UTF-8 encoded. "\xc3\xa9" is "é" and "\xc3\xa8" is "è".
23:12:09 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: It doesn't, but that character is DIARESIS, which presumably is meant to imply combining
23:12:14 <hppavilion[1]> pikhq: Oh!
23:12:18 <hppavilion[1]> pikhq: Thank you
23:12:46 <oerjan> oh that.
23:13:17 <oerjan> yeah the hg log descriptions are sometimes escaped
23:13:34 <pikhq> hppavilion[1]: Anyways, U+0308 COMBINING DIARESIS is a different codepoint.
23:13:43 <hppavilion[1]> pikhq: Yes, I know hth
23:14:34 <pikhq> I think DIARESIS is intended to be similar to ^, in that you can "combine" it on printers by putting DEL before it.
23:14:49 <pikhq> (which is no longer done. :))
23:15:34 <alercah> é
23:15:35 <alercah> hmm
23:15:57 <alercah> `unicode LATIN LETTER E WITH ACUTE
23:16:00 <HackEgo> No output.
23:16:09 <oerjan> `` grep '"KEF"' share/airports.dat
23:16:09 <HackEgo> 16,"Keflavik International Airport","Keflavik","Iceland","KEF","BIKF",63.985,-22.605556,171,0,"N","Atlantic/Reykjavik"
23:16:18 <alercah> `unicode U+01AF
23:16:19 <HackEgo> ​Ư
23:16:28 <alercah> `unicode U+018F
23:16:29 <HackEgo> ​Ə
23:16:33 <alercah> hmm ok
23:16:51 <oerjan> `mkx bin/icao grep "$1" share/airports.dat | cut -d ',' -f 6
23:16:51 <HackEgo> usage: mk[x] file//contents
23:16:59 <oerjan> `mkx bin/icao//grep "$1" share/airports.dat | cut -d ',' -f 6
23:17:00 <HackEgo> bin/icao
23:17:17 <oerjan> `mkx bin/icao//grep -i "$1" share/airports.dat | cut -d ',' -f 6
23:17:19 <HackEgo> bin/icao
23:17:24 <boily> `? ꙮ
23:17:25 <HackEgo> ​ꙮ is the official Unicode character of #esoteric.
23:17:30 <oerjan> `icao trondheim
23:17:31 <HackEgo> ​"ENVA"
23:17:44 <boily> `icao montreal
23:17:45 <HackEgo> ​"CYHU" \ "CYMX" \ "CYUL" \ \N \ "MTRL" \ \N
23:17:47 <oerjan> fizzie: hth
23:18:05 <oerjan> hm that \N looks fishy
23:18:11 <imode> `icao seattle
23:18:12 <HackEgo> ​"KSEA" \ "KBFI" \ "KW55" \ \N \ \N \ \N \ \N \ "SEAT" \ \N \ "PSEA"
23:18:16 <imode> nice.
23:18:38 <oerjan> `` grep -i montreal share/airports.dat
23:18:39 <HackEgo> 71,"St Hubert","Montreal","Canada","YHU","CYHU",45.5175,-73.416944,90,-5,"A","America/Toronto" \ 93,"Montreal Intl Mirabel","Montreal","Canada","YMX","CYMX",45.681944,-74.005278,270,-5,"A","America/Toronto" \ 146,"Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl","Montreal","Canada","YUL","CYUL",45.470556,-73.740833,118,-5,"A","America/Toronto" \ 7462,"Central Railway
23:19:16 <oerjan> `` grep -i montreal share/airports.dat | tail -n +1
23:19:17 <HackEgo> 71,"St Hubert","Montreal","Canada","YHU","CYHU",45.5175,-73.416944,90,-5,"A","America/Toronto" \ 93,"Montreal Intl Mirabel","Montreal","Canada","YMX","CYMX",45.681944,-74.005278,270,-5,"A","America/Toronto" \ 146,"Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl","Montreal","Canada","YUL","CYUL",45.470556,-73.740833,118,-5,"A","America/Toronto" \ 7462,"Central Railway
23:19:30 <boily> CYHU is not Montréal, it's St-Hubert, and CYMX is dead.
23:19:32 <oerjan> never can remember the right tail syntax
23:20:07 <boily> I guess there's still weather over there, even if the airport is ripe for a zombie apocalypse...
23:20:14 <oerjan> oh it was right
23:20:20 <oerjan> `` grep -i montreal share/airports.dat | tail -n +3
23:20:21 <HackEgo> 146,"Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl","Montreal","Canada","YUL","CYUL",45.470556,-73.740833,118,-5,"A","America/Toronto" \ 7462,"Central Railway Station","Montreal","Canada","YMY",\N,45.499722,-73.566111,0,-5,"A","America/Toronto" \ 7845,"Montreal Central Bus Station","Montreal","Canada","","MTRL",45.51527887,-73.561427593,0,-5,"A","America/Toronto" \
23:20:51 <oerjan> hm i suppose \N is "not applicable" or something
23:21:48 <boily> Montreal Central Bus Station????????
23:22:02 <boily> a bus is not an airplane, last time I checked.
23:22:31 -!- ^v has joined.
23:23:09 <imode> says you!
23:23:20 * imode has been working on his airbus project for years!
23:23:22 -!- DHeadshot has joined.
23:23:59 <fizzie> `fetch http://zem.fi/tmp/airport
23:24:03 <HackEgo> 2016-10-30 23:23:02 URL:http://zem.fi/tmp/airport [515/515] -> "airport" [1]
23:24:09 <boily> a bus is something that is late, and you're cramped with many noisy strangers, whereas an airplane is... uhm... ok, they're about the same.
23:24:16 <fizzie> `` mv airport bin/airport; chmod a+x bin/airport
23:24:18 <HackEgo> No output.
23:24:21 <fizzie> `` airport iata hel
23:24:22 <HackEgo> Helsinki Vantaa (HEL, EFHK)
23:24:26 <fizzie> `` airport name kefl
23:24:27 <HackEgo> Keflavik International Airport (KEF, BIKF)
23:24:49 <boily> `` airport chicken
23:24:50 <HackEgo> usage: airport name|iata|icao key
23:24:52 <fizzie> oerjan: It's a little more elaborate than the grep-cut, but maybe a little more user-friendly as well.
23:25:00 <boily> `` airport name chicken
23:25:00 <HackEgo> No output.
23:25:12 <oerjan> @metar MTRL
23:25:13 <lambdabot> No result.
23:25:19 <boily> @metar CYUL
23:25:19 <lambdabot> CYUL 302300Z 30006KT 15SM BKN032 06/01 A2999 RMK SC7 SLP159
23:25:22 <boily> @metar CYMX
23:25:23 <lambdabot> CYMX 302300Z 00000KT 25SM OVC030 05/01 A3000 RMK SC8 SLP165
23:25:42 <fizzie> Admittedly it's only an exact-string match, unlike the grepping.
23:26:51 <\oren\> you know it's kind of a massive troll to name the airport in Montreal after trudeau
23:27:10 <\oren\> becuase that's the part of Canada that didn't like him
23:27:35 <fizzie> `` mkx bin/icao//airport icao '"$*"';
23:27:37 <HackEgo> bin/icao
23:27:48 <fizzie> Wait, that's the wrong way around.
23:27:53 <hppavilion[1]> I'm testing out grammar in my language
23:28:06 <oerjan> also, too much quoting
23:28:15 <fizzie> `cat bin/icao
23:28:16 <HackEgo> airport
23:28:22 <fizzie> No, too little quoting.
23:28:27 <oerjan> oh
23:28:30 <fizzie> Or too many `s, whichever way you look at it.
23:28:38 <oerjan> or that.
23:28:42 <imode> https://ptpb.pw/zb_z so, I introduced breaking, and showed how blocks don't continue unless broken from.
23:28:51 <hppavilion[1]> I'm doing it by writing sentences with what I have to see if there's obvious ambiguity or things that can't be expressed
23:29:07 <hppavilion[1]> One of the possibilities is "fωxλrei vədedɛlum ocωlum"
23:29:24 <hppavilion[1]> s/ocω/okω/
23:29:40 <ais523> are there any languages which use IPA as their primary method of spelling
23:29:44 <fizzie> Anyway, I'm not sure what the right command interface is. I was imagining you'd do `foo X to look up *by* foo, but maybe that's less intuitive than if you're looking *for* foo.
23:29:48 <oerjan> `` airport icao MTRL
23:29:49 <HackEgo> Montreal Central Bus Station (?, MTRL)
23:29:50 <hppavilion[1]> ais523: Probably not?
23:29:51 <ais523> (I'm mostly thinking natural languages here, but conlangs and esolangs would also be interesting)
23:30:00 <oerjan> `` airport iata YMY
23:30:01 <HackEgo> Central Railway Station (YMY, \N)
23:30:11 <\oren\> ais523: I think some of the afican languages use ipa inspired alphabets
23:30:12 <fizzie> Those don't look all that airport-like.
23:30:14 <hppavilion[1]> That sentence translates to "fear the beast with just one eye"
23:30:23 <fizzie> Also I think python's CSV reader didn't handle \N.
23:30:37 <boily> ais523: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Africa_Alphabet is pretty close.
23:30:49 * boily was \oreninjaed\
23:31:08 <\oren\> well but you provided a link so it's not redundant per say
23:31:54 <hppavilion[1]> "fωxλr" means fear; the "-ei" suffix is an inflective version of the pronoun "ei" (usually suffixes are different), which is usually third-person non-specific, but in this case is generic and refers to everybody
23:32:59 <oerjan> `` airport name Central Railway Station
23:33:00 <HackEgo> usage: airport name|iata|icao key
23:33:11 <oerjan> `` airport name Central
23:33:12 <HackEgo> Grand Central (GCJ, FAGC) \ North Central State (SFZ, KSFZ) \ Central Illinois Rgnl (BMI, KBMI) \ Central Wisconsin (CWA, KCWA) \ Draughon Miller Central Texas Rgnl (TPL, KTPL) \ Central (RTW, UWSS) \ Central Nebraska Regional Airport (GRI, KGRI) \ Central Airport (CEM, PACE) \ Central Railway Station (YMY, \N) \ Ciudad Real Central Airport (CQM, L
23:33:13 <hppavilion[1]> "və" roughly means "is", "de" is a type of possessive specifically referring to ccomponentpossession- something you "own" because it's a physical part of you. "dɛlus" is beast, "um" is singular, and "ocωlus" is eye
23:33:28 <oerjan> `` airport name 'Central Railway Station'
23:33:29 <HackEgo> Central Railway Station (YMY, \N)
23:33:38 <oerjan> oh, that actually was unique
23:34:09 -!- lynn has changed nick to pumpklynn.
23:34:33 <shachaf> copumpklynn
23:34:47 <boily> `? lynn
23:34:48 <HackEgo> lynn? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
23:35:21 <boily> `learn lynn likes to impersonate seasonal cucurbitaceæ.
23:35:23 <HackEgo> Learned 'lynn': lynn likes to impersonate seasonal cucurbitaceæ.
23:37:44 <\oren\> http://ctrlv.in/874896
23:40:15 -!- PinealGlandOptic has quit (Quit: leaving).
23:44:40 <fizzie> `fetch http://zem.fi/tmp/airport
23:44:42 <HackEgo> 2016-10-30 23:43:41 URL:http://zem.fi/tmp/airport [650/650] -> "airport" [1]
23:44:45 <fizzie> `` mv airport bin/airport-lookup; mkx 'bin/airport//airport-lookup any "$*"'; mkx 'bin/icao//airport-lookup icao "$*"'; mkx 'bin/iata//airport-lookup iata "$*"'
23:44:47 <HackEgo> bin/airport \ bin/icao \ bin/iata
23:44:53 <fizzie> `airport helsinki
23:44:54 <HackEgo> ​/hackenv/bin/airport: line 1: /hackenv/bin/airport-lookup: Permission denied
23:44:56 <fizzie> Bah.
23:45:03 <fizzie> `` chmod a+x bin/airport-lookup
23:45:05 <HackEgo> No output.
23:45:09 <fizzie> Always forgetting one thing or another.
23:45:10 <fizzie> `airport helsinki
23:45:11 <HackEgo> Helsinki Malmi (HEM, EFHF) \ Helsinki Vantaa (HEL, EFHK) \ Helsinki Cruise Port (?, HELC)
23:45:18 <fizzie> `icao EGLL
23:45:19 <HackEgo> Heathrow (LHR, EGLL)
23:45:25 <fizzie> `iata BOS
23:45:25 <HackEgo> General Edward Lawrence Logan Intl (BOS, KBOS)
23:45:34 <fizzie> I think that's relatively sane.
23:46:17 <boily> as a sane person, I approve.
23:46:26 <shachaf> fizzie: tdh
23:46:30 <shachaf> fizzie++
23:46:32 <boily> `unidecode 🂓
23:46:34 <HackEgo> ​[U+1F093 DOMINO TILE VERTICAL-06-06]
23:46:47 <boily> fizzie++
23:46:59 <fizzie> I'll wrap around if you keep doing that.
23:47:39 -!- DHeadshot has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds).
23:48:03 <shachaf> @karma fizzie
23:48:03 <lambdabot> fizzie has a karma of 18
23:48:19 <fizzie> I guess that's still quite far off.
23:49:09 <boily> fizzie××
23:49:16 <boily> @karma fizzie
23:49:16 <lambdabot> fizzie has a karma of 18
23:49:28 <boily> karma isn't multiplicative.
23:49:40 <shachaf> ^ul ((fizzie++ )S:^):^ *MWAHAHAHAHA*
23:49:41 <fungot> fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ fizzie++ ...too much output!
23:50:16 <shachaf> (quoting oerjan 2012-12-29:19:13:33)
23:50:33 <olsner> fungot++
23:50:33 <fungot> olsner: now that i know of that knows i'm not on the list, not returned directly.
23:50:38 <shachaf> @karma fungot
23:50:38 <lambdabot> fungot has a karma of 9
23:50:38 <fungot> shachaf: isn't omega the possibility that it could simply mean that " shit"
23:50:44 <shachaf> @karma fizzie
23:50:44 <lambdabot> fizzie has a karma of 54
23:50:49 <olsner> @karma
23:50:49 <lambdabot> You have a karma of 13
23:51:18 <olsner> hmm, lambdabot must have decades of state by now
23:51:51 <oerjan> there may have been some wipeouts.
23:51:56 <shachaf> lambdabot is over 30 years old hth
23:51:59 * boily applauds shachaf with a pair of mapoles for the well-timed *MWAHAHAHAHAHA*
23:52:16 <boily> @karma
23:52:17 <lambdabot> You have a karma of 109
23:52:21 <boily> what.
23:52:27 <olsner> boily--
23:52:29 <ais523> shachaf: how old is Haskell?
23:52:34 <boily> how in fungot did I manage to deserve that much karma.
23:52:34 <ais523> @karma
23:52:34 <fungot> boily: bit wise, byte foolish. but if you thought someone might want to have
23:52:34 <lambdabot> You have a karma of 4
23:52:55 <oerjan> ais523: approx. 1990
23:52:56 <boily> olsner: thanks for aligning me on 108. very buddhic.
23:53:02 <shachaf> boily: see http://codu.org/logs/log/_esoteric/2012-12-29#191333oerjan
23:53:12 <olsner> boily: I just thought you had too much karma
23:53:24 <boily> shachaf: heh ^^
23:53:42 <shachaf> Also one time I figured out how to use @@ to make lambdabot generate a whole lot of karma internally.
23:53:45 <shachaf> @karma-all
23:53:45 <lambdabot> blah 31337
23:53:45 <lambdabot> egrep 31337
23:53:45 <lambdabot> zgrep 31337
23:53:45 <lambdabot> nobody 2000
23:53:45 <lambdabot> C/C 1710
23:53:47 <lambdabot> g 949
23:53:49 <lambdabot> ( 786
23:53:51 <lambdabot> + 539
23:53:53 <lambdabot> jrvc 348
23:53:55 <lambdabot> ##C 241
23:53:55 <shachaf> oops
23:53:57 <lambdabot> vc 166
23:53:59 <lambdabot> "C 162
23:54:01 <lambdabot> libc 140
23:54:03 <lambdabot> i 138
23:54:04 <shachaf> uh
23:54:05 <lambdabot> libstdc 138
23:54:07 <lambdabot> clang 137
23:54:08 <shachaf> um
23:54:09 <lambdabot> monochrom 120
23:54:11 <lambdabot> kaptin 111
23:54:13 <lambdabot> boily 108
23:54:15 <lambdabot> #C 106
23:54:17 <lambdabot> shachaf 96
23:54:19 <lambdabot> x 92
23:54:20 <boily> oh, there I go.
23:54:21 <lambdabot> ++ 77
23:54:23 <lambdabot> Cale 77
23:54:25 <lambdabot> java/c 72
23:54:25 <olsner> I guess it'll do this for about half an hour until it runs out of lines then
23:54:27 <lambdabot> ubuntuguru 70
23:54:29 <lambdabot> (c 69
23:54:31 <lambdabot> dmwit 66
23:54:31 <shachaf> That used to do @more
23:54:33 <lambdabot> a 65
23:54:35 <lambdabot> Crypto 60
23:54:37 <lambdabot> mauke 59
23:54:39 <lambdabot> sirpengi 57
23:54:40 -!- ChanServ has set channel mode: +o ais523.
23:54:41 <lambdabot> edwardk 55
23:54:43 <lambdabot> fizzie 54
23:54:47 <imode> oh lord.
23:54:47 <lambdabot> wrexem 54
23:54:48 -!- ais523 has set channel mode: +q lambdabot!*@*.
23:54:49 -!- lambdabot has left.
23:54:56 <boily> beuh...
23:54:56 -!- ais523 has set channel mode: -q lambdabot!*@*.
23:54:58 -!- ais523 has set channel mode: -o ais523.
23:55:02 <shachaf> sorry about that
23:55:16 <shachaf> s/s/S/ s/$/./
23:55:17 <boily> shit happens.
23:55:17 <ais523> I thought a quiet would work better than a spamkick, seeing as it's a bot
23:55:30 <shachaf> I think this is a bug with one of the recent changes.
23:55:38 <shachaf> It definitely used to require @more past a few lines.
23:55:45 -!- lambdabot has joined.
23:55:47 <lambdabot> rcr 29
23:55:51 <lambdabot> sixthgear 29
23:55:52 <olsner> :D
23:55:52 <ais523> also, it's amusing how all the top entries are things which have ++ as part of their name
23:55:53 <fizzie> Still going strong.
23:55:53 -!- lambdabot has left.
23:55:54 <shachaf> So much for that.
23:55:55 <boily> BWAH AH AH AH AH :D
23:56:09 <ais523> I assume it's shachaf who's controlling the joins and parts?
23:56:16 <shachaf> Yes.
23:56:29 <shachaf> I'm not really supposed to have admin access, but it seemed like an emergency.
23:56:37 <ais523> right
23:56:46 <ais523> you could have let me deal with it
23:56:54 <ais523> although we both acted at basically the same time
23:57:13 <shachaf> I also think I ought to have admin access so I don't mind using obvious bugs to get it.
23:57:27 <ais523> oh, you mean you got your admin access via hacking?
23:57:28 <shachaf> Maybe that's not a good attitude.
23:57:52 <shachaf> I wouldn't quite phrase it that way.
23:58:25 <shachaf> Do you reckon it's done yet?
23:58:30 <shachaf> I'll give it some more time.
23:59:03 <ais523> given the likely distribution of karma, it's probably going to go for a while longer
23:59:15 <ais523> we can take it in and out every now and then to see how far it's got, if you like
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